Deep State Strikes GITMO on Christmas


Armed forces loyal to the criminal Biden regime staged a Christmas Day Bay of Pigs-style assault on Guantanamo Bay but were repelled by White Hats who had fortified the island stronghold in anticipation of a Deep State strike, sources at GITMO and in Gen. Berger’s office told Real Raw News.

As the sun set and twilight filled the sky, air traffic controllers (ATC) at Leeward Point Airfield made intermittent primary radar contact with an unknown aircraft 20 miles due south of the naval station. The bogey appeared, disappeared, and reappeared, and was not transmitting Mode C, meaning it had an inactive or disabled transponder, an electronic device that produces a response when it receives a radio-frequency interrogation. Aircraft have transponders to assist in identifying them on air traffic control radar. Air traffic control units use the term “squawk” when they are assigning an aircraft a transponder code, e.g., “Squawk 7421”.

ATC broadcasted on military and general aviation frequencies, asking the bogey to enable its transponder and identify itself, for it was approaching restricted airspace. One controller made a joke, saying Santa’s sleigh was making a GITMO pitstop, but his joviality faded when the contact split into two, then three, individual contacts. ATC received no digital or audio response to their queries. The contacts flew too slowly to be military jets or commercial aircraft; helicopters were attempting to evade radar by flying low on the horizon. ATC sounded the alarm and sirens wailed throughout the base.

Elsewhere, spotters on the southern beachhead saw three mechanized assault craft, each holding an unknown number of troops, speeding toward them. At the bow of each craft were twin .50 caliber machine guns. Their presence meant a mothership, most likely an Amphibious assault ship, 840-foot behemoths capable of carrying 2,500 men and a tremendous payload, loomed somewhere in the distance unseen.

By then GITMO’s deputy commanding officer, Lt. Gen. Andrew A. Croft, had learned of the impending invasion. He and what senior staff remained on base for the Christmas holiday retreated to an impregnable command-and-control center and planned a counterstrike. Four thousand, five hundred battle-hardened Marines took their posts, prepared for the onslaught. Also on base, on loan from U.S. Army White Hats, were two MANPADS platoons armed with Stinger surface-to-air shoulder-fired missiles. They were told to prepare to engage three CH-53 Sea Stallions, now only a few miles from the base, perhaps with orders to strafe GITMO or land troops on White Hat territory.

The lead Sea Stallion, still over water, was hit twice and exploded in a crimson fireball. Mangled metal and blown-to-bits bodies fell into the sea.  A third missile hit the second chopper, striking near the exhaust and causing the rotor mast to separate from the airframe; it plunged into waters south of Guantanamo Bay.

The third Sea Stallion got below and inside the Stingers’ engagement envelope. A door gunner opened fire and hit four Marines and MANPADS crewmembers who were seeking cover while engaging the helicopter with small arms fire. Bullets riddled their bodies, and they fell down dead.

When the bird tried to extend to make another pass, two Marine squads peppered it with rounds from their rifles and squad automatic weapons. The door gunner slumped forward and tumbled from the chopper as plumes of black smoke poured from the engine. It hit the ground intact.

Meanwhile, Marine platoons pinned down mechanized landing craft trying to land troops beside McCall Field, the base’s defunct airstrip, firing from behind steel barriers, rock walls, and sand berms. Two valiant Marines sacrificed themselves by rushing forward and lobbing grenades into one of the craft. They were cut down, but the grenades hit their mark; all gunfire emanating from the craft instantly ceased amid cries for help and the wailing sounds of death. The remaining craft reversed engines and began to retreat.

The general in command ordered all forces to cease fire, saying enough blood had been spilled.

As the smoke cleared, a V-22 Osprey lifted off from Leeward Point Airfield with orders to locate whatever vessel had deployed the mechanized landing craft. The pilots spotted their target, a Wasp-class Amphibious Assault ship heading southeast toward the coast of Venezuela. They put out warning on military frequencies, “Enemy warship, enemy warship, you are warned to egress the vicinity. We have two, I repeat two, Arleigh Burke-class destroyers at our disposal that will arrive in several hours,” and returned to base after loitering near the vessel for 30 minutes.

A GITMO source Monday told Real Raw News that despite the loss of life, the base’s forces performed admirably and were successful in repelling an armed incursion.

“I think they hoped to catch us sleeping, you know, since it was Christmas. That our bellies would be full and we’d be languishing around. Well, they were wrong. Our fortifications held.”

