Deep State Spy Caught at Trump Vegas Hotel


White Hat liaisons embedded in Donald J. Trump’s business properties have detained a Trump Organization employee suspected of illicitly accessing the company’s servers and sending stolen files to Deep State assets Leticia James and Judge Arthur Engoron, a Mar-a-Lago source told Real Raw News.

The witch James is the sinister New York attorney general who vowed to destroy Trump as part of her campaign pledge in 2019, and Engoron is the feeble liberal judge presiding over James’ frivolous case, which alleges the president defrauded banks and financial institutions by overvaluing properties to secure loans, a claim Trump has vehemently denied and demonstrably disproven. Engoron is also chummy with Jill Biden, having twice attended her birthday parties in Delaware—a fact the MSM conveniently ignores. Engoron also visited the Oval Office seven times during Hussein Obama’s unstoppable eight-year reign of terror. His and James’ ties to the Deep State prove they are working alongside the regime to prevent President Donald J. Trump’s re-ascension to his rightful place in the Oval Office—behind the Resolute Desk.

And their minions are many.

On October 5, a carefully vetted security guard at Trump International Hotel Las Vegas was patrolling the 1st floor when he spotted an ajar door that opened into the building’s climate-controlled server room. Inside, he saw what he took to be a technician performing after-hours maintenance on a terminal, who got spooked and bolted past the guard and into the hallway. He dashed to the stairwell with the guard, who had radioed for help, in pursuit.

A security team intercepted the wayward ‘technician’ in the staircase and identified him as hotel employee Chester Dominguez, a pastry chef who had worked at a different Trump Organization property before signing on with the Vegas Hotel in April. They found on him a portable SD card reader and the RFID card he had used to open the server room door.

“Those cards are tightly controlled. They’re not programmed like room keys are at registration. There’s only a certain number out at any given time, and the frequency is changed periodically. All known cards were accounted for, so we don’t know how he got his, especially since he doesn’t want to talk,” our source said.

The SD card found on Dominguez held the hotel’s incoming and outgoing financial transactions over the last three years, nothing conspicuously unusual and nothing that wasn’t already a matter of public record.

A comprehensive background check suggested Dominguez was who he seemed to be: a top-notch pastry chef and Culinary Institute of America graduate. He had no criminal record besides a few traffic citations.

When the president’s people searched Dominguez’s Henderson, NV, apartment, they found hard copies of financial reports from the Trump Organization property he had previously worked at, Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago. They also found a physical address book with telephone numbers to Leticia James’, Judge Angoran, and special counsel Jack Smith’s offices.

“Strange a cook would need those, huh? President Trump has nothing to hide, so we don’t know what this guy was looking for. There’s always a chance he could’ve put something malicious on the network, and that’s being checked. We tried, how should I put this, some gentle persuasion on Dominguez, but he hasn’t broken.”

Asked what President Trump plans to do with the cyberthief, he added, “His status right now is ‘detained’ until further notice.”

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Carol B.

This so called “cook” is not innocent at all, he is cooking up more than food, and he knows it………why would he get the private info and give it to Trump’s worst enemies………? I think we see through this evil…….he is guilty……lock him up

Robert Gregory Boensch

You Silly People!
Are We going to Quietly Quit Playing these Childish Games!
Remember, our declaration of independence was made null and void by King George’s 1783 Treaty. However, people don’t it and more important don’t ask why Washington, Congress and the Senate did not create a Doctrine of Conquest or an American Treaty claiming ALL of what we were told the American Patriots and supporting Colonist fought for.
That Doctrine or Treaty should have had an introduction that read – that a victorious nation (America) in war acquired sovereignty over the conquered nation (British Crown) and could exert its own legal and political jurisdiction chosen by its sovereign residents.
Oh Well! Ignorance is alive and well.
To long of A Post.
Keep being a Willing Slave


deport all spics! it’s the only answer!


Almost 19,000 views, trolls lose.

Raul Redero

Si se saben toda esa información de estos traidores porque no están tras las rejas en Gitmo para que sean enjuiciados y paguen por sus servicios al estado profundo y su élite


deport all spics! it’s the only answer!


sigue leyendo noticias de Real Raw, descubrirás por qué

mary pascucci



Hope he swims better than Obama’s chef



William R Nicholson

This is war time status & The Commander In Chief , MUST be protected . C.I.C. Trump must find the primary players on the opposition side . This chef needs to have his Souffle Collapse and his web to next level up shown. I again pray that The Current Master of Masters can be used to interrogate this traitor ! If no good Intel is found , it will be known that chef was not really connected as ANY connection that chef knows will be exposed if M.O.M. has been used to interrogate ! Waterboarding was not used on our LST but the saboteur sang ! M.O.M. will get results if any , are , to be found ! Good Hunting ! If you see M.O.M. thank him for me , his visit last time was unexpected but a welcome incident , in my boring life …… Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195 .


