Deep State Take Down: Maui


United States Marine reinforcements in Maui have dismantled a Deep State blockade and forced FEMA and National Guard insurgents into a disorganized retreat that saw the murderous felons fleeing for their lives.

As reported previously, the Marines who arrived in Maui Wednesday afternoon were quickly outnumbered and outgunned by a Deep State army comprised of FEMA, local law enforcement, and the Hawaii National Guard. Overnight, Marines engaged the enemy in several blistering firefights but often found themselves defensive against insurmountable odds. Early battle damage assessments and casualty reports put the number of killed or wounded enemies at approximately 160; two Marines died from gunfire, and five suffered debilitating injuries severe enough to pull them from battle.

Reinforcements—sources would not specify numbers—showed up in hell-scorched Maui Thursday morning, as FEMA and The Red Cross were preventing civilian relief boats, including a yacht manned by the Cajun Navy, from offloading food and water to desperate victims. FEMA fired at fiberglass hulls, forcing ships away from the Lahaina Beach shoreline. The smaller craft took on water, with crews manning bilge pumps to keep vessels afloat. A few frantic citizens risked getting shot swimming from shore to the relief flotilla.

As Marine forces advanced on the beach and Trilogy Excursion docks near Front Street—the site of a second FEMA blockade—Marine snipers on rooftops overwatched the battlefield. This time the Marines had a numerical and tactical advantage.

Marine platoons near the beachhead took cover amid the scorched remains of incinerated homes that once dotted the pristine shores. They observed FEMA’s disorganized movements. Meanwhile, snipers had climbed to the roof of the Lahaina Shores Beach Resort, which the suspicious fires somehow spared.

FEMA’s erratic gunfire was dangerously close to a party boat 20 yards offshore, its deck laden with MREs and potable water cases.

A Marine lieutenant shouted into a bullhorn for FEMA to drop their weapons and lie prone on the ground. When a grey-haired man in a FEMA windbreaker, ostensibly the agent-in-charge, ignored the command and instead raised his rifle, the lieutenant gave the order to open fire.

FEMA toppled over like bowling pins.

Agents fleeing the scene were hit by sniper fire.

Farther north, FEMA at the docks caught wind of the Marine incursion and began fleeing the battleground in SUVs, heading north along Route 30 toward Punalau Beach, the island’s northernmost point. They had no way of knowing that the Marines had predicted the escape route and formed an impenetrable roadblock midpoint between Lahaina and Punalau beach, where 250 gung-ho Marines enthusiastically awaited FEMA’s arrival. Behind the FEMA convoy, 50 more Marines were in hot pursuit, effectively putting FEMA in an inescapable kill box.

The Marines had no mercy for government predators.

The first vehicle to approach the roadblock was struck by grenades fired from an M32A1 grenade launcher. It erupted in a fireball—ironic justice for federal fiends who used flamethrowers on civilians to make it appear like they died in the fires. Additional grenades and a phalanx of rifle fire destroyed the remaining SUVs. No FEMA survived that engagement.

With FEMA’s forces weakened and scattered, the flotilla delivered food and medical supplies to the hungry and the wounded, with Marines aiding the distribution and remaining on location to deal with any FEMA stragglers.

As an aside, United States Special Forces raided Hawaii Governor Josh Green’s Honolulu mansion, which was dark and deserted. They reportedly found architectural plans for terraforming Maui into a “Smart City,” a technologically modern urban area that uses electronic methods and sensors to collect specific data.

“The war in Maui isn’t over. Feds may be in a chaotic mess right now, but there are still plenty of them there. The National Guard helping them is very disturbing,” our source said.

He added that “some” National Guard were FBI agents in military dress.

“Same thing happened at the Christmas attack on GITMO—feds wearing military insignia,” he said.

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Debate Judge

“federal fiends who used flamethrowers on civilians to make it appear like they died in the fires.”

Where’s NPR? Where’s the NYT? Where’s the Atlantic?

Robert Gregory Boensch

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Serco- Us military and WEF – Maui
Detailed report

Robert Gregory Boensch

Great Post

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In your article just before this you wrote that FEMA were not carrying guns, Guardsmen were. Now in this article they’re armed. Which one is it?


I see “president” douchebag is there in Maui today. ……………………. looking at WHAT he did…………………. Guess he’s meeting with FEMA so they can regroup. I don’t know how someone hasn’t taken him out………….. I mean, look at all of the “attempts have been made on President Trump”.


The actor playing the role of resident Biden still has a few more lines to speak in the script of the movie we are watching. He’s doing a pretty good job waking up the normies if you ask me. Let him do his job.

Michael R Davis

There is an Air Force site on Maui near Haleakala Crater, which researches Directed Energy Weaponry. (Air Force Maui Optical and Supercomputing (AMOS)) with another similar Air Force site in New Mexico. I have been told by technicians who should know that DEW heat buildups have been solved, and no longer need cool-off periods, can remain on, ready to fire repeatedly without heat buildup.

Were mostly native American Hawaiian people targeted, people refusing to sell their very expensive properties to WEF investers, wanting to build ’15 minute cities’, actually ‘concentration camps’ in Globalist WEF lingo, willing to murder thousands for their socialist communist utopia?

Do not send help or money to worthless FEMA or Red Cross. FEMA and the RED CROSS are the enemy, screwing over local people, not helping. Send help instead to local help groups.

