Captured CIA Spook Claims Defense Sec. Lloyd Austin Put Bounty on Gen. Berger’s Head


The CIA spook captured during the rescue of General David H. Berger claims he and his unalive comrades were “off the reservation” and engaged in an unsanctioned operation when they intercepted the general’s personal vehicle near Lakeland Village, California, a few miles east of the Santa Anna Mountains.

That agent, now in confinement at an undisclosed location, reportedly told NCIS interrogators that his team shadowed the general’s car as it left Camp Pendleton and travelled northeast into isolated areas where houses were spaced far apart and roads were devoid of heavy traffic. He said they ambushed the vehicle by pulling alongside it on a narrow, winding stretch of road and shooting out a front tire, causing it to careen into ditch.

General Berger, he said, appeared from the vehicle unscathed and put 10 rounds center mass in a spook who haphazardly charged him armed only with a Taser. The agent fell dead as Gen. Berger took cover behind his vehicle and reloaded his pistol.

The captive spook said the team carried a “directional acoustic weapon” that immobilized Gen. Berger as he tried to defend himself against the three remaining assailants. The general fought valiantly, emptying several more rounds before collapsing to the ground. Gen. Berger was put in a vehicle and driven off, while a standby “cleanup” team sanitized the area and removed all traces of the incident. His Ford F-250 was taken to a nearby auto crushing yard.

A source in Gen. Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News that the treasonous agents were determined to capture Berger alive because “[Defense Secretary] Lloyd Austin wanted him that way.”

“If the prisoner is telling the truth, and right now that’s an ‘if,’ Austin put a $10m bounty on Gen. Berger’s head, payable only if he was taken alive and intact. He says a group operated autonomously, outside the agency, to collect the reward. He said CIA Director Burns, a proven Deep Stater, had no knowledge of their actions. He told us Austin’s people were scheduled to pick up the general the day after we recovered him,” our source said.

NCIS investigators, he added, asked the prisoner why they had beaten Gen. Berger to within an inch of his life, shattering his kneecaps and nearly prying one of his eyes from its socket, if Austin wanted him in one piece.

“Practice makes perfect,” the sadistic agent told them.

White Hats, our source said, now must deal with conflicting information: Although the prisoner insists the agency itself had no knowledge of the kidnapping, the whistleblower who tipped White Hats off to Gen. Berger’s location said it’s highly improbable a handful of renegade agents could’ve masterminded the abduction and stashed the general at a safehouse without the approval of either Burns or his immediate subordinate, Deputy Director David Cohen.

They also wonder why their prisoner has confessed voluntarily.

“We’re taking his word with a grain of salt until we can verify,” our source said. “He’s lucky he hasn’t been given the same treatment they gave the general.”

In closing, our source said Gen. Berger is being treated for burns, fractures, lacerations, and blunt force trauma, and is expected to recover.

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When is Gen. Austin going to be imprisoned. I thought he was arrested at the Pentagon? Hard to know who to believe!! I hope and pray that Gen Berger will be okay. He needs a new life, should be put into protection for rest of his life. He deserves it. God bless him!!


How is General Berger doing?


I just hope we aren’t told Austin is a White Hat actor, like “Biden”. This is getting crazy with the actors.

If this is all true, they need to give the bastard the chair.

mary pascucci



Austin should have a bounty on his head ,
dead or alive,
as well as the rest of the Swamp 😏

Smokey Stover

Berger is under consideration for chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Hope he’s not too bruised up or hobbled when he goes before the Senate for confirmation


I have a suggestion to prevent this kind of catastrophe.

All high-ranking white hat commanders must have a panic button installed in their vehicles. When activated, the military will provide assistance ASAP.


So happy they found the general.
Austin must be soiling himself.


I don’t understand why Berger left the base alone. He seemed prepared with a firearm, but why not a protection detail with him? That seems weird.

Jim Joans


Hal Brown

Been weighed in the balance and found wanting.


