Special Forces Seize Deep State Cloning Lab in Alaska

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United States Special Forces on Thursday seized an enemy cloning laboratory near Fort Yukon, Alaska, which held dozens of Deep State clones, a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

The find marks the second time White Hats located carbon copies of Deep State politicians. As reported last month, Special Forces on Dec 22 found and destroyed a concealed cloning center in the Missouri Ozarks that held replicas of Joseph Biden, Chuck Schumer, and Anthony Fauci. Evidence taken from the lab later led Special Forces to a German-born “cloning scientist” living in Boston. That individual, whose name remains a mystery, was reportedly arrested and brought to a Marine Corps base for interrogation.

Real Raw News asked our source if the scientist divulged the existence and location of the Alaska lab, but he answered nebulously, “We got credible information that was reviewed by Gen. Smith and his council. It was enough to act on.”

He admitted, though, that the council at first rejected the “credible information,” for the remote mountainous terrain of interior Alaska seemed an unlikely place to hide and run a Deep State sanctum. Fort Yukon is located on the north bank of the Yukon River at its confluence with the Porcupine River, north of the Arctic circle, and has a bipolar climate with severe winters and mild summers. Its inhabitants—583 according to the last Census—are Gwich’in natives who live in log buildings. Fort Yukon is disconnected from the Alaska roadways and is accessible only by air; the city’s airfield has only a gravel runway that is unable to handle large aircraft needed to transport construction materials for something as grand as a cloning laboratory. And, our source said, the laboratory was 25 miles north of Fort Yukon.

When the council opined on the impossibility of clandestinely erecting a bastion in a realm that was frozen solid eight months a year and largely off grid, Gen. Smith assuaged their doubts by showing them aerial surveillance footage of a rectangular, steel building nestled amid clusters of white spruce. Around the building were several snow mobiles and a large snowplow. And beside the building were concrete pads sizable enough to land a big helicopter, and whoever controlled the facility had recently plowed fresh snow from the helipads. The drone had watched the building like a vulture circling carrion.

Dual-rotary helicopters like the Ch-57 Chinook, which can lift 20,000lbs, could have ferried equipment between Fairbanks and the lab.

After conferring with 19th Special Forces Group commander, Gen. Smith picked that unit’s soldiers—they underwent Arctic warfare training during Operation Arctic Fox in May 2022—to affect a search and destroy mission, if warranted. Ahead of a blistering gunfight that could imperil soldiers’ lives, however, he wanted “boots on the ground” intelligence to supplement the aerial recon, and thus sent a small team—posing as National Geographic photographers studying the Aurora Borealis—and a Gwich’in translator to Fort Yukon.

Gen. Smith, our source said, wanted to capture the lab intact, so White Hats could learn how the Deep State was powering them off grid.

On January 20, plainclothes Special Forces operators landed in Fort Yukon aboard a Cessna Caravan. They hired a Gwich’in guide under the pretense of needing a local to point out propitious spots to photograph the Northern Lights. The guide chuckled, cautioning them to either sleep in their heated  plane or get their affairs in order, for the ice had claimed many intrepid adventurers.

They asked whether Fort Yukon received many non-native visitors, and the guide said outsiders had been coming for as long as he’d been alive, 57 years. He must have had a sixth sense, for he penetrated the Special Forces cover story, deducing they had an ulterior motive for coming to Fort Yukon, even though they carried bags laden with cameras, lenses, and tripods. “You’re here about them; I hope you are not with them,” the guide said, pointing north into a sudden squall of blinding snow.

The Special Forces lead assured the guide that neither he nor his men had knowledge of “them,” but he pressed the guide for more information.

Their sherpa said he would introduce them to a Fort Yukon elder, who would decide if they were worthy of hearing lore. When the Special Forces lead asked what determined worthiness, the guide said, “He will look at you and know. That and it’s customary to bring a gift. Information itself is a gift. Since you’re not carrying whale meat, I’m sure a few hundred dollars will do. I am guessing you didn’t travel here without cash.”