(remove 3 spaces – watch all videos on Lockheed-Martin website)
https ://www .lockheedmartin .com/en-us/capabilities/directed-energy.html


sorry to hear of another death 😢 and injuries

but what a story!! keep up the incredible work marines, special forces, white hat patriots!! we love you


This is the best sentence in Michael’s entire article that I like the best……….”where 250 gung-ho Marines enthusiastically awaited FEMA’s arrival”.


haha made me chuckle, that was great!


knew a ex-navy guy working for raytheon, he was like a friggin genius; i like to think he would never go along with unlawful orders or sowing seeds of destruction as we used to have beers together after class and he was never deviant nor unhinged


Read Pedo Pete visiting Maui next week – any welcome party planned?

Ellen T

My guess… NOT ONE! No ByeDone hats or flags will welcome him either!


I’d like to understand the logistics of how these stories are getting passed along, if there is no journalists other than MB reporting. Who is passing the specifics along? How are there contacts in all locations? I want to believe this is true but my gut is pushing me to something very sinister. Having such a bipolar possible outcome is not settling. Either we are going to live in a utopia or we are going to live in hell, there is no in between. I don’t think we should be sitting back and waiting for either to happen and take a risk that there is a Q psyop that happens to sound very similar to the Bolshevik takeover. These demons run the same playbook over and over and over, why would it be any different this time????

E. Grogan

I believe the military is giving the intel. And Q is NOT a bolshevik psyop, I read every single post, it is the real deal. If you think it’s a psyop you didn’t do your research very well.


I am open to the possibility but if we aren’t questioning than how are we any better than the ones going about their lives thinking all is just fine. I have looked into it in depth, sure I could do more, but I am seeking a conversation. Please share your thoughts on how you are so certain it is not a psyop.


OK you asked for it… here’s some tough love
get on telegram
read the posts
Q the storm rider is very good but she has tough info for newbies

no sympathy for people who won’t put in the work themselves
it takes months or years to research so put in the time and figure it out yourself OR simply go with your gut – look yourself in the eye in the mirror and ask yourself if it’s real or not. We have been upgraded so it’s getting very hard to lie to yourself now.

*** Get away from fear, fear is deep state bs and it diminishes our light keeps us in our head which means we can be abducted (yes it’s a thing)(this war is about our light – they want to steal it) ***

Here are some cliff notes.

Trump is real deal (is a higher spirit on earth, just like JFK was)

Q is REAL but it’s complicated and multifaceted (Q group – Q intelligence, Q the light being is also connected to Trump), Q the military intelligence psyop JFK Jr/Mike Flynn took the oath of office along with the anons and the WWG1WGA call in a video. Q is the emergency broadcast signal throughout this galaxy also. So when you call out Q!!!!!!!! It’s a call for help. Trump makes air Qs all the time! He retruths heaps of Q posts! He was asked to make reference to some code words in speeches for anons who follow Q and he did of course and they are hilarious! Everything is in tippy top shape is my fave! hahaha BTW Trump is a genius, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Everything he says and does is deliberate and it’s for us (there was talk of a deep state clone causing havoc at one point but it’s unconfirmed) He and the white hats are fighting hard but they have to let this play out because people have to learn about who and what they are. Death is temporary (we don’t die) but this forkery is really really bad and we have to wake up now. The darkness almost won, it was so flipping close but it still has to play out unfortunately.

We know the end is great but it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, not everyone will make it and not everyone wants to wake up. The truth is tough (even the truth about who and what we are can be tough for some) that is why you have to go on the discovery mission for yourself you cannot be told things you have to arrive at an understanding. To put everything in perspective, almost everything about your life, our history and what we have been taught is a big fat lie designed to keep us really stupid and to look outside of ourselves. So we can focus on the new device the deep state invented so they can control our thoughts (yes they do that) or blow us up (yes they have done that and can do it)

Because of Q and wikileaks we knew about adrenochrome, epstein island, all the pedophilia and human trafficking, organ harvesting, Benghazi, Killary, Bush snr raping little boys to death – SS have to dispose of the bodies (these forkers are sick sick sick half aren’t even human – literally – yes its a thing) 9/11 fake, NASA fake, (most of us knew about a lot of this but evidence was made available) and all of the elite power centers, we knew mcdonalds serves human flesh and babies (it’s how they get rid of the evidence from the SRA murders), it’s how we knew about the diamonds – Trump was also saying about the diamonds (another way to relive the pedo dream the child’s ashes are turned into a diamond for a sicko keepsake) we knew about Barry and Big Mike, and all the corruption. All our food is corrupted, climate change is a scam, and everything the WEF says and does is pure evil no matter how pretty they make it sound. Getta (is a male) is soros clan, so is Zelenskyy, Ukrainian war is about destroying the bio labs designed to kill us and to take out the khazarian mafia and child and baby sex trafficking, organ harvesting rings and adrenochrome factories. Alphabet agencies are pure evil (not all workers of course but the higher ups are), CIA knows all about consciousness and about our spirit and how it all works and the cubes, consciousness, gateways,dimensions etc. yes they did all the research, but most reports are redacted. Area 51 is an interplanetary hub until the deep state took control and then killed or abducted and tortured all the visitors. We have inner earth which is beautiful and is another dimension. Clones and aliens are real, it’s the interdimensional ones that you can’t see that are a worry (they stop time and abduct us) but they have been mostly cleared out. Tunnels deep in the earth are a network for human trafficking, also alien bases, experiments on humans, etc. Most have been shut down. Everything we have been taught is fake and everything we were told was a conspiracy theory is REAL. We are all stupid because we were educated in a stupid system designed to keep us stupid yet arguing about everything because we have been taught we are so clever. That’s the game, our heart center is literally EVERYTHING and 10000 x more powerful than the brain but they don’t want us to know that. Keeping us in our head makes us powerless and easy to control. There is far too much to go into here and I’m in a hurry hence the very disorganized response.

