Military Heads Spin as Trump Turns to NFTs


White Hats’ heads were spinning Thursday morning after President Donald J. Trump unveiled his newest sales pitch—a $99 non-fungible token (NFT) of him wearing a superhero costume and telling buyers each purchase included a chance to dine with him at Mar-a-Lago, a source in General David H. Berger’s office told Real Raw News.

General Berger, our source said, gaped at the announcement in utter disbelief as he fielded phone calls from councilmembers who, too, wondered why the man who had empowered them to pursue Deep State arrests and restore order to a fractured nation developed a sudden fascination with trading cards.

Trump’s statement came two days after he posted to Truth Social: “AMERICA NEEEDS A SUPERHERO I will be making a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT tomorrow. Thank you!”

What concerned Gen. Berger the most, our source said, was that Trump Tuesday evening telegraphed the military echelon that he’d be delivering a message of “monumental” importance that would resonate among the American populace “like nothing this country has ever seen.” Gen. Berger had at once emailed Trump, asking for clarification, and Trump wrote back, “You’ll see. This is what the country has been waiting for. It’s huge.”

According to our source, General Berger and his council of twelve thought Trump planned a big reveal: to tell the citizenry that criminals like Hillary Clinton, George Bush, and members of the criminal Biden regime had been tried, convicted, and executed at Guantanamo Bay. Or maybe that Nancy Pelosi, whose military tribunal is still underway at GITMO, would soon head to gallows.

But such a revelation never surfaced. Instead, MAGA patriots got a picture of Trump wearing a red jumpsuit and thigh-high blue boots with the number “45” stenciled at the knee, and text reading, “Collect all your favorite digital Trump trading cards.”

“General Berger’s phone was ringing constantly,” our source said. “His advisors and White Hat officers across the country couldn’t believe what they were seeing, literally. Many of them criticized his allegiance to Trump and said it was time to jump ship before it’s too late, that Trump lost his marbles. I think he talked to 50 people last night, if not more. Only one, Col. Brent Lindemen, said something seemed off.”

Colonel Brent Lindemen is Commander of the 5th Special Forces Group. He is a graduate of Texas Christian University, having received his commission as an Infantry second lieutenant through the Reserve Officer Training Corps in 1998. Lieutenant Colonel Lindeman’s initial assignment was to the 82nd Airborne Division, followed by the Special Forces Qualification Course and assignment to the 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne) where he commanded at the detachment, company, and battalion level.  Lieutenant Colonel Lindeman deployed numerous times to Iraq in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM and Operation NEW DAWN. In 2020, he rejected Biden’s so-called victory and joined the White Hat movement.

Col. Lindeman, our source said, told Gen. Berger that the real President Trump was either kidnapped or killed and replaced by a doppelganger. Lindeman first pointed to Trump’s 2024 presidential announcement speech, which, according to many astute observers, seemed restrained, timid, and “unTrumpish.” Lindeman then told Gen. Berger that the real President Trump would not have dined with Kanye West and Nick Fuentes at Mar-a-Lago, especially with Navy SEALs vetting every guest.

“With respect, General, we should consider the real possibility Trump is not Trump,” Col. Lindemen reportedly said. “We know this happens. We know it has been happening.”

Gen. Berger, however, was reluctant to believe Trump had been replaced by a body double or clone. President Trump, Gen. Berger said, had been under “protective guard” and heightened security for years.

In closing, our source said that Gen. Berger will hold an emergency meeting to “entertain the possibility.”

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“The Trump Card”

Q Proof / Delta


He is making money on those pictures. How clever of him

Above Reproach

They took my last post down ! So here it is again. Donald J. Trump,
during his 4 years in office NEVER took a single paycheck, instead he donated his hard earned money to charity. Nobody can ever take that away from him. HE CANNOT BE BOUGHT ! He DID MORE FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE IN 4 YEARS THAN EVRY PRESIDENT BEFORE HIM
THIS COUNTRY has EVER HAD, PERIOD !!!!! Nothing but the TRUTH..

Above Reproach

What happened to my last post

Above Reproach

I for one want to see the first super hero card, I also want to be absolutely sure that if I purchase one that the money will go directly to Donald J.Trump
it’s been a Question of mine for some time. I need to know exactly where my money will go. Some really really bad stuff is going on with donations,
I ask you ? How many of you have tried to donate money to a candidate,
only to have the donation page not except your payment, saying you must
donate more than.50 cents. No matter how many times you try to correct
the problem, until you just give up. If this has happened to you, give me a thumbs up.


The author of all of these articles in case anyone is wondering here is a Trump hater and always has been. He wrote for nonsense news for years and as a Trump hater has decided to put out this out there as misinformation and anything else anti-maga that can be mustered to destroy the America first movement. Like my grandfather always said, believe only a third of what you hear and none of what you read and you will fair far better in the end.

