The Untried and the Dead: David Axelrod


As reported in April 2022, U.S. Marines under Gen. Berger’s command apprehended former Obama strategist David Axelrod near his Chicago condominium. At the time, we had no details on the charges against him or what punishment he might face. A source at Guantanamo Bay recently pulled Axelrod’s file and shared information on what led to his arrest and his final fate.

The military had opened an investigation on Axelrod in February 2022, after receiving tips suggesting that his role as Obama’s political strategist was a pretextual and convenient cover for the depraved duty he performed: selecting underage boys for Obama to sexually molest.

According to our source, the military’s evidence included a video of Axelrod offering underage boys the opportunity to personally meet and dine with Barack Hussein Obama at the White House. Obama’s prey, he said, were among the forgotten–teenage runaways, street addicts, children pulled from orphanages and foster homes.

“Obama fancies boys ages 13-16, and Axelrod made sure he got them,” our source said.

No boy, though, ever saw the inside of the White House.

Obama felt so untouchable that he had the audacity to brazenly have a group of boys form a line that stretched from the doorstep of his D.C. townhouse to the sidewalk, with Secret Service and D.C. Metropolitan police officers ensuring that the children remained orderly and quiet. Axelrod then pointed out which boys he felt might best satisfy Obama’s dark urges.

“Ever play dodgeball in gym class, the picking of the teams, the dorkiest kids never getting picked for either team? Obama typically picked thin, Caucasian males. He’d bring five, six, or seven in his house at one time, and the cops and the fu***** feds knew all about it and covered for him, just like the media,” our source said.

Sometimes Michelle Obama, also known as Michael Robinson, stood in the shadow of the doorway and whispered in Obama’s ear as he made his selection.

The boys that made the cut went behind closed doors with the Obamas; the others left with Axelrod. In either case, they were never seen or heard from again.

“We know this picking process took place three times. JAG had enough evidence to charge, indict, and try Axelrod,” our source said.

From the moment of his arrest, though, Axelrod was quiet as dust, and during interrogations at a holding facility in Florida, he answered all questions with a sinister, condescending smirk.

He uttered his first words on board his ride to Guantanamo Bay, a Cessna 441 Conquest whose occupants included a shackled-to-a-seat Axelrod, the pilot, and four U.S. Army Military Police officers. As the turboprop soared at 4,500’ toward Cuba, Axelrod asked one of the MPs whether he had a teenage boy who fantasized about other men, older men, and the ways those men might use him. The MP said he had no children and told Axelrod to shut his mouth, or he’d shut it for him. A second MP, however, apparently had a teenage son, telling Axelrod his offspring was beyond the reach of perverted pedophiles and sadistic, satanic savages.

“We could have your son if we wanted. He’d like your son, I’m sure. You think we can’t find out who you are, who he is, even now? I promise we can,” Axelrod said, sneering at the MP.

The four MPs opened the cabin door before unchaining Axelrod and freefalling him into the water.

“Unless Axelrod sprouted wings, he’s gone. Even at that altitude, the velocity would be like hitting concrete. On the outside chance he survived the fall, it was 150 miles or more to swim to the Bahamas, Miami, or Havannah. Hopefully, sharks got a satisfying meal,” our source said.

He would not discuss what consequences, if any, the MPs faced for hurling Axelrod from the plane.

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Charles Smith

@ Michael Baxter

Has Miguel Cardona been Executed? He was Suposedly Convicted last December. Whats the update on him?


You probably don’t want to hear this but, as a Christian it concerns me that these people ARE POSSESSED by Demonic Spirits. If you execute them, which I’m sure they deserve, that Evil Spirit is set free to go and POSSESS another person! What can be done about this? Maybe instead of execution you could keep them in cages the DUMBS and keep them on bread and water so the Evil spirits can’t get free? IDK, what can be done? But then I’d feel bad for the poor soldiers that would have to ‘care’ for them. Maybe you could get an exorcist to send them to the pit of Hell for eternity?


If true every federal agent is guilty of crimes against humanity also they are complicit in these crimes against children.

