Military: “Don’t Bank on Musk…Yet.”


White Hats this week chimed in on billionaire Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, saying it was too soon to gauge whether Musk would bring back deplatformed voices and prove himself to be a “free-speech absolutist,” as Musk has referred to himself.

Conservatives across the board went wild with glee when Musk posted an image of himself carrying a porcelain sink into Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters last week, and then gave the axe to nearly half of the social media giant’s 7,500 employees, including its liberal leadership—former CEO Parag Agrawal, former CFO Ned Segal, and former lead council Vijaya Gadde, a vile woman who had fought to deplatform thousands of conservative voices.

Minutes after Musk took ownership of Twitter, House Representative Marjorie Taylor Green celebrated the announcement, saying that Musk would usher in a new era of free speech and punish the administration’s disinformation. In fact, that happened: The White House deleted a Tweet crediting illegitimate President Joe Biden for increasing social security payments in 2023. Runaway inflation, not Biden, prompted the 8.7% cost-of-living adjustment.

Nonetheless, White Hats are warning conservative lawmakers against saddling the Musk horse before they are ready to ride. Musk has said it will take months to set up a new Twitter governance board, and stated persons who have been banned will not receive a pardon until his new board reviews petitions for reinstatement. Some voices unwilling to wait for judgment made new accounts, only to find themselves summarily and at once re-banned.

“Elon is the wealthiest boy with the most toys, and Twitter is his newest toy,” a source in Gen. David H. Berger’s office told Real Raw News. “While we’d like to think Elon will control it responsibly, he has a history of capricious behavior and waffling. He should’ve immediately reactivated President Trump’s account, but he hasn’t. And it doesn’t matter if Trump want to use it.”

He quoted Gen. Berger as saying, “Elon is a rich, professional troll who straddles the fence to instigate conflict between parties.”

Musk has described himself as a “bored isolationist” who enjoys sowing seeds of disharmony. The Democrats now pillorying Musk seem to forget that he had in 2008 and 2012 voted for Barrack Hussein Obama. Musk refuses to specify whom he cast a vote for in 2016: “I voted for the right man or the right woman,” he has answered ambiguously in interviews.

Furthermore, White Hats say Musk’s friendship with administration officials including Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Secretary of State Antony Blinken are cause for concern.

“One day he says he’ll stop funding Star Link in Ukraine; the next day he says, oh, my bad, yeah, I’ll keep funding it. This is pure Musk trolling behavior,” our source said.

The military says its proverbial jury is sequestered and wants to know exactly where Musk’s loyalties lie.

“Unfortunately, he’s a very influential person. He’s smart and rich, and because of that the media hangs on his every tweet or statement. We’ve yet to see concrete proof Musk will be on the side of freedom,” our source said.

Free Speech and Alternative Media are under attack by the Deep State. Real Raw News needs reader support to survive and thrive. Thank you to those who have helped.

Please do not give your hard-earned money to sites or channels that copy/paste our intellectual property. We spend countless hours vetting, researching, and writing. Thank you. Every dollar helps.

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Robert James

General Berger needs to know Elon Musk is dirty. This week’s Benjamin Fulford Report has a photo of Musk in Satanic festival attire. There are doubts about him, but there is proof.

Robert James

This week’s Benjamin Fulford report has a photo of Musk in Satanic festive garb. He’s a Satanist. Hang the traitor!

Last edited 1 year ago by Robert James

Elon Musk dresses up as ‘Devil’s Champion’ for New York Halloween party? Who the hell has $40 billion $$ to buy a gay sounding “twitter” media? Did the Wrathchilds give him all the dough? $erve $atan much? Elon?


Ben Fulford says Musk is a KM white hat.

Robert James

This week’s report has a photo of Musk in Satanic costume.

He’s a Satanist! Fulford calls him one of the greatest con artists of all time! Hang him! Seize his ill gotten fortune!

Kelly Brown

I see the plan of Q in full effect with the recent chess moves…Kanye and Elon have gotta be rooks. What say y’all??


Not sure what you’re getting at.


Trump just said that he was going to delete mandates am f will hire back soldiers back with back pay.