Smokey Stover

Superhero Trump’s codpiece is as small as his hands.

Johnny Czerwinski

I believe it was first to see who stands with Trump then it was put out to throw the deep state off thinking that was his big announcement then later after they shot their load, he put out the real message.


Ok if you all don’t really understand the coms he gave us in the posts and in the video he gave us, Then I really don’t trust this page. 

Ruby Kennard

Trump trolled the fake media AND then dropped his bombshell message. It was HUGE! Once the Cabal lose their censorship, their narrative will be useless. They can’t allow us to communicate with each other. They have to lock us down and stop our voices from spreading the truths. God bless our brave and weary military officers. They’re unable to see any humor in Trump’s newest attack. I doubt the DS is laughing. Perhaps, this latest tidbit will draw some heat away from Elon Musk. LOL It’s rather uncanny that Putin, Trump, AND Elon are all trolling the Cabal at the same time! Doncha jus’ love it?!

Mark Pierce

“weary military officers” our military do not need their belly rubed by their momy.

Julio c vidal

well, no Suprise Kim Gougen and gene decode had said the same about trump even gene decode said the original trump died and was replaced with a trump of a different timeline kim instead said they are not telling the people the truth about trump, and they want to keep a fake dead president in power (meaning Trump)
and we had enough with the already dead fake Biden


We all missed it…entirely, I know I did, for a moment. After researching I realized we now have the new digital BILL OF RIGHTS!!! Read it!!! Those who’ve been following our Commander in Chief Trump will understand where this is heading. GREATNESS!! The brilliance of our true President, Donald J Trump!!

Smokey Stover

You have it IF he gets elected and IF Congress passes a law. That’s how the Constitutional system works around here


once again Trump got the msm to bite on his game, they assumed his major announcement was playing cards, it was not, the cards were to get them to bite as they did… and then hours later delivered the major announcement he said he would

Sondra Saenz

Trumps ego is getting unreal, we are in so much trouble.

Doc Holiday

I sometimes wonder if Trump isn’t doing these things on purpose to drive liberals and others without nerves of steel absolutely insane. Due to levels of low testosterone in these folks I tend to think it’s working!

Me me

Morans. This is not Trump. Trump has passed. Ask Kim possible. You are taking orders from the deep state.

Dave Kelly

I have to say I was surprised to see on the TRUMP , Superman, or Captain America card, the number his character was sporting was NUMBER 45, this would be indication of PRESIDENT of the CORPORATION and NOT THE REPUBLIC. And had not noticed anyone mentioning this. Anyone?

Evelyn B

PRESIDENT TRUMP BRINGS THE STORM….Pres. Trump got all those clowns to jump and make it a joke on his „MAJOR Announcements “last December. 15.They all wrote a bunch of Trump- deranged hit pieces on his digital cards ( NFT CARDS RELEASED)

Now they have to tuck their tails between their legs and report on the REAL MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT ….which is a STEP by STEP PLAN TO RESTORE FREE SPEECH IN AMERICA. DJT plays these idiots every time and they always fall for it….HE ANNOUNCED THE RELEASED OF (INTERNET)DIGITAL BILL OF RIGHTS.

Remember CHINA GATE OF Pres. Clinton? The media misdirected the public attention from the real crimes of Pres. Clinton….the impeachment was not because of Lewinsky Scandal but the Media broadcasted this more than the reason to impeached Clinton for BRIBERY and TREASON…te reason was CHINAGATE…Clinton was selling our secret infoS to the CCP…CLINTON COMPROMISED US SECURITY TO FINANCE his re-election. They followed the money trail and it ended to the Oval Office of the WHITE HOUSE….SEE HOW THE COngress & FAKE NEWS MEDIA….as Pres. Trump said…ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE…the media always manipulate, cover up, block,misdirect people attention to the real Facts and Truth…that‘s what they ( fake news) do . What can you expect …they are owned …ALL OF THEM…BY THE CABALS….our real enemies….who planned to kill us and leave only 500million slaves ( preferably Chinese and Japanese)….AGENDA 2030… WE are actually for centuries in a NWO (NEW WORLD ORDER) almost to the ultimation of their plan…but GOD gave us Pres. Trump…They did not expect that she ( Witch Killary ) will lost. Elections were rigged for centuries…We got only an ILLUSION of FREEDOM….but all leaders were SELECTED by the Luciferians globalists/ cabals.You can still see movies from the start of making movies that this plandemic was planned or staged….but it was just a movie…it can‘t be true… TRUTH IS WEIRDIER THAN FICTION…THE LUCIFERIANS ALWAYS RESET THE WORLD EVERY 200 years. PRAY THAT WE WILL BE SPARED THIS TIME BY GOD….THAT WE WILL BE WITNESSES TO THESE LUCIFERIANS MINIONS ELIMINATED…THE WHITEHATS MILITARY ,Q, ANONS, TEAM TRUMP AND REAL PATRIOTS ARE FIGHTING FOR THE GOOD AGAINST EVIL….TRUST GOD AND THE PLAN TO SAVE THE WORLD…THE BEST IS YET TO COME….GOLDEN AGE…GOD BLESS