P Perriee

I just want to say to the MPS that did their job so well thank you so very much and I hope you get a chance to do your jobs equally as well soon

Debbie Fitzko

Bon voyage

Mark David

This is the kind of government you get when you are a Corporation, pretending to be a Constitutional Republic. After the Articles of Confederation were cast aside for the new “Constitution”, the US has not been a Constitutional Republic since 1787, with the ratification of the US Constitution which drastically changed the united states from a Constitutional Republic to a Corporation, complete with a (CORPORATE) PRESIDENT, a VICE PRESIDENT, and other Corporate positions filled by lawyers and politicians. The US was sneakily forced into this position by traitor George Washington, who made a secret deal with the Royal family in England. They let us believe that we were a free Republic, but the record does not support it. Just look how many wars the US has been sucked into, how many of our tax dollars have been stolen by foreign nations, and you begin to see the truth. If you examine closely how Americans are identified, we are given a birth certificate, a SSN card, MARRIAGE LICENSE, ID’s all with our names spelled in CAPITAL LETTERS. CAPITAL LETTERS identify something as a CORPORATION. When you are called into court, your name is spelled with ALL CAPS. The Court is prosecuting you under Corporate Law, not Constitutional Law. You have the right to tell the court you are not the name on the summons, because you are not a Corporation, and tell them that you do not Consent to their court. Your Lawyers are members of the BAR, which stands for the British Accreditation Registry. When they are accepted into the American BAR, they must surrender their US Citizenship, and swear an oath to the Crown, NOT the Constitution. Your Lawyer is a Foreign Agent, there to make sure you are forced into their fake court and accept any judgement that is rendered.. You can bypass all that bullshit by telling them that you do not consent to their corporate laws and courts.

Last edited 10 months ago by Mark David

True, except the Act of 1871, through fraud, is what created the foreign Corporation, on foreign land, in DC. Trump purposely made US Inc bankrupt, then he made them defunct. He’s bringing our Restored Constitutional Republic back & the Preamble Constitution.

Mark David

The White House and Federal Govt has been full of these politician pedophile scumbags for decades. Please execute them all.

Last edited 10 months ago by Mark David
Rob Banks

Id of did the same thing if some sick weirdo said something like that about anyone’s kids.

Susan Banks

I wonder if we are related?


These 4 MPs are my heroes…men of honor and integrity! Can only say, the sharks were chumming for scum.


I wonder how many skips they got from him on the water

Susan Banks

Lmao!!!!! I bet him being strapped in that Seat had that thing skipping all over that water!!!


I feel like my spirit brothers were on that Cessna.
I would have done exactly the same thing.

Will they get in trouble? YES.
Somebody high up the command structure was foaming at the mouth to interrogate Axelrod. Now they will never get a chance.
Somebody is pissed off, I’m sure.

Axrod knew his fate would be much worse, once the airplane landed. He played those boys. Got an easy death.
It’s a shame, really.

Last edited 10 months ago by geo
P Perriee

They should all get to go on a plane ride every single one of them because from the plane way up there you get to see all the fish and you get to see the dolphins even the sharks now won’t that be fun I bet it’d be the best…. Sure would be

Son of Ethan allen

Too good to be true.


Zero consequences, the man was pure evil. One less being to inflict demonic thoughts onto others.

david simmons

Spy vs Spy, I read about it in Mad Magazine, 50 years ago


Falling at that height, Axelrod was guaranteed a powerful saline nasal lavage & a HUGE headache with vertigo. Fresh sushi for the sharks. Dee-lish.



solange Silverman

Hurling him out not weighted down was a bad mistake. If you’re going to do it, make sure such monsters do not survive. Strange things do happen. I also hope the sharks had a good meal. I hear they’ve been very busy in that area lately.


Twist his head around until you hear his neck ” snap ” , throw him out,…
The initial Impact would cause his body to be fractureed legs, arms, head, back,
He would be Dead on impact !..
So f-ckin what
All prisoners found guilty of TREASONOUS CRIMES, RAPE, CHILD TRAFFICKING, Load them onto a c-130…give them a bomb vest ( but you tell them its a parachute, we are releasing you, charges are dropped ) the vest has a cord just like a skydiving pack -, this particular skydiving pack is rigged with 20lbs of C-4 plastique…they pull the cord and KaBQQM —GAME OVER— NO DEALS—JUST A QUICK DEATH as they fall @ Terminal velocity towards the ground they pull that cord to open the chute that is not there

Susan Banks

Hanging is better!

Surf Nazare

Question—–Is it a crime to kill a clone—????or is it a crime to kill a shape shifter especially if they are of a lizard background

Stinky Perfume

It don’t matter if we can’t kill any of them. Only the police or military can kill people unless it’s proven self defense.

