A Note From Michael


I want to apologize for my malaise in publishing lately, but also, possibly against my better judgement, want to take a moment to explain what’s going on in my world outside of Real Raw News.

It’s not my habit to discuss things personal—being vulnerable has bit me in the ass before, situations where people I trusted, now armed with some morsal of info on my life, turned against me. Therefore, I am hesitant.

I’ve admitted before that I’m going through health issues, some of which have resolved or are under treatment.

Ever here the only saying, “Catastrophes come in threes?”

Well, there may be merit to that old axiom.

On Monday this week, I experienced symptoms consistent with what are called TIAs– Transient ischemic attack, temporary period of symptoms like those of a stroke, usually a precursor to an acute stroke.

As I was sitting at my desk writing, a feeling of numbness overwhelmed the right side of my body—face, arm, leg, hand, feet. It wasn’t paralyzing numbness and lasted only two minutes. It was disconcerting but I shrugged it off.

Fast forward to Wednesday. I woke at 5:00 with powerful numbness rippling through my right body again. This time it was 20X more noticeable. Foolishly, I tried to stand up, only to collapse to the floor like a sack of bricks. This time, I had absolutely no feeling in my right leg.

After four minutes, the numbness had gone. However, I’d narrowly avoided striking my head against the edge of a desk and smashed my wrist pretty good (I didn’t feel at the time due to numbness) when my body crashed down on it.

I had already called an ambulance by the time the numbness was gone.

At the ER, I went through the usual barrage of bloodwork, X-rays, CT and MRI scans.

The tests ruled out things like cancer, MS, and tumors. They found spinal stenosis and some plaque in an artery, but said it was not enough to call for a stent. The neurologist who looked at my scans said he saw some sign of a stroke, but that TIAs, unlike acute strokes, do not typically present on scans. Given my risk factors—smoking, hypertension, high triglycerides, and weight—he said he was sure I was experiencing precursors to a major event.

I stayed in the hospital for 3 days for observation. I was put on drugs (and people know how much I dislike meds) to mitigate the risk of another episode. These included anti-coagulants, statins, and fibrates.

It takes a lot to rattle me. Even fears of Deep State retaliation seldom rattle me. But this incident, to be blunt, scared the living shit out of me.

I’ve had no further episodes since I’ve been home—but I have had panic attacks. Anyone who’s been through this can understand, I’m sure, that the thought of it happening again is beyond terrifying. I’ve immediately changed my diet and plan to exercise more. I want to be around my family, my friends, and the readers of RRN, many of whom are like family to me. I’ve only smoked 3 cigs a day since getting out of the hospital—I know I need to quit completely, but the anxiety is still with me.

So, again, I apologize for the delay between articles. I do plan to pick things up. I also plan to resume radio shows (but not on blogtalk—the platform sucks and is too expensive) as soon as reasonably possible.

I’m praying a lot, for many reasons.

P.S. You can make fun of the image. I know I look like shit.

P.S.S. Please take care of your health.


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Mike, praying for Complete Healing for you! You have helped sooo many with your news articles. We appreciate your candor, but just know that your health comes first! Take care! 🙏🏼


I’m not only follow you weekly I follow you daily and I’ve noticed you posted a lot of new stuff just in the past couple of weeks… I pray you’re feeling better I can’t wait to hear the rest of the FEMA truth and to see Justice come as we all do… Michael I pray you’re feeling better and have been praying for strength for you… You have no idea how uplifting and encouraging your articles are in this crucial time in history… RRN along with Michael Baxter will go down in history… as a fearless warrior who stood in the face of evil and told the truth as it was…. You sir were appointed for such a time as this keep up the great work…. God bless keep and cover you as you expose the truth in these tribunals….SO BE IT….


Wishing you good health and a long life. Thank so much for the articles. We need all the truth we can get right now until the white hats finally start publishing it.

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been there

Sir there are homeopathic remedies you should look into.. there is enough information about anxiety for different remedies to be used. I have used homeopathic remedies for years. they were with us before Big Pharma.. hugs get well..


