Military Arrests Former IRS Director Charles Rettig


United States Marines on Friday arrested former IRS Director Charles Rettig on charges alleging that he took a 1% cut of every federal income tax payment for the 2021 fiscal year and sheltered the cash in anonymous offshore accounts, a JAG source told Real Raw News.

For perspective, if a tax filer “owed” and paid the government $700, Rettig got seven dollars; if a taxpayer owed $3,000,000, Rettig pilfered $30,000. The IRS collected $4.38 trillion that year, which means Rettig burgled $40 billion, which he deposited into shell accounts in Switzerland, Belize, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the Cayman Islands—a hefty retirement nest egg.

Rettig was appointed by President Donald J. Trump in 2018 at the urging of his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and former Vice President Michael Pence, both of whom told Trump that “Rettig is the right man for the right job and will clean up the Internal Revenue Service.”

Rettig retired in November 2022, replaced by the equally despicable Danny Werfel.

Real Raw News has in the past chronicled Rettig’s maniacal behavior. In September 2022, while addressing a class of new hires at the ‘Dallas Tax Assistance Center’, Rettig told future members of the Service’s heavily armed Criminal Investigation Division, “Show me the money…Get their money, our money,” and giddily discussed the inception of the IRS’s new sniper school.

The military took an increased interest in Rettig in May 2023, when White Hats received a credible tip that Rettig had developed a sudden interest in pricey real estate. Over 60 days, Rettig, who earned $91,000 annually and had a net worth of ~$5 million at the height of his career, scooped up a dozen multimillion-dollar properties in the U.S. and abroad. He also bought a $19 million 2003 Benetti superyacht.

“If a broke, unemployed guy living in a trailer park robs a bank and then flashes his money around with big expenditures, well, you know what, people take notice, and that’s how they get caught. The Deep Staters, you’d think they’d be more inconspicuous, but, man, these guys love spending money,” our source said.

White Hats at U.S. Army Cyber Command (ARCYBER) began probing Rettig’s financials. A ‘boots on the ground’ team hacked the router at Rettig’s Los Angeles address and accessed an encrypted spreadsheet that held transactional details on every dollar he had illicitly appropriated from taxpaying citizens. The spreadsheet, our source said, had the dates and times of each deposit, as well as routing and account numbers. Moreover, Rettig had unwisely digitally documented his criminality, noting outgoing wire transfers to the real estate brokers and the Yacht Seller.

Our source said JAG does not believe Rettig had the authority, intelligence, or confidence to execute such an immense financial crime unilaterally.

“Rettig is diabolical, but he must’ve had help from above, and we suspect Janet Yellen. Our working theory is that Rettig was the cash mule, that he’d be keeping a sizable chunk of that pot and dispersing the rest to his Deep State friends. They must’ve flipped when they saw him spending money like it grew on trees. If Yellen’s involved, we’ll get her, but for now, we got Rettig,” our source said, supplying a few details on Rettig’s capture.

On July 27, Rettig and a female companion who was not his wife hopped a flight from Los Angeles to Miami, where he and his friend booked a suite at the Intercontinental Hotel on Biscayne Bay. Unbeknownst to Rettig, undercover Marines beat him to Miami and had him under surveillance. They rented an adjoining room and, with parabolic microphones, eavesdropped on the lascivious couple’s conversations. Rettig, a self-proclaimed Christian and father of three, was the antithesis of the God-fearing family man he pretended to be.

That evening, Marines tailed the depraved duo to Flemming’s Steak House & Wine Bar, where they feasted on tomahawk steak and sautéed maitake mushrooms and imbibed three bottles of vintage Dom Perignon, whereafter they sped back to the hotel in a rented sports coupe, with an inebriated Rettig bowling through two red lights.

The Marines overheard Rettig’s companion bewailing his inability to perform.

The following day Rettig tried rousing his companion from bed so they could spend time at the beach, but she told him to go solo because she had a horrific hangover and needed bed rest. The Marines followed Rettig across the causeway to South Pointe Beach, a popular tourist destination with panoramic views of the South Beach shoreline, the Port of Miami’s cruise ships, and Downtown Miami’s skyline.

The Marines were watching as Rettig struggled to find a parking spot, and struggled more clumsily carrying a beach umbrella with one arm and a cooler with the other. He’d taken only six steps from the car when the cooler slipped his grasp and hit the ground, scattering soda cans and bottled water. Rettig had no way of knowing that the shirtless guy in Bermuda shorts offering to help him was one of the Marines sent to arrest him.

Rettig graciously accepted the aid, admitting he was unbalanced and tipsy. He didn’t become suspicious until the Marine steered him away from the path leading to the beach toward four other men in Bermuda shorts, all of whom formed a circle around him.

“What is this?” Rettig reportedly asked. “Robbery? I have no cash on me.”

As the Marines informed him that he was being placed under military arrest for treason against the people of the United States, an SUV with two more Marines pulled alongside them.