I broken knee cap needs a surgeon or he won’t be able to walk. I know I broke my knee cap and had wire put in so it could heal. First time I could not move my foot so they had to go back in so I could move the bottom part of my foot. Check the general to see if he can move the foot. Very important but you need an orthopedic surgeon to put it back together. I am sure they know that, the doctors that are overseeing him.

Last edited 1 year ago by Katie

We are so happy to have our hero back…… please keep us updated about him. He is in our prayers constantly

Dr. Fell

Sec. Austin must think he can use taxpayer money (DoD budget dollars) to get out a contract to capture and kill a loyal American citizen. If true, this certainly looks like a criminal violation for misappropriating Federal funding. A free Caribbean vacation might be in his future!


I do hope General Berger wasn’t the mole.If not, I’m glad he’s been saved.


I guess if he was they wouldn’t give him this nice send-off but the story is hard to believe.


So now can we finally take Austin out???

Judy Kennedy

Why has my recent post, 5 mins ago, been removed?

Michael R Davis

Post is right here, not often removed.
Sometimes takes a while as RRN is being hacked by the Deep-State.

Smokey Stover

No. It’s just a cheap crappy website

Judy Kennedy

God bless General Berger. He is now in good hands. Hopefully he has a speedy recovery.

☻️One thing confuses me…Why was Gen Berger able to leave the Base without Top Level Security accompanying him? He is a very important General who holds a lot of secrets. His capture and torture could have been detrimentally damaging to the Alliance Movement.
☻️Gen Smith should put procedures in place to protect High Ranking Military leaving the Base. If he hasn’t already?

Sandy Koufax

Smitty must get medieval on this CIA agent and arrange for Defense Secretary Austin to wake up with the CIA agent’s dismembered head staring him in the face.

Last edited 1 year ago by Sandy Koufax
Hal Brown

Make him sing a “C” above the treble clef.

Barry Dember

Question?… Why did General Burger, leave the MB solo without trained military escorts as a mandatory security precaution?


With Gen. Eric Smith at the helm my guess is Austin is next at the top of his list ‼️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 The head of the snake has to be dealt with before it gets any bigger ‼️ Pride comes before a fall 🙏✝️🙏


We are praying for General Berger’s complete recovery. IS HE ABLE TO USE THE MILITARY’S MEDBEDS . 🙏🏼?

Smokey Stover

Sorry gang. The general is not at Walter Reed. No patient with the constellation of injuries MB described has checked in either. NMMC is the place he would go. That’s where they sent Trump when he got COVID so if it’s good enough for him it should be good enough for Berger. Called the Marine Barracks and read the story to the duty officer. He was a little taken aback. He says the general is not hurt and what I read to him was “crazy talk.”

Judy Kennedy

Certainly sounds like something fishy is going on.
Firstly I find it hard to believe that such a high ranking General, as Berger is, could exit the Base without a convoy of Military protection.

Hal Brown

Maybe they sent him to a hospital in Ireland. They are used to dealing with broken kneecaps.

John Grae

Great news to see the General has been rescued and I hope he heals well from his horrific ordeal.

Smokey Stover

The question on many minds here is how and where Berger is recuperating. Being that he’s a general officer he will almost certainly be taken to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. They have VIP accommodations, intense security, and the things he’ll need to recover like orthopedic rehabilitation, eye services, a burn unit, and a Whirling Magnetron to deal with any Vril. Flight from wherever he was to Joint Base Andrews then a quick military ambulance ride to Bethesda.

As luck would have it, a very close friend is an operations director at the NMMC and he knows everyone who comes and goes from there, even people who check in under assumed names and disguises. So I’m going to make a quick phone call and see what he knows. I’ll also ask for a condition report. We’re good friends so he won’t stonewall me. He’s not afraid of muscular Marines or Special Forces types, having been one himself.


excellent. thanx! Reminds me of a Walter Reed story from 1957. The guy who invented “game theory” was John Von Neuman. He was a mathematician who worked for the brits in bomb damage assessment in ww2 and by the ’50’s was helping the Cabal with the emerging super technologies. Long story short is that he was a jew and that he must have gotten crosswise with the cabal because they gave him a big dose of fast cancer (one of their fav’s) and he went to Walter Reed to die. On his deathbed, he converted to catholicism, was attended by exorcists, and had three military guards. We all know what THAT sounds like. His best friend, Bronowski ,tried to warn us in ’72 and made his warning very obscure so as to try to remain alive, but they killed Jacob just the same the next year with a heart attack. Jacob pinned down his warning to year 2022. Jacob was all about health & fitness and was mathematician, physicist and biologist. Couple of very smart guys who died way too young.