So many treasonous Americans become desperate and dangerous sellouts all for a buck.


Waterboard him.

Nukken Futz

Take away his burritos and tamales and make him eat french fries and white bread. That’ll cause heem to talk……..


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Last edited 9 months ago by barshembar

To those of you who keep saying “why aren’t we arresting everyone right now?!” THIS IS WHY. Because we still dont’ know who “everybody” is!! I know it sucks, like pulling teeth, but we will get there! God isn’t sitting idly by, either. PATIENCE!


Culinary Institute of America…CIA. Interesting.

Carol B.

now that is a good one….


LORD You know how to convict Chester Dominguez into telling the truth, I ask that he is not able to rest and that he tells JAG EVERYTHING in YESHUA/JESUS NAME AMEN.


Detain him like they detain And torcher Our children.. 💯

American Living in Canada

Long Live President Trump Baby…

“People walk in sideways pretending that they’re leaving
We put on our makeup and work out all the lead-ins
Jack is in the alley selling tickets made in Hong Kong
Promoter’s in the pay box wondering where the band’s gone
Back in the pub the governor stops the clock
Rock is dead, they say
Long live rock
Landslide, rocks are falling
Falling down around our very heads
We tried but you were yawning
Look again, rock is dead, rock is dead, rock is dead”
“The place is really jumping to the 

Until a 20-inch cymbal fell and cut the lamps
In the blackout they dance right into the aisle
And as the doors fly open even the promoter smiles
Someone takes his pants off and the rafters knock
Rock is dead, they say
Long live rock, long live rock, long live rock
Long live rock, long live rock, long live rock
Long live rock, long live rock, long live rock
Long live rock, I need it every night
Long live rock, come on and join the line
Long live rock, be it dead or alive”

The Who…


Trump Tower must be confiscated with he’s golden toilets.


Trump won!


He won a boot kick to he’s ass.


Why dont you satanic commie jews move to Israel. You America hating traitors.


They are being eliinated as we speak.


His, moron


Definetely think you need a swirly in
one of those golden toilets, julio, boyo.


“he’s” ??? WTH?

Carol B.

You are in the wrong place here to be calling Trump down like he was a criminal………….just mosey away please


Dominguez may be a chef, but is he LEGAL?

Carol B.

he is cooking up more than food……….


Pres Trump to speak this week:
Mon, 10/9/23 at 9:00 am EST
Weds, 10/11/23 at 5:00 pm EST

You can view at or at C-Span. The first site will usually replay it several times.

Marsha Hodgson

(Another chef!) Why “suspected of” if caught red-handed? And, as for all [known] “room keys” being accounted for… who manufactures, prints, and, assigns values to them? This so-thought ‘carefully vetted’ *hired* chef appears to be just one asset in an multi-faceted alphabet-tiered operation that has successfully embedded other operatives throughout Trump organizations’ departmental hierarchy… and then some.


Jill Biden is a mossad asset.

Jose Ramirez

Very simple, kill him. No mercy, we are on war !


It’s more likely someone got to him *after* he’d been hired. For the DS it would be infinitely easier to flip a chef or anyone on the service side vice CFO’s, officers of the company etc.

It’s also possible our chef initially resisted and displayed proper loyalty to his employer but DS recruiters applied increased leverage as they have grown more desperate.

As anyone who’s held a security clearance has been briefed, opponents will generally start small and incrementally raise the stakes with their intended target. They may have even started by raving about dessert recipes to see if the target will divulge seemingly harmless items. If you even THINK about exchanging secret recipes, they’ll leverage that further against the target to attain more valuable assets. If the target hesitates the counter intel recruiters will threaten to expose him/her.

That’s how getting inside information usually works.


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Last edited 9 months ago by barshembar

Oh Yeah? Did you know all these illegal Imigrunts are being paid by the UN? Thats a fact. $2,200.00 per month is base pay, and it comes from a card they’re given once a month via renewal. These illegals are supposed to be a peace force LOL To the contrary, this is where our money thru Tax has been given to – the United Nations. And Yes, IZ Real is behind it ALL – even Obammy & O’Biden and Netenyahoo, Klaus Schwab etc etc etc.




