Marines “Unalive” Clinton Clones in New York and San Diego


“The real epidemic was never Covid; it’s all the damn clones,” a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News after U.S. Marines on Monday “unalived” two Hillary Clones on opposite sides of the country at the same time of day.

When Gen. Smith heard that Clinton would attend a Monday memorial service for a liberal billionaire who allegedly put a bullet in his brain on 23 February, he activated a Marine reconnaissance platoon to investigate the claim. He was doubly concerned because Clinton was also scheduled to attend a fundraising brunch at the Coasterra Restaurant in San Diego—3,000 miles away and only an hour after Thomas H. Lee’s Manhattan memorial was scheduled to begin. Unless the person purporting to be Clinton had access to a Star Trek transporter or could pilot an SR-71 Blackbird, she couldn’t magically appear simultaneously in New York and California.

A second Marine squad visited New York to see whether a Clinton lookalike surfaced at Lee’s memorial.

Both teams had clear rules of engagement. First, figure out whether the imposters were clones or human actors. If clones, “unalive” them; if actors, make an arrest.

Accomplishing that task meant the Marines would have to isolate and capture the Clinton copies, then inspect them for abnormalities—flat feet, missing molars, deformed genitals—common among the clones found at the Alaska and Missouri cloning laboratories. Our source reluctantly shared an added defect—heterochromia, the presence of different colored eyes in the same person. Heterochromia in humans appears either as a hereditary trait unassociated with other disease, as a symptom of various syndromes, or as the result of a trauma.

White Hats say clones among us hide the defect with colored contact lenses or through corrective surgery.

The Marines in New York spotted a wretched Clinton doppelganger outside the Lincoln Center for Performing Arts, where she commingled with mourners paying final respects to Lee. Undercover and at a distance, they peered at her scraggly face through binoculars, looking for telltale signs of a body double in a mask or doused in makeup—seams around the neck, a person caparisoned in excessive clothing unbefitting of the weather, the disparity in the size and shape of ears, etc., but they couldn’t decide from their rooftop perch, 100 yards away. To their surprise, a man looking like former President Bill Clinton joined Hillary as the throng of mourners left the service for limousines crowding the gridlocked street.

William Jefferson Clinton actual died by poisoning following his military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay in September 2021. His estranged wife, a lesbian, was hanged to death at GITMO four months earlier.

“This was a chance to knock out two birds with one stone. We want to destroy as many clones as possible, thin those numbers, while we’re working to find all the labs, but we still try to be mindful that these could be actors, and we want to know who’s paying them. When the Clintons got into a limo and drove off, the Marines tailed them. Not an easy feat since Manhattan is one of the most crowded places on the planet. If they tried to stop the car, they had the driver to contend with, too,” our source said.

The Marines chose patience over imprudence, and they shadowed the limousine as it navigated the city streets and eventually left Manhattan for Queens via the 59th Street Bridge, ultimately arriving in affluent Astoria late in the afternoon. The limo stopped in a quiet cul-de-sac beside an opulent three-story, Victorian-style home. After the driver opened the trunk to retrieve luggage, the Marines made their move, tazing the driver and pulling the Clinton copies from the vehicle. Bill and Hillary protested, shouting, “Don’t you know who we are?” The unit commander replied, “We know who you aren’t,” while his team shoved the pair into a civilian van and began examining them for clone indicators. Sure enough, both had fallen arches and wore contacts to conceal mismatched eyes. The duo insisted they were “Mrs. and Mr. President Hillary Clinton” and said they had “ransom insurance.” The unit commander asked, “If you’re Bill Clinton, where’s your secret service detail, and why do you have one brown and one blue eye,” to which Bill’s clone responded, “They should be here, and I’ve always worn contacts, so I didn’t look weird.”

“This tells us that clones, during the maturation process, are programmed to explain away differences with the real article, but believe they are the real people. The Marines ‘unalived’ them, bullet to the heads. There was an unfortunate complication. They had to take the driver, who was just an ordinary chauffeur who believed he was picking up and dropping off the Clintons. And he’s detained, screaming bloody murder that he saw us kidnap the Clintons—he didn’t see the clones get shot. So, we’re trying to figure this out,” our source said.

