White Hats in Turmoil


It’s happened before, and it’s happening again.

Another chasm has opened between White Hat leaders who support President Donald J. Trump and those who say Trump’s time is up and that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis now represents the future of American conservatism. As reported previously, officers under Gen. David H. Berger’s command have repeatedly waffled over whom to back, with half bemoaning the general’s unwavering endorsement of Trump. And last week three high-ranking White Hats defected to the Deep State following the midterm steal.

“Defeatism is in the air. There are those among us who feel the Deep State is unbeatable, that we’re engaged in an unwinnable war, that we don’t have the manpower to affect change, so they’re jumping ship and swimming to what they think will be the winning team. This is opposite of what we saw two years ago, after the 2020 steal, when officers and NCOs up and down the board were calling Gen. Berger and saying ‘get me in this fight.’ It’s problematic,” a source in Gen. Berger’s office told Real Raw News.

He also said lack of political support has cast doubt on whether White Hats can restore order to the Republic.

“In 2021 we had a symbiotic connection to many conservative lawmakers. While they didn’t openly cheer us, they helped us on the backend. That support has dwindled considerably, as they seem to fear that association with us will foil their political careers.  And conservative media’s sudden hatred of Trump isn’t helping Gen. Berger’s cause,” our source said.

He said the New York Post’s caricature of Donald Trump as Humpty Dumpty sitting on a wall infuriated Gen. Berger but elicited boisterous laughter from White Hats who consider Trump “damaged goods.” Even Newsmax seems to have turned on Trump: When Trump ally Mike Lindell went on air to present evidence of election fraud, Newsmax host John Iadarola silenced him, saying neither he nor Newsmax was able to verify claims of midterm election fraud.

“We don’t know what Lindell would’ve given them because he wasn’t allowed to speak. But when we have proof of fraud, we share it with conservative media, and without exception, they refuse to air it, because they’re terrified of the FCC. There is a direct correlation between the fracture in the White Hat movement and the fracture in the Republican party,” our source explained.

The divisiveness, he added, has been amplified by Trump’s repeated attacks on Governors DeSantis and Youngkin, both seen as potential rivals in the 2024 primaries.

“We know Trump is outspoken and has a history of assigning opponents pejorative nicknames. In the past it’s worked to his advantage, but the feeling right now is that his imprudent strikes are doing more harm than good. Gen. Berger has even asked him to tone down the rhetoric, but Trump is Trump. He’s going to do what he’s going to do. Unfortunately, Trump’s outspokenness, for lack of a better word, has caused people in our ranks to believe he is Deep State and trying to collapse the movement,” our source said.

But Gen. Berger, he added, continually reminds his subordinates that it was President Donald J. Trump who, prior to leaving Washington in January 2021, invoked the Insurrection Act of 1807 that allowed the U.S. military to target, arrest, detain, and execute Deep Staters whose treasonous actions weakened the nation.

“Gen. Berger is fighting to bring unity back to the White Hats. The situation right now is tumultuous. We are still evaluating the depth of election fraud, which seems widespread. We need cohesiveness to once and for all beat the Deep State,” he said in closing.

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Don, cut Dave the Cheque.
Let’s Go !

Allison Tappan

We need Gen. Berger.and the White hats. We can’t get America back with out Trump and the Military. God please help Us. We need you. The Military and Trump He loves us.


I’m not in the military but it seems to me that if you want to win a war, you need to employ the cooperation of the populace — not tell them to sit back and watch the “show”. And this is a war — although it seems it is being treated as a police action — going after people when they have committed a specific crime. If the White hats have control of the Emergency Broadcast System, they need to use it to counteract the propaganda being disseminated by the DS media. Use the EBS to inform the public as to what is going on, urge them to help by informing on people they know are DS, tell the citizenry that we are winning and all those found to be working against us will be dealt with harshly by military courts and their crimes exposed for all to see. Inform the people of the crimes that the DS and various government agencies have committed.

