Military Tribunal Convicts Former IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig of Treason, Defrauding the United States


Monday, August 7, 2023, GITMO.

A military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay convicted former IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig of treason. It decreed that he be hanged by the neck until dead for stealing $40 billion taxpayer dollars and using the Service’s recent cash infusion to finance a personal army of militarized criminal investigation agents willing to do his bidding.

In an opening statement, defiant and cantankerous, Rettig reiterated his innocence, claiming that either JAG or someone “jealous of my accomplishments” had set him up. As was the case with Deep Staters before him, he promised Vice Admiral Darse E. Crandall “a retribution” and even once invoked President Trump’s name, saying, “If I’m going down, I’m glad Trump is, too.” He snarled, curling his upper lip as would a dog. “Since I’m innocent, whatever proof you think you have is propaganda and fake,” he said through clenched teeth.

Adm. Crandall addressed the officers JAG had picked to hear the case, summarizing the charges against Rettig. He wasted no time displaying on a large screen myriad financial documents showing that Rettig had secreted almost $40 billion in 800 offshore accounts. The small and enormous deposits had begun hitting his accounts in January 2022, as the IRS started to collect the previous fiscal year’s federal income tax. The deposits totaled approximately 1% of all federal tax that year and came directly from the U.S. Treasury Department.

“That’s a nice little side hustle you had,” Adm. Crandall said, turning to face Rettig. “Imagine just the interest in all that stolen money. “Now, the Defendant argues this is all a big frame job, that someone created all those bank accounts in his name.”

He put an iPad and an iPhone on a table. “These devices were recovered from detainee Rettig’s vehicle at the time of his arrest. We’ve established them as his property. The phone number tied to the iPhone has been Rettig’s personal number for the last five years. They hold countless selfies of him—many quite distasteful. This document was on both devices.”

The panel gazed at the large screen onto which the admiral projected an image of Rettig’s self-incriminating writings. “We shouldn’t touch it, most of it, for a few years to not arouse suspicions. We’ll retire wealthy, as we deserve if we’re cautious. We’re sitting on a lot more than I thought we’d be, but still, we deserve more,” it read.

“It’s logical to assume he was referring to the cash,” the admiral said. “We don’t know who that note was meant for. We searched through thousands of emails, but that note never got sent. We also don’t believe he acted alone—he’s too incompetent, but he is culpable. He writes of discretion while buying a $19 million boat, paid in full, funded by a Singapore account in Rettig’s name three days after he officially retired on November 12.

“Forgive my lack of decorum here, but the greedy bastard couldn’t help himself. The money was burning holes in pockets,” the admiral said.

He showed the panel copies of the purchase receipt and title of ownership. “He was suddenly taking extravagant vacations,” Adm. Crandall said.

After a short recess, he introduced a 42-year-old female witness whose name JAG would not disclose, a Jane Doe. She was the woman who traveled with Rettig to Miami and stayed in his hotel room until his arrest. She swore to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

She testified under oath that she had been Rettig’s paid dominatrix for about two years. She said Rettig liked to be handcuffed and flogged and told he was “a naughty boy.” She explained that he demanded periodic humiliation and said that Rettig boasted about “bilking the system,” asking her to “punish” him for his misdeeds.

“We don’t require a graphic description of your duties,” the admiral said. “How did Charles Rettig pay you?”

“In cash and gifts,” Jane Doe said.

“Rough estimate; how much would you say you got each time you met?”

Jane Doe looked deep in thought. “The arrangement varied. Top of my head, guess, $50,000 for each weekend.”

“That’s one lucrative job if you can call it that,” the admiral noted. “What’s the most expensive gift he bought?”

“A 2022 Corvette,” she said.

“And how much was that?” the admiral asked.

“I don’t remember, really—maybe 85 or 90 grand,” she said.

“Close,” said Admiral Crandall, producing a vehicle receipt. “It was $86,500. Detainee Rettig spent a lot of money for a person earning $90,000 a year, officially.”

Admiral thanked Jane Doe for her testimony and excused her.

He craftily moved to a different topic, the Biden regime’s recent $80 billion bestowment to the IRS, which claimed it needed a cash infusion to hire 87,000 new agents to hunt down delinquent taxpayers. In theory, the money would be dispersed in $10 billion allotments over several years; in reality, the IRS at once rubberstamped 5,000 pending job applications for its heavily armed Criminal Investigation Division, whose agents Rettig had told, “Go get the money. It’s our money, not theirs.”

