Marine Sniper Kills Ukranian Pedophile in Baltimore


A United States Marine scout-sniper on Saturday shot and killed a Ukrainian diplomat who had been in the U.S. since the start of the Ukraine-Russia conflict and who oversaw a child slavery ring that shipped kidnapped kids to Eastern Europe, a source in Gen. Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

Forty-seven-year-old Ivan Kovalenko had come to the U.S. from Kyiv in March 2022, shortly after Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a Special Military Operation in Ukraine to hunt down foreign Biolabs and Western-run child trafficking syndicates on Ukrainian soil. A self-proclaimed businessman, Kovalenko held management positions at several textile companies before departing his home turf abruptly. Upon arriving in the U.S., he made a beeline for the Ukrainian Embassy in D.C. and was employed by Ukraine’s ambassador to the U.S., Oksana Markarova.

Our source said that the White Hat partition of the U.S. military took an interest in Kovalenko after President Donald J. Trump namedropped him to Gen. Berger in July. It’s unclear how Trump knew of Kovalenko, but it’s possible he learned of him through Vladimir Putin during the many telephone calls they’ve had since early 2022. Trump reportedly had irrefutable proof that Kovalenko was helming a child trafficking ring by which American children were abducted and sold to pedophiles in Ukraine, Hungary, and Belarus. He gave Gen. Berger the “greenlight” to terminate Kovalenko with extreme prejudice.

Isolating Kovalenko, however, was problematic; Marines assigned to surveil him in August reported that he seldom left the embassy and was surrounded by a throng of armed security when he did. Meanwhile, Gen. Berger learned that Secretary of State Antony Blinken had given Kovalenko the “foreign diplomat” title and granted him diplomatic immunity. Although such protection was meaningless to White Hats—primarily when bestowed on sexual predators—it meant that local law enforcement sympathetic to the White Hat movement were unwilling to help keep tabs on Kovalenko for fear of losing their jobs or worse.

Kovalenko’s reclusiveness and willingness to appear in public only in the company of armed security proved he was no ordinary businessman. He sequestered himself inside the embassy between September and November, not leaving even once.

“We had the embassy watched 24/7, all exits covered. If he somehow got out and in undetected, he was a damn magician. It was like he knew he was being watched, or he was just paranoid. For obvious reasons, we wanted him alone, or at least not with a huge entourage, before making a move,” our source said.

Marine snipers, he added, passed on a chance to put a bullet in Kovalenko’s brain in mid-December. He had appeared from the embassy and got into a limousine with only two bodyguards. They discretely tailed the limo through D.C. south toward Andrew Air Force Base. When the limo turned onto a quiet road just southeast of the D.C.-Maryland border, near Cedar Hills Cemetery, the Marines were moments away from running it off the road and eliminating its occupants. But a sudden rush of oncoming traffic spoiled their plans. The vehicle reached Andrews, where Kovalenko’s diplomatic I.D. got him past security. The Marines figured he boarded a flight but learned later that Kovalenko was awaiting the arrival of an unknown individual who deboarded a U.S. State Department flight from Warsaw, Poland. Kovalenko and his guest never returned to the limo; they boarded a helicopter that flew them directly back to the embassy rooftop.

By January, White Hats had become increasingly frustrated that they hadn’t been able to eliminate Kovalenko, and General Eric Smith, who had just assumed authority over White Hat forces following Gen. Berger’s departure, devised a risky rouse to draw Kovalenko out of hiding. If successful, his idea would prove beyond doubt that Kovalenko was a child predator profiting from selling underage children to the highest bidders.

An undercover Marine contacted Kovalenko, saying he had 35 young boys and girls whom “his people” had abducted from National Parks. He said he had to offload them immediately but wanted a “fair and reasonable” price for children fetching big bucks on the international market. Kovalenko’s greed consumed him, and he took the bait, although he tried to lowball the undercover Marine by offering only $35K for blonde-haired children and $20K for auburn ones. The Marine laughed at the offer, demanding $85K per child because kids were selling for five times that amount on the Eastern European black market. A suspicious Kovalenko, though, asked for pictures of children, a demand that prompted Gen. Smith to ask Marines with young children to submit their photos for consideration. It was a gutsy and calculated move, for Gen. Smith thought Kovalenko wise enough to use Google image search to avoid entrapment. Fifty brave Marines agreed and sent tasteful photographs of their kids to the undercover Marine working to bring Kovalenko down.

