“mRNA Queen” Hanged at GITMO


September 18, 2023. GITMO.

If Moderna Monster and “Queen of mRNA” Melissa J. Moore had any regrets over the countless fatalities attributable to the vaccine she had engineered, she didn’t voice them when Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall offered her a minute to make a statement of remorse, as she teetered on the gallows with a rope coiled around her fatty neck.

She instead recited the dogmatic Deep State mantra ubiquitous among many Deep Staters whose time had come to face the noose: I followed orders. I don’t deserve to die. I’d do it again. The vaccine saves lives.

White Hats estimate Big Pharma’s COVID-19 jabs have killed or wounded millions of Americans. And the exposé, an online publication that pushes for Covid accountability, extrapolates that figure to 22 million worldwide, based on peer-reviewed studies and empirical data.

Asked whether she wanted Last Rites, Moore said she and her domestic partner, Janet Kosloff, were practicing Pagans “in balance” with Velinas, the god of the dead in Baltic mythology, and that only he could stand in judgment over her. Velinas, she said, aided her in demystifying the complexities of life.

“I don’t need your priestly invocations,” she sputtered, glancing down at the Navy chaplain.

“You can kneel to the Grand Poohbah of the Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes (a Flintstone’s reference) for all I care,” Vice Adm. Crandall said. “Let me tell you something: When I was assigned this task, it pained me. But I soon learned you people have no redeeming qualities—you’re irredeemable. And I’m numb.”

The hangman atop the platform put a sack over Moore’s head. He waited for the admiral’s command and then pressed a button causing the door beneath her feet to swing open.

Moore was pronounced dead at 10:45 a.m., September 18.

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She is a child of the devil himself and very proud of it. “Moore said she and her domestic partner, Janet Kosloff, were practicing Pagans “in balance” with Velinas, the god of the dead in Baltic mythology, and that only he could stand in judgment over her. Velinas, she said, aided her in demystifying the complexities of life. Well, where was her precious “devil” when they hung her fat neck?

William Butterfield

great Walgreen pushing C-19 shots,! seen TV ads prompting it!
Stay away from any flue/ DC-19 strain shots


Trump to speak today, 10/1/23, at about 12:30 pm est.


Time has been updated to 3:30 pm est.

Mark David

How come they only hang the pretty ones?

Alan Stevens

Judicial trapdoor hanging as it is supposed to work.

Good job.


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Isnt the woman photo that of janice kosloff pic? Melissa moores pic on her Twitter looks just like koslof… strange. Both live in mass and believe in velos…. koslof was a daily Twitter poster [mult times a day] and nothing since beg of July 23… weird(I hope I did not get that backward…pls advise. Thank you

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Last year, Dr. Roger Hodkinson stated the estimates for seriously wounded from the jab worldwide was 2 billion. Worldwide, he stated that deaths were estimated at 20 million. If his figures are correct, the number has now grown and with the upcoming mandates, we can expect an avalanche of more injuries and deaths. Considering the number of people worldwide who were injected with the poison, I think the number shown in this article is definitely low ball. Re Milly’s desire to inject infants, this can only be described as monstrous and sadistic.


Keep in mind the same people who cry about their 6 million dead 🧛‍♂️ ancestors in ww2 are the same a holes that force the jabb! The joos are tricksters and huksters.

Mark David

Chose lie all the time.

Willy 2.0

Bye Felicia


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clearly hearing the softball coach scream
was not her dream
i mean
looks like she wears size 13


I believe we were chosen to be in the know and awaken because we are Godly people. This comment and the comment about her “fatty neck” is NOT Godly and sounds more like a grand school child. you were chosen for a reason. Don’t disappoint our creator.


Better pack a parachute for when you fall off that high horse you’re on. Pompous ass. Worry about the skeletons in YOUR closet before pointing out everyone else’s


13? More like size 20!

Carreon Frederick

Another one bites the dust 🙏


Gallows must be made of steel girders to hang these “water buffaloes”.