So very sorry to hear about your health issues & scares, it had/has to be a nightmare. Please learn to do deep breathing techniques to help quell the panic attacks as that will definitely not help your issues that you’re having. Two excellent frequency healing channels on YouTube are Sapien Medicine & Quadible Integrity. They have many many different topics & you can pick what suits your personal needs. You can make a playlist & listen while you work, relax or sleep. Both channels have helped me immensely!

I would also highly recommend looking into going to an EES Center, Energy Enhancement Systems. It is Quantum Field Energy healing, although they cannot for obvious reasons use the wording “healing” in Anything they promote. You surely understand why. Go onto the website of the same name to watch videos to learn more about it, & to find out centers (hopefully) near your area. Even if you have to travel, it’s worth it. The testimonials are ASTOUNDING!!!

I pray you will be directed to the resources you need to learn about the proper diet & supplements to help turn around your health. And as many have said here, pray, & put it in God’s hands. May many blessings be your’s, dear one. 🙏🙌🫂💞


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Not sure where you saw that, but…they have to have signed the oath of office. Anybody in this country (who is a citizen, etc.) can be tried for treason. Sticking your hand up in the air and saying a few words does not exempt you. Actually, if you look at the definition of treason and misprision you will see none are exempt. Besides that, there are crimes against humanity. Government officials who took the oath have already had tribunals and been executed. Michael is not the only one reporting on this. JAG knows the law better than us. And in addition, we are under Martial Law which supercedes USA,Inc law.


So what was the prognosis Mike? Don’t want to get in your business, just wondering if it’s treatable and you’re 0n the road t recovery?

Sharon Keith

You look marvelous, honey! As for not smoking, here’s what I did 17 years ago, Michael. Last cigarette out on the back stoop, confessing to Jesus that I had tried hundreds of times to quit smoking, with no solid actual stopping! Finally, i just said to him, “just do whatever you can, Lord. I leave it in your hands.” After which, any time I wanted a cigarette I fell asleep! Two weeks later, I felt better! One month later, Jesus finally quit smoking! I know because Jesus saved me many years ago and this is his holy temple inside me, so Jesus QUIT SMOKING. I’m saying this to you, ASK God to handle it for you, and thank him when you are safe! Blessings!


Your story reminds me of how a friend of mind basically asking Jesus thus: I don’t care how you do it, just make my son to stop drinking. The son had ulcers and was told by his doctor to stop drinking or start counting your days. He stopped drinking and has been sober since. This happened in late eighties or early nineties. Ask and you shall receive. Blessings 🙏🙏
from The REAL Delavic.

Duane Linn

God go with you, Mike. I understand what you’re going through, as I’ve had similar issues happen to me as well since March.

Hang in there.

Surf Nazare

Look out for a lot more false flags—–Ukraine/Zelensky/US/NATO are seeing the light and needs to put a bad light on Russia—-when in doubt the Russians are guilty—just ask Trump, The Russians made me do it–lol—- The attack on the hotel, surprise, blamed on the Russians but the trajectory of missile says otherwise not to mention remnants of missile happen to have UK on the metal, go figure. Now keep in mine the South Ukraine Nuke Plant housing NATO/US High Tech weapons not to mention Intelligence HQ for NATO and it sits about halfway between Kiev and Odessa—–the perfect storm—-I may be wrong but I may be right especially if you are trying to sway world emotions and the WEST is building up strength to go at Russia now—–I sure would get out of London but that is just me not to mention certain cities of Germany—–If this all goes south (bad) guess who gets it—-Second on the list—we wont be having any more problems coming out of NY/DC and a few others anymore—Wait I almost forgot my favorite place for mayhem and explosions—-the m/e Israel —Syria and Damascus will cease to exist—-
Amos 1:3 For three transgressions of Damascus and for four, I will not turn away its punishment !!! Remember just about all the terrorist heads go through there and Iran controls and makes and delivers weapons to them all. Doesn’t matter whether you like Israel/Jews or not it is a fact !!!!——Look Up—-time is almost up—–And we haven’t seen anything yet—-men’s hearts failing for fear !!! Not my words but from the one bringing justice and vengeance—-


Hi Michael, thanks for the explanation, I pray that you will get better and soon, we love your articles and I love heckling the Naysayers, we need you bro thanks so much for all your reporting, take care my bro.