“This must be a joke,” Rettig said.

“It’s no joke,” a Marine replied, opening the rear door.

Rettig then promised to give the Marines $250,000 to forget they saw him.

“We’ll add that to the list of charges against you,” a Marine told him.

Our source said that Rettig was cuffed and taken to a JAG processing center in South Florida.

“So far, he’s not talking. No surprise there. But we have additional, substantive evidence to bring out at his tribunal, including cooperating witnesses. We’re chipping away at the woodpile,” our source said.

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Mr. G

1%? Idk man, we’ve all seen office space lol. Probably a sliver of a cent, but still, any is too much


I’ll rejoice when they lasso that butt ugly bitch Yellen. Lynch her high while she wails for Obama to rescue her. This POS Rettig deserves to swing right next to her. I can’t understand how these almost reasonable people can descend so low, what happens to them to make them sell out so completely?. Another one of Trumps genius picks recommended by that sleezeball son-in-law Kushner!!. You go Mr Trump, just keep picking the right people to turn around and screw you.

Stealing money from taxpayers? The IRS is already purported to be a private corporation based in Puerto Rico of all places…..we poor and stupid Americans have been fleeced for decades. The rage i have for these vultures is almost uncontrollable, I want to see mass hangings after some fitting torture.


Find someone to dress up like Oturd-o mask n’ all see if they talk to him get them in private, record their conversations with the O’ turo then string em’ up…. opps all we had to do is hand Obama $50 & he told us what you sald to him in confidence haha all that info for $50…you are going to be strung up and you’re going to hang for Treason, even Obama was laughing at you said,… too bad , you’re out of time and it’s Time to die, you can always opt and take a bullet to the face … the noose or a bullet to the face..
you can even be shot by your Dark Lord, if you like



They love spending money…..
TheIRS….understand now why they think this way.

Last edited 10 months ago by Simone
Paul F. Grayson

$40 billion. Is it recoverable?


Bag and burn them until no scoundrel is left behind.


I had a nervous breakdown when telling my son about human trafficking.Please see the truth. I WILL NEVER GIVE UP

Carol B.

I know, to the God fearing mind this seems non-imaginable…. I have told folks too and the just gasp and look at you like you must be crazy 😜


Well stated.Thank you


Its difficult for folks to realize the united states government ,and their taxes are the number one sponsor of child trafficking.


What a creative way to arrest this traitor. Thanks RRN.

Sojourner Truth

Rettig cleaned up all right, to the tune of $40 billion in his pocket! When will hard- working, law-abiding Americans get back some of that? He turned it into the Infernal Revenue Service. Our income taxes don’t even go to improve our roads. They go to pay the interest on the fraudulent privately owned Federal Reserve Bank! Defund the IRS and the Federal Reserve Bank!


Where’d you get that figure $40 Billion? I mustve missed it in the report




One of the best arrests yet.


Koskinen (Obama pick) and then Rettig (Trump pick), were the two worst terrorist IRS leaders this county has ever seen.

Carol B.

When working with $$$$$ we cannot be careful enough……. The love of money 💰 is the root of ALL evil says our Daddy God ✅🙏✅🙏✅🙏✅

Ellis Washington

Remember, Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner is always at the bottom of bad picks or policy in the Trump administration. I bet you Jared (and Ivanka) got some nice kick-backs for pushing this POS Rettig into the that top IRS position. That’s how the Deep State works.


I think even Trump’s daughter may be a true Deep Stater…..I know Kushner is

Andrew Stevano

I think Lerner was the second worst. As far as evil is concerned, however.

Dennis Morek

To the gallows!!!


“Swinging from the Gallows Pole..Pole..”

Jewelie Dee

For every snake they get, ten more crawl into the woodpile. They are removing toothpicks from a mountain of logs. But at least they are getting some.

Michael Tiner

Are any of these arrested detainees ever reported missing by family members? Is MSM required to keep these disappearances hush hush?


Gods question.


Ah, meant to say good.

Carol B.

You can edit your comment if you hover over the bottom right (after you have already posted it) and as you hover down under the comment to the right a little gear ⚙️ kinda like this will appear and it will let you edit your comment


Thanks for letting people know they CAN edit, I wish more people would do that to make their contributions more meaningful.

Carol B.

I have had those things swirling around in my mind also

Carol B.

Glory to God for such men as Michael Baxter and our leaders at RRN …. Justice ✅ Justice ✅

Last edited 10 months ago by Carol B.



Who knows but I drool with the prospect of MSM being obliterated for their part in all of this……Public hangings of all MSM networks, topped off with Late Night hosts like Kimmel, Colbert and unfortunately Fallon who I actually LIKE.


I love it, even the ones that thought they got away with it are going down. Every last person in Government that committed Treason must be Executed.

Robert James

At last Jarad Kushner’s been mentioned! Nail that Satanic scum!!

Carol B.

