White Hat Officer Murdered


A key White Hat officer was murdered last month, a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

On Monday, December 19, U.S. Navy Commander Robert Ramirez was found dead in his home in San Diego. The Navy Times reported that Cmdr. Ramirez’s wife, Anne, tried to wake her husband that morning but found him unresponsive. The San Diego Sheriff’s department said they found no signs of foul play but did not immediately reveal a cause of death.

White Hats dispute the official account.

They said that Mrs. Ramirez was away from home visiting relatives the night of Cmdr. Ramirez’s death, and that he was supposedly home alone.

White Hats learned of Cmdr. Ramirez’s death the afternoon of the 19th and almost at once took possession of his body long before the San Diego County Coroner’s Office could have performed an autopsy. They brought the body to Camp Pendleton, where a medical examiner conducted a comprehensive postmortem examination.

Our source said that his corpse had no physical injuries or defensive wounds.

The medical examiner checked Cmdr. Ramirez’s records to see whether he had taken the jab; he had not, and documents suggested he’d been in pinnacle health, even at 47 years old. His death seemed a mystery.

A mystery that was solved on January 22 when toxicology results showed that Cmdr. Ramirez had ingested a lethal amount of cyanide, a chemical compound that causes weakness, nausea, difficulty breathing, seizures, cardiac arrest, and death—an excruciating death. Time from ingestion to death depends on quantity. The Camp Pendleton medical examiner reportedly said Cmdr. Ramirez had ingested enough cyanide to kill him in one minute.

“If his wife were home, she would’ve heard him screaming and saw him puking his guts out,” our source said.

When asked how the medical examiner ruled out suicide, our source answered bitterly, “Cmdr. Ramirez didn’t kill himself with cyanide. Even if he wanted to off himself, he would’ve found a less painful way to do it. He was an intrepid officer with 27 years of service, just named commander of SEAL Team 1 right before he was murdered. He was a valued member of the White Hat community.”

Asked whether White Hats had interviewed the wife, he said, “I’ve said what I can. The investigation is ongoing, so I can’t discuss leads or who we’ve talked to.”

During his years of meritorious service, Ramirez was awarded three Combat Action Ribbons, having been in combat situations in three different theaters of war and five Bronze Star medals — two with “V” devices, signifying valor and acts of heroism while in combat.

General Smith said Cmdr. Ramirez’s death is a devastating loss.

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Friday January 27, 2023, @or about 6:30 P.M, (probably local time) a vehicle attempted to breach the Main entrance to Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton.
The entrance was closed after a car was driven into the security barriers at the main gate. Reportedly the car (most likely a vehicle owned by non-military people) caught fire and an undetermined number of occupants were taken to a hospital in San Diego.
The entrance was reopened later


I was there many years ago. How in the h… can anyone be sooo stupid as to try to drive throught the security barriers!? That is obscenely stupid.



Robert Gregory Boensch

 My First Trip on to a Military Base.
in Late 1980’s
I drove on to the entrance drive and then looked at the Base Posting.
This Strategic Air Command Base Is Under Full Alert!

Well Lets see how this Works.
I went into the Visitor Office Waited in Line Got My Base Pass to Gain Entry.

Drove to the Guard Post Show My Credentials and Pass.
And Then Drove By their Extensive Security.

First A squadron of Men standing with Weapons at Ready Then A Two axle Security Truck with Armed Men Then a Military Truck Loaded Next a Snow Truck with Plow Mounted up Front (this was about June in Michigan) and If I could Get Pass all of These
Next There was A Large Road Grader to Clean Up of Any Bad Boys that didn’t have a pass.

I made It Pass all of this and Went on to my destination In which I had to Travel across the end of the Runway in Which once you pass the Fenced in area you are forbidden to stop slow down etc.

After this I made it to my destination and This was the Beginning of a very active Business relation With the Military and Myself, Many Bases and military complexes and lots of military Contracts.

It’s So Sad What is going on in this World Today.
And This Clean up operation Needs To be Done Sooner that Later.

In the Year 2021 I tried to enter the largest National Guard Base in Michigan.
It was and interesting Conversation.
And education of Who Is in Control!
I am sure They Know who I am Today!

And Today It would be Not Wise to Try this on any United States Military Base World Wide.

We all need to look out for each other more than ever.
And Pray and Be Active For the Protection of All


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These are disastrous times for The Deep State Rats & this calls for only desperately occurring measures of outright stupidity

Stinky Perfume

That is weird, like suicide bombers or suicidal people? I wonder if military shooting caused a car fire or maybe one of those remote control takeover where drivers try to control and can’t, like just happened to Benjamin Fulford. I’ve seen stuff like that twice and heard of others. Sudden acceleration, it’s loud, the person is on the brakes and something overrides it, turns into a crash. If they can remote control a car to drive itself or crash, maybe they can remote control a car to catch fire?


a friend of mine had that to happen to his new dodge truck backing out of a parking lot at a fire works display in Oak Ridge tn, He lost control and killed a person! Guess what yep he is a patriot fighting the IRS!!! Then another friend driving the same kind of truck in Alcoa Tn something popped and luck was on his side and he got stopped just in time!