I was permanently suspended from
Twitter during the night. Woke up to find an email stating so. No warning what so ever. The explanation given is vague. Why? Who the hell knows! I did absolutely nothing wrong. I have no followers and I follow maybe 5 people. I posted for the first time last week. One article was about where President Trump was holding rallys, and one article from another website (Golden Age of Gaia). So was I randomly picked or maybe one of the outgoing employees was a Trump and Elon hater? So I deactivated my account. It’s social media. It’s really not necessary and I won’t miss it or Elon.


The special forces just picked up the CEO of moderna that’s big news !


We know that his mother was a high priestess witch in the Illuminati and he grew up casting spells, opening up portals and doing all kinds of wicked evil things. From what we are hearing he and his mother were removed and now we are seeing someone else play the part as he reveals himself as the anti-christ. After the fake election tomorrow things are going to get really interesting as we enter the last chapter of this movie. Now you can really get the popcorn ready!

Last edited 1 year ago by Chris
J Bill

i’ll be the same regardless of who wins


Maybe not….
I just read an article where they just picked up the CEO of moderna,
you’re much easier to pick up and send to gitmo…!

J Bill

“Democrats have certainly had an edge and Republicans have had a rough time pleasing Donald Trump. He does expect Loyalty.
If you are not content joining or staying with us you always can change back, but think seriously if you can tolerate being a loser?”

yeah it was

trust nothing

I half expected MB to write about the fake elections coming tomorrow.
I guess I will.
Most of the readers (commenters) on this site appear to be conservative, logical thinking, working people. How can we believe in elections or the government with so much proof (even video) of corruption and little to zero high level people held accountable. Little change to voting system, mail in ballots, dead voter purge, non-citizen/out of state/duplicate votes, machine manipulation of votes or internet foreign interference although all proven in 2020 that happened. But we vote, because we think that’s all we got- majority rule- democracy? The easy answer to make elections count is in person, voter ID, paper ballots. If you didn’t vote by election day your ballot is destroyed. That is too easy for it to happen, but really shuts down time for ballot tampering.
My prediction for the 2022 mid terms is;
Nothing will change the course to socialism. The big money controls everything and nothing can stop what’s coming. We are to be controlled for them, by them. Republican or democrat controlled house and senate won’t matter because they are all controlled by big money. We are all just pawns.


Are you preparing a hot beverage also. ?⛄
How absolutely nice of you..👍
so we loaded up the truck and we moved Beverly,……
Hills that is. !🆒
because the Kinfolk said to

Rob William

We will accept the results of the game if we win.

Dave Smith

Who ever posted the supreme court postponed the election I went too their site and can’t find it… Thank you. Unless you can prove other wise


Lol you guys really just fall for every made up thing you read on the internet, huh

Nick NavyBlueSmoke Nicholson

Gentlemen ; It’s well & good to always Suspect , that strange character looking suspicious ; however , please quit looking into the mirror so intently …….. Now , switch , to coolheadedness & noting His Actions , since THEY speak Volumes more than words ! Many people that are catching flack from many sides MUST straddle the fence Publicly ! Elon is subject to the same oppositions that affect those whom cause commotion as the climb to the top gathers threats just as the victories are also gathered. Elon is doing the best he can do under the circumstances ! I will continue to give him support & I do expect him to reinstate me ASAP in my moniker ” NavyBlueSmoke ” on Twitter just as soon as he cleans out the sludge at that platform ! The code at Twitter must be cleaned & the management will be deloused too …….. That takes time ! Now let’s get back to business ! I am still expecting efficiency & remember , I’d like an Express Lane for the Senior Citizens that are found Guilty by the duly appointed Legit Sovereign Associated Court . If I am placed as the Chief Guillotine Operator , I can assure you that No Senior will wait for service ! The equipment will be kept in working order & ready for customers ! We have not yet run out of Swamp members tied to control files ; let’s get hopping . I will keep an eye on Elon , our Space Visitor , until he invites me back to Twitter at least ………… Cordially , Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195


Now this is smart thinking. Watch what happens.

george friend

Welcome to November 7th. It’s a huge day for humanity and long awaited. 30+ years in the making.