You think it would help our cause if more people knew what FEMA agents were doing in Florida after a hurricane? I think so. You think it would help if more people knew about DS clones and cloning factories? I think so. There are lots of people who have information that could be beneficial to our cause. Encourage them to come forward. If the White hats don’t take over the DS media (which they should do) at least counteract it — and we have the means to do so and to scare the you-know-what out of DS actors who will get the same messages on their phones as everyone else. After all, it is the media which allows the DS to get away with this.

There are more of us than there are of them. We need to stop “sitting back and watching the show” and start participating in our own liberation. By the way, did you notice the demonstrations in Brazil after the rigged election? Hundreds of thousands if not millions of people wall to wall showed up to protest the fake outcome. Even if the DS “wins”, how comfortable will they be knowing that millions of Brazilians despise them and are doing everything they can to get rid of them?

Susan Banks

Wow! I think of everything we have gone through and we still read articles like this?? General Berger sure has his plate full! I’m praying for you!! You have a very important job, and I think your doing a great job! I noticed president Trump never said 2024 last night as he said he will run for the United States. Nothing more. I have so much Faith in our President and I won’t ever give up on him, as General Berger seems to be doing as well! DeSantis backing Paul Ryan is all I needed to hear to stay away from him. Never did like him. But, knew he was right about Covid. But, he didn’t know any more than the average Bear!! We all knew it was Fake! I will confirm to believe that we will live in Peace very soon! God Bless you all!

Sandy Jim

Hope you let me in Michael…
I will sound like a broken record to many old timers when I say again…. the swamp that is the US Military at the Pentagon must finaly be drained of Cabal Satanist. Most respectfully I hope that General Berger will CLEAN THAT SWAMP.

Firing squads have been long over due among the officer corps. Beginning with Milley and Michael Aquino.

Solange Silverman

We have already won. This all smells of distraction to me.


The US is overdue to honor its name against all odds: The United States of America. United we stand, divided we already lost.


I just saw your video on Rumble “Trump has been attacked.” I want to encourage you, Michael and General Berger. General you are doing GOD’s work! Never doubt that. The enemy will do all that is possible to destroy both of you. Michael I believe you have been under attack for a while through your family. Stand firm! Put on the whole armor of God. We need you both. It is time for Trump to Grow Up and listen to others. I am hearing one helicopter after another tomight. Not all at once, just one every 5 or 10 minutes. Now I am hearing a second one in less than 2 minutes. I live near a military base and they are headed east/south-east. Now another. Either they are circling my house or there are a few more than one. Trump should be making an announcement pretty quick. If any of you reading this have any doubts, this election was corrupted by the Deep State. I heard that there would be Cybersecurity and also heard there would be a lot of arrests around D.C. Blessings to all of you who are doing God’s work for this country!


Has anyone heard that DeSantis wants to run. This all started by news organizations try he had to have something to talk about while they were waiting for results from the election. There is an investigation going on in Texas so I would not believe what you hear on the news. There are going to be lots of investigations going. Also our governor announced that in Texas we have a right to state we are being invaded and that is being done now Abbott is getting ready to declare that Texas is being invaded and that gives Texas certain rights. Biden is beyond stupid. I would not count on DeSantis until he puts his hat in the ring.


Winsome Sears Marine , DeSantis Navy Seal .
Sick of these turncoats .if it wasn’t for Trump they wouldn’t of won . Time for military to go Qauntom on their Traitorous Asses

Ken Noel

The white hats need a firm D-day! They need orders to train and arm for it. They need objectives to achieve and clear orders outlining what to do, and when to do it. The time for holding back is over! I personally think the convening of the new congress in early January I think that should be both the time and the target of the initial assault. With careful planning most of the bad actors can be rounded up and hauled off.

We are now at the shit-or-get-off the pot point. The time for waiting is over. Courage!


If the military has found proof of election fraud, then the white hats should be united.


Time for public reveal methinks.

Some of the well connected truthers are saying that this DeSantis thing is all for show. Who the heck knows?! My contacts are all silent now – won’t say boo. 7.5hrs to go for the big announcement.

