Gen. Berger “Steps Down” as Commander of White Hats


Tensions between President Donald J. Trump and Marine Corps General David H. Berger have caused the latter to “step down” his post as commander of the White Hat Partition of the U.S. military, a source in the general’s office said Thursday afternoon.

General Berger, who had helmed the White Hats for two years and orchestrated several Deep Sate arrests, reached his decision ahead of a terse telephone chat with President Trump this afternoon. The general told Trump he appreciated his trust but could no longer effectively lead the White Hat coalition because he felt “out of the loop and in the dark.”

“Mr. President, if you don’t share your moves, it imperils my position. I have taken a significant oath, and kept it. Your reluctance, sir, to keep me appraised of what you plan to do has weakened my station,” Gen. Berger told Trump.

Our source, who spoke to Gen. Berger after the call, shared what Trump conveyed to the general: “I can speak only to what Gen. Berger told me. Trump supposedly told him if he didn’t have faith in the plan, then maybe it was time to let someone else take charge, someone who could do his job without questioning Trump’s motives and methods. General Berger agreed. He said he’d stay on in an advisory capacity and not an engineer.”

Gen. Berger told Trump that both Marine Corps General Eric M. Smith and U.S. Army General Marcus Evans were equally capable of filling his shoes.

“President Trump told Gen. Berger to pick wisely,” our source said.

That’s all we have right now.

Pelosi’ tribunal was still underway as of 2pm est.

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General Berger sent a small contingent of men to take down the fortress we call the Federal Reserve building. The marines were handily defeated by the heavily armed defenders that had them outmanned and outgunned. Even I could have done a better, at least I would not underestimate a foreign power occupying American soil, and watch our Marines be defeated on their own turf.


General Berger thank you for all your help during these days. You are a great leader.


It was probably in the contract to stay 2 years. Don’t over estimate the move.


It is sad that a small thing like “”hey, I can be your superman” could have Berger leave his post while Trump is likely the ONLY guy willing and smart enough to save America, or.. what’s left of it. and by the way it is not like we dont notice that the homelessness is no where near the problem that Not picking up the garbage or sweeping the streetss has caused and in case I am mistaken, a large portion of taxpayers monies go into that kitty so I hate to let the cat outta the bag or anything but the GOvernment is responsible to see to it that clean-up in every possible way is made possible. That responsibility comes before a new spiral staircase and a sack of beer f0r the staff. I hope they understand that we know.


I would too if my name was being dragged thru the mud with all these bogus claims and the plan failing quicker than America is crashing and burning.

Kelly Brown

I can’t blame General Berger at this point. I appreciate all he has done and it’s time to let someone else take the pressure. I have faith 2023 – 2025 is going to be horrible, but God wins. Right now, all the corruption has been exposed and there appears to be absolutely no leadership on the surface. People will act out from this King of Saturnalia type atmosphere. The manufactured chaos is all part of the plan…there’s no other way to show people what happens when an election is stolen.

Thank you so much General Berger, for all that you have done.


Its a way for him to get campaign funds without donations to the Rep party. I think it is a great idea. Let the Rinos raise their own funds.


Thank you for all your help General Berger.

Jose Ramirez

Keep waiting for Novembers,,,, good luck


Trust the plan? How is DJT superhero going to save this country? Dont like this.


Thank you for all you’ve done General Berger.

Side note to “the Plan” how many children have to die from the jab?!?!? These criminals just approved it for infants. I was under the impression it was about saving children. ALL CHILDREN.


This is difficult news to digest. We need the strength, fortitude, and determination of General Berger to continue this mission. At least he will serve in an advisory capacity. While Trump is our CIC, he does display an assertive personality at times; but nothing must get in the way of protecting our nation. There is no plan B, we are at the crossroads in the “Continuity of our Constitutional Republic” or losing it all to those whose intent it is to destroy our legacy of a bastion of freedom. All hands on deck…


This man is not stupid. I am glad that he seems to have chosen a good person however do not take Austin offer for while it is not in this bill I truly think congress will offer you to go back with back pay they created this problem with the shot. Those which as been announced by the news that this shot is attacking the heart. I have seen the blood clots that were long. Those clots are dangerous to people that no more shots for Covid take the pills instead! The pills don’t produce a clot.

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Berger could’ve been asked to step down, a few military operations have caused a sad amount of casualties to our soldiers, the attack at the treasury, and recently the deaths of innocent soldiers inside the semi, I know that it’s not completely his fault but it calls for someone more tactically advanced. We are at a war we can’t afford to lose.

joe blow

General Berger should know about the ‘Need to Know’ intel policies.


Thanks General Berger for a job well done. If Trump keeps dragging his feet there wouldn’t be an America to save. By the time the Plan runs we will all be dead.


Out if the loop is an understatement for all of us

Country Girl

President Trump needs to take his own advice, “act wisely.”


President Trump Knows….I trust Him.

American Living in Canada

Same up here.


Good movie. Smart move. Keep them guessing! Love it..


