Military Foils Another Plot to Assassinate President Trump


United States Special Forces last Wednesday killed four members of an international “hit squad” who planned to assassinate President Donald J. Trump at the first Republican primary debate this August, a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

In mid-June, White Hats at U.S. Army Cyber Command obtained intelligence suggesting that international hitmen had arrived on U.S. soil and intended to meet at a warehouse in Monterey, California, to plot President Trump’s demise. Our source said three hired guns had at least tangential ties to the most disgraced president in United States history, Barack Hussein Obama, also known as Barry Soetoro.

The odd man out was Armenian militant Davit Sargsyan, a reputed degenerate and former “fixer” for Armenian President Vahagn Khachaturyan. Before that, a young Sargsyan reportedly murdered 100 Azerbaijani civilians “firing squad-style” during the Khojaly massacre of 1992. Human Rights Watch, a global non-governmental organization headquartered in New York City that conducts research and advocacy on human rights, wrote that a brutally sadistic Sargsyan disemboweled pregnant women.

“Sargsyan was a maniac even by Deep State standards,” our source said. “What interest he had in killing Trump is beyond us, unless just for cash. He’s not the typical subtle assassin. His name and others turned up in intelligence, but unlike others, Sargsyan had no known link to Hussein Obama.”

Also named was Akbar Larijani of the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence. He was a frequent White House visitor, an invitee of Obama, whom he had seen in the Oval Office at least six times in 2013-2014. Unlike other guests hailing from hostile regimes, Larijani was granted access to the White House without signing the visitor logs—only Obama and Biden had the authority to skirt that requirement.

“Larijani had a temporary residence in D.C. at the time but returned to Iran when Trump moved into the White House. Our research shows he was very chummy with Obama, the puppet master. Then we got the name of another foreign intelligence official that hung around Obama—too coincidental.”

That person was William Smythe, a British intelligence agent and longtime admirer of Barack Hussein Obama. His employment history included time at MI-5 and MI-6, and the GCHQ, which received considerable media attention when the former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden revealed that the agency was collecting all online and telephone data in the U.K. via the Tempora program.

“This guy and Obama were more than just casual acquaintances,” our source said. “He was around Obama at the White House, attended diplomatic functions, and partied with the Obamas at their $12m compound on Martha’s Vineyard.”

White Hats would not learn the identity of the fourth man until the day of the raid.

According to our source, Gen. Smith’s office fields “dozens” of weekly tips about schemes to end Trump’s life. The overwhelming majority, he said, are without merit and dismissed as hoaxes, though the Deep State has a history of feeding White Hats bogus assassination details.

“As a diversionary tactic and to make us waste resources,” our source said.

Nonetheless, President Donald J. Trump has thus far survived “dozens” of legitimate attempts on his life. The only man said to have survived more attempts on his life is Vladimir Putin.

“It’s no coincidence that both dauntless men are fighting the Deep State,” our source said. “Of course we look into every tip, even the outlandish.”

He would not specify how Cyber Command gained knowledge of the recent plot, only that the info came from a “usually trustworthy” source.

Regardless, Gen. Smith thought the info smelled fishy.

“Even good assets get bad info,” our source said. “Assassins work independently. They don’t run the risk that if one gets pinched, he might give up the others. And why run the risk of meeting in the U.S. months ahead of the primary debate, which Trump hasn’t committed to. Two plus two didn’t equal four but still we were obliged to check it out. Intel said they’d be in Monterey June 25, so Gen. Smith decided to put boots on the ground a few days before.”

When Special Forces arrived at the Monterey warehouse before sunrise on June 21, they found it already occupied: four cars with rental plates sat in the parking lot, and dim light shone through frosted glass windows on the building. The elite soldiers surrounded the warehouse and heard muffled voices emanating from within.

“There was no legit reason for anyone to be in there. Special Forces radioed in and requested permission to enter,” our source said.

The entry team breached the front door and shot an assailant who blindly fired a sidearm into the air. The other three occupants were caught off guard and fumbled for sidearms on their hips or rifles on nearby tables.

Special Forces took no prisoners.

The bodies were later identified as Sargsyan, Larijani, and Smythe. The fourth corpse was former Secret Service Agent and Obama strongman Christopher Sanchez, who reportedly started working as a bodyguard for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in April 2022.

