DeSantis Had Advance Knowledge of Mar-a-Lago Raid; Texted With AG Garland


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis had advance knowledge of the FBI’s August 8 raid on President Donald J. Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate but chose not to warn him that an army of federal goons was about to descend on Palm Beach like a swarm of locusts, according to a new White Hat study General Eric M. Smith shared with his council on Tuesday.

The report, authored by U.S. Army Cyber Command and Marine Corps Forces Cyberspace Command, asserts that DeSantis entertained AG Merrick Garland at the governor’s mansion in Tallahassee on July 25, two weeks ahead of the raid. It states that the joint cyber command task force acquired surveillance footage of Garland and two unidentified men arriving at DeSantis’ home at 8:00 p.m. that evening.

That alone, our source said, sounded alarm bells; Gen. Smith saw no reason why DeSantis, who has sharply criticized the regime, would for any reason sit down with Garland, who has weaponized the Department of Justice to target law-abiding patriots. Moreover, the meeting appeared clandestine because neither the Justice Dept. nor DeSantis’ camp publicly mentioned the gathering.

“There’s nothing technically criminal about the meeting. DeSantis can invite anyone he wants into his home, but it was highly suspicious, in retrospect, knowing now that they met in secret shortly before the unlawful occupation of President Trump’s home.

Although Trump had yet to triumphantly announce he would seek an ‘official’ return to the White House in 2024, DeSantis might have been fishing for dirt to further impugn Trump’s unimpeachable character, our source added.

“We don’t know if DeSantis wanted the presidency before midterms. But if expected to win, as he did, he could’ve made advance moves, maybe hoping the raid would be damaging enough to make President Trump get out of his way. Trump didn’t announce until much later, but DeSantis undoubtedly saw Trump as an unbeatable opponent,” our source said.

Other information on the report cemented Gen. Smith’s hypothesis that DeSantis was conspiring with Merrick Garland to topple Trump. Cyberspace Command reportedly has text messages in which Garland writes, “We’re coming,” and DeSantis responds, “Thanks for the heads up,”—timestamped three hours before the FBI swarm illegally and unprecedently violated the home of a President of the United States.

Several members of the White Hat Council believe DeSantis is a Trojan Horse, a globalist masquerading as a freedom-loving Republican whose anti-woke rhetoric is merely a ruse to beguile voters, and whose true ambition, if he sits in the Oval Office, is to deepen The Swamp an enrich a corrupt federal government. However, a holdout on the council still sees DeSantis as the better option and has called the texts “innocuous and inconclusive.”

Like his predecessor Gen. David H. Berger, General Smith says DeSantis committed unforgivable atrocities by allowing FEMA to terrorize Floridians during last year’s Hurricane Ian.

Asked if White Hats are building a case against DeSantis, he said, “Even if I knew, I couldn’t say. But there’s overwhelming animus toward him. The majority of the armed forces stand with President Trump.”

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DeSantis is also deep state! Trump recognized that at an event when he did the masonic handshake with another Dem


Sorry, but there is too much about DeSantis that many of us do not like or do not trust. Am noticing that President Trump has pulled back a bit in his gushing praises and regards of DeSantis and that is a very good thing.


Trump calls him “DeSanctimonious” lol!!!


TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Florida Sen. Jason Brodeur (R-Lake Mary) wants bloggers who write about Gov. Ron DeSantis, Attorney General Ashley Moody, and other members of the Florida executive
cabinet or legislature to register with the state or face fines. Brodeur’s proposal, Senate Bill 1316: Information Dissemination, would require any blogger writing about government officials to register with the Florida Office of Legislative Services or the
Commission on Ethics.


Sen. Brodeur is going to have a short political career, the horses ass.

Gladys Wilkes

Mr. florida is such a traitor to the party but even worse then that he is a fino treasonous traitor to America, it was prophesied about the truth coming out about the people who have betrayed us and he is one of them


DeSantis to me, always looks somber and pissed off and angry with anyone who disagrees with his take and view points on things. Not good presidential qualities.


I thought so. I even suspected that DeSantis informed the DOJ that he had saw some documents in Mar-al-Lago, because he was the one who gave the access to go there. It might be a trap too, and he just fell into that trap. I am kind of feeling this since he was a congressman.


I think God is going to have to unseat Desantis. He warned him. Gave him a choice. Told him He would protect him & guide him if he followed the path set before him. Too bad he’s just another weakling.