Will it be disclosure?
All 3 perhaps?

Lady Hermann

I am not voting again until Dominion Software is gone.


Hey military if you have evidence of foriegn election interference now would be a good time to bring it forward.


I would not count on DeSantis to run for President. His wife having cancer is to close for him to consider running for President the time is wrong now and he knows it. I like Trump and plan to vote for him and I an listening to news reporters and are democrats. The don’t like the Maga movement. They are afraid of Trump. Has he not protected you? He is you friend and doing what he can for you. You are protecting us. He has your back and you bring out what Biden is doing. Biden is stealing from the Treasury.


Trump may have invoked the Insurrection Act of 1807, BUT FULLY initiating it is another thing! Have you seen the video of Brazilians cheering on their military, who are backing their people protesting in the streets, who together, OVERTURNED their fraudulent election?!! A third world country showing America how its done. That’s just great! Right here, two in-your-face election frauds, set up to show everyone there was cheating, and we are waiting for what?! Seems to me the FCC should have been taken out awhile ago, along with those still making and pushing vaccine shots, also removing Dominion/computer voting machines, 5G towers, make some arrests over at DOD and stop the damn CHEM TRAILS. Too much damn red tape, too many talking heads, butt-kissing over who is going to get the credit and NOT enough action! What the hell is the hold up?!! Every prime target just gets overlooked or put on hold for a greater strategic move, and then setbacks are played over like a broken record. Precious time is wasting, enough already! We’ve waited long enough, sacrificed our children and country for way too long!!! WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK FREE FROM DS!! I felt this way a year ago, but I don’t think Trump will be entering the Promised Land. He did a great job enduring all the ‘slings and arrows’, but I find he is much changed…waiting too much, for too little, appears maybe waiting for a neat package to be delivered on a silver platter, when he should be cutting the head off this snake already! Maybe he is NOT the real Trump you’re taking orders from. DeSantis is not the answer. I fear Ben Franklin’s suspicions might be confirmed….maybe we can’t keep this republic. I realize strategic plans are necessary, but not if we are going to be fighting the same demented people a few years from now and still have the democrats and rinos backing them! But at the same time, America is on her knees, head lowered and waiting for the sword to the neck! Seems to me, you got a mole, a spy in your ranks. I hope you arrested those traitor officers who ran back to Austin or did you just let them walk away?! They should be detained indefinitely until all this is over!


This is not time for Patriots to break ranks. United we stand, for God’s sake!


Ron Desantis just won governor for his state and he has never stated he would like to run for President I think you are barking up the wrong tree. In fact He did not show and interest in running for President. I like trump and plan to vote for him. He takes care of this country when No won else does. They know the election results as stolen and 2000 mules shows you one way it was stolen no wonder Katherine was put in jail. There is more going on here than you have figured out. You know parts and I know parts and why do you think Biden had the democrats say bad things about Trump. They are scared shitless about his movement Magazine. Thump will get up there and find out what Biden has done to this country and the military please go out and practice war games for Biden wants you to lose and he does not care if you live or die. Do not let China win!


Barry Williams, thank you for your “up” message.It seems we have waited so
long and we start to lose faith but we should know better.It has been a long wait. Today at 11:15 President Trump is to make his announcement. May God be with him.


Trump was not outspoken enough regarding the evidence . Someone can yell evidence evidence evidence from the roof tops but until they show evidence… there is none… WE, as READERS.. and researchers, have collected much mega evidence , we have the evidence on videos submitted by individuals who were there in person using their little phones to collect this evidence. While thanking them for their submissions it SEEMS TO ME that Trump or his so-called-friends, swept most of it and nearly all of it under the rug. 2000 MULES will show less than 2% of the evidence EVEN I gathered and I am only a canadian using a laptop. One would have expected MORE from the investigators and Lawyers supporting Trump and revealing the obviously STOLEN ELECTION. How did the JUDGE get away with refusing to hear out the evidence, for example.
Makes me wonder if this whole deal was staged, OR someone is being blown… JUDGE.. are you being blown? or threatened… it blows me away.. I can appreciate that it’s frustrating but THE TRUTH IS SUPPOSED TO WIN> DAMMITT

