JAG Convicts, Sentences Mark Milley to Hang


10/10/2023. GITMO.

A three-officer panel at Guantanamo Bay convicted disgraced former General Mark A. Milley of treason and sentenced him to hang after a military tribunal that saw Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall lose his cool to Milley’s provocative spurs.

The first occurred as military police escorted Milley, wearing an orange jumpsuit instead of a pressed uniform bristling with unearned medals, into court and secured his wrists and ankles to anchors bolted onto the defense table and floor. Milley nodded, smirked at the admiral, and said, “Nice to see you again, Del,” as he is known to friends and family.

Adm. Crandall bit his lip. “Admiral or your honor is acceptable, detainee Milley.”

But Milley goaded him more. “It never bothered you before. Isn’t that what Barbara calls you?”

Barbara Puckett is the admiral’s wife. They married in 1986 and have three children.

The admiral said veiled threats were “a dime a dozen,” spoken by men who had more significant influence over the Deep State than had Milley. He gave Milley a familiar ultimatum: either remain silent or wear a gag for the duration of the tribunal. The disgraced general’s voice softened to the timbre he had often used at public appearances and television interviews.

Standing for himself—he had dismissed his JAG-appointed counsel—Milley stood chained before the panel and delivered an opening statement in which he proclaimed his innocence and regurgitated the implausible defense he gave at the time of his arrest and interrogations—that he was secretly working for President Trump in their mission to expose Deep Staters in the U.S. military. He explained that Trump approached him with a clandestine job as J6 unfolded. Trump, Milley said, had evidence proving high-ranking officers, people like Vice Adm. Hannink and Gen. Berger, were feigning patriotism while undermining Trump’s presidency.

“This man accuses me of treason, of being a traitor. He is the traitor!” Milley said, pointing at Adm. Crandall. As officers yourself, certainly you understand the need for secrecy, for compartmentalization, and obeying without question your commander in chief. That’s what I did. It’s what I’m doing. President Trump made it perfectly clear the mission was so secret, that he’d disavow knowledge of it or our arrangement if anything went wrong. I understood. And I followed orders.”

“So, let’s get this straight. While my predecessor was prosecuting Hillary Clinton, and you don’t get more Deep State than her, he was actually working for the Deep State? And when Gen. Berger was kidnapped by CIA-aligned Deep Staters and drugged and beaten to an inch of his life, he, too, was in fact working for the Deep State? Is that what you expect this panel to believe?”

“Frankly, what they believe isn’t my concern. It’s the truth that matters. If you want more details, you’ll have to ask President Trump,” Milley retorted.

“President Trump is a busy man these days. He couldn’t be here today, but he did prerecord a video for the panel,” the admiral said.

The president’s face appeared on a viewing screen. “If I could be there today, I would, to testify against Mark Milley, a coward and the worst general this country has ever seen. He is a disgrace. He betrayed his president and a nation. On January 6 he showed the world who he really was when he sided with Nancy Pelosi and Pence. He called CHINA to say Sleepy Joe Biden was the real president and that I was going to send NUKES over there. What sense does that make? Why would I launch nukes on China because of a stolen election here. Milley, and I don’t like saying his name at all, ran to that communist hack of a writer Bob Woodward and made-up stories that never happened. And now I understand he’s still making up stories that he’s been working for me in secret going after the Deep State Department. He’s either a terrible liar or delusional, and probably both. I gave Milley plenty of chances, and he betrayed me every time. He wasn’t working for me. He’s been working for Biden, Lloyd Austin, and Merrick Garland. He’s a never-Trumper and was trying to fill the military, which I did more for than any other president, with traitors. I categorically swear under God that he’s traitor a traitor and hates the Constitution no matter what he says.”

President Trump’s final comment: “If it were up to me, he’d be executed.”

“Detainee Milley, you’re not vaccinated against COVID-19, are you?” asked the admiral.

Milley said the question was rhetorical because JAG had “forcefully” drawn his blood at a processing center.

“When Lloyd Austin issued his and Biden’s vaccine mandate, you backed him, didn’t you? You even recommended dishonorable discharges for any Armed Forces member refusing? And you said dependents of service members, including children, should be evicted if they lived in on-post housing and denied benefits like health care and maintenance medications, did you not?”

“I seem to remember endorsing those ideas, but I don’t recall if they were mine or Lloyd’s,” Milley replied candidly.

“But you never got jabbed? Not even once? Not a single jab?”

Milley objected to using the word ‘jab,’ saying it maligned a life-saving vaccine nearly every medical professional worldwide endorsed.

“You sound more like Dr. Fauci than a lifer,” the admiral said. “Would you care to say why you refused the jab?”

“I refused nothing. I am unvaccinated because it’s part of the plan, President Trump’s plan,” Milley said.

“What of Austin? Is he part of the president’s plan?” Adm. Crandall asked.

“I cannot confirm or deny that which I know nothing about. You’d better ask President Trump if you want coherent details,” Milley said.

“Is that going to be your answer to every question, it was Trump’s plan?” asked the admiral.

Milley yawned. “I don’t feel much like talking anymore.”

Admiral Crandall showed the panel emails Milley had sent to Austin. In one, Milley referred to unvaccinated service members as “un-American Trumpists” and “liabilities.” He wrote he was in favor of discharging or court-martialing every vaccine-denialist in the Armed Forces.