Meanwhile, the Marines in California had better success isolating their copy of Hillary Clinton. After leaving the Coasterra soiree in San Diego, the Hillary facsimile sauntered alone along a pier on the luxurious Sunrose Resort Marina. A tranquilizer dart hit her neck, and Marines encircled her/it, hurriedly putting the unconscious creature in the rear seat of a waiting SUV. Unlike the New York clones, the San Diego Hillary had “normal eyes,” but the Marines found other signs of cloning technology: Their Hillary had no genitalia.

The Marines executed the clone.

“All clones are now at Camp Pendleton being studied. We have leads on other cloning labs, both in the U.S. and overseas, we’re following up on. It’s hard to tell how many have been let loose in public,” our source said in closing.

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Lisa Cordaro




Deneze Lujanen

Thats good the White hats put a bullet in the clone of hiliary and Bill Clintons head.. and they should charge the double looking fake hilliary with fraud and Treason as we can tell she aint the real hildabeast..but i bet she is a pedo too just like the real DEAD clintons..

she should also be executed.. and get all the bidens and schumers and execute those clones.. who is schumer married too you know that tranny male looking wife he that one we see in Congress the real schumer or the clone..and we all know shcff is dead so who is this clone that also needs a bullet in the head..and the white hats got to also arrest the clone Trudeau and execute him too..we are not naive when it comes to these clones..

we know whos dead and we also know whos a clone and a actor.. execute the actor thats playing biden that aint biden that is Arthur Roberts.. fraudland and treasonous.. so is head board harris.. that one i see is a clone and the other wearing a mask.. get rid of them all..and there is NO such thing as a Democracy as the orginal constitution is a republic.. who ever heard of a constitutional such thing.. 1776 is the only way to live.. Canada will also have a 1776 constitutional republic soon ..i hope so..
oh yea Pelosi is Dead so kill the clone and the actor who is playing her husband paul as hes doing life in Gitmo..

and Yes Desantis is part of the deep state..


The ones that are still ‘alive’ are controlled by the White Hats. Arthur Roberts does and says as he’s told. He has ‘handlers’ who are controlling him. They do as they’re told or they are executed. If they cooperate they MIGHT be given life in prison, if not they are DEAD. As far as I understand the whole thing will stop with the ‘Sum of All Fears’ false Nuclear attack to AWAKEN ALL AMERICANS AND THE PLANET to all the false and evil things the Cabal has been doing to us for many, many decades.


It’s about time somebody says it. This clone nonsense is unreal


Barry and Big Mike’s clones should also be destroyed at this point. The Obama clones and the Clinton clones and the Gates clones are 90% of the US deep state today. .


Who ever said Obama….and Michael are clones ?? FYI….they are still around. Who do you think is running the country now….and giving the ORDERS to Joe Biden ?? The “Head Nigger” himself. I would love to see Barry…and Michael
sent to GITMO…. and executed. And….if Trump does not win in 2024…the Head Nigger will still be running the country. You know that Obama is a Communist….like his REAL father, Frank Marshall Davis. The Open Southern Border is all Obama’s idea….to bring in new Democrat voters…and, to collapse our Capitalist system. The Head Nigger is still around….with his TRANNY “wife”.


Let’s not be vulger impala. I dont known how God feels but I’m almost ready for a shoot to kill order on all known clones


Yes, the fact that Biden is flying illegals into our country under cover of darkness is nothing new. Obummer was already doing it during his two phony administrations. This is Obama’s third term.

Last edited 1 year ago by Sue

ALERT !! A new Hillary CLONE has just surfaced at a conference in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Michael… your people with the White Hats. Another Hillary clone
to kill. She was interviewed today by Mika Brewzenski of MSNBC.


ALERT !! Another Hillary CLONE has just appeared on MSNBC in an interview with Mica Brezinski….at a Forbes 30/50 Summit in Abu Dhabi, UAE, on Wednesday. Michael….contact the White Hats immediately !! Another Hillary clone has just popped up. Another one for the White Hats to KILL.

Above Reproach

Don’t say that ! The sickness is real, I have first hand experience with it.
Its definitely a man made sickness. 110 days in a Hospital with tubes sticking out of every hole in my body and some where there aren’t any holes. The people who are cloned are the reason and the proprietors of the sickness. Some Republicans and Most Democrats are involved. The sickness is greed. When do people have enough money, for most people
it’s just being comfortable. For others it’s a decease, they never have enough. Like dogs eating in competition, they will gorge themselves until they throw up and crap at the same time. Only to do it again and again.