People aren’t all human. It’s too complicated to expect to kill someone based on soul status. I’m from here parroting what people that sound like they know are saying.

Clones can be from cloned embryos and one put into another woman’s body or those grown in the tubes. They would be soulless from a tube but an embryo clone from a tube, IDK and figure it don’t get a soul.

Seems to take wartime authority to do the killing, according to Cmdr Thor on WeThePeopleNEWS on rumble who kills demons and serpents underground.

Anything that isn’t human goes off the planet. Shapeshifters might be human or lizzard. It’s just an advanced being. I wouldn’t want to kill one of those and only light beings or energy beings can kill them if they are negative and they do not belong here.

On Gary Carlson’s site The mother determines the soul of the child and he claims Trump as example has a reptilian soul and a human body. It’s not clear who is 100% human but it’s Japanese, Not Chinese…The Slavics are human, and I guess lot’s of people especially Anglo Saxon, are human, but there’s lot’s of beings that look like the best of looking humanoids and they aren’t human, they are of some other created hybrid race, Nordics, Swedes, Tall Blondes…not sure what they are other than a hybrid mix and very beautiful.

Surf Nazare

—-People aren’t all human—–good one——Do you know why G-d flooded the earth, just asking.

Stinky Perfume

Yes, but only heard it was giants that had to go. These days, the one’s without empathy to their DNA seem to be the problem.

Surf Nazare

Read Gen 6 and Gen 7:1—-the whole earth was evil and violent and Noah was the ONLY one that was still righteous so G-d destroyed it—–and He is about to do it again—–Man’s DNA/seed has been destroyed again by Satan !!!! How did Satan present himself in the Garden—–as a snake and what do we have now——-shapeshifters that have a serpent nature/lizards etc.—–I know people laugh and don’t want to believe but it is so in your face——Mixing man’s DNA with everything—–I am not attacking you so don’t think that for a second—–just trying to give some revelation as to what is going on !!! Side note—-what does Hollywood show you in their movies—–Predator as an example or i Robot—–or Cloning—–

Stinky Perfume

The movies also shows us some created version of vampires. Twisted Truth. To me vampires is a blood or loosh eater. Blood or soul energy. It’s a world set up for predator/prey we live in. There’s a few work arounds to deal with it. Some people point the finger at someone else. Some are born into families that have soul power together so as long as they have family values and stick together they survive. Runaways encounter predators real fast.

Cmdr Valiant Thor II from Venus claims the serpents are ALL being eradicated and they had issues so higher beings stepped in to do the jobs they can’t.

So many people are demon possessed, I really think it’s not fair for someone not to give a sure way to tell who is what. It’s not fair for now. May be necessary IDK but it’s not fair as far as I can tell there’s not enough choice to know were we stand and who is hanging out that can possess individuals in some way or another. Then again, if demons can possess individuals so can angels when it’s necessary.

Underground on supercomputers, a guy sais, “there’s not even any ghosts, every last thing is a hologram”. I’m not so sure. Cmdr Thor said he never saw serpents before and suddenly he’s out saying he is successfully killing them underground. He also said there’s these white reptilians are in the deepest level down and they are not dead but are contained now. I wonder if these underground workers are compartmentalized for hundreds of years watching the surface dwellers? Like they got an invite to start working underground in 1750 or something. To do that job requires whatever vampires get to live longer.

It’s my guess the AI technology underground making holographs, exist but so do real demons that also need surface dweller blood to live.


Does make one wonder where the legend of vampires ever started from. The truth disguised as a tale?

Stinky Perfume

As the story goes the reptilians got here tens of thousands of years ago, and the demons and serpents were here much longer. All of them eat humans. Except I guess for the good reptilians that want to become a human one day, have to work for humans to get such a birthspot.


I read a story somewhere that Obama wanted to eat a “hot dog” in the middle of the night and ordered the air force plane to deliver a “hot dog” from Chicago to DC at the cost of $40,000.00 which was our tax payer’s hard earned money. The ” hot dog” the delivered to Obama was a 8 years boy from Romania.



solange Silverman

Agreed, and, right now, not even we know the half of it, even those of us going down the rabbit holes for years. It’s just so horrific the brain simply does not want to absorb the dark reality of it, even though we know it’s true. What we’re seeing is just the tip of the iceberg.