I was so upset when Ivanka married into that Jewish faith that rejected Jesus Christ
Our light and only way 🙏✅🙏✅🙏✅


i’m not alone in thinking Kushner a true SNAKE. Every time I’d see him in pictures, he reeked of evil intent.


Stop paying taxes!! 1040 is a signed contract that you agree to. Amend your W4 to as best you can to reduce taxes to 0 so you don’t have to file.


From 2009 to 2017, Rettig, Obama’s IRS puppet beast, terrorized the American public. They did this by aggressively sending the public threatening “IRS Registered letters” to our doorsteps, demanding back taxes or else threatening “civil penalties” on our accounts. My IRS account had 2 “civil penalties” of $10,000.00 each placed on my account, by Rettig, all for late tax payments in 2011 & 2012, the Barry years. The IRS has not changed one bit. Terrorist is their middle name.


I can sympathize with you. I closed a private business in 2008 with all taxes paid in full. In 2010, the IRS informed me that I owed an additional $10K in taxes, interest and penalties! It came down to the IRS’s word against mine and I lost. Sure would be nice to get that 10K back after NESARA kicks in….plus a lot more they owe me!


Those sorry sons of satan. I hope you get all your money back. Ten fold.


The same thing happened to a friend of mine & they are still hammering on them. The business partner scammed my decent friends out of their money & they had to close their business Then the IRS steps in and scams them for more money.

Carol B.

We ask and agree that God takes over this battle and fights in your friends behalf and we agree as in Matt 18:19 says

Carol B.

I pray our God in heaven releases that money to you….. “The wealth of the wicked is laid up for the wise” I forgot the scripture reference ✝️✝️✝️✝️


Yet if you did not file they would not harass you. I’ve worked with people for years, the minute they decide to come clean so to speak and file taxes for past 5 or 10 years then these bastards are relentless to them. But if they don’t file……nothing happens.


The uniparty still deludes the voters I guess. People still wanna pretend theres good guys and bad guys, but they’re all bad and acting worse to frame up their other half as seeming “good”. Nothing but Clowns.

Stinky Perfume

This article doesn’t compute as logic or common sense. A man with that much spending, and doesn’t have body guards, goes to the beach by himself like a commoner?

I would think their idea of a good time is on their hotel balcony or pool, not getting sand in his feet. He doesn’t order room service? With that much money, everything can be delivered as room service or they can phone the highest dollar restaurants to deliver, although it could be poisoned that way.

How did he lose his mind? Hanging around with a commoner prostitute? Mind control?




Sounds right. After that jerk drank as much alcohol as the story said, its not a surprise his girlfriend complained he couldnt get it UP….not many men could after that amount of booze

Mrs. Joe Strummer

I’m thinking that just like so many of the Deep Staters, they are incredibly arrogant & narcissistic and think that they’re smarter than everyone else. Plus, they’ve gotten away with their crimes for so long, they let their guard down & slip up. Just like so many serial killers do.


He is a commoner and absolutely has no common sense or he would not have
been so greedy in the first place. Dumb as a pet rock.

Carol B.

The carnal and depraved mind will really stoop low…. This kind of mind is desperately wicked 💰😜💰😜💰


I’d prefer you set fire to the “woodpile” than chip away at it. The chipping is giving me a headache.

Barry Dember

The woodpile is burning with a blazing fire on global scale. The Lord Jesus, is coming very soon for His Church Bride. Keep looking up as our redemption draws near.


Not to change the subject,but that deal with McConnell going into la la land. Some speculation going around on the net is the lady in white on his right side did something to his hand before he went out maybe a prick of a needle. And before that others in the room had smirk on there faces as though the were aware of something…
McConnell is a very shady fellow but aren’t they all?

Sandy Thomas

They were all laughing. They all thought it was hysterical the clone malfunctions. At least now we know Congress is fully aware of the clones. Little by little we know more and more.

Michael R Davis

Did the actor Biden really do that, block the Space Command move to Alabama, or was it Trump with his wartime white hat disinformation? Take McConnell for instance. The staring, unblinking freezeup was a prepared HollyWood script by hired Screen Actors Guild actors. The Mitch actor began his lines, Senator Capito as the script coordinator came in, touched him, the camera immediately zoomed in to catch the action, Mitch froze up, beginning his unblinking stare the way the Biden actor does. When a Senator began talking to him, Mitch began blinking again, left, came back out later. Look at the mask edge just next to red tie.

Commander-in-Chief Trump has been hinting at rallies of Central Casting producing actors. Is Congress, House and Senate under arrest? VP Pence is also an actor wearing a facemask. Enjoy the show.

“And thank you to Vice President Pence. He has been so wonderful to work with. He’s a real talent, a real guy,” Trump said. “And he is central casting, do we agree? Central casting. He’s been great.” (spoken by CIC Trump at several rallies)

Many of us think Pence was executed for treason and crimes against children, he and his wife got the ‘letter‘ at the Bush funeral, was replaced by actor, double, clone. Is Trump telling us Pence was replaced by an actor, a real talent from Central Casting, a great actor?

remove 3 spaces
https ://www .youtube .com/watch?v=QX19YAleBTM


McConnell is on the take from communist China just like Joe Biden.