Adm. Crandall cleared his throat. “On August 8, 2022, Delta Force seized a truck carrying 23,500 Sig Saur P227 pistols and 160,000 rounds of .40 ammunition bound for Rettig’s D.C. office. A week earlier, Army Cyber Command intercepted a contentious call between Rettig, Joe Manchin, and Chuck Schumer. Rettig said that “the purchase has been made,” and that seemed to irritate Schumer because he said, “You jumped the gun, and mean that literally and figuratively, and this could come back at us.” What really happened is this: Expecting he’d get that $80 billion soon, as opposed to over 10 years, Rettig used existing IRS funds to strengthen its police force. Schumer and Manchin were onboard but felt Rettig had acted hastily.”

“Then, on August 10, 2020, he circulated an internal IRS memo saying he had picked Utah to build an IRS sniper academy. Why does the IRS need a sniper school, detainee Rettig?” the admiral asked.

Rettig did not answer.

“Silence speaks volumes, detainee Rettig,” Adm. Crandall said, now showing the panel a letter Rettig had authored and sent to IRS senior leadership.

“Modern times mandate modern tactics. In today’s world, our employees are met with resistance from people claiming to be Sovereign Citizens or people choosing not to file knowing they owe us money. This resistance has grown exponentially in the last 20 years, and it is genuinely our time to respond accordingly. This means adopting a military doctrine. The innovation of a dedicated marksmanship training facility will allow our agents to better defend themselves against hostile resistance, and I’ve been told we can broadly define hostile resistance to suit our wishes. Refusing to take our calls or denying us warrantless entry into homes meets the definition of hostile resistance. I’ve been informed we will be legally indemnified. I can think of several hundred tax evaders that need a little encouragement. If we can’t encourage them one way, we’ll do it another, or arrange a situation where they won’t be able to file, even if they want to,” the admiral read aloud.

As he paused for breath, the senior officer on the panel, a Marine colonel, said that he was ready to deliver a unanimous verdict unless Rettig could defend already mentioned indefensible crimes.

Admiral Crandall offered Rettig a chance to speak, but Rettig said, “I’ve been framed.”

The panel found Rettig guilty of treason and defrauding the United States and recommended that he face the gallows.

Adm Crandall set the date as August 15.

“One last thing, detainee Rettig, you’ll never see another dime of that money, and neither will your friends. We’ve seen to it,” said Adm. Crandall.

Correction: Rettig’s proper title was Commissioner. We have corrected the mistake.
Addendum: The pistols seized were P229s, as stated in the original article on the bust. Adm. Crandall misspoke.

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Michael posted this about 44 minutes ago under the Maui Massacre:
For those curious, Rettig was hanged Tuesday. I’m just been prioritizing articles according to what I felt was most important to get out first. I’ll try to get an account of his hanging posted by tonight, or latest tomorrow morning.”


Was Rettig hung or not?


Was he hanged on August 15?


Taxes are not even legal in the USA and in Australia the ATO is not a legal entity as we have in writing. Mr Rettig is just one mafioso who hates/d the people of the United States. He is one of the evil criminals who believes their own lies and rhetoric.


I think the note that wasn’t sent was for Janet Yellen. She has had someone giving her instructions on h0ow to steal money out of the IRS

Steve Rodgers

IMO… I don’t think Adm. Crandall misspoke. I think he was trying to get Rettig to speak out so, he switched the facts. There is a P227 .45 caliber. The P229 is a 9mm caliber.


Today is August 15, 2023. So Charles Retting is GONE!

Rene Labre

see more


What about those 5000 of 87000 employees Rettig hired?
Do you think they are patriots?!


Rettig threatened so many of us taxpayers with “Civil penalties” it was outrageous. These mysterious “civil penalties” never spelled out the reasoning or if they did, the reasoning was very lame. Most of the time it was late payments that caused gigantic civil penalties to be inflicted upon our accounts, no matter how pristine they were. It gave him free license to terrorize us all the more. I have two $20K civil penalties on my account for daring to ask for a refund from 2013. Rettig is the Beverly Hills Devil Attorney King Incarnate of the IRS. One of the the worst terrorists they ever employed.


Good riddance to a criminal psychopath!

Debate Judge

On August 8, 2022, something happened. Then on August 10, 2020, something happened.

Usually, “then” means “then after that.”

Sometimes “then” is using chronological order. Sometimes “then” is using reverse chronological order.

What going on in that section of the above article is unknown.


It looks to be a typo. The latter date should also be in the year 2022.


How did we get from, “Income Tax is Voluntary,” to a sniper academy, & 87,000 armed IRS agents? Oh yeah, corrupt Commissioners like Rettig, & corrupt people in high positions to conspire with each other.


When are they going to get upchuck the schmuck schumer and Joe blow manshin? Sounds like they are complicit in the crimes! Too bad you can’t hang them all together? Give new meaning to hanging out!

PS as a side note, follow the money as I’m sure those 2 degenerates already got a cut.


The Commissioner has no power to do squat on his own. We can look to our z10n1st-puppeted leadership to pass the ridiculous law to begin with, and to hire such a Commissioner. As with all things, the goal is to inflict a mighty hurt on America, esp. its middle class. And to end USA.