“We have positively identified them,” our source said. “These guys turned out to be damn inept at their jobs. We can confirm through electronics taken from their bodies and at the warehouse that they were planning to kill Trump this August. They had blueprints of the first two debate locations and other info I can’t discuss. Obviously, fate and luck favor largely in our lives—we got lucky they were there at the wrong time. If Gen. Smith waited until the 25th to send soldiers, they might have been long gone. Unfortunately, we can’t ask them.”

We asked our source why Special Forces felt it necessary to kill all four men.

“I can’t discuss their debrief, but they felt they had cause,” our source said.

P.S. Thank you for all the well-wishes. They are appreciated.

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Understand the photo attached to the article about the Military “Foiling” another assassination plot against our President Trump – and it is appropriate to the point of the article however symbolically it is sinister to even portray our much-loved 45 with a “scope” image projected over his face. I feel we all need to vastly increase our protection of President Trump in every way including symbolically. In fact, I would rather he do “telecast” rallies where he does not put himself – physically- in harm’s way for the foreseeable future. I understand that Pres DJT LOVES his supporters and gets a lot of joy from being among his people however he has made his point about the vastness of his actual popular support and that mutual pleasure of communion needs to be foregone for the greatest probability of the success of this endeavor for ALL OF US AND OUR BELOVED PRESIDENT AND HIS BEAUTIFUL FAMILY.

. Simple truth is that this movement cannot afford to lose him and he and his family need unequivocal protection until the swamp clean-out is complete enough to have eradicated the enemies of a future for the life on humankind on Earth.
Given the level of threat President Donald J. Trump has been exposed to, the vicious threats and verbal attacks and lies… it is FULLY WITHIN HIS RIGHTS to put his physical safety FIRST until the danger in this environment has been so thoroughly
NEUTRALIZED, that his safety can be guaranteed.
In saying this, I want to thank the valiant people dedicated to protecting our President and his beautiful family and pray for all that he sees the wisdom in taking this approach (absolute physical safety) as long as necessary – because his CONTINUING LEADERSHIP is the greatest gift he can provide his supporters which is only possible with the certainty of his safety and survival.


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Susan Sloate

Phil Godlewski confirmed this intel on his livestream last night. Go to Rumble and type in his name in the search bar. That leads to a page with all his livestreams listed. The one that confirms this intel is FADE TO BLACK, streamed June 30th.

been there

Phil Godlewski? might look into his record


The Putin we now see has survived attempts on his life, but not the original real Putin.

Debra Rudolph

Sure they aren’t body doubles? It would be worth the cost to expends them.


There is so much evil. Only God can stop this.


When? Do you think?


How do you think God goes about doing that? “God” has always put People in place to make things happen. That’s what they’re doing, eradicating Evil…not all at once, but methodically, strategically. Not at the snap of a finger.


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Above Reproach

know one will ever know what happened during the confrontation and why all were taken. Things like this only take moments in time, especially if the confrontation is within very close proximity. In that case only seconds can be counted. If they were firing back then most certainly all would have lost.
Personally I’m dam thankful they all are burning in hell. It’s good for the earth’s core temperature to add a little kindling now and then. All these rotten disgusting pig who work for the pigs hiding behind in the shadows pulling the strings will eventually be in the light, their bodies will add to the flames of hell with the ones who met their fate before them. I say God speed.


Incredible excellent work on the part of the White Hats. Our US military is truly the finest on God’s green Earth! Such brilliant espionage. So happy that some of us blessed ones, like Michael and those of us who come here every day, get to read about that brilliant precision, steadfastness and most of all COURAGE of our collective US Armed Forces.

Billy Bob

Decoys as in “Spies Like Us”? (Doc, what do we do first? First, we do the first incision). All eggs in one basket? Test run? Is everybody (fortunately) covid-infected/clogged in the head, has no sense of direction? They didn’t even act that stupid in “The Domino Principle” made in 1977. US Special Forces literally lucked out.


The Bushs, Clintons, Obama, Biden, Podestas, Zuckerberg are all Rockefeller/Puppets. Why has the military not rounded up the entire family as enemies domestic and executed them for treason and clawed back all their money? The sooner this happens the safer our country will be. Lydnsay Graham and Myorkas should be pushed high up on a short kill list too.

Above Reproach

You forgot about the rest of the back stabbing rhinos , one by one they expose themselves, blatantly letting their mouths shit out the truth of who they truly are. Mike P. Mark R. And the like. Every single one of them blurting out, WE MUST HELP THE Ukrainian win against Russia is actually admitting themselves as being part of destroying America. The deliberate
money laundering of Americas money is Treason. Stealing money from the people who pay the government to exist is punishable by death.