He introduced Special Forces to Fort Yukon’s oldest living resident, an 89-year-old man named Tom Ericwas, whose home was little more than a 16X20’ pitched-roof built of logs and tar and heated by a wood stove with a single cooking plate. The guide began to translate, but Ericwas encouraged him to speak English. “These men don’t speak our language but we speak theirs,” Ericwas said, and lamented that fewer than 300 Alaskan Gwich’in spoke their native tongue anymore.

Ericwas entrusted Special Forces with the city’s folklore. In the summer of 2013, an unusually warm season, swarms of helicopters, sometimes as thick as a cloud of mosquitoes, appeared in the skies north of Fort Yukon. Tow cables hanging from their fuselage held concrete and steel walls, I-beams, and enormous wooden crates. They came and went night and day, only pausing in the heaviest rains, and men from the helicopters desecrated the forest by felling sacred trees that had stood for hundreds of years. The flights stopped when the snow began to fall, but the choppers returned the following spring. Ericwas said the Gwich’in dared not venture to the area, as it was deemed a den of evil. He recalled hearing cacophonous roars, as if the earth were split asunder. After two springs and two summers, the flights became less frequent, but on some nights the sky glowed blue, and not from the Aurora Borealis.

He then told Special Forces a tale most people would consider ludicrous. In the spring of 2017, just after first thaw, a man who looked like and claimed to be President William Jefferson Clinton emerged from the woods on an ATV. He insisted he was Bill Clinton but had no idea where he was. He said he’d escaped imprisonment and had to notify both his wife and Al Gore that he was alive.

The Gwich’in people, Ericwas said, believed an evil, shapeshifting spirit had haunted Fort Yukon. In 2017, Clinton was 71, with a pitted face and skin like worn leather; the Clinton in Fort Yukon, though, had the visage of a significantly younger man, as he looked during his presidency in the 90s. The Fort Yukon Clinton demanded an immediate flight to D.C. but was told the next scheduled supply drop, which could bring him to Fairbanks, wouldn’t arrive for two days. Ericwas told Special Forces Clinton got back on the ATV and headed east toward the Northwest Territories.

“If it was a man, he could not survive. If spirit, it’s somewhere else,” Ericwas said.

Special Forces flew back to Fairbanks to relay their findings to Gen. Smith at Camp Pendleton.

The general, our source said, found the revelations too disquieting to ignore. If the story was true, it meant a Clinton clone had escaped from a cloning lab, and that cloning technology had existed for quite some time.

On Thursday, two 12-man Special Forces detachments arrived at Eielson Air Force Base in Fairbanks, from where they were flown on Blackhawks to an LZ a few kilometers east of the alleged cloning lab. Burdened by heavy rucksacks, and donned in Arctic gear, they trudged the distance until reaching a vantage point that gave them an unhindered view of a 200X160’ windowless building surrounded by a chain fence and a half dozen sentries armed with automatic rifles. Dressed in black amid a white backdrop, the sentinels made easy targets; Special Forces snipers shot them center mass or made their heads explode in a pink mist. With the sentries dispatched, they cut through the fence and breached the entrances with explosives, hurling flashbang grenades inside to stun any occupants within. They shot dead a half dozen people in white lab coats and another five armed sentries, although some rounds ricocheted and shattered cloning cylinders identical to those discovered in the Missouri Ozarks.

Although the cylinders housed no Clinton clones, they did contain clones of several Deep Staters who had only recently risen to prominence: Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Ilhan Omar and, Cori Bush. Other maturation chambers held facsimiles of Nancy Pelosi and Gavin Newsom. Republicans hadn’t been excluded: a section of the building had clones of William Barr, General Michael Flynn, Supreme Court Justice John Roberts, and, yes Mitch McConnell.

“We have control of it and are examining the technology,” our source said. “Needless to say, there are probably more of these places in the country and maybe abroad. I won’t lie, we have our work cut out. They [the Deep State] have been at this for a damn long time.”

