General Smith Urges Trump: “Don’t Surrender!”


An astutely cautious General Eric M. Smith on Thursday urged President Donald J. Trump to not surrender to the Deep State amid concerns that Soros-funded District Attorney Alvin Bragg plans to charge him with 30 fabricated counts of business fraud, a source in the General’s office told Real Raw News.

Earlier Thursday, a corrupt NYC Grand Jury indicted the President, and Bragg’s office said it had spoken with Trump’s attorneys to facilitate his surrender early next week.

The illegal indictment, which remains sealed, comes after weeks of failed predictions. Two weeks ago, Trump posted to Truth Social that he’d be arrested on March 21; a few days ago, he said he’d heard Bragg had “given up” for lack of evidence.

General Smith, too, has revised his prediction and tactical assessment of what he has called a “fluid battlefield.” As reported on March 19, Gen. Smith opposed Trump surrendering but said a contingent of his forces was ready to spirit him to safety if the Deep State had designs to disappear him. Now, he is beseeching Trump to hunker down at Mar-a-Lago under military protection, from where, if necessary, he can mount a protracted defense.

Our source said President Trump and Gen. Smith spoke over an encrypted line Thursday evening, with the latter saying any attempt to defend Trump on the streets of Lower Manhattan would result in a “blood bath with extreme collateral damage.”

“General Smith sees the potential for unimaginable carnage,” our source said. “New York City has activated 9,600 uniformed officers and the federal government will have 2,200 FBI and IRS criminal investigation agents on the battlefield. Although Trump “backs the blue,” Gen. Smith warned him that none of them would publicly support him in a Deep State stronghold like Manhattan. Gen. Smith feels a rescue operation under those conditions could turn Manhattan into bombed-out Baghdad.”

The General, he added, told Trump that if he enters the courthouse, he’s entrusting the Deep State with his safety and placing his trust in a few Secret Service agents whose political impartiality is questionable, at best. He reminded Trump that Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle reports to Homeland Security Director Alejandro Mayorkas, the deepest of Deep Staters.

“If they betray you, Mr. President, you may be all alone,” Gen. Smith said to Trump.

But Trump rejected Gen. Smith’s concerns, saying his disappearance or sudden death in New York would almost immediately spark a revolution “unlike anything the country’s ever seen” and galvanize an indefatigable resistance. His plan, he told the general, would be to accept extradition and plead not guilty to Bragg’s baseless charges.

“There’s a plan, General. If they try anything funny, we win. If they don’t, we will win. Either way, we win,” Trump reportedly said.

Gen. Smith offered a final plea, a last suggestion, asking Trump to accompany him to safety at either Fort Bragg or Guantanamo Bay, both of which had arsenals capable of repelling an armed Deep State incursion.

“General Smith laid out his concerns, but Trump seems determined to go to New York,” our source said.

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How do I find a post that I had made? “Notify of new replies to this comment ” doesn’t help.


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Trump is a fool to defy Smith’s advice.


So why was Trump not arraigned by video, a very common occurrence almost becoming SOP.


Everyone please pray a hedge of protection around Trump.

Ronald Nussbeck

34 felony charges for Trump by NY DA, Fed. Indictment coming 30 felony charges, Georgia indictments 25 felonies, Trump should immediately take General Smiths advice. Things could get worse, he is in the “KILL BOX” right now, surrounded by the evilest men and women on earth.


The real Trump won’t be going to NY. Will use his double. If there is an assasination, it will be the double or a fake death for the sake of optics. The real Trump is tucked away safely.


They are asking for DNA I read. If he is a double, they will be bad.


All a movie being played out for the public.


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If they get Trump under their control, they could force him to tell US secrets. Foreign Country Secrets. There will be no one to stop them from drugging him. Brainwashing him. Or making him sick and killing them. As a former President he should continue to have protection. Arrested, there will be no protection for anyone.

Van Helsing

I hope Trump is right. He is staking his life on ‘the plan.’ The cabal may just kill him and worry about the aftermath later. They want a civil war.