GITMO has spent months fortifying itself for an expected attack; personnel began bolstering defenses and increasing manpower after the feds illegally occupied President Donald J. Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate. They made other improvements in early December, following an ultimatum from the regime’s defense secretary demanding that White Hat officers surrender to him by December 22.

The source said “some” enemy forces survived the third chopper crash and have been taken prisoner.

“Their wounds got treated. They’ll be held as prisoners of war, enemy combatants. We don’t yet have a tally on their dead. If the other Sea Stallions were loaded to capacity, there could’ve been 55 troops on each. Right now, we can say 47 dead, including the disabled ship. We lost seven men, with 14 wounded. Overall, we were hugely successful,” he said

A source in Gen. David H. Berger’s office, however, had a different take: he said General Berger, having reviewed the after-action report, called the White Hats efforts an abject failure. The amphibious assault ship, the general said, should have been detected visually and on radar long before helicopters left its flight deck and landing craft emerged from its well deck. The loss of a single Marine was unacceptable.

As an aside, GITMO ought to review its defensibility, as a massive naval bombardment would obliterate it in minutes. The station’s personnel have only two means of escape, either by sea or fleeing north over the wall into cuba, which could incite an international incident.

In closing, Real Raw News wonders whether the limited attack was meant to free Nancy Pelosi, who is scheduled to hang tomorrow.

“Nancy Pelosi will hang tomorrow regardless,” a GITMO source said.

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thank you.
looking forward to the new article..


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thanks Michael looking forward to it..


Thank you for the updates.
Sad loss of life.

You would think they would have a war ship on duty at GITMO.


Again my replys disappear. Aren’t helicopter door gunners strapped in?

Kelly Brown

They’re going down in a reall disorganized disheveled way…kinda like their leaders. A fish rots from the head down.

Kelly Brown

We need to have the utmost discernment right now.

Me me

I tell you what. You start providing proof and I will start supporting. $$

Billy Bob

So DeSantis was posing as Godfather’s Michael Corleone, like nobody would notice.

Billy Bob

I knew it. Gun fire pointer DeSantis was was briefly stopping by for an assessment, with a historical 1901 Vladimir Lenin’s question “What Is To Be Done?” A slippery shortcut on the road to WH? Pulling a gun often means a failure though, doesn’t smell like intricate “Operation Trust” that required brain power. I’m sure there will be eloquent people to gently put DS/DS (Deep State DeSantis) in the ditch as a failed active shooter.

Me me

So was there a video on the attack. There has to be. Can we see the video?

Silver lining

Cute story- no DCGS-N or MC @GITMO? No sub, surface or air tracking merchants or CCOIs that would take out or at least ISR the fleeing platform? Not a very viable way to fight a war..


Aren’t door gunners strapped in?


Is this the start of our 2nd Civil War? This so called “deep state” seems to hate on Americans these days.


Geez can this guy MB write or what, not only the best detective journalist around, but he could easily compose a mystery novel or two!


I’m sorry about the deaths. My own son was stationed at Gitmo before Covid and my parents were at Gitmo in the 1940’s.

Stinky Perfume

Did covID have something to do with him not being there anymore?


Bless those that fought valiantly for true freedom. May those that are here remain strong and those that have left this place be eternally peaceful 🙏


Why would they (congress)attack Gitmo?


We were sort of thinking is might be to get Pelosi out, but it could also have been a probe or a distraction. It’s just hard to tell. Of course there’s also plain desperation, and there has been quite a lot of that already from the mafia. The Maralago raid, starting a bogus “covid” scamdemic, kicking off riots in Demon cities for a year straight, defunding cops, the most blatant election steal outside Venezuela etc.

Stinky Perfume

My guesstimate. It’s those outside and TARGETED for GITMO, that don’t want to get arrested like their other mafia members. Last ditch attempts. They want to come on USA soil and walk tall like they aren’t deep state. It got obvious when the party was raided and Pelosi was hauled out of there. Macron got away. Interesting.

I was wondering like it could have been other country deep staters grouped up and involved but Baxter is gonna tell us in a day he said. I guess I do see these WW3 titles on videos coming up.

It seems like USA business with treasonous government and imposters is just one country but they see money going overseas or to Zelenskyy, which is meaning they are making allies with anyone taking money.

Anyone see any mention of this battle anywhere in the world besides RRN?


