Nancy Pelosi Military Tribunal, Part II


After Mr. Ramirez left the witness box, Vice Adm. Crandall produced a second witness via a Zoom call, a Hispanic female who said her name was Elsa Fuentes and told the court she had been Pelosi’s unpaid intern between January-March 2018. Her appearance on video seemed to unnerve Pelosi, whose eyes narrowed contemptuously while gazing at the woman’s face on the screen. The admiral asked Ms. Fuentes a few routine questions: How did you become interested in politics? what were your routine duties? Did you enjoy the work? Was the environment pleasant? Did you enjoy Nancy’s company?

“I hated the bitch by day 2. My duties? Arranging her calendar, setting up appointments, cancelling appointments, fetching coffee and cappuccino, cleaning her office, taking her clothes to the dry cleaners, picking up her clothes from the dry cleaners, making her hair appointments, running to the liquor store for her twice a week…” Ms. Fuentes said.

“You sound a bit bitter,” Vice Adm. Crandall said. “Is it safe to say bitterness won’t affect your testimony?”

“Just cause she’s a bitch don’t mean I’d lie,” Ms. Fuentes said. “If I’m angry, was angry, it’s cause I knew interns for other Reps weren’t doing the sh—stuff I had to do. And most Reps paid interns, but Nancy didn’t. Hi, there, Nancy, good to see you’re finally where you belong,” she went on, suddenly smiling as she vigorously waved at the defendant.

Vice Adm. Crandall asked her to not address or incite the defendant. Meanwhile, Nancy sat still as a puddle of stagnant water.

“Let me pull your attention back to what you told me when you gave a sworn deposition, Ms. Fuentes. The day–March 10, 2018. You were in Nancy Pelosi’s offices then, is that correct?” asked the admiral.

“I was,” Ms. Fuentes answered without hesitation. “I remember cause Nancy kept me late doing spreadsheets and transcriptions, and other reasons.”

“And Nancy was present?”

“She was in her office and I was in what we called the side office. More like a large closet than an office, where secretaries or interns sit. A door connects the two, and it wasn’t really ever locked or closed all the way. I think Nancy probably wanted to eavesdrop, you understand, in case we were talking about her,” Ms. Fuentes said.

“Let’s refrain from speculation please, Ms. Fuentes.”

“Sorry, sir. Anyway, I overheard her on the phone talking to someone—no idea who it was—about killing President Trump. She was saying she didn’t care how much money it took. She wanted him dead. Nancy was spitting out large figures—like millions,” Ms. Fuentes said.

“Was there anyone in the offices besides you and the defendant?” Vice Adm. Crandall asked.

“Just us two. She was talking on a burner phone. Nancy didn’t conduct unofficial business on her office phone. She had a drawer full of burners,” Ms. Fuentes said.

“Let the record reflect that by burners the witness means, generally speaking, inexpensive, expendable, untraceable cellular phones paid for with cash. Do you recognize this?” asked the admiral, as he pulled from a cardboard box a plastic evidence bag holding the upper and lower halves of a prepaid phone someone had snapped in two.

“Of course, I do. I gave it to you,” Ms. Fuentes replied.

“How did you come to obtain this phone?” the admiral queried.

“Took it from her trash bin before I left that night. She’d left first,” Ms. Fuentes said flatly.

“Pretty bold of you and foolish of her, to just drop it in a wastebasket. Weren’t you worried she’d find out?”

Ms. Fuentes said Nancy that day had consumed a half-bottle of Smirnoff Vodka and was inebriated beyond comprehension when she stumbled out of the office at 8:30 p.m. Moreover, she said she’d covered her tracks: She proudly boasted how she had taken an identical, unopened burner phone from Pelosi’s drawer, broke it in a way the closely mimicked how Nancy had snapped the original, and laid it in the trash.

“When I got to the office next day, the trash had been emptied. Not a word was ever said,” she said.

“And you held onto it for what, almost five years now?” Vice Adm. Crandall said.

Ms. Fuentes nodded. “I wasn’t gonna hand it off to just anyone. Then I might have, you know, disappeared.

“Ms. Fuentes, I don’t think that’s anything to worry about anymore. You’re excused.”