Last edited 1 year ago by george friend

It infuriates me how many foreignors dominate the alternative media. Think of how the commander in cheif DJT was harrased by these unAmerican communist Jews because they were unhappy that their countries werent able to parasite off America their host country so much.
He never even had a chance to revel in his victory with respect like every other President has.


It’s not like Trump helped his current wife and her family jump the line to get citizenship. Didn’t his daughter convert to Judaism when she got married?


Supreme Court just announced that the election has been postponed!

John .S

That’s ok, can deal with rigged election postponement, as long as they don’t postpone racing at Aqueduct, though they can postpone Mammoth Park.


the swamp has not been fully drained yet..
they have lots of people to pick up yet
like Biden. up Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters, AOC,,..
All the Rhinos, Camel Toe Harris, and so forth…

John .S

Gen Berger needs to call cesspool company, also in bringing in rail car suction machine as oversize septic tank pumping apparatus, sucking out feces that won’t fit drain hole.

Berger also can call in high velocity water jetting equipment, keeping fecal matter flowing.

The stench will be putrid, far worse than unpleasant aroma permeating from any sewage treatment plant on a hot humid day.

Good thing it not freezing weather, hoarfrost will be everywhere. Power washing companies would be busy.


has Nancy Pelosi’s execution been postponed also. ?

John .S

Nancy aka, Zed is dead. She’s long gone, been gone.

Hard pipe hitting mofo’s at ready, poised with plyers and blow torch.

Bring out the Gimp aka, Chuck Schumer.

Ten days of darkness not farfetch, neither is [wild card] unfriendly forces; curfews etc.

Musical Duo [1956] Shirley Goodman and Leonard Lee: “Come on baby, let the good times roll”.

God Bless America.

Linda Chambers


J Bill

the supreme court duh


That’s just too bad and too late …
I already voted…..!
you know the old saying ,
vote early and vote often. 😀

J Bill

thank you for your service of committing felonies lol

John .S

I’m alleged to perpetrate felonies herein, and nobody ever thanked me for it, I’m jealous.

Dave Smith

Hi I just went too the Supreme court’s website no mention of what you posted ??? Why are you posting this? Thank you for Any information about this you can give us.. God bless you and us all Amen.

Donna Hyde

I say time will tell ,if elon has good ,and true intentions it will be reviled.

Rob William

I think being a reasonable entrepreneur Musk will not burn down $45B. His “conservatism” started when Dems talked about trade unions for better employment terms for workers. Otherwise he has been always talking about “green technologies” by making overpriced Teslas. It’s the green technology rebate which made him an extremely rich person, which have a statistically insignificant impact on climate change. Even now instead of investing into “game changer” technologies to have a statistically significant impact on climate change, he is putting his money into political platforms, which will give him more control. His has a run of very good luck now it can change in a few years.

Think about creating fuel cells, which will generate electricity by using gasoline without producing CO2.

Think about next gen technologies like Casimir effect, zero point energy etc. Too risky for Elon Musk?


Jessie Czebodar said Musk is a cabal puppet through and through. She was in training with him as children, along with the Cooper boys, (Anderson and Carter). They are picked for certain public roles based on their gifts and talents, then they are groomed for the position. Anderson journalism. Musk savior of mankind. BTW she also said that Obama is the head of the cabal in America, head of the Muslim Brotherhood and his cabal name is, Phoenix.

Lady Hermann

I don’t trust either side of this mess at this point. Things need to go public! LOUD!


What are you doing to ensure that it happens?


A couple of sayings that may apply: We don’t know what we don’t know, AND, Don’t believe anything that you hear and only half of what you see.

Tracy Reinert

Elon Musk has done great with Twitter so far, taking the behemoth to the ground floor level, clearing it of leftists & trolls & bots. Points in his favor. However, his adoration of all things high tech & too much in alignment with Soros leaves me concerned. He is a perfect double/triple-cross player, & hopefully serves the cause of freedom.

John .S

Musk is dangerous, Trojan Horse, another Larry Silverstein, remember Larry; “Pull it”, meaning WTC 7.

John .S

Hmm, Patterns of Practice, could say, Monell Claim.

Besides Larry’s blessings to place thermites throughout center core, also miniature suitcase nukes added at bottom of sublevel elevator shafts.