Desantis has always been a deep state goon. If you listen to George Soros, you’d think Desantis created the heaves and the earth.


Research DeSantis harder.
Ask yourself why he is not going after the paedophiles more aggressively — and some of them are in Disney’s backyards.
Ask yourself why he is doing anything about the tunnels in Florida where young people are trafficked for sex.
Ask yourself why he is not calling out high-level child sex offenders.
Ask yourself why Rep. Steve Scalise was shot in 2017 after he helped President Trump with two bills to stop human trafficking.
Ask yourself why Rep. Jackie Walorski was killed in a car crash the same week as actor Anne Heche was killed in a car crash, and both were working together to expose and stop human trafficking.
Ask yourself why did we not hear anything from DeSantis about stopping child pornography networks in Florida.
Ask yourself why is DeSantis involved in secret societies.
Ask yourself why DeSantis did not condemn Biden’s overturning President Trump’s Operation Talon, which arrests paedophile networks and child sex cartels.
Ask yourself why did DeSantis not open an investigation in Florida into paedophile networks, or help investigate with Bradley Edwards (who worked in 2009 with Trump to put Epstein away) on why Jeffrey Epstein was “found dead” in his cell. Or if he is alive, why did the deep state let him go free during the storming of the Capitol Building on J6, according to RRN’s article which also mentions Joe and Hunter Biden spending time on Epstein Island double-teaming underage women there, and Trump offering a multimillion reward for Epstein’s capture.
Ask yourself why DeSantis is not working with other governors in different states to help stop sex trafficking of women and girls.
Ask yourself what DeSantis is doing to help finish the wall to stop the paedophile networks, and human sex smugglers use boats too, to get to his state from Mexico — what is he doing to stop them from bringing in kids here and raping them.
Ask yourself why did DeSantis not question, or rebuke, or condemn, or criticize Biden on why his SCOTUS pick, the child sex offender-loving black woman, was so lenient on child sex traffickers and paedophiles, and ignoring the pain and humiliation of the sex crime victims during sentencing.
Ask yourself why DeSantis is not questioning, or condemning, or criticizing, or rebuking House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s refusal to shut down the border and investigate whether she is being paid to keep the borders open to human smugglers and paedophile cartels.  
I contacted Govs. Henry McMaster, Ron DeSantis, Gavin Newsom, Kathy Hochul, Sens. Lindsey Graham, Tim Scott, Gov. Gregg Abbott, Kari Lake, Karrin Robson, Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand, Chuck Schumer, Gov. Glenn Young and Sen. Alex Padilla about what they are doing with specificity to stop child sex trafficking.
Only Rep. Walorski, Rep. Scalise, AG Sessions (quietly) and President Trump truly were doing something of solid value to stop child sex trafficking.
Walorski and Heche were killed for it.
Scalise was shot for it.
Trump has been targeted 64 times for assassination (at some reports) for it and is still standing, thank God.

Mark Heisler

Ask yourself this, why are these actors so stupid and could afford a security to watch them why helping the Deep state go down, they should already know how bad these people are by selling their soul to begin with, if they’re willing to help then there’s someone is warning them they’ve got to be.


Yep. He’s a deep state goon born and bred. We know George Soros loves him.
As for the pedophilia, human trafficking, and slavery…. Trump did a shit job exposing and combatting. He could have activated the public, and we’d all be sitting on the other side of this thing by now.
All he had to do was say the words ” get um the hell off my planet”


Awesome post. Right on!

Mark David

DeSantis (de Satan) looks like a goon. Off to Gitmo for him. He wanted to go to Gitmo again, so he might just get his wish.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mark David

LOLOL Good one!!! He can pick his own cell.

Victoria Flood

Think DeSsntis is a clone? He seems to be two separate people. A anti-pedofile Disney fighting governor for the people; and a FEMA empowering deep state thug working the globalist’s party line. I think he is a deep state traitor who is embedded in our government.

He is still working on phase one of their agenda, “Get the people’s trust.” Then he will switch into phase two of the globalist’s agenda, “Proceed full speed ahead with our faschist orders to destroy America.”

The deep state wants to replace Trump with DeSantis so they can take down America, and thus the world, for their one world government.

Will flowers

Harvard and Yale……

Jewelie Dee

Might we have the pleasure of a deSantis tribunal soon? I did not trust him from the start.