Wow! They are setting the thug cops on fire!


Plus the illegals are also given a $1500 EBT card along with the $2,222/month pay PLUS free medical, free schooling, free food, and free housing (Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Citibank even give them home loans with no money down, no mortgage insurance, and with less documentation required than from citizens).
Each illegal then brings in, on average, 24 more of their friends and family: aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. Grandma and Grandpa immediately go to our social security though they have never worked a day in their lives here.
We are being taxed to pay for the INVASION of our own country.

Last edited 9 months ago by Sue

F that and the horses they rode in on.
Paybacks are gonna be hell.


Barbara lLernor Spector will proudly tell you who is behind the border crises. Its the 13th tribe of course.


Where is Proof that Irael is behind it!


Remember this is a hijacked account.


Honestly, it blows my mind that the DS continues to TRY TO FIND DIRT ON PRESIDENT TRUMP. I mean, seriously. The poor guy has been vetted more than a cancer patient with ongoing treatment! Mr Pastry Chef, having THOSE CONTACTS in his address book? Right there, ARREST THEM ALL. PERIOD. No more pussy footing around about it. Every day “THEY” are allowed to exist, it allows them more opportunity to create lies……………


Or as Greg Gutfeld described him; “Trump’s as clean as billionaire NYC property developer CAN be”. Nothing of major scale can be accomplished in large US metro’s without greasing the right palms. Ask ANY developer…

NONE of which they had the slightest objection to when DJT was a private citizen btw…


Wouldn’t want to consume any of the pastries this traitor made. Enjoy that jail cell food mister!


Ricin would make a nice dessert.. 🙃


Thank you very much MB, for these 2 reports of October 7.


just get him arrested by General Eric Smith’s team and charge him with treason and espionage. that should get him to talk!!!


Endless detention. That sounds really fun. Not!


🇺🇸Maybe a few weeks on one of those barge prisons will make the scumbag talk.🇺🇸


Make him talk.

Last edited 9 months ago by Jobba



That should be your epitaph.

Marta Limberg
l🎶Another one bites the dust.🎶 Deep state keeps getting caught! We are in a war against unethiclal thieves and criminals. They won’t learn until the judgement is pronounced and they are looking at a rope to end it all. Thank you Mr. Baxter for the update and truthful news. I look forward every day to see what has been posted.



This is probably a low level guy but what to do with him is easy. Flight to GITMO. Waterboarding until you have everything he knows. Then depending on what his possible crimes were a fitting prison sentence or a rope.


Remember, when Trump was still in his [1st] term, he pardoned “Reality Winner” who’d been similarly baited. He’s not a vindictive guy.

Bro. Andrew

Water board torture will get the info out of him.

Proudly Unaffiliated

‘Detained’ is an acceptable status. Severe punishment is in order but, first, he will have to spill the beans. When faced with a trip to GITMO or Camp Blaz and a near-certain hanging, he might just loosen his tongue a bit.

Just Me

Keep his Ass lock up until he talks and feed him bread and water in a tiny cell, no tv and no books to read. The boredom alone will drive him crazy.


Crappy food, would be a great punishment for a chef, but definitely try to get as much info out of the traitor and then throw the book at him.🌭🌮🥪🥧


Super hot peppers?


Sounds like heaven!


No. Some nutrition is necessary – you don’t want him to die.


This obvious (simple decoy trick) misdirection was simple cheap and quick to put together. I wonder what where when and who the “real big deal,” was?


Hang ’em!

Dave Strickland

If gentle persuasion fails to induce a detainee to talk and divulge information, how justified are the military in upping the persuasion ante, and having their techniques cause pain in ever increasing degrees? How far is it justifiable to go? I often wonder about this question, and I’m sure heavy pressure is applied covertly and denied when interrogators are put on the spot.

Last edited 9 months ago by Dave Strickland

There is another way. Detain him, give him nothing to read, to watch, normal simple food, tell him you will not talk to him until he confesses.
Thats all. He wont last very long.


So Leticia James, Judge Arthur Engoron, Jack Smith and others. Are conspiring against Trump’s Rights. Conspiracy against rights Title 18 USC 241.
Holds a 10 year sentence to death penalty if convicted.
So I hope they file an AO91. Asap that will go to a grand jury and become an indictment.
Probably already indicted.

Last edited 9 months ago by Johnny
Ken T.

You said nothing had broken but a 1 inch steel pipe will easily break a leg. Just trying to help.