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Oh, god, the thought of multiple Nancy Pelosi’s running around this country would be enough to scare any patriot into moving out of the country!


The new search bar is a brilliant addition to the site.

Robert James

Killing the unarmed lab workers was probably a mistake. And probably murder. Their skills would be valuable to produce medically usable transplant parts.


Fighting the good fight, as in the Bible when God finally acts, it has only taken 24 hours for everything to change. Coming soon. Pray!


I just want to say that I love the search bar. Very handy tool; saves a LOT of time.


Cloning Labs are one thing, this IS another!
bitchute DOT com/video/j5Ac14SQF9Np/


The Bushs (Rockefellers) had a lab in Kansas I think it was allegedly a biolab. I was concerned about it because that is Tornado Alley and a real dumb place to build a Bio-Lab.

Stinky Perfume

Tornados never go underground, and they don’t often take out trash dumpsters or planes.

Stinky Perfume

This site won’t let linc posts but this is the title on Huff post article just key in the title and site will be there to scroll for. That Time Subterranean Aliens Killed 60 People in New Mexico
Long coming out as alleged real. Hard to say how real. I can guess and suspect something much bigger has to take over Dulce. Decodes is going to say it’s done, or “taken over” by white hats, others say it’s coming to get fixed for take over, later.

Same with Getty Museum deep underground or other main hubs. Sounds so far like hands on special forces is for smaller clone centers, maybe used for back ups…IDK but the big clone hubs maybe take a whole fleet of spaceships or something to get into?

I believe they are there and HUGE. If not, why would Rex Bear of YT LeakProject be driving to it on video a few days ago?

Stinky Perfume

How about Dulce, NM? The most famous cloning center ever spoke of? People say it’s cleared or cleaned or taken over. ESP Gene Decodes. But there’s never any proof or news, just people sayin they know because of secret information.


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All Swiss owned Co.’s are buying up chicken farms to consolidate our food sources to control we the people. STUDY!!!!!!!! PASS THE MESSAGE FAR & WIDE!!!
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bitchute DOT com/video/1ZYeXII6fwMr/
Here they found out about this, I did my own research and dug in a little deeper YOU WILL WANT TO WATCH THIS!!!!

PASS THIS ALONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!


As I’ve grown fond of saying lately, truth really is stranger than fiction!

Billy Bob

A delightful story about rough and ready “reporters” – way better than “Snowman” movie about Norway. When Matlock tried to cozy up with a country boy by playing a guitar, the country boy said: “Mister, if you are looking for information, it’s gonna cost you five bucks”.

Robert Dziok

Problem with “cloning” is that one is equating a body to the actual person. One “may” be able to manufacture a car (body) but not the driver ( spiritual being, soul etc.). And then what would be the mechanism to become “attached” to the body and just “who” would be attached? That is something outside our 3D Linear Time reality. “We are Spiritual Beings having a Human experience and NOT Human Beings having a Spiritual experience.”.


Also I have read there are about 5 different types of clones with different capabilities. So that is a factor too.

Stinky Perfume

Where did you read that? More info, any links?


Guys if we bicker we are feeding the deep state their juicy loosh. Loosh is an energy that the demons feed off. They will do everything to disrupt us, divide us, have us bicker, be frustrated and to react emotionally.

People are entitled to their opinions even if they don’t match yours. Sharing information and perspectives should always be encouraged. I heard someone say that the English language should accept a huge part of the responsibility for humanity’s challenges because it fails to appropriately convey one’s true voice. I tend to agree.

It’s so easy to get p’d off these days. We are getting really close to the end of the movie.


You are so right. The deep state wants to keep our frquencies low. Arguing with the trolls on this site only hurts us. We should completely ignore them. Don’t ever get mad … be happy and excited about what’s happening and what’s coming .

voice of one

It’s difficult to take this site seriously when perfectly valid comments are routinely censored.


? ? ? ?

Stinky Perfume

Can’t post same old wait delete


Intriguing, fascinating, and incredible to believe, sounds like a ghost whisper story. Thanks MB, this a great read.