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Last edited 10 months ago by Notrumper

Interesting that Kushner was involved in his appointment. I can see the crookedness in Pence. Trump is a smart man. Does he overlook Jared for the sake of Ivanka and the grandkids? Better yet will we pardon Jared for the sake of Trump. No one is above the law.

Mark David

Trump no doubt knows about Jared. He’s just waiting to bust him for something bigger.


Let’s hope Trump IS that smart. Poor Ivanka will have to find a new daddy for her kids…..


I’d hang Kushner in a NY minute if he deceived me and my daughter. The children will adjust when they learn Daddy was a traitor



You said:

“That evening, Marines tailed the depraved duo to Flemming’s Steak House & Wine Bar, where they feasted on tomahawk steak and sautéed maitake mushrooms and imbibed three bottles of vintage Dom Perignon, whereafter they sped back to the hotel in a rented sports coupe, with an inebriated Rettig bowling through two red lights.”

You don’t need to use BIG words in your posts. Saying he was “drunk” would have been quite sufficient.




HE’S A WRITER. You don’t think Americans are dumbed down enough? Get over it.

Last edited 10 months ago by Carolyn
John .S

It’s all about not “dumbing-down” writings. Journalism is a craft, and journalists are artisans, no different than a ‘competent’ plumber or electrician with years of education.

FYI, if you take a incompetent plumber and a incompetent philosopher, neither the pipes nor their theories will hold water.

PS: let an electrician check your shorts – short circuits that is, LoL


Lololololololol good one, John!


Michael Baxter is on the THE BEST writers on the internet. I LOVE his use of the English language. I get an education in nearly every article. Keep it up Michael!!!

John .S

Yep, could say: wordsmith, utilizing two ‘V’s’ in civvies when referencing wardrobe, and utilizing one ‘v’ referencing civilians.


Are you for real?

Mark David

You’re just angry because you had to look up what the word ‘inebriated’ meant.

Rebecca Tracy

I love Baxter’s writing, the details when someone really bad goes fown 💥🇺🇸

Last edited 10 months ago by Rebecca Tracy

So do I.


Or pixelated. @RetiredIT


I would think most people know what inebriated means. You must have had to look it up. If I were writing about someone being drunk, I would have used the word inebriated to describe them.

Mark David

The phrase I most often use for being very drunk is commode-hugging drunk.


or crapulous, @RetiredIT


or bibulous, @RetiredIT

Sandy Thomas

Does everyone here know what inebriated means? Ok.


I learned it in the 6th grade when a teacher said a figure in one of our drawings of people singing carrols, looked inebriated. I had to ask the girl in front of me what that meant. I was shocked there was a word I didn’t know. Never go through that again.


or blotto, @RetiredIT


Nope, If I did. I forgotten it, lol.


” Drunk AF ” = Trailer Park Boys…


hahaha… and I thought the odd part of that sentence was bowling versus blowing…

Surf Nazare

that’s all you got—-wait –Marines tailed when followed could have been used or how about “feasted” when pigged out would have been more descriptive—imbibed, whoa let’s say guzzled —vintage, maybe old Dom—–“sped back” how about hauled ass to get a piece——-and lights be damned—–


LOL…you did a good job…I couldn’t stop laughing.


How about this — The Marines overheard when spied could have been used, or Rettig’s companion when mate could have been used, or bewailing whe complained about could have been used, or his inability to perform when couldn’t get it up could have been used…




I like words with a Latin etymology (sorry, big word). Makes you think about the word and what it means.


or Greek ones, @RetiredIT

Last edited 10 months ago by Xena

I thought of that after I wrote Latin.


Maybe you need to go back to school.


Yes, and matriculate posthaste.


i guess thats a big word for you.


I LOVE Michael’s English.


Yeah those big words are rough on those with room temperature IQs


Inebriated isn’t a big word


Big Government…a CESSPOOL of corrupt swamp creatures!!! 💩💩💩


Former IRS employee


Truth is stranger than fiction.


That’s why, the truth remains hidden depending on what you can handle.


The DeepState woodchip pile needs some Marine termites.


Also known as ship worms!!!!!!!!!!!

Whilst watching an old wooden scowl… eastern rig scalloper leaving the inlet, my friend turned to me and said… The only thing holding that POS together are the worms shaking hands. 20 years ago! And that is true of the NWO fiat currentsea. Time to return to Common law and leave Admirality/Law of the sea, DEAD in the water! Under way and not making way.


Hang the treasonous bastard!


Chip, chip, chip,,,

tic,,, tic,,, tic,,,

Blessings be, Sempre fi


1% is one hell of a pay check. I wonder where the other 99% went.


To Ukraine?


Probably, some of it anyway. That country is nothing but a slush fund for the corrupt especially the Deep State and Big Tech, etc.
Give all who are arrested some truth syrum and ask them!