So if some people are clones and clones do not have rights, then a homicide charge is impossible in that all the statutes on murder assume the defendant is human. And if this, wherein we live, is a ‘live exercise’ then taking a clone hostage and introducing her/him to a terminal ending is not violating ANY law.

Last edited 1 year ago by Julie

Good reasoning and logic; if they do not have a spiritual soul they are not human nor are they God’s Creation. So give them a technical name so we can identify their purpose which, outside of currently causing crime, confusion, and chaos has no beneficial value to keep humans ALIVE and FREE.
OMG ! what if the clones had a battle and destroyed each other? Garbage trucks will have to do the messy clean up. I do hope that we can tell the difference between the “clone crap” and “a real human being”!!!! I pray that these clones have some strong & explosive electrical reactions during their use. AMERICA, READ THE TRUTH CHANNELS AND ACT, MSM WILL NEVER TELL YOU WHAT THE GOV’t is doing to our farms, lakes, food processing plants. THE BALL IS IN THE CITIZENS’ COURT. HEY AMERICA, DO YOU HAVE THE BALLS TO PROTECT YOURSELVES. I am proud to see all kinds of women out their defending our kids. MAY GOD DELIVER AMERICA!

question everything

Do you see how quickly this could turn into salem witch trials 2.0 and probably without any trial at all. Anyone with fallen arches or who wears contacts could soon be at risk. And this would only be phase one, the Clone Trials. Then we would probably have the Zombie Trials for all those who just aren’t lively enough to appease the mob rule. But let’s not think it through too much, just kill ’em all!


Who are you to define another’s purpose, Julie?

Last edited 1 year ago by Julie

Another Hillary clone has just surfaced in Abu Dahbi, UAE at a Forbes 30/50 Summit. The CLONE was interviewed by Mika Brezewski of MSNBC. Contact Michael immediately …and report this to the White Hats !!! One more Hillary CLONE to be KILLED.


You could do the job!


You keep posting this over and over but you don’t give a date.


Did you ask them if them if they had a husband and what is his name. Let’s see how far this cloning goes.

Last edited 1 year ago by Katie

Clones are anti-God, soulless abominations on planet Earth and have been utilized by even our very ancient past civilizations. They must be removed, as our White Hats are excellently doing.


why let the grey hats have all teh fun? clones make a target rich environment!


Let the perverts use the clones, that way they will not bother our girls…good idea.


Or our boys.


You might want to give them a little more credit.


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The “depopulation plan of the Deep State”,. Could be turned on the clones.
I have it on good authority that three out of four that walk the PLANET are in fact CLONES !
Are you Shocked ?
Read the book by Megan Rose. Welcome to the Future
Someone by the name. Val Neck…
Do some real research….

Last edited 1 year ago by Wildcat

Cool! Target rich environment and no conscience issue


I’m making $90 an hour working from home. i was greatly surprised at the same time as my neighbour advised me she changed into averaging $100 however I see the way it works now. I experience mass freedom now that I’m my non-public boss. Everybody must try this job now by just using this website..

Last edited 1 year ago by Delavic
Dave Smith

Soo they clones don’t pee or poop ? Do they cremate them soon they can’t cloned again ? Heard Hitler used clones too . They say the movie boys from Brazil it show how they clone them I haven’t watched it yet . Thank you for this platform
God bless us all amen. Be the change for the better world and universe


Guys think on these articles before taking every word as gospel. Would military Intel allow this info out before they knew clones labs are still out there and would they lets us know they took limo drivers as what MB prints here Cabal will read it and you think military is telling them what the plans are?
Although MB does write a great murder mystery style story I take it with a grain of salt that maybe just maybe a line or two of truth is to be had in these story’s.
Ober one plus yr ago we read ”Trump’s return was imminent”….what’s definition of imminent…lol


yep, like if there is 2022 election fraud the grey hats will do the EBS.

yea, sure.

question everything


About to occur; impending.Threatening to occur immediately; near at hand; impending; — said especially of misfortune or peril.Full of danger; threatening; menacing; perilous.