Remember Lee Harvey Oswald, killed by Jack Rubinsten and covered up by the Warren Commission. That’s what this indictment is all about. Once they get you into the bowels of the courtroom…


TRUMP, DO NOT GO TO NYC, that’s where they killed Epstein. You’re a much bigger threat than him.


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Daniel Banic

Everybody watch this video that was uploaded to youtube 2 days ago. Its by a pyschic who uses dowsing to track whats going on with Trump and the deep state. I’ve been following him for years and he’s extremly accurate in his predictions for but he has’nt posted for almost a year due to youtube monitoring him and taking his channel down. In this video he saide he had a dream Trump goes to NY and there will be a battle and gunfire agianst the secret service and the police working for the deep state and then they shoot Trump in the back in a holding cell. From my own point of view and talking with God , it’s a metamorphic dream but regardless God is telling me there will be trouble if Trump goes to NY and surrenders. I love Trump and Im a Trump supporter but hes a bone head on this descision. Watch the video before they take it down –


Remember the Simpson episode when Trump is killed. I don’t remember which episode it was, but I am sure you can find it on youtube.

Daniel M Banic

It’s so stupid to even send the clone. If they kill him and the media captures any form of chaos with the secret sercvice and deep state police , it will cause a civil war. Totally stupid on both Trump and the miltarys part. Dont’ go. God is showing me there will be trouble.


This is one time I have to agree with the General!


No way are they getting the real DJT.


May God watch over him because The WORLD knows these people WANT HIM DEAD. WHY do they want his DNA ???? These people are the ones that belong in JAIL. Our country has been brought to its knees just like the bible said it would thanks to these corrupt Democrats


They want his DNA to clone him, so that when they assassinate him, they can bring out the clone and say “we didn’t do nuttin’ “.


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mary pascucci


Greg Thorsky

From the beginning of time as we know it, there has been one battle….good vs evil. There are many battlefields and many combatants yet victory is won one individual at a time.
President Trump I believe is walking in faith in God….Thank you Father all the Glory is yours
I am of God and God is within me.


Send in the Trump Clone. Everybody knows he has a bout 3 dozen.


I wouldn’t surrender President Trump. But you know these people want to kill him. And your latest info about wanting DNA is just what they want because THEY use clones and doubles. These CRIMINALS SHOULDVE ALREADY been arrested. Until you people do it, this crap show continues. These storms of nature are devastating people, they’re trying to survive. We don’t have time to protest and who would? Everyone knows they’d be arrested and jailed. It shouldn’t take PRESIDENT TRUMP to be arrested before you people ARRRST THESE CRIMINALS. Time and again you’ve alluded to all the EVIDENCE YOU HOLD AGAINST THEM, SO WHY THE HOLD UP? The country is totally weaponized and these idiots are unleashing everything on the people. Yes we have our weapons, but to sit by helpless is what they’re counting on. And they count on us using it against them. So we are caught in the middle.


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Brigid Bardont

I feel the same way. But, I know it’s a movie, and Trump is not stupid. Even the enemy has to admit that. If he truly “surrendered” to them, they murder him in record time. “Oh, he slipped”, “He tried to escape”, etc. So, this just another part of this “movie”, fortunately or unfortunately. And I still don’t like anything about this strategy.

Stinky Perfume

Controller decisions operates from our collective perspective mind. Takes what it does. Rub our noses in shit or something graphic as bloody war is designed to cause people to participate and take up responsibility. Earth and planets was called a forced ascension machine.

Prisons aren’t safe nor rehabilitate nor do mental hospitals, group homes, nursing homes, shelters and schools. Right now one is requiring a security process and swabs to be allowed to visit. I’m so righteous and emotional against anything to do with the toxins even a cheek swab when I could spit in a cup. I don’t want people chasing me with a thermometer either. I get loud real fast and would appreciate if Trump did what Putin is doing with ending the stabs in Russia to 6,314 degrees.

All institution staff are vaccinated if they didn’t get exemption or saline, and want to see other’s vaccinated like they are. ie; “If I had to take it, I’ll make you take it too”, etc. They remain uneducated and ignorant and the shit has so much variations people are so tricked.