Nah it’s all international these days. The politicians only put on a show while overseeing the tax-tubes being used to exsanguinate the citizenry. From some perspectives this is also what WWII was about: for several decades US finance & industry had merged with the German industry, which is why every German company had ended up as a subsidiary of US corporations and banks, like Krupp, IG Farben etc. This is the same thing now, only world-wide. The German-American Friendship stuff from the 20s, 30s and 40s was a precursor to our accursed globalism now.

Apparently the parasite class took different lessons from WWII than we did. Weird.


I was right I saw planes flying Taiwan in the new paper on Epoch times. I would tell you where but I can’t find it again.

It is Amazing that 4-10-20 went to the war zone, so soon after that attack.

Sara Schmidt

There definitely is a rat amongst us. It should have never happened on their watch


thats what i was thinking….that they wanted to get nancy out!

Julio c vidal

I’ll be waiting for part two on this news like why they left the enemy vessel go ?and on the participants are they humans, android or suicide reptilians ?

Debate Judge

Someone must be reading this site and taking it seriously. Is Schumer trying to save Nancy?

Stinky Perfume

They may as well, just over the strongest antivax site online alone.


All that blood for F’en Pelosi. May she drop slowly

mary pascucci


Rob William

It may not be “real Nancy”, it can be a shapeshifter reptilian. They are almost un-killable as all their organs are just pretend ones and any cell of their body can aggregate to form another organ – they can fake death and then come back transforming into another creature(s). They are playing longer game than we can imagine!


Nope. they pulled her blood. Not a clone.


God Bless all the brave Souls laying down their lives fighting for humanity 🙏 TY 🙏


It is crucial to find out if GITMO was the only processing facility attacked that would lean towards a Pelosi operation. If not, we are in a much different worrisome situation. Await the resolution of the Brunson case in the words of Jimmy Buffett:

Now, I don’t know
I don’t know

I don’t know where I’m a-gonna go when the volcano blows
Let me say now
I don’t know
I don’t know
I don’t know where I’m a-gonna go when the volcano blows

Strike 17

More non main stream news coming out with this information.


Just an excuse to increase confusion. The mere fact the military, presumably, desired to split into black hats and white hats and now infights with itself is idiotic.

That this is allowed to go on is moronic and absurd.

Was that some legislation I missed? You know its legal to psyop americans with whatever propaganda anyone wants.

question everything

If you can see it on video, it must me real! Right?
How CNN, etc. create war victims:

Just Me

Oh ok, so if it comes from the corrupted main stream news it must be real to you? That is the problem too many brainwashed idiots believing all the propaganda news. I suggest you take your head out of your ASS and wake up! I bet you were dumb enough to take serval jabs.

question everything

If you say so, sir.🎯


How many more fucking games are you going to play Trump how many more lives have to be lost with your fucking games…your plan sucks ass


Until the evil is dead


Everything about this is so f’n bazaar………….sooooo fn’ bazaar.


Ding dong the witch should be dead by now

Last edited 1 year ago by Sodie

I’m completely straight gaybill

Just Me

I don’t think he is interested in your hole, and it’s true Ding Dong The Wicked Witch is dead.


Today is Tuesday, Dec. 27th 2022!! It is 9:13 am and I imagine NP has departed this life. I imagine we will get the details soon. I wonder if her demons came out of her screaming? Goodbye to another monster!!!

Just Me

I knew it, I Knew it. I was right I had said on another post that this witch was going to be hang no later than 10:00 am.


When Biden declares this a “new war”,
(Each “war” earns them profits galore),
The white hats will say,
“But it’s a new day,
It’s just your ass that gets kicked out the door.”


I can visualize Satan rubbing his hands together in glee at Pelosi’s arrival.I know I am.


Nanci, don’t listen to gaybill… He can’t read

Evangelina Martinez

7:50am New Mexico time on 12/27//2022 please tell me Pelosi the wicked witch is dead.

Just Me

Yes, this wicked woman is a goner.

John .S

Wonder how military is going to portraying the deceased, in how they died amongst bereaved family members when receiving news via knock & talk. Questions will be asked.

No doubt many of the deceased gave family and friends Christmas Wishes prior, not in overseas battle zone, assuring everything is fine.

Bereaved family members won’t tolerate an outlandish lie, neither fooled that situation is matter of national security as our southern boarder being invaded, with welcome mat saying: Come-on in, as genocide shot still being dispensed.

Enough is enough, time to swing Truth Hammer, duty of cander and transparency is imperative. Heck with those unable to digest truth, their feelings are irrelevant.