Last edited 1 year ago by question everything
Brigid Bardont

So those poor west coast marines had to pull down her tenties, and check out her pre-pubescent “clock”…?? They deserve medals.


I’d hate to be her gynecologist


Yes, especially here in California because of all the movie and TV stars who call it home, as do I.


Thank you and God Bless our White Hat Special Forces, always. They are single handedly exterminating the walking dead cloned ghouls among us.

Son of Ethan Allen

The soulless ones.

Lynn Delaney

I take great pleasure in the demise of the Clintons. Thank you…can’t thank you enough for your invaluable work, Michael!


Two to the head!!!!! This is how all traitors should be treated. If the military are sure of their facts…bypass the tribunal and BAM!!! TWO TO THE HEAD!!!! good bye …good riddance!!!!
Putin has the right response….QUICK end!!!

Will flowers

Yeah, i know because i told him…no torture…do it swiftly. Youre welcome


While I have no doubt of the truth of this report, it is an strange story. But for me one of the oddest parts was the part was the Hilary clone wandering alone on the pier. I guess when you’ve been raised in an underground bunker, it’s like you are seeing everything for the first time. LOL!
I’m sure the clones don’t get out much, & when they do, & their assignment is complete the want to take in a little sightseeing.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel sorry for them. They are an abomination. They must all be destroyed, along with the technology!

Pepe Penname

Who is old enough to remember the Pepsi Cola jingle?

<i> Come alive! You’re in the Pepsi generation!

John .S

Wife said: “what’s-up with gun rack in your truck?, it’s not hunting season”.

Responded: “yes it is, it’s clone hunting season, no license needed, no bag limit, could say: it’s a varmint shoot, total free-for all”.

She asked: “clones in the Catskills”?

Said: “no, they’re all over Manhatten as MSM television personalities”.

She yelped: “don’t you dare put taxidermist fees on my credit card, and I will have you dinner ready when you get back – have fun, get a big one”.

American Living in Canada

“Say your prayers, varmint!”

“Anyone a you lily-livered, bow-legged varmints care to slap leather with me, in case any of you git ideas you better know who you’re dealin’ with. I’m Yosemite Sam.”

See you in the funny papers.

John .S

Myself a sportsman, big game hunting, shot many quadrupeds.

Bipeds aka, two-legged clones has potential investment opportunity.

Hmm, going to attain internet domain: NYC Clone Hunting dot com, offering unique inclusive packages. Westchester & Nassau County hunts available.

Rumor, clone’s eyes glow when illuminated with flood light, humans don’t, making it easy to tell the difference, perfect for nighttime clone jacking excursions, let’s say, in Central Park.

No doubt clone population will hit epidemic proportion similar to NYC subway rats.

Again, see investment opportunity hunting clones.

Hope Gen. Smith didn’t copyright: “unalived” i.e., Unalived Outfitters dot com.


i’m your first huckle in their berry!

i wonder if clones really suffer during torture? only one way to find out!


there’s gonna be a lot of slow-singing and flower-bringing when John S shoulders his big bore rifle!

Van Helsing

But where are the clones? There ought to be clones, don’t bother they’re here.

Willy 2.0

Poor Marine who had to “check” for hillary’s genitalia…should get an extra week of R & R

Rene Labre

the huge question,if this person why can I still see them on TV? You have not done your research have you? This step really messes up their plans,they smoke the clones on the spot,soon they will also smoke the live actors who are guilty of treason..” am just an actor,I am innocent!” Now you are a dead actor. it is going to be hard for them to find actors. That is now a very dangerous occupation. There is not going to be an arrest nor court trail, you are guilty of espionage who are you really? And who cares?Problem solved. this is war daddy-o! who cares what their story is? They thought they would pull this off with ease….,considering they think you are blind and stupid.Bravo Dr.Baxter! This article answers those nagging questions. How could they do that?. that is how. another nightmare for old Obama,he is going to have to bail out and flee the country. that will be hard because his money is Rockefeller money,not his.They will let him be the fall guy, He will have to be that to take the attention off of them.