Being older than a, so called senior citizen, I hope to live long enough to reap and experience the glorious world that we all are about to face. My God bless all of us!!!!!! Especially to those who made this world a better place. We all know who they are. WWG1WGA

Feisty Granny

Yes, I’m one of those older elderlies (knocking on the door to 90) and I sure would like to stay in this world long enough to see some of these perverts attend their own necktie parties.


40 billion $ it is hard to believe that it all went to him. Everyone of those satanic deep staters are evil, & full of greed. Someone would try to dip into his pot of cash. I’m glad that justice is coming. Sorry to see how greed destroyed his life, family, our nation, & our freedoms.


He was only a little fish. Many others have had their hands in the till for years.

thomas j cahill

Who is this guy’s boss??? Bet he’s in London.


You have another source for this trial? Seems this is the only one I can find

Feisty Granny

That’s my guess too.


More than enough to build the wall several times. Let him be joined by Schumer and Manchin. Schumer ….another satanic Talmudic Edomite.

Last edited 10 months ago by Lew
Feisty Granny

Also Nadler, Waters, Lyin’ Ryan, etc.

ET Phone Home

The LOVE of money is the root of all evil

William R Nicholson

Another DS puppet throws his life away , dreaming he will enjoy a life of Riley , all on the taxpayers stolen funds ! It’s not surprising to find he had a weird perversion of needing a strong woman to dominate him . Every person has flaws that Lucifer & his demons seek out & exploit. Rettig will find that the pit of hell is not fantasy pain & torture ….. He’ll get pain in amounts he never thought possible and Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , does not deliver Ice Water …….. LST-1195

Rene Labre

I have my most memorable check for a sum of 13,000 US dollars. I am so energized, this is whenever I first really acquired something. I will work much harder now and I can hardly hang tight for the following week’s installment. Go to the home tab for more detail. I strongly prescribe everybody to apply…

Last edited 10 months ago by Rene Labre

Whitehats should try arresting current commissioners and directors instead of former ones. The ones causing havoc as we speak not just the inactive ones.


I understand the IRS is a now a defunct corporation collecting your money for a defunct and bankrupt corporation that Trump put into chapter 11. In May 2020 ( from memory without looking up the Document )

So to those that are still paying Federal taxes, what is happening to your hard earned money ??

No wonder Janet has gone underground.

Thoughts ?


I have waited over 2 years for my refund

Feisty Granny

Exactly. Now read THE ORGANIC ACT OF 1871 WITH NOTESThe Act of 1871 became the FOUNDATION of all the treason since committed by government officials


You’re correct, the Federal Reserve was put into the Treasury dept. And most IRS agents were given pink slips. A select few will work in the Treasury department collecting the 14% flat tax on new purchases only. Income tax will be no more.
Many people are transitioning from citizens of this bankrupt Biden corporation to becoming State Nationals. It appears that Rettig was using the 80 billion infusion for criminal pursuits against American’s. Promoting and teaching that government can take anything it wants, even your life, lawlessly. A true dictator.


Looks like Rettig watched the movie office space. Where the guys stole 1/10 of 1 cent of every penny that went through the business. Next thing they knew they had half a million dollars in a few days. But of course Rettig got greedy and took it a step further. By taking a straight one up percent. What a f****** dumbass! Good luck spending all those billions of dollars in hell buddy 😂

Ultrafart the Brave

Good luck spending all those billions of dollars in hell buddy…

Hey, Hell might not be a popular tourist destination, but it’s a REAL place with lots of history. Lots of shrimp on the barbies, FWIW.

So treat it with a little respect – place names start with a Capital Letter.

And Rew

Well, I always thought Manchin was probably headed to GITMO. Now I have no doubt that he is going to GITMO…..If he isn’t there already.

Ultrafart the Brave

She said Rettig liked to be handcuffed and flogged and told he was “a naughty boy.”

He most certainly WAS a VERY NAUGHTY BOY.

But I think the Admiral erred in not allowing Jane Doe to elaborate on Rettig’s BDSM adventures.

If, for example, Jane Doe mentioned that Rettig had a HUGE GODZILLA SIZED ARSE (and therefore all that spanking required a great deal of effort and justified her $50,000 weekend paychecks) then we might suspect that the Rettig in the dock IS A CLONE!

In which case, we are witnessing an inexcusable miscarriage of justice – because the real Rettig is still out there somewhere, on the lam and enjoying the fruits of his ill-gotten fortune!!!

Or maybe Rettig just happens to have a SUPER SEXY MAMMOTH BUTT – just like Hillary…

I know, right?

Ultrafart the Brave

Oh yeah, that’s right all you uber-negative down-voters, shoot the messenger!

How about getting those SUPER SEXY TYRANNOSAURUS SIZED BUTTS out of your depraved little pervert brains, instead of attacking an innocent truth teller just to assuage your guilty consciences?