♥️🇺🇸The Trump card was played. Excellent. What’s next.🇺🇸



Debra Rudolph



Most people cannot afford $99 for this, myself included! And, while some people can “get the message” most cannot! These NFT cards are beyond the understanding of ordinary people. I am very distressed that Trump did not keep Gen. Berger in the Loop, and did not listen to him! Berger stepped down! THAT makes me feel less safe. I was taught as a public speaker that you need to speak at an 8th grade level for people to understand your message. Trump has not done this with these “cards”. In theory they have a secret messgae which people are supposed to interpret. B.S. Please keep that in mind for the “proletariat” struggling to understand where this is going and what is going on! To the intellectual elite, good for you. To the rest of you I am so sorry the CIC took this approach. Diane Marshall (Marshall Report) thinks it is a clever way for Trump to regain attention. Personally, I miss the Trump of 2016. Where did he go?

rene labre

It of course makes many wonder as for as many traitors have stabbed DJT in the back General Berger was always loyal.This had to take him much thought, in talking to the president he understood.He did not fly off the handle.there is more to the picture than meets the eye.we are not really privy to that. It is classified information. we ought to be humbly thankful to General Berger for his devoted service.


God Bless you General Berger. I wouldn’t have stood it this long….What Commander in Chief EVER keeps his Generals in the dark? You don’t fight a war like that! Stonewalling on and on. This does not happen. The only way it would ever happen is if Trump is A) insane or B) doesn’t consider Berger and the rest of them his REAL Generals. Who IS he reporting to and planning with? Someone knows the plan and it isn’t General Berger and I don’t feel his successors will fair any better. I hate to write these words.


Berger surrendered with his honor intact….

Me me

What plane there is no real plan. This is another distraction.


I am in tears over this! I blame Trump.


regardless, everybody is hurting and we need to reach out assist our brothers and sisters who are in trouble. PEACE!


Does trump have something up his sleeve here? Things that make you go hmm

Daryll Collins

Completely confusing. So confusing that I wonder if RRN is playing us as well. It’s THAT BAD. At this poing I trust no one, even in the alt media. Is the plan at this point to dishearten patriots so much that they give up hope? The evil we are up against has had eternity to map out their plan. Human’s thought process is that of a baby in comparison.
I will continue to fight for my rights and those of my loved ones. Control locally. Never give in to evil.


Thank you, General Berger, for your faithful service. Godspeed.


“do his job without questioning Trump’s motives and methods”
This sounds to me like a “cult of personality”…

Julio Antonio Laguna


Sue Grantham

Tired of the dick measuring

John .S

There cannot be two roosters in a hen house.

If the Military is actually in control the rooster is Berger.

In hyperbole, we’re currently spectators of a cockfight.

Last edited 1 year ago by John .S

This is heart breaking.. Wtf

carolyn smith

this is all fiction anyway


There is no plan, there never was any plan. This all made up BS. Pelosi’s Tribunal is being held 2pm est, huh? They must have waited until after the Live Capital ceremony when they revealed her portrait with her in attendance with John Boehner hugging her.

Dave smith

Wow hope this is a chess move


I’m having a hard time buying what’s being sold because of Trump’s REAL message yesterday. I think we’re in an information war and this platform is driving an attack as it should because we know who else is watching.


..or were just getting mind fucked


If you can’t follow the plan then it’s time to step down and get someone more motivated to do the job, it’s done all the time to make sure the plan stays in motion, the more heads of state the better the plan goes ahead. Everyone needs a break now and then to clear their head so they can focus better on, and if you don’t there can be mishaps, and so I agree as it happens too many times in life. Step back and observe the situation and learn from your mistakes.


I could just cry,.


“Pelosi’s tribunal was still underway as of 2PM”. The sweetest words Michael ever posted. Let Berger go, because he is starting to question the decisions of the Boss in the real WH, who was elected by the vast majority.

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Tracy Reinert

I know this much. Even in a group of three girlfriends, if one isn’t present, the other two will talk smack about her, however masked with much concern, & bless-her-hearts. This is so basic to human nature, that most friends know better than to be a threesome, & stick with one bestie. Trump likely has whom he trusts most, close & well~informed, & he has his reasons for keeping his moves, & playing his hand, close to his chest. Trump had nothing to do with Berger losing his men to friendly fire. Perhaps this is for the best. Perhaps it is a move from The Art of War.

Tracy Reinert

Our Commander in Chief is President Trump.

Vikki Arcila

Greatly saddened by this move………but I don’t know the plan.


Sounds like the Book of Excuses for why “The Plan” didn’t happen is being compiled.. 😐

Larry Murray

I think this would be an unwise decision by Trump. As Americans struggle more and more, I think they will naturally distance themselves from Mega billionaire Trump, to Family man DeSantis, who is making a major difference in His state, as well as our nation by upholding his states Constitution and His Oath of Office.To get rid of a level-headed and balanced Leader who has supported you over the last two years and has the support of the men, seems to be about Trump, as opposed to what is best for our Nation. Peace


You have to remember that Trump helped put DeSantis where he is now. Check out the information.