Lloyd Austin to General Smith: Release My Men or Else!


United States Marines have detained a U.S. Army National Guard captain who arrived at Camp Pendleton’s gates claiming to hold an urgent message for General Eric M. Smith’s eyes only, a source in the general’s office told Real Raw News.

The Tuesday incident occurred at 4:30 p.m., when the captain, wearing his Class A uniform, approached Pendleton’s Las Pulgas gate in a black sedan and told sentries that he had “come for General Smith,” a poor choice of words. The vigilant Marine sentinels recognized the captain’s insignia as belonging to the 40th Infantry Division at Los Alamitos Joint Forces Training Base, California, a facility plagued with malefic officers loyal to the criminal Biden regime.

The Marines yanked the dapper captain from the vehicle, hurled him to the pavement, stood him up, handcuffed him behind his back, and meticulously frisked him. One marine slid a circular mirror affixed to an aluminum pole under the sedan, looking for explosives. Having diligently searched the captain and his car and found only a manilla envelope marked ‘for General Eric M. Smith’s eyes only,’ the Marines phoned in the intrusion and awaited the arrival of military police.

As the MPs interrogated the shaken and bruised captain at a security building, the envelope and letter were screened for harmful substances such as fentanyl, anthrax, and ricin—no toxins were found.

The captain said he was a messenger tasked with ensuring that Gen. Smith received the letter and that he had no ill will for “the Good Marines at Pendleton,” adding that his garrison commander, Lt. Col. Manju Vig, ordered him to hand-deliver the envelope and return to base.

However, Vig had not written the letter. It was authored by Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, who forwarded it to Vig, who then delegated the captain to bring it to Pendleton. He wanted to leave in peace but was told he wasn’t going anywhere until Gen. Smith read the letter and decided what to do with him. An MP inquired about the captain’s allegiances, asking who he considered to be commander-in-chief of the armed forces. He responded, “President Joseph R. Biden,” footnoting his answer with, “We may have disagreements over who’s calling the shots, but we wear similar uniforms and took the same oath.”

Our source said that General Smith received the letter approximately two hours later as he was preparing to retire for the evening. The missive was another of Austin’s endless and unenforceable ultimatums, this time commanding Gen. Smith to immediately release Cpt. David Dunbar and CSM Nema Mobarakzadeh, the 10th Mountain Division’s staff officer and senior NCO, respectively, whom U.S. Marines apprehended on July 30.

“Dunbar and Mobarrka—I can’t pronounce his damn name. They’re at Camp Blaz now,” our source said.

Interestingly, the letter did not mention the 165 soldiers in custody or the four officers arrested by Special Forces in Germany.

Austin referred to Dubar and Mobarakzadeh as “hostages” and Gen. Smith as a “terrorist betraying his constitutional oath.” He wrote, “Your alliance with former President Trump puts the men you command in greater danger daily. When you fall, they will too. It’s inevitable. But in the meantime, you can do yourself a favor by setting free Captain Dunbar and Command Sergeant Major Mobarakzadeh. Heed this command, or we’ll come for them and for you. Your fate is ordained; the outcomes of those serving you are still to be seen.”

Our source said Gen. Smith put the letter in a shredder and ordered Pendleton MPs to detain its deliverer until further notice. He said Deep State panjandrums once again failed to intimidate Gen. Smith.

Asked whether anyone at Pendleton knew why Austin chose such a circuitous delivery route—instead of sending the letter by email or post—he said, “Only Austin’s demented mind knows why. The coward sure wasn’t going to drop it off himself. And Captain [name withheld] clamped up the second we told him he wasn’t going home.”

Note: We have withheld the captain’s name at the request of Gen. Smith’s office.

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clark 1930



MILITARY! Arrest this B*****d! I cannot stand to look at him

Above Reproach

Holding the cards, The delivery boy basically stuck a fork in his eye the second he stupidly adhered himself to Joe Brain dead fake Biden as our commander. Proof that you can’t fix stupid. He the delivery boy himself is acting out orders of treason. And is being compliant with lawless orders.
The punishment is to be hanged.

James William Cummings

Mr Austin does not understand War, when you a traitor have men caught by the legitimate military, ttey are likely to be tried and when found guilty executed for treason.

Stinky Perfume

Lloyd Austin, or garrison commander, Lt. Col. Manju Vig I guess is trashing his own men that are useless just to give an order or maybe he likes those 2 “hostage” but really arrested men more? Does it just die out though?


Exactly right.

