“Hang Him!” Adm. Stephens Says of Corrupt Army Major David Dunbar….But Without Tribunal!


Senior JAG prosecutor Rear Adm. Johnathon T. Stephens set a double precedent last week. A Camp Blaz source told Real Raw News that Stephens unilaterally convicted a U.S. Army major of treason, among other egregious crimes, and ordered that he be hanged at once.

As reported in August, White Hats arrested 167 Fort Drum personnel who staged live-fire wargames to prepare for a future battle against supporters of President Donald J. Trump. Among the lot were Command Seargent Major Nema Mobarakzadeh, whom JAG executed Sept 21, and his superior officer, Major David Dunbar, the ringleader.

Although JAG had intended to collectively prosecute the 165 E-1s to E-6s in mid-September, it postponed the procedure because many of the initially reticent soldiers had a last-minute epiphany, a come to Jesus moment, and became talkative, ostensibly for a deal besides death. Our source neither confirmed nor denied the existence of any plea bargains, but he told RRN that 47 Black Hats grew weary of languishing in six-by-nine-foot cells and apologized for willfully and knowingly obeying unlawful orders. A handful admitted guilt—guilty with an explanation. They claimed that the jackbooted Maj. Dunbar led the company with an iron fist, often punishing subordinates for innocuous infractions: questioning Biden’s commitment to Ukraine, crediting Donald Trump for anything, ever, asking questions after being ordered not to ask questions, and so on.

Two said Dunbar’s extrajudicial punishments included extinguishing cigarettes on soldiers’ arms, with one reportedly showing JAG investigators a forearm encrusted with a dozen pockmarks. His crime: speaking too softly when “pledging allegiance to President Biden” at morning formation.

JAG found the stories dubious and considered ascribing the wounds to self-harm, as these soldiers idolized Biden and displayed enmity for Trump before signing military contracts. Real Raw News in July reported on the regime’s widespread plan to rebuild the Armed Forces with immoral soldiers that value profit and the New World Order over nationalism. The proliferation of crooked officers and recruiters has grown exponentially since Biden stole the 2020 election and appointed Lloyd Austin Secretary of Defense, and White Hats have sworn to purge the military of them—a challenging undertaking, our source admits.

“These bad apples are rotten to the core, and there’s so many of them. Don’t think all those traitors are off the hook, ‘cause they’re not. JAG wanted to hear what they had to say, the truth and the lies. One thing’s for sure, Dunbar was rotten through and through,” our source said.

On Sept. 22, three days before Dunbar would have faced a tribunal, he punctured his attorney’s hand with a pencil while they sat in an office discussing his defense. Though handcuffed, he had somehow palmed the pencil and driven it into the back of the lawyer’s hand, causing a commotion that alerted two MPs on the opposite side of the door. It was the second time in two weeks Dunbar had turned violent; a week earlier, he assaulted another inmate in the shower, saying he would rather have “beat the shit out of” Donald Trump. He also threatened to murder all of JAG.

The next day, Sept. 23, Adm. Stephens informed JAG leadership he was canceling Dunbar’s proper tribunal and instead holding a bench trial forthwith. Neither JAG nor Dunbar nor his lawyer objected.

They met promptly in court, and Adm. Stephens found Dunbar guilty of treason, conspiracy to commit murder, conduct unbecoming, aggravated assault, aiding and abetting the enemy, and force, fraud, and coercion. Dunbar was stripped of rank, issued a dishonorable discharge, and taken to the gallows to be hanged.

“What? Am I supposed to be scared?” Dunbar said two hours afterward, as the hangman put a rope around his neck and a cloth bag over his head. “I’ll die with honor more than you understand,” he bellowed, addressing the admiral apparently.

“Hang him,” Adm. Stephens ordered.

“You cuff my hands but you’ll never—”

His final words trailed into guttural, gurgling sounds as the floor beneath his feet swung open.

He was pronounced dead nine minutes later, at 3:45 p.m.