Outlandish Outlander

This is a test post to see if I can post a comment.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.
I have attempted to post other comments but, they do not post, and neither are they released as the message shows they are awaiting approval. Sheesh!

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good to put a face with the words…now lets keep you healthy so we can continue to read your words and you can be healthy and watch the world rid the population of evil. You have worked hard to bring us things that no one else will say and I believe you deserve to see a happy planet just like the rest of us do. Take care!


Prayers to you. Get well soon, Mr. Baxter


Quit smoke, please!


Michael you are in my prayers, I am so grateful that you have had treatment and am praying for full healing and for the panic attacks, which I fully understand after a recent medical scare I had, being in the hospital, and things they injected in me gave me terrors, I am an anti pharm’s fanatic, and hate their poison in my body. I was terrified of the anesthesia it makes me so sick. I too am a smoker also and couldn’t smoke for 3 days after vocal chord surgery. Sadly 5 days later, on the 21st, my precious mother passed away suddenly, shockingly after a fatal fall. She always loved what I read her here at RRN, she was a patriot, she was 95 years old. I am learning to live without her. I have had panic attacks every day since, the only way I can deal with them is for me to talk to God, He is the only thing that helps me. Get well soon Michael, please take it easy. Thank you for sharing. You will be in my prayers. Sincerely Dee.

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Linda J

🙏 I have had some of the same thoughts. I’m sorry about the passing of your mother and the other experiences you’ve been through. Since you said you trust in God, Praying Medic has healing prayers and other helpful resources on praying medic(dot)com. Use a . Instead of spelling dot.

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I am familiar with praying medic, so good. Thank you for your kind words.


Be kind to yourself over your mother’s passing.
God is helping you. Prayers for you.


Sounds like what happened to my Mother. She fell, hit her head and died 30 days later at age 95. That was 8/1/2014. I still miss her. She lived with me for 11 years.


Praying for you Michael, get well, we need you to tell the truth. Stop smoking and supporting the people who are trying to kill us


we still love you. we’ll be praying

Susan Banks

What a wake up call! I’m so sorry to hear that a out your Health. There are a lot of Prayers pertaining to Healing. I pray over my Body everyday. I’ve b3n saying this prayer since 97′. I will be praying for you. Keep drinking a lot of Water.


Well, Michael, may God bless and guide you as you progress through these annoying days of your life. (Listen for His Holy Spirit…!!) I have so enjoyed your site; it gives me MORE hope. I do have the Hope of Jesus and Life in the Hereafter, but while I’m “here,” I like having hope for the U.S. and “the Good Guys!” Stay vigilant and (again!) GOD BLESS!!!

Marta Magdalena LeFave
  1. Michael Baxter, you are in my prayers. May God bless you with the peace you deserve, and give you the strength to continue the good fight to expose critical issues in our world today. You are loved and much admired.

Michael you have the same name as my 36 year old son that died Dec 9th 2020. But listen to me if no one has said this to you before me this is what I’m seeing. Right away when I started t read this I saw in my mind this…….
You have been being attacked over and over again by Deep State or what ever you want to call them, the EVIL PEOPLE AND DEMONDS.
YOU WAS POISONED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Doctors only give out and do things to you take will put a mask on your illness to keep the symptoms under control. Or in cases where is needed they will do barbaric surgeries to put you under more pain and mutilate your body and in doing so that surgery does even more harm, plus comes more medication which is (poison). All doctors are good for is to find out what’s wrong, if they can do that. They guess most of the time. I go to a doctor to find out what’s could be wrong then I weigh that in my own mind knowing my own body and go to a reputable vitamin store and deal with it k
like that. But going to a Holistic Health professional for what’s going on with you I highly recommend.
I love you in Jesus Christ and this was put on my heart to tell you. So you’ve Been to a hospital where they are paid to kill us, so now go to a real Christian Holistic Professional.
Something was given to you to stop you from telling the truth!! Love you Lynette


Thank you for sharing this info Michael. Thank you for the work you do! I pray Holy Father protects you from all things seen and unseen and He guides you everyday! More prayers for a speedy recovery.