George Greenfield

Screw this diversity hire !
He is a DS’er !

Roger Lehet

Why is that evil piece of poop still breathing?

Stinky Perfume

Child trafficking is all over the news now, they claim police are arresting them in many towns. Some news claims some military is complicit. Then there’s this one. (rumble com/v36896f-eyes-of-the-devil-documentary-patryck-vega-sale-of-babies-for-sex-and-organ.html) It’s on this site also. (sonsoflibertymedia.com/if-you-really-want-to-see-what-is-going-on-in-the-child-trafficking-world-dont- e-romanticized-by-hollywood-watch-this-raw-documentary-video/)

Stinky Perfume

How did Gen Smith rule out the document wasn’t a forgery of Austin’s signature?

Roger Lehet

As far as I’m concerned it doesn’t matter as that chunk of talking poo needs to be eradicated

Yvonne Wagner

Lloyd Austin is the biggest Biden fan that has ever lived. A traitor and a scumbag. He needs to be jailed for what he did to General Berger. Christopher Wray is another Biden protector and cabal. Why did he leave a 9 million $ a year job to be the FBI director.. it’s called loyalty to the cabals..

James William Cummings

No, not jailed.


A tribunal is required and if found guilty, then execution by hanging. Swift, legal, efficient. Not revengeful. Do not become the monster. Remove the monster from law abiding people.




So when are the Marines going to take out Austin??? That is the next arrest that I want to see…. I want to see the story “Austin Hanged at Camp Blaz”.

Jim Joans

I wonder if Austin has an abscessed tooth?


We are all upset about the fires on Maui that have all the tell-tale signs of a Directed Energy Weapon (DEW)Attack, leveling the beautiful, peaceful town of Lahaina and killing 93 and counting innocent civilians.

Are the White Hats ignoring DEW attacks? Why aren’t they mentioning it, and who do they think are the perpetrators? -, not only in Maui, but in California, Oregon, Washington, Canada, and elsewhere.

God Bless the White Hat Military, and I hope we hear some intel soon about the very destructive and deadly DEW fires.

Mark David

It’s been reported that Maui has a DUMB (Deep Underground Military Base) tunnel access point, which includes child trafficking.


Yep it’s hard to say whether the WH or the BH are the cause of the DEW. Lots of bad folks live on Maui including Oprah Winfrey, Jeff Bezos, Peter Thiel of Epstein logs, etc. Lots of child trafficking tunnels.

However, Space Force is also on Maui. So it could be either side. We just have to wait for more info bc more is coming out daily.


Looks to me like backlash over patriot activity – or a takeover attempt that either succeed & this is the reaction – or it failed & this is payback. Can’t tell yet which it is but it is probably one of the two.

Stinky Perfume

They are hiding out doing it that’s for sure. Figure they would see each other’s space ships up there. Spaceship isn’t divine though, it’s part of AI, I think. Divine don’t need a spaceship. Spaceships I believe did Sodom and Gomorrah, so that’s black hat stuff.


The death toll is now over 1k people, natives. White Hats we ouldnt do that… they would minimize damage. The Black Hats want the 1st 15 min City and land and home owners were standing in their way. There is no Government assistance to declare an emergency for them. They did allow evil & corrupt FEMA in to loot and most likely kill any survivors. Everyone else is banned from entering the area.

Stinky Perfume

LOL, Generals or whatever rules above them aren’t talking. We more than see the obvious and they don’t wanna say. Last I heard 2200 homes, bldgs and boats in Lahaina, obliterated. Obviously evil lends itself to destruction by it’s fellow predators. (rumble com/v36896f-eyes-of-the-devil-documentary-patryck-vega-sale-of-babies-for-sex-and-organ.html)


God Bless the White Hat Military.


Loved the Mobarrka comment. I needed a laugh. 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🙂 &, our military is nothing to mess with, that’s for sure. 🪖🗡️🪖


Austin: Read the United States Constitution.


He can’t read.


It makes me furious when I read about armed forces saying Biden is President.

Mark David

Most of them ARE NOT saying that. Give Austin credit for smoking them out and exposing them.

Robert James

When I was an enlisted man in Korea, I had no idea what was going on in US politics. Really, lots of EM probably literally don’t know all this is going on. Officers, too!

Joan P McDonald

Captain: Hi. I’ve come for General Smith. Marine Sentinels: Oh really…💪💪💪💥💥💥🥊🥊🤕🤕🤕

Robert James

The captain may have been totally misinformed and believed what’s in the papers. He may be wondering what is going on. He may well have no idea why he’s arrested.