I know, I know, Hillary’s gorgeous titanic arse is just SO HARD to ignore, but seriously, we’re talking about Rettig here, you perverted pack of deviants!

Ken T.

Another evil one going down once they open that trap door. Good things come to those that wait.

Nukken Futz

Another rotten cocksucker demonrat blackhat goes for a neck stretching exercise…


And to now know that Manchin was in for all of this criminality will definitely ruin his political future ASAP!


And just think, Manchin was thinking to be Republican instead of Democratic…! What a sleaze ball.

Susan Banks

I remember reading about the Guns intercepted!! When you have reason to spy on people, that’s when you spy! Came out today that they were spying on more than Trump and his Family!! And I also heard that our Routers in our House are Cameras! Start turning your Internet off at night. I would say they would notice that. But soon it will be over and we won’t have to worry about it.
Another intense interesting Story! I was waiting for this one just so I could hear if it had to do with those weapons. Thank you Michael.


Turn off the wifi and go hardwire!

Outlandish Outlander

Well, what do you know? PROOF that Joe Manchin is indeed a pious-puking double minded liar playing both sides against the middle. Why am I not surprised at that little knowledge-drop?

Army Cyber Command intercepted a contentious call between Rettig, Joe Manchin, and Chuck Schumer.”

As far as I am concerned, this little knowledge-drop if proof that proves attorney’s are in-fact trained liars. (NOTE: one should know that Donald-John: House TRUMP, is NOT an Attorney, which reveals one reason why the DEEP STATE hates him so much. It also reveals part of the reason why Donald-John: House TRUMP cannot be controlled by the DEEP STATE apparatus.)

Joe Manchin who has been playing the role/part of a so-called good-guy is a liar hiding out-in-the-open. What a douche! NOTE: to help those who are unaware of the meaning of the word “douche,” (because, they won’t pick-up a dictionary) in this context the word “douche” is used as, “Vulgar Slang,” meaning, “A foolish or contemptible person.” Indeed, Joe Manchin, as well as Joe Biden, is exactly that. No doubt about it, yes?

Now, can you see why I have said what I have said in the way that I have said it? No matter how plainly I express this some will, unfortunately, not see this correctly. Nevertheless, absolutely none-of-them (attorney’s/lawyer’s) can be trusted PERIOD! And no, there aren’t any exceptions for those that want to claim “this politician-attorney,” or, “that politician-attorney,” is in their opinion a “good-guy.” They are ALL bad and evil and the proof of this is made clear from history, such as with the following historical dates, February 21st of 1871, December 23rd of 1913 at 11:30pm, and September 11th of 2002, just for starters. I can assure you that their are far more dates than just what I have listed herein. But, that will be up to you to find them…or not.

All attorney’s/lawyer’s are untrustworthy because of whom they have pledged to serve and obey firstly, which is never-ever the client and their legal needs. Anybody who says differently is also a douche! Unfortunately, there will be some who will defend their favorite politician-attorney regardless of the fact that they have done nothing to correct those errors in history so that those errors are made right for the sake of the benefit of the people whom all “Public Servants” (not LEADERS, which is a communist term) are pledged to serve in honor and trust via their lawfully undertaken Oath of Office. That Oath is how one lawfully become a Trustee in the Trust. The Trust being that of the Constitution. No, contrary to what you’ve been taught and told the Constitution is NOT a compact, or a contract; and, you were taught and told that to HIDE the truth from you. That should piss you off! The question is, “Will it?!” An even better question is, “What will you do about it?”

Therefore, no one who is an attorney and/or lawyer should ever hold and/or occupy any PUBLIC OFFICE of Trust. An attorney/lawyer will ‘Breach Trust,’ at the moment they occupy that office. They have all done that at exactly the moment they swore/pledged their OATH OF OFFICE knowing they had already pledged an oath to put and hold the interest of the BAR first in all matters/things. How is that not a conflict of interest that keeps an attorney/lawyer from serving the needs of the people in honor of their lawfully undertaken Oath of Office, hm? Answer that!

Here is something that might help with that answer. That is what the original 13th amendment to the Constitution was all about. Plus, despite being taught and told to the contrary that amendment to the Constitution 1791 did indeed pass into law, lawfully, and their is proof of this on the PUBLIC RECORD in some States. For that Amendment passing did not allow an attorney/lawyer an “EQUIRE” to occupy and/or hold any Public Office of Trust because, they bare a TITLE OF NOBILITY that was bestowed upon them when they passed the BAR EXAM. That TITLE OF NOBILITY is none other than, “ESQUIRE.” Ever heard of it?! I bet you have.