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Robert Gregory Boensch

You Silly People!
Are We going to Quietly Quit Playing these Childish Games!
Remember, our declaration of independence was made null and void by King George’s 1783 Treaty. However, people don’t it and more important don’t ask why Washington, Congress and the Senate did not create a Doctrine of Conquest or an American Treaty claiming ALL of what we were told the American Patriots and supporting Colonist fought for.
That Doctrine or Treaty should have had an introduction that read – that a victorious nation (America) in war acquired sovereignty over the conquered nation (British Crown) and could exert its own legal and political jurisdiction chosen by its sovereign residents.
Oh Well! Ignorance is alive and well.
To long of A Post.
Keep being a Willing Slave


clearly moz was traumatized by climate change and social injustices. He should be released to fight the racist whites in israel!

Bob James

The red Chinese just put one round in the back of the head. More efficient than a rope, even.


Almost 20,000 views, trolls lose.

mary pascucci


Afshin Nejat

If my warnings were heeded 7 years ago, or even sooner, then none of these stories of nearly impossible odds probably or reasonably thought to be an Operation Trust fan fiction series, would even have to exist.


I don’t give a fuck about trump, but we all know traitors dies. We all know that.


I think that last booster you got may have impaired your brain.

mary pascucci



we are ONE LETTER AWAY FROM EACH OTHER!!!! Just one fn letter I tellyou!


Pres Trump to speak this week:
Mon, 10/9/23 at 9:00 am EST
Weds, 10/11/23 at 5:00 pm EST

You can view at RSBNetwork.com or at C-Span. The first site will usually replay it several times.

Annette Payne

Thanks for the report, Michael. I wish after each trial the punishment would be enacted instead of waiting a length of time. Why the wait???


Misleading title – he had a bench trial.


Very true and that is good enough for this traitor.


They get the luxury of 6’x9′ cells? Our cubicles at work are only 5’x6′ !


Finally,.. Justice !


These corrupted US “Military members” are bad to the bone. They despise MAGA, six ways to Sunday.

Willy 2.0

Bye Felicia


Excellent. Don’t waste precious time on trials to those bastards.
Hang all of them as soon as possible.


Every soul plays a part of this physical life we are all experiencing. Those that play a menacing role have also sacrificed something to do so. This is why this is so important that we learn from all that is happening.


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Last edited 9 months ago by barshembar

I SPIT on that treasonous a-hole & pray he has no progengy.


GFR, we used to say.

Boss Lady

Well done Admiral Stephens.


See Ya Later Felica


I’m wondering if quick executions will be the new normal.There are so many of these creatures. I believe in swiftness and perfunctory elimination of evil.




“You cuff my hands but you’ll never be able to hear me say, DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?”


OR…call Barack…


Hang that treasonous cunt dunbar…without tribunal!! Fuck yes Admiral Stephens!! Hang the lot of them!!!

Linda Hutchison

He HAD a trial, a BENCH TRIAL, which means only ONE JUDGE instead of THREE that would be on the bench in a Tribunal. Apparently, the JAG prosecutor thought the evidence was massive AND clear enough that ONE JUDGE standing alone would convict. Bench trials are not rare in criminal courts in America, especially if the evidence against the defendant/detainee is heinous enough that their attorney thinks it by itself would bring the appearance for the defendant to even have been involved!


Bench trials are rare in military cases. The purpose of this scripted White Hat story was to show people how those that change justice based on nothing but their will tears down our syste. How many trials have been decided incorrectly because the feelings of the judge or prosecutor wanted something different. I have no doubt that this scum deserves execution. Imagine if Leticia James decided that Trump’s case should be Judged by her because she wanted to change the situation.


I guess he got a short rope.


Wow good riddance to a real demon!


Adios psycho!


Hangings are just not good enough. These assholes need their throats slit, heads cut off or sliced up enough to bleed good then thrown into a tank full of hungry piranhas.


Don’t worry. Satan has that covered way better than any humans can dish out.