I doubt it, give the guy a lot of checked in test or torture the truth out of him. Either way they’ll find out.

joe blow

Gen. Smith to Austin – bring your ‘else’.

Mark David

Austin looks like he’s practicing to give Biden a Lewinsky.


Looks like Idi Amin in a suit.


mugabe jr?????


I wish to see Obamas, Clintons, and Bidens as an entree to be executed for treason and for that to be a world wide event televised for all to see. I think if we are not there yet we should get there soon because they keep doing damage even from beyond the grave for a lot of them “aka they have already been executed but being portrayed by clones and actors”.

Joan P McDonald



When will you fucking idiots wake the fuck up? We are now being openly attacked by directed energy weapons from low earth orbit or space in order to remove people from the lands the devil worshipping jews want for themselves as they’ve openly stated in their AGENDA21-AGENDA2030. Where is your savior trumps “ space force” to stop all of this? I’ll tell you were, probably behind it all. Trump is a fucking jew traitor owned by the rothchilds, his entire family follows and supports chabad lubavitch and its leader , the very demons behind all of this. They have almost completed their “kalergi plan” to invade Europe and the USA with illegal foreigners in order to destroy the indigenous white populations and replace them with ignorant uncivilized foreign invaders. Just keep doing nothing while you and your families are being killed and herded into smart cities= controlled kill zones. That’s gonna work out real well for you. Just keep trusting the “ controlled opposition” PLAN. Don’t ever do anything to defend yourselves and your families, just keep expecting someone else to save you. You’ll all be dead soon enough and you have no one to blame but your own cowardly ass selves.


I agree about DEW, how do you suggest we handle that?


EMP’s & Laser Tech.

Mark David

Off your meds again, I see.


Looks like the words of a white supremiscist so you might want to keep that BS to yourself. I personally fear no man on this earth and will answer to God Almighty alone. As for my personal beliefs you are an impatient individual thinking because there is no “action” that Trump is the source of the problem where that is where you have a really big problem due to the fact the majority of voters and beyond are on the side of right “Trump” and the losers on the left can’t grasp the concept they have lost and there is nothing they can do to regain control. You have the right to believe what you want we are still in the most free country in the world but you don’t have the right to fearmonger people into a delusional mindset like your own.


Actually, the more one digs into the subject of zionist jewry and organized jewish power, chabad lubavich, the protocols of the learned elders of zion, various scholars and books i.e. Under The Sign of the Scorpion, The Controversy of Zion, Gulag Archipelago, The Talmud, who planned 9/11, Kennedy assassination,…the list goes on…it’s not the bigoted ranting of a white supremacist at all…it’s an inevitable conclusion any critical thinking researcher must arrive at.


White supremacy is a myth, …….however jooish supremacy is another thing being they say; We are not white, but only “look” white (just to save their own ass while grifting against whites as usual). LOL


FED FED FED – here’s a loser for you. Anyone who has to say “I fear no man” is lying. Nobody has to say it if it’s true because it’s self evident & those who truly fear no man have no need or desire to say so. People who declare that about themselves are just trying to convince themselves. When they act like they are trying to convince you – it’s because they are not convinced of their own statement. It’s posturing. Nothing more.


You are hysterical. Yes, the globalists have DEWs and are using them, but President Trump is not involved. Do more research before you go off.

Rene Labre

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“Barak” in middle of that name

Hal Brown

Has he got a huge wad of tobacco in his cheek or is it a toomah?

Jim Joans

Or is he chewing up a document labeled “top secret”?


 This is a very, very special breaking news story=============>


Lloyd is by far, one of the most dangerous actors in the fake US regime, as far as his maniacal & crippled loyalty to joe goes.


I don’t think he’s too bright based on his history. A case of color over competence. He’s only qualified to run a bunch of mercenaries in some third world tin horn dictatorship.

Annette Payne

My thanks to General Smith for sticking to this horrible situation we find ourselves in with Biden. And thanks to Michael for telling us about it and keeping our hopes up. President Trump is to be arrested in GA according to the news and Biden (those who pull his strings) are making it impossible for Trump to campaign during critical times in 2024. Will General Smith help President Trump to be able to campaign? Better yet somehow stop these people. Please do something to those pulling the strings!


Those pulling the strings are the Rockefellers, Larry Fink, King Charles the Antichrist.


