White Hats Disable Amphibious Cruiser that Attacked GITMO


White Hats on 1 January retaliated against the Wasp-class amphibious assault ship that staged a Christmas Day strike on Guantanamo Bay, crippling the 843-foot behemoth as it sat anchored off the coast of Venezuela and destroying the ship’s compliment of helicopters and landing craft, sources in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

Generals Berger and Smith, he said, began planning a response almost immediately after a maritime patrol plane identified the aggressor as the U.S.S. Boxer, a mammoth vessel that underwent extensive modernization between June 2020 – December 2021. Although technically assigned to the 13th Marine Expeditionary Force, a White Hat unit, the Boxer became property of the Federal Emergency Management Agency after BAE finished renovations. White Hats believe that military loyal to the regime trained FEMA to run many of the Boxer’s systems. Enemies captured during the siege of GITMO revealed under interrogation that FEMA had put 1,500 agents aboard the ship, and that the Boxer had been stationed near the Venezuelan Ports of Guanta and Cabello, industrial cogs in the country’s vast oil industry.

On 26 December, Generals Berger and Smith met to draft a response, but had differing opinions over what level of force to employ. Gen. Smith, our source said, recommended re-tasking two White Hat-controlled Arleigh Burke-class destroyers to bombard the Boxer with shells and cruise missiles until it and everyone aboard were sent to a watery grave. Gen. Berger, on the other hand, suggested what he called a “measured response”—disabling the Boxer so it could later be captured and repaired as an asset, while avoiding excessive loss of life. He said American ships sinking and American ship with a cruise missile bombardment would draw unwanted national scrutiny and risk proliferating an international crisis, since the Boxer was already back in Venezuelan territorial waters.

“Gen. Smith wanted to send that ship to Davey Jones’ Locker, but he deferred to Gen. Berger since he hadn’t yet taken official command,” our source said.

A day later, the generals conferred with Admiral Eric T. Olson, Commander, U.S. Special Operations Command, and they unanimously agreed Navy SEALs were best suited to fulfill Gen. Berger’s goals, especially since the Boxer was anchored 1km north of Puerto Cabello. On 27 December, two SEAL units—approximately 32 men—arrived in Valencia, just south of Cabello, and insinuated themselves among the population. In a country whose inflation soared from 11% in 1985 to 2,000% in 2021, money spoke volumes; the SEALs quickly acquired local informants who spoke of a large number of Americans patronizing local bars and restaurants. Some “drunk” Americans talked of belonging to a United States warship.

SEALs quickly deduced that the majority of the Boxer’s crew had disembarked and were either somewhere in country or had been flown stateside. They figured the Boxer had a skeleton crew.

On the morning of 1 January, SEALS using underwater infiltration sleds penetrated the Boxer. They immediately engaged and killed 12 FEMA agents on deck, then pierced the bridge and Command-in-Control capsule. Navy SEALs, our source said, gunned down 27 FEMA operatives before planting explosives in the engine room. They also sabotaged the ship’s ordnance and placed satchel charges in the two Sea Stallion Helicopters and two AV8-B Harriers on the flight deck. They shot 6 more FEMA agents and 5 treasonous Navy personnel while engaged in a running firefight. No SEALs, our source said, were killed or wounded in the incursion.

Once clear, the SEALs remotely detonated explosives, disabling the Boxer’s engines and weapons to ensure it no longer posed a threat to White Hat forces.

“We’ve sent the Deep State a clear message: challenge us and face the consequences,” our source said.


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Fuck Yeah!!!

Robert James

I’d have had a patriotic Wasp crew arrive as soon as the SEALS secured the ship and sail it to Gitmo or somewhere. What a waste.

Bill K

It’s just so difficult to ascertain what’s really true, I mean I debunked this ship story by reading that this particular ship was decommissioned and sold for scrap. Then I realized, even that fact might be false. Who knows if it’s actually been scrapped, or just slipped out of view to be used by these villains? It’s tiring.

Billy Bob

Venezuela, Peru and Argentina seem to be a part of the escape route for the special group of people who slept with their grandmothers.

Bill K

Do any of you fact check these stories, even a little? An easy search of wikipedia for this ship shows it was scrapped decades ago, doesn’t even exist. Which is the truth? Does anybody even care what’s true or not? A feel good story is good enough?