Read it and take what resonates, or not. I know it’s hard when everything is overwhelming and I don’t expect you to take all this on board. If you know, great, if you don’t great. My suggestion is to put all this into a crazy box and put it on your mental shelf. As you go along your journey, things will make more sense and you can connect more dots. Don’t discard anything, but don’t accept it until you’ve done the research and it it clicks..



Great research, Kitty!


Thanks Maggie 🙂 sometimes it’s just so much to share but how else are people going to start to learn when the topics are so incredibly huge and interconnected? Prison planet no more, we are made of pure light and love and we are claiming our birthright. x


WOW…great summary. Thanks for putting it out there. Takes courage, in these times.

Bless you and yours.


Aww thanks Hypnotixx! We live in crazy times. I never discard anything anymore, I put it in the crazy file on my mental shelf. I even learned new things today that are mind blowing. Shaking my head and laughing right now.

Blessings to you and yours as well. xx

Ellen T

Please keep sharing when time permits. Thank you. Can you please explain “cubes” a little more when you have time? I don’t have that on my shelf just yet. God bless you! What a ride this has been! Wowzers!


Hi Ellen, 🙂 the cult of the black cubes, the cult of Saturn. Nasty, nasty business and they are all over the world! Just like the pyramids (another era of games and puzzles to confuse us and keep us distracted).

All of our history is based on lies and deception so we don’t know who we are. Nothing is as it seems. The sooner we can recognize truth, the sooner we get our memories back. The key is different subjects will trigger different reactions and memories for everyone so it’s important to follow what inspires you.

Remember our spirit is far more powerful than anything the dark can conjure up. The key is to remain in your heart center and feel inspired. Nothing can touch you when you are inspired because that is our God/creation spark.

Remembering we are here without our memories is a start. I have made it my mission to remember who I am. Most of us have been stuck here for longer than intended due to multiple interferences that seem too far fetched for most. As our minds start to expand, we can explore further and get closer to the truth.

I no longer dismiss anything, I always keep an open mind. We have been taught to be stupid by using mind energy – mind energy can be powerful but it is so incredibly limited. Our jailers want us stupid and docile. This is a prison planet and we are slaves. We are run by evil entities that worship Ba’al and Saturn and Lucifer and Satan etc. etc. It doesn’t matter what people believe, it’s what our jailers and controllers believe. Our good hearts have been taken advantage of and we have been too easily fooled. The best way through this is to work closely with your spirit and inspiration.

The God/creation spark comes from our heart center, our highest excitement, our inspiration. Use that as your radar and only do what inspires you. When you work with your spirit more and more it becomes more powerful because you have more light in you. The key is to not look outside of yourself for anything. Always go within and work with your light, your spirit.

Blessings to you 🙂


I agree with everything you have said. I did my own research and had many sleepless nights and a lot of time on my knees praying to God. People around me are still not awake and I think that they do not want to. I still try to get people to watch videos or read articles but all I hear is no time to do that. Do you know what God says to that answer- discipline. You make time for other things so make rime for God as he wants everyone to know the truth.


Aww Brenda thank you, I love that so much!!

It’s tough but we have to be brave and yes going within to hear that pure voice, that infinite spark to help guide and direct us. We are the lucky ones because we put the time into what is really important.<3


That is the Holy Spirit inside if a person is a believer.


McDonalds does NOT sell human meat. That is a khazar LIE


I’ll respond in case you are NOT a troll or a DS operative.

… or you could simply do more research.

if it doesn’t resonate with you then you are obviously not ready for the truth. They use human DNA and baby byproducts in most of our produced food. They can do it because they own almost all of the world.

How about the fact that pigs are half human DNA half hog DNA? They were created to keep the reptilians from eating us but it didn’t work. The problem with eating your own DNA is that it changes you and diminishes your spirit, taking you to the dark side. Not speculation, TRUTH. If it doesn’t jive with you then, again, you are not ready. No shame in that but eventually you will, we all will get the truth and we will know everything so the sooner you start preparing the less of a shock it will be.

Grow your own food where possible (grown with love it gives you greater health) because we are energy beings and we resonate and connect to all things. Energize your water by putting your hands on either side of the glass and say: Water heal and balance and love me now, 3 or 4 times before drinking.

The water changes its molecular structure and you can taste it. When I do mine and give it to others to taste alongside a non energized glass, they swear it’s from an entirely different source.

Dr Emoto’s work has been well covered so you can see the changes with different words. You can do your own experiments.


Or you could do more research, before seeking that conversation (as most who know the truth have) – not trying to have a go at you, but if you genuinely want to know, the only way you’ll truly believe is to find it yourself. As the saying goes ‘the truth is out there’ & it’s beyond worth knowing for sure. Good luck!