Radiation & Thermite poisoning [WTC sickness] for all.

Oh, those dam hijacked aircraft, bridge for sale in Brooklyn.

Now Patterns of Practice dispensing Covid Vax.


Pres. Trump states that if he gets back into office he will have the death penalty for drug dealers. He should also have the same for all illegal aliens. They should be apprehended ONCE, warned, deported, and their home country billed for their expenses. If apprehended a second time they should be immediately executed. ALL ages, all sexes.

Rob William

It’s not up to the president but it’s up to the courts, isn’t it? Law making is done by the congress and things like death penalty cannot be done through executive orders. Even the acts passed by Congress are reviewed by the courts so any gruesome wish you have will not pass through all these level of filters.


Most people on here don’t understand how things work and refuse to be educated. Just be glad that the average age here is 67 and that they are at their end of life.


MOSES lived to 120.


Twitter is a big platform in that normal msm channels pay attention to it.! OR twitter is bad because nobody pays any attention to it? Either way, it’s kind of a side show and is misdirection from what has been put out in this website. Apparently White hats are purging American society of Deep State players who have committed treason and worse! In that respect who cares about twitter! What is going on with the re-establishment of democracy? Please focus on the important point. Also people keep talking about “Jesus is going to save us”. Well child trafficing, paedophillia and murder has been going on for dozens of years (also repeated on this website). Ask those children if Jesus came to save them! We have also had dozens of Wars and world wars (did you forget about those?) Jesus didn’t appear then either unless I missed it. Please explain why you think he is coming now? Also can we cut the racism it’s getting tiring.


I still don’t get Musk, but I loved how he outed NASA by using the same CGI THEY use to fool the world, when he used it by sending a car out in space…I saw a video of how he didn’t send it out into space, but used their technique to out them. And also how he used it against them again when he sent the rocket out and then brought it back, and did a better job of it then NASA has ever done. You know he has been mocking NASA for quite sometime…I still can’t understand how some people think that NASA can go to Mars when they can’t even make it back to the Moon “because they’ve lost that technology”, YA RIGHT…only fools still believe NASA.


I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt until I don’t.

J Bill

bank on b0fa

Nukkin Futz

Some cartoonist needs to to do a caricature of the Musk-Rat as a rat with Elon’s mug pasted on top and a rat trap baited with 2 pounds of solid ego that would make him try to grab it……


F Twitter!! Move onto TruthSocial and don’t look back.

Rob William

Musk can turn twitter into Truthsocial… if he wants much smaller market share with almost no ad revenues.

trust nothing

What’s the big deal with Musk? We are suppose to think the richest man in the world is going to change his slaves daily life for the better by (maybe) letting people write crap on a media platform most people don’t use? The only reason I know about what’s said on twitter is from other sources. Who cares. He will charge a fee so you are a publisher and liable. He will continue pushing Tesla electric car farce and get richer from paying off everyone and push the zero emission BS.
We have been lied to our entire life why stop now. We are to believe our vote is sacred and trust the government, white hats and Trump is in charge. How’s that working out from 2020?

Anthony Gregory

Gave twitter the boot years ago.
Not interested in Mush or his shitty backstabbing machinations.


So, apparently some kids are taught Abraham Lincoln was a Vampire hunter.
Go figure.


Lol that’s a sci-fi movie ya goober, it is not something kids anywhere are ‘taught’


Don’t forget how some who identify as cats use a taxpayer funded litter box at school.


Don’t bank on him. Period.

Mr. ‘Wanna put a chip in the head of everyone’, demonic cockroach looking costume with baphomet head and inverted cross on his chest, celebrating at Dracula’s castle in Transylvania Romania at the end of Oct ’22. Really?

Let’s get a clue here. You need more proof of who he follows?

He’s a liar and to be watched. Never believe you can trust.


He’s there to make profits, of course. 🙂

John .S

Sunday’s Trump Rally in Miami via Right Side Broadcasting.


Not a word about desantis either. Says a lot.