Rene Labre

I’m making $90 an hour working from home. I never imagined that it was honest to goodness yet my closest companion is earning 16,000 US dollars a month by working on the connection, that was truly astounding for me, she prescribed for me to attempt it simply. Everybody must try this job now by just using this site… w­w­w.P­a­y­a­t­h­o­m­e­7.c­o­m

Last edited 8 months ago by Rene Labre


Kay Mitchell

Giving trolls attention only encourages them.
That’s what they live on.


He would like to but his account was hijacked.
He is also NOT a troll.


Naff off.


Maybe he mentioned the Flintstone reference because she possibly could pass for Fred.

Brigid Bardont

She’s a yabba-dabba-don’t.


This shows the commiecrat hypocrisy perfectly!

Victor Bravo

I am surprised that this homosexual buffalo did not break the rope. I bet they had to use an excavator to get her grave big enough. They should have just chucked her body into the ocean so massive families of fish could feast on her blubber.

Kay Mitchell

Not one foot of land should be wasted to bury these pieces sh-t.

Burn them and scatter the ashes as fertilizer on flower beds.

Karen Leonhardt

I Agree That Not One Ft of Land Should Be Used To Bury These Monsters, BUT, I Def Would NOT Want Thier Ashes In MY Flower Beds!!

Kay Mitchell

Where would you suggest their ashes go?


How about a landfill?

Karen Leonhardt

I AGREE 100% No One Should Take The Time To Bury These EVIL Monsters!!!


Aaaaaaannnnnndddd…………the trolls are still here. You’d think their mamas would take away their computers for stealing their Social Security checks every month.


Why would I need to steal social security checks when George Soros pays me $600 every time someone replies to one of my posts here?


Is that your dad?




🔥 Trump: “Less than FIVE months from now, we’re going to defeat Crooked Joe Biden, we’re going to take back our country”

Well that puts the “election” in March 2024, not November. 😏

Isn’t that interesting.

What’s the only way something like that could happen in March?

🟨 That’s right….THE MILITARY

GESARA NESARA announcenent. 120 Days later their will be new elections. So remember remember the 5th of November.

Q said done in 30 days. Red October is Martial law all month.


J Bill

don’t hurt yourself with those mental gymnastics

Kay Mitchell

I do hope and pray you are right!

Kay Mitchell

Please post a link to the source of President Trump saying:
” In less than 5 months from now we’re going to defeat crooked Joe Biden and take back our country.”

I hope and pray to God it’s true And that America can hang-on until a March 2024 Election

I don’t know what a Military Gesara Nesara is or how it works. But I’ll look it up.

If it means the Military will throw all the swamp creatures into GITMO prison cells and reinstate the rightful President, Trump back into The White House then I’m all for it!!!

mary pascucci

TRUMP SAID IT WHEN HE MADE A SPEECH AT THE AUTO CAR INDUSTRY—https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P73lnHONph0

Kay Mitchell

Thank you Mary.
Much appreciated.

Kay Mitchell

And if I’m not mistaken, Looters are shot on-sight by military personnel during Martial Law.

That should stop the Professional gangs of looters dead in their tracks…. so to speak.

Nukken Futz

Oh, right on…!


am I blocked?

J Bill



“offered her a minute to make a statement of remorse”
his/her life matters even for a bad example to the Universe and everyone. Where did we go wrong? The wicked will not seek after God… See Ps10:4 Do you know of a Psych test with that focus? Scott Peck says we all are born sociopaths focused on our own needs. So how do you get out of it? Matt 7:7-14 We need to see our greater need and that hurts. Then we can ask.


So, you’re quoting a sociopath who makes money telling people they are sociopaths?

Psychology is a false religion and has never helped anyone.