Ellen T

Just a side note… This is yet another reason why we need to be well grounded in our faith of the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It’s all been foretold in His Word that days like this would arrive. He gives us discernment to be able to know and understand certain things (not all). His Word is truth. There’s other “signs” that some of these things are happening. We just have to keep a keen eye on them and they eventually get revealed. In the end, those who stay close to the Lord will prevail and the enemy will get trampled.


It is truly turning out to be the 2nd US Civil War.




What a load of BS.


As an actual load of shit, I’m sure you know better than anyone.

Mark Heisler

And still NO pics or nothing, so you might as well say it never happened, why isn’t there any boats out in the water with high tech telescopes seeing what’s going on that the news isn’t picking up, if the Deep state has been taken down already, and this is just a movie we’re watching, then where’s the pictures and videos more evidence the Patriots need, make the News see this, white hats should have known that Maui was going to happen come on, let’s-let more Patriots and people die for no reason, I mean Hollywood’s underneath your control where is everybody else,


So easy to sit back and criticize isn’t it? Soooo when can we expect a ‘report’ on you and your ‘forces’ flying to Maui and doing a more slam bang job?
Please report ASAP, we’re waiting with baited breath………

There are those that ‘do’ and there are those that ‘think’.
If those that ‘think’ would ‘do’, they can do as they think.

E. Grogan

The white hat military is an all volunteer force and many are older military vets, also militia, some real National Guard and a few others – these are real patriots and they don’t have military photographers who can take pictures/videos, they don’t have time for that. What they are up against is the worst kind of evil this world has ever seen. And how many people could withstand the shock of what might be seen? Military doesn’t show the worst kind of horror, it’s too much for old people and most people in fact.


Old folks you say cant handle it! And on what planet were you nursed along? I’m 70 and most my friends have no problem with taking care of businessTCB! You must of been surrounded my pussies, Mark Heisler….Semper fi that, chump✅


Thanks for your service and sticking around to continue to help.

Stinky Perfume

All B/H should melt like the wicked witch of the west when Dorothy threw water on her in the land of Oz. We just should need rain on them. No one set it up that way because I noticed they don’t melt in the rain. That would be watching a movie. Behind the scenes Dorothy as Judy was corrupt in Hollywood. Being in a movie under a director is predictable mostly. In this movie the people don’t know who is next in the DEW fires, and not clear how W/H find out when and where DEW will strike until it does they seem to read here as if they get in gear and action fast as they figure it out. The scenario is making it clear to people that someone is killing innocents with the DEW and that someone is very interested in killing as many as possible and land grabs. Movies are just observed. We may not be in a movie as far as it appears to me this is a real end times scenario with battlefields everywhere.


We are watching a movie. I don’t think that Q or military would let this happen to Maui. I know that they have tried to keep all the citizens in the US safe. Some of the encounters the military have had with FEMA seem to be very dramatic. Everyone who is awake knows that there is going to be a scare event. Maybe this is it. I know that I was a little scared at the beginning because I know what these DEWs can do and supposedly AZ was on the list. Now I wonder if it is true. Photos can be doctored to show destruction of the area. Unfortunately again, only the awake are getting this news. I don’t think MSM is reporting all this information.


My cousin lives there. It is true.

Yvonne Wagner

A big Thank You!! To our military, For your service to God and the World! God Bless You and keep you in the Palm of his hands in your fight for freedom and liberty and justice!!

Proudly Unaffiliated

What a confusing and ambiguous disaster but thankfully the US Marines prevailed. Love the reference to the Cajun Navy: MAGA in action– Americans coming to the rescue of Americans.


Usually when the military know the plans of the bad guys they take the advantage of that information and stop it and win having the upper hand. Now all I hear for the last few years is they have to let the bad guys kill as many people as possible as they go down in flames.
Totally opposite to common sense.

This could back fire on the good guys if they keep letting the bad guys kill innocent people just to say, “see we told you so”. In the end when the people find out the Truth that the good guys knew all a long what the bad guys where going to do and they let them do it just to show us. Makes me think this could go sideways for a lot of people.

So, they let a bunch of people die then say we saved some of them after the fact, when they could have saved them all by stopping the action they knew was going to happen before it happened. I ask you who is the bad person there? Are the bad guys bad for doing what bad people do? or the good guys for letting it happen just to look like a Hero in the end.
That’s not a Hero in my book. The Fireman letting a house with people in it burn down, just to put out the fire he knew was going to happen then saying “look at me I’m a Hero”.

Crazy world, and shame on the good guys for letting millions of people die knowing what was to happen. They knew the Vaccines where bad and let 65% of the people take them anyways. When they could have just let the Truth out years ago and let the good people decide for themselves and help restore the world.

Stop telling people they can’t handle the Truth. If the good guys can handle it, then so can “We the People”.

This delusional idea that they need to wake up people that don’t want to be disturbed is only getting more innocent people killed. You can’t wake people up by hiding in the background the whole time and not letting them know the Truth. They still are fighting a civil war just the innocent people are left out in the cold, while the good guys are trying to fight it alone.
In Maui I hear they let the kids go home early, “yea right”. I bet a bunch of those kids are gone into Child trafficking. They stopped good people from leaving and probable kept kids from going home. Now they can say the children burned up in the fires and the parents probable did burn up when they where turned back.