Marie Kirkley

I could not sleep well thinking of those Marines ambushed and caught in this evil fire! It reminded me of a story that a very dear friend told me. Her son was deployed as an intel officer to Iraq during the war. One of his friends, a platoon leader asked regularly that each of his subordinates pray before every operation, usually sending them in very dangerous areas where roadside bombs were common. Upon returning to the US after the conflict, he noticed that all of his platoon had been there for the roll call .Not one was a casualty. Would you please take a lesson from this account?


It’s problematic in that a handful of men and women are taking on a cabal.

Berger has his hands full. He needs to change his tactics.

David Demchak

Lot of smoke and mirrors.
Never put your loyalty into one man but into what ever God you worship.

Gary Lee Taylor

Dear General
Actions speak louder then words
Force media to show truth or use the EBS
Take back control of media


Here’s why TPTB made sure Trump would not win … even though he won by a record landslide.

The Well-Hidden Back Story


Perhaps we need a little civil war after all. It can unite the Patriot militias and the White Hat Military to be able to work together.

Last edited 1 year ago by JCLincoln

Desantis is a groomed Pilgrim Society puppet. His allegience is to the crown not to America. AMERICAN INTELLIGENCE MEDIA on youtube did a deep dive investigation on him.


Burning Platform says so.. Savior or Snake.. they said it.. not me..

Jose Ramirez

Fuck DeSantis!!!! Trump is our man!!! We the people will follow Trump!!! Now: We are still evaluating the depth of election fraud, which seems widespread…. hahahaha you are still, hahahah, keep the still.. you are fucking cowards.. TRUMP IS FOR THE PEOPLE, AND YOU STILL EVALUATING! THIS IS A JOKE!!! USA IS A DEEP SHIT-HOLLE !!!

Dave Kelly

Keep quoting George Carlin, he is DEAD, keep listening keep quoting

Tracy Reinert

Go listen to Herschel Walker in one of his stumping speeches. It is his type of faith & enthusiasm for what is right & true that we need right now. He’s perfect for Senate. Better to know who is really on your team. I am on Team Trump all the way!


Yes, i love him. He is flawed but seems motivated by deep faith in America. The most brave men in America are black men who oppose the BLM marxist agenda. They are true Patriots and deserve all our respect and admiration. He speaks from the heart and is friend of Trump.. they are birds of a feather.


DeSantis is a phony. So what if some people are running to the Deep State! They are weak traitors. I think it is time to let the world know what is going on and then start rounding these treasonous assholes up and rid the world of them. Let’s get ur done!


Maybe the white hats should take over the air waves and present the stolen election evidence. You keep saying you have it. We’ve been at war 20 years on the ground, and a covert war for 7 years. People are only human. It wears on the psyche, especially since the brainwashed MSM factory is bombarding folks everyday. Frankly I dont know why anyone is watching it, but social media is becoming the same. Imo 20% are just brainwashed beyond turning it around in this time frame. No matter what you show them they just can’t wrap their minds around it and if you keep pushing this it will take forever and then you may not get 100%. In the meantime these evil doers are just crushing people by out of control crime, wide open borders, financial devastation, supply and energy lines cut. You keep saying military is the only way, well the people need help. If you’re having trouble in the ranks thats not good. Most people can see the truth. If you HAVE EVIDENCE OF 2020 AND 2022 stolen elections, THEN SHOW US. From what I gather of the chatter this goes into 2023. I STILL support President Trump and ONLY THE MSM IS PUSHING THIS NONSENSE ABOUT DESANTIS. Its time to show the evidence.

Dave Kelly


Sheila Tan

Donald J. Trump is the President, the Commander-in-Chief and the Voice of the People. He can’t be bought or influenced but will stay with the agenda to give the American Republic back to the People. Stay with Trump, People, he always win!

Sandy Koufax

Berger is a Trump COVID Shot addict, unfit for command.