We are sinners. Period. The only way is to turn from sin and cultivate a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Kay Mitchell

dwayne – Apparently you are NOT blocked since I was able to read your question

J Bill

no, he’s blocked




I just accidentally downvoted someone’s comment when I meant to upvote it. Agh, sorry whoever you were who concluded saying we need to vote for Donald Trump. I want to add that we need to open non-hostile lines of communication with other voters around us. Put out the olive branch and try to bring a Biden voter to their senses if you are in a location with a lot of confused libtards. Some programmed people are salvageable but we need to show them the light of we have the chance.

Kay Mitchell

I’m afraid it’s a waste of energy to attempt to enlighten most libtards.

Either they are truly idiots in every sense of the word or they just enjoy the attention and efforts to enlighten them.

After 3 years of seeing for themselves all the damage that the criminal Biden family has caused the US, if they are still not convinced then there’s nothing left to say to them.

I think we should spend our precious, limited time and energy on supporting President Trump’s re-election And considering a strategy of what to do if the Deep State succeeds in illegally removing President Trump” Permanently”.

Last edited 8 months ago by Kay Mitchell

I agree with you. I don’t waste my time on self-imposed idiocrasy.


Thank God some of us devoted our lives to wasting time in that manner because most people didn’t understand the corruption in our country ten years ago and people who considered themselves good people voted enthusiastically for Noname or Obama.

From now until election time I’m at least going to try and break the ice with the common people so they will see that also someone kind loves Trump.

J Bill

oh no….an accidental downvote means you’re gay


Hopefully you are a troll and not a Trump supporter.


No doubt. But I notice you also didn’t down-vote that comment.


LOL. I agree with Kay Mitchell’s comment. And trying to talk sense to a libtard is like banging your head against a wall while they laugh at you.

Kay Mitchell

Lol … I like the way you think Tucker. 😊 👍

Nukken Futz

Many die hard dems will never realize that their beloved party would ever cross them and will be in total denial and believe whatever BS the MSM spills out and these are the sheeple that got vaxed to the max, allong with their vax cards, social credit BS and other vax paraphernalia trinkets that they collected. I have many dem friends that are so stuck in the mud with dem brainwashing, there’s no hope for them…their minds are totally gone…


I know I am right about what I am saying. Today I took my own advice and talked down the Biden admin “They have made a mess of everything.” The lady I spoke to said “I can’t believe you just said that. Nobody around here will even admit how badly they f-d up.” She said “I’m not brainwashed… I’ve been wondering….” So I told her what I know first hand. She thanked me. We evolved together without the approval of others.


Benjamin Fulford said he called JAG and they told him this site is owned by Meta a Rockefeller company. IDK. Tom Heneghan explosive Intelligence says Gore is pres. I do know that there are body doubles which makes me believe that these people are not around to cause as much trouble and disinfo. I won’t believe we are done until the white hats come out of the closet on big Mike. They would also have to hang the bad actors in the wings ie at Sandy Hook and other false flags.


Sorry but BF has not had relevant information in a very long time. Anyone can make this kind of claim and believe it or not but you can do some searching to prove it or dispute his claim. Get to work and report back to share with us your findings. ( provide proof ) Thank You.

Kay Mitchell

Yes. To believe it, I need to see a link from B T. (see above), to President Trump’s alledged quote: “we will defeat crooked Joe and take back our country in 5 months.”(which is March 2024)

But in good faith, I did make a note on my 2024 calendar for Trump’s March anouncement of the “Military Gesara Nesara”.

That would meet the constitutional requirement for Martial law in 120 days for the entire month of “Red October” just prior to new elections on Nov. 5th.

I’m guessing the Black Hats wouldn’t be cheating in THAT election.

“The Best is yet to come!”

Last edited 8 months ago by Kay Mitchell
John .S

Just called 1800 Santa who knows everything.

Elf said: “Fulford is full of crap, and my standard coal delivery been rerouted to him”.

Elf also said: “Santa loves my magical mystical undertakings” further saying: “Santa is magically mystical himself, as subscriber to RRN”.

J Bill

he called just a guy? wow, benjamin will do anything

Nukken Futz

Is BS a disease, or a god given right…? Just another false flag black hat line of shit. The BH’s are getting desparate now, that 70 K of new indictments have been released. The illegitimate AZ governor, just split the seen now, time to get out’ta dodge….


