Nancy Pelosi Military Tribunal, the Conclusion


“What is this, a trick? We’re still married. He can’t be made to testify against me,” Nancy spat as Vice Admiral Crandall invited Paul Pelosi to the witness stand.

“No one’s forcing him to do anything,” Vice Adm. Crandall replied. “He’s speaking voluntarily, and his testimony will be heard.”

Paul Pelosi had a story to tell.

Although Nancy and he had married in 1963, they hadn’t been truly betrothed since 2007, when she for the first time ascended to Speaker of the House and developed an unquenchable thirst for undiluted power. Paul wove a tragic tale. As Nancy’s influence surged, her affection for him waned, as did his for her—years afterward. Paul defined their post-2007 marriage as pragmatic, to give the world the illusion that the couple, despite personal ambitions, had a stable, civil household. But that fantasy life, Paul said, was an elaborate misdirection.

It was clear that Vice Adm. Crandall was giving Paul Pelosi the necessary latitude to paint an unflattering portrait of Nancy.

The longer Nancy served, the nastier she got, Paul said, and she quickly and rightfully became known as a congressional bitch. Paul became her personal pinata. On bad days—when someone either challenged her authority or disagreed with a political viewpoint—she drank heavily and browbeat Paul until he embraced alcohol as a coping mechanism, to endure and survive her daily verbal onslaught. Nancy, a consummate alcoholic, disdained Paul’s drinking, and frequently accused him of being a drunk while she herself was intoxicated beyond all reasonable comprehension. Paul said he had on several occasions threatened to leave her.

“When I did, Admiral Crandall, she said she’d ruin me,” Paul Pelosi said. “I was a punching bag she could torment. She needed someone close to her to torment—it was her nature.”

He went on to say he felt momentarily relieved in 2010 when Republicans won the House and John Boehner supplanted her as Speaker.

“I made the mistake of thinking having fewer responsibilities might temper her attitude,” Paul Pelosi said. “That she’d have less stress. I was so wrong. She just got meaner, and I bore the brunt of her anger. You must understand that she thrives on conflict, and will create it when there is none around. She hates almost everyone—if she perceives you a threat or competition, she’ll devote her life to unravelling yours like a ball of yarn. And she’ll keep pulling those threads until a bigger threat comes along. You know what she hates most? That there are women younger and prettier than she is in Congress. I went through years of hell, forced to sleep on the couch, which really got to be a blessing, being told to eat frozen dinners while she feasted on the most expensive meals money can buy and bought lavish gifts for lovers—and there were quite a few. So, 2018 rolls around and once again she’s made Speaker.”

Paul Pelosi was silent a moment, and then his face went grave.

“After it became very clear Donald Trump would be the Republican nominee, she says to me very matter-of-factly, ‘If I can’t kill Trump, you’ll have to do.’”

Paul Pelosi described that as his “oh, shit!” moment, for he feared that his wife could and would make good on the threat. Nancy, he said, had an unhealthy obsession for Trump from the start. Her every spoken word invoked his name, and her every spoken sentence was laden with colorful adjectives describing how she felt about Trump, the Trump family, and the Trump empire. When Trump appeared on television, or at a rally, Nancy went berserk, retreating into the bottle and berating and threatening Paul until he, in a moment of clarity, realized he had to protect himself from Nancy’s unending wrath. He began to surreptitiously record phone conversations between his wife and parties unknown—discussing Trump’s demise. He copied incriminating data from Nancy’s computers to SD cards, which he then buried in places Nancy would never find them. He had hired a private investigator to shadow Nancy’s movements. The investigator had tailed her to countless meetings with her lovers and to shadowy spots in San Francisco and the Washington area where she handed off envelopes of cash to suspicious-looking persons, ostensibly hit men or their representatives.

Vice Admiral Crandall played audio of Nancy Pelosi screaming on the telephone: “I paid you in advance three million dollars to put a damn bomb on Trump’s plane. When are you going to do it?” Her speech was slurred, as if drunk. “Or give me my damn money back.”

According to Paul, the conversation took place on May 17, 2017, three days before President Trump travelled aboard Air Force One to the Middle East. When furious Nancy hung up the phone, she cucked Paul by divulging tales of her trysts with various lovers, who took care of her in ways Paul never could.

“It’s absurd to think even the most competent assassin could sabotage the president’s plane,” Vice Admiral Crandall said. “We could not identify whom she spoke to, but, thanks to Mr. Pelosi, we have proof in the form of financial transactions that she wired $3m to a bank account in the Cayman Islands five days before the call.”

He showed the panel Nancy’s bank statements.