Smokey Stover

That’s a lot of crazy in a small space

Kelly Brown

I feel like I know what Trump is up to. Just like Ye. You know people are watching and analyzing your every move. ESPECIALLY your enemies. So you might as well have fun with it. If you know anything about dealing with narcissists, this is called “GREY ROCKING”.


When the cards came out, I said to my husband, “Wait, there will be more.” I knew he would come out with the real message. Although I didn’t expect it so fast, I was certainly glad it came in the time factor it did. Good ole’ Trump, he never disappoints. Decipher the message, decipher the method. Brilliant!


You all are missing his fun side remember the snake poem. This replaces that poem. He is still Donald Trump and I plan to vote for him. I am not believing the information coming out about him. He is very creative we need that. Ron Desantis has never said he wanted to be president with all the chances he has had. I am not going to vote for Desantis it is not his time yet. He will get another chance later Trump will not.

Jose Ramirez

I told you. Mass arrest and mass dead now. But no, you keep waiting for Novembers. Good luck with that.


Who is Trump really? Has anyone asked if Trump could be NOT who he says he is? Is he meant to save Ameeica or else? Something is off 101%. The moment DJT chose re-election in 2024 over reinstate as legitimate president, I knew his intentions are shallow. God help us.

george friend

He’s playing the Trump card.

Strike 17

Its all a Trump card, and main stream fell smack dad all over it putting news out about the trading cards and not what he put out about the war on free speech so now the ball is in the military court to call EBS and round up the main stream media nothing like a great bowl of buttered popcorn for this beautiful movie folks just relax and enjoy the show.

Michelle Armstrong


Evelyn B

There is again the manipulation of Pres. Trump „ Major announcements „ The MSN is focusing or diverting from the Real Major announcement of President Trump which is the „INTERNET ( Digitalized) BILL of RIGHTS „…They Rinos and never Trumper ,etc) are again overblowing the NFT‘s cards…to make Pres. Trump a victim again of the in the media! It was the released of Digitalized Bill of Rights and Freedom of the people in speech. These never trumpers will do everything to demoralized people and instill doubts to his supporters and believers by posting there ,that the Major Announcement was the NFT cards for sale….. Patriots…the major announcement was the released of INTERNET of BILL of RIGHTS….Trust the Plan… it was Pres. Trump that opened our eyes how evil and corrupt our government is and see that Worldwide Awakening because it was a global government corruptions…because all Leaders were selected by the globalists. The cabals owned everything and for milliniums we were kept asleep or blind. We were living in a matrix of lies…the cabals do the NWO reset every 200 years…we could have another reset in 2030….if Trump did not win. I really don‘t know why he allowed the mRNA in the vaccines?. But he did not mandated it…but he was surrounded by Rinos when he was in…he might have been ill advised…? He is just human….pray for Pres. Trump because he is the only one that stood the test of time in his 24/7…4 years in office. The way they did to him…I think…nobody could have withstand that tortures…Anybody who was in his place had already resigned or gave up in one maximum 2 he said ,it was not a regular 4 years elections….it was giving back power to the people…WE are inside the STORM…GOOD vs EVIL… PRESIDENT TRUMP is just HUMAN…pray to GOD for His GUIDANCE as a LEADER! God Bless you ALL!

rene labre

the military had just finally nailed their biggest domestic target here. They surely have made sure it is really her.From her latter appearances it was clear,that all of her fuses are blown. She was on TV falling down drunk, or terribly hungover, hungover real bad.The days of the petro dollar are done. Yet all we have to do is turn the spigot back on.We have plenty. our new currency is gold backed.Same as everybody else’s is.

Country Girl

Such actions make Biden appear more normal. President Trump, though I stand for him, is over the top with the “ME” word. Pride comes before a great fall, and God hates the proud.


There’ an uncanny similarity btwn Trump’s response to General Berger’s request for clarification (on the NFTs) – “You’ll see. This is what the country has been waiting for. It’s huge.” and what he said back in 2017, when asked “What Storm, Mr. President?” … “You’ll find out.”

He was right then and he’s right now!!


Michael, what the Hell is going on,if anything I thought he would bring up about the tribunals or something important.