The admiral told the panel that despite Pelosi’s pedestrian attempt to render the phone useless—she hadn’t even removed the sim card—from it JAG had extracted call logs and dozens of incriminating text messages that described not only assassinating President Trump but also her plan to “kidnap or get rid of” Trump’s then-12-year-old son Barron. Part of a message read, “ASAP. Take Barron and Trump won’t function. He’ll have to leave, and then I’ll have Pence. Wiring now to what’s been discussed.”

Another message: “Or Ivanka. Make her less pretty.”

“Of course her messages were sent to another burner phone—disconnected, but—” Vice Admiral Crandall began.

Nancy stood. She spoke. She said she was innocent. Innocent with an explanation. “It’s no secret I dislike Donald Trump. This is all fantasy—my fantasy, and fantasy is no crime. It was role play. Nothing more,” she hissed.

“We have your bank records. You wired $375K to an account in Zurich minutes after you sent that text. Ben Folds—a fake name, I’m sure. That’s a hefty sum to spend on role play, for someone who wouldn’t even pay her interns a dime,” Vice Adm. Crandall said.

“Your so-called witnesses are compromised, corrupt. I won’t stand for this.”

“Then please take your seat, or we’ll put you in it,” the admiral snapped as two Marines flanked Pelosi. “By the way, I think you got ripped off.”

“I’m sure you won’t like our next witness either,” the admiral continued.

He called to the stand a cooperating witness–Nancy’s estranged husband, Paul Pelosi.

Note: Part III ASAP.

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Above Reproach

I had a thought the other day, Thinking why do all the Democrat politicians
eat so much ice cream ? Then I realized, it’s because they think if they eat a lot of ice cream there core temperatures will be reduced, and they will be able to fend off the FLAMES OF ETERNAL HELL ! I’m so glad they are
100% wrong. They will melt down into puddles of SCUM for their CRIMES.




Nancy Pelosi Part I, Nancy Pelosi Part II, Nancy Pelosi Part ???

Dr John

It is quite possible Nancy suffered a Fart attack and the room had to be cleared. Failed efforts are being made to remove the foul stench. The release of evil was so powerful it removed varnish from furnishings.

Beyond watery eyes, and trouble breathing, there were no serious injuries. Some may be suffering from traumatic stress disorders and other from the oder.

This explains the delay on part III. MB was not presenting this because it could be seen as a weakness. Some of the soldiers seen leaving the room were weeping openly from the event. Cloths of those attending may have to be burned.


Keeping us in dispense


MB when is Part III coming out? Loyal Trump Patriots are patiently waiting?

Dave smith

Hi good morning everybody. I have a question for anyone is John Kennedy he still alive ? I was ask too leave where I was staying because I spoke of of this. And was ask too be taking too the hostpital for a evaluation .that was about 3years ago. I’m sure other people are in my situation. Anyway praying for us all God bless all amen. Sinserly aka Dave Smith aka Harry Hyde aka other not to be named .🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐯🌞🐸


Good Morning 🙂

Rob William

I think the neighborhood you were staying earlier didn’t deserve you.


Am hearing the soft background sound of crickets. Winter crickets…snow crickets…no, Christmas crickets!!! Is that you and your friends, Jiminy?

Sue Grantham

Today is Tuesday. Why is it being reported by Before It’s News that Pelosi has been convicted?
Usually, they pick up these stories from RRN?


Judy Byington from restored republic follows RRN but she doesn’t read the articles from what I can tell. She just looks at the headlines for this site among many others. She jumped the gun and said on her site either yesterday or prior day that she was convicted. Now situation update follows restored republic and has copied that info onto the BIN page. Like the little game where you whisper in someone’s ear. The first person that hears it gets it wrong and then it spreads like wildfire.


It’s obvious she’s gonna be convicted

Last edited 1 year ago by Sodie
Rose Mary Abbott

We are going to have to wait a little while for that report. Something even more important is coming down the pike and I suggest you join TruthSocial for the information on it. Real Raw News is there also. I think prayers for our President and his family are in order right now so please pray along those lines. I would say more if I knew more.

Rose Mary Abbott

I’m very confused as to what I have said to anger you. I certainly apologize for I never meant to cause anger. I am neither teasing or playing about anything. I take the information both here and on TruthSocial very seriously. Once again I am sorry for anything that I have done or said to go against you in any way. I have no idea what I said.