Nick NavyBlueSmoke Nicholson

My biggest concern now is how do we tell the clones from the real thing ? I have some doubts as to whether clones would have all the info that the original copy would have , ‘cept in the case of AOC . If we do not have a way of detecting fakes then how do we proceed with interrogations ? Of course , again …… it would be useless to ask AOC anything ! At the beginning of this episode , I ASSumed that perhaps the tunneling appartus had bored the Earths crust to arrive at that site & I would not be surprised if somehow that still occured. We already know that DS is incredibly boring …. think of the most evil option in each instance & that is always the most likely action by those goof balls …… Yep , I know that’s not what I should say however , they are Goof Balls whom I will not be sending Ice Water to when they arrive at their final destination ………. Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195


][nternationally Yes “they” have, for far far too long.
New discoveries yet to come, stay the course.
Speed of Thought, Forward Thinking.
You are Not Alone.


Esos malditos oscuros ya tienen años mostrandonos en peliculas y series de tv todas esas tecnologias.Al igual que el General Berger, nosotros los ingenuos nunca creimos que fuera algo real. Todavia lo ultimo que vi sobre ese tema es una serie de netflix que se llama “carbon alterado”, en cuanto a esa maldita sustancia llamada ADRENOCROMO la pelicula que trata el tema es “EL DESTINO DE JUPITER”.


This fascinating to read. At the same time shocking. Thank you RRN


“They [the Deep State] have been at this for a damn long time.”

More than 30 years by my reckoning.


The nazis were cloning “humans” back in the mid 1940s.

Eric S

Is Flynn and deep state plant because wouldn’t it only make sense that Flynn is a deep stater if he has a clone there?


I would think they would have copies of good guys too I used to think this stuff was absolutely insane Before I even read the article I looked up about having a pet Cloned Yes they do that so if they are doing that for the general public which I thought all of this s*** was illegal including Cloning pets I have to say now I am a believer that they are cloning people And I do think they would want to clone the good guys so they could control them


God dayum. Going to have a hard time selling this one. Tom Ericwas’s testimony reads like a vision. Good job, Baxter. The part about Bill Clinton sounds about right. Bill had more charisma then any man living. Could have escaped.

Victoria Flood

I wonder what those cacophonous roars we’re? Did the BHs blast out chambers under the earth? What for? What is under there?

Also, what was that blue light that lit up the sky that could be seen from 25 miles away?

Further, how was this isolated facility lit, heated and all the equipment run? What is being hidden is much deeper than just the production of clones. They are using power generating technology for their dirty world that they are hoarding from the people.


For sure it’s underground. Likely connected to other deep underground facilities.

The blue lights are the helicopters.

Where does the power come from: That’s the 50 Trillion Dollar Question.


Thank you MB. Thank you Gen Smith! Thank you SpecOps!


Thank you Michael; excellent as always. I am curious if this facility was erected on an underground tunnel or base to begin construction and the exterior completed with the helicopters; was there any indication that you can share?

I don’t know what it means about my state of mind; but re-reading these execution articles are a type of bedtime story for me.
Something about the semblance of order is reassuring.
Thank you for all that you do.🙏❤️🇺🇸


Yep I stopped trusting Gen Flynn a year after the stolen election. He just stopped acting the same and started making claims that didn’t stand with the white hats


Flynn could have been a double agent. Useful for both sides.


I respectfully disagree he has come out with a book about 5th generation warfare psychological operations
And did a great interview with the Western journal he was asked if he was Q Kind of laughed said no even if he was he would say no but when they asked him about all of the drops and if he thought it was real he talked about his 30 years military intelligence and if I remember correctly he said sure he thinks it’s real I don’t remember if he set a 100% or 99% but you could probably still find the article that also has a video clip He went on to say that he was quite sure that it was a military operation And It would have been handed off to a special group wish I could remember more but I highly recommend it again it’s in the Western journal hes done a few interviews with them so you might have to look for it


I will I have to make a comment on billbar the real billbar who haven’t seen for a while but I quit watching TV does anyone here realize that bill Barr’s father is the one that hired Jeffrey Epstein to teach at that school


I heard of this about bill Clinton years ago coming out of the woods in Alaska a younger version of himself, a youtuber storyteller talked about it with ere music.

