Gen. Smith Takes Command, Vows to Eliminate Traitors


General Eric M. Smith, who took control of the White Hat partition of the U.S. military effective New Year’s Day, did not equivocate when he wrote “there are rats on the ship” in correspondence sent to White Hat commanders across all branches of the armed forces. Among his top priorities, he said, would be determining which officers adhered to the Constitution and which officers were secretly loyal to the criminal Biden regime.

A source familiar with the general’s concerns told Real Raw News that Gen. Smith spent the last week reviewing the service jackets and social media of 500 officers, giving extra scrutiny to those in key positions or in command of a substantial number of troops, and found several “ideological inconsistencies.” Examples included White Hats who had sworn to uphold the Constitution but whose social media posts applauded Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris’ “accomplishments.” An Air Force O-4 had filed a disciplinary report on an airman, writing, “Airman [name and rank redacted] has been reprimanded for sharing untruthful Covid-19 vaccine information in a public forum. We have corrected and told him the Centers for Disease Control is the sole authority in judging the safety and efficacy of vaccines.”

Gen. Smith, our source said, uncovered “dozens” of glaring contradictions.

“General Smith wants to cut traitors, but at the same time he’s being cautious, because he accepts the possibility that White Hats could’ve filed false reports to fool the Deep State. Optics, they call it. Still, he will test the loyalty of potential traitors,” our source said.

Beginning next week, Gen. Smith will ask officers to take a polygraph, although failure will not automatically be used as a litmus test to stigmatize potential traitors—polygraphs are, after all, fallible. Most competent examiners agree tests are between 80% to 90% accurate, leaving a significant margin of error. Nonetheless, Gen. Smith believes polygraphs will compliment a framework of assessments aimed at ferreting out Deep State moles.

“If an officer hesitates at the polygraph or refuses to take it without a damn good explanation, that’ll put them under the microscope. The way the general sees it, a person can fail for any number of reasons, especially if they’re guilty, so refusing to take it is as bad as or worse than failing it. This isn’t a witch hunt, it’s about securing our ranks,” our source said.

General Smith, he added, will ultimately personally interview each officer under his command.

We asked our source why General Smith, if he suspects traitors in his midst, tipped his hand by disseminating his notions in emails to, potentially, the very officers he hopes to eradicate, as preemptive notification might give Deep State spies time to cover their tracks.

“General Smith has his own playbook,” our source said.

In closing, he said Gen. Smith will not fault Gen. Berger if Deep Staters are unearthed.

“General Berger had a linear way of thinking. There is us and there is the Deep State. He saw extrinsic threats, but didn’t spend too much time looking within. General Smith is taking in the broader picture,” he said.

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Traitors are like blackheads, once totally eradicated at the base, the skin feels fresh
the look is healthy. Amen.


I have a question I have read that the coast guard is not part of the military therefore they are still under the mandate to take the Covid shot when they are part of the navy? I don’t understand.

Sarah Murray

All vaccines are harmful. Period.


While you’re at it, how about blocking the traitorous invasion at our borders?!! Trap them, neuter them, insert a tracking device and immediately deport! If there is a second occurrence, immediate execution will eliminate the problem permanently.


give them all 3 polygraphs, MRI, standard, & voice


So a Mr Smith is going to save us,eh? yea yea yea


I wish all of the congress and senate would have hybrid chairs to strap themselves into that would be 1/2 polygraph test/ 1/2 electric chair. 3 lies your dead. 1. It would change the type of people who would run for office and I think it would increase the number of viewers who would tune into watch the congressional hearings. It may sound barbaric but it would have to be they should always be about being accountable to the public they serve and if they arent they should die.


So, The White Hats are FOR the CDC. Doesn’t that make them Black Hats?

CDC is one of the “globalist” institutions pushing the vaccines which are finally being seen for what they are, disease inducing shots, presuming one doesn’t drop dead outright.

If the WHITE hats were FOR accountability, then they’d not be telling their own to obey Criminal Unnaccountable corporations to their own detriment.


If you have to BELIEVE this bullshite then it makes me glad I’m not military.

“Airman [name and rank redacted] has been reprimanded for sharing untruthful Covid-19 vaccine information in a public forum. We have corrected and told him the Centers for Disease Control is the sole authority in judging the safety and efficacy of vaccines.””

CDC. Clowns Doing Clowns. Bend Over! Fawk unaccountable authority.