I’ve been on truth all day and see nothing more important

Rose Mary Abbott

Look at RealRawNews Moderator

James walker

No wonder people frustrated it takes a week for one tribunal?

Jan D Hunsinger

MB this is torture! WHERE IS PART III?

Rob William

Give MB some time to cook up something good, it is not easy!


Who is or was, more evil? Hitlary or Nasty P.?


Where are you Michael Baxter. ?


thanks Oliver ,that clears it up for me….! 🌝

Rob William

In his Tree House party?

CONservative DEMocrat

Michael, Where are you (and part 3)?! Hope all is well.

Fred McKinney

I just hope and pray that this is the cure for Pelosis I’ve been waiting for.

question everything

Rainbow Coalition says “Love is love. Why don’t you support us?”
My response “Water is water. Why don’t you drink from the toilet?”

question everything

If you are still clinging to the notion that you would believe if you could only see video evidence, please watch this 2 minute video to see how easy it is to make realistic looking video that is not real:


By the time all the parts of the Pelosi trial and treason sentence news article is completed…pelosi will be rotting in an unmarked grave and the Ukraine will be a smouldering ruin as the war will be long over…




Before it’s News has released that Nancy Pelosi was found guilty ? How did they get that information ?

John .S

They got that info from me, myself been deemed as reliable source.

Fact Checker websites habitually do hit-piece on me, like others.


It is NOT a normal “fantasy” to say that children should be killed, like Barron Trump. She is a dangerous raging alcoholic who has no business being in state or national politics or running for any type of office. Prison is her best bet now, she will be assassinated if left free.

sejmon is 12/20/22 at 7:20 am-where is Part 3 ????


Epoch News(12/19/2022) “Airforce grounds entire B-2 fleet after emergency landing and fire”.

John .S

Gremlins, see Twilight Zone: Nightmare at 20,000 feet, with William Shatner.

Those pesky Gremlins, all card carrying members of the DNC.

Last edited 1 year ago by John .S

When will Fox or MSM carry this B2 story? Amazing head in the sand.

John .S

Fox New cannot be trusted, could say, Fox guarding hen house.

Smokey Stover

Whiteman Air Force Base already has a press release out. Happened on December 10. The War Zone has the best story on it

question everything

“Dad, if there are right wing conspiracy theories, why are there no left wing conspiracy theories?”
“Sure there are, Son, we call it the mainstream media.”


…good one….

Rob William

Actually there are (different than MSM) many but you may not have visited those sites.

question everything

On Oct. 23, 2022, unbeknownst to many, billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates held another pandemic exercise called “Catastrophic Contagion” announcing future plans for another deadly disease that specifically targets young people and children.
Gates wants more “laws and procedures” to put an end to freedom during the next plandemic.

John .S

Freedom will be secure from tyrannicals and their order following agents.

Many are Locked & Loaded. Round two of lockdowns, mandates, and not to exclude curfews won’t get off the ground.

Total shit-show, making Boston tea party look like a kindergarten class.

Law Enforcement meaning Police take notice, protect your personal interest first, you’re family expects you to return home at end of your shift.


question everything

Is “Locked & Loaded” enough?

On the other hand, is “Locked & Loaded” even necessary?

“No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD.” Isaiah 54:17

John .S

Patriots Verse: “rather live one day as a lion, than a thousand days as a sheep”.

When dragged to FEMA Camp, oops, I mean HRC’s Fun Camp, people can recite that passage to their captors, as they pillaging and plunder neighborhoods.

Lock & Load choice by own attord, in similar, take clot shot, or not.

“To each his own” translated in Brooklynese: “saus-each — calzone”.

question everything

Yes, to each his own. Some prefer being under the protection of the Good Shepherd to being like a lion seeking whom they will devour.

Dr John

You may have missed the part about us being servants of God and that we are his armor and shield.

We earn our place in heaven by our valor against evil.

Do you ask your children to pray to you each day? After all you gave them life! Why would God an amazing entity be so egotistical as to require you to pray to him, to offer homage, build building and artifacts in his praise. He is far beyond such childish demands. Even you would not ask such things of your children. Why are you so much wiser and mature that God?

He gave you a life to LIVE and a to purpose to care for what He created and those He created in His own image.

Mankind told you to bend a knee and pay taxes to the church because they needed an income and your obedience!

In the 4th century AD the Romans held court and decided the Bible of the day needed to serve them and inserted things that benefited their governing body.