Could someone please tell the powers that be that no one wants Anything to do with Pence. He should have had a tribunal and execution already. Everytime someone suggests he should be back in the White House with Trump it makes me ill. I feel very badly for his family, but he is a very twisted guy trying to look like a conservative Christian!


Woo-hoo! Thanks for the update Michael!

Bill K

The ship CV-21 Boxer was scrapped in 1971. Unless something covert was done, its no longer in existence.

Michael R Davis

Different ship. This is Marine Amphibious Assault Ship, LHD-4, US Boxer launched in 1993, finished building and commissioned in 1995.


Davy Jones locker, aye aye captain! Was he “standing on his lucky number 17”?? Comms received patriot! God I love our White Hats! Semper Fi and Trust the Plan. We are AWAKE! It is the death knell of the deep state, and they are in their death throes, we know it now more than ever.

Pat N

I have some questions for you military guys. In researching the USS Boxer, I found (LHD4/CV-21/CVA-21/CVS-21) behind the Boxer name. What do those letters & numbers mean? I was beginning to think Boxer was the class, but read it is Wasp class.

What the heck does FEMA need an amphibious assault ship for? If FEMA is a
US GOV entity, who are they planning to attack? Yeah, I know they attacked our military. Why does FEMA keep their assets in another country? Why was an American assault ship handed over to FEMA? Capt. Cieslukowski became commanding officer of USS Boxer on August 8, 2022. Does he go with the ship? Is he under FEMA’s command? This cesspool is getting more smelly by the day. The more answers I get, creates more questions.

Silver lining

Another cute story- “The more reasoned response was preferred”- Oh yeah, by whom- those dying of vax-induced neurological disorders, those defrauded from treasonous elections, those infants being maimed & tortured by reptilian demons. No pal- there should be “national scrutiny”; this is an “international crisis”. Wake the fuck up! This is a war that needs to be won right now!

Rob William

Will McCarthy become the Speaker or not? Who is your pick for it?


Since the announcement is being delayed, good chance it’s to avoid criticism and to spring a surprise pick. It could be anybody.

I’d love to see Joe Biden as the Speaker or, should I say, the Biden actor…starting out in character – stumbling, bumbling, making no sense at all, and then when people’s heads start to explode, he rips off his mask and picking the remnants of glue off his face, drops the persona, shakes his head and says

Something along this line needs to happen sometime! We can’t let this ridiculous charade continue much longer.

Rob William

I think McCarthy will become the speaker but give many concessions in the process, which will make it extremely hard for him to govern and he will cry more than Boehner. A better option for him is to make a deal with Democrats and keep the House functioning smoother.

Michael R Davis

Jim Jordan
However, this is a Military Operation, and the House, Senate, Supreme Court, civilian Judiciary, membership probably doesn’t amount to a hill of beans.


uh, sorry Michael… that wreck of a ship in your file photo is of USS Boxer (CV-21) commissioned in 1945. The USS Boxer in question is a LHD that recently completed a $200M overhaul in San Diego and was upgraded to carry F-35’s. Also, LHD’s have much greater displacement than a WW2 aircraft carrier. And LHD’s have two superstructures; this ship shown only one.

I think this might be partial disinfo from your source. It’s hard to believe the Navy would turn over a recently overhauled and upgraded LHD to some shady swamp agency full of left-wing retards. Besides, it’s massive overkill to send an LHD to simply launch 3 small helos. Or to attempt this op with no support ships.

And even if these losers managed by some unknown method to extract the witch, what then? They’d be neutralized before they escaped… It seems more likely that this was a psychological op to wake up the military to traitors in their midst.

Rob William

Thanks for the details. In MBVerse this is the correct 🚢. What you are talking about is RealVerse.


FEMA is evil needs to be squashed, done away with!

Rob William

No, Reptilians are the real beings with power.

Jonathan Ray Carmona

Go get ’em!!!


One of the most important items gained from carrying out missions in this manner is the evidence gained from documents and prisoners of the names of those who are issuing orders and their whereabouts.

Above Reproach

Fucking sink it ! It will make a good place for sea creatures to live.
First Suck all the fuel and oil out, disabled everything and set a cutting charge right through the middle. Glub Glub Glub pop !


it’s not the ship, it’s the schiffheads.


Why not capture the ship and aircraft on board and use it ? That shit is expensive.


It’s a little too late for them to spring Pelosi out of Gitmo.