Dave Kelly

From the very start, the White Hats should have produced Press releases , analogue videos of the the Tribunals, hearings , confessions and video of EXECUTIONS of all the ENEMY COMBATANTS , PEDOPHILES , ETC. If they had produced all of that , just as was stated from the very beginning back in Jan of 2020, the White Hats would NOT be chasing and hunting down fucking clones of ENEMY COMBATANTS that have been removed and EXECUTED already, but again this another aspect of the SLOW-PLAYING that has been going on ALL ALONG, And anyone here legitimately NEEDS to think about this, because you are being DECEIVED, TRUMP is a DECIEVER and a LIAR, he is DEEP STATE and totally owned and controlled by zionist satanist jews , as for folks that cannot see , understand , realize and accept this FACT, you may never until it is too late, Gen BERGER and TRUMP have been SLOW-PLAYING THIS FOR AT LEAST TWO YEARS, allowing the Deep State to continue their heinous bullshit through the use of these CLONES, as this could not be more obvious. Gen Smith does seem sincere in his efforts and command, as he was very aware from the beginning of problems within the WHITE HAT AUTHORITY and LEADERSHIP, lots of traitors and infiltrators and NOW he is being bogged down with this clone bullshit rather that going after the Deep State assholes and henchmen in law enforcement and aspects of the White Hats attempting to interceding into POLITICS , like pimping for Trump and casting aspersions about other possible candidates such as Gov. DeSantis or whom ever may pose a POLITICAL THREAT to the DECEIVER and LIAR DJT. This White Hat movement, America First, Patriots and the take down of global PEDOPHILE NETWORKS and HUMAN. CHILD SEX-SLAVE TRAFFICKING and those that have committed TREASON , CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY AND ACTS OF TERRORISM etc. and were not to pick winners and losers in POLITICS , that is the bullshit and criminal enterprise of the CRIMINALLY CORRUPT and COMPROMISED USDOJ , FBI and the criminals within the US INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES and DoD . In fact the WHITE HATS SHOULD BE TAKING OUT THESE LOWLIFE DEGENERATE CRIMINALS that have committed TREASON AGAINST THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA THE REPUBLIC, and THE AMERICAN PEOPLE , but instead are taking down Deep State CLONES.

Dave Kelly

The whole bullshit that if the White Hats told the TRUTH to the public it would cause unrest , is a cunard, TOTAL BULLSHIT. There was lots of unrest and rioting throughout 2021 and 2022, so release of the information of TRIBUNALS , EXECUTIONS of ENEMY COMBATANTS and PEDOPHILES SHOULD HAVE BEEN MADE, ABSOLUTELY! PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW THE TRUTH, and FUCK THOSE THAT THINK DIFFERENTLY.

trust nothing

Although Hillary is dead, she has many doubles so I’m thinking she will pop up again somewhere. Perhaps a couple have been taken off the shelf but apparently there is a mass production of celebrity clones. Why are they letting Gavin Newsom, Nancy, Joe, Adam, or anyone of these impersonators continue. If this is real, I want massive public disclosure. They are all beyond evil but the general public need to know. I now expect more clones to be “unalived”.

Rob William

RRN is a massive public disclosure website! What impact is it making?

trust nothing

The general public does not read this and most dismiss this as entertainment and fiction writing. Whenever I bring these stories up in a conversation people laugh it off and think I’m nuts. It has been difficult for me to find another RRN follower.


It is difficult for me to find a cardiologist, surgeon, or radiologist who is not at least 2X clotshotted.


And the 80 Canadian doctors who boosted their boosters are all dead now. Dead doctors don’t lie.


One more question…what was in the house they were dropped off at… have they investigated and searched the house.


Question here…if they are a clone and are AI and truly believe who they are… can they be hypnotized for Intel or information. Don’t they upload their memory?
And if they can be uploaded they should be able to be downloaded.

Last edited 1 year ago by Gigi
Sandy Koufax

Now that Biden has empowered the WHO to invoke medical martial law over the USA, there are far bigger fish to fry than executing clones. Smitty’s revenge on the Clones is a parody of Nero fiddling while Rome burns.

Last edited 1 year ago by Sandy Koufax
David T

Yeah whatever. But one thing is for sure, Hillary’s clone of her clone of her clone will hit the ground running and not miss a beat, right DF?