Old clip of Joe Biden below. Even his voice is different:


I don’t know about you but people change with age: looks, voice, behavior.


Ears don’t change no matter how old you get and the fake bidan ears are different than the bidan of years ago.


Earlobes do not change. Either they are attached to the neck or they are free standing lobes, flapping in the wind. The REAL joe is long dead and the “new” Joe, aka, the actor Arthur Roberts, Joe’s loyal and faithful 86 year old doppelganger is the new Joe we see everyday, imo.

David Mulloy

Loyal and Faithful to Whom?


I have the flappy ones.

Nukken Futz

There is another actor named Struan Rodgers that the white hats insert from time to time and he makes funny blurt outs and falls down with glee, to the unsuspecting dummies who lap up Biden f-ups……


We don’t change that much. The jaw line bone structure is completely different. There is tech that can take a picture of a child and age it to help try to find them if they are believed to still be alive. The way this was developed was using facial recognition with AI to be able to predict the normal progression of aging for men and women. We don’t change as much as one would think, unless due to something medical or an accident happens. This man posing as Joe IS NOT the same as the even the VP Joe. I think the swap may have occured at the end of his VP. But definitely during 45s term this replacement was being trained. The voice is definitely different. Easy enough to confirm. Pretty obvious that Jill may be moving on. PDA of other men has been caught in video.


It’s an old clip


Absolutely different person!


You mean to tell me that aging several decades can make a person look and sound a bit different? Unheard of!!

J Bill



It is very disconcerting to me that these so called “people” are so greedy callous and evil. I have been following REAL RAW NEWS for some time and it is very apparent that the deep state is full of devil worshipers. In the context of right and wrong I support the demise of the evil evil ones by our military courts. Saving humanity.

William R Nicholson

The procedure went well and no humans were harmed. Deep Staters do not qualify as being human . Moore gave up any remnants of humanity as soon as she sold her soul to Lucifer in exchange for wealth and pleasures of a life spent in perversity. Her belief in a non existent god will soon be extinguished as the flames of hell rage ever greater with the arrival of her blubber. Her memory will never be. She never was truly human and thus she cannot be remembered …… Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195


Tier4b notifications should be sent out after the Gazette publishes the new Iraqi Dinar Rates ( after 10:30 am EST on Wed. 27 Sept.). Tier 4b appointments should be available sometimes between now and Fri.29 Sept. The first two weeks of Oct. NESARA should pay out ( reclaimation funds). Ages 60 and over will get a lump sum payment. Ages 51-60 will be paid out over a year. Ages 30- 50 will be paid out over a 15 year period. In November Social Security will be paid out in a much higher payment.


That if resident is gone.


On Wed.11 Oct. Possible EBS with Biden removal – that would kick off a four months of military actions.


Huge if true


But not as huge as you?


This looks like a direct lift from Judy Byington. On Sept. 26 she quoted Charlie Ward as saying all that stuff is on hold until further notice, pending Biden’s removal and he collapse of the world financial system. Don’t get your hopes up..


Charlie ward is a lying deep-water and from his lips says he procured very very young women for the pedo running the uk show king of the pops. He is Noone to trust.


Strike17, THANK YOU for the time you take to share your knowledge with us!!! God bless you!!


WELL, it’s Friday 29 Sept. and I haven’t seen a PEEP from anybody else online about this. If there’s some HUGE payout of funds, “first two weeks of Oct.”, 2023. SOMEBODY might mention SOMETHING ONLINE. “We’ll see what happens,” OR Doesn’t happen.

Nukken Futz

Wow, that sounds like a groove……


Bad news for all of you waiting for your big NESARA/QFS payout. Ol’ Charlie Ward says the whole thing in on hold until Biden is out of office and the worldwide financial system collapses. Pretty tall order. Charlie is under a new, double-secret NDA so he can’t say more.