Linda Hutchison

We ALL think they are super guilty and deserve their death penalties when convicted. That said, though, daydreaming how we could torture them is dangerous, lest we become as SICK as THEY are! They are DYSFUNCTIONAL UNITS WITHOUT hope for rehab. Take them out as humanely and as expeditiously as possible!


There are many psychological issues expressed in your comment. Yikes!


I do not know if any of you are aware of this, but check it out:
All Of Life Is Infected With Nanotechnology And Synthetic Biology – Live Blood Images Of A Wild Squirrel
Let’s hope those medbeds are available soon!

Last edited 9 months ago by Windy

They’ve been poisoning our food, water and air for hundreds of years..We never had a chance..😞Hopefully medbeds or the flash heals God’s world and everything in it..🙏🏻❤🙏🏻


The last 125 years have been a sad and difficult time for most people. Estimates are 100 million people died in the 20th century, and that number did not reflect lives lost in all the wars.

Linda Hutchison

Ii chronicles 7:22. (God is the SAME yesterday, today, and forever!) “If My people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves, repent, and turn from their evil ways and earnestly seek My face, then I will hear their prayers and heal their land.”


About 50 different versions of the bible were found in a tunnel that ran beneath the vatican. You think your comments have more meaning because you quote the bible a lot. Which one of the 50 versions are you quoting. All were written by men who had their own agendas. Which one do you quote?


Yikes! How will we treat all of the wild squirrels with the medbeds?

Mat 24:22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.

Hal Brown

They should do the non tribunal hangings like in the wild west. Sit him on a horse and tie the rope to a tree. So it is the horse who decides if he is guilty.

Linda Hutchison

We are a REPUBLIC with a Constitution! Get a GRIP here!


Time for the Popiel auto gallows…JAG say’s..”Set It and Forget It”…”But Wait, There’s more…If You Call In The next 10 Minutes JAG Will Include The GITMO Commemorative Hard Bound Photo Album complete With All The M’Fers Hanged At GITMO Coffee Table Book, Get Yours Today “


That is a GREAT idea!


“Avoid disappointment and future regret. Call now!”


Too funny dude! Hey, will you sign my copy?


Off topic…..I can’t wait for Putin to blow that evil pig shwab right out of his car!!!!


I haven’t seen anything of shwab in a while, could he be finally arrested?

Linda Hutchison

I would imagine that they have gotten wind that their plans are DONE. They are now BROKE and their BEST plans Have failed. If I were HIM, I would be HIDING! He FORGOT that he ISN’T BIGGER than God!


😃👍 Let’s hope they remember to video it too.


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Last edited 9 months ago by barshembar



David TurdBARRED is TØĄŠT! Sounds like homeboy was built like a rock! What a horror he must have been to all who knew him!


Goodbye David DONEbar




Good one!


Not your best work, Mike


No more military tribunals! you have enough evidence to convict immediately stop wasting time! there are too many demons to dispose of

Kay Mitchell

God help us Always make time for Justice lest we become the Evil we seek to destroy.




I know you mean well: but hang them quick quick anyway.


There are 3 other military facilites that are busy too. They don’t inform MB of what they’re doing but we will find out. I think a lot more than we know of now is happening.

Marta Limberg

🎶Another one bites the dust!🎶
Thank you Mr. Baxter for another truthful informative update! Deep State will never admit to treason and law violations of the military code of conduct. They will never learn the laws enforcing “correct behavior” are there for a purpose. The Deep State is now in the run. Nothing can stop the coming storm!

Linda Hutchison

Unless Almighty God deals with them FIRST!


“set a double precedent ” sounds excellent! Are we going to see more “quick trials” like President Xi talks about? (Our fearless Leader told us that)


How much of this “Surprise Attack” on Israel was tied to the Oct 04 signal test? Huh CIA?


Fuck israel, hopefully it will be wiped off the face of the earth. The god of israel is lucifer/satan/moloch/baal so as I said FUCK ISRAEL.