Get back to your glory hole


Can’t wait til medical martial law. time to party! let’s get this show rolling


The thing I question is the fact the General said to find out who is paying them. If you shoot all the live ones you can’t ask them anything.
Also is it the cloning process that makes them all LGBTQLOL, and if they have no genitalia then why do they all seem to want little children or something slightly worse.
I realize they all are not lacking genitalia, but again they definitely are messed up when it comes to sexual preferences and common sense, They might need to change some coding some where.
Since they didn’t ask any questions, when and if they do they should see if they retain memories. That seems to be the biggest sticking point for me. Do clones, clone with full memories of their original?
Can the Clinton clone play the Sax like the original?

I think they should hang them twice, 3 times, as many times as it takes. Use the same rope for all the Hillery Clones. I think she would appreciate that. Put a knot in the rope for every Hillery you hang, at the end see who has the most knots.

Anyways this was a fun read, one last question. Do they draw straws to see who gets to pull the trigger, to make sure one man doesn’t get to pull the trigger on all the Clinton’s, Obama’s, or Bush’s.

My comments only seem to go through half the time lately.


Who’s paying actors, not the clones.


Israel, of course


The clones should not be offed!
They should be collected and displayed around the country, 2 or 3 of the same clones at a time.

Lynn Delaney

That would be too upsetting for the average person like a member of my family…


Tough! Tell them to grow up.




The Lord Our God does NOT take lightly ‘saving spoiled war artifacts”. All ust be purged.

Pray Hard

The shot of Hillary stumbling into the limo at the 911 memorials a few years ago… was that a clone?


Hillary died in 2018, according to a military employee who read that on a military computer.

Rob William

How old are you?


That day, Sept 11 2016, after she was wobbling with security at the curb then chucked into the van like a side of beef, was taken to chelsea’s pad, there was a news break announcing her death which was later retracted. I’ve heard it said she did die that day and her double, who was obviously not the real hrc took her walk outside for the cameras having lost about 30lbs and hugged a little girl even though the word was she had pneumonia.



Larry Murray

I must say over the last month, you guys have become more of a news propaganda promoting an agenda that is separate from your Oath of office as well as the will and desire of the American People you swore an Oath to and for. You have all become disgraceful to the American People as well as other Nations! Try doing your job starting with securing your own Nations Borders. You shall all be stripped of all you have been given. You have all failed horribly in your duty to life and the planet. No more you are done. complete. Peace.

richard sanborn spc4 US Army retired

first off youve got know idea what they are doing at the border really besides fake news id say ever think they are tracking all of those people and finding out information when they round them back up? have you seen all those people with your own 2 eyes or did you see it on fake news? our military are fighting a massive battle below and above ground theyve recued millions of children world wide and blown up 10;s of thousands of miles tunnels and mag lev trains and countless adrenochrome labs so before you go accusing our great military of stuff you dont know about maybe you should do some research first washington dc is a ghoast town all of the banker elites have been taken out from top down all over the world what did you do watch one show sput off like you know something? watch patriot street fighter on rumble micheal jaco on rumble nino rodreguz on rumble fall of the cabal 23 part documentary on rumble then maybe state your opinion their hands are full and theyre trying to keep from causing civil war from bunch woke tards all masked and dumb full toxic jabs


Well, some of us DO have an idea what is going on at the border and it is a SHIT SHOW CIRCUS!. LEGIONS of MENA muslims, haitians and hipsanics come in 24/7. Rapes on little girls in border town have exploded.

US should declare WAR ON MEXICO


Condolences. The bums lost. My advice is to do what your parents did; get a job, sir. The bums will always lose.


damn, now you’re writing like someone of your own age


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Last edited 1 year ago by Delavic
John .S

Glitch in programming Barack clone, can’t load input, Michelle lacking genitalia.


Sounds like a skill issue for the programmer


I’m tired it the clone robot or masked white hat fakes. All need to be eradicated. If you are an Alliiance masked your just as culpable as the dark.Nothing more to be said.