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Above Reproach

No u don’t. And if you do, good luck with the IRS. You’re proctologist appointment is tomorrow morning at 7:30 am.


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This just shows the war of good and evil. Trump and his lawyers did say it would be biblical. We all see the demon possession and the insanity of these people because of the love of money, power and greed. “For The Love Of Money Is the Root To All Evil.” I read God’s word and it makes a ring to this posting. Proverbs 16:4-5 Everything the Lord has made has its destiny; and the destiny of the Wicked is Destruction. The Lord hates everyone who is arrogant; He will Never Let Them Escape Punishment. We see the proof in the pudding and the arrogant proud that plot to murder our beloved president get caught and put to death. This makes 4 less people we don’t need roaming our country and streets and for sure they paid a price for their treasonous actions.


Thankfully a successful mission. 🙏 for continued safety for all that battle this evil.


In my opinion:
Obammy needs to go!!!! And of course Michael too!!!!


BIG Mike that is!!


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The possibility with this is endless….

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Interesting that Alex Jones seemed to know about it. Is he a good guy or a bad guy?


Alex is one of the people who made a specific video about one subject: the fact Donald Trump President, had his military intel contact him and (all the videos by vlog hosts who did them are scripted) and ”ask him to help” by sharing information the President would want us, (actually originally they all say ”you, my viewers.”)

A large number of non mainstream conspiracy theorists made these videos.

It was these peoples’ shows that Flynn was going around on for awhile, right after the 2020 steal.

After not too long he introduced his friend, Juan O Savin.

You might want to watch the Alex Jones show the morning after the 2020 steal, when Steve Piecenek went on Alex’s show and explained about the President’s entire apparent ”presidency” being a giant sting operation.

And that the sting was heightened by the election itself, which was of itself, a specific sting on that arm of the cabal.

Alex’s video where he said the president asked him to ”help” and that ”he… said yes,” is presumably still up, I personally watched about a dozen different peoples’ videos where they sat there and recited the same approximate script, about Trump’s mil intel contacting them.

It was on Alex’s show that morning that Steve Piecenek told Alex, that the President’s people were going to go completely around MSM and that since they’d made fun of the Q thing so much,

he was going to make sure every important thing he, Trump wanted his followers and the world to know,

went through good hearted people of many faiths and political persuasions,

who the MSM Satanists had tried to brand as beneath listening to, by destroying their careers and names.


He works for Mossad his family all CIA n he backt stabbed Trump several times so Alexa in my mind is a spurious shillster

Jose Ramirez

Good!!!! Kill them all!!!!


Is that you John Wick?


lol dats funny

Brick Chick

I just hope they don’t have a second string to move forward with another attempt.

Above Reproach

They will follow their friends to hell, if there are. Remember Trump is the chosen one. They hoodwinked him when it came to the vaccine, they hoodwinked him every step of the way, don’t forget even Mike pence was a backstabbing prick. One of the best lying ass hates ever. And now he’s running for president, when he should be running for his life. I guess he’ll get about two votes, himself and his wife’s. Remember the fly that landed on his head and he didn’t even feel it, it just walked around and shit specks across his forehead. Fly’s are attached to things that stink.

Wanda yemm

I thank every man and woman that are trying to keep President Trump safe .thank you for the truth.we cannot let these evil people win no matter what they have done so much harm to our country as far as I’m concerned these people do not deserve to even be in our country. Get well Michael and keep us up on the truth. Obama is trying to take over our country he needs to be stopped.


Isn’t it amazing that barry soetoro was oh so intimate with the assassination team he wanted to murder President Trump!

No white guilt

Obama is a disgrace he needs to be dealt with he is always going to be a thorn in americas side along with these radical jews..

Carol B.

wow, I am so excited at the hit men who had done horrible crimes before is now dead…….wow, great, just think what a more wonderful world…..all over but not to mention our President Trump, that our God has mighty plans for………….this is just more proof that obama is the most evil minded president we have ever had, and is now masterminding the deep state and Biden


welp Barry is dead a pop to the back of his nappy head but before u all wail n nash he sold out his boi Michael so it was hi time to take out the trash


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So are the White Hats trying to take out Deep State targets? If now, why not?


So glad they’re dead. Thank you God for always protecting 45, special forces and all White Hats 🙏🏼
Mike I pray and hope you’re feeling much better and please take care of your health.

Victoria Flood

Didn’t we see this episode on Hawaii Five-0? You know, when the crooks brought in a hit man to knock off Steve McGarret? Except he was from Australia and set up a gun nest across the street from the Palace/Five-0 headquarters and shot a manikin in Steve’s desk chair. That was giving the assassin the bum’s rush like General Smith and Special Forces do!