Along with the other $202,000,000,000,000.00 that Denis McDonough sent, that Shalanda Young sent, that Bridget Brinks sent, that Incest Joe sent, that Chance Saltzman sent, that Jack Lew sent….


I guess the Banks that are shut down will hold some clues.
I guess Buckingham palace held a few more.
The Vatican a few more.
As did the Fed. The Treasury and so on.


Chirp chirp chirp said the canary in a coal mine. The use of canaries in coal mines were to see if there was enough breathable air or poisonous gas. No chirp, you become a pinata

Mrs. Joe Strummer

Ok, now I’ve got the fun ditty “Canary in a Coalmine” by The Police on a loop in my noggin…but that’s not a bad thing.


…keep going guys – and – please speed up as fast as you can…crossing red light for catching these people is appreciated…

Mark David

The FCC, CIA, FBI, IMF, NSA, IRS, OPM, ATF, EPA, DEA, NASA, INTERPOL, HS (Homeland Security) and all the other members of the alphabet gang are all privately owned corporations and none of them are or ever has been an agency of “United States, Inc.” The United States government always held some stock in these corporations but never outright owned or controlled any of them.
Furthermore, the SCOTUS recently made a ruling that Congressional involvement in creating these agencies is unconstitutional and illegal. Only the People can create them. So, in the near future, these agencies will be gone.

Last edited 10 months ago by Mark David

Add secret service that
Protect these monsters like Obama and Biden

Mark David

Yes. As I said, all the others.

erase the slate

and the stocks held from our birth right inheritance created from the birth certificate that really declares us dead ,,


Enjoy your hangin. Blah, Ha, Ha…

Dave Strickland

I get the strong impression that Jared Kushner and Mike Pence acted as a fifth column undermining Donald Trump’s position all the time he was President. Trump seems to have been too trusting, but probably because he lacked the intel at the time as to his son-in-law’s and Pence’s true aims. On the other hand, Trump was probably very aware of their real nature, being mindful of his mixim: “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”, allowing them to to fulfil another of his maxims: “Don’t interfere when an enemy is destroying itself.” Trump will have gleaned a huge dossier on both fellows.

Mark David

Former VP Pence (the real one, not the replacement) and Speaker Paul Ryan were busted for plotting to kill DJ Trump. The real Pence was executed for it in 2019, and Ryan is still behind bars in Gitmo last I heard.

Last edited 10 months ago by Mark David
John .S

Herein, Gitmo this – Guam that; what’s up at Tierra Del Fargo?

Not a blip from Del Fargo. Evidently Pizzagate action kept secret; why? Gitmo, Guam and Del Fargo under same umbrella.

Wishful thinking, hopefully executions at Del Fargo will be televised, pay preview and proceeds donated to Pizzagate victims fund.

Myself will pay admission at local sports bar, with open buffet to watch executions, in putting together a ghoul pool, as usual kicking back 10% to the real big guy.

Guillermo Campo

It’s Tierra del Fuego.



Sounds fun!!
Finally…someone, besides me, saying is saying the REAL Big Guy! As that IS NOT Joe Biden…it is Barack HUSSAIN Obama!
Pops (Joe) got 50%…then whoever got 40%…then 10% went to THE BIG GUY!! EVERYONE wants you to believe the Big Guy is Joe…that doesn’t make any sense…
Joe already got 50%…and why wouldn’t Hunter just say Pops got 60%? Does anybody really think Obummer would let Joe make all that money and NOT get a cut?!?!? In my opinion…
Just think about it and I do not care what Bobalinsky said…how honest is he…really? He did work with the Bidens after all!!

Carol B.

Obama was the downfall of our nation
I still can’t believe do many rallied around Heusiane

Carol B.

Oops I meant to say I still can’t believe so many rallied around Husein

Carol B.

You do not make sense

Stinky Perfume

Heard it online? We never really know. I tend to believe RRN and it’s very easy to come up with theories of stories around what really happened. Clones is one case. There’s embryo’s cloned and tube grown clones. There’s a lot of games to us surface dwellers.

Last edited 10 months ago by Stinky Perfume

Human A1 cloning.Then embryo cloning & reproductive appear to the same kind of cloning. These websites explian in detail how it is done
to an animal and then deny, deny, and deny it is done to a human. Liars.

Carol B.

I know, I have looked it up and they deny this is not happening with humans, only Dollie the sheep. We sure do not think they stopped then !!!

Carol B.

They deny it is happening with humans

Mrs. Joe Strummer

Wasn’t Rod Rosenstein on that email too along with Ryan & Pence?

And Rew

I hope to someday hear of Jared Kushner being taken to GITMO.

Mark David

Another agent of the Elites that was CAUGHT Red-handed. No doubt that DJT and the White Hats allowed Kushner to expose himself and demonstrate his treason, then tthey arrested him and took him to Gitmo for his punishment. No one is fooling DJT about a damn thing.