Terminally deplorable

We have to hang her to see whats in her.


That’s attack on White Hats – pretty serious event…, enemies getting desperate..! Somehow Bad forces of DS in USA much stronger than in other Countries, possibly it’s necessary some international efforts to overcome those ( pardon me) bastards…?!?!


The USA’s 2nd Civil War has begun with the deep states’ military community, leading the charge.


May they slither there Commy asses my way…iv been praying for such a day

Russ C

God help us if our military are attacking each other! I can tell you one thing for sure, those sailors on board the Essex have no desire to be be attacking Gitmo. That’s where they go for refresher training. I don’t believe they even have any knowledge of who is or isn’t a patriot, they’re simply working too hard to bother with such things, I know because I was there several times, several decades ago. The biggest question now IMO, is can we trust the Army, certain Naval Captains????? Civil war? We don’t need this!

Air man

Great questions. Something tells me this mission may have been a test. I fear more are coming.

Michael R Davis

Essex LHD-2 is presently in the Red Sea.
There are no known active duty LHDs in the Carribean or Gulf of Mexico areas.


How come my comments never approved..?!? I guess , I’m not silly enough for MB…?!?

Rose Mary Abbott

This one made it. With so many trolls to shut down it takes a while to vet everyone.

Michael R Davis

Example photo is USS Essex LSD-2
USS Essex LHD-2 is currently located Red Sea steering 131′ at 17.7 kn. (Home Port San Diego)
There are no US Navy Wasp-class LHDs known to be in the Carribean or Gulf of Mexico areas.
The US has sold warships to South American nations, LSTs, smaller LSDs, no Wasp-class LSDs that I could find. There might be a few in the moth-ball fleet.

At Gitmo 4,500 Marines would have live firing training all day long at the many gunnery ranges, probably weekly assault force repelling exercises. Stinger teams would have their exercises. Chopper squadrons would have their exercises. How would the people living outside the 45 square mile base know what was going on? And if somebody did call the US and it reached the news-media, which of the FAKE News censors would report it to the public?

If the Arleigh Burkes were only hours away, (100 miles) they could have taken out all the attackers, including the Amphibious Assault ship. Why didn’t they? That was a tiny assault force to send against 4,500 Marines. Gitmo was caught sleeping and General Berger should have been pissed. With Cuba at their backs, Gitmo needs some air defense, rocket batteries, artillery, defensive missile batteries, and ships to defend the Marines. Handheld Stingers are totally inadequate.

Seems like I read somewhere that an Amphibious Assault ship (Wasp-class carrier) was missing from the mothball fleet in Bremerton. The Deep-State had several subs that were destroyed by white hats. Take out Austin who threatened to attack white hats. Hit them hard immediately. Move a Carrier Task Force into the Gulf of Mexico. Defend the southern border and Gitmo at the same time.

Michael Gonzales

You might be wondering how an entire ship of sailors and Marines would be with total mindset to attack GITMO?
It is very possible to trick innocent Marines and Sailors into attacking what they were duped into thinking was a foreign soil, not knowing it was GITMO.
  The first thing is to place into key positions, Deep State operators. On the bridge; The Captain, XO, one or two Quartermasters, (for map plotting) and maybe a senior enlisted Chief Petty Officer for the Fire Control Officer.
  Then in CIC (Combat Information Center); a couple of Operation Specialists and Crypto Techs.
Lastly, a Senior enlisted Chief Petty Officer in the Engineering Dept.
 All the rest of the ship, including attack Marines would just follow orders given to them. 
Everyone would be given false operation orders, thinking they were attacking a foreign enemy on foreign shores.
Anyone becoming privy to the plot would easily be disposed of along the way.
  I was the Leading Chief in CIC, and Fire Control Officer on the bridge on both the USS Devastator and The USS Warrior and I know how the ship works and how simple it would be to dupe the crew. With just a few key Deep State players in control of primary positions on the ship.
Everyone else would be kept unawares and just follow orders. Think about it!

Michael Gonzales
Mineman Chief Petty Officer (Surface Warfare)
U.S. Navy retired


Thank you for your service sir


MB, please post the latest on nancy pelosi’s execution as soon as it’s available. I mean the execution.

Just Me

I doubt 81 Million voted for this Trojan Horse Biden, you have to be a retard to believe that Americans voted for him. We did not vote for higher taxes, open borders to allow millions of leeches to invade our country and be supported by taxpayers and we did not vote to buy oil from countries that hate us to pay higher gas prices.