David M

Perhaps that’s why he tried to enter the base a while back, to see what he might have coming…


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A person who knows that an act of treason is being or about to be committed but fails to report it to the proper authorities is guilt of misprision of treason which is a federal offense. DeSantis could end up at Gitmo — as a prisoner.


I’m making $90 an hour working from home. i was greatly surprised at the same time as my neighbour advised me she changed into averaging $100 however I see the way it works now. I experience mass freedom now that I’m my non-public boss. Everybody must try this job now by just using this website..

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I knew it! Something in my gut said not to trust DeSantis. Dang!

Will flowers

Harvard and Yale….that’s groom central

Ralph Townsend

Looks like we have to always be diligent in our responsibility of vetting each and every candidate for our vote. In the words of William Cooper, these Bad situations, are our own fault! Dig deep Patriots!

Mark David

Following the words of Joseph Stalin, our votes don’t usually count for big elections. The chosen candidate is akmost always the result of massive cheating by the Deep State.


Desantimonious is a Snake!

mary pascucci



Make Florida Great! Matt Gaetz for Governor in 2024. KCUF de santis

Last edited 1 year ago by 45-GreatestEver.GOD’sBlessingToUSA.

Why is DeSantis allowing all these illegals to arrive in Florida by boat instead of immediately deporting them?!

Last edited 1 year ago by Sue
Virginia McCann

Damn! I have believed that DeSantis WAS an Anti-Swamper! I thought that it was very strange when he popped up at un-invited visit to GITMO, last year.
DeSantis IS NOT My Governor!
He’s catching fleas & ticks from the damn dawgs that he’s feeding, in Washington DC.

Carol B.

I never trusted DeSantis after he did not defend his people from the scams of FEMA……they only steal, kill and destroy and only take a few water bottles to say they are helping……

Elisa Orozco

There are those who say that the real DeSantis was swapped out with a clone/double on the day that he visited GITMO last year. Just sayin’…………


It’s obvious that for de santis America is not first, the USA is not a priority but his corrupt political career is.

If elected in 2024 (but worry not he won’t win), Corruption will continue and the politicization of the three letter agencies will continue.

America is doomed with de santis in the White House. He will Never step in the White House, only in his best dreams. Patriots will not let it happen.

President Trump will be re-instated before 2023 is over and will be re-elected in 2024. America will be Greater than Ever and will
be respected again. Our military will be the most powerful and respected again.

Last edited 1 year ago by 45-GreatestEver.GOD’sBlessingToUSA.
Elisa Orozco

I certainly hope so………

Rose Mary Abbott

I don’t think DeSantis is thinking about running in 2024. He’s not completely stupid and that would be completely stupid. He doesn’t stand a chance in the Primaries against President Trump. It would be a complete waste of time, energy and money to do that. I think he will probably try to get there in 2028 maybe. He is young. He can afford to wait until then.


But remember, whatever money is left when they bow out of the race they are allowed to keep. That’s why that old commie Bernie Sanders keeps running for the presidency. He knows he will never win — but he keeps the money and he owns not one, not two, but THREE homes. You notice for someone who claims to be a socialist he never goes to live in a socialist country.


If it swims, act or look like a duct, it is a duck…


Do not like DeSantis. He is a fair weather friend to Trump and goes whichever way the wind blows as far as politics go. He is weak.

Last edited 1 year ago by Joanna
Random American

Someone on posted a video of desanctimonious and Trump side by side, and ron is mimicking DJT hand actions!🤣

Ron is nothing but a copycat 🤣

Eve Bright

Sad if this article about DeSantis is true, he destroyed himself being likable by the patriotic people who are fighting for truth & freedom. He may lose his next political candidacy whatever the position be.


Eve Bright: Check the below two separate links


May be check above or this below ; if you can see either!!!


No if’s. Try to see my comment above, if visible, for the latest from Florida!


Trump has announced he is running but Desantis has not he is running for President. Everyone else has said he is running but he will not run if his wife is not up for it. I think this is a bad time for him to run for he needs a healthy wife. It is not easy for a healthy wife and why no one is talking about his wife. Can she do it? Is she for it? Is she healthy? He will not run if she can not do it. He loves his small children. I am not sure he is running he would have said it by now. I think he is happy being governor and so is his wife. He doesn’t have to travel so much and he can’t focus on the country if he is worried about his wife. I think people need to drop him unless he announces it himself. I don’t think it’s his time yet. Trump has a few years left. I’m voting for the one who loves this country and will fight to support this country and has declared it. Trump!