Sue Grantham

I’m not gonna lie, it’s really difficult and disappointing

Dave Kelly

You will get over it, then you press on. Take Care

george friend


Marie Kirkley

I am so saddened about this operation going South that I have a suggestion: the Deep Staters have witches and spiritually opened people dedicated ho their services. Why can’t you have prayer warriors? Have a dozen of retired people employed as prayer warriors, and they will give you some hints in such situations. I had a psychic healer who saved my life a hundred times. This over a 30 year span. Never met her physically. But I know for certain that, without her, I would be dead, many times over so-to-speak. She would be too old to fulfill the role of a prayer warrior. But these people exist and God assuredly grant many of their prayers and wishes.



Afshin Nejat

The real reason for problems of this sort is a lack of unified command that knows what it is doing.


My feeling is that Trumps biggest failure is his refusal to apologize for Operation Warp Speed. But even so, he’s a better option than Desantis who is probably Deep State deep down, but I don’t really know. He’s a state governor, not material for POTUS. Trump needs to stop criticizing him.


Optics! Disinfo war full tilt boogie! The art of War and war powers!

Dave Kelly

Uummmm could be

Angela James

Ok, total confusion here! Isn’t the military the highest ranking organization in the US? Higher than all of the 3 letter deep state orgs, all of the crooked politicians, pedophiles, MSM, and satanists? If so, and if they have proof of both election frauds why the hell are they so depressed and defeated? They have total power to end this crap, destroy the Deep State, put rightfully elected officials in place immediately, arrest those guilty of treason,and announce everything they have to the world in one fatal swoop. Done! Now, for the first time, I am doubting that they can or will stop them.

Dave Kelly

You are CONFUSED, your doubts have been duly noted. Thank you


NO WAY DE Santa can gather the crowds like TRUMP.. NO WAY.. MAGA IS TRUMP.. DE Santa is YALE AND HARVARD SKULL AND BONES.. JEB supports him.. that is the KISS of Death in terms of “taint”.. TRUMP IS A WOLD LEADER ANd proves he can set the stage amongst the world’s elites and put them in their place. In front of crooks at UN he said. AMERICA IS NOT going to be part of NWO… De Santa has never UTTERED the word GLOBALIST CABAL// wonder why??

Dave Kelly

JEB was EXECUTED quite some time ago. Nice try! Go back to the brain truth, see what you can conjure up.


Is it possible Ron is being used to get teh rest of the traitors to show themselves? I don’t believe reports like this because it does not align with what the prophets are saying.


Muslim Americans make historic gains in midterm elections

NONE are MAGA.. ALL are democrats.. for MORE immigration, open borders, CRT, anti-police progressives.. THIS IS NOT GOOD FOR AMERICA FIRST AGENDA!!!

wHO VOTES FOR MUSLMS?? eXCEPT other muSLIMS.. SO THAT IS WHY THEY WANT TO INCREASE THEIR NUMBERS.. SO THEY CAN OVERWHELM maga.. aT any trump rALLIES.. DID YOU SEE ANY MUSLIMS IN THE CROWD?? no!! THEY ARE LOYAL TO THEIR RELIGION OF ISLAM FIRST.. Not the COnstitution!! Islam is a form of GOVT with is antithetical to our Constitutional Republic UNDER GOD.. NOT ALLAH!! How are all these muslims geting elected?? VOTER FRAUD? PERHAPS???

Dave Kelly

You should try peddling your Muslim bashing at some other obscure media outlet like MSNBC. They push and pump bullshit and bogus narratives 24/7, that msm site is right up your alley

Paul Hickel

I’m really getting tired of these excuses, cut the f-ing power to the printing press at the Fed. With all the disguises available today, you can’t replace the talking head media with your own to get your message out?
White hat is sounding more like ass hat!