There was something big behind the Oct 04 Deep State “test”. It seems they were breaking communication lines to bring “chatter” to a halt. This way, like Pearl Harbor, they can allow the Hamas attack preparations to go through undetected (except by the Clowns). All to escalate War.

Linda Hutchison

Better check THAT Bible: Those who BLESS Israel will be BLESSED; those that CURSE Israel will be CURSED!


KillemAll is cursed.


You are now cursed by God by cursing Israel.


This is an obama funded Iranian deal. Iran must not
be allowed to have nukes. Godless monsters.


All nukes were eliminated by friendly ET’s beginning at the end of WW 2


Off topic, but we need to not honor the devil by capitalizing satan, devil, baal, including nazi, or any of their other falsely worshipped names the evil ones go by. Only God should be honor by capitalizing His Name. When I text someone, the devil names are automatically capitalized by the phone fairies, but not God’s name as you have to do it yourself. The demons running this world love that, I am sure.


we are tricked into replying to our name in all caps., one main reason being government scheme involving birth certificates and wall street bankers, as the use of all caps. is not a real man’s christian name in writing same, and essentially designates us as ships cargo, not a person, under admiralty law(American flag with yellow ribbon attached to circumference of same) courts, process of which one of the early traitors(GRANT) help set up.


I have done this for years, honor to whom honor is due, we are told to “call no man Father” for the same reason.


Been lowercasing slimer’s names for eons ..yup you’re correct 💯


President Trump/CIC would never let hanging without a trial happen. We shouldn’t either.


If you read it, he DID have a trial… he had a bench trial [with judge] rather than a tribunal [with ‘jury’ members] which is quite normal even in civilian life, and neither he nor his attorney objected to that option.

Kay Mitchell

Good enough.


And justice was done!


He read the article & already knew that before you ever posted.


Thank you Sean.


So the prosecutor named himself judge?


You don’t know that. Military Law is not the same as Civil Law. Dunbar was asked and so was his Lawyer and permission was given.

Kay Mitchell

I don’t know enough about it to agree or disagree with you.

And I have No reason to just take your word for it.

If you are not a legal expert then you should stay in your own lane.

Last edited 9 months ago by Kay Mitchell

Oh! You are ridiculously & narcissistically hilarious!! 😂


By what authority did Stephens have to offer a Bench Trial. Is this a script by the White Hats warning us about those in authority, like judges for example that make up the law to fit their agenda? Haven’t we had enough of that?


The obama appointed judges are the ones that continue with making up their own rules. We have had enough of that shit for a lifetime. Stephens has the full authority of the Insurrection Act, with the ability to deploy military forces to suppress treasonous rebellion.


That is not what this article is about.


Then why ask the question.


Since none of us were there and privy to actual dialogue, it doesn’t matter what, why or under which circumstances the decision was made. We only know as much as Mr. Baxter tells us, and he only writes what “they” tell him it’s okay to write. There’s no reason for us to get out law books and challenge any of this. I’m just pleased that we have this page that I can get to with hope in my heart and the satisfaction that things are happening constantly. Thank God for this privilege.

Kay Mitchell

We must Never become a lynch mob.

” Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword.”


Thank you. At least one other understands. Something tells me this may be a part of the White Hat movie. I have way to many questions. I think the White Hats might be giving people things to think about when the authorities take the laws/courts into their own hands.


My comment was directed about our President and execution without a Tribunal. That ‘s all. How does Stephens hold the authority to determine guilt or innocence and the authority to pass sentence?. A bench trial is a trial by judge with no jury.


I’m not quite sure about that myself; however, both DONEbar and his attorney agreed to it…


Did you read the article? Would you unleash
this violent son of a bitch on your family?


I certainly would not let you determine/interpret our laws

Old Joe

I agree. This is the second step down a very steep path.

Kay Mitchell

The day we become a Lynch mob is the day we become evil too.