Seems to me that we are at the beginning of our 2nd Civil War in the USA today. The deep state is completely freaked out, over the Pelosi arrests and her death today or tomorrow. She was their major enabler, more so than even Joe.

Last edited 1 year ago by Joanna

Yes it will be of the utmost importance to get one of the rhinos installed as speaker


austin knows he is going straight to the gallows once arrested, soon, and is trying to save his own neck at the expense of innocent Marines, who are most probably loyal Pro-Trumpers.

John .S

Last chance for Ghoul Pool folks, cast your prediction for when Nancy is pronunce dead, myself say: 8:08am.

Just Me

I am just guessing I say about no later than 10:am. Good riddance to this corrupted old relic. We term limits, this should not be allow to stand anymore.


Aren’t helicopter door gunners strapped in?


This is a weird story, since I don’t see where any of the Minions at GITMO are worth any other lives. They are mostly old and people like Nancy can barely speak anymore.
Most of they have been hung as well and where unpopular with the general public.
If true I would say that it is good news since it shows they are getting desperate. I would think they would have come up with something a little more worthwhile.
I am seeing a lot more stories on this site and Loving it.

Thanks again Michael.

Chris G

I had hoped that this Christmas would be the other way around. But I guess the Black Hats are still too powerful. 🙁


Thank god , some other countries an their military have woken up . On how to take back their country. All by standing together an their military taking out the head drug Cartels ,after another stolen election. And they stuck together an would never allow what happened to J6 prisoners without a trial. Being they had enough an decided one way or another they was going to be free from a radical satanic stolen government . Who cater to the drug Cartels wishes for more crimes against humanity . Sadly, we’re waiting on just the marines to do everything for us in the great USA ! FBI scared anyone from simply using their constitutional rights here in the great USA. They not only stage the J6 movements . But, was part of it from start to finish without ever being held accountable for it. Meanwhile ,the innocent died in prison an was abused without ever having a trial. The great USA! Trust the plan! So, I guess that was part of the plan for a great awakening at any sacrifice or cost . I guess the BLM, Antifa riots was part of the great awakening plan to. That’s being the military allowed it to happen. Except the BLM, Antifa was criminals and territories who never went to jail or prison. Instead they was rewarded with applause and money after rape, murder, stealing , arson, destruction of property, vandalism and so on . With that said what’s wrong with this whole picture J6 still behind bars , abused, dead without a trial and the real criminal FBI and others such as Antifa, BLM are free ? Yeah, I don’t know if USA will ever wake up an take back their government like other countries have. Because we’re waiting on marines who are the only military that didn’t take the Covid shots . Being the rest of the military was forced on taking the mRNA ,sterilization, death Clot shots . But, apparently weakening an eliminating our military was part of the Great awakening plan . All for China, an Russia to take us out after weakening our military from Covid shots . That the makers of that poison refused to take . And was told they was exempt from taking their own poison! Yeah , that makes perfectly no sense at all to me . How about you? Trust the plan, I hope that wasn’t part of the plan. But, if the reports are accurate the military was forced to take the Covid shots . Then forced to wear a mask to weakening their lungs. 🤔

Stinky Perfume

Whoever has the best med beds or best clot shot cures, could be the winners. The military could have quit but they dissed on the clot shot being a problem so they have to learn that still.

Seems the new world can’t use stupid people or greedy or can’t use wealthy drunks like Pelosi even if she was once highly wanted, but what these generals can do about royal shapeshifting reptilians….., the 4 in point descended from the queen or their spouses. This has to be in the plan. They either shapeshift and exist or they are robots or CGI, and that has to come out. They have to get gone because the world don’t want the reptilian royal thing. Royalty is only because Draco like that kind of hierarchy. It’s not to deny them credit where it’s due but they eat people and keep them piled up and piled under them in hierarchy, and just a lot of stuff that don’t seem happy. No farmer home guarding land for people.
All that shapeshifting talent and they can’t get rid of AI?

At some point they have to blow castles up….or expose who has not only clone bodies but what other hybrid not so human DNA, is in some of these human looking people? What else can happen? Say Nancy is something to guess IDK but say a wild guess, on an elite type, a Canaanite DNA human hybrid maybe 20% human, then there’s questions of what should be seeded on earth because such a person can’t be nice. They are born to war monger and power play.