Seems it’s better to buy older cars without ONSTAR, Bluetooth etc…..next car I buy will be older for sure.


That’s why I keep my 1994 SUV. And yes, with good care it can still pass smog tests.
Did you know that every car built after 2009 has a computer chip in it so if the police are chasing you they can throw the switch and automatically stop your car!

Last edited 1 year ago by Guest4579

I do approve of that use of auto pilot. I always worry about children and pets when it comes to police chases.


Reminds me of Hastings rented Mercedes in LA. He was outing John Brennon. His car was controlled and ran into telephone pole at high speed. Happened to Tiger Woods and Fast and Furious actor. Yep older cars are safer. No Bluetooth or ONSTAR.

Random American

I am from that area of east TN and my military brother, who has had at least 5 tours in middle east, just got a security job at ORNL with above Q clearance a few months ago. I had to give all my personal details for HIS background check. He also worked a few years as a state trooper. God, I hope he’s aware of the truth. I have tried to tell him some things in the past, but he doesn’t discuss them with me. It’s a one sided conversation. Praying for him, though. He is definitely a good guy and an awesome military leader.


Same with Michael Hastings. Also a car that tried to cross lanes from a wooded area into President Trumps motorcade. I follow things closely. Not a coincidence at all. There was even an actor that was killed within past couple years….

Random American

And remember Ann Hesche who’s mini copper went crazy last year, she seemed to survive but they said she didnt🤔 she was ellen degenerates ex, wasn’t she?

Donna Miller

HRC worked at the patent office early in her career and stole all kinds of patents and one of those was the chip that is in planes, cars and others… Gene Decode drives a 1980 vehicle and his wife’s is a 2006. Even tho HRC may not be with us any longer the DS I am sure has the use of this tech…


Same thing happened to Jackie Walorski! I am very familiar with that area, no way in hell he wasn’t slowing for the VERY VISIBLE round ablout!!


I hate to be the one to tell you but the deep state has the ability to take down planes. They already have. Very scare. Between the vaccinated pilots and the deep state having the ability to take down planes i glad i cant afford a vacation. If im going anywhere im driving.


Thank you


You’re welcome.
Didn’t want to detract from the White Hat hero, Commander R. Ramirez’s passing, a truly great loss.

There will come a time (soon maybe?) when there will be a cascade of events that MB won’t be able to keep up with.
I am certain that MB will have a much more thorough reporting on this event. His sources will be able to give a much fuller and descriptive series of events.

Frederick Carreon

The Evil Deepstate Demons killed him, I bet…

Sharon Janice Manning

Thanks for getting that issue resolved. You are appreciated in many ways.

Air man

Michael: I may have missed a posting, but do we know the present condition of the real Biden?


According to a diary of Jill BIden’s that the White Hats recovered, the JB has left this world…

Van helsing

Real Joe is dead. Executed. Since 2019.


Well there was the story that he died in his basement and then died in a hospital but not that he was executed.


He’s still alive taking his “candy” in the basement.


Biden is gone. I believe the biden that died in the hospital was the Brittish actor playing him.

Robin redwine

Proof? If not you’re no better than the satanists.


I remember biden give a good bye speech, crying and being all kinds of weird, at around the time he had the boot on. Could of been hung then. IDK, but do remember thinking that that was what was gonna happen.


Lol he’s still the president bud


Well, there you have it then.


LOL Ron and EdBob. you made me laugh 😀


How the hell did he get Installed but not Elected in any way??!

Michael R Davis

We watched a sham of an inauguration from a distance, the public not invited, unconstitutionally early, National Guard troops turning their backs to the pretend motorcade, both Jill and Joe trying to open the locked WH door, no Marine on duty, a funeral artillery salute, while Trump received the 21 gun Presidential artillery salute before he left DC on January 20, 2021. The US Military knows who won the 2020 election, and acted accordingly. Then of course, we have all endured the ‘Three Stooges’ comedy of a Biden Regime for two years

It should be no surprise to anybody paying attention that B and H are just Resident P and Resident VP. Open your eyes Deep-State agents and trolls, go back to your masters, find a new job, or if you have an ounce of brains, flee the planet. One way or another, you are leaving. The only way is the Military.


And I’m Winston Churchill.