Stinky Perfume

Can you find the video again? I wouldn’t know the keywords.


How many of these abominable places are there? when people start to think of humans as objects is when this type of stuff starts to happen. mark my words and remember them well these clones and freely rapid running open witchcraft that is going on with all these superhero shows people are becoming power crazed this is where the anti-Christ will rise from. people trying to turn humans into god like beings by tampering with DNA. it’s only a matter of time before they get it right. in their case of what they would call right. I call it wrong and evil.

Stinky Perfume

There’s ongoing years of talk of humans robbed of 12 strands of DNA and down to hobbling on two strands by genetic engineering technology. They don’t demonstrate the situation. They sure rant on it for years.

Then there’s the Rh+ monkey DNA somehow inserted that dummies humans down to monkey brains or something. We should all have Rh- blood.

Then there’s talk about earth ascending to be the best of the best with 144 strands of DNA per human being. It all sounds like jacked up to get hyped up. I can’t tell.

Talk is cheap and demonstrations aren’t happening. Most of the talk is not about making DNA god like but restoring old DNA that was far more god-like than we have now. This can be a trick for all I really know.

Cloning labs have a lot to figure, and I have questions like if spaceships are landing at them? It may be an abomination but sounds to have seriously useful value for famous person temporary deceptions.

It sounds like they have this surface level cloning situation like they aren’t allowed or don’t want to be deep underground. I question if these are used for movie sets also. Whatever the incentive to make clones or where and why they locate to make clones sounds curious. They don’t move out a few hundred locals to have the place to themselves either, so maybe they could have poisoned the village or something for having it all? Why not?


I hope the poll on the right does not allow up to 10 votes, as the prior one did.
TRUMP was way ahead, then it flipped to desantis. Wonder where they got that idea from……..

Robert James

Probably better to not have killed the laboratory staff. They knew a lot. Plus the staff was unarmed and not a threat so why kill them?.

Oh, well. Sounds like there will be others.

Last edited 1 year ago by Robert James

How do you know the lab coats were even human?


it’s the joos

Lloyd the jewkroid has turned into Ron Kippur and HofferwozzTed is still brandishing us with his imprudence.

Last edited 1 year ago by Julie
Trenton Rizza

If they are serious, they would do something about Dulce NM and area 51 NV


Im starting to doubt these cloning stories. An example. Why would there need to be a Pelosi clone, if she retired?
And for Biden, If he actually died a few years ago, how would a new Biden clone have any knowledge from that day on? You MIGHT be able to make someone appear to look alike, but I doubt you can reproduce all the knowledge that person had during its lifetime., How do you reproduce a clone that also has a memory of that actual person.??


I don’t think it’s that difficult. We’re kept in the dark and have been since WW2. Technology moved on and left us behind. Cloning has been around for a really long time.
What sounds impossible is exactly the opposite. I know you believe that or you wouldn’t be here.


I dont think that everythings possible. For instance If its a fact that Biden died 3 years ago, and they bring in the new one, how could “he” have in its brain, things that happened after he died? Just like nothing ever happened. When you die your brain function goes as well. Thats why people are pulled off life support. Brain dead. Like cleaning out your computer of all past data. ( But this Joe does act brain dead! lol)

Michael R Davis

Big changes coming as the Globalist Deep-State NWO implodes and the criminal international banksters begin leaping off skyscrapers to their well-deserved deaths.
US Total Debt $93,953,970,000,000 (trillions, rapidly rising)

Dollar to oil ratio now = $0 per barrel
Dollar to oil ratio 1913 = $2.20 per barrel

Dollar to silver ratio now = $0 per ounce
Dollar to silver ratio 1913 = $2.66 per ounce

Dollar to gold ratio now + $0 per ounce
Dollar to gold ratio 1913 = $28.51 per ounce

https ://usdebtclock .org/

American Living in Canada

Makes sense… knock off the doppelgangers. Can’t re stock programmable units. Doubles getting wind of short life span for being an imitator.