Last edited 10 months ago by Mark David
Stinky Perfume

What happened to Kushner exactly? Is there an article on his trip to GITMO?


Ivanka is Connie from godfather, sadly. The guy posing as kushner these days looks nothing like him.


I’ve never met that Kushner guy, but from the few brief videos & written reports I’ve seen, he creeped me out from the beginning. A weasel in the Trump family. Always thought his wife, T’s daughter Ivanka, was an airhead, for example, for getting involved w him. It is what it is. “We’ll see what happens.”


Kushner’s heritage is interesting, also. It ‘splains a lot.

Stinky Perfume

She’s is the daughter of the mom that fell for that vaccine rollout and was scared of losing her life from the covid.

At the time Trump was involved with the lush life of pleasure with wealth. It’s probably that birth amnesia and it takes a long time, lot’s of years, not to fall for the tricks and traps. Pleasure, enjoy, take, take, take. Then Trump in a humble state, when the military got him, or maybe when Melania got him had to work with the military so he eventually did the right thing. But not his clone who is still the old Trump. Ivanka get’s stuck with the clone Trump, it plays out that way? Kinda want to know what the clone still thinks because I can guess, Trump kept on learning from wherever they put him and did what he needed to do next. His clone thinks from the point of cloning. There’s clones from embryo’s, and clones from the grown individual. We are vastly shortchanged on that science. What we get here is the shit clones data somewhat but there’s obviously a long long way to go learning.

While white hats are just mostly good guys, they are not angels, and to clean this planet anytime soon requires a lot more than chipping away at the woodpile. From what I’m hearing it takes higher beings to step in not just weapons that can melt and vaporize demons and serpents underground.

People thought the flash ascension or something like a transition some now call it would have ‘the great sortout’ of light from the darker beings. Human-hybrids without empathy, etc…..

It’s going way to slow,
after you know.

Mark David

She had billions of reasons why she married him.

John .S

Won’t hear anything on Jarad, the kosher nostra has that on lockdown, suspect won’t hear anything on Schumer too, as Netanyahu’s bagman.

And Rew

YEAH!!! WTG!!! To the gallows with that POS!!! Here we are out here trying to make a living, and that POS is living the high life by literally stealing from the taxpayers who pay his salary. NO MERCY!


Same with all of the Deep Swamp.


The Marines overheard Rettig’s companion bewailing his inability to perform.

With $40 billion at his disposal, you’d think the dork could afford some Cialis…

Mark David

More importantly, you’d think his squeeze would be thinking about the positives rather than the negatives. 40 billion reasons to forgive and forget.

Sandy Thomas

The HOOKER doesn’t know he stole $40 billion. Are you kidding?


,,,swizzle stick with a wick & duct-tape.


Something to do with the 3 (Three!) bottles of Dom Perignon with dinner. I do believe that alone would KILL a good many people. Not surprised that neither Charlie nor his Willy Wonka could stand & deliver. “What fools these mortals be.”

Last edited 10 months ago by Paladin45

His very fat face shows that he loves him loads of liquor. See other very fat faces.


Michael Baxter probably made that and other conversations up. I doubt the military is going to divulge everything to him. I call this site 60% real news. The overall is true. The conversations make it colorful.

Carol B

He forgot one Bible verse
“Be sure your sins will find you out”
Wow how he betrayed every single real American while the illegals escape again
He deserves the same death penalty the others s are getting.. ✅💥✅

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Mark David

The illegals will have to return to their OWN COUNTRIES in order to receive their monies from GESARA. The Mexicans will be high-tailing it South for a while. I haven’t seen them around lately in my area, maybe because the Tier 5 release of money is getting close.

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I gar-ron-tee you that they will get home faster than they got here. There will be no one to cut grass anymore, The F-Troop army of weed wackers will not have to work for cerveza anymore. And people can learn how to do it themselves ie cut their own grass


Nesara Gesara will become reality. The collapse of the old. Our world will be magnificent. TURN COATS


Justice is cashing/crashing him out.


SALUTE, Well Done.

david simmons

Hello President Trump the Jew got you pregnant and you delivered.

david simmons

How can this war stay out of the nightly News? I suppose only Germany felt the pain of us murdering them because theSynagogue of Satan had control of the money and the press. Money ain’t everything but it sure buys everything else?

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Carol B

You are exactly right— that is what GOD calls them too, THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN


So us Germans are evil now?

Anne Stallybrass

It’s the demonic-bloodline Khazarian Mafia whose specialty was to infiltrate and impersonate … first, the Ashkenazi Jews, then Germans, then royalty from Queen Vic on …


They say they are Jews and are not, but of the synagogue of satan = Khazarian mafia


The Khazarians controlled the British Royal family since before Queen Victoria was born, when the Batte of Waterloo was won and Nathanial Rothschild became obscenely rich through insider trading.


Good thing I left the mainland since I’m German.

You would kill me for something I didn’t do.