Rob William

I think being a guest speaker at proud boys convention doesn’t pay much – at least that’s not the kind of money Hope Hicks was looking to make post White House.

Rob William

They have biological families.


Do genetic haplo tests on them see if they are Rockefellers. The Bushs and Clintons, Podestas, Degenerous are to name a few. The CIA has an instant haplo tester thats kind of like a large glucometer. It instantly tells you what your maternal and paternal haplogroups are. Not only that but it then goes on to list notable persons. My maternal was U3a1 which went to the Cleopatras back to Isis the founding female. My paternal was R1b1b2alal which was Samuel, Korah, Kohath, Levi etc…
It wouldnt cost you anything.


Thank you to both Generals for their service to humanity and our country. May you both remain safe along with your men and women that serve honorably.

orange julius

Good deal. He seems very proactive. Happy New Year!


the kids in the pic are young!

Rob William

How old are you?

Lady Hermann

I like General Smith already. The best way to scare “rats” out in to the open…”stir the nest!”

above Reproach

Don’t ya think , at this point in time, the amount of untruthful doings has reached the point that should start a nation wide roundup of all the people involved in forcing Americans to comply to the unconstitutional criminal infringement of Vaccine injections . Talk about reparations ! Forcing children to be vaccinated, federal workers, military officials men and women, Old people in nursing homes, basically it’s been proven to be a murder shot ! Ya know what numbers I wanna see ? I want to see exactly how many Republicans Conservatives compared to Democrats have died as a result of the plandemic . Ya all talk about Volts stolen, it
Goes way beyond just votes, I see people with co- morbidity’s walking
Around like nothing happened. But me myself a 63 year old Freaking strong as an OX contractor , at the prime of my life, a romping stomping non smoking working machine 180 pounds of nonstop muscle,. I spent 110 days in a hospital, almost died 7 times. They b͏y͏ the way would not give me the medicine I wanted, but I still somehow survived. Probably due to the fact that I was in such good condition when it started. The real doers of this pandemic need to be caught and made to pay.
They plan to kill Smart Hard working Conservative American patriots.
Nothing they say is really true ! NOTHING.

Bill Kaulfield

What were you in the hospital for?

Bill Kaulfield

It was a straightforward question. Not sure why your panties got in a twist over it.

Rob William

So you had a bad case of Covid right?


,,…With the Pope dead and the Rothschilds trying to negotiate a surrender, it is possible that the KM-controlled West will reach an agreement with the World Liberation Alliance before the military fireworks go off….
Pentagon sources predict a massive simultaneous offensive by China on Taiwan and Russia on Ukraine. We are hearing from Russian, Asian and other secret societies that there could be a simultaneous offensive by Russia, China, North Korea, Turkey, Iran, Serbia, Belarus and the secret space force to overwhelm all military forces controlled by the Khazarian mafia. Western Europe would fall within weeks, while Taiwan is sure to surrender without much of a fight. The South Korean military will not put up much of a fight against their compatriots in the North. Israel will have to make a deal…Secret Space Force Sources Say Nuclear Weapons Will Not Be Detonated…
…The death of Pope Maledict XVI on December 31 changed the game. Maledict was one of the main architects of the Fukushima mass murder event on March 11, 2011. He also orchestrated the killing of Pope Francis and his replacement by a rubber-masked impostor. The fact that only the Vatican and the United States voted against an international environmental movement means he pulled the strings for the Biden horror show in the US. On his deathbed, Maledict said, “Pretty soon I shall find myself before the final judge of my life… as I look back upon my long life, I should have great cause to fear and tremble “. Maledict hoped that a last-minute retreat would be his way out of Hell…
The Year of the Rabbit is one of fecundity and reproduction, so why war?”

Rob William




Rob William

Military vax mandates have been removed.

Just Me

Yes it mandates were remove but not the flu shot and there is here say that they snuck in the same dangerous ingredients of the clot shots.


YAWN! Still writing fiction hopium stories I see. When will you all realize this is satire to keep the masses engaged while they continue to bury us? When has a story come to fruition? I remember the days when he was posting DJT was coming back in 2020-2022. Good times :).

This guy almost as bad as Utsava or Phil Godlewski or any other drifter sucking the life out with lies.


As I write this, this article has been read by 4,648 unique viewers. If this is satire “to keep the masses engaged”, it’s not reaching very many of them…

Rob William

Good point. It’s for a niche cult and not masses.


good luck with that…gen.smith


What happened to the military people that received letters to step down by Dec 22??