Just me being in a weird mode, no votes necessary, I’m just venting on this Saturday afternoon. Must be my fresh cofefe is a little strong today.

Good Bless everyone and have a wonderful weekend.

Yvonne Wagner

If you have any knowledge of aviation you would know that any drone or plane has the ability to turn it’s transponder off so they cannot be seen. Just saying. As you I will also be glad when all these murdering devils are fully arraticated from the earth.

Hold The Light

My thoughts E.X.A.C.T.L.Y.!

Been saying this forever but all I get are the starry-eyed saying “Trust the Plan!”. The incompetence is mind boggling.


We all want this to be over and everyone to learn the truth. I will not second guess the good guys. These plans have been in the making for over 54 years. This is the greatest story ever to be told and the greatest sting operation ever right here on earth. I am grateful that I have been here for this entire event and I feel very happy that I am awake and I know everything that has happened. I feel sorry for the people who are asleep and missed everything. The good guys are not incompetent.



Doyle knight

You would think somebody would of heard or witnessed the firefight and made a tik tok video talking about it.i seen a report from an old man that was being interviewed ,he was stuck in traffic and cars were not moving .so he got out and started walking to see why .he said he walked a ways and still no cars moved while he was walking he got to where he could see a cop gad the road blocked and wasn’t letting anybody go by he asked why and said he had orders .the old man kept walking to safety and said he seen nothing down on road and then he started hearing boom boom boom and people screaming .he couldn’t understand why people were just sitting in their cars as the fire approached .

Mark Heisler

Exactly what I said, where’s all the high tech stuff that everybody else has for everything else, not one video or pictures for Patriots at all we just have to believe it all.

Doyle knight

And we been told many times ophra was under house arrest with a leg monitor.and assets should of been frozen .so what’s up with that.buying land and in Hawaii she is .also another thing .I have read Biden hasn’t stepped foot into the white house …had a fire fight at gate his secret service men got shot.and now there is this story about cocaine being found at real Whitehouse ..I thought Biden only went to scaled down movie set white thing is he ll be flying on air force 1 .so I get it about mask and clones. But hearing trump put the final signature needed for project pogo and project zephre .if you don’t know what they are look it up ….part of it .fake tribunals and a sight like this to keep the q anon fooled until it’s too late …I have been a digital soldier for over 7 years and now this .why did he sign on with those projects .and there is a lot more then those two things they are doing .pretty much final chapter to the cabal plan.please Mr baxter let us know something on that

E. Grogan

These aren’t fake tribunals, see Monkey Werx on Yoo Toob. He has been reporting on lots of military flights to Gitmo for tribunals. Last I heard they are full up and now tribunals are taking place in Chile and elsewhere but I don’t think the military flight path shots are fake. As to Oprah, she’s a clone as are so many others. Arrests had mostly happened by 2020 and real people replaced with clones. Also it isn’t Q anon, it is simply Q, you should know that if you followed Q.


I don’t think that the white hats use clones. I believe that they use doubles or CGI. I have read that in the 90’s 62% of people on earth were clones and now it is 8% higher. A lot of people on earth will be leaving when this is over.

E. Grogan

I remember when Hurricane Katrina struck there were no videos either. I talked with a man who managed to escape from New Orleans and what he described was horrifying. He said if he didn’t have a gun, he wouldn’t have ever been able to escape with his family. The horror he described was beyond belief; my guess is it’s too much for most of the public so these things just aren’t shown and there’s so much mayhem going on, there’s no time to record anything.


What was Katrina about then? What was the purpose? Back then I did not realize Bush was so in on it. I knew about the NWO but less info was available on logistics.


Maybe you need to do some research then.


Pentagon sending 700 to Maui today. Breaking news this morning on Newsmax


700 of what? marines, i hope!!!

Mark Heisler

700 black Rock employees 😆

Dave Strickland

AP News confirms Governor Josh Green kept quiet to reporters on August 12 that he has been planning to transform Lahaina into a “smart city”.




Michael you are a true warrior a God sent truth bearer . Thank you beyond words for all you do to keep us going and give us Faith that a great deal is going on behind the scenes we would never know about if not for your commitment and continued perseverance. May your Health be miraculously healed and all medical bills be gloriously paid! You are an incredible warrior for God, lighting the way for many with the TRUTH.🙏🙏🙏👑👑👑


Thank you Bee! Well said.

Robert James

The four men the Satanists tortured and killed in LA have been avenged.


i bet their family would disagree.


Thanks so much for the updates on Maui. My daughter lived there for these last 5 years and I went this summer for 9 weeks to be her live in Nanny. Thankfully she made plans to move to Utah so we had just packed up and left before all of this horrific transpired. And I do mean just left! I’m so thankful to God my daughter and granddaughter and I were spared , but so so so sad that there are so many greedy vultures trying to steal this beautiful island. May Gods Wrath be swift! May God bless all the Military that continue to save us all from the Deep State evil Doers.


Happy to hear you escaped that hell hole safely!


Yes, what you said… My God’s Wrath Be Swift! May God Bless All The Military That Continue To Save Us All From The Deep State Evil Doers!

Air man

Very dangerous times! Thanks Michael!


🙏 prayers for safety to be with all those that fight this evil


“Blessed are the merciful for they shall receive mercy.” Jesus
(by contrast, those who are not merciful, should not receive mercy.)