In conclusion, to sum things up, I say again, Joe Manchin as well as all Attorney’s occupying a Public Office of Trust are in BREACH OF TRUST by default, and that fault is clearly of their own making. JAG and OMC can take all of them out at anytime pursuant to this alone. Their’s your treason! All Attorney’s/Lawyers (Legacy of the Pharisee’s) are untrustworthy. Because, of their untrustworthiness, which is rooted in their pledge of allegiance to the BAR ASSOCIATION first, none-of-them can ever be trusted. None! Meaning no exceptions. Therefore, it is PAST TIME to get rid of all of them just as the colonist did BEFORE the united States of America was lawfully created, ordained and established. Yes, this post will probably push a couple of buttons, and why not. They NEED to be pushed.


Spot on, including the original 13th amendment.


Damn, I knew that guy couldn’t be trusted.

Ken T.

I know what happened on Sept. 11, 2001 but don’t know what happened on Sept. 11, 2002. Maybe it’s because I only finished the 8th grade and just don’t understand. People tell me I’m a smart old fart but who knows?

Outlandish Outlander

Oh, look! An opportunity…😄

Or, or, or… maybe… just maybe… it was a typo that I missed correcting, and I can’t correct that mistake now because, the system won’t allow me to correct it now. Sorry about that. My mistake. 👀😇 Do you forgive me? 🧐 Did you even consider that possibility from the get-go? 🧐 Be careful, the answer to that question maybe a double edged sword; at least for you that is. Personally, I’d plead the 5th if I were you. But, I am not you. 😆😜

How is it that others who read this post forgave that small infinitesimal mistake, but you did not, Ken? 🤔🧐 Where is the grace in that? Do you require/demand forgiveness for your mistakes but, do not receive it and/or continue to degrade and/or insult and/or put-down others for their mistakes? (Psst, plead the 5th. 👀😆) Perhaps there is a connection between the two when one is unforgiving and operating from a foundation lacking forgiveness, hm? What do you think? 🤔🧐

I can promise you Ken T, that I would never-ever tell you you’re, as you put it,

“…a smart old fart,”

because “smart” has absolutely nothing to do with “intelligence.” Moreover, why would I want to cause you any kind of harm, damage, loss or injury? 🤔 In other words, tis very benighted for one to call themselves, “smart,” unless you truly are hurting. Are you hurting, Ken T? 😜😆😊


Good for you. You escaped the public school indoctrination agenda.

Outlandish Outlander

Did I? What in the world ever gave you that idea? Perhaps I didn’t escape the “PUBLIC fool indoctrination,” system. But, I did see what it was and outright rejected it? Could it be that’s why I made a lot of friend in PUBLIC SCHOOL, especially some of the teachers? 😁😆


Thanks for your comment. Your first para defines a poly.

Outlandish Outlander

Does “poly,” wanna cracker?


I couldn’t agree more with your assertion’s regarding lawyers. No coincidence that over 95% of democrat politicians are lawless lawyers, represented by the BAR, a British entity, then and now, when first installed in the USA by the British Crown. That alone should be reason to disbar all lawyers associated with the un American BAR

Outlandish Outlander

Tis ALL of them, Carmine. Not just the democrats, but also the republicans too. They are all “Trustee’s” overseeing the bankruptcy for the sake of the bankers who have financed the bankruptcy with their fiat currency (Debt Notes).

Outlandish Outlander

Once upon a time a book was brought to my attention that told the story of the original 13 colonies BEFORE the Declaration of Independence was written and signed by the founding fathers. Some pages were being read from it during a PALTALK presentation. However, I do not know the name of the book, nor its author but, I would most certainly love to find it.

The book told the story of the colonist of the 13 colonies kicking out all the lawyer’s/attorney’s/pharisee’s from the colonies. Now, who would want to bury this story to keep it from the eyes of the people, if not make it impossible to find so the people are kept blind to this knowledge? 🤔 (Hosea 4:6) The colonist were very angry with all the lawyer’s/attorney’s/pharisee’s because they did not help to settle problems, even though that is what they claimed they were there to do. (An outright lie) On the contrary, lawyer’s/attorney’s/pharisee’s were always at the center of the controversy’s aiding in causing the controversy’s for the sake of money, profit and power. Where’s the peace in that? Is this not why it is written, “All commerce is war?” 🤔 Where’s the honor for, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God,” in what the lawyering-craft practices? (Matt 5:9) Since attorney’s/lawyer’s/pharisee’s were not being peacemakers but, rather being mischief makers, aiding in the cause of controversy, then who do the lawyering-craft actually work for, and why would any peaceful people want to have anything to do with them? 🤔

The colonist forced the removal of the “pharisee’s” (attorney’s/lawyer’s) from the colonies as a result of their mischievous malcontent dispositions and attitudes. As a result of that decision, for 50-years, the time that the lawyering-craft were not allowed to live and/or operate in the colonies. The colonists flourished…greatly! Imagine that!