David Hoffer

reminds me of a certain school in NY who threatened to sue rrn over “forced” jabs

Bill Kaulfield

A “Whirling Magnetron to deal with any Vril.”

Lol. Priceless.

Smokey Stover



This is a hard to believe story. Why would a decorated US Marine General drive his POV in remote isolated area without security knowing he is a high profile target by the demonic left?

MB, is there any way you could provide a photo of General Berger in his rest & recuperation bed?

This should be convincing, if it’s true, that the General was indeed abducted by the bad guys and a bounty placed on his head by the illegitimate hoax secdef powerless austin.

Loyal Patriots need more convincing proof that this actually happened. We are not 100% convinced. Quite doubtful.

Bill Kaulfield

Photographic evidence?

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! You must be new here.

John .S

It’s easy connecting dots of validity.

Why George Soros & Bill Gates didn’t attend Davos?

Was Hillary [Dame of Malta, Queen of Council of Foreign Relations aka, Mother’s of Darkness] at Davos?

Bill Kaulfield

With enough dots you can connect them to make any picture you like.

Last edited 1 year ago by Bill Kaulfield
John .S

John Kerry speech at Davos shows he’s not suffering from any debilitating mental illness.

Wonder if Johnny-boy was picked-up returning from Davos?


Let’s hope so. Bad.

Anthony Gregory



Never yield to difficulties & win over suffering.


Thank God he was rescued. I think the white hats and marines need to take a trip to that salvage yard that crushed his truck and arrest all the deep state that are running that business. All people involved need to be vetted and arrested. There all dirty and guilty of treason.

Evangelina Martinez

I think it’s disgusting that some of “ewes” are saying Gen. Berger failed and didn’t do his job. First of all the White Hats have been in control this whole time and the way I see it, is that there was a changing of the Gaurd for a reason. President Trump already said they were not going to give out information and reveal what their plans were. Stop freaking out and throwing blows with the blame game.


How is it not conceivable to the “ewes” that powerful men like President Trump and Gen. Berger despite being protected, have many enemies? No matter how well protected they are, someone is always going to take a shot at them, no pun intended. They and their families need our prayers. THESE WEF/BLACK HATS/DEVILS ARE TOO SICK!!

Michael R Davis

General Berger, in these three ‘stories’, if they are not scripted wartime propagandist disinformation tales, was not protected at all was he, all alone in a pickup truck far offbase with ZERO security?

A four-star General, Commandant of the Marine Corps, responsible for planning many attacks against the Deep-State, responsible for the trials and executions of thousands of Deep-State personnel, was not considered a target worthy of a top-notch security team? Nonsense. If he was actually captured by a treasonous CIA death squad, how do we know that Berger was not implanted by a slow acting poison, a clot-shot JAB, something that in the future will listen to, record, kill others around him? CIA thugs have some really nasty tricks up their sleeves, many designed by Khazarian MOSSAD thugs. What did he give up under torture and CIA truth serum? Berger is compromised, unfit to command, needs to retire, if these stories are true.

Michael R Davis

With adequate security normally provided a 4-star General target of the Deep-State, who had planned attacks against, ordered trials and executions of thousands of their personnel, escorting him with several armored Hummers, those CIA thugs would have been dead long before they got anywhere near his pickup truck. However, in reality he would have been in one of the Hummers, with a skilled Marine driver, probably with two Blackhawks providing air cover. But he had ZERO security.