Charles is not & never will be the AC. In fact that dude (AC) isn’t showing up for a couple hundred more years. There is only the antichrist spirit at this time & it operates through anyone denying Christ’s deity. However the critter that is going to actually bear the title The Antichrist won’t be here for at least 160 years & probably closer to 200.

Maybe cease buying into the early fake globalist “Jesus is returning any day now” doctrine that was seeded into the church to stop it from making long term plans & just adopt a “wait for the rapture & escape everything” as if Jesus is coming tomorrow to rescue us just before the tribulation.

If you read the bible at all (& not just the parts that support your beliefs) you’ll find that the early apocalypse is a fraud. Jesus is NOT coming any day. There’s lot of ways to find the facts about this – however, just like the MSM, there’s a lot of opposition to that knowledge coming out.

Since they began propagandizing theologians with this early fake apocalypse in an attempt to control it & make sure they don’t fry by devastating the earth on their terms they have convinced many American & Canadian theologians that the unscriptural “Jesus is coming any day” doctrine is the truth. It’s insane that people are still believing this stuff given all that’s come out in recent years. The traditions of men can nullify the covenant of God.

Mark David

Biden is a White Hat. It’s obvious. He traps the traitors that should refuse, but never do.

Robert James

Better think that over again.


My thanks to Admiral Crandall and General Berger and JAG, as well. God Bless you all, as He surely is doing and keep you three very safe. Michael has the Seraphim nation keeping him safe, as well.

mary pascucci



I agree and Myorkas and Larry Fink.

Eugene Templet

That news will be a great day as far as I am concerned. I believe all this news of the military arrests are leading up to that event.


I think the gallows would be nervous, carrying the load of a hefferlump that big.

Mark David

I am utterly disgusted at the traitors inside the US Military. I retired from the Army about 30 years ago, after having served more than 20 years on active duty. Public executions are an excellent way to expose this Psychopathic Fifth Column to the American People. Same for the guilty Politicians. Same for the guilty Medical Mafia members that killed many trusting Americans. The scope of treachery and treason, and cruelty of these villains had, I think, reached its’ zenith when tens of thousands of elderly nursing home patients were taken outside to tractor trailers, in the dead of winter in New York State, stacked in refrigerated tractor-trailers, and trucked to mass graves elsewhere in NY State, all on the orders of Governor Andrew Cuomo. The refrigerated trailers inside temperatures were set to -10 degres. Ten below zero. Our ELDERLY helpless Fathers, Mothers, Grandfathers and Grandmothers were frozen to death at -10 degrees Farenheit while being driven to their graves inside dark trailers. If that doesn’t show the sadistic, cruel, inhumane nature of the Medical Mafia, I don’t know what does. All for money and power. These Psychopaths in the government and the medical mafia need to be publicly executed, or at least have those videos and films of their executions broadcast far and wide, lest we forget.


I would be shocked if they werent organ harvested first.


I agree. This medical tragedy was one of the first of its kind to totally blow my mind to the EXTREME evil of the cabal and its minions. I could only imagine the horror of those whose family members were treated in this way. The recent killing of a senior man in his home by the FBI, for no good reason, is another. I pray that God will end this horror show (no popcorn) very soon.


Thank you Gen. Smith, for all you do for our country. I will pray for your safety and for the safety of your troops. Gen. Austin and Gen. Milley need to hang for Treason, Crimes against humanity. They are very evil. Please stay strong and safe Gen. Smith♥️!!!!


The horrible thing I think of is what Austin had done to General Berger. Hope this won’t be a repeat for Gen. Smith. BTW…when is it Austin’s turn to swing?


Well this might be it.


hey austin, you know better than to mess around with the Marines. Their loyalty is to the Constitution to the country and to the American people yours is to illegitimate pedophile lying corrupt former vp biden. You are as illegitimate as biden is.

Don’t mess with the United Stated Marine Corps or you’ll be sorry.


True be to fact.


hey austin, you know better than to mess around with the Marines. Their loyalty is to the Constitution and to the American people yours is to illegitimate pedophile lying corrupt former vp biden. You are as illegitimate as biden is.

Don’t mess with the United Stated Marine Corps or you’ll be sorry.


He issued an Autism! BOOOOO!!!!!

He’s a commie retard, degenerate, traitor along with his entire secret army who should all be executed for treason by firing squad in public and their bodies left for the buzzards. Buzzards provide a valuable service to the planet.


Unreal.. Don’t anyone trust him.. He sounds desperate and willing to to do whatever .. I don’t .. Something off about this person..