The good news is the amount of gold and rainbow notes seized by the Chinese Elders, the French Ladies, and the Iron Maidens and sent to the U.S. Treasury in Reno has increased to at least 36 googlepooptaplextillion dollars so everyone is literally at risk of being physically crushed by their personal pile of cash.

No free money for you! NEXT!

Usual Suspect

36 googlepooptaplextillion dollars, How many dog biscuits will that buy?
Thank you for that chuckle!


Who’s Charlie Ward? Is he as insignificant as some fucktard leftist troll calling itself Harrison_Bergeron?


Do your research dude! Charlie Ward is personally in charge of the entire world’s money supply, and he’s disguising himself as an ex-pat Australian with a serious drinking problem. He makes a very comfortable living operating a web site on which he shares “news” about events that he and he alone is privy to. Good ideas catch on, it seems.


Charli has always said he came from a conservative Christian background in England. He made a living eventually moving physical money around for very rich people and governments. Most of us don’t know how that is done

Mark David

I stomped Bergeron’s head into a curb last week. i should have broke his hands as well so he couldn’t use a keyboard.


He’s almost as insignificant as some chubby little goblin man who can only make a living by scamming senior citizen qanon believers with fictional execution porn

Mark David

Ignore the fucktard troll Bergeron.

Dave Strickland

This is a good place to post an informative piece about nasal swabs used to test for Covid-19. It goes back to 1994 and is a statement by Col. Philip J Corso, the famous military figure who was involved in the Roswell UFO incident, and who died soon after. The piece is extracted from his not generally known work “Dawn of a New Age”, and it also contains similar powerful insights into DEWs, which I will upload in a future more appropriate RRN article. The usefulness of his comments on the charcteristics of the nasal passage are such that if you get called on to take any future Covid test involving ramming a swab up your nose, you’ll know why they want you to submit to it. In point of fact, it the medical people explain they want your DNA to test it for Covid, tell them the nose is not really a good place to extract it. When the police arrest a suspect for some crime or other, to get his DNA they simply swab the inside of his mouth.
The Corso piece follows: “In 1994 a startling discovery was made by science. Two clefts were found just a few hundredths of an inch wide and about three inches up the human nostrils. Cells lining the ducts looked like nerve cells. They looked like
receptor cells which pick up sensory information and pass it on to the brain. The organ could send signals to the brain frontal lobes and the brain stem. Thin wire electrodes could generate electric impulses at the organs entrance which are sent to the olfactory bulb. The organ is called VNO (Vomeronasal). The impulses go directly to the command center for basic body functions, such as sleeping eating and mating. They may also go to the limbic system where emotions originate. Experiments continue if the impulses can evoke other physiological reactions.
If the aliens are using such a device, then they have discovered a direct internal channel to the brain. What use can they make of this? Control to impose their will on the human subject for ulterìor motives or can it be used for beneficial effect by medical science?” 


Half right, as are so many things here. It’s active in salamanders, some reptiles and turtles, dogs and cats but not in humans. In people it’s a vestigial organ that does not connect to the brain. You can stimulate it until hell freezes over but it does nothing. So you can take the word of a dead, non-medical colonel or trust real anatomists who are not trying to sell you UFO stuff.


Also, highly magnified images of the “swab” reveal that it is covered with glass nanotubes (containing? pathogens…? or the vaccine as nasal swabs are used to vaccinate cattle…) and these tubes penetrate through the “cribiform plate” into the brain and blood stream.
(In the magnified images it was shown how when the swab was rubbed against a piece of meat, the tubes went into the meat like meat seeking missiles

Rebecca Tracy

Glad the site is open. From every browser, this site was completely blocked.

Had orange roadside caution things with this message.

This site is down for maintenance
We have put the website offline while the host performs a server audit to remedy some issues. We will be back up ASAP, hopefully within a few hours of 8:00PM
CST 9/27/2023

Wondering if MB was cleaning up the site or internet mad at all the news coming out? 🙏❤️🇺🇸


Michael, I really appreciate the work you do you keep us informed.. Trolls on this site like to mock us, however your service is invaluable..