Not sure why WH should react so cynically towards Trump NFTs. Obviously he trolls the left to help them break thru the MK ultra programming/counterinsurgency…and he sold out in 24 hours raised $4.5 million for his war chest…he’s been doing that for 6 years now…what is important is his message on free speech and how, when he is inaugurated president, he will make amendments to the Bill of Rights to address propaganda by media, social media free speech and other important protections of 1st Amendment.


Not sure why WH should react so cynically towards Trump NFTs. Obviously he trolls the left to help them break thru the MK ultra programming/counterinsurgency…he’s been doing that for 6 years now…what is important is his message on free speech and how, when he is inaugurated president, he will make amendments to the Bill of Rights to address propaganda by media, social media free speech and other important protections of 1st Amendment.


i can’t believe how ignorant everyone is. The Trump card was NOT the message. He was playing the ds and apparently some of you fell for it. Go and research his real message given a few hours later.
if Berger really fell for it shame on him. The ds has succeeded in making him cave. Thus channel just lost me for good.


If that is ALL it takes, ! ..for you or anyone else to jump ship ?.
Then sooooooo long.☺


♥️ 🇺🇸 Y’all need to chill out. Whatever picture they are painting isn’t clear yet. Seems that they are trying to confuse people (DS). Be strong. This is nothing, we have more to get through.💪🏻🇺🇸 Have faith in the movement. And know if we lost this fight we definitely would know.♥️

David Demchak

Optics is everything especially when messing with the enemy.


Jeremiah 17:5, ‘Cursed is the person who trusts in mankind (DJT). He makes human flesh his strength and his heart turns from the Lord”. In other words stop putting all your trust in Trump; he’s only being used of God as a vehicle to unravel the evil that’s been going on for years. It’s God who will rescue us from this inherent evil and only Him.
Trump can get on a high horse all he wants (if that is indeed him, I’m leaning that it’s not), he too will fall if that’s the path he pursues.


You do realize that the card presentation was NOT the important message Trump was putting out. The cards were part of making the MSM look stupid because they thought THAT was the message. I heard Trump’s true important message on the Andweknow site. Listen to it. Very intelligent and coherent.


Far too many of you fell for it.
“IT” was intended for the Deep State. They did too.

Rose Mary Abbott

I do believe that he is trying to drive the MSM insane. The White hats need to catch up on what his goals are with these announcements. He is taunting the enemy. He is shredding their emotions by playing them for the fools they really are.


This is what you get for waiting too long, dear “white hats”… a body double or a moron…


It does look like he was just toying with the fake news people, he did have a real announcement, it is funny really, so he does have a sense of humor. since I saw he had a good real announcement.


There are Trump doppelgangers, several employed by Trump himself. They especially ride in his waving, heavily guarded motorcades. The real one, certainly never does, he flies. Imo, there is only one very real,very protected DJT. He is protected by more than humans.

Last edited 1 year ago by Joanna
Nick NavyBlueSmoke Nicholson

There must be some kind of a joke going on here ! I cannot believe that the real Trump would be having himself dressed as a superhero ! While superhero’s are great fantasy in kids life , we must all grow up sometime. I cannot continue to support this farce . If Trump is not the real Trump & immediately assuming full public control of federal depts then it must be time to have the military assume the Sovereign power & restore the nation as it should be under The Constitution. We have more than enough known Real Heroes to staff every needed dept ! We’ll work for the people & we do not require superhero costumes ! I have wondered why Trump doesn’t seem like Trump for awhile now & this nonsense of superhero costumes & NFT’s to get him richer than King Solomon is too over the top ! He’s looking ridiculous. See you guys down the road a bit . Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195


The real announcement was different. The restoration of free speech in America for all. I wish Gen. Berger hadn’t stepped away


Chill out Berger. Your jealousy is showing too much. Trump is America’s super hero at this time and nothing is going to stop his & the Patriot’s rise to power once again.

mary pascucci


Larry Murray

No, Mr. Trump! It will take We the People and Effective Leaders working collectively to save our nation. No one person can do it alone Period! Trump just gave away the support of reasonable-thinking Americans. Peace.


what Trump did today via NTF’S _ was save _ Our Precious American History _ and cultural pasttimes, at the highest Quality American representation

simplified, this tech grows in value _ especially when your talking Galactic (which includes inter dimensional?) _

Think Space Force (which is a De-Centralized Block-chain ledger)

… the ability to legally own a piece of the airwaves (it’s digital remember)(think Radio Station call numbers) …

He Officially therefore saved Americas Precious American History _ and cultural pasttimes,

… is now Protected against being erased _ or attacked by globalists who aim to _

Erase and mis represented the USA


Come on! That wasn’t the REAL ANNOUNCEMENT!! That was to F up the MSM. This article is a waste of cyberspace.