Not the first threat I get cause Americans are so easily brainwashed.


He’s saying Germans were WRONGFULLY killed because the KM had control of the press

Mark David

It doesn’t look like the J’s will have their hands on NESARA and GESARA monies. The US Military, and the Rules of QFS (Quantum Financial System) will control it all.

david simmons

The Law that never was Synagogue lied. Failed to get 3/4 of the States to approve the 16th Amendment. Never passed ,they began their lying and cheating and stealing . Thanks Woodrow Wilson and Mr. Opium Roosevelt. Roosevelt the dope dealer democrat living the high life while Americans starved and stood in the soup lines in the cities. Get out of the cities and grow your own food asap! The democrats are just getting started. Posted 7/31/2023

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Mark David

Roosevelt was also a Jew. His original name was Rosenvelt.

Anne Stallybrass

thanks, another piece of the jigsaw puzzle. And weren’t both Wilson and Roosevelt puppets of darker forces behind the scenes? eg Wilson> Schiff?


Nope, checked his history, Not Jewish. Family was Dutch Protestant.


Thank you. Have a great day!


Yeap this is how our money is being used, South Beach Florida , steaks and fine wine. Don’t pay , they have the audacity to knock on your door, agent blue devil IRS. This is why the IRS is being dismantled. Years these people have been stealing from Americans sending the money to United Kingdom to king and queen. They send it to the deep state Rockefellers, Rothschild. That’s right we have been taking care of those people for over one hundred years. Cowboy days they called them the system. When I say we your father, mother, whoever.


Yes, IRS, I was one of there victim years back for quite a while. Even threaten me jail time. They’ve been bad people for a long time. It’s nice to see something good is happening. I never thought anyone would get them, untouchables the are not no more. Thank you MB for this article. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one. Good Job.

Carol B

Amen – and the replacement guy is no better huh? Now get him too
These taxes are killing us for their evil demonic pleasures

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JFK had them in his sight’s, and would have gotten them to, if only “they” were in the convertible !


When you trace it further/deeper,,,, Rome, and by Papal Bull, Every Soul on Earth.

Judy Kennedy

Anyone who Kushner recommended would be dubious. Is Rettig a Jew too?

Unrelated…why does the US Gov place so much importance on Jewish holidays?
It’s not a Jewish Country (some would beg to differ) The US is supposedly based on Christian values, isn’t it?
A quote from the US Senate…
“The Senate is out of session Monday and Tuesday due to Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year”


No, he is a born-again Christian, who is slapping the faces of Christian believers everywhere, just lile the Khazarians are slapping the faces of Jewish believers everywhere.


Slapping their faces? Or spitting in them?


BOTH! Equally offensive and equally humiliating.

david simmons

Once a Jude always a Jude.

Carol B

Yes a Judas

Carol B

What he calls himself and what he really is, is the problem here…….. not everyone who calls himself such will never see heaven

Bill Douglas

Yea he was slapping that womans ass too and couldn’t get the job done !!! What a loser !! Get a rope ….


Why so many jew,s in con-gress? They sold us out years ago. Total rigged system .


They are Khazarians. And the non-Khazarian Jews are being shamed by these scumbuckets, but they won’t admit it.

Anne Stallybrass

My guess is, the non-Khazar Jews are going to speak out, in time, like Gays Against Groomers are speaking out now. But since the most ancient evil is linked to the KM, it’s the most woven into the fabric and will take the most unravelling and the most honest digging for truth.


,,, go figure.


They all Jews.



What a scum bag.
Hope he rolls lime a semi-truck tire.
This shows that the White Hats are ‘bi-partisan’ in their approach to protecting and enforcing our Constitution. Kushner’s father-in-law: stupendous news, just stupendous.
Thank You Michael Baxter.

Unrelated pending question from yesterday;
Was MajGen Anthony Potts a White Hat?


We all realize that this is a war Mr Baxter, and as such, releasable info on this site is a luxury.

That said, it’s been two long years (15 since the Kenyan took office) that we’ve all been suffering, hungering, thirsting for all of this to come out in the open. . for the truth to be revealed, plainly, for all to see.

Can your sources provide any sense at all as to how close we are to these things going public? Any sense at all as to what we should expect to experience?

Like Ben Hur asking for a small drink of water are we.

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Midwest patriot woman

Its time to read or watch secrets of the Shemittah or the secrets unlocked by Jonathan Cahn.
Every 7 year is a Shemittah year. After 7 x 7 is a extra 50th year, super Shemittah year. On the 29th of Elul of all Shemittah years is the great release of debts. Good Lord causes that big event release if people don’t. The year ofter is a Shemittah wake events too.
2001 =9/11.
2008= Great Recession.
2014-15 regular Shemittah year, 2015-2016 super Shemittah then Trump wake and Jerusalem the capital of Israel.
Now what? Will sept 15, the 29th of Elul this year be great event time again? Its also 50 years since abortion became legal, 50 years=1 year on heaven’s calendars. It might be time for lots of sinners to grab their ankles. Prep everything again.