“Mr. Pelosi, why didn’t you bring any of this to the Secret Service?” Vice Adm. Crandall asked.

“Because it’s rife with corruption, and it’s likely they would have disappeared me. The Secret Service is Deep State,” Paul Pelosi replied.

“Like your wife?”

“Yes, like Nancy,” Paul Pelosi said.

“Mr. Pelosi told us how to procure his evidence after his own trial,” Vice Adm. Crandall told the panel. “He could have shared it sooner, before his trial, and used it as a bargaining chip. But he didn’t. Mr. Pelosi, why didn’t you?”

“The truth of it is, I felt safer here than out there. Here I’m protected, while she was free parading around with actor Sam Waterston wearing makeup to look like me.”

“Thank you, Mr. Pelosi. Your cooperation in this matter will be taken into consideration. As for the defendant, It’s JAG’s opinion that we’ve proven beyond reasonable doubt that Nancy Pelosi committed treason and conspiracy to commit murder against President Donald J. Trump. It matters not if a bomb was ever planted. It is our recommendation that the defendant be hanged for her crimes,” Vice Adm. Crandall said.

The panel unanimously agreed, and Vice Adm. Crandall set an execution date for December 27.

Author’s note: For the sake of brevity, I have omitted Covid stuff from the article. In short, Paul had documents and digital data proving that Nancy had accepted nearly $63m from the Treasury Department in exchange for supporting mask and vaccine mandates, and pushing lockdowns.

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I cannot think of anyone more that I would like to personally witness being hung, watching the life drain out from her Wretched EVIL body!!! She is just THE MOST DISPICABLE “CoUNTry Girl!” No wonder she made Paul turn to male prostitutes! This Faux Catholic will surely have some explaining to do when she meets her maker!!!

What I wish had been covered here, was her involvement in all of the underground child sex trafficking, which to me, is THE MOST HEINOUS of All of her crimes!!!


I feel so bad for Paul. All those years in her prison




What more proof is needed that an apple does not fall far from the tree? Her mafia father is still deeply entrenched in Nancy’s blood, mind & body.

Troy Wahlbrink

Uhhh, sounds fishy. Why would Waterston even hang around her? Also, when referencing the Secret Service he called them and her Deep State. I’m pretty sure that’s not what they call themselves and it would’ve been more believable if he would’ve said they were “controlled” or something else than to say a specific name.

Robert James

Y’know, Paul ought to be released, he’s served his time in Hell.

She arranged for him to broker sales of excess US post office real estate. Meanwhile some Congressmen are trying to bankrupt the Post Office. That would have meant billions of dollars in real estate being brokered. I hope those Congressmen are on the list of traitors.

Donna Serpico

I hope Trump attends Nancy ‘s execution !


I for one can quite see why these tribunals and other covert actions are carried out the way they are.It’s a shame the sentence is on 27th. December, if it could be done on would be a present for the whole world to enjoy, an end to an evil and poisonous witch, and Justice is being served, god bless the military for what they have to endure, because of the actions of these satanic self serving horrors.
The world will be a better place


That whole family needs rounded up and executed same with all the serpent seedline families. God says if the fruit is bad the tree is bad. This is why he would instruct the hebrews to round up all the men, women, children, and animals (beastiality) of these nephilim families and to kill them with due prejudice.

Dena Cardelfe

Who would be her lovers (plural)??? 🤢🤮🤮

voice of one

wuz that Clancy last night at the Zelensky spoof hearing? She looked at bit shorter and smaller breast than the real deal???


Habeus corpus. Show us the body or stfu. You realize this psyop is just helping the deep state slime avoid real justice, as you sit here fat dumb and happy satisfied with these bs stories of j”ustice”. Sad. Nobody could be that stupid, but alas, here you are.


Maybe now California will start to recover, since she and her evil nephew have been removed from circulation. The state remains under very strict, harsh communist, Marxist controls, however. We still have Schiff, Waters, Feinstein, Garcetti & Harris to contend with.


How can Nancy Pelosi be held at GITMO when she was exchanging flags with Ukraine president Zelenskyy who was addressing congress on Capitol Hill on Live TV yesterday? Along with Anderson Cooper interviewing Hillary Clinton talking about current events such as Zelenskyy addressing Congress and the war in Ukraine with Russia?

Sandy Koufax

Pelosi’s clone is firing on all cylinders as she presides over a joint session of congress.