Kovalenko agreed to the asking price but balked when the Marine said he didn’t deal with go-betweens and wanted to deal personally with Kovalenko to avoid being suckered or killed. The Marine texted him, saying the deal was “take it or leave it,” and that he and the children would be at the Port of Baltimore at 10:00 p.m. February 25.

Earlier that evening, Marine snipers took position on loading cranes and among the countless shipping containers littering the docks. Kovalenko’s limo pulled up at 10:15, and he and three armed guards approached the undercover Marine, who had no children with him. Kovalenko displayed a duffel bag full of cash as a round struck him center mass. His associates, too, were shot dead on the spot.

“It took a long time to get this Fu****, but better late than never,” our source said.

We asked if White Hats were now sanctioning executions in place of tribunals.

“They weren’t American citizens. They got what they were entitled to,” he said.

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Silent, direct hit, never knew where the shot came from. The best way to end a criminal regardless what he/she does.
Do wrong, end shot.


No need to negotiate with KNOWN human traffickers.


and to think they removed Scout Sniper as a MOS


Well done. A real Marine.


This is how they should all be taken out–Waste of time to have a trial


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🇺🇸♥️Killing these monsters is the only way forward for us all. ♥️Thank you to our brave and wonderful military.🇺🇸♥️


I’m making $90 an hour working from home. i was greatly surprised at the same time as my neighbour advised me she changed into averaging $100 however I see the way it works now. I experience mass freedom now that I’m my non-public boss. Everybody must try this job now by just using this website..

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Michael, you need to be awarded the Nobel Prize for literature and writing. Excellent work and details. Many thanks for all the sleepless nights you put up with, laboring to get this information to your fellow Americans. God Bless you.


Beautiful News!! Another Evil Pedo Child Sex Trafficker Filthbag Criminal taken out… Love it!! Thank you General Smith and the Awesome Amazing Marines…. And Thank you 🙏🏼 God Almighty!!!

Joe Blow

It’s about time we bypassed the capture/slow trial method knowing the undisputed facts of guilt. We’re at war, we don’t try to arrest/capture the enemy, we shoot! P.S. Did we catch him with his pants down?