I am VERY glad this site is back and is O.K.
Thank you.


Dear Michael,
I was in a panic trying to figure out why Avast was blocking me from your site. It occurred to me that something was done purposefully to block your information. Thank you for all you do.

Kay Mitchell

No amount of encryption and coding can prevail against quantum computers.

Our only hope is that the White Hats have them now or before the Black Hats do.

Nukken Futz

The attackers were no doubt, democrats I presume…

Christo dogood

Its almost worth reenlisting to apply for gallows duty of button pusher. Hell, I would pay to have the honor. Thankyou my friend for delivering more good news to us and as always, keep up the fantastic work and look after yourself brother.


They don’t let you jerk off on the scaffold. FYI.

Kay Mitchell


Last edited 8 months ago by Kay Mitchell

What goes on in your mind to want to post a comment like this?


Do it Christo, reenlist. The White Hats need you 🫡


Arizona Gov on a leave of absence, wonder if there will be story to go with that?

wink, wink…

Just funnin around,

God Bless everyone and have a wonderful day.

John .S

Suspect on a shopping spree for counsel, pounding pavement, predict facing difficulty. Adage: “wouldn’t touch it with a 10-ft pole”.

Mark David

That fat bitch is so ugly, she could scare the mRNA right out of you.

Mark David

I trust the White Hats are still collecting names because the Jabs are still being pushed in certain places, such as the VA and SS. No retiree or Veteran is safe around these swine wearing lab coats.


If this continues I imagine eventually if you are on ssn / federal retirement benefits— they will pull them for all the unvaxxxed!


Who’s they? Our former Fed Govt. no longer exists except in the White Hat movie.


Every grocery store with a pharmacy pushing flu and COVID shots. Every CVS, WALGREENS, TARGET, WALMART all pushing Big PHARMA poison. I’m sure doctors offices are too. I quit all meds and fired my doctor. I never felt better. Turns out they lied to me to get me on petroleum based poison.

Dave Strickland

I’ve been saying it repeatedly in recent months: put a white lab coat on a person and hang a stethoscope round his/her neck, and lo and behold, a god in human flesh. That is how I myself regarded such superior beings – it took the Covid virus issue to wake me up.

Mark David

The lab coat and stethoscope could work in many ways to get to the front of a line, get served first, weasel out of something, or give false information to others.. These doctors are so clever.

Mark David

Well, that’s one less Cow Fart for the idiots on the Left to worry about. Good riddance.


“Let me tell you something: When I was assigned this task, it pained me. But I soon learned you people have no redeeming qualities—you’re irredeemable. And I’m numb.”
My heart goes out to leaders, soldiers, sources, and reporters of this evil. I wish you peace, and thank you.

Sparky Sr

Another useless POS gone.
Thankfully the rope didn’t break…
I would have yelled: Look out beloooow – heavy loooad…lol

These GOP debates are totally useless as well…
Trump won

Usual Suspect

May I suggest the next time you run a poll asking who won the debate, please include Donald J. Trump in the selection list!


I refused to respond to it. I don’t watch unless President Trump is involved. No one won debate. It’s all fake anyway. President Trump is Commander In Chief.


What different does it make with the fraud machine still in place?
You forget the election fraud that has taken place during the last few years has not been addressed.
Anyone participating in the BS election and forgetting the fraud machine is still in place is foolish.
I fail to understand people that think the election is going to make a difference.
Why haven’t the gray hats done anything about it? Obviously they want it to remain in place.

Rebecca Tracy

Love this. Feel the same way 😎🇺🇸


A White Hat scripted movie

Michael R Davis

Screw the debates.
Who the hell wants to watch a bunch of corrupt politicians argue, who are not even in contention for the presidency? Who cares what they have to say? Commander-in-Chief Trump tells us daily what he stands for, he doesn’t need to make shit up, and now First Lady Melania, our favorite ever, is telling us she is looking forward to returning. What could be better than that?