Israel Last

The war between Dark and Light is the war between Satan and God.
Between the reptilian bloodline of Satan and the human bloodline of Jesus.

Israel is last because Covid exposed the corruption in our health care and political systems,
Israel will expose the root of all corruption and evil in our religion systems.
The revelation of the hijacking of scripture by Satan centuries a go.
The light on this planet was dimmed by the false light of darkness.

The snake entered the garden of Eden and went undercover in the snakepit.
The head of the snake in the Vatican, the body of the snake formed Silk road leading to Wuhan where it spread out it,s venom.
Hidding in the Snake pit in Israel; where Satanisme hijacked parts of scripture and became the fals light that fooled humanity in evil frequencies of fear, shame and guilt.

Separated from God and the Love we all are.
Seperated in religions, race, politics creating dark for centuries.
Seperated by a small group who benefited from the controlling of the energies and the people.
This small group the satanic Elite, the Iluminati, the Cabal.

All the ROYAL families of Europe and the Baltic and Russian countries claim their ancestor as WOTAN or ODIN.

13 ROYAL families are REPTILIAN hybrids who are shape-shifters posing as HUMANS

Serpent symbolism is all over the catholic religion. In St. Peter’s Basilica in the vatican the pope literally sits in the mouth of a serpent as the tongue and preaches deception.

The Druze bloodline of Jesus are the descendants of “Jethro” ,The Priest of Midian in The Bible & “Torah” (Exodus 2:18).
The 16th President Of The United States of America “Abraham Lincoln” , descend from The Kahlooni family.

In 1855 ISIS was formed by Kings of Morocco & Libya [HASSAN Family] togheter with the Rotal British family.
They signed in the Mohameddi Law which was to Kill The Bloodlines of Jesus Christ[DRUZE]
6 Yrs later they merged with Skull n Bones:
Rothschilds, Schiff, Rockefellers, Scherff aka Bush, Kissingers, etc.
Skull n Bones_ISIS Assassinated JFK.

1855 – ISIS Formed by Sanussi Family linked too UK Royals (Khazarians)
1861 – Merged with 322 Skull n Bones(Khazarians)
1870 – 1930 BIG PHARMA (Khazarian)
1871 Act of England(Secret Constitution placed by Secret Societies) Khazarians
1912 Titanic/Olympic Sinking
(Who was onboard, what really happened)
1913 Federal Reserve
1917 – 1923 Bolshevic Revolution
1945 – 1959 Operation Paperclip/Mockingbird.
1948 – Israel Formed(Khazarian/Bolshevic Govt)
1949 – Mossad = CIA Formed

Whistleblower General Flynn exposed the Gulen Terrorist Network:

• Flynn discovered that the Obama administration was creating funding and arming of Jihadist who later waved the flag of ISIS

• These jihadist actions were taking place in Gaza.

• Obama with the help of CIA, NATO and his jihadist cronies, were seeking to top Assad in Syria.

• These treasonous administrations created funding of ISIS a.o.

• The US/Jihadist morphed into thr Arab spring, destabilized the middle east and created the orchestrated migration crises.

• Hillary took part in the launching of the Arab spring as secretary of state under the Obama administration.

• Flynn blew the whistle on the involvement in the Gulen terrorist Network of the Oboma administration and by default of HW Bush, G Bush, Clinton, the state department, FBI, CIA and the DOG.

Now circle back to Israel today

Those buildings fully Collapsing in Gaza strip being hit from one missile are CONTROLLED DEMOLITIONS.
Deep State operators inside both Israel and Palestine camps
have been INFILTRATED long ago (Mossad/CIA)//

Israeli handlers are infact MOSSAD, >>UK MI6>>ROTHSCHILDs>>CIA.

Dominion servers have alot to hide.
From human trafficking to Epstein creation to VATICAN banks.
The Mossad/Kazarian mafia controlling Ukraine.
Connections from the Snake pit of corruption by Israeli Elites run deep into United States MSM [CIA] control).

-Benjamin Fulford



Tell Ben he is FULL of SHIT, per Bluewater on bitchute!!!!!!


Completely interesting. What do you think about Maui? More controlled demolitions?






Lunatic fringe, baby I know you’re out there…


Denial gets You nowhere.




No matter how dark, evil or interwoven the corruption is . . . Almighty God JAHOVAH, our Father and our Victory, is greater and is bringing down the whole wicked system!

He is doing this to free His people from global control and terrorists who desire to kill billions and steal everything for their unbounded greed. God will have His will done on this earth as it IS in Heaven.