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in World War 2 after pearl harbor and all the ships that got blown up and aircraft America had an inspirational scrape metal drive kids and grown up gathered old vehicles and cans for the steel workers to make weapons ships airplanes and so on. ladies and gentlemen THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, China is and has bought up millions of tons of scrape metals in fact they still are they made out like they were using it for economic growth reasons like building cities and merchandise. they did use some for these reasons, but they are using a lot for building up their military hardware. ships tanks subs jets launchers, they are intentionally depleting our metal reserves. and medical plant reserves making out like they are just using it for innocent reasons like in energy drinks, but they aren’t just. they are doing this while the deep state is blowing up and derailing trains. alloy plants and metal plants food material factories body armor and military equipment factories China ccp was working with deep state to put regulations and make laws to make it to where Americans couldn’t compete on the global markets. they intentional paid off treasonous politicians to sell out America and force us into poverty. then they intentionally staged a war on Russias border trying to force division between Russia and America us to scatter our forces all over the world China has set up bases all over the world they are working with the deep state to become the new military branch of the deep state they are also trying to become the new economic super power by forcing America out by every dirty underhand trick they can buying up land and businesses so Americans can’t use them not only Americans but every western country in the world they are using slave labor and cheaper materials and hacking in to corporations and creating the same products cheaper , Obama gave China owner ship of Shunk works darpa and he and Biden gave them top secret tech that will put China on an even playing field with America to make a war between our two nations a longer more bloody one they have been hacking into our voting machines so in turn they are rigging our elections , they have been ignoring international laws and over fishing and even hunting on American shores doing things Americans aren’t even allowed to do , they created a fake food shortage intentionally throwing away food then telling there people American are the reason why they are starving to death turning millions of Chinese against us then they are doing a force mass draft , they are pushing across international waters destroying fish eco systems to justify gather resources to feed there now starving people again depleting all our recourses intentional they are testing Americas defenses with subs jets and boats .I’ve seen videos of them fishing 100 yards of shore of USA I’ve seen videos of them hunting on American shore illegally , also they have gave weapons to domestic terrorist on American shores , here is where we are at , China has taken over or controls the WHO CDC UN our internet they have taken over Hollywood and are continually mass brain washing Americans they have taken over many of our social medias they have taken over Americas biggest port and Biden gave China control over our electric grid computers , China has 25000 spies in the USA and that is not counting the militants the deep state has been flooding in here on trains China has released c19 on us chemical weapons on us bio weapons on us and dews and weather control weapons on us working with the deep state China and the deep state have been flooding deep state loyal combatant across our borders they aren’t just immigrants they are working with people who benefited from the deep state being in power and China like entire drug cartels gangs crime syndicates mercs scientist all have been flooding into the united states sleeper cells just waiting for the go to attack us like they have been doing our trains factories and plants , America is in a 11th hour event a down fall end of America event if you don’t move fast white hats we have enemies not only at the gates we have them all over the place in America and around America thanks to the deep state communist . the deep state and china have been creating chaos in all western nations with paid and radical anarchist communist sadist to a point that our allies won’t be able to help us cause they have some control of most our allies’ governments. if they try to help us they will create anarchy and destroy their nations what they are trying and doing really perfectly they are severing all lines of help for America from our allies .


you all might need to take control of all the underground farms and start creating portion rations to store, just in case a new great depression hits and World War 3 starts if we can’t feed our troops, we won’t be able to wage war also you can feed all the Americans you can not touching the troops rations and put them to use it may save millions of Americans. in the near future may need to put top security over it. so, no one poisons it! all and I mean all of our food is being targeted our plant crops factories. and even supply lines they are spraying chemicals on our crops to stunt the growth and production. the last 4 years I personally only got a bag or 2 of crops out of a fair size garden 1 quarter the size of a football field this is not natural. they released beetle and stink bugs one targets the ground crops and the other targets the fruit trees. that combined with whatever they are spraying is destroying our crops it has come to the point to where I believe we as a nation cannot farm in our fields. they are even forceing our farmer by laws to plow over our crops and then mow them. and then they are dumping oil on them so the soil will be unusable civilians are being forced to.


Well done Marines and Gen Smith. Thank you RRN.


That is suspended to say pedophiles


Hell’s to the yes declare open season on all pesos put up wanted posters with pics n reward amounts,though I would gladly snipe their demon bodies for free to rid our country of such deep state devils.feel free to let me know objectives

Sharon Keith

Now this is what I call “SIC EM DOGS!” – Florida Grandma (Thanks!)


Wonderful news and many thanks to Gen. Smith (a great choice to replace Gen. Berger), the brave Marines, JAG and of course Michael Baxter for bringing us the story. However, there is one disturbing thing about this operation: The ruse included telling Kovalenko the children were abducted from national parks. At one time, national parks were considered a great vacation choice for families with children — especially young children. Today, they are as dangerous a place for children as hospitals are for adults — especially old adults.


goooood for all good job


Letting the Cat outta the Bag!!!
bitchute. com/video/DXXrxJdE6px8/


I’ll wager an uncut Diamond, that THE CREATOR, The Source, told SOMEONE, or SOME THINGS, to take off the friggin kid gloves. Just Sayin. rape is rape, it goes beyond a sexual definition too. The Younger their victim, the worse I do to “them”. “Be lie ve” it or not, the big scary BLACK XENOMORPH, from the movie Aliens, is a guy, a crazy Wizard/Sorcerer/crack job Scientificy Grunt Guy (MARINE INFANTRY) and Wi, do not harm Your Young, or eat them, the computer asshats do that shit. 3-10% are not worthy of a pulse, and will not hide behind collective cloak and dagger shit. Far more is possible, than is taught or LEARNED, in 1 LIFE. Radiation from nuclear drive “engines” mutates US, DAH. Wi came back to Our World, as little tiny People, the “wild Life” is TELEPATHIC, listen!! Fact not fiction. Anyway, Tank You JAG, he’s been cooked! Keep up the pressure, “they” lose!!! G. O. D., (it does not mean what mortals think, and only a FEW, and PROUD KNOW)wins!!!!