David Hoffer

weird how mikey claims to be free speech and yet…

David T

And yet, W0zz Ll0yd T3d De1ta J Bi11 R0n still get to spew their BS on here and claim that their rights are being suppressed.

David Hoffer

do they?

Just Me

God Bless our Navy Seals, and our Patriotic Generals who are loyal to our country and our Constitution. A job well done.


Ha, sounds like these “white hats” are the black hats. Worlds gone topsy turvy!

Just Me

Whatcha talkin bout Willis?

Sue Grantham

Woo hoo💥👍♥️🙏🇺🇸

Jose Ramirez

Wow!!!!! I love it!!! Kill them all!!! Trump 2023!!! WWG1WGA.

star fleet

Congratulations to Generals Berger and Smith. Well done and thank you. Is there a way to now go up the chain of DS command and arrest the leaders who ordered the attack? I bet you’re already on to that. God Bless our military and God Bless the White Hats! May the far Left run out of their verve and will to fight.

Rob William

Yes, the plot is becoming slightly more interesting.

Me me

Proof equals support. $$


I see FEMA has 30 openings for their Amphibious Assault Team. Blah, Ha, Ha…

Sandy Thomas

More than that

Pat N


Nick NavyBlueSmoke Nicholson

I must concur with General Berger on this one decision . It is advantageous to not promote undue loss of life or property. I guarded precious assets & sometimes felt that I was guarding the foxes instead of the chickens However I always believed saving resources so THEY could either Repent & Join God’s Side or be sent quickly to their place in front of The Judgment Throne. Assets like the Assault Ship may be rebuilt & useful in future White Hat Operations or turned over to be of use in Profitable operations supporting Christian Goals. I pray that all nations are operating with White Hat Leadership soon & we have sent the unrepentent types to the Bottom of The China Slot ………… May Creator God Bless The Seal Teams & Their White Hat Support Elements ………… Damn Good Work & I Love hearing of no losses or injuries worth noting ! One day I hope to learn of how they keep those big brass ones from clanking during silent ops …………….. Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195

John .S

Whose the Captain of that ship?, which is not 65 foot, 200 ton fishing party boat. Need serious licensing credentials to operate that ship, including the Staten Island ferry.


This is what I call, “taking care of business”. It sends a clear message that will render FEMA and other disloyal crew dead in the water. Well done, SEAL team!

Donna Miller

Thank you, to our Navy Seals for a job well done…. May God always have your “SIX” no matter what the job is…. Thanks to all who are in this fight to free our Country and the World…

Dave Kelly



That is why omamba hated the seals. They take care of business!

Nukkin Futz

Wow…!!! What a payback battle that was in to “return favor”. I’m totally dazzled..to the bone! I am getting my revenge now, from having the paperclip Nazi’s from sending me to the ‘Nam fiasco, …finally!!
Can you imagine of what high powered war commando movie this would make?? Get Arnold and the Rock to play the seal leaders and get Wokeycrat CNN, NYP, Wapo, MSNBC bad guy goons to play the FEMA fuckups….


According to a list I read two years ago, the Rock has been hanged. Not sure why.

Just Me

He once joke about eating children, who knows if there is any truth to it.


Hurrah whitehats hurrah !!!!!

random American

happy New Year, y’all

Stinky Perfume

Didn’t sink the ship like Gen Smith wanted to, so now they know how many died and how many are getting a message. Interesting. I want to know how many are left to battle with because of so many things. The Deep State whole existence is/was because they worked for spaceship vampires. as I heard the treason goes back to the days of discovering spaceships and shooting them down.

Seems to take a vampire to live long enough to figure out clones and spaceships and set up civilizations with war and poverty both causing human trafficking, for this type of world.If the surface dweller traitors are all on adrenochrome, then predator/prey is their choice of how to live. Is there any turning back once this is their lifestyle?

Do they hope to get real vampire bodies one day? I would guess there’s not a way any of them can rehabilitate, and they need to be terminated, all of them. I’m just guessing and don’t know why Gen Eric Smith made his no nonsense battle plan.

Strike 17

I am glad to see the 2 generals working offering guidance on important matters this is what cool heads planing is all about Please dear Lord God keep them safe and smart with the planning of all missions this day forward.


Sounds like General Smith is about to be a major thorn for the DS because he’s ready to crank it up a notch or two. I like him already.

joe blow

Can’t wait for the movie(s).