I am so proud of the Marines & Spec. Forces. I love the Marines. I pray for them. God be with you and keep you safe, no matter where you are!!

Gary Lee Taylor

Very nice story
How were they running it off grid ?

Sue Grantham

Like we need replicas of politicians. No wonder we can’t get rid of them. Like an STD, they keep coming back
Kudos to the military!!

John .S

See, US Debt Clock in real time.

Check out the dollar ratio to a Barrel of Oil, and to Ounce of Gold & Silver.


Gen Flynn a clone?… or has one?… thought he was white hat???


Putin is a White Hat and a clone. Musk is a clone.Trump has at least one clone. Some say he has 2-4.

Dave Smith

I’ve seen some video where a guy claims the movie the boys from Brazil movie gives a good description of how clones are made. Say this had been done with Hitler years ago . .just wondering how close too this is true… well as sways God bless us all Amen. Sending prayers too all around the world and universe amen.


Nazis were making clones of people in the mid 1940s. I have read that the nazi elites at the Nuremburg trials were all clones. Apparently the Reptilians traded technology , including cloning , to the nazis in exchange for humans and blood for food.


Flynn was top dog at the Arizona intel facility where the Kraken was created. Nothing ever came of it. He has been a double agent for a long time — or his clone, and his feigned prosecution was a farce for optics and controlled resistance. Still, he’s on tour baffling them with BS.

April Moore

All these details check out with me. I noted some strange air traffic in 2013 – running from Fairbanks, and yes, northerly bearing… in may 2022, a whole troop of soldiers descended on our little truck stop, to purchase homemade pie and sodas and such. They were coming back from the north tundra area. Yes – there’s mines all over out here, and yes – i did see a helicopter with one of those sonar fittings to look for underground space/ water aquifers… and YES there was an unusual boom about that time… not a tremor/ quake – it was a BOOM from the ground underneath…but the most intriguing thing is what happened to the clone? If he just took off into the northern bush – he’s dead and scattered bones by now, UNLESS the facility could spot him from the air – and we lose a few hikers/ hunters a year that can’t be spotted from the air with an extant search effort! MOST LIKELY – he froze (and then thawed, and then got gnawed by wolves and coyotes…)


So the obvious question is, these types of facilities come in 3’s so it would stand to reason there is another one or more out there? I would hope the good guys brought in the cavalry afterwards to secure the facility and get all the records, computers etc.. These being highly compartmentalized operations they would have specific clones to make on order? So is the 3rd and or 4th lab in Antarctica, or Ukraine, or Kazakhstan, Mongolia or even China? Rio Tinto/Rothschild’s have a big mining operation in Mongolia, mining “Gold mountain”.

In “The Rulers of Evil” by Tupper Saussy he explains a Jesuit tactic – scheme called “Blown cover as Cover” so sometimes things are hidden in plain sight?

The hunt is on, although I’m not sure why this info was released so soon after except for psyop reasons to let the DS know “we got another one” and we are still coming! If there is a 3rd or 4th I would say extreme caution would be in order as we know they have already set traps before.

Good going talking with the local indigenous elder and getting good intel. They need some serious protection now! Thank you all for amazing work and sacrifice and the amazing skills!

Diana dacus

You guys calm down all of this cloning technology is alien technology, they use the clones bodies to possess. We wrestle not against flesh and blood but spiritual forces in high places.


Get reading for a huge awakening.


Ready … not reading


Perhaps these cloning labs connect to underground tunnels,
with the magnetic high speed trains.

Supplies and personnel could be moved there without
much attention.

Mark David

Thise cards will be played after Q knows what Flynn is up to, if anything. For all i know, Flynn may be a great patriot.


Wow! Quite a story! Where did you get that pic Mike? Not from them I take it. Stock photo?