Sharon Keith

Much appreciation! – Florida Grandma


AMEN! Thank you JAG! And Thank you brave U.S. Marines!


Good news to hear they got him, that’s one less pedophile, trafficker, deep stater who has no value or love for life and humanity but for their greed for power, fear, hatred, and murder to get what they want for their selfish greed and power trip. What goes around comes around? Kovalenko is gone and justice is served. Hopefully one day the White hats can clean all these sick pedophile ring traffickers, child rapists, and murderers so that the kids can be safe to go into society in security without being stalked, and abducted. Let Justice continue to put these sick people out and off the face of this planet.


Justice has been served!


Am proud as a peacock of our US White Hats and US Special Forces. God bless you both, General Berger and General Smith. Great job. There is a virulent combo of communism, socialism and marxism trying to take down human beings in our county and all over the world today, with a strange and unsettling focus on child abduction and abuse.

Heather N

Hero marine dads!

Jokus Interruptus

License to kill.

richard sanborn spc4 US Army retired

fucking awesome! keep up the great work my brothers! and sisters? hooah! ty micheal great work!

Horn N Hardart

It would be so much more exciting if it actually happened


Agreed. Tornadoes Sunday night in Oklahoma and more. Can’t wait until WH secure the weather beast.


Snow in Central Calif at 800 feet, the likes of which not seen in over 25 years.
Creeks and rivers rising again due to driving rain. I’m a native, and our weather here has been very unusual ever since Bidiot and his demonic cronies were SELECTED.

richard sanborn spc4 US Army retired

im pretty sure white hats have but they made another one! what i read anyways! hooah!


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Mr. Baxter can you remove Delavic?????

Solange Silverman

“We asked if White Hats were now sanctioning executions in place of tribunals.”
Um, we’re at war. The response to this was indeed appropriate.


Yes, we ARE at war and in a war the goal is to kill as many of the enemy as possible. If we want to know more about Kovalenko’s actvities, we can ask Putin. Besides, Kovalenko would have committed suicide before a trial could take place. The Marines just saved the cost of a plane ride for him and his guards.


good. glad elon defended him.

i doubt people here would let scot live.


Now that’s what I call a good shot, or shots. We need more of these Bustards to go down like these slime balls, and better yet gather up all non-citizens and give them the boot the same way Kovalenko and his minions got theirs, this would make them runback to where they came from, and include Biden with 380 people of congress who has committed treason. We as Americans are sick and tired of this movie.


Now we’ve got some momentum on the East Coast, how about some Hollywood scum – did you see the Grammy’s Satanic entertainment recently? Blood, Gore, Molech worship — repave a few highways with their grimy remains.

Heather N

The annual rehash. Every year they glorify the same tired concepts. It’s beyond hackneyed and trite.


It would be unwise to mix such spiritually tainted material with roadways.. follow correct principles and put it where no one ever goes.


MR. BAXTER! How about the REAL story on THIS> “According to reports, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine sustained a leg injury in East Palestine last Tuesday. The governor’s office confirmed the injury occurred above his left ankle and he will need to use of a boot for the next few weeks.”

That’s right…a BOOT! Trump nailed him! He’s got an ankle monitor!

Cut & pasted from Breaking911dotcom

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Dewine is bought and paid for by the railway. They have given around $500K in campaign contributions and he is indebted to them.


And along with your request, what more information can be found out about the 5 Environmental Scientists who were on route from The Bill & Killary Clinton Airport, to Palestine, Ohio “Ground Zero?” Obviously, what they were going to discover & report on cost them their lives!