The most egregious part of this whole thing is that every day, kids dream of meeting the President of the United States of America. It’s a HUGE deal for boys and girls. They can grow up and tell their own kids and grandkids about the event. They see for themselves that anything in America is possible.
Sadly, since probably 2009, these kids who were brought in to see POTUS #44, America’s first black president, who was supposed to be the crowning achievement of Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream for nondiscrimination in America, never got to see the White House nor meet POTUS for a fun day like the other kids got in the fake media articles. They never got to grow up and
They were raped, sodomized, murdered and never heard from nor seen again. That means since 2009 this paedophilics, aobortion-loving, Iranian ebracing, bribetaking traitor has been sexually abusing kids since before the 2008 election.
Even his staff keeping his homosexuality a secret during his Senate years in Chicago, who began grooming him for the presidency in 2007, told him to stop sleeping with men and going to the gay bathhouses. “You can’t do that anymore,” they said. “Be careful,” they said. “You have to be the family man, now,” they said.
But someone else was supplying him with children to molest in 2007 before Axelrod took over the filthy positionin 2009, covering it up with the title of ‘strategist’. Axelrod became a strategist for an Italian politician, too. How many kids did he procure for him while playing Mr. Good Guy? According to la Stampa, On January 23, 2013, Axelrod was reportedly helping Italian prime minister Mario Monti with his election campaign and had flown to Italy to meet with Monti ten days earlier. Monti’s coalition went on to come fourth with 10.5% of the vote in the Italian general election in 2013.
In 2014 Axelrod was appointed senior strategic adviser to the British Labour Party to assist party leader Ed Miliband in the run-up to the 2015 general election. How many more kids to rape and sodomize did you procure for Mr. Monti, Mr. Axelrod? How may for My. Milibrand, Mr. Axelrod?

Nail the sonofawhore, White Hats!! Do not give up!!


The cover story for Axelrod’s arrest according to Wikipedia:
In 2022, he announced his intention to retire as director of the University of Chicago Institute of Politics, and become a senior fellow and chair of its advisory board, effective January 2023. UChicago President Paul Alivisatos said of his tenure that “David’s leadership of the IOP has driven its incredible growth and success over the past decade.”


Yes, they sure have some good fake cover stories. And of course, SNOPEs will
tell you how wrong you are if you don’t agree with them. Have read many of the
DS cover stories and wonder how many people believe this crap.

John .S

Well, hype on Sounds of Freedom move, with buzz of Hollywood
takedowns, and nothing blipped from Tierra Del Fargo. Gitmo, Guam and Del Fargo under same umbrella.


BB has been dealt with. Just another leftie. RINO


Saith the demon.


Thank you, Michael, for today’s feel-good article. It made my day.


Was that the original or a clone?
Hypnotic suggestion to “throw me out”?
Yep, but I often think weird scenarios.
Thank you, Michael. Have a great day!



Last edited 10 months ago by EdBob

All cops, Feds and media that observed or even heard reports of the ‘Obama boys club,’ and who did not report it, will be hung, or pulled apart by the people as well.

Last edited 10 months ago by EdBob

What is your name, demon!?




He just told you.

Rick Gravelin

My buddy’s mother makes eighty five US dollars per hour working on the computer (Personal Computer). qa She hasn’t had a job for a long, yet this month she earned 12,500 bucks by working just on her computer for 9 hours every day.
Read this article for more details…

Last edited 10 months ago by Rick Gravelin
Rick Gravelin

My buddy’s mother makes 85 US dollars per hour working on the computer (Personal Computer). She hasn’t had a job for a long, yet this month she earned 12,500 bucks by working just on her computer for 9 hours every day. Read this article for more details…  

Last edited 10 months ago by Rick Gravelin
Rick Gravelin

My buddy’s mother makes eighty five US dollars per hour working on the computer (Personal Computer). qa She hasn’t had a job for a long, yet this month she earned 12,500 bucks by working just on her computer for 9 hours every day.
Read this article for more details…

Last edited 10 months ago by Rick Gravelin
Surf Nazare

Beijing —-19.6 inches of rain in 24 hrs. and more coming—–3 Gorges Dam in big trouble—–Maybe HAARP being used (who knows) as a warning about Taiwan—-if dam goes, that would be worse then a bomb and already is for many—-cars floating in mass—-gotta give Hal Turner his just —-pictures there—–


That was the goal: 3 Gorges Dam. There are or were horrible things: laboratories, caged children, bitcoin manufacture and so on.