Yes that is laughable they are trying to send Trump to jail for his taxes and ban him from ever holding office again–That sure is funny!!–Trump looks like a saint next to those people! They are terrified of him–He has all the evidence and proof against them to eliminate and they know it–Look for yet another assasination attempt or several–They are bound and determined to stop him anyway it takes. I personally am tired of this bad movie–they can end it now and roll credits


The prophets who hear from God share that just as it looks like there is no hope left and all is lost–That is when God’s mighty hand will move and he will take out the rats all at once..DJT says it will be a good Christmas –maybe more than Santa will be making house calls this year ho ho ho!

Last edited 1 year ago by mkjo
D Met

I so wish the trials and execution videos were made public. It would certainly go a long way in waking up those who refuse to see the truth. I realize some would find it difficult but frankly it’s the only way


Disregard, I read the incoming General Smiths remarks to the white hats and got my answers. Merry Christmas. Bring on 2023 and let’s clean up all the aisles!!

Last edited 1 year ago by Patryot

$63 million explains why she went from saying “Come on down to Chinatown” in 2020 to the Great Reset line of “We need to listen to the science and lock down and mask up”.

Above Reproach

WOW, she’s as evil as the devil himself ! It’s Unbelievable how sick she is !
The queen of vile ! Devil worshippers Mother. Her rain of terror is over, a
Very long time coming. But it’s finally here. The entire world will breath a
Sigh of relief. Now Go after the rest, knock down the house of cards, leave no stone unturned.

Just Gary

I wonder if Admiral Crandall will tell her as they slip the noose around her neck, ” don’t worry inmate, you have to feel the rope, and then feel the fall before you know what’s at the other end.”


♥️🇺🇸We’ll probably hear angels sing for us when that demon is executed 🇺🇸


in the mean time we still have to see this HAG on T.V. every otherday spewing her bullshit,, this tribunal doesn’t mean shit if there’s still 3 or 4 of this bitch out there.

rene labre

Ok it is done,well reported Micheal. Much more to it then we are privy to,I am sure that would be a whole book. she was an obvious double agent.she will die a death in dishonor as a traitor.We would like to piss on her grave.Oh yes and again RRN is to much,even for many friends I know are true patriots.It makes them shaky and uneasy. you even see many of them straight up give up and give in in the comment sections.With a temper tantrum to the thing is do your own research,don’t be spoon fed. Micheal is shunned by most alt journalists. by pretty much all of them. He is not invited on money raising speaker tours ect.He makes it happen with a grassroots following. when he orders he has to look at both sides of the menu.

mary pascucci


Catfish S550

Can’t wait for that Chihuahua to descend into the pit Where her true Satanic Father is waving at her.

Keith Theriault

wrong place to be Advertising.. Delavic take it elsewhere!


Amen…so happy that evil lady has been taken care of…FINALLY


OMG,…Uncle Joe admits it !!!
bitchute DOT com/video/tBCvfqydROuv/


Nancy Pelosi is on twitter inviting Zelenskyy to address a joint Congressional meeting tonight at 7:30pm E.T. They need to tighten security at Gitmo as it looks like Pelosi still has full access to the internet. Also Zoom access if she is going on to the meeting at 7:30pm E.T. Probably need some more marines to stand guard. Unless this a clone. These clones are dead quick and dead good at taking over. Also doubly evil. Anybody good any ideas on what to do next?


Fauci recently responded to Florida’s court petition to investigate the Covid Vaccines introduced by Trumps Operation Warp Speed. So as Fauci is no longer on this Earth this must be a message from God. What does it mean?

Air man

Say Mike, could you pass along a word that more “leaders” in congress need a vacation. Thanks a ton.


Pray that SCOTUS will rule in our favor on the case Brunson vs Adams. Accordingly 385 of the 535 members will lose their jobs and will not be allowed to hold any public office forever. 🙏🙏🙏

Sandy Koufax

Who will enforce the ruling, if it is made?

Sarah Murray

Author’s note: For the sake of brevity, I have omitted Covid stuff from the article. In short, Paul had documents and digital data proving that Nancy had accepted nearly $63m from the Treasury Department in exchange for supporting mask and vaccine mandates, and pushing lockdowns.- Hopefully this will come out in the Twitter files soon!


Bet you wont see our Trolls there.

Jean Guillaumat

How about keeping what is left of her liver in an alcohol jar?


Why not just light her on fire for shits & giggles.


Perfect for medical school anatomy class.

Jose Ramirez

The bitch is going to hell. That is very good. But I still waiting for the mass arrest. Please no more Novembers.


“Hang” in there Nancy!!!!

Sojourner Truth

I hope her role in January 6th was addressed and how she framed President Trump that day. She purposely left the Capitol unprotected, even not wanted to have the protection of the National Guard, which Trump had offered her prior to that day. As speaker of the house, it was her job to protect the capitol. The J-6ers are still languishing in an American gulag because of this woman.