Recently on the Dr. Jane Ruby Show, (Rumble), Former Green Beret Commander, Dr. Pete Chambers told her that he was bringing water & soil samples back from Palestine, Ohio, & giving them to Mike Adams, (The Health Ranger) for analysis in his state of the art laboratory. I am praying for both of their safety!!!

These SCUMBAGS, what they’ve done to the lives & livelihoods of the residents of Palestine, Ohio, they Deserve Nothing less than a Public Stoning Execution!!!

Tracy Reinert

I think the scariest part of this story is the idea of snatching kids from National Parks. People do go missing from them, hundreds or thousands every year. I always assumed it was Bigfoot or alien abductions. Or falling off a cliff, losing the trail. If there is a real danger in National Parks, then Americans have the right to know. The rangers know of this, & stay quiet.


Many don’t know we gave control of the NP over to the UN after WWI. Sigh.

Julio Antonio Laguna

” They weren’t American citizens. They got what they were entitled to.” love the sound of that!!!


Mike, thank you for your awesome reports! Can you tell us anything about Gen. Berger and the train operator?


Internet, Twitter and Fb are exploding – spark initiated. The black shake down gig is up.

Elon Musk has allowed the national conversation to begin that will reveal the crimes and intent of the black race. They *are* America’s, and white’s, *ENEMY.* They desire to kill or starve us and there is nothing you can do but GET AWAY FROM THEM.

Study South Africa. .

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Stinky Perfume

How the words “shakedown gig is up” mean what exactly? Are you saying blacks have to stop shaking down whitey? They don’t know which whitey to point at. Satanic whitey is the one’s to go after, or any satanics because they are against humans with human souls or corrupt because they felt they would do financially better, etc. Corrupt means they took more than what they should have or deceived, etc. “I’m rich and your not” is a big one. “I’m the winner and your the loser” competition freaks.

Reverse discrimination, they are born black and not white so they just hate themselves. White corruption when the person is negative or really a Draco or lizzard (negative ones prevail) is a soul issue, they always want power so they are trying to clear it up with looking at aura fields. There’s a camera I want to check out at auraphoto dot com but it can’t be easily carried around.

Hating white people in general is what Soros used to try and take down USA. Luring in all those migrants feeds the Draco shapeshifting humans. It’s said USA has 10 times more Draco souls in power than anyplace else in the world. IDK, but thought that would be South Africa with the most Draco. I noticed for sure that many black African Americans that are good are sick of criminal Hispanics or even whitey on drugs.


Not the entire Black race. They are not all enemies by a long shot. They do not all desire to kill others. Maybe just 5% of the tiny 13% black community who are in the USA today, make all the trouble. We have plenty of doctors and nurses and ambulance staff and postal workers etc, etc. who are of our small black race who selflessly dedicate their lives to helping others.

Stinky Perfume

Talk was big in the 60’s “send them back to Africa” Instead they populated themselves on welfare with the plan to outpopulate white people. They yell so much and dominate each other. I have met some good ones. It’s just rare.


Not the entire black race. My community has many, many volunteers, aides, helpers, police and firemen, who are of the black race. Only a tiny percentage of the already tiny black race in this country, cause 100% of the problem in our cities. They are the black youth who are raiding and robbing clothing, jewelry, and discount stores, and publicly shooting, beating up & killing, members of the yellow, brown, white races, weekly.

Last edited 1 year ago by Joanna

cool stories. when does your book get published?

Marina Elena no entiendo porque

Cómo es posible vengan extranjeros a ahecer negación con los niños todavía y con tanta libertad y dónde están nuestras autoridades que permiten todo este abuso,quiere decir que todavía tenemos abundantes pícaros en nuestra sociedad vendida no es justos que solo los sombreros blancos trabajen en nuestra defensa,seremos nosotros que tendremos que pelear y defender a nuestros ninos,? O que.

Julio Antonio Laguna

Eventualmente, llegara ese momento y que Dios nos de la fortaleza para lograrlo, pues si flaqueamos, estaremos perdidos.