Being wrong or turning to zombies don’t compute with them. They will jab visitors and patients to this day anytime they can. The military isn’t educating the public as authority yet they are hanging people to death over this. How inconsistent can it get?

Trump goes to jail and they force the vaccine for example then what’s his choice? The real Trump was alleged tricked but this clone Trump would be as guilty as the day the clone came off the press. If the clone met the real Trump, then what would happen?

They were wrong to be deceivers using clones is my take. But this move where Trump goes to jail sounds like karma. They could jab him, etc. Clone get’s the originals karma but still. If real Trump is under Cheyenne Mt, etc, sounds like he has a lot of fixing to do for the trickery that he fell for but they claim it can be fixed with time traveling.


For safety sake, they’ll send in a clone for the arraignment. It’s the best strategy.


I’m afraid they’ll heart attack him!

Philo Beddoe

I am sick to my stomach thinking about Trump going to Manhattan. Bad bad vibes! I think that he’d be assassinated within 5 minutes. Ugh!!!!!! I hope that he ends up taking General Smith’s sound advice. 🙏


I’m thinking the same, these people are desperate, like wounded animals will attack, I feel these monsters will try to assassinate him! I don’t think he should go at all. It’s like walking into a trap, a death trap!!!! God help him!


I agree Vicky!


May God shower our PRESIDENT, Donald J. Trump (and those who love him) with blessings of unimaginable proportions, allowing for a peaceful, lawful, and orderly process for the Trump family and protectors. Sweet Lord, it’s in your hands. “Everything works to the GOOD for those who love God and are called according to his purpose.” Trump was called.


I will view this as part of the plan until I see blood shed in the streets of every city, county, and state, in which case the revolution will be game on. Until then keep eating your popcorn and watching the movie. I think the good part is coming up.

Big Johnson

I love this movie. Trump goes to jail!

mary pascucci


Stinky Perfume

To this day people in any institution are vaccinated with the Trump vaccine and the guards are not letting visitors in without a new lengthy process involving the arm stab, questions, the swab, no spit in a cup, they want up in people’s bodies with that cotton, temperatures, appointments for visits required now, not visiting hours. Clothing can’t even be dropped off at some places. It has to be shipped in from Amazon.  They are all virus hysterical. No inmates I know escaped it. They bring on promises of release or sanctions for refusal. 


His clone goes. You poor thing. You just can’t win.


The Biden crime family has been screwing over our country for decades
IT IS TIME to arrest, impeach and Hang his sorry ass !

Big Johnson

Hell yes! Bring it to the courts/local DA/ DOJ/Anyone!

Susan green

I pray President Trump does not go to New York . I don’t trust them ! We will be praying for you Pres Trump . You are the best

Big Johnson

You’re fired

Stinky Perfume

Remember 9/11? They blew up the towers to start a war in Iraq or the whole middle east? NYC is a coastal town in a key area for whoever wants to rebuild. If you look at the whole earth’s large city resets they have ways to end places like NYC. Just look at the Grand Canyon. Must have been a NYC before. They build, populate, tear it down, because too many realize evil rules earth, can’t compete, so side with that side to be the winner. Places don’t last too long either. Everything is temporary.


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Robert James

At present 12 people cared enough about this to vote negative.


Maybe we need General Smith for our president, not kidding. We seriously needed Trump to fight this old school style. Going to Manhattan is pure stupid. The enemy is not holding back. If we lose Trump, then things are going to go even more downhill and fast. I wish General Smith would take control, right now.


I think General Smith can legally take over, if necessary. May God guide him.

Robert James

Trump signed a Sedition Act order transferring his control to the military. Currently Smith.

Robert James

Trump signed an order under the Sedition Act of 1803 because of a national emergency that transferred his power to the military, i.e. now General Smith. And we know with Trump things are often different than they seem.


Saint Michael, the Archangel, defend President Trump in battle. Be his protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray. And do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Hosts, cast into hell satan, and ALL the evil spirits who wander through the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.


…in Jesus Precious Name, Amen!