With a 10 million dollar bounty on his head, Sec Def Austin making public threats, does anybody think General Berger, General Smith, Admiral Crandall, Gitmo, do not require topnotch security? These stories stink.

Michael R Davis

Who the hell are you calling “ewes” (sheep)? We are questioning the lack of adequate security forces, not the changing of the guard, not President Trump keeping white hat plans close to the vest, not General Berger failing. He has ordered the trials and executions of thousands of traitors. Well done. Ignore the trolls and paid Deep-State operatives and their negative crap.

Above Reproach

The gloves need to come off now ! No excuses , Total Round Up of the
feckless Bastards in the deep state, along with the filthy rotten so called
leader ship ! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. There is Nothing Worse
than a Dirty COP .


Well Well Well, humpty dumpty Brian seltzer is in Europe flapping his gums. He hasn’t been hung people and he has not been cloned. This site is BS and utterly straw grasping bs. Wake up tards and see what this satire site is. We the people have got to get our country back. Write your senator’s and congressman and women. Demand justice ⚖️. The great awakening is on us!!!


10 rounds, 10 m bounty, Santa Ana misspelled, ” practice makes perfect ” Ford f 150 etc.
This and the other story are very unlikely…once again I believe we are reading coded messages. Also sounds like this happened delta 3 years ago and to someone else, other players.

Dave Kelly

Berger leaves the Base on Jan. 6th, 2023 at 6:30 pm or 1830 hrs. and is recovered on FRIDAY 13th of Jan. 2023 with what was initially reported as black and blue left eye. WHOLE LOT OF SYMBOLISM GOING ON HERE


Lol 😆 wake ⏰️ up

Debate Judge

Michael Baxter,

Was the Captured CIA employee a Black person?
We are wondering why you used the term “spook”.


“WE” ?
And, A bit of a racist question when spook in this article means spy.


Yeah,. ! Are you a Racist. ?
You need to EXPLAIN your post..

Debate Judge

Quora’s input:
Why are people in the CIA called spooks?

They are not.
In intelligence circles, there are three sorts of operations:

  1. Public ones. Nothing secret, everything in the public domain. These are acknowledged and sanctioned by the government.
  2. Covert ones. Secret, they are not acknowledged but sanctioned by the government.
  3. Clandestine ones. Secret, not acknowledged, and not sanctioned by the government.

People working in clandestine operations are called spooks. Those in covert operations are called covert operatives, and those in public operations just operatives.
It was the British who first introduced the term in the early 20th century.

Debate Judge

Reply #2
“Spook” was a very common nickname, not just for CIA personnel, but for anyone who had access to highly classified material that they could not reveal, unless one had a “need to know.”

Reply #3
First, I never heard any co-workers, colleagues or other IC officers use the term “spook” or “spooks.” Yeah, outsiders use it a lot. There are 17 agencies in the US IC with offices and departments and desks all over the fricking place so maybe there is team who uses that word. I certainly never heard it.
Spook is a reference to ghost, someone who is there but not really there—deniable.

Debate Judge: Like Reply #3, some people certainly never heard it.


Lets look at the story here. 1st off my question is, why would Gen. Berger put 10 rounds into the 1st guy that got out of the vehicle? 2 or 3 would be sufficient. He had to have known he was under assault and possible kidnapping or assassination, from the previous story here of Austin demanding surrender from the evil Empire. Best to move to cover to engage other targets. I would have opened up on the vehicle windows to shoot other assailants, as they always work in teams.

Then the assault on Guantanamo Bay itself at Christmas would tell me that the deep state traitors are serious and have access to serious hardware and personnel to launch a full scale assault on the base. That had to have a cost lots and lots of $$$$$$$$$$$. Follow the money.

Sonic weapons can be debilitating for sure.

Of course the assailants would be off of the reservation for purposes of plausible deniability. I’m sure ten million dollar bounty was a clear motivation to hire “contractors” but that is now the death warrant for Austin, murder for hire, conspiracy to murder a Gen staff officer, and treason. Austin is a dead man walking. I’m sure the Marines at GITMO will get to use him for target practice? I would be more than happy to donate the ammunition.