Rebecca Tracy

Wow Michael! That was like the best action movie ever! The good guys defeated the bad guys! That’s the way it is supposed to be.

Sure hope someone is filming so we get to watch all these happenings when this mess is over.

Prayers for so many injured and two died. Prayers for the people in Maui.
Pray for our soldiers & all in our fight.

This smart city development is not just in Maui. It is the work of the world Economic Forum. The plans are in motion for our big cities fown to our small towns. Just found out they have planted a couple in our local government/Economic Development Boards. Sure hope we can run them out of town, our states, & our world.

Thanks be yo God. Pray people pray. There is only one God who can help us. Hold on to your faith & hope through Jesus

Captain Bill

Yeah, funny how it all sounds like an action movie, isn’t it? Hmmm. Couldn’t be because Mikey is just using stock characters and phrases he just saw on TV, could it?


anyone who calls this a movie should have the small children in their life die from the death jab vaccine. maybe that might make u realize nothing about this is fake, or a movie.

Captain Bill

Wishing death on innocent children to protect your fantasy universe is exactly what I would expect from the mentally ill folks around here


What a terrible statement to make. Saying that this is a movie does not mean that this is fake.


It’s absolutely appalling that members of any US agency would conduct themselves as is reported here of the FEMA, National Guard, and local law enforcement. This is war-like behavior from people one would expect are there to help the citizens. But clearly they are not there for the citizens.


1930s Germany has many pseudo paramiltary groups: SA, SS, & GESTAPO. They swore allegiance to Hitler and not the State or thier constitution


Fema did the same damn thing during Katrina!!


What was the purpose of Katrina? Just a practice, just the first hit of these manmade hurricanes? Haven’t seen much info about why of Katrina>

Rene Labre

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What kind of police force or national guard members do we have in Hawaii that are willing to let their neighbors burn in their vehicles just to follow orders? And shooting their neighbors in the water while they tried to escape the flames, evil evil evil. I’m sick sick sick, Please Lord have mercy😢


We must turn to the Lord for refuge.

E. Grogan

If you read the whole article you would know that some Nat’l Guard were actually FBI in military dress.

John Johnson

I heard a news story tonight that a “Marine Student”. Was killed in a live fire incident at the school of infantry at Camp Pendleton. Is this a cover story for one of the Marines that was killed in Maui? I’m trying to read between the lines here. Are the families of the KIA being notified? What are the families being told if so?

Anne Stallybrass

if it is a cover story, it may need to stay that way. Ask in prayer.


NDAs with serious consequences


There’s a LOT of evidence suggesting everything in this article is accurate.
Starting with the deployment of the Hawaiian Nation Guard.
That should have happened on day 1, but it didn’t. Very suspicious.

Stinky Perfume

Last I heard the plan is to take over the DEW resources and use it all on the Deep State places. That can all be read from ValiantThor11 on telegram. I pray the W/H can keep going and going.

Anne Stallybrass

wow, prayers for this

Dave Strickland

This is the area of my own personal prayers: to unmask the individuals and agencies responsible for DEW operation and how it relates to other technologies like HAARP: to put them in neon lights for the world to see, and verify to what extent the familiar politicians in DC are involved. When I pray over matters such as these I approach the Courts of Heaven where divine decisions are made regarding events on earth. There are three types of potent prayer: to the Father and Holy Spirit when you pray over your own life; to Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit when you need Christ to intercede for specific other people; and the Courts of Heaven over matters involving judging whether God should dispense justice on the earth and intervene.


Operating in the Courts of Heaven by Robert Henderson is powerful.


Oh really, so we should expect the DEW’s to be used on Washington DC any day now huh ? 🙄


Some head honcho in Hawaii has resigned for “health reasons”. He will show up here in a tribunal at some stage.


It absolutely BREAKS MY HEART that we lost 2 more Marines and several were so terribly injured……………………… It makes me sick to my stomach to know the EVIL, within the United States of America, that is so desperately trying to destroy us all………….. I can only imagine how many died the day of the original “attack”. It was NOT the hurricane (600 miles away) This was pure evil. And, sadly, THE MEDIA continues to push what they are told to push, stating tonight that 111 people died that day………………… MY ASS! All of these treasonous bastards need to be lined up and set on fire…………….. to hell with giving them tribunals. To hell with “due process”. Just line em up, and use their flame throwers on them all. They are all pure evil. My heartfelt condolences to our brave Marine’s and their families…………….. They will be hero’s forever…. God Bless them all.

Captain Bill

Connie, you’re getting yourself all emotional over stuff that NEVER HAPPENED. You’re just reading stories made up by some nutjob in Texas who takes military jargon and storylines he’s seen on TV and adapts them into his fantasy universe.

Kay Mitchell

So grateful for all of the news you gather Michael!

Please don’t push so hard that you risk your health. You are indispensable.

God bless you!

Wanda yemm

Thank the Lord for our good Marines that are fighting to fix our countries it’s sad that Joe and all them other Democrats are destroying our country.

Kay Mitchell

Our heroes!!

Son of Ethan allen

Hawaii 50 bites the dust.


Green said in a press conference there will be more fires across the country. Then BC started burning too… eyes open people get your go bag ready and your fire and water proof folders and put all your important things inside. Get ready.


Just heard of fires now in Spain.


And scan your photos and important documents onto a CD and place in a waterproof baggie. Meds too.