Robert James

On second thought, how many times has Trump said something with ulterior motives? Methinks he’s setting the Satanists up!


see it


I hold the sell out corporate military and so called white hats responsible for everything happening today, including the death of our president.

Brian Tseng

Trump needs to understand that it’s very easy for the Deep State to poison him or otherwise biologically attack him once he’s in their hands. NEVER put oneself at the mercy of such enemies…

Trump is ONE leader, he is NOT the Movement, but let’s not get complacent or cocky over his safety.

Sparky Sr

You all need to think like TRUMP…
He said he’s going to Manhattan….
He said he’s going Tuesday….
Pay attention to what he says AND how he says it…
He didn’t say WHERE in Manhattan nor did he say which Tuesday…
Don’t forget that the indictment is still sealed…

Maybe Bragg is waiting, like pelosi did on the covid 1st case to bring impeachment #1, along with the Special Council in GA – indict all at once…

It’s all a shit show – Either way, TRUMP WINS – GOD WINS


He said this Tuesday, to Trump Tower, then to the New York County Courthouse. Directly from his official spokesman. Could it be any more clear?

Big Johnson


Susie Que

I heard reports on Fox that he was actually going there on Monday . . .


Trump knows that anything they do to hurt him, hurts the world, and most people in this country. He knows that if they get too carried away with their trying to take him down, he has millions upon millions of brave souls with, and behind him. He’s asking for our help without seeming to, because he knows how evil they are and what they’ll do to us.


Just follow the plan. It has been flawless thus far, right? Oh, and how come the white bonnets are not in on Trump’s plan?


Who said they weren’t? Keep up Sam!


If Trump is still the president, General Smith should be guarding him.

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Me me

They do not want Trump to surrender because then the world world know the truth.


on a spiritual discussion something that’s been on my heart today Gods love never fails . God doesn’t ever fail ever , he is righteous love it is us that fails him sin is a Seperator it divides us from God. God is holy righteous and good, and no sin is in him. he will not be partaker of sin or evil. . so, if God seems like he has forsaken you Know this he hasn’t. he’s just letting you know there something in your heart that needs to change before he can come back into your life in a blessed way the sin has to go. . GOD WONTS YOU TO KNOW THIS AND REMEMEBER HE LOVES YOU VERY MUCH WITH A GREATER MORE HOLY LOVE THAN WE CAN EVEN IMAGINE OR COMPREHEND.


I agreed with General Smith, Trump should not step foot in NewYork.


i cant fathom the amount of no faith in trump in these comments, most of you did not spend yrs researching truth. only long term anons know the reality to come and trust the plan, sad for the doughters lol




Bobby Kennedy thought he could run for President too. Don’t let him near the kitchen. And how exactly is it a win if something really bad happens? Words have meanings even if the people they are attached to are actors.


Perhaps a Trump clone will be sent to turn himself in? 🤔 Beat them at their own game using their own tactics. No matter what happens I pray for peace upon this Earth and I pray for President Trump’s wellbeing. 🙏🏻 WWG1WGA ❤️


the hardest part of being a good-hearted leader is standing back and watching others run into danger and baring the guilt and the suffering not only they bare but their loved ones. and trump you have a mountain of things you are baring. and suffering through. as a leader, breaks my heart just thinking of it, you are just as much a warrior as the special forces who fights at your orders and puts their lives on the line for you. and all of us Americans who just won’t shut up and hide under tyranny. who refuse to give up their rights and freedoms and if comes are even willing to die for our children and grand children’s future. for our land and countries people lord forbid war ever come. I wish none to come to harm, but as another man has said we will not go gently into that night if we go we go hard and we go all.


to dangerous literally the fate of billions of people are riding on your shoulders trump you are too important not only to this movement but to Americans who love you and just don’t won’t harm to come to you. I’ve been watching videos on social media there is people openly calling for civil war and extermination just because you are being attacked of a false crime. if war breaks out in America worse a civil war history has already shown that Americans fighting each other is a brutal merciless slaughter. general grant laid waste to entire cities and put his prisoners in torture camps. and the south well you know what happened you’re a highly educated man.