Just to point it out, it’s more or less pointless for Americans to try to be politically correct with place names at this point. Anglos have been translating place names for centuries, and we’re all used to it. For the record, it is not called Sweden, but Sverige. Not Norway but Norge. not Denmark, but Danmark, not Munich, not Milan, not Rome, not Florence, not Venice, not Warzaw, not Moscow, not Athens, not Vienna, not Prague and just on and on. It’s OK to just call it Kiev. Everyone knows what you mean. Changing this stuff around chasing PC-ness is just a waste of time and a bit conspicuous.
I still want to have Constantinople back, myself. It’s just not the same without it…

PS: Oh, and that wasn’t called Constantinople either, but Konstantinopolis.


God has released the ultimate punishment “The angel of death” on these criminals-I am ready to see them start dropping like flies!


Why not pick off The fake Biden too?

Stinky Perfume

They just replace it with another fake. Everything is underground or off time traveling to see what needs to change.

Stinky Perfume

That is a trial issue and they have to wait for some secret permission I gathered on other posts. For this body double thing there’s a few to several of them. Is it that every time someone uses a body double it’s treason?


Art imitating life. A scene right out of FBI, Law and Order or any number of intelligence bad guy movies. Well done White Hats!! Greed always brings out the vermin!!



Barry Williamz

Let the justice be meted out in which ever way is suitable for that time.


I think Smith is a better battlefield commander but I still disagree with the overall strategy.I said this earlier but it bears repeating.In order to be ultimately victorious in the theater of battle there has to be an ultimate showdown to determine which of the principals and implementation of their belief systems will prevail.At the Cross the two contending parties were the Christ(Jesus) and his people vs.Lucifer and his society and people,on D-Day it was the Allies vs.Germany etc.; point is there has to be a big throw down.In Europe it was the Invasion,in the Pacific it was Fat Man/Little Boy.The Marxist Statist dems have won the fighting in the shadows and gained overwhelming field advantage on almost every front.Having won the Shadow War and overwhelmingly replicated themselves both figuratively and literally they’re more than happy to remain fighting in that mode which will allow them to ultimately(on this earth only) triumph through attrition and self replication.For victory to take hold overwhelming force must be applied.Whatever we’re reading in these articles sure ain’t that.


The purge is building momentum. It physics.

Kelly Ann

As far as we the people are concerned. Take out the PEDOS on the spot!!!!
Animals don’t deserve civilized trials!


Yes, drop them where they stand


I agree, and actually would like them to be slowly tortured vs just getting a quick & mostly painless death after the HEINOUS ATTROCITIES they’ve perpetrated against our innocent children! However, don’t we need information from them to expose other’s that need rounding up!? Torture them to get the information out of them first!… With themThinking that it will end if they give up the goods! But then continue the torture until the last ounce of breathe leaves their WRETCHED CARCUSES!

Sorry if that sounds graphic & cruel…but whenever I think of what they’ve done to children, I can’t help but have ZERO Mercy for ANY of them!!!!!


Michael, so why are the White Hats wasting time and money tracking down these lower rank criminals while real criminals like Victoria Nuland and her husband are to provoke Nuclear War with Russia at the behest of Barack Obama and his Puppet Biden? These are criminals that need to dealt with before they incinerate the planet. There is not much time left.


This is one case I’m sure their many on going….


She’s under the radar too. sooner or later they will get her….war is not fast food satisfaction. Look at how hard it was to get Kovalenko, He knew he was being watched and that makes taking out criminals against humanity that much harder to accomplish.


You can’t represent the light with pre-crime. And you don’t necessarily go for someone who is busy incriminating herself every day either. Get her later. X-22 has been talking about a “scare event” too for at least a year now, and thinks Trump will step in and end the war when the time is right. Which is when the public is finally awake, not playing Nintendo, watching football, drinking beer etc. And it basically takes the threat of nucoolear annihilation to wake most people up to all this. We don’t need it, and it’s frustrating to watch, but the sleepers do.Makes sense to me.

That’s why you must have Nuland on the lamb, so to speak. She’s the crazy queen whose job it is to start WWIII. She’s been working on that since W was fake prez. Can’t let her stop until the crime is present and all have been comprehensively implicated in it.