The Romans wanted you docile and on bent knee! When Christ tore apart the temple that was not turning the other cheek, but out rage against an injustice.

Mankind has taken hostage a belief in God and your chance to thrive in his kingdom after this life. If only you could pick the right church the right religion. You must say the right prayers.

I have dedicated my life to helping others in many ways that that includes going to war with our enemies as necessary. I do not take pleasure in such violent acts, but will not shy from the responsibility to protect us against evil.

Not a fan of the bended Knee theory to make it all better.

John .S

Nancy previously as insurance underwriter for The Squad and others, policies now canceled.

Anticipating interesting news this Holiday season. Suspect much activity between Christmas and New Years,

Who are the Three Kings aka, Three Wise Men bringing extraordinary gifts to We the People? Answer: the Three Officer Panel adjudicating tribunals.

The British engage in a custom known as Boxing Day, and without doubt politicos will be boxed and shipped to Gitmo.

In musical lyrics: “it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”.


johnny…finally you looks like “uplifted “……


Did anyone see the fake Bidumm getting on the fake airforce chopper?? Today?? Wake up people, the only way we are going to change this country is to fight for it. There is no gitmo prosecution happening.

John .S

Fact: Andrew Cuomo, Alec Baldwin and Brian Stelter are dead, never to be seen walking the streets.

Gitmo is happening, it’s soon to get busy, could say like Grand Central Station, less the Oyster Bar, though Crandall will do some shucking.

Cognitive dissonance, could say, confirmation bias is a mental disorder.

In regurgitating Mark Twain quote: “it’s easier to fool people, than convince them they’ve been fooled”.

Smokey Stover

New York Post has photos of Cuomo and Kellyanne Conway leaving an Upper East Side restaurant today. Looks like he’s walking just fine.

Sue Grantham

Wake Up

Smokey Stover

I’m betting not. That’s your explanation for everything that conflicts with your beliefs.

John .S

Here you go, fake news today 12/20 promulgating fraud, Fox News DC.

Watch Fauci, “”read his lips”” [voice dubbing] “three years of Covid”, that was heard, though not seen at segment 1:26 mark.

Again, Mark Twain.

Sue Grantham

Any aircraft Biden is in is required to have the call sign “AF1 or M1”
His call sign has been, from the beginning “N/A”

John .S

What’s unspoken here is the term: Intern aka, peon servitude. Those that seek that position know in advance all parameters in scope of duties as roll of the dice.

Could say, interns pay a Punk Tax as unpaid, securing footing to further engage DC establishment, also gaining resume fluff, which substantiates having pre-existing security clearance.

Interns are flunkies having lower status of a tenderfoot – new jack apprentice in construction trades.

Nancy could have given Ms. Fuentes a biweekly thank you envelope averting animosities, guess not, now Nancy is paying on the back end, cause & effect, hence, showing appreciation with a sprinkle of humanity goes a long way.

Suspect Nancy over tips bartenders sitting at bar, though under tips waitresses and waiters sitting at table.

See, Sir Isaac Newton’s: Third Law of Physics, which is in play between Ms. Fuentes and Nancy.


oh that got real juicy at the end there.


MB….So is it going to be Day one, part III and perhaps a part IV? Would still need to hear about Nancy’s tribunal Day two with how ever many parts to that day. Can’t imagine her tribunal only focused on killing DJT when there is soooooo much more treasonous acts she committed.


where is Michael Baxter. ?


That is my concern. I hope he is ok. He is not even saying anything.


Where is Part III?

Rob William

In the RealVerse Pelosi is doing pretty well (unlike MBVerse where she is in JAG custody). Any bets on whether DJT will go to jail in the RealVerse after criminal referrals from the 6/1 committee?


bank has been sent to gitmo for corrective measures. !


DJT going to jail because of a “criminal referral” from the JackOff6 Committee?

ROFLMAO!!! I’ll take that bet any day of the week!



David T

a paid troll-turd with a dozen fake-ass post names.


Please where is Part 3 ?


Where’s part III??




It’s coming soon. MB has writer’s block


Are you suggesting that as you get older Parts start falling off. ?


…drip…drip…drip…like Chinese water drop torture…

Solange Silverman

We are all just waiting until the tribunals, etc., can be made public.
I just hope it’s soon.