The colonist learned that they didn’t need any 3rd parties to settle issues/conflicts. The colonists learned that they could, and did, settle issues/conflicts among themselves honorably, peacefully, and righteously absent the lawyering-craft and their craftiness. (their wickedness) The colonist did well in settling all issues. So then, what I want to know is how did these stone-cold-hearted lying rats get back into the colonies? 😡💩😡

The story about the 13th amendment at the war of 1812 gives credible relevance to this story. Moreover, the kicking out of the lawyering-craft must happen again but, this time, it must be permanent. And, when this is done, it must be done by all the people with the knowledge of knowing and comprehending who and what the lawyering-craft has done to use and abuse all the people all the time for the sake of their love of money, profit and power.

I cannot say more strongly that all Attorney’s/Lawyer’s/Pharisee’s must be exposed and removed from the PUBLIC no matter how big, small, or what political party they affiliate themselves with. For they are all repugnant against the Will and Way of the Creator-God and His one and only begotten and beloved Son’s finished work. The lawyering-craft is the worst of the worst lairs and thieves that this commercial world of commerce has to offer.

Feisty Granny

This proves you hit the target sqare center on the 13th amendment.
Missing 13th Amendment Found: “No Lawyers In Public Office”
July 27, 2018 This article was posted by TLB Staff FREEDOM, GOVERNMENT, Spotlight, Tyranny 5

Outlandish Outlander

Thank you Feisty Granny. But, this prompt the question, “Why isn’t this common(PUBLIC) knowledge?” In other words, why aren’t the people aware of this truth so they are better able to defend their life, liberty, labor and estate? I am just crazy enough to ask that question.

Colin Derek

Very very Good, But, you’re off on a few things.. not that it takes away from your points but why not be “correct” when teaching?
1. The “Constitution “of” The United States, is not a “trust”…. it is a corporate charter/contract.
2. The “Founding Document” for “The united States of America” is a Perpetual, Irrevocable Express Trust, from which “any Form of Government” is derived from, purposed for and subject to (including all employees, agents, positions and offices derived therefrom).
The name of that Trust Document is “The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America”
Meaning the thirteen States of America are united and “unanimous” in “we hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain un-a-lien-able rights, among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness — That to secure these Rights Governments are instituted among men, derived from the consent of the governed ”
Whose “the governed”? …
Not the “people”… the “institutors” but those by volunteering to hold “a position of public trust” are granted/”deriving” certain limited and “just powers” sufficient to perform as the position requires (they take on the persona or “person” of that specific position for the specified purpose “to secure these Rights” and “to effect their Safety and Happiness.”
3. “The Constitution “of” The United States” is the corporate charter of the corporate “United States” (as evidenced by the IRS Code in which it specifies that for tax purposes “The United States” is considered (pays taxes under the status or category of “Foreign Corporation”. (NO ITS NOT A FOREIGN CORPORATION ONLY TAXed under that category/status)
4. Hale v Henkel p.75 “the corporation is a creature of the State. It is presumed to be incorporated for the benefit of the public.” … “It’s right to act as a corporation are only preserved to it so long as it obeys the laws of its creation.”
And that is the “authority” everyone has to hold accountable and sue for damages and the judicial is supposed to prosecute to bring it in line or be abolished for failure to perform within “the laws of its creation.”
5. “Attorney’s” (at law, not in law, turning the law upside down to bring the people to their knees, at-turn-knees), can Repent, rescind their oath and Notice the BAR of their rescission. But that does not give them immunity from prosecution for Treason during that time as member and oath to an infiltrating “socialist organization” as determined by Congress to be.
I’ve got a lot more including the simple effective solution that the people can and must institute immediately to “throw off” and throw out of our “positions of public trust” and replace them with honorable Knowledgeable caring people.
MCT (Mandatory Competency Testing Legislation) the people can and must institute it immediately to save our Republic!!
Find “Proposed Continued Competency Training Legislation” at and me at … Blessings


I am glad this pitbull is gone, or is as good as gone. He thinks all people want and need to be punished like his little spanking time. WTH??? He is so mentally ill and so posessed. It is really hard to believe a miscreant of this caliber could have gotten as far as he did with his plans.


Jesse Watters: “The January 6th Committee has just been caught COLD orchestrating a massive ILLEGAL cover-up…”

Release all J6 prisoners m without delay and they must be compensated millions for the hardship and suffering while illegally imprisoned by the crooked lying corrupt criminal democrats. They must be sued by victims and all Americans for lying and the cover ups all these years.

Carrie Anne

Don’t forget that our white hats had to infiltrate the DS to get insider info/intel. Some people are playing dual roles. We don’t really know about Joe Manchin IMO.

Susan Banks

I have felt the same way. Cannot tell for sure.