Susan Banks

Yes all under 3 Gorges! That thing should of went 2 years ago. It’s hard to imagine anything being under the Dam. I think Trump is using these Weather Modifications to hit them now. I see Hawaii was having a Hurricane and I was hoping it took out Obamas supposed new house.

Terry Gabrich (SF)

I really like the idea that the four MP’s took the initiative to do something about it. I think the gallows would be to easy for Axelrod. However, he indirectly threatened the MP’s, and they did exactly what they should have done. Good ridden Axelpuke. I wish I was in that aircraft. I would have asked the pilot to fly low over the area where Axelpuke fell into the waters. Maybe we could see the sharks pulling out their knives, forks, and napkins ready to have a feast. Sorry Axelpuke, you got what you deserve. I hope the four MP’s get a medal.

Last edited 10 months ago by Terry Gabrich (SF)

The Democrat bastard threatened, and had the very real capability, to harm, all their children, and families, with horrible fates the likes of which are nightmarish.

Therefore, the Democrat bastard crossed a line that took him out from under the protections and due process of military protocol. The MP’s should not have been punished, as long as their story could be verified from all witnesses aboard the aircraft.

However, the MP’s should not be allowed to process any further detainees.

Once Donald Trump officially returns to office, the Democrat party will be abolished, and all its constituents will be held accountable for their crimes against humanity.

Last edited 10 months ago by EdBob

That’s supposed to happen tomorrow, according to several truther pundits.


The entire process of flying these rats to gitmo and going thru the motions is a massive waste of time and money. I would suggest in-flight tribunals, complete with the equivalent of flight surgeons… call them flight judges and flight JAG panels. After sentencing, trap door are opened and they are dumped into the Deep Blue Sea. presuming guilt, of course.


Transport them all to Nemo Point for their tribunals & incarceration’s. ][ AM quite sure that all and any can be accommodated there quite handily.


These tribunal detainees, should have 15 sticks of TnT between their legs and wired to explode as they free-fall @ terminal velosity They’re blown to pieces moments before they hit the water,.



Good idea. Sharks will be very happy.


A c-130 loaded with Gitmo prisoners… once they are found GUILTY OF TREASON…They are walked to the edge of the planes drop-down ramp They are shot 5 times in the back of the head and they let the body fall at Terminal velocity towards the highest mountain range where no one will ever find them…because of the altitude where they went SPLATT..!!!…Too dangerous to climb up to where the bodies are
Or give them a bomb vest and a quick shove



The MP’s are due their Over Time & Expenses.
][ have yet to know a nose that wasn’t broken by a tongue.


Not the nose, his jaw break his jaw them his nose them send his outside for his superman flying lessons


The old Irish saying. “Many a man’s mouth broke his nose.” is well
known in my family. Especially after a few rounds of Guinness on
St. Patrick’s day.




This scenario has a simple solution. Next time a high-powered prisoner is transported simply; shackle his feet, tie his hands behind his back, blindfold him, insert the red ball mouth gag(a la Pulp Fiction) and for further security place sound-deafening headphones on him playing the Rosary on an endless loop. Now if by chance he still “falls into the ocean” the sharks will make quick work of him. Don’t forget, these techniques are known to this filth as that is how the little Chinese girl was found- tied and gagged. You know, the child in the boat with Clooney and Obama.

Michael R Davis

With Clooney going to his mansion on Lake Como, Italy. Dozens of papparazi photos of the little Chinese girl, Obama, Clooney. Child predators right out in the open, unafraid of justice.

https ://i.redd .it/pfi6kmsiiq541.jpg

John .S

Is this George Clooney?
Short Clip.


I have seen that picture several times. It still makes my blood run cold. I despise Clooney and Obama. It makes me sick to hear their voices. So much evil…


I find it humorous that you think anyone actually cares what you have to say!!


There are pics. Clooney is zipping his pants up. b.o. watching as were the girls parents


Where you at today fed? Teleworking at your memaw’s house, or at FBI clubhouse?


They should leave it to the MP’s more often

Last edited 10 months ago by trofty

Negative. That would spell wild west mob rule, which is basically what pure democracy equates to.

The Lord is a God of ORDER. There will be order, and there will be JUSTICE.