Dave Kelly

As for what the msm says , thinks , prints etc. FUCK THEM, You people, the WHITE hats , ALLIANCE ETC. know the msm90+ percent of it, zionist jew and CIA CONTROLLED are the FUCKING ENEMY, They’re narrative, talking points , etc. ALL BULLSHIT. AS for DJT, you are ABSOLUTELY going to have to make him TOW the FUCKING LINE, he is not on some solo gig and I know you can make him , straighten up and FLY RIGHT so -to- speak. YOU should have started taking out msm assets and infrastructure a LONG FUCKING TIME AGO, YOU ARE LATE TO THE PARTY , BUT THE PARTY IS NOT OVER , NOT BY A LONG SHOT, YOU , WE , PATRIOTS AMERICAN CITIZENS ARE THE PEOPLE THAT WILL END THIS PARTY. OUR WAY , OUR PREROGATIVE WHEN WE MAKE LAST CALL. YOU START TAKING OUT msm assets , infrastructure, etc. and really fuck their shit up , ALL over coast to coast, ALL their BS , mind control bogus narratives, gatekeeping , all of it COLLAPSES in to a heap of SHIT. DJT , his friends , his contributors will be HYSTERICAL,BOO , HOO and FUCK THEM. THIS IS POSSIBLY WHEN DJT TOWS THE FUCKING LINE. By my understanding DJT has dual loyalties , this is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE . The msm is just one of his dual loyalties , you folks know the others as do I. This is just a start. No more sacrificing and loosing our people. DESTROY their co-conspirators , their property, their revenue streams , their portfolios , their dreams, their lives AND MAKE A FUCKING SPECTACLE OUT OF IT, RUB THEIR FUCKING FACES IN IT. Yeah DJT might cry , he might whine , GOOD, TOO FUCKING BAD.


Ok dude go start the revolution

Dave Kelly

I don’t have to , it started long ago, you moron. You have been too busy talking shit , trolling. Enjoy the RIDE moron it will be your last.


Desantis is an elite with the rest of the Rino’s. Trump helped him get reelected the election before this last one and he immediately back stabbed Trump just like, Mich and McCarthy.
Trump is who made the MAGA movement, Desanto’s wasn’t even a burp on the radar.
I will not vote for Desantis, period. He has pi$$ed me off and I will never vote for him now.
As for the White Hats, I’ve said all along that they waited to long and gave the Biden LLC, 2 years to figure out what to do and they have been printing money and hiring all this time.

I feel bad for the Marines, but If given a call or a chance, I would go back int the military right now without a second thought. I know we are now on the loosing side with them knowing we want to end their time in office. Where I come from it means something to die going forward. I would serve again with my “Brothers in Arms” in a NY minute, and die with them as well it my time where to be up.
The red wave never happened because of all the corruption. It shouldn’t take 45 days to have an election. In PA they get to vote for 30 days before they election and ballots can come in after the election and be counted.
If the US can’t have an election in a day we the people will never win again.

These are some sad times for sure.

God Bless everyone….

David T

Exactly. And for comparison’s sake, there are how many hundreds of millions of lottery tickets sold, and the lottery folks know within a few hours of the drawing, how many tickets were sold, how many were winners if any, and where the winning tickets were sold. And the DF democrats can’t get it figured out in 30 days. Yeah whatever. Takes time to cheat and rig an election.

voice of one

Newsmax ditched Lara Logan too for daring to speak the truth. It’s all very depressing. Trump needs to drop the ego issues and come clean on operation warped speed, etc.


i luv Lara, very brave..


Newsmax is cabal news. I guess they are controlled opposition. They had the death jab mandate if I didn’t already know they were traitors.


Yep! News Max was my go to for news but I quit several months ago when I realized they’re the same as Fox! And the death jab commercials make me sick! Apparently Fox & News Max both mandated the death jabs! Enough said. I get news from alternative platforms now.


Anybody else notice all the “blak Rock” tv commercials on Newsmax and FOX.. omg.. everybody knows they are CCP infested and have RAIDED pension funds.. and are the ENEMY of people and they brag about having pension funds of AMerican middle class, firemen, etc.. how disgusting.. just as bad as non stop clot shotz advertising…