Don’t forget…”Trust No One”, at least, not 100%. There is a lot of TRUTH in this article. Like little kids, rich elite boys, teenagers, men; basically, get bored and look for things to busy and make themselves feel good and with Elon, he’s so far done what few others can do by acquiring Twitter. I mean, that takes lots of money and he did it. So now because of that, people think he’s the answer to restoring us back to normal. Not So Fast! Hold your horses. First off, Elon has a past, a well-established pattern of satisfying and busying himself just to cut down on boredom because there’s very little in life that he’s not experienced. Before he bought Twitter and even now, people are very leery of him and have every right to be. He’s not a rock-solid person when it comes to loyalty for this country or his countryman. Remember, they all have agendas and it’s usually not because he loves us and wants to be part of Saving and Making America Great Again…that’s Trump’s thing, not Elon’s. There’s RUMOR that in time, Elon wants to make Twitter a platform, a database of collecting as much information as possible about everyone. This is no different than what China has been doing. Remember, China now owns lots of property in the U.S. and has their own military presence here (currently subtle as it may be), so we’ve been infiltrated in ways and by the elites, and corrupt leadership of our own nation that continue working towards attaining absolute world dominance for themselves and other DS elites by forcing and gaining control of us. We’re not out of the woods yet. Elon’s attaining Twitter may just be the first step of many in aiding to accomplish a very sinister plan…one that’s been thwarted, reworked along the way but remember, they are bound and determined by dark and evil forces that have for so long run not just our country but the world. We’ve always known of corruption but never have we known of how wide and how deep until Donald Trump came along and started draining the swamp. To some the waters may still be murky while others see the waters clearing as we now have more first-hand knowledge than ever of what evil others have been doing to us and the rest of the world. Think back 5-10 years…how much then did we really know in comparison to now? I know that answer will vary but for most, we had no clue. So, be careful and don’t trust the first thing that comes along and looks like they’ll save us and bring us back to Glory when only God and those he appoints can do that. I believe we’re on the precipice of coming back better than EVER but we still have a ways to go and it’s going to take more than just mere man to get us there. Think God. God is the ONLY one that can accomplish what mere man cannot. Nonetheless, don’t lose heart. We’re almost there.


Where did Twitter find all these Hindu scumbags?
Can’t they hire Americans instead?


They fit perfectly into Hillary’s plan to rule. They come from a caste system where you are kept down and only they enjoy the spoils. It was all a part of Hillary’s “It takes a Village” (idiots!) mentality. Remember that HRC had the 2 McDonald hamburger guys with her email biz. I have to wonder about the vast wealth now in the hands of India, including the control of Britain via Sunak. Also remember HRC falling down the steps in India. She was extremely tight with them. So . . . What part of this wealth was really just “keystroked in” – the same as Clown Dorsey.


Speaking of Clowns: The Lizard Cheney endorsed Democrat
Abigail Spanberger in NATO country Virginia. The St Louis Post has the story today noting that Abigail is a “former CIA officer”. Meanwhile, the other Clown asset W. buffet reported a loss of 2.7B in the 3rd Q. Why is Musk trying to find the profit in Twitter? Clown/Dorsey slush fund with The Village Idiot’s censorship.


India has holy scriptures that originate in the Indus Valley, 20,000 years ago. Why did three wise men come from the east to bring treasures to foretold, Infant Jesus? We have much hidden knowledge to learn. Have a great day!

Rob William

Aren’t Dinesh D’Souza and Kash Patel from Indian origin too? Should Trump have hired them?


God gives and He takes away. Kash and Dinesh are invaluable Patriots while the Twitter executives were HRC’s henchmen brigade.


PS: MB is censoring me on The Sacred Cows of such brigade.


A certain someone fears The Vagina Dentata – the bluebird one.

Last edited 1 year ago by Christine

“U.S. Supreme Court’s Barrett again declines to block Biden student debt relief”
Yep, she’s a friend of Cackling Kamala all right.


She’s a friend of camel toe Harris. !


Lol isn’t she on house arrest according to RRN? They’re just letting her run wild with these pro Biden decisions anyways, huh 🙃

Dave Smith

Hi this a question I have . I’ve heard the global elites plan on turning on 5G frequency too kill those that took the jab . All the children that’s parents made them get it and Employers that made people get it or lose their jobs …. are the white hat’s going to allow this ? Thank You for any information about this you can give us.