America is full to overflowing with anti-constitutionalist, God hating leftists. How in the world is the general supposed to clean the ranks of a military officer shop that has been purged of republic living patriots since 1992?

I propose the general and Trump recall officers of all ranks who were purged and retired based on their convictions.

A simple litmus test is to ask for volunteers to fight the deep state – former officers who hate the communist, Islamic, demoncrat hordes of evil.


…and who are not..RUSSOPHOBIC…..


God I wish you’d shut up sometimes. You’re such a pain with your nutty posts. No idea what you are saying. Be clear or STFU.

Rose Mary Abbott

Free speech doesn’t always please everybody. Just scroll past his posts if you don’t like him. He and Zee argue a lot but other than that he’s funny, smart and knows all the words to some of my favorite songs.

Debate Judge

5G is harmful.4G is harmful but with slower timing. Threats: … and domestic.
“Justify my love.” Justify our love for life and country.

Are you going to go after telecom companies?

Probably not.


Now maybe we will know who the osprey traitor was?


Yes, I was always surprised nothing turned up about this.


Its a great time to clean house…


He needs to rehire with back pay every military personnel that was outed for not taking the vax. I’m sure there is jobs they can do inside the white hat coalition.
He also needs to work on getting the traitors at the top working under Biden, “Austin”, out of office. He needs to be tested and if he hasn’t taken the jab that he feels all the military needs he needs to be removed as well. Under his own rules if your not vaccinated you need to go.
Most of the people not vaccinated are probable working for Austin, since Austin knows the jabs are bad, and I would bet a months pay that he isn’t vaccinated.

I know this is going to be slow walked process, so I will see you all in 2024 when Trump loses the election, even when we all vote because of fraud. We can tell by the last two elections that it is only going to get worse, since it has already gotten worse.

When guys in dirty sweet pants wins and then he is voted most stylish dresser of the year, we the people know which way the country is going.

Rob William

Let’s see if it happens in RealVerse (not just in MBVerse). We should hear from at least one person who was removed from the service due to vax mandates and has been rehired by the white hats? BTW hasn’t vax mandates been removed for military a few days back?

Rob William

Let’s see if it happens in RealVerse (not just in MBVerse). We should hear from at least one person who was removed from the service due to vax mandates and has been rehired by the white hats? BTW hasn’t vax mandates been removed for military a few days back?.

Dave Kelly

one more time


Michael, I see your reading audience has nearly met the financial resources you’ve requested. 🙂 We must not lose your Truther news outlet! Thank you for everything you do to get the Truth out to the world’s people. God bless you.


Happy New Year. We should have executions of Traitors Pedos Televised per view free if you want to watch

Dave Smith

Cool can’t wait..
God bless us all Amen.



John .S

Awaiting on Trifecta in apprehending Romney, Graham & Schumer. There’s enough clear and convincing evidence on them, though they allegedly remain at large.

Just their recent act, others too of endorsing Omnibuses ramming it through without reading it is bareface treason in itself.

No way humanity possible to read entire Omnibus script within time frame, whereas it takes myself days, with interval headache breaks to read and decipher blogs in RRN articles, also time utilized in thought & contemplation to draft and return opinion and or rebuttals.

Regarding Omnibus, the opinion and rebuttal stage was not conducted as treason in itself, which surpasses willful breach of fiduciary responsibilities that strikes at core principles of our Constitutional Republic.

We the People suffered irrevocable harm [injury in fact] via drowning with Trillion Dollar debt anchor attached to our feet, no different than gallows condemned with extra weight [ankle shackles] assisting final plunge.

Last edited 1 year ago by John .S
John .S

Correction: *inadvertent* breach of fiduciary responsibilities, not *willful.

Last edited 1 year ago by John .S
John .S

Oops typo: *humanly* not humanity.

Dave Kelly

Michael Baxter , this is for you and White Hats if you do not already know, Go check out at bitchute, ” ThebigawakeningQ ” – channel , look up this story ” Cloning….They can Delete You….! ” Dec. 29 , 2022, You really need to watch and listen to this video program , possibly watch and listen 2 or 3 times. I have to let you know this information will infuriate you, knowing all the shit that has been revealed thus far , how terrible , well it gets WORSE , a whole lot WORSE. sorry this is not good. Take Care

Rob William

What you have written is not real. In MBVerse only what is written on RRN is real.