Yehovah Rapha’, we pray for Michael Baxter, we pray Your PROMISES for Him ✝️ Exodus 15:26, Psalms 91 [A Hedge of Protection], Psalms 103:3-6, Psalms 139:13-18, Proverbs 4:20-22, Isaiah 53:3-6, Isaiah 55:11, Isaiah 61:1, Jeremiah 29:11, Zephaniah 3:17, Matthew 18:18-20, Mark 11:24, John 1:1-14, John 3:14-19, John 14:1-3,13-14, John 20:26-31, 1 Corinthians 2:16, 2 Timothy 1:7, 2 Timothy 3:15, 1Peter 2:24, 2Peter 1:2, 1John 3:23 & 4:17, 1John 5:14-15 in Yeshua’s [HaMashiach] Mighty Name🙏♥️🩸✝️

Where two or three are Gathered Together in My Name



Adam Vidal

dude quit smoking with Champix… you smoke while you are quitting and this drug erases the cravings, so you set a quit date and suddenly you are almost looking forward to stopping on that date (trust me) and once you reach it, you are done with smoking. No cravings anymore, you just stop. That easy. The hardest part of quitting IS YOUR ROUTINE. Not the cravings or addiction; it is the difficulty of the human psychology to overcome “what is familiar” or what is our routine. You do not smoke “for stress and anxiety”, that is a mental crutch of false information. You do not smoke “to digest your meal”, that is called a routine. Champix man.


I pray that my HUSBAND reads this!


Magnesium, PLEASE supplement some magnesium. Magnesium deficiency causes arteries to contract and may cause a heart attack or numbness etc… Oral magnresiumchloride (palatable mild strength) or intravenous magnesiumsulphate will be a fast fix. It will be over in a few days but you MUST continue with magnesium supplements rest of your life as everybody else who wanys to survive.

Robert James

Yeah, I agree you need to take better care of yourself. By all means take Vitamins B, C D and Zinc daily. You can’t take too much C. I ignore churches, but our creator made his archangels to help us so ask Archangel Rafael to stop your strokes. RIGHT NOW!


Ask GOD (Jesus, Holy Spirit, Father) to stop your strokes… He’s in charge!


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So sorry to hear of your health issues. I’m praying you will have no more episodes and will continue to make good choices for your improved health. I appreciate so much what you do in getting information out to us.


Sad to hear about your medical issues and Hope and pray for some healing to come your way. It might be a great idea for you to prepare and train somebody like an apprentice to take over for you if you can no longer write articles. They are so important and some people believe that they are real and true. I have no idea if they are I hope they are because this is such important information and important time for our country. As you know if you are publishing the stories and they are not true you obviously know that you will be going to hell. I choose to believe that you are reporting things that are true and verified. So hopefully you have somebody that could take your place and get the same information out to the public which is so important. Praying for your health

Robert James

Yeah, get help.

stinky perfume

Water fasting is the best cure I ever found for excess food junk clogging in the body. Starters at this practice are well known to vomit in the initial couple of days past 24-48 hours. Children do this naturally when they get sick, they just don’t want to eat anything.

Tammy Passmore

Get well soon. Prayers for a speedy recovery. I look forward to reading your articles. God speed. WWG1WGA

Wanda yemm

My prayers are with you and I thank you for writing the truth. All these news media’s are lieing to the people and want tell the truth they none American when they do this and they will pay for lieing to the people in the time when we all need the truth so bad. You get well no matter what keep praying and writing the truth. God will bless you for this.