They won’t, because they never happened

Sue Grantham

Delta- your ignorance is only outmatched by your arrogance
Don’t forget to tuck and roll when you fall off your high horse 🙄


The old HAG.


Hi Michael…will you be delivering the rest of the story tonight?

carolyn smith

where is the rest of the story

Jeremy R Feit

If Derek Johnson and Wayne Jett say RRN is real, I believe it. If Phil Godsplewski does, well, not so sure.

Mark David

Phil is full of Bovine Feces.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mark David

never heard of any of em

Sandy Koufax

No doubt, Pelosi showed Crandall her cans with the expectation of leniency in return.


And he puked, like any true patriot

Sandy Koufax

Pelosi’s clone will hit the ground running without missing a beat.

Rose Mary Abbott

They already have one that fooled the military for a moment. The rest of the world is easy compared to them.

Just Gary

Maybe they are executing this hag right away and called Michael to fly to Gitmo to be a witness..,no more hearsay….


Part 3?


We’re just mushrooms in the dark as usual. Lots of editing NOW no doubt. Probably not Michael’s fault but someone else’s. This is the only place mushrooms can come to even get a small glimmer of truth. And now it would seem it is not wise to hold one’s breath waiting for a little crumb of information. They can’t even throw us a crumb. I knew this would happen.


You’re an idiot. Something might have happened in Michael’s life to hold up the process. Don’t make such idiotic assumptions.


And you are rude. Michael tells us when HE has a hold up. Back off.


Ok thanks.


A congressional committee or something has found Trump guilty of the Jan 6th insurrection thing. So how is this possible if he is still commander in chief. Looks like too many clones still up to no good. These clones are dead evil. Also saw Macron at the World Cup so not sure what happened to him being arrested after The Biden Party?

David T

Not true. Trump was not found “guilty”. The corrupt J6 committee led by Liz RINO Cheney who vowed a year ago to make sure Trump can’t run again, referred their “findings” up to DOJ for review. Hasn’t been any sort of a trial for anyone to be found guilty or not guilty. This is all political theater to distract people away from the avalanche of DNC corruption of the FBI, CIA, DOJ, etc getting exposed by Twitter and for the incriminating info and proof of same from the Hunter Biden laptop. This will never go to trial, because if it does, Trump’s lawyers will get to do discovery and this whole sham of a “case” will fold like a house of cards in a hurricane.


Yeah, Liz Cheney has a bone to pick with Trump seeing as how her father was executed under Trump’s rule. So she would be wanting to make sure he ‘pays’ no matter what.

Mark David

McCain was a traitor. He was executed for treason in 2018.


And we all know how hateful and revengeful and extremely bitter Meghan McCain is for that execution. She will never, ever forgive Trump for calling out her dad for his treason, his obstruction of letting the POWs and dead KIAs return to America after he lied to Nixon about how many were left behind.
Nor will she ever forgive Trump for calling him out and fighting him over his later passing bills stopping any investigation of those POWs possibly still living today in Communist China, North Vietnam, Soviet Russia or North Korea today so his political ambitions would not be infringed upon.
NoName refused even to find out if the dead bodies could be returned to the families who begged and beseeched him unrelentingly, because the US military keeps diligent records of all it’s war dead since the Revolution, so they would know who has been returned alive or dead or not. he actually roughed up a woman in a wheelchair according to one report because she wanted her family member to return home and he lost his temper on her. Not nice, Noname.
This behaviour come from a traitor, unlike Trump, a patriot, who returned living prisoners and also dead military bodies from the Korean war and Otto Warmbier to the families. President Trump respects the military.
In Meghan’s eyes, NoName can do no wrong,
1 and in her mind, he never betrayed anyone in the Hanoi Hilton for 5 years giving up secret information to the Vietcong to avoid being tortured
2 nor made 32 recordings of those confessions to the enemy,
3 nor did he do any enemy combatant action in Syria with the child tr afficking business he set up for cash with the wealthy men there,
4 nor in Afghanistan where he made a large deposit at a bank with John Kerry (President Vladimir Putin has the file on that one),
5 nor provoked war with Russia in 2016-17 with Graham, Jovanovich, Klobuchar and Petroshenko after Trump\s 2016 victory,
6 nor received in August 2016 from Petro Poroshenko, the President of Ukraine, with the highest award for foreigners, the Order of Liberty. a very fancy medallion alongside his BFF Graham, who also received a very fancy medallion from Poroshenko, the Order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise, ahead of a US delegation meeting in Kiev, 2016.
7 Nor may have managed and set up paedophilia properties for his good buddy Traitor Joe on Poroshenko’s turf during the Euromaidan mess from 2008-2014 during the Obama years,
8 The records say otherwise and she knows it; but she will not address them because in her mind her father is right and Trump is wrong and everybody else who sides with Trump and We the People are wrong. Even Graham is wrong for working with Trump — but we now know he betrayed trump on 2020, BIG TIME;
9 nor protecting child sex traffickers and paedophiles coming over the southern border along wit his other BFF, Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona, and providing child sex victims to his friends at his home, according to one report.