Nope. No can do. Mikey needs donations so the story can’t end

Charles Smith

I’m pretty sure any Hillary since 2012 has been a clone. I Hurd Hillary died in a plane crash on the way to Iran in 2012. Ever since then has been a clone or a double. Bill on the other hand reported got poisoned in September 2021. Hillary and Bill cloans. Funny in this article when they ask why do you have one brown eye and one blue, he don’t make sence (Bill). One time Bill was asked about his ties to Epstine and he just looked with a blank face silently. That’s not how Bill Clinton ever reacted. I knew he was a clone by that point. I knew Hillary died in 2012 when at the Congressional hearing she had glasses that fed her info, Hillary should need what Joe Biden does now, and we know Joe biden is a clone/actor now. The FAKE President.

Last edited 1 year ago by Charles Smith

You Hurd?

Rob William

Hurd like Curd.

Charles Smith

I read rather, sometimes my vocabulary is not too good. I wasn’t very good with vocabulary in school as my memory wasn’t that great from my brain injury.


So, I read a long time ago, and in various places, that Turdeau is a clone. The story goes that Obombya came up to Canada for a visit, especially to congratulate the Turd on his 2015 election win. During the visit, Obombya suggested to the Turd that they go jogging together so that they could talk better. The story goes that he never came home. Only a clone came home from the jog. They say Sophie took one look at him and said, “You’re not my husband!!!!” They split up soon thereafter although the Turd pretends they are together. They aren’t. Also of note, as it ties in here, I saw a screenshot of a list of donators to the Truck Convoy last January. Her name was on it. It was a small but token donation. Are clones allowed to run a country? I don’t think so. Should be checked out.


Oh and he speaks way too perfectly. Just listened to him now. No one speaks absolutely perfectly like that. Obomya did though. It is plugged into an A.I., or something. The programming is really advanced, it would appear. A human will stumble on the occasional word, scratch their nose, etc. He never does. His responses are lightening quick and the word salad goes ’round and ’round.


Everyone I don’t like is a clone.

a book by Jack Pee Pee Taker Posebic

Rob William

Clones have their rights and dignity too. Please don’t have clones — Clone # 100101


Well what you should do is start a little advocacy group for clones and store-front dummies and the like.


Unintelligable. No reply available.


I’m making $90 an hour working from home. i was greatly surprised at the same time as my neighbour advised me she changed into averaging $100 however I see the way it works now. I experience mass freedom now that I’m my non-public boss. Everybody must try this job now by just using this website..

Last edited 1 year ago by Delavic
trust nothing

I looked up cloning labs over a year ago (without google) and there were advertised centers in UK, Canada, and China. I’m sure there are many more under assumed names in the US and other countries. To locate each secret location would require a mole or insider.
How did we let things get so out of hand?
Are you familiar with Dr. Suess book about bee-watchers?
Is this our society today? Everyone must insure everyone else is doing what they are supposed to do?
In my opinion this cloning experiment should never have been allowed. But in the name of science, like Cern, it was allowed. Pandora’s Box is open.

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Good job! Regardless of the circumstances, you do what has to be done.

mary pascucci


Shane Lindsley

Michael Baxter should author a book; he definitely win a Pulitzer! Great literary style, and great description of events. I feel like I’m in the middle of a Dean Koontz novel!

Now if you go to the “About Us” section, you will find the disclaimer that this work is satire. Sadly, way too many people conveniently ignore this little tidbit.

Bernadette Bennett

The disclaimer says it ‘contains’ humor, parody, and satire’; that’s doesn’t mean the entire story is untrue or made up. Often, this disclaimer is stated for the legal protection of the author, which Michael mentions.
Knowing many of these things really are happening, I tend to think Michael is writing the truth, adding humorous details for our enjoyment…we sorely need them.

Cindy W.

New around here eh.


Behave yourself. Welcome the sleepy they are adjusting themselves to the Red Pill.


Michael’s reporting contains too many names….and details….to be total parody. Why the White Hats chose him as their mouthpiece….no one knows.
Maybe they trust him. All I know is….Michael has “the goods” on all the secret shit going on….that Fox News would NEVER report on. And….he’s for Trump.
That’s good enough for me.

Rob William

Good for you!


Thank you–go, White Hats!


How cool is that they got to smoke 3 clones/clowns in one day! I wonder how long before another one appears? My only questions are did they interrogate them to find out who Arkancided the alleged friend in NY?

And how are these clones moving around? At who’s expense? I would think all of their ill gotten assets would have been seized by now? Was the house searched?


Good day for whitey.