I am glad you were lucky to get this warning like a speed ticket if you will !
You must change diet , walking is a good exercise and quit smoking is a must
Pray Mike to God about the anxiety you feel cigarettes are not anxiety remedy but nails to a coffin .you have to change your diet for fish and chicken with greens .
My husband after moving to El paso texas within 2 months arriving to our new house like you had numbers and pressure in his chest on his way home from work went to urgent care and quickly admitted he went for a triple bypass in 2021 since his diet is totally different , quit smoking ,, ride his bicycle 3 to 4 miles 3 times a week and more active physically .he’s 69 years old and more fit today than when he was in his 20’s
I will pray for you there is another say help yourself and heaven will help you
Glad you got tge message loud and clear and wiser for it thank you Lord for getting his attention, amen


I’ve seen much shittier looking guys. You’re not so bad. Glad you are feeling better. Take better care of yourself. If not for you, do it for us. We need your poignant and timely journalism in this dark time. Sending good vibes your way, Michael.


Wishing you nothing but the best Michael..May God bless you and shower you with all healing light and lift you back into health. You are doing good in your life and good will be brought to you. This Anon thanks you for all you do to bring us the comfort of knowing so many evil doers are being rounded up and justice being delivered to the people. Keep up the life altering changes you have begun with vigor, you and your family deserve it. With respect and love from a fellow Patriot. J


Panic attack sometimes can be provoked by mercury in your system, perhaps some filling removal?

Fight and smile, you are doing a great mission


Nattokinase….fermented soy….natural vitamin K2….get off their statins


Nattokinaise……fermented soy…..NATURAL Vitamin K……GET THE HELL OFF THEIR STATINS.


I believe that everything happens for a reason. Even though we may not see it or acknowledge it at the time.
I am hoping for the best possible outcome for you and your health. Remember above all else that you are a powerful spirit that has chosen this experience on this planet but also in a human form that sometimes cannot withstand the energies that are directed towards it. Your body has given you some warnings. Take heed and take time to rest and regroup. (although that can be a wee bit hard in a hospital!).
We all send you the very best and thank you for all your hard work on this platform of information.
Meanwhile, while you “get back on track”, we will carry forward.
Sending light and love energies your way.


Glad to see a health scare has shaken you into taking better care of yourself. As a nutritionist it’s heartbreaking to see people unnecessarily sick, and even worse when they refuse to listen to good health tips. You are role model to those still pondering whether lifestyle and diet changes are worth the effort … well done you for making changes and heeding the warning from your body. 💜💜


Wife of phone owner. Michael,
You are a handsome, well versed, smart man. Please take care of your health! I agree with Joanne. Don’t miss this opportunity for exquisite health. It’s time for “boot camp” changes in lifestyle to keep you here on this planet for the lessons of your soul, your work and more importantly, your family. As a nurse, health care coach your symptoms have opposing lifestyle remedies. Grounding (also called “earthing,” coconut oil perhaps in morning coffee, consuming natural plant foods (the earths’ harvest), deep breathing (a love of your lungs),and connecting with your creator in deep love,… a confirming consciousness of gratitude and love.
After living the Americana lifestyle for a lifetime, any intelligent being can give it 3 months trial. Peace, equilibrium, love and happiness! You can do it!
PS. We miss you!


Well, now we know what you look like. And. no, you do not look like shit. Please take care of yourself.


And don’t apologize for whatever you are going through.
Lots of us have been there.


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You are in my prayers, My Friend!


Please take care of yourself.

David Demchak

Thank u for all u do. Get well.

Sue McKinney

Mike- glad you got yourself checked out so you can head off a more severe attack! Thx for all the great info; I really appreciate all you do to get real information out! God bless you and Mr Trump!


Please don’t use their drugs for your high-blood pressure, cholesterol or heart disease. There are alternatives, NATURAL medicines for all 3. Shaklee. Get Shaklee. Their sups are good enough for astronauts (as shown on Oprah) – they are good enough for the rest of us. And get off their drugs!


Trusting OPRAH? Astronauts?


God point to point out!

Sandy Koufax

Celebrity skin, is that Baxter’s chin, or is it war he’s waging?

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