Last edited 1 year ago by Katie

Katie: Check below

Virginia McCann

( I live in Florida. 23 yrs )
I don’t understand Ron DeSantis’ reasoning for flipping off Florida citizens. I wonder… Has he stopped giving a damn about his loyal and loving voters?!

Last edited 1 year ago by Virginia McCann

He is planning a trip to Iowa. That tells me he is thinking about running

Elisa Orozco

It has been disclosed that DeSantis’ wife worked for Black Rock…………..


His wife is CIA/Black Rock/Soros… did she ever have cancer? She recovered in a month and announced she was cancer free. DeSantis is a puppet.


Desantis is a Traitor….Deep State….

Elisa Orozco

It is really starting to look like it………


de santis is quite disgusting, a traitor, Untrustworthy, two faced SOB, definitely a RINO.

Do Not re-elect for Governor. Kick him out of office

He betrayed Floridians trust and allowed FEMA to abuse and threaten Floridians. Shame on de santis. He does not deserve Floridians votes.

Vote de santis out. Vote Matt Gaetz for FL Governor in 2024.

Last edited 1 year ago by 45-GreatestEver.GOD’sBlessingToUSA.
CONservative DEMocrat

I live in Florida. I would love that. If Gaetz primaries DeSantis, Ron should start packing.


He already has 4 yrs as Governor and now won re-election. Is he able to run again? I’m not sure but I thought you could only run 2 terms as Governor. Am I wrong?


Now Florida is demanding to register if you are planning to have a blog about pilgrims society Ron. They are equating bloggers to lobbyists


Amen & Amen …………..


No matter what info surfaces about DeSantis ; I will stand by C.I.C. Trump till they serve Johnny Walker Blue / Water , tall in Hell ! ! Creator God Told me to chirp up in support of DJT’s 2016 campaign & finally say something about the shipboard incident in The China Slot. I was silent & would have been that way till I saw my crewmembers in Heaven. // If Creator God thinks that C.I.C. Trump is good enough for Him To Tell me to Not stay silent ; I can think of no better recommendation for C.I.C. position which is primary over Presidency ! If we cannot defend our nation with honorable military then we will have no nation ! I am very suspicious of DeSantis ; just as I think a certain wolf in sheeps clothing has recently been revealed from Hawaii . Eyes Open , Be Vigilant , & remember DJT has Sovereign Authority Direct From The Eternal Sovereign . His Word Is Final ! Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195

Van Helsing

If Trump has to wait until 2025 to comeback, he won’t. He will lose. If the deep state wants Desantis in, he will win if there is not progress made on stopping the election fraud chicanery.

They will steal it again. I say TRUMP 2023!

Do it now!


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DeSantis still has a signed bill allowing him to FORCE the vax on people if an Emergency is declared. Why is no one asking him about THAT !!!!


Model State Emergency Health Powers Act

MANY states signed on to this. They do not need the WHO treaty to usurp local laws.

Virginia McCann

what?! HE SIGNED a Bill? To force Floridians to vax up? Lol! He might have one hellacious WAR with THE NRA. And Patriots..
I really can’t believe that he is that stupid & delusional!
He Has NO AUTHORITY, except what is crumbled and fed to him from Washington DC.

been there

been there since Jeb Bush

William Butterfield

Soros will give money to Governor Ron DeSantis support him for race to the white house he done said so! keep Donald trump out of the white house, and later pull the blanket out under Governor Ron DeSantis or blackmail him later out, as long keep Donald Trump out of his hair

btw if Donald Trump wins 2024 race to the white house, means he won three races to the job 12yrs

Last edited 1 year ago by William Butterfield
Michael R Davis

There will be no 2024 election.
Donald J Trump is Commander-in-Chief, his landslide 2020 election win temporarily set aside while the US Military under General Smith defeats and destroys the Globalist New World Order Deep-State Satanists. Trump will return to his lawful position when the war is won, soon.

“The majority of the armed forces stand with President Trump.” (General Eric Smith)

I think a proven-in-battle combat ready 4-star Marine General would know his troops and their loyalty to our nation, our Constitution, our flag, our people.

https ://www.marines .mil/CM/Biographies/Bio-Display/Article/2478637/gen-eric-m-smith/

Will Caulfield

Yes, there will be a 2024 election. There is no indication of this so-called war ending “soon.”