Joe Manchin is seriously thinking about changing from Democrap to Independent, perhaps the fire is getting too hot and he’s getting nervous. No, he’s a POS just like the majority of our selected scumbags.

Rene Labre

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Last edited 10 months ago by Rene Labre

Don’t forget to flog him and call him “a naughty boy!” as you hang him.

Susan Banks

What is flog?




Whipping the hell out of him!

Feisty Granny

Usually with a cat-of-nine-tails, as that whip was called.


Naughty Naughty Boy….

Rene Labre

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PW Rizzo

Thank you for all you do in your tireless reporting to the world the truth. Just curious if you are investigating the fires in Lahania and Hawaii? Were the fires possibly (with all the pedos that live and own land there) a Black Hat operation to cover their tracks?


Act of GOD? Maybe. The richest of Z rich are wanting Hawaii as their own redoubt.


There fools.

I got plans for them if they come here.

Last edited 10 months ago by Talion
Susan Banks

White Hats have control on Weather right now and the tables have turned!! Great big houses like Obamas I hope are fried!


Well I wish they would send some cooling to the southwest.

Nukken Futz

I read on Rumormill that the blackhats used DEW weapons on lahaina and that 200 were killed and of course the lying legacy media only reported 67 killed…


So far 67 have died in the fires. How terrible. A whole swath of a neighborhood that existed since the 1800s…gone just like that.




You’re a fed.



Susan Banks

I have been waiting to hear what Schumers deal was and what he has done!! Thank you for that! Effing bastard! Never liked me!


It seems that shummer & machin might be in custody & maybe yellen

Feisty Granny

Hopefully. So many more to go down. I understand that this purging of these perverts and corrupt criminals is happening worldwide.


Oh no! Those poor little innocents!

thomas j cahill

Hint: the 15 y/o girl didn’t kill herself.

Feisty Granny

The report said that she did, but I think she may have had some help along those lines if she was getting ready to blow the whistle, loud and clear.

Feisty Granny

I knew about Schumer and his daughter’s 15 year old girl friend, but I never heard anything about Pence murdering little boys. Looks like I have more research to do.



Stinky Perfume

I guess it’s programming.

Susan Banks

They have been doing that for years!! That is the money we will get back.


Including the 34 Quadrillion they stole too & that means all of their criminally acquired assets as well as all of the gold formerly in their possession too!

Feisty Granny

It all goes back in our treasury, and we will be the world leaders again.


Regarding the poll, “Which to abolish first?”, logically, it is the IRS as the others will dry up due to lack of funds. It is amazing how if you stop paying these parasites, they soon disappear.

Guillaume DesChamp

If we abolish the IRS, where will the White Hats get funding? They must be getting money from our taxes. Where else would it come from?

Susan Banks

First of all they found 650 planes fulls of Gold that came back to the US in 2018. They have been stealing from us for a long time.

Guillaume DesChamp

Where did you hear this?

Feisty Granny

WATCH AND REMEMBER: The Most Interesting Trump Video You Will Ever See..–watch-the-most-interesting-trump-video-you-will-ever-see….html?mref=2oodx&mc=8wf7a 

Those that take the time to research (and I’m talking about research) will find a lot of information on the Internet. Much of it has had the URL/ link expunged, but if you type in the right words, you can still pull it up again.

Feisty Granny

And a lot of it had been stored in the Vatican.


Don’t forget the national flat tax imposed of about 15%. Those sanctions charged to us from the foreign countries that the Demon-Rats & RINOs were perfectly okay too as well.


I hate to tell you this but your taxes, as stated by Pres. Trump in the 2nd Declaration of Independence, go to the IRS > FED > City of London to be used by the globalists to enrich themselves and come up with ideas on how kill you. The abolition of the tax office would see an immediate min 30% increase in your standard of living.
In Aus, Riccardo Bosi is proposing a 2% tax on non-essential items that would cover all government and military costs and see a surplus.

A 15% flat tax is way too high – An honest USA would be rolling in money with a 2% tax.

Guillaume DesChamp

Where can I find this 2nd Declaration of Independemce? I’d like to read it.

And if what you say is true, where are the WH getting their funding?

I don’t think a 30% increase in state card of living would result if we all stopped paying federal income tax. There would be enormous inflation.

Feisty Granny

I posted the link above under The Organic Act of 1871.


& take down the fed reserve criminal syndicate along with the SEC. & don’t forget about NBC,ABC,CBS


Thanks for the good news.


I need to go back and see how much he was getting just from me. We have to think about all the deals they have made across the border and over seas to try to stay in power while weakening our country like a fat tick giving us lymes.

Last edited 10 months ago by Unfortunut

From a lime to a lemon, from a lemon to a lime:

See the Supreme Court decision on Lemon today. Prayer is coming back into our schools. Glorious week.

Guillaume DesChamp

What are you talking about? I don’t see anything in the news about a SC decision today.