Surf Nazare

As I posted before don’t take your eyes off of Israel and the m/e—-We are looking at or close to Scriptures being fulfilled. Watch for Damascus being destroyed (Isaiah 17:1) Ezekiel 36/37/38/39 is knocking at the door and don’t be surprised if the Dome comes down now—–perfect excuse to take down so the Temple can be built. Watch for Israel to also take back control of the West Bank because Hamas has made BIG moves to control—-In case you didn’t know Israel doesn’t control it which is amazing in itself—— I know many doubters here but what do your lying eyes tell you——it is staring you in the face——–the Bible is alive and scriptures from prophets is coming to fruition NOW—–Jesus is real and so is hell—–believe or don’t but your future is in your own hands/choice——-you have no excuses—–you can try to trash me—–Do you think I really care—-I am just doing what I believe the Lord wants me to do—–


Amen….the Bible is being fulfilled every day whether anyone believes it or not. It is amazing how much has been done just in the last few years.

Surf Nazare

Amen !!

Michael Tiner

The two houses, Israel & Judah, have NOT been entirely rejoined together in the land yet, dwelling in peace & security. The leaders of Israel, like the leaders of the deep state, are Luciferian, and they will be sorely dealt with. Like that or not! God knows who his sheep are, and he knows who the wolves in sheep’s clothing are as well.

Surf Nazare

Nice to see someone who has actually read the scripture–lol—-Please give additional understanding as to what is left for the 2 to be one——Zek 37:19 and 22—–I understand removal of idols which can be interpreted in several ways but total finality only happens when Jesus is Lord over all (then peace). There is no division now when considering control of land by tribes. All one now as far as Israelites are concerned. But I am always willing to learn—–and be enlightened—-


So you believe the creator of all chose one people over all others and wants you to kiss jews asses as they kill off all other people? Your a moron.

Surf Nazare

Did you actually read my post——All I did was say what the bible said and guess what, even an idiot like you can be saved. The answer is Jesus and salvation is to any and ALL peoples—–not just Jews that you want to dwell on. If you actually ever read the bible you would see that G-d punished the Jews and they were destroyed on multiple occasions and even wanted to kill them all but Moses begged G-d not to. How to find out if Jesus is real—–If you ask Him to come into your HEART and take over your life I promise you He will and you will feel and know inside of you that He/it is real. BUT it must be in your heart and not your head—–that is the problem with so many, they just make an intellectual grab at salvation when it is in your heart. I am not Jewish by birth but my salvation is real and I am a combination of a good ole Irishman and Swede——–So no whoa is you and excuses because you don’t like Jews——I guarantee hell is real—-I have had a real experience with it when having an operation and believe me you have never experienced fear like you will if you keep on being the tough guy you think you are—–Prophecy is jumping off the pages of the bible NOW—-but the decision is yours and one day you will stand before G-d and have no defense and say I didn’t know—–


Good riddance to bad rubbish


Then the trash is hauled off to the landfill of HELL. Where fire never goes out, for a long time. Best to serve mankind and avoid the $$$$ bribes and $$$ desires.

Kay Mitchell

Epic. May I quote you?


No photos of Maj Dunbar yet to be found, but plenty of the now deceased maggot Mobar abound


Btw,just because he was pronounced dead nine minutes later doesn’t mean it took him nine minutes to die.


Hope it did


Exactly….that’s just when he was pronounced dead!!

Kay Mitchell



Gee, couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Welcome to HELL Dunbar, your room is ready. No, there is no AC

King Kong

i am ready to watch all the executions. These nazi bastards.


Are you sure you have enough lube stocked up


Heidi probably does… but not for you.

Kay Mitchell

Supporting traitors is also treason and should be dealt with the same way.


All the more executions for you to masturbate to, huh Kay

Kay Mitchell

All Americans should be permitted to watch videos of any execution of these traitors.

After all the pain and suffering they have caused us in these last 7 years and even decades before that, seeing them pay for their crimes is the least consolation available to us.


Right now(at least for awhile) he’s in a spiritual ‘holding cell’ that he’ll never be able to be pardoned from. His next step is to be at the Great White Throne Judgement. From there it’s the Lake of Fire.