Hawaii has been a DS enclave for DECADES. Without knowing why, I had the most peculiar feeling about the place when there for a brief holiday, several decades ago. Didn’t like the feeling & couldn’t shake it. Also didn’t like luggage gone through with physics & chemistry for a short flight between islands. Felt like Gestapo. UGH. And of course, Barry’s “citizenship” was confirmed out of a Hawaii records office.


This comment’s been sitting for long enough for me to read the L-O-N-G comment below before clicking “save” again. If THAT’s too fast, hire a faster proof reader!


I was on the Big Island in 2003 when the war in Iraq started. I hoped and prayed I’d be stranded there awhile. Didn’t happen but I also got that Gestapo feeling especially as I was about to leave.Somehow, I was singled out, searched and needlessly harassed. Although their misguided antics made me nearly miss my plane it was slightly amusing when TSA laboriously repeatedly passed their wand over my bare legs.


Our weather on is being easily controlled without hardly anyone’s knowledge. This is being down by the U.S. Deep State (DOD, NASA, NOAA) using a network of LEO space-based satellite laser transmitters which essentially heat the watervapor in the atmosphere causing on-demand atmospheric high pressure. On-demand high pressure can be generated and installed in place over land or over the ocean in order to block storm systems, to block or re-steer the Jet Stream, or to create strong wind. When high pressure (clockwise descending air) is placed adjacent to a low pressure storm such as a hurricane, a strong pressure gradient is established. In the case of the Maui fire, an existing drought was already present on the tropical islands (which was unheard of 40 years ago in Hawaii btw).and there was a lot of dry combustible brush. Hurricane Dora (CAT3 storm) was heading due West along the 15 degree latitude and approaching 700 miles due south of Hawaii, a good distance away, but, meantime, a 1035mb high pressure zone had been installed and parked North of the island chain, causing a roughly 40 millibar pressure gradient, which in turn, caused a strong East-to-West wind to blow (which is unnatural on those islands). When the fire started in a patch of 1′ tall dry grass field, the wind then began blowing hard according to a resident who posted video of his account (See YouTube channel: ‘Hawaii Real Estate’; sort by most recent). Once the wind picked up, the embers flew and started the homes on fire. Depending on where a high pressure zone is placed around a low pressure system, you can control the direction the wind blows since low pressure (rising air) spins counterclockwise and high pressure (descending air) spins clockwise in the Northern hemisphere. (It’s the opposite in the Southern hemisphere.) When you have this condition, wind flows between the high and low pressure at a high rate as a function of the pressure gradient. Other techniques are used to modify weather using satellite based lasers: Superheating the tops of rising cumulonimbus clouds, prevents the rising cloud’s lift and condensation necessary for the precipitation (rain) process. (Two components are required for precipitation: a) moisture in the atmosphere and b) lift in the atmosphere. When this happens you’ll see the cloud formation slowly collapse and look shredded; it will take on a pancake / saucer shape or an inverted pyramid shape. This is how thunderstorms are prevented and how drought is created – by preventing lift. Satellite-based lasers exist. They are probably not used to start fires as is being reported. The Boeing YAL-1 was likely used as a platform to experiment with the technology before moving into space duty. The YAL-1 (modified USAF 747) was equipped with a powerful laser in its nose-cone and had a 200 mile range – well within a low earth orbit (LEO) range of duty for a modified weather satellite. A laser’s output power (in watts) can be modulated, as can its beam divergence. The years-long California drought was engineered by systematically blocking low pressure systems from moving into the Southwest. In addition to the DOD satellites, a nationwide network of NEXRAD ground-based microwave transmitters exist. They are known as the WSR88D Doppler radar. These ‘severe weather detection radars’ have a dual function besides just detecting rain and storms on their radar sweep. They have a high power 750 kW microwave transmitter which serves to covertly evaporate rain in the surrounding area around the WSR88D transmitter. This is precisely how rain amounts are controlled for the U.S. weather markets. Yes, there is a weather options and derivatives marketplace whereby people, hedge funds and corporations BET on the weather. When these entities work together with the people who control the weather, billions of dollars can be made. Insurance companies are in on this racket. Another tool used to modify and control weather is the use of aerosol ‘chemtrails’ sprayed by large high-flying jets. The aerosol spraying activity occurs when a low pressure system or frontal systems or moisture field is due to move into an area – such as the West coast and otherwise deliver precipitation. These aerosols are are mostly composed of nanoparticulate aluminum which is a desiccant. A desiccant absorbs atmospheric watervapor. When these aerosols ‘chemtrails’ are sprayed, the Relative Humidity & Dew Point drops significantly – and that is precisely one of the reasons these aerosols are sprayed. In addition, once the sky is hazed over and blanketed with these aerosols, they prevent the lift in a large area of the atmosphere, thereby preventing the precipitation (rainfall) process. These aerosol ‘chemtrails’ ARE NOT used for blocking sunlight (solar radiation management) as one of the head disinformation specialists at Geoengineering watch DOT org would have you believe. Just allowing natural clouds to move in, blocks the sunlight obviously, and there is no need to fly big jets which cost $4000 per hour to maintain and fly. Getting back to weather contracts, derivatives and options, disaster bonds exist and when a hurricane contract is purchased, there is a stipulation in the contract that IF the central pressure of the hurricane rises above a certain pressure, say, 970 millibar, then the contract becomes void and will not pay out. The way this racket works is that when a hurricane bears down on Houston or New Orleans or anywhere actually and a contract is in place, the people controlling these satellites will ‘hit’ the hurricane near its eyewall thereby heating the area and disrupting the vortex and cause the central barometric pressure to rise. This has been crafted to a science and is being done to nullify contracts and keep the insurance money. This is but one example of how this is done without hardly anyone’s knowledge.