Happy new year traitors! Treason has a high price especially on the high seas!


I guess they didn’t take any prisoners from the ship. That’s surprising.


You know what SEALS do, right?


Bravisimo. 👏👏. Well done Seals. By the way, this is such a nice plan to disable this asset FEMA. Bravo no Seals hurt. Pretty sure DS will think about it twice if they plan to attack.


Loosing is not an option.


Or a real word!



Rob William



It seems that the forces responsible for attacking GITMO believe that they are part of the legitimate military of the U.S., under the command of the so-called legitimate president Biden, attacking the illegitimate U.S. military at GITMO. Ok…. then answer this question for me………If those aboard that ship are part of the true legitimate U.S. military, then why in the hell did it flee to Venezuela? That act alone proves that not only are they not part of the legitimate U.S. military, but they they also KNOW they are not part of the legitimate U.S. military. I think those aboard that ship have committed Treason, and under the conditions that this country is under, are subject to the death penalty.

David T

I have my doubts that they honestly believe they are legitimate military. I’d guess they have been brainwashed to believe they are “freedom fighters” like the idiots in Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq. Having FEMA and a relatively small faction of so-called military involved in launching the attack on GITMO sends a message to me that the DS is unorganized, undisciplined, untrained and vulnerable to getting smashed like they did on Christmas Day and in the Venezuela conflict a few days ago.

American Living in Canada

“I’ve got the reach and the teeth of a killing machine,

With the need to bleed you when the light goes green,

Best believe,

I’m in the zone to be,

From my Yin to my Yang to my Yang Tze.

Put a grin on my chin,

Come to me,

Because I’ll win, I’m a one of a kind and I’ll bring death,

To the place you’re about to be, another river of blood running under my feet.

Forged in a fire lit long ago, stand next to me, you’ll never stand alone.

I’m the last to leave but the first to go,

Lord, make me dead before you make me old.

I feed on the fear of the devil inside the enemy faces in my sights:

Aim with the hand,

Shoot with the mind,

Kill with a heart like Arctic ice.

I am a soldier and I’m marching on,

I am a warrior – this is my song.

I bask in the glow of the rising war,

Lay waste to the ground of an enemy shore,

Wade through the blood spilled on the floor –

and if another one stands I’ll kill some more.

Bullet in the breach and a fire in me, like a cigarette thrown to gasoline,

If death don’t bring you fear I swear, you’ll fear these marching feet.

Come to the nightmare come to me,

Deep down in the dark where the Devil be,

In the maw with the jaws and the razor teeth,

Where the brimstone burns and the Angels weep.

Call to the Gods if I cross your path as my silhouette hangs like a body bag –

Hope is a moment now long past,

The shadow of death is the one I cast.

I am a Soldier and I’m marching on,

I am a warrior and this is my song.

My eyes are steel and my gaze is long,

I am a warrior and this is my song.

Now I live lean and I mean to inflict the grief,

and the least of me’s still out of your reach.

The killing machine’s gonna do the deed,

Until the river runs dry and my last breath leaves.

Chin in the air with a head held high,

I’ll stand in the path of the enemy lines.

Feel no fear,

Know my pride,

For God and country I’ll end you’re life.

I am a Soldier and I’m marching on,

I am a warrior and this is my song.

My eyes are steel and my gaze is long,

I am a warrior and this is my song.”

Hey US Military.. you want some Canadian company on your next run?


Real nice. The words of a true soldier, and I like that Canadian part, eh?


The simple fact that the mission was successful and no white hat personnel were lost infers superior tactics and personnel even though 32 were met with 45 hostile elements. This FEMA connection with Venezuela by way of a U.S. Warship is deeply troubling.


Glad to hear they took out some fema scum!!


Michael, I had commented earlier about the ship (LPH-4) that was reported based on the stock photo which I served aboard back in the 60s. However, this is not the ship that is involved. I was corrected by another gentleman that it is the Boxer (LHD-4) a much newer vessel commissioned in 1995. This makes this issue more complicated in that this ship was never decommissioned. So now our government is turning over commissioned naval combatant ships to FEMA and mercenaries? What about the US Navy sailors who are supposed to be manning this ship?
This makes for another interesting story.


In other words “BRING IT” lol. I don’t think they will. They’re cowards!