Chris Christie should do an ad for Dunkin Donuts. LARD ASS POS!


What’s the point in having debates when the fraud machine is still in place?
Anyone that believe the BS election is going to fix things is dreaming. The gray hats are using it as another stall tactic.


Why are they still giving the jab (currently) if this is a true story that they hung her for the mRNA Jab. Just asking they are starting to ramp up for the “new” Covid also known as presidential election infection


Good morning, MB! I hope this message finds you having a glorious day in THE LORD, sir!


Did you just censor my comment, sir? I simply wished you a great day!

Dave Strickland

ICYDK, I see both your posts.


BIG PHARMA needs to dissolve. Doctors need to be requalifed and pharmacists need to be retrained. What I find interesting is my doctor office during COVID – all doctors I went to disappeared from 2020-2023. My cardiologist too. Weird. It was a huge practice. They all pushed the jab. I fired them. Never felt better.


Those who disappeared may be part of the 19,000 that were indicted according to RRN or better yet, part of the 166 or so that were arrested.

Sparky Sr

Cause people are brainwashed & dumb….
the old saying: You can lead a horse to water…..

Nukken Futz

You can lead a horse to water, but a pencil must be lead……Stan Laurel.

Sparky Sr



There are too many involved and many doctors that still believe this as truth ..I work with many of them..They hate when you question this. I’m not sure if they are starting to see what’s happening, and don’t know how to stop this nonsense,or they are in it for the windfall.. I think I know that answer, greed is abundant

John .S

Had a few magical mystical talks with vax pushers, one yelped: “I’m going to get an order of protection” my response: “that’s just a piece of paper”.

Dave Strickland

Because there are two factors at play: the gullible people still asleep, and the desperation of the Deep State to kill everyone on the planet except 500 million.


That is succinct and spot on! I am astounded at the number of people who are totally oblivious, as well as the degree of deliberate evil.

John .S

Redone vehicle window writings.

Rear passenger window:
mRNA Flu
Is Deadly.
Don’t take Vax.

Smaller window:

Been approached by inquisitive folks, hand them Melissa Moore leaflets. Encounter “Blue Pilled” idiots too, their nonsense is hilarious.


I had a pharmacist at Kroger’s this week as I was leaving asking me if I wanted a free 💉! TH33 d33p state is getting desperate! Unless you absolutely need surgery, people simply need to research their ailments and fix em at home with plants! God has given us so much for health and wellness! The power of oregano, Holy Basil and Olive Leaft extract are just SOME!

John .S

Interesting video, up your alley.
Dr. Edward Griffin.


John .S

PS: in hyperbole, would have said to Kroger employee as innuendo: ” you-know – magically and mystically you’re the perfect size to fit in the truck of car.


Outstanding work!!! 🙂 what do you use to write on your window? Thanks!!!


It is going to interesting to hear what comes out of Yellen and Millies mouth as they both go to meet there maker . Love your work Michael watching from Australia Thank You it gives you hope knowing these evil sick bastards a being taken out .

John .S

Money says, Yellen goes out quietly – not a peep, and Milley as Untried & Dead.

Place your predictions folks.

Dave Strickland

If you’re one who lives in Victoria State, you’ll be celebrating at the resignation of Daniel Andrews. His public reason, the job was too much for him 24/7.


What a devil he is–namely, Dan Andrews!!


Of the 10 NAZIS hung at Nuremburg, 9 said “Heil Hitler” as their last words.
We need to hang every globalist scumbag worldwide.
They will never repent.


I half expected to read, “The Rope snapped”. 🤣
Hope her pagan “god” accepted her w/ open arms. 🔥


Carol B.

We knew something was bad wrong with her— she had already sold her soul, this is why she was bound up with the spirit of death as if she had already been marked.