We all need to make the commitment to truly understand the complete history of the Khazarian Mafia. At some point, as more awaken from slumber, they’ll be turning to us truthers for more detailed information.


There are NO “reptilian” people. Physiologically impossible


I’m making $90 an hour working from home. I never imagined that it was honest to goodness yet my closest companion is earning 16 thousand bucks a month by working on the connection, that was truly astounding for me, she prescribed for me to attempt it simply. Everybody must try this job now by just
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Last edited 9 months ago by barshembar
Bro. Andrew

$atan will give you free $$$$ as well. Just go serve him and lose your soul in the end and then hell is next. Not worth it.


Prison cell forever or hang ’em if what he did was treasonous.


Right? Tired of sending them into time out in the naughty corner!




Primero háganle submarino y después cuelguenlo alto

Boss Lady

Oh hell, hang this one too.
Hang ‘em all and be done with it.


No, this one has a story to tell. I’m sure they can get him to talk.

Ronald Nussbeck

The party is nearly over for the Deep State Swamp, Treason at every turn, murder, crimes against humanity, bribery, blackmail, child trafficking, drug trafficking, Murder to obtain Adrenochrome from children, kickbacks, payoffs, devil worshipping, plotting to overthrow the Government, election fraud and so on. The history books will need a volume set of crimes committed by the Deep State Cabal and another volume for all who were hanged for crimes against humanity.


Do you realize Trump has never mentioned Adrenochrome nor have any MAGA politicians . Shouldn’t he announce his adrenochrome eradication program ? What he is doing and what congress should do in order to enforce laws. Is there even a law against it ? Full disclosure , people should know .


Why can’t Joe blow do it instead?


Of course , he should call a news conference . Upon research I found out it has no medicinal value , can be synthesized and is not illegal . It sprang from the mind of Hunter Thompson .


I’ve stumbled across similar assessments, but it still in no way precludes that [belief] in its use or imagined effectiveness would stop cults from attaining and using it.

Wiki has proven itself to be every bit as biased as Snopes or other “fact-checker” sites. *I* certainly do not intend to test the theory.

We know that human trafficking as well as organ trafficking is def a thing. That their depravity would stop there is open to speculation.


Think, tribal beliefs that once a brave killed a certain prey he would “become a man” or full fledged warrior. Didn’t Arabs hunt a species of bird into extinction thinking it “would give the hunter virility, and make him irresistible to women?

The Elite have proven time and again we’re so much cattle/slaves where they’re concerned. At a certain point it may have been adopted as ritual.


That comes straight from the Talmud the goyim are animals the jews are their own gods.


17 rabbis (demoniacs) were arrested in New Jersey for running a huge black market organ harvesting operation with Israel. I hope hamas kills them all.


The ancient greeks called it ambrosia the ancient vedic indians called it soma. Hunter S. THOMPSON was not even born yet.


Rescuing children will probably solve that problem, too.

Victor Bravo

A server room with a door ajar that would not have a climate controlled alarm going off as the room temperature increased due to cooling air leaking out the door? Pfffft. Nope. There would be no server room door left ajar without alerts and alarms unless it was a tiny operation.

Sandy Thomas

Why would he leave the door ajar if he didn’t want to be detected?


One could only assume an escape route was planned.

Warren Pease

How the heck can anyone go in and out if a climate alarm goes off every time the door is opened. Seems more like a the a/c would just stay on to keep a continued air temp. An alarm if the a/c failed.


There tends to be a lot of plot holes in MB’s stories


Freon leak.


Watch. Shindlers List is telling us of a parallel reality.Once you see how they did it.Project odin


Please explain?

bill douglas

Send him to gitmo !! Enemy combatant , and then they can interrogate him there.


Walmart has Reese’s mixtures that when you remove the foil worms come calling out so make sure your going though your kids candy like all foil wrapped. Wonder how many kids eat worms this holloween.







Kay Mitchell

Sounds like Everything has some kind of slow Poison in it.

They’re not going to stop until they’re dead or inauguration day 2025.


Mary at we THE Bullshizzle people luvs to scare everyone!


“worms come calling out”??? Do they shout or leave a business card? You seem like a serious person. I make mistakes, too. We all do. But this one casts doubt on your claim/info.

James Abbott

Pretty sure he/she meant crawling. They are pretty close.


Probably autocorrect conspiring to discredit the nasty disclosure.


Better yet~~ cease all involvement with this practice of kids asking strangers for candy.