I’m sorry but I think Cahn is a total Schmuck selling christians yet more lies on top of what their preachers have already been feeding them.

Anne Stallybrass

No. Ego, yes; total schmuck, no. God uses imperfect people.


Definitely a schmuck grifting, conning and lying to Christians…just like their pastor most likely does


Let’s pray we can place all assets stolen from the citizens under our custody quickly and use them for benefit of our nation ! This money is needed for removing the illegals from our nation. If activities those illegals participate in cause more fentanyl deaths then we will lose our nation ! Deaths of Innocents must not continue , reversing Wade V Roe is progress however we still have far too many citizens including many homeless veterans dying of despair & neglect while scum like Rettig live life of luxury. Creator God Is Watching & though we didn’t start or participate in that corruption, we still need to house clean in order to gain a favorable assessment by The Eternal Sovereign. Thanks Dear White Hats & God Bless Our Marines ! The City on The Hill Will Soon Gain Its Luster as A Beacon if Freedom & Inspiration Under C.I.C. Donald John Trump & Responsible Sovereign Government………. Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195

David T

Great post Nick NBS, I’m with you 100%.

Carol B

Amen and add in those innocent they took to jail that were there only to support Trump and they know that….January 6th . they are placed in horrible nasty filthy buildings
That the news will never tell


IT WILL BE KNOWN. They are now Prisoners of War! I hope that WHEN they are released, they’ll receive GENEROUS compensation & lifetime support from a grateful nation. But likely NOT until After the re-election of DJT.


This has got to be the biggest financial heist on the American people ever, and I can guarantee that you will not see this on the mainstream media. Great job United States Marine corps! God bless you all!!!

Mike Huntsucker

No that would be incorrect Obama stole over the 84 billion sent it to Iran so they wouldn’t snitch him out about SEAL team six and Osama bin laden not being killed and all that BS bullshit you know the drill.. oh wait then we got rumsfeld and George Bush then they steal trillions before right before 9/11 when they’re a couple trillion missing out of the Pentagon don’t forget that one but hurry up and pay your taxes boys and girls

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Carol B

Yes and that seal team 6 was so unfair….. I had a friend of a friend to lose his life then


Uhhhh…Jared Kushner should be looked at!!!! And hate to say this but wtf President Trump??? Your son in law may be deep state!!!!


You should change that to ” … deep state” .


I think its more like in DEEP Shiite!


You got that right.


Lock him up, disinherit and ban the daughter, and strip custody of the kids from both of them. Let Lara and Eric raise them, or Tiffany and Michael raise them.

Heather Duncan

I think he has been executed


Nope. IDTS. He’s still sexing Ivanka the trifling traitor.

Carol B

Wow — you are talking about Jared Kushner —- right ? Was this on RRN ?


No. No reports of his arrest, conviction or execution. Just went through the RRN archives and the whole list nothing on Jared.


She is one of them.



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Joan P McDonald

I think he knows that.

Carol B

I was so unhappy when she married him and converted to the Jewish so called faith


If Jared was a normal Jew, that’s one thing; but to marry a Khazarian, that’s terrible.
President Trump is the only born-again Christian in that whole family — both Ivana and Melania were raised Catholic, Marla was raised Baptist; Donald, Eric, and Ivanka the traitor thief were raised Presbyterian.
Donnie is standing alone as a Christian because he is facing opposition from his own daughter and son-in-law who are Khazarian. Jesus said in Matthew and Luke there would be splits within the family between those who side with Jesus and those who do not.
Look at all the splits across America between family members and friends who voted for Trump and those who voted for Hillary in 2016, and those who voted for Trump and those who voted for China Joe in 2020. I ever never seen so many ruptured, broken and shattered relationships over voting for a president, this has never happened before.
Friends became enemies over DJT being bad and HRC being good, and not seeing the other side; people who voted for Hillary are refusing to let their parents, who voted for Trump, see the grandkids; married couples are fighting over Trump Making America great again with jobs and money and economy, and military and cleaning the swamp while the other side likes Biden for his nice words and supporting reproductive freedom, proper pronoun usage and transgender youth support.
But on Twitter, when one women’s husband lost his job because Joe closed the pipeline and fired everybody on day one, he blamed her for choosing Biden (never mind the election was stolen) and he told her she had to figure out how to feed the family with no money and no job, because she wanted Biden over Trump.
People who voted for FJB were shocked at the zeal with which he undid a lot of EOs and a lot of good things Trump did and fought the Khazarians/Rothschilian cabal at the same time, because Biden is a globalist and as publicly embraced the New World Order on record.


Kushner gives me the creeps in the same way Pence does……

Mrs. Joe Strummer

And Zuckerberg too. He looks like a robot.


No way. Pence is a paedophile protector, Jared is just a globalist.

Bernadette Bennett

Kushner was dealt with by Trump long ago.