If I were to venture a guess, I would say it was probably deputy director Cohen or one of his subordinates that organized the team and operation, provided coordinates for the safe house, and I’m sure they have a few million in cash floating around the Pentagon for operations like this. You might want to check with the NSA to see if they have a trail of the operation in their database. Yeah I got the Snowden memo too.

As to the prisoners story, we shall see, but he knows he is doomed and is lucky to be alive considering the fate of his accomplices and the fact he will never collect his share of the bounty or be a free man. Treason, kidnapping and attempted murder are serious offenses.

I wish the very best for Gen. Berger and his full recovery, and for the protection of his wonderful family. Thank you again General, for the wonderful Christmas card from you and your family on Christmas 2020. Semper Fi my friend, Semper Fi.

PS. Marines, time to ratchet up your security, we are in a war for the very future of our country, our people and planet. We need to protect our officers! Shields up and go to red alert at Camp Pendleton, that’s an order! Marines love to practice their landings and assaults there, but what about defense? Just asking for a friend and hoping someone there will read this?


I cannot even imagine the outrage our White Hat Marines must have to bear and contain themselves as to the sadistic treatment towards our hero, General Berger…I would NOT want to be Austin and his minions right now…not gonna end well, methinks.

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.” -Thomas Jefferson in a letter to John Adams son in law, 1787.


Glad to hear General Berger is safe and recovering. God speed General!


Oh good!


Check his left eye for Vril intrusion.

Robert Thompson

Dear general Burger I heard about the story earlier today and I have time to reflect on everything that you have been through sir. I can only say that I am so happy that you were rescued and I thank you for your service to the United States of America and all of its people. Sir I am surrounded by snowflakes where I live in South Carolina.. the majority of us support you and love you and thank you for your service to your country. I pray to God that you have a quick healing and I hope that those who attacked you will pay dearly! You are a true patriot and you have all of my respect!


Isn’t Ginger Billy from there? It’s one of the Carolinas.


Stop believing this Bs.


And listen to the BS being spewed by MSNBC instead?




No deals.


Not gonna lie, I had a huge smile on my face after reading the third paragraph…


“He told us Austin’s people were scheduled to pick up the general the day after we recovered him”

Huh? They’re still coming for General Berger after the rescue?

Is it because of Nancy? They didn’t come after General Berger until after his resignation and/or after Nancy’s hanging.


No….MB said… the dirtball Austin was coming after the general the following day from the kidnappers but that was before he was rescued.


Thanks, one day later and…much worse.

General Berger’s knees will take some time to heal.


This is very bad. I hope they tickle the CIA crackhead vigorously.


You’re too nice. I was thinking more of a battle axe and four horses in different directions. but prior to that, add the boiling tar while stretched out between the horses.


Well, we can’t all be Inquisition weirdos. I’m more the tickle/stop hitting yourself/wet willie type of guy.


Father in Heaven, Holy is Your Name. I pray in Jesus Name that General Berger heals fast, In Jesus name overnight. In the Name of Jesus the Christ of Nazareth the Lord send His healing Spirit for your miracle in his loyalty for your cause. Bless Him and His family. Comfort them in your Holy Word. Father you can make things appear from thin air for you are a Holy and Righteous God and our Lord is the Chief Physician. In the Name of Jesus the Christ I pray for your awesome Power to come over Him. Thank you Father in advance for all things we ask in Your Sons Name comes to pass. Amen.


Pray 🙏 for discerning and understanding, this site is BS. Make believe BS.

Rob William

People love BS.


How is he doing?


I am not surprised at Austin.


Perhaps practicing on this spook “snitch” (because a snitch is a snitch is a snitch) will also make perfect. Have at it! Those responsible for this? A rope is too kind!


black general looks like the DEVIL


NEVER, EVER, Turn Your back on an evil blood cult.
Stay the course, No Quarter, Expect what you least suspect them to do next. Diligence.

Paula Whiting

It’ll be interesting hearing directly from General Berger…