There is a very specific reason her dear old dad was not buried in Arlington National Cemetery with his decorated father and grandfather, both named John Sidney McCain Snr and Jnr respestively, and both of them four-star admirals who witnessed the Japanese surrender on 2 September 1945. Normally, historically prominent families are accorded a burial plot at Arlington, if applied for. But John Sidney McCain III, Vietnam vet, Arizona Senator, two-time Presidential candidate and all-around traitor, got buried at Annapolis, Maryland near the USNA where he graduated in 1958. Nothing wrong there, plus his best friend purchased side-by-side plots for themselves and their widows when they died.
The family claims it was McCain’s preference to be buried at Annapolis, but knowing McCain love of being remembered for his service (his week-long funeral and the flying of his corpse aboard AF2 at the generous discretion of President Trump (who never even got a thank-you from the family or even a drop of humble gratitude because they hate him so much for fighting with NoName), nothing is more awe-inspiring or respectable than to be buried at Arlington at the end of one’s lifetime.
That did not happen for NoName, and one can honestly ask Cindy McCain and Meghan McCain Domenech: did they ever petition the military to have his remains interred at Arington, since in their minds he was no traitor and was an American hero during the Vietnam war?
The FBI archives show McCain was up to no good being so arrogant (in not only crashing planes and the disaster on the USS Forrestal), but also showing no mercy at attacking civilian targets like hospitals and other harmless targets in Vietnam.
But for Meghan’s loyalty to NoName, and nobody had better dare say his name in a bad way in front of her face — “my father, my father, my father this, my father, my father, my father that” — everybody has to be evil just for speaking his name and mentioning his treason in Syria, Vietnam, Ukraine, Arizona and Washington because that is saying something bad about her dad, when she knows it’s the truth. And there are witnesses still living today from the Hanoi days and D.C. politicians who can prove it.

Last edited 1 year ago by Xena
Sue Grantham

Freaking excellent post.
Awesome badass is what you are 👍🙏♥️🇺🇸



Michael R Davis

Sharpest branch? Not you huh?
Madeline was mentioning Liz Cheney whose dad, Richard ‘Dick’ Cheney was ordered tried and executed for 911 treason by President Trump.

Xena was giving an excellent report on traitor NoName McStain who was also ordered tried and executed for treason by President Trump.

Both daughters are pissed off at Trump because their fathers are useless pieces of shit buried in Cuba.


Thanks, Michael.

Sandy Koufax

I always thought Liz Cheney was Dick Cheney in drag.



David T

Liz is a Cheney, Meghan is a McCain. Not related. Liz has never been an ex-wife of a McCain. Earth to OWD, are you here?

Mark David

She has the kind of forehead that could accommodate a hatchet very well.


Wasting $$ trying Witch Pelosi is a travesty of justice. She should face summary judgment w/immediate carrying out of sentence


But the tribunals will wake up the woke twits–at least 30 % of ’em if not more

Bill Kaulfield

Lol. They won’t wake up people. Almost nobody reads this site, and many but them think its BS anyway.


Speak for yourself.

Bill Kaulfield

Do you deny that not many people read this stuff?

David T

And of course troll turd “B!11 Kaulf1e1d has to pipe up with the usual spew.

Bill Kaulfield

What’s with using numbers instead of letters in my name?

Sandy Koufax

Pelosi’s clone will hit the ground running without missing a beat.


Ding Dong the witch is gonna be dead !

Rose Mary Abbott

Please post part 3. You KNOW we’re going nuts out here.