Proudly Unaffiliated

Wonderful news. Head of the IRS, head of the premier jackbooted thug organization. Well, done Adm. Crandall! 🙂


When the Admiral said “Forgive my lack of decorum here, but the greedy bastard
couldn’t help himself. The money was burning holes in his pockets.”

There is nothing to forgive Admiral, most of us have said a lot worse! Lololololol
The greedy bastard.

Stinky Perfume

Something about trying to live it up and enjoy it as long as possible.

Debra Rudolph

Good job, General. I just can’t believe no impersonator or clone has been caught on Capital Hill.

Stinky Perfume

Or names put up as permission for any civilian to unalive them.


I stopped paying taxes in 2007 after I found out there’s no law in the books that says you have to pay federal income tax and that it is “voluntary”. Over the years I became more and more aware of how corrupt the system was and that the IRS and the Federal Reserve was established the same year illegally and unconstitutionally (Article I, Section 8, Clause 5). I feel it has been my civic duty not to pay these illegal taxes and tell other people not to do the same. To see this fool think he can get away with stealing 1% of all Americans taxes is just unbelievable. I hope the rest of these deep State idiots are as dumb and obvious with their incredible greed. They should put a million dollars in $100 bills underneath the Gallows so this POS can see what he’s not going to get with his last breath.


Just anchor his $19million yacht off Gitmo, so he can see it from the platform!!!


freedomlawschool dot org
Federal taxes are voluntary


You must not own property.


one greedy shit gets his comeuppance only a couple of million to go then the swamps clean, cant wait.

Feisty Granny

It’s already going on worldwide in other nations. It seems everybody wants clean house.


I wonder if the returned money is in safe keeping away from the Biden regime, which is obsessed with send our taxpayer dollars to Ukraine.


Probably not because the White Hats want to watch them perform their dastardly deeds. Do you think the money they sent to Ukraine really went to Ukraine? Any government that sent money or arms to Ukraine is automatically identified as corrupt of which the Australian government is one.


No, I think the “Ukraine” money was laundered back into DS’s pockets.


Canada too Godeschalk. We sent a tank, two row boats and an F18 minus a nose wheel. Oh and I believe there was a cash donation of $163.14 as well.


Lol! Yes Australia too is a formidable military power – I think during the Middle East wars we supplied the barbeques.


Trump and the military control the treasury the Federal Reserve and the IRS, all were rolled into the treasury back in I believe 2018-2019. DJT first EO was that anyone arrested, convicted of Treason, sedition, crimes against humanity and other crimes against the people, that ALL their assets was to be confiscated and rolled into the Treasury for “We the People”

We the People will spend all the criminals stolen money they stole from all us tax payers.

DJT said the best is yet to come.

It’s coming soon.

Feisty Granny

You have done the homework. Earlier I posted a link WATCH AND REMEMBER: The Most Interesting Trump Video You Will Ever See..
It ansers many questions.
Now watch Presidential Emergency Action Documents

One of the reasons I follow Michael Baxter and his. Real World News. It’s because I believe that all this is actually going down. And I do let other people know where to look. I have posted this link on just about every platform I access to make it go viral. People should know and decide for themselves what is going on.


Wow!! Makes you wonder if what Q calls suicide weekend is coming up soon now that this is out, eh, Manchin & Schumer??


Manchin was he not in the Trump Administration ?


No, Senator Manchin is a D Senator from West Virginia.
This is the first confirmed Intel I’ve heard about Manchin’s crimes.

Don’t know if he is playing a part or is he really a corrupted Senator.

We soon will see.


Schumer was hung at gitmo I believe.


RRN has never reported that.

Lorenz Manner

Good riddance to a piece of junk. Soon he will face the last curtain and the world get rid of another bastard.


Those 50 million should be dispersed to each and every sovereign citizen tax paying individual in this country

Stinky Perfume

Ego’s will spend it fast. IDK what they are going to do with Nesara/Gesara but websites maybe for click bait like to say every day, it’s coming any minute.


Well if everyone gets it then it won’t make any difference, will it?


$40 Billion. With a ‘B’.


Hang this evil corrupt bastard.

87,000? new and armed? IRS agents! They’re insane, lunatic.

It’s quite obvious the crooked lying corrupt evil pedo democrats thought they were going to be in power forever.

Screw them cause they won’t be for long. 2024 is fast approaching and President Trump will be back in the Whitehouse and will take power and give it back to the voters.

What these lying evil bastard democrats are going to do in 2024 is flee this great country and avoid justice . . . GITMO.

Last edited 10 months ago by SaveUSA2024-SaveGOD’sChildren

No, they will rig the election again.

Feisty Granny

Some of them will foolishly try to do that again even though they know that the military and the American Patriots are watching. There are now cameras just about everywhere at the polling places, along with many eagle-eyed voters.