Dave Smith

It would be really nice if the white hat’s and military in control would address this issue. Thank you and God bless everyone. Be the change for the better world and Universe Amen .

Dave Smith

I’m asking the rods of God’s be dropped on the places that can make this happen. Thank you again peace and love too the white hat’s and military in control…


I heard the same thing and also that they haven’t turned it completely on because planes would start falling out of the sky,I know a lot of people that already died from the 💉so nothing would surprise me as these wastes don’t care about you or anyone else…

Rob William

Kindly read 5G ITU standard to understand the difference between 5G and 4G and the different modes/band it operates in.


It’s not real Dave

Dave Kelly

Yes, it , 5-G is very real. Microwaves, PULSED Microwaves , ELF, EMF , DEW’s , Psychotronics , psychotronic weapons, ALL using aspects of the electromagnetic spectrum are VERY REAL. There are patents , documentation, research , scientific papers, etc. on all of this technology and science.

Rob William

Satellite communication works in a higher band than the highest microwave frequencies of 5G. There may be some effect but it’s not considered medically significant if the device is within the compliance range.


Ask those in Seoul, E Tae Won last week. 50 some heart attacks at once.


Its fake l-loyd?


I am on the fence with Musk…Time will tell


Musk —-The chameleon.

John .S

Wonder if Musk is aware of Paul Castellano’s steakhouse surprise retirement arrangements as power transfer, could say, extraordinary forced retirement.

Suspect Elon doesn’t know who Big Paul actually was, though Elon knows about power transfer & forced retirement.

Retirement comes in many shapes and forms, most times pleasurable, sometimes as unpleasant surprise.

If Elon has intentions to stamp Mark of the Beast upon mankind, he better think twice about making dinner reservations.


Several years ago I read that Elon was big on forming the internet of things. Starlink and satelites to make the digital prison around the earth and turn us all into borgs, AI, hooked up to the internet of things.

Dave Smith

I seen that too . And one that says he’s eats humans … can’t prove any of this .

Dave Smith

Why send rockets too mars ? Won’t that put holes in the ozone layer that protects us ??? Hmmm …

Pastor Kevin

My point exactly ” ” people still not thinking, remembering the track record of this flamboyant playboy, as with too many with more money than brains or values, with principles that change like the wind ” ” He needs Jesus Christ in his life ” ” and if so claimed, to get a whole lot more serious ” thank you Jesus 🙌🙏👏😇

Rob William

Zombies? Another brick in the wall? Don’t we need to define perfection in complete details before wanting people to be “perfect”? It’s actually not definable using any formal system without having a state of super symmetry with no axioms (no definition, no variance, everything is perfectly uniform).

Dave Kelly

Yeah but what else you got?

Dave Kelly


Pastor Kevin

Hey, Oliver … thanks for the comment, and respectfully, God created man (humans) as perfect, and Eve, then Adam following suit, messed it up. We were actually created as IMMORTAL, needing nothing, and only after sin (disobedience) entered the equation, separating us from God, death took over and we became mortal.

This is why the resurrection of Christ is so huge, and why the devil is so angry, using all his minions, the Cabal, and every evil tactic possible, including the PlanDemic and much more for all its worth, with the likes of cloning and/or through ingesting adrenochrome, believing they can have immortality … NOT HAPPENING … unless by faith alone in Jesus Christ. {Jesus told her, “I am the resurrection and the life. Anyone who believes in me will live, even after dying.} John 11:25.

Rob William

If you are perfect, you cannot mess it up, otherwise you are not perfect.

Pastor Kevin

Hi Rob … lol … that would be true … however this man is the furthest from perfect who never claimed to be perfect; only ONE was and remains perfect, and He will bring what has been done in secret (PlanDemic & much more), into the open for the world to see and know the truth (Luke 8:17, Hebrews 4:13, Deuteronomy 32:35) … Have an awesome day and great finish to your week my friend …



Rob William

Musk may be able to colonize Mars. BTW he is not at all religious.


The original Musk was half bald.
This guy is a worse fake than the guy pretending to be Biden.

buck fiden

He also has really chinky eyes.

Rob William

Being the richest man on earth, he can’t get simple hair transplants?