He only got his job due to inclusiveness & affirmative action, Uncle Joe is stone aged and one sick old pervert that was used as a pawn for Barry Soetoro and his ilk to hide behind. and use because they knew Uncle Joe is dumb as dirt and has always been a racist.

David Mulloy

Why, For the Love of God, Has Darth Vader not been arrested and executed YET??


This might be it.


Sheilds up and go to yellow alert! No telling what that pompous buffoon might try? Be ready for anything and I mean anything.


Good call. Well done.

Lady Hermann

Intimidation is always done by those that cannot intimidate. They puff out their chests, babble and stamp their feet. Then their anger, coming from an emotional caldron of self-indulgence and temper forces them to act rashly. True strength stands quietly and keeps watch. Be safe Marines.

Sparky Sr

Austin is an a-hole….Traitor like the rest of the fake admin…
Don’t shoot the messenger.
I know why Gen Smith is holding the Capt…
Nothing new here folks – move on…


That was a good move to with hold his name. The captain that is.


i’ll bet the captain’s name is unpronouncable too; where on earth do all these people in the “other” army come from, anyway?


Mental Institutions, even Special Education depts suggest their pupils join the Military after they’re like sorta Graduated.


Sound like it getting close to a ” O K Corral ” show down.


I am worried about ww3 Biden is trying to start.

Mark David

Biden can’t start WWIII. He doesn’t have control of the Pentagon, the US Military, or the Nuclear Weapons codes. Biden is an actor, and hopefully this soap opera of the killing of the Deep Staters et al, the Traitors, the Satanists, the Globalists, and the Fake News weenies will end very soon.


Yep,clones and actors.Real one died years ago.Many of these traitors are hybrid fakehumans.Many layers of truth hidden.Truth11 was and is under cyberattack.Cannot access it,but this site popped right up.Used to visit it.Maybe the message about R.childs trying to buy amnesty for Trillions pissed someone off.Operation Lockstep the Kalergi Plan morphogenetic field or intelligence field karla turner richard lighthouse dan winters Max Igahn d. Icke Tex Marrs dolores cannon elena danaan kim goguen genedecode@Blessedforservice.org dr. Ardis on Projectcamelotportal Leakproject.c asheanna deane The Explorers book series Catchers of Heaven by dr. Wolf Twenty and Back by Tony Rodriguez Frank Castello Bibliocapades.net brighteon.tv supersoldiertalk james rink theorionlines.c Journey to Serpo-Len Kasten Montauk Babies. Radu cinnamar Bucegi Mountain kazharians-khozars-Name Changers. Stargates and leylines aaron mccullom interview in Archive of projectcamelotportal operation bluebeam Cosmic Topsecret Elint school for military Artemis Accords gematriaeffect.com educate-yourself.org hitachi femtotech smartdust. Ingersoll Lockwood timetravel is real King Cobra and Crate snake venoms—convid symptoms The Only Planet of Choice andy basiago jumprooms jawbone tech Capt. Mark Richards of Secret SpaceforceOrion Prime-Dracos soul-splitting and consciousness transfer david adair ex machina movie is disclosure of reality.Wake Up!!!!!


The pentagon/DOD/military is behind this whole murderous shit show, wake the fuck up.


I only agree with half. yes they are behind this but only the black hat side see you need to realize there are two sides to this just like a war it has two sides this is no different. Those that are on the side of evil aka black hats are infiltrators to the true US military and pentagon and they have been doing that for a long long time, just in case you want to say they have always been that way it would be an incorrect statement. Understand this you can’t beat the US Military in a staight up fight aka gorilla warfare etc etc but you could if you fought from within meaning taking over key positions until you had enough positions you could bend the chaos to your will and that is exactly what they have done they have taken over from within and that is why the operation currently in progress is going on to clean out all these corrupt people that were placed “not elected” into their positions. Sad to say though the military is desperate they take about anyone to serve and unfortunately too many evil doers for lack of a better term are sneaking in to cause the chaos we currently endure.


“gorilla warfare” (!?) is NOT the same as a “straight up fight”.


There will be a scare event it could even be nuclear but it is all for show to wake the last remaining asleep. I always personally believe Good always triumphs over evil and this we are living through is just that.


Like what, a bunch of mini nukes the Deepstate has planted all over our country as a distraction to use it as a prelude to war against whoever they want and chose – all for the sake of tier Gay New Deals, Global warming frauds and population control for the WEF, NATO & WHO cause some spacemen told them to do so???