Last edited 1 year ago by Will Caulfield

Wrong. but no point in discussing it when we’re going to know for sure by the time 2023 is over. However Trump will return before 2024 election. Guaranteed.



Brian Tseng

To the “White Hat Holdout” still in favor of DeSantis… the fact that DeSantis was conspiring with Merrick Garland tells you ALL you need to know.

In that same vein, Trump needs to come out and say that he was lied to and the “vaccines” are actually BIO-WEAPONS…

Garland has done a ton of damage already, may he be rounded up soon.


Trump NEVER LIED about the vaccines he was telling us about you idiot what Trump told the world about was Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin (which I took) remember Trump told us about a lot of things people could take and they said he was a quack telling people to take horse medicine. Then when he mentioned light therapy they again said he was crazy.

Also, the strategy Trump used against the deep state made them push their unauthorized vaccine ahead of schedule defeating their 10 year plan to have us locked in our homes until everyone on earth was vaccinated so you deep state players, RINO’s on here to try to diss the best president in our lives it won’t work we the MAGA will not follow you PERIOD!


Read this report recently

Gary Lee Taylor

It’s good to know in advance before 2024
The uk Government are 2 sides of the same coin
There is only one Trump
(Apart from the clone with white around the eyes never seen with any family)

Michael R Davis

Just a double standing in for Commander-in-Chief Trump when he has to be secretly elsewhere, or for security measures. The double used on the golf course has a golf swing amazingly similar, but is not Trump. There will be no 2024 election. When Trump returns to assume his 2020 elected position, he will be the 19th President after Ulysses S Grant.

Derek Johnson – Military Operations
https ://rumble. com/v1nfzlw-october-11-2022.html


I have always doubted that DeSantis was a good guy.


Me too. He always rubbed me wrong, and I have never trusted him.Seems I was right, and now all my Florida people who got pissy about me not trusting him, are on the bandwagon!

CONservative DEMocrat

He has an arrogance about himself. I think he secretly holds his nose, when doing the ‘right’ things.


Other Sites say he has been swapped.
Timelines hey.


Who has been swapped? Desantis or Trump?


Swamped or Swapped ? ?


de satan

Elisa Orozco

………..Yes. I have read on a few sites that DeSantis was swapped when he visited GITMO.

Nukkin Futz

Wat’ta rat fink dago….! I never trusted that pasta sucking, Florida fried fish stick….Desantize….! He tries to pretend he’s a cool republigoon, when he’s got wokeycrat written all over his forehead! Wat’ta a one eyed jack he turned out to be……….booooooooo….

Mark David

When $500 Trillion of Rothschild money is on the line, the Deep State will try ANYTHING to Stop Trump.


You got that right. And it’s closer to $600,000,000,000,000.00.


Beatles were Right ! Money Can’t Buy Love ……


Those numbers are grossly inflated. Rothschild family is not worth anywhere close to that. Q outed this about 4 years ago.


Mark David: Hope this will not be deleted as the rest of my comments. I have no idea why?!!


He has company three times with the same fraternity as the rest of the swamp. I thought he was gone and an actor was playing him. Listen to his voice…. It knocks at your door.


I never trusted that snake in the grass

John .S

DeSantis aka, Coney Island Whitefish.

April Moore

Mm. What tangled webs we weave – first when we lie, and again when we entertain both sides – yes? I had thought that maybe DeSantis had an agenda of some sort – now I’m convinced he plays both courts…


Traitorous scum bottom feeder.


Where’s Judge Bruce Reinhart in all of this. Reinhart once represented Jeffery Epstein and he was the Judge who signed the order on the Mar-a-Lago raid. How much is he in the tank for?


This bloody snake must be skinned alive!


Then dipped in hot tar and bullwhipped.


Glad you Left out the chicken feathers ! They make me sneeeze …….


Be nice ! My Piranha need swim partners ………

Carol Sims

Just finished with my comment and realize that IT IS GONE!


thoughts and prayers

Carol Sims

I typed these words a few days ago letting others know that deSantis is a BLACK HAT.

He showed his true colors when he stood there having many pictures of himself being taken, was NOT looking where he should have been. FEMA is a bad word in my book. Equivalent for Our Government will take care of you. Do you think he was paying attention to FEMA group that was stealing money, weapons from those who had already lost everything? The people were suffering and did not need those POS!