In detective work, there are no coincidences.


Great post with some very specific information. I had read that barium and aluminum etc was spray days before to make people blow up from the inside. The level of evil is such.
Is it possible to sue paragraphs next time as it makes reading so much easier? Thanks.


You were all to quick to slander . Seems you don’t agree with the science after all. Who is the disinformation specialist now?


Oh no! Who here slandered geoengineeringwatch? Dane’s my hero! Good thing I didn’t see that…


Thank God for these heroes ! I am very proud of the Great American Marines.

Finally some badasses actually helping the people. It’s beautiful. Thank you for your service to our nation. 🙏

Dixie Gardner

Why is the white hat military not taking FEMA out completely? Why wait until they show up to take them out. Why has Donald Trump not stepped up and admitted publicly that he is president? Why leave the people to take care of themselves after the devastating DEW attack. Where the hell is the leadership?


There are PLENTY of “sheeple” who still need to wake up, is why.

Cognative Disonance

It is past time…

Crystal Cheetah

When they’re so desperate they’ll even take Donald Trump, will be the point we’re all waiting for. Till then, life goes on and the DS appears to have free rein over global affairs.


Your a fucking IDIOT !!!


We don’t care! Let their heads explode. It’s way past time.


Those national guard acting like that are in for it. Dead or alive they are traitors.

Dave Strickland

The fastest way to wake up the sheeple – the main reason for delays in the timing of it – is the EBS. But enough sheeple need to wake up, and other conditions matured, before the EBS can be unleashed.


If you believe that stupid shit you truly are a fucktard idiot.


Good questions, all of them! Why are illegals still allowed to pour in through the southern border especially all the kids who then get trafficked?!


I am thrilled you were able to help those people since they want to steal from people and until they got there from people hurting and afraid. Thank you white hats!!!! Good job for I live in Houston and we know about Fema!!!!!!!!


I’m very concerned for what the FEMA bastards and all the rest may be planning for the landfall of hurricane Hillary in California. Hope the good guys are well prepared. Hopefully more of the scum will die.

John Johnson

Does FEMA have enough numbers to completely take control of large swaths of the west coast, if this hurricane causes widespread damage? Or will something else like a sizable foreign military force make an amphibious landing after the hurricane has wrecked everything . Seems like the perfect timing for an invasion.

Rene Labre

Thus we are fortunate to be able to visit this site.We get a real incite.MB reports the facts only,largely a christian community.That makes me very comfortable.One guy getting real angry said you think you are perfect people. Oh my,all of know we are not, we are sinners.Anyway the Marines showed up a la Putin.No prisoners,caught in the act.Establish the territory.Expect army rangers and navy seals.Martial law.The position will now be fortified..The locals will receive aid and help.Hard to understand’ the locals have owned these properties,some for 3 hundred years,ancestral.They are not for sale.At any price.That was an idyllic,beautiful community.The National Guard against The Marines,you must be joking.One marine is worth 200 of them,special forces,make that 400.So many thanks God bless them.


All of those celebrity mansions on Maui should be confiscated and used to house the displaced people in Lahaina and West Maui. How convenient that none of them were damaged.


You have to have permission of the owers. You don’t take a house from an owner.

Kay Mitchell

Depends on WHO the owner IS.


Use the governor’s mansion which belongs to the people already.


Under Exec Order 13818 you can or whatever number it is. Already done for some.

Anne Stallybrass

exactly. EO 13818. And EO 13848 is very much quietly operational – see X-22 report today 19 August. So Oprah’s place can be seized …


That is my vision and I feel it WILL be a reality.

Van helsing

Does anyone here besides me think that the fires in Maui were not a natural disaster but in fact a deep state attack using DEWs. Directed energy weapons?


I do think some one started that fire. I don’t know what they used but it was not natural did any of the children make it out? That is going to be a big problem with Maui resident. That fire was locally set. Where are the children?


@Katie — Go to BeforeItsNews website and listen to the full report by Kim Goguen on August 16th, but here’s an except “…There’s a lot of chatter on the Internet of directed energy weapons (DEW) and a lot of other things that started the fires, and the Governor putting a moratorium on the sale of properties. The reason for that is there are people coming in droves wanting to own the properties. The Chinese had other ideas because they already had some dealings there as well. So there is an underground base there since WWII run by Osaka Military that still works there and creating problems with the port in Maui. As we’ve said before, it was the Jesuits and the Jades that started the fires and that is true … a plasma energy weapon underneath the island in that facility which appeared on the surface as though the energy was coming from the sky. But there is no evidence of anything from the sky such as a Lockheed plane carrying a DEW weapon, but what we see is the personnel [Osaka Military] shot the weapon from the ground upward, so [it was] underground to that particular area.”….


There is some evidence of DEW. Things blowing up from the inside.
Kim is the last person I would listen to. She is a fake CO.


Listen to Michael Jaco’s report on BeforeItsNews. Info on this and previous fires incl those in the towers on 9/11.