Last edited 10 months ago by EdBob

Sure… threaten a child again, you go flying into the shark pit, head first!!


www. bitchute .com/ video /KebKBNb1AzdM /

Rick Gravelin

My buddy’s mother makes 85 US dollars per hour working on the computer (Personal Computer). She hasn’t had a job for a long, yet this month she earned 12,500 bucks by working just on her computer for 9 hours every day. Read this article for more details…

Last edited 10 months ago by Rick Gravelin
Mark David

I’ll bet his pucker-factor was so tight as he dropped, Obama couldn’t even penetrate it.

And Rew

OR Big Mike! LOL!


In Clintonesque strategy Hybrid Hussein Soetoro and Big Mike murder the cook who wrote a book, drowned him in three feet of water in their back yard beach and of course all the cops are lying and covering up. Will there be justice?? Is there ever??

Andrew Stevano

Certainly agree that the cook’s death is suspicious. My first thought was murder. Cooks in such positions see a lot they wish they hadn’t.

Stinky Perfume

I applied for a job in Hollywood once around 2011 and what they acted was too crazy. The place is like a horror movie behind the scenes according to dreams I got later. No doubt dreams came making sure I didn’t go back. To be in Hollywood means you know what’s going on and they test people to see how their anger is by the script screen reading, people act their ass off covering it up but I could tell the screen test was for finding people that were righteous and angry at not getting things or being hurt by others.

No doubt the same with being around presidents. Everybody was acting like they were doing these jobs, but it’s all intensive acting around what’s really going on. A limo driver I knew it Washington DC told me everyone was drunk all the time. That’s typical for people usurping too much energy out of other’s to wind up on heroin or alcohol.

Money, and acting to be fooling people that don’t know what’s ruling, and eating people is becoming widely known. It’s all about walking tall in competitive domination systems, on whatever way they can get energy. I can easily discern the doctors in hospitals have to be actors to make people think they have it all and deserve all the money they get even with all their lack of cures to say the least. An owner of an African rehabitation hospital Simon Loxton told me 50% of the doctors in Africa are heroin addicts and he used to be one himself.

Translate that to cooks at the WH. More superior acting and it’s not hard to guess the WHouse cooks have to serve up human meat and their employers probably don’t like it cooked. I was studying butchers at a meat factory on YT and there was this guy that kills cows slowly over many hours, scaring and tormenting the animal all the way and put a cup under the blood coming out to drink it very fresh and live.

The torture was to charge up the blood with adrenochrome. If they don’t do it that way the bloody meat don’t have the same effect and obviously the butchers know the difference in fresh live vs old dead meat.

Top chefs get to know the butchers if for no other reason they have to get the best quality food to be a top chef. A cattle rancher as a child met a butcher at the meat processing factory, where his dad delivered the cows for butchering, and he was told if the meat is old, or dead it isn’t any good. That’s what they sell anyway to the unknowing public but they don’t want to eat that way themselves. What did the butcher tell the boy? “You don’t want to eat an old dead cow, it isn’t any good”.


Wow. And the Scriptures prohibit eating animal blood, too.


Stop mocking me.

Michael R Davis

Mike, where the hell is that big mouth chef hiding?
I told you to destroy his swimming app and you forgot?
That SOB punched me. (Hussein O has a black eye and bandages on his left hand)

Edgartown Great Pond has an area of 544 to 840 acres depending on tide, a mean depth of 3.0 to 4.3 feet, and a tidal range of 0.6 ft. Not easy for a man to drown in less than 5 feet of water.
remove 2 spaces
https ://www

Victor Bravo

Great story!! THAT right there is called JUSTICE.

Sandy Koufax

Axelrod’s clone hit the ground running without missing a beat and is quite prolific with his podcasts, news articles and cable news appearances.

Stinky Perfume

It makes me wish there was no such thing as a clone. They have also this argument of demigods where the clones are done from an embryo and I haven’t figured that out yet. RRN is just acting like all clones are from these tubes and only last 3 years. There’s embryo’s cloned and planted in actual females for the 9 months also. Us readers here hardly know how much of a clone that is in comparison.