Nick NavyBlueSmoke Nicholson

Nancy has shrunk her brain by heavy alcohol use & fallen deeper into the depravity of the DS since they love immorality , depravity & all things Evil. I will feel no empathy or sympathy for Nancy when she has reaped what she has sown. She had the chance to help the Citizens of The United States & she threw that chance at greatness away , that is unforgivable sin of Omission. Creator God Demands More from people in positions of authority & Nancy only delivered Pain & Suffering to the nation she was Sworn To Serve ……. Good Bye Traitor Nancy ! Maybe Barack will give you Hope & Change ? Or Will You 2 Argue ’bout whom sits next to Lucifer ? You , Barack , Soros ? ………. Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195


Hope, pray and don’t worry. God’s got this for humankind. 🙏🙏


Trump living in her head rent free and will probably be right up to the hanging!!

Just Me

I hope Trump shows up where she would see his face Sweet justice

Just Me

Good for you that you got your courage just keep your tits up

Just Me

Yes I agree MB is a good guy he does a great job

Just Me

Sorry to hear about your sore back I hope it gets better for you

Lorenz Manner

We got rid of an important enemy of US. NO REGRETS! Thank God that the evildoer won’t escape unpunished. Good riddance.

Mark Heisler

She sounds like most women these days, I mean most of them are Narcissists anyways when they have power in their own hands and money more than the man, I’m going through it and I’m using her just as much as she using me for a place to stay until I can get the hell out of there, whenever Nesara kicks in I’m gone’ and she can take care of the pool and mow the lawn and do all that fixing crap. Can’t wait till that time comes with all my stress will be drained thank God I work graveyard and I only see her 2hrs a day 😆

John .S

$3m to blow up a plane, myself actually experienced the same.

My wife offered my kid $100.00 to toss a blockbuster in my car, concussion took out the windshield.

Kid complaining in a tizzy in only receiving $50.00, wife responded: Dad wasn’t sitting in car.

Said to wife, I’m calling roadside glass company, and your going to pay for windshield, wife said: call your gumad, she’ll pay for it.

John .S

PS: spoke to my kid asking why? Kid responded, I’m also mad at you, can’t ride my new bicycle you got me, waiting weeks for you to buy training wheels.

Last edited 1 year ago by John .S

How do you sleep at night? 😮😮🤔🤔

John .S

Sleeping is rough, sleep with one eye open, wife has big knifes hiding all over the house.

Been sleeping on couch lately, covertly placed boobytrap trip wires to awaken me.

Wife knows I spent more on my gumad then her for Christmas causing restless sleep.

Have added concerns, my compact handgun went missing, last seen on kitchen table.

Last edited 1 year ago by John .S
Smokey Stover

It’s “goomah.”

John .S

Correct Goomah, that’s one of a few dialect spellings, also Goomara, Gomad, Gumada, Gomar and *Gumad.

Usage via spoken or written depends on what province [region] in Italy you’re from.

Myself can immediately distinguish people from Sicily – Naples and Bari via their pronunciation and vocabulary alone.

Smokey, if you can guess the province where Gumad is utilized, you will receive a RRN coffee mug from the online store, free shipping.


interesting that the treasury department was giving out bribes/cash for enforcing mandates, huh? Our money I presume?


cant wait to see the drunk actor they get to play piglosi now


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Last edited 1 year ago by Delavic

Where is Nancy Pelosi? Has anyone seen Nancy Pelosy in the last few days?
THAT is the line that everyone needs to spread. Let’s see if the Deep State can come up with a double, but they’re going to have to do it really quickly ….. and Nancy is a hard case. It’d be very difficult for them to come up with anyone so bitchy is such a short time. You have your marching orders … Make it so.


LOL that eye will be hard to imitate

Evelyn B

Washington DC is Empty…And Nancy Pelosi wrote letters to members of Congress to come tomorrow Dec.21 and meet the pedo gay Nazi Zelensky…who do you think will appear? A masked person, a double or a cloned Nancy Pelosi? ….the treasury Department chief must also be send to Gitmo because they are DeepState too….collaborating with the Globalists/ cabals for this utopian Agenda 2030 and destroy our Republic and for crime against humanity for paying Nancy $63 millions just to support the Hoax plandemic and lockdowns ….Walmart boomed and Disney and Amazon and the big Pharma and the billionaires became richer. These people are evil …time for them to go to be judge by God…the military tribunals is arranging the meeting. I hope the military will do it faster because there are many of them to hang …just for one criminal…10 doubles or clones…to still eliminate…


Dear LORD in Heaven, please let this website be the real deal. AMEN!


It is the real deal.

Just Me

It is