And Beijing Biden has conveniently assumed room temperature so Doubles, Clones or Doppelgängers can have a job & get paid to fool everyone the the radical far leftist ‘WOKE” thinks that will work on everyone without failure??!

david simmons

Ask Alexa


DJT said Joe got the shot. (could be taken either way). Early 2018, I think.

Robin redwine

Drumper also said he took the shot. He didn’t.he also compulsively lies


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Am thinking…perhaps the wife cooked up something lethal for him and split for a while, only to come home to find the deed done and him dead??? Something is rotten in Denmark, about this.


So Sorry to hear. Enormous tragedy to All. Condolences to family, military family, & friends. I hope this mystery is solved soon, & that justice will be served for any & all wrongdoing.


Rest in Peace Cmdr. Ramirez, thank you for your service.

I hope they can investigate this and find the POS who did this/ordered this. Keep fighting the good fight white hats. You are heroes to those of us who are awake and soon when this all ends, every free patriot will want to buy you a beer and take a selfie with you. We are lucky to have such patriots working hard on our behalf.

We love you all. God bless the white hats. Godspeed.


I can’t believe Mathis is still alive for we out here have not heard about him for ages.

Stinky Perfume

Murdered by cyanide and no more story? Any suspects?


more blood on DJTs hands now…

Natasha Vidan

I am so sorry for Ramirez’s death and the horrendous way that he was killed. I pray comfort for his family and that the truth be exposed in the Holy Name of Jesus, Amen….


Who is killing our military? Why?


This is just horrible I hope they can find them and have no mercy


So sorry to hear of Cmdr. Ramirez’s death. RIP, sir.


Praise be to God for the Truth to shine out on this Murder. May each one responsible be roasted in their own agony! Gods Justice will be served. With Tragic regret we have lost such an amazing Warrior!!!

Tracy Reinert

Condolences to the family of Navy Commander Ramirez. We have the best, the brightest, & the bravest military anywhere.

Donna Miller

Thank you MB for all that you do to have honest reporting and keeping us informed, so much appreciated… It is a real tragedy to lose a patriot and warrior… May God keep his family safe and help them thru their grief… I know it will be felt in the White Hat Partition of our Military who honor our Constitution and the American People… We must pray for all of those that are in this war to free our Country and the World…


Rest in Peace Commander Ramirez!!!! You served your Nation Admirably and WE Salute You and Honor Your Legacy Sir. Your Ultimate Service to God and Country will Never be Forgotten!!!!!

Just Me

This is highly suspect, if it is poison his wife would have notice all the vomiting. She needs to be looked at, this does not add-up.


incendiary ammo? i’ve heard it helped alot in the pacific theater of ww2


🇺🇸♥️This poor man and his family. I really hope this is solved quickly and the murders are next to hang.🇺🇸

About time

We know why, just need to find the who. I have my suspicions….fb-Lie ~ c Lie a


Rockefellers think they own this country. The Bushs, Clintons, Obama, Biden, and Podestas were all Rockefeller puppets. They need to start giving genetic haplo tests to candidates. Anyone belonging to the 13 Illuminati Satanic families or anyone belonging to the 13 Zoastrian (Venetian Black Nobility bloodline) need not apply.

Robin redwine

They kill the decent folks and drumper and his fellow white hats sit back and do nothing like cowards.


I don’t personally know the Cmdr but am devasted by his loss. A brave and good man who is now in the arms of God. I pray we find those responsible for this terrible crime and pray it is not a anti-military American within the armed forces.

Above Reproach

Like I said before, it’s time to take the gloves off. Shatter the blackout between the reality of what is happening. Let the people see the truth
with there own eyes. I truly believe the people are ready to see and understand the gravity of corruption that is happening in our country.
If the Gathering of Dick Heads in Davos Switzerland didn’t wake up enough Americans . Then seeing dead politicians in caskets will. We just saw with our own eyes, a farma tool expose the government for-collaboration in the effort to continue killing people with vaccines for money.
Farma is creating viruses so they can make more vaccines.
In fact farma Had The Vaccines already before the actual virus was spread
around the world. China and The deep state Started all of this years
ago. And they played games with what would happen. Quote,
from the mouth of Anthony F. Trump is going to have a surprise pandemic
during his administration. End Quote. Note: The First thing Biden did,
Remove America’s energy independence and dominance. And begin selling
our oil to China. Not rocket science people.

Son of Ethan Allen

Rest in peace Commander Robert Ramirez, your a true hero to the republic.


Oh my goodness!! This is terrible news!! I am wondering if someone he knew and trusted gave him something to eat or drink. Apparently he knew something and was about to expose a demon. They will find out who did this. Prayers for his family!!!