I’d like to point out the difference between (1) the four MPs freefalling David Axelrod from a flying Cessna and (2) allowing the JAG Corps to process and try him like any other detainee suspected of pedophilia and/or treason.
Starting with (2), at each military tribunal, JAG gives the Detainee time to secure outside counsel. The Prosecutor makes an opening statement with a summary of the criminal evidence JAG Corps has gathered on each Defendant, including paperwork and/or objects. During the trial, they may also face witness testimony via Zoom call(s). They each have an opportunity to defend themselves, although if they are disrespectful in court, they will be gagged and tied to their chair. After a deliberation, the senior judge announces the verdict and the sentence. In hangings, the Detainee is given a specific date. On that day, the Detainee is offered a final repast, an opportunity to speak with a man of the cloth, and paperwork showing the charges sending them to the gallows. They then are driven to the gallows. Admiral Crandall tells each Detainee, “You have been convicted of _______ and sentenced to death.” The Admiral instructs the hangman to flip the switch.
(Brock Long (X’d 7/10/23), Gretchen Whitmer (X’d 6/22/23), Eric Holder (X’d 7/21/23), by Michael Baxter)
By now you must know what I’m getting at. David Axelrod didn’t get any of the above. So? Since January 2021, the White Hat Military has been saying, “The military is the only way.” I think it wants us to let it do its job like running a business. The White Hats are discouraging us from taking the law into our own hands. Imagine this horrible outcome – If both the Left and the Right started doing this, we’d be killing each other — precisely what the White Hat Military wants to avoid at all cost.
Feel free to disagree.


Suggestions: It’s better not to threaten the families, esp. the children, of U.S. Military Police officers while in custody & flying to prison & lawful trial. Perhaps the MP’s just wanted more fresh air & less static during the flight. Definitely submit a written protest, as above. Attach a list of all legal protocols provided to victims of the accused. And conduct a survey (perhaps the comments listed here will serve).

Last edited 10 months ago by Paladin45

P.S. The ‘free-fall incident’ was NOT a result of prisoner’s previous actions at issue. It was a direct result of his threatening an MP’s children. Credible threat. Verdict & execution of sentence were expeditious; in fact, near instantaneous. Sorry, not sorry.

Sandy Thomas

My take was that he WANTED them to kill him on the spot because he didn’t want to go through it. He just didn’t know they’d do it THAT WAY. He probably was just hoping for a bullet.


After looking at this whole thing long and hard (5 hours) from many angles, I ended up with a new angle but unmistakably on the four MPs’ side. I replied to your P.S. comment, but it didn’t make it because I quoted a criminal law instructor talking about prisons, with a certain unflattering insinuation, which forms the legal basis of the MPs’ defense. To reword my comment, I’d like to borrow your well-chosen words “expeditious” and “instantaneous.” In Axelrod’s case, it was essential, if not critical, that execution be expeditious, or better yet, instantaneous. Thank you for your comments.

Mark David

Sometimes, circumstances dictate our actions. Threatening to use the power of individuals in the Government to harm someones CHILD is one of those circumstances. Next time, he’ll know not to do it.


You’re sticking up for child molesters and child traffickers and your argument is hypocritical.
The decision was made because the Axlerod was an imminent threat to children by his own words. The correct actions were taken to stop further threats to children, this is our duty as adults to protect the children.
Failure is not an option.


I stand with the law that punishes all people involved in pedophilia with prison terms or death. I think the law is just because it protects any innocent and vulnerable children from bodily, emotional and psychological harm.

It’s impossible for me or anyone else to stand with both sides of the law at the same time. I see pedos and child-traffickers as the real useless eaters and parasites of our society. I do appreciate your honesty and your concern about children’s safety, but your viewpoint that I’m “sticking up for child molesters and child-traffickers” is illogical and far off the mark.


Or just don’t threaten the MP’s personal life.

There not the British guards.

I wouldn’t fuck with them. That’s tempting fate.

David went too far. he had a shot, then blew it.

Now he’s free falling into death over and over.

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Julian Metter

The more I think about this account the more questions come to mind. My questions all focus on whether it actually happened as reported. Consider, the plane is flying, the door is opened. Axelrod, knows he is going out. Yes his hands and even feet are bound (maybe) but a man about to be thrown from a plane will struggle in any way he can. Those throwing him out are unsecured on the floor in close proximity to an open door with all the wind and turbulence that would have ensued. They’d have to maintain a close grip on a struggling man while simultaneously making sure they were all holding on to something in the cabin. In that type of environment it might take much for unintended consequences to occur. Axelrod heaves or twists the wrong way and an MP is thrown perilously close to that open door.

Is it possible that 4 MPs could accomplish this? I assume so. But once again it requires consensus between all 4, including those who had no children. Would any of those say the following?