Dave Kelly

I hear you, but this is for MB and the others I mentioned. They do not have to respond, they just have to check out the information. That is it. Thanks just the same.Take Care


If you don’t hear from me soon trust it was collateral damage

Rob William

What are you planning to do?

Nick NavyBlueSmoke Nicholson

Good Hunting General ! I really hope & pray that you have the current Master of Masters working with you on White Hat side. He ( the ancient one ; now I presume deceased from age ) is worth a battalion of men , all by himself. The Master whom knocked my lights out on LST-1195 tankdeck during recovery of the rubber craft , was an impressive being . I am not sure he is of tis world since his moves were faster than any Human I have ever known , In any case , there must have been a successor to the ancient one & I am sure he has abilities equal or better than the old one. Please have him as your secret weapon as he is invaluable. His ability to percieve threats within the ranks Is I am sure ; better than a polygraph. The Ancient Master of Masters caught our onboard saboteur & what I saw him do as he approached the Starboard Steering Gear room , ( where saboteur was at work ) was simply out of this world. I wish you the greatest success possible with Earthlings as your allies however , I still hope & pray you & C.I.C. Trump have my friend & secret weapon , by your side ! ! Fair Winds & Following Breezes ………. You & Your Command , are The Storm ………… Place Their Ship at Bottom of The China Slot for me Please ………. Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195 credited by crew of LST with saving the new ship early January 1974 . My crew was worth dying for …………….

Sandy Koufax

Smitty must be committed to motivating the White Hats, even if it short-dicks every cannibal on the Congo.

Sandy Koufax

The O-4 mentioned in the article committed treason and must be executed. Smitty is vague as to the punishment that will be meted out to traitors.

Sandy Koufax

Smitty must also submit to a polygraph test and pass with flying colors. Looks like General Terd Berger was retired on active duty. (ROAD)


He’s probably using the same trick Elon Musk used to flush out the Tesla leaker…


Thank you General Smith and General Berger! And thank you, Mike for your reporting so often! GOD BLESS


Athena, look ……………………………….and even more!


Stop it


I take that as a threat of worse Shilling and Trolling to come from you #13

Rob William

We need the full list madam!


One of the best generals Washington had Benedict Arnold came under increased pressure from within to put him over the edge , they have ways , educating your officers on these ways is an absolute necessary must , so we don’t lose the talented individuals we now posses , No ?

David Hoffer

Optics, they call it.”



Feast your eyes on the Fraud… plenty of traitors to go after in this long list of cheating scumbags..

Skagit Co Repubilcans December Newsletter (search)


Michael I am having a hard time bringing up the fda person write up. I have gotten an internal error on the website and I don’t see the blue line at the top move any more. I am also getting a lot of noise when my phone is charging. Something is going on here.


“We have corrected and told him the Centers for Disease Control is the sole authority in judging the safety and efficacy of vaccines.” Huh? Fair dinkum (I mean really)? Fauci a white hat?


This is not Gen Smith’s quoting… go back (below) and read….see statement within quotes ” ” it’s the Force O-4 stating this…….
An Air Force O-4 had filed a disciplinary report on an airman, writing,

“Airman [name and rank redacted] has been reprimanded for sharing untruthful Covid-19 vaccine information in a public forum. We have corrected and told him the Centers for Disease Control is the sole authority in judging the safety and efficacy of vaccines.”

Sandy Koufax

Smitty should have gut shot that O-4 and turned him over to some hard pipe hitting Isis Warriors so they could go to work on the Holmes with a pair of pliers and a blow torch.


Reading is FUNdamental!


Ah yes, correct thank you – I do tend to read quickly.

Rob William

Where are the rankings?


Michael Baxter
A bit of confusion here. A member wrote that Gen Smith said this:
“We have corrected and told him the Centers for Disease Control is the sole authority in judging the safety and efficacy of vaccines.”

So,, I ask, Who said this. I noted the quotes seem to show it’s a quote by Air Force O-4 ?


I don’t understand this post. Were you looking for some…sausage?


Take no notice — OWD is taken from that old TV show with the Pig & Zsa Zsa Gabor….living on a farm after moving from New York were the husband –Eddie Albert was a Lawyer. Ignore his confusing piggy twaddle— semi Trolling..


Green Acres


You got it


I see. Thanks for explaining. TV and celebrity references tend to go over my head.