Lorenz Manner

We all hope the this demented Austin will soon be a member of GITMO 😂🤣🤣. You have to prepare a very strong rope for him because he is quite big 🤣. All these traitors have to be eliminated forever.


And VERY soon!!


A steel braided cable w/ razor ribbon mixed in and a rifle to shoot Austin in the head…


Consult the Kim Jong-Un playbook. Oughta be some helpful advice there.


So? Darth Vader makes threats again! ~The Nak~


Threats while he hides in Poland


I am so ready for that idiot Lloyd Austin to be captured and hung and be Televised for all the world to see what happens to a FOOL who he thinks is in the right.


Sooooooooooon ???? 🙄🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


Nasty, ignorant, foul-mouthed little troll. Or trollop.


These traitors swear an oath to Dementia-dude, Not to the Constitution. Even if they occupy the offices and have the narrative protection of a rogue media, THEY are the illegitimate force using pretense to impose their criminal attempts at undoing the offices and titles they illegally occupy.
Dementia-dude is shredding the constitution. D-d commits treason by sponsoring a full scale invasion of our southern border, giving classified documents to the communist Chinese, and threatening the citizens of this country for exercising our First Amendment Rights, for voicing allegiance to the actual elected CIC, Everything being done by this faux administration is to treat the Constitution as an irrelevant document.

Mark David

And “Constitution” means the 1787 version, NOT the US Corporation’s Treasonous 1871 version that has America using Maritime British Laws.

Charlene McNally

Amen on that. Our Original Constitution. 1776. We desperately need Our Restored Republic announces to All. No more BAR attorneys, No more Banana Republic Deep State British Courts. Back to Common Law and Our God Given Rights.

Mark David

And most importantly, no more control of the United States by foreigners –

1.) The Vatican;
2.) The City of London financial district;
3.)The UK Royals,

which is what happened between 1871 and 2016. The 1871 “CONstitution was written to enslave the US to foreigners. That’s where our taxes were going, not the Treasury, but to Great Britain..
Our laws were not constitutional, they were British Maritime laws, which is why all lawyers in the US had to meet the BAR requirement. BAR stands for British Accreditation Registry!

President Trump and the US Military White Hats threw them the F*** OUT and reestablished our sovereign Republic of the United States of America..


How does someone get as far-up in the military as him, with all those medals and insignias, and not be seen as a treasonous traitor?


Affirmative action


Or, he’s there BECAUSE he’s a Traitor.

Donna Miller

I heard on “X” last night that certain Billionaires are wanting the land that was purposely set on fire in Hawaii for pennies on the dollar…. That was done using DOD Direct Energy Weapon…. 80 People now have died. General Eric M Smith should be going after those responsible for that horrific, demonic, crime against humanity…. A. Lloyd is trying to distract General Smith for some reason… You know Lloyd has to be held responsible for what they did in Hawaii. He has someone deliver the message in person…. Something is UP… Checking to see how easy it would be to get in…. REINFORCE HIS SECURITY…. I don’t like this, something smells fishy…. One thing I learned is nothing is by accident… Michael please appraise the General… We have what is going on with President Trump, what happened in Hawaii, someone delivers a letter to General Eric M. Smith. My MOM always things happen in “3”s…

Mark David

That’s also true for California, where those beautiful neighborhoods were set on fire in the last two decades, and the trees didn’t burn, but the houses did. Very expensive real estate now selling at bargain basement prices. Makes me despise democrats even more.


Its all for Greater Israel. The Antichrist desires to reign from Jerusalem. That is what the Balfour declaration was all about. That is what the Holohoax was all about. After WW2 the Haavara Coin Nazis illegally invaded and occupied end time counterfeit Israel, pretending to be Jews of course. God calls them his enemies in Luke 19:27 He commands that they should be killed.


You are correct but you left out they are all satan worshippers.


King Charles probably inherited FEMA region IX from the Queen. That seems to be where the Energy weapons are directing the most havock. California, Hawaii, Texas.
They are Americas bread basket as far as produce production goes. The commies always try to bottle neck the food supply before they depopulate.
Im not worried because Im Catholic and God has promised us we will be spared having to go through tribulation. (Revelation 3:10, Psalm 27:5, Isaiah 26:20, John 6:54, 2 Esdra 2:27. The old testament prefigure of the Catholic rapture is
2 Kings 6 (in the Bible the “axe head” always represents Rome, “waters” represents a collection of people.)

orange julius

Lloyd’s days are numbered.


KCUF you austin. You’re illegitimate so shut the F up. Surrender now!