“Relax, this creep isn’t going to be talking to anyone. We’ll make sure his threats are known at Gitmo when we land and he’ll be kept in total isolation. If he really has ready access to kidnap networks, he will qualify for enhanced interrogation during which he may provide actionable leads. He’s a dumb POS who is running his mouth and burying himself even deeper. He’s just doing the usual “I’ll get you” routine. He will be too busy with other things as soon as we land. Let’s just do our job and be done with him.”

Just saying, that’s how it reads to me.

As for the violations of due process argument, well I get it but the entire story is based on an impulsive reaction to statements/threats that were not anticipated. Without knowing what if any follow up occurred with the MPs in question, we really have no basis to go after the larger JAG system.

Sandy Thomas

It would take two of them to drag him out of his seat at the two of them standing at the door.

Julian Metter

It’s all possible. We could speculate as to the position of hand holds near the exit as well.

All I’m saying is, the devil is in the details, and it makes me wonder if this wretched “pimp-esque” character lived to provide direct testimony against Obama. Remember the old Q question, “Do you believe in coincidences?” So we have an offer going to Holder to implicate Obama (which he reportedly declined) and now we have the account of this Obama “associate” going out the door of a plane before he could implicate Obama in direct testimony.

The timing of this release regarding this event was entirely discretionary on the part of the White Hats. Why now? Was it random, like some military/librarian deciding to “pull a file” to entertain the public? Isn’t it reasonable to assume that this platform is used to send messages?

What was the message here? Was it simply, the bad boys are repulsive and we’d just as soon pitch them out of aircraft as bother to put them in front of a tribunal? Okay…what purpose would that serve? Or is it rather that something big is coming together behind the scenes and it makes sense to utilize misdirection until the deal is done.

Just wondering, that’s all.

joe blow

Untried to the public eye but we know they were already tried and executed.


>He would not discuss what consequences, if any, the MPs faced for hurling Axelrod from the plane.

give them all a frickin’ medal. skip the time, effort, expense, and risk of transporting these POS minions to tribunal. just whack ’em where they find ’em and leave the corpses for the local CEOs to find. two bullets to the back of the head, with a suicide note, and use their dead finger to write HRC with their own blood.


Sort of what DS judges and prosecutors are doing now to patriots huh?


No. To be avoided. I believe this was an exceptional case. Needs to be left at that.
(But the 4 MP’s each deserve a pair of Air Jordans.)

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Midwest patriot woman

So what happened to Gen Potts? Was he white or black hat? We know plane wrecks are murder


I was sitting here thinking about this article and I forgot to ask. Please tell me you guys videotaped throwing his sorry ass out of the airplane. Because the whole world needs to see this along with all of the other executions.


Waiting is.


That’d be the stupidest thing they could do. That’s everyone else’s downfall

Rick Gravelin

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I am not the least bit concerned about David Axelrod, but I don’t like the message that the “normies” might get if they read this article. The marines should have delivered the prisoner to Gitmo and let the authorities do their job. It otherwise sends the message that the marines can’t be trusted to complete their mission without bias.They are not judges or jurors, nor was their life being threatened at the time. They need to follow the law and do things by the book.


Well it just happens to be time to throw the book out the window. Fay.


I believe it was army not marines!


in the first place, there’s ZERO corroborating evidence that any of the stories on RRN are true. and even if it were true, since no normies are ever going to hear this story, WTAF difference does it make?


Why are you even on here! Yee with no faith!



Mark David

If that SOB POS threatened to do that to my son or daughter, using the power of agencies and Govt to do it, I would have cleaned out his ears with a Smith and Wesson Q-tip.

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Michael R Davis

MPs have their names and rank on their uniforms. The Army MP’s child was threatened, which Axelrod could have carried out the threat through his lawyer once arriving at Gitmo. The threat was instantly ended, no communication between Axelrod and Deep-State possible. No doubt, Army and JAG superiors would agree.

https ://api .army .mil/e2/c/images/2017/06/27/483550/original.jpg

Dennis Morek

Finally, a death for the evil ones worthy of their deeds. Well done.


Anything the Resident Biden actor signs will just get ripped up when this war is over because he has no lawful authority to sign anything. The white hat military will just continue with is lawfully original UCMJ. There will be very few elected politicians left after the trials, and we will be electing rookie replacements who swear to represent the people and states.

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Rick Gravelin

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Marry her.