Yes, only the Lord Jesus Christ is the way. Boy, was she surprised. Bet she was screaming out His name to save her. I understand from persons who have had NDEs (Near Death Experiences) that one first falls to one’s knees. You can’t help it due to His magnificence and holiness.

Rene Labre

Still riding The Trump Train,”I am an Indie” “Get on board indie.”With my trusty Gibson guitar.

Terrence Rolle

I thank you Micheal for your stories, it brings hope to many of us. They seriously think they are saving us by killing us. its appalling. It was too bad she just had to hang around. What unconsecrated grave will that go into I wonder. I wonder if they will take the corpses off world and bury them on some lonely comet never to be seen again.


I imagine they will incinerate all of them. It is getting to the point where they will need a large island to hold all of them if they are buried.


Why are all these “people” so friggen hard on the eyes?


Because they have no SOULS!!! I am an empath and I can feel evil in certain people. It literally causes me pain when I view certain individuals and most of these deep staters fall into that category especially the government officials in Maui???

Carol B.

Yes yes I totally agree


Amen. I know the spiritual feeling of sensing and feeling demons in people as it is the gits of God, discernment (Spiritual) a very strong and powerful gift. Most of which God has in showing me in Revelation that intercession is meant when we sense and feel the demonic strongholds in people; prayer for salvation upon those lost and wicked. A wise man Wins souls. Some may come to acceptance and others refuse; this is the unpartable sin in which is rejecting the Spirit of God (Life) through acceptance of His Son Jesus. Jesus said let the Dead bury the Dead. These wicked people are bling guides who lead others to blindness and that they are dead inside. If we do not have Christ in our lives, we are dead and we are open to all demonic ware, sickness and disease to overtake us or take us out due to rebellion against God. When we have Christ, He cleans us out and we sense those same demons in other because we were held captive to those demons in us. We all born into bondage, and we come out of bondage. Because it is written as per the word of God. These deep staters are already marked for destruction and will face two deaths and the second is worse than the first.

Rene Labre

People signal true intent with their eyes.

Carol B.

The outward is showing there is void and evil on the inside already marked by the enemy of our souls


You should know, ma’am. They all serve the purposes of your tribe, TH33 Schumer’s, Cohen’s, Gold’s, Stein’s, Metz’s, et. al….. Your tribe currently runs the planet, but not for much longer!


Joseph Stalin publically admitted that the end goal of Judaism is communism/Luciferianism. (NWO, Greater Israel, the antichrist)
Revelation 2:9;& 3:9 I know the blasphemy of those who call themselves jews but do lie but are the synagogue of Satan.

Nukken Futz

There are good non-askenazi jews that just want to be left alone to worship their god, and there are bad askenazi unjews who bathe in money and want to destroy the human race and give the true jews a blackeye and the ignorant non jewish humans can’t understand this situation….


Evil makes you ugly. If you are a good Godly person, it adds to your looks. This big fat demon was especially ugly. She didn’t spend any money on her hair and makeup for sure.


What I like to see is the way the DS keeps getting fewer and fewer!


On the contrary. They multiply them. There’s always more than one.

Citizen Joe

It is like cutting a head off the mythological Hydra. Another one grows back to replace it. Against us is a world of dumbed down, indoctrinated, soulless people willing to perform the worst of evils for cash. Sadly, the World Enslavement Forum is flush with cash to pay these soulless entities to do their bidding.

Mark David

If QFS and NESARA have anything to do with it, those big bucks for bullshit won’t be around much longer, as everything is tracked including source, account, connections and recipient.


I read two days ago that Charlie Ward said the whole revaluation/Zim bonds/NESARA thing is off until further notice because all the nations of the world are not at peace. So no free money


 “does no more harm to humanity


I love this RRN site. Sometimes I cry but oh my I laugh uncontrollably at some of the comments.Lots of good sense of humor!


When you engineer such an aweful vaccination you need to be responsible for your actions. You hung around the wrong people & it flipped & you got hung.


🇺🇸♥️Good for you Crandall. Thank you for what you are doing. 🇺🇸♥️💪🏻