Michael R Davis

Cannot help but wonder if this is some kind of white hat false flag op to cover a major Seal Team 1 operation. The Deep-State just loved murdering school children (and others) in their many false flag ops, especially during the Hussein O Regime. Commander Ramirez went in enlisted and was commissioned 8 years later, a Mustanger. That’s an accomplished officer, a damned fine Seal member. Rest in peace Commander.

“27 years of service include five Bronze Star Medals, two with the Combat “V” device denoting valor and acts of heroism. Ramirez also has three Combat Action ribbons and medals for the Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns, among many others.”

Nancy Joyce Garcia

Jesus will bring Justice one way or another for this loss! My Sincere Condolences. God Bless our heroic White Hat Military!


In what universe does the Commander of Seal Team 1 get assassinated and there isn’t a nationeide manhunt?

…tens of millions were spent educating, training, cultivating, and arming this man.

Worse, wtf is going on inside USSOCOM?

wtf is going on inside Coronado?


This shit show has to stop .what is it going to take for we the people to stand up in arms and take our country back… haven’t seen shit from General Smith… Starting to think he’s a little girl scout dressed up in a marine outfit..WTF…we need JUSTICE!!!!!!


Gen Smith…..bring the pain!

Judy Kennedy

How did the wife find him. Did she mention where he was and that he was covered in vomit? And did SHE call the authorities? I find it strange that these top Military personnel are left on their own, without Military protection. Maybe at this crucial time, if they’re not getting protection, they should remain on Base. This sort of thing is going to continue to happen if measures aren’t taken to avoid it.


Dear God Heavenly Father, I pray that you bless Robert Ramirez as he entered your kingdom in heaven. I didn’t know him but he fought in your army of truth. He’s a brave man and has honored this country several times. I ask for truth of his death for his country and his family. Give his family, friends, and fellow officers comfort during this time. Please watch over our military so we can end this war against evil quickly. I pray in Jesus name who’s light is within us all. Amen



Afshin Nejat

Better get on the Full Spectrum Dominance playbook, or you are going to be dogmeat.

Last edited 1 year ago by Afshin Nejat

So sad. RIP Cmdr Rodriguez and thank you for your service.

Sandy Koufax

I think it’s safe to say that there will be no Ramirez clone running around.

Patriot Gal

I will anxiously await more details on Commander Ramirez’s death. I’m sure you will tell us what you are allowed to reveal.

Dixie Gardner

So sad. Enough death and destruction. Let us be released from this miserable existence

Sparky Sr

May the peace of the Lord be with Commander Robert Ramirez and his family.

The local authorities do, at times, say to the wife/relative, that they were home or just came home to an unresponsive/dead person so no investigation into the death of said person providing no foul play was found. (Puke all over – poisoned)

“The Navy Times reported that Cmdr. Ramirez’s wife, Anne, tried to wake her husband that morning but found him unresponsive. The San Diego Sheriff’s department said they found no signs of foul play but did not immediately reveal a cause of death.”

Why the “Sheriffs Dept” instead of the local police?
If no foul play was found, why was the body at the “San Diego County Coroner’s Office,” instead of the funneral home? (Puke all over – poisoned)

With a lethal amount of cyanide, the person convulses and foams at the mouth, sprewing bile, but no foul play found??? Puke all over hence the coroner.

I guess they wanted to keep this under wraps – correlation?

Who called 911?? Military office??????

Wife killed him???? $$$$$$$$$$ Blackmailed, etc??????????

Stay tuned, same bat time, same bat channel!


When I first heard of this, something just didn’t ad up? Good job on the toxicology exam. You get promoted to lead a seal team and then just drop dead? Something stinks here! Good work !


The normal press on internet is vague, talking him up however no one knows anything. Thank you Michael for this info. Sad no matter how you cut it.


WOW—ANOYHER GOOD MAN DOWN–our military must lock up the traitors in office and stop the wait and see—-this BS will just keep going like HRC been doing—never works going by the book—traitors don’t follow it-up-hold your oath–! stop playing nice–


This is sad.


This makes me so sad, I cannot wait until the day every single one of the evil basta**s are hung! Get them all White Hats!

Sue Grantham



Thank you for your service to humanity, Commander Ramirez. Eternal gratitude and love to you and yours. 🫡.


sorry for your loss, a heart wrenching article.


He certainly would not have committed suicide. It shows how fake these autopsies are.

Mary Parry

The is so heartbreaking! God knows who is responsible. Praying that his perpetrators are revealed soon!


And given the worst punishments fathomable.


Why over a month until we hear of Commander Ramirez death?


That is VERY much appreciated!



Golden Ages

Anyone hear anything about a major solar flare or bright flash that is supposed to happen sometime in the future? I’ve been hearing about it for awhile and recently heard about it from suspicious observers as well. So it has me wondering? Anyone?


someone seen -bright flash in the HOUSTON area…….