The new series or the old series? There are two Hawaii Five-0s, and I love them both,

Victoria Flood

The old original series with Jack Lord.


Well, I guess there will be 4 people who won’t be coming home for dinner. And Meghan and Harry will be wondering where their bodyguard is. Maybe they will assume he got a better deal somewhere else.


They’ll find out the truth and it won’t be pretty.


A date in the Lake of Fire!


“Dim light shone through the frosted glass windows” with “muffled voices coming from within.” Bulwer-Lytton prize winning prose. Good move looping in the royals. Otherwise it was just a badly written story about a lot of foreigners.

David T

W0zz, I doubt anyone on here with a functioning neocortex gives a damn what you think.




Real Raw News disappears opinions and remarks they don’t like.

David T



This is a military website. Take your beefs up with the generals and admirals running this website. It’s simple.

Last edited 7 months ago by Joanna

That slimy scheming Me ghan was reputed to have been having an affair with that Sanchez, as wearing matchy matchy clothing on one outing.


Me again is dipping into the BOTTOM of the barrel here. Dangerous also.


What do you mean asking why you had to kill them!! Do you realize what these men were ?what they had done? what evil? that’s a stupid question!!

Carol B.

amen, why would anyone ask if they had to kill these world known killers out to destroy President Trump and only God know who else……..amen,amen, instead of asking questions, they need to be grateful and praise God above….


No, to get further information out of them. One can always execute later.


grrrreat point Sue

stinky perfume

I keep hearing they won’t quit until they are all dead. I guess it’s zero surrender programming. So, there’s not much choice but to go after them all.


Well done military. If these men were known by Obama, then sonner or later Obama (dark lord … lol) will know his wish has failed. Thank you RRN.
I hope you are feeling better Michael. One day at the time, small steps. God bless you.


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Good work Space Force, keep up your terrific protective detail, and take out all of those that want to harm the God fearing servants of the people doing God’s work.

Eve Bright

You see my fellow believers in freedom here, there is no successful plot against CIC Trump. He has 𝐆𝐎𝐃‘a protection. Many 𝐆𝐎𝐃 believing people are praying for Trump’s protection. 𝐆𝐎𝐃 bless everyone here. Lastly, praying for your good recovery & good health for you brother in 𝐂𝐇𝐑𝐈𝐒𝐓 Michael Baxter. 🙏🏼


Hope the WH found enough evidence to go after others planning this shit against Trump.


Obviously we won’t mourn the loss of these long time scum. They all probably were involved in murdering innocents at one time or another. Killing them quickly turned a fortunate circumstance although had they not been so foolish with what records they personally kept , we may have killed intelligence leads. All in all a good day. Love SOF , taking the trash out ….. Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195

Carol B.

yes, and some killed over 100 innocents…wow


including the pregnant women, how much worse is that!


Sanchez was a former police officer, and secret service going back to George W Bush, has–oops had– his own so-called risk or protection company and more recently was working for Hairy and Me-ghan. Taking no prisoners was a good call imho.


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Welcome back.🙏👍🇺🇸 A well written article. Thank God Trump is being protected

Carol B.

amen, amen, and the devils must see they are not to touch God’s anointed president for the job…..


Doesn’t mean they won’t stop trying. Evil never takes a vacation. We have to double down on the warfare, guys and gals.


Live long and prosper. 🖖.

Last edited 7 months ago by Guynorge

It is ALL explained here – For All the world to see!!!
Play stupid, die stupid.
Clocks still ticking, we can change a course in history these filth have written for us.

Citizen Joe

I must have missed something. That video has nothing to do with the subject of the article. Considering that the shits identified were Iranian and british the link you shared is even more nonsensical! Try to stick with the topic!


Goober. You got your head stuff somewhere, you are not seeing clearly. Get up and take your head out so you can see clearly.


Great job, Special Ops! Keeping up the good work has to be meticulous ~ and it shows!

David M

Excellent strategy; shoot first, then ask questions (to any survivors)…This is NO drill, my fellow Americans!


I’m sure there’s more to it than what can be said here ,they had their reason. No different than a cop pulling you over for a bs statutory violation that’s unlawful for them to do. Beat the crap out of you or even shooting to death.
So what’s the point.

Debbie Fitzko


Terry Gabrich (SF)

Also, the cartoon could actually be “The Simpsons,” I will look for it.


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