“The defendant is one confused individual,” the admiral addressed the panel. “He knew the vaccine killed, and was particularly dangerous to young men, but he wanted them all kicked out and replaced with soldiers happy to get vaccinated. It strikes me he was hoping to kill off the military, literally.”

Milley stayed silent.

“And then we have this,” said the admiral, reading from Milley’s writings. “As you know, Lloyd, I’ll be retiring soon. I’ll probably have to take a permanent vacation at our friend’s place, but I don’t want it to be on a general’s retirement plan. I deserve more.

“It always boils down to fiat currency,” Adm. Crandall went on. “We’ve observed a recurring theme in recent convictions: appointed and elected officials endorsing vaccines or cash to Ukraine getting healthy, undeclared, illegal kickbacks. Milley’s no exception. If we didn’t catch him when we did, he’d be schmoozing it up with Zelenskyy right now.”

He displayed copies of an airline receipt and confirmation number, scheduled to depart D.C. for Warsaw on Sept 28, three days after his arrest. “In which case he’d be over there, and we’d be chasing his doubles or Deep Fake likeness around the country. If he wasn’t a coward, he’d admit he hates President Trump. He’d be proud of it. He’d relish and boast that hatred as he did privately with his Deep State friends.”

“It’s not a good day for fishing,” Milley said.

But Adm. Crandall didn’t have to fish. He had a plethora of digital documents, many e-signed by the defendant, covering Milley’s interactions with Deep Staters at home and abroad, including personal correspondence with Zelenskyy, French Chief of Defense Thierry Buckhard, and Canadian Army Chief of the Jocelyn Paul, detailing plans to convince their respective governments to slash military funding and use the funds to purchase vaccines or send to Ukraine. The admiral also had a video of Milley and a Milley body double meeting with the Bidens in Delaware on October 2, 2020, a month before the election, with Milley telling Biden, “If we can’t get rid of Trump one way, and God knows we’ve tried, we’ll do it another, and make him wish he was dead. Your presidency, future President Joseph Biden, commander in chief of the Armed Forces, is guaranteed. Your presidency, his vision.”

“You’ll regret what’s happening here today,” Milley said. “Zelenskyy is a good guy, a White Hat, as you say. Remember when President Trump said he and Zelenskyy had a ‘perfect call’? He was signaling that Zelenskyy’s a good guy, like me.”

The panel disagreed, deliberating only 15 minutes before finding Milley guilty of treason and condemning him to hang by the neck until dead.

“You can’t do this to me; I’m a general,” Milley protested.

“Not anymore,” replied the admiral.

Afterward, Adm. Crandall commented that Milley was once an exemplary officer, ultimately consumed by madness and unappeasable greed.

The date of execution has been scheduled for Oct 13.


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Robert Gregory Boensch

1657 Flushing Remonstrance
Wee are bounde by the law to do good unto all men, especially to those of the household of faith. And
though for the present we seem to be unsensible for the law and the Law giver, yet when death and the
Law assault us, if wee have our advocate to seeke, who shall plead for us in this case of conscience
betwixt God and our own souls; the powers of this world can neither attach us, neither excuse us, for if
God justifye who can condemn and if God condemn there is none can justifye.
Our 04-06-2022
Michigan Remonstrance
Before the 2020 election there was a short video on the
internet showing President Trump Being President for the year’s
And this is a true story of how long he will be president of these united states.
Why you ask
Because he has limited power as the Commander in Chief of this country.
If he exceeds this power he will become a dictator?
Now why is the people in the Jan 6 still in jail.
The military has no power to intervene in this cause or any cause in this conflict?
They only step in and do an action to protect our constitution.
Or else their action will be a military coup
So who does have the power.
It’s the people in these States.
The only way to end this insurrection By law is to address your states congress
by petition or a remonstrance.
Now we all know how corrupt these people are.
Especially Michigan.
And my beautiful relation with them?
And also (I) we have to stay in line with the constitutional restraints.
But this is also a disadvantage to end this action the Insurrection.
So in come’s the The Flushing Remonstrance of 1657
The whole base of this is our God given rights.
And it precedes our constitution and the law of war manual.
So I started with a clean Sheet
and the first thing on it was Remonstrance
And then it was built with the needs that we needed address today.
And there is a couple of constitution laws inserted.
And also part of the law of war manual.
In Michigan this was presented and accepted by default of response?
This remonstrance is Reciprocal to the other 49 states and territory of this country?
Give President Trump back his full power.
And let the Military go be the best they can.
If you would really like to release the Jan 6 prisoners.
You The People of these States Have this Power
and no one else on this planet can help you
rise up and peacefully Speak
to those around You!
And when we End this insurrection
We then can restore our Constitution
And start Building This Constitutional Republic on a clean Base!
We The People of these States Have this Power
and no one else on this planet can help Us
rise up and peacefully Speak
to those around You
Ps this insurrection and also the Remonstrance suspend all elections until the insurrection is over
and the Remonstrance removes the biden electrical college votes
and all of the bad actors and their staff.
And For Justice
Expunge The first and second impeachment Of President Trump
suspended elections
This is why President Trumps video
Showed 2024-2028-2032 etc.
it was a clue and a big reveal
Robert G Boensch
Robert Gregory Boensch


2 days passed , where’s the beautiful news we are all waiting for? We want to cerebrate.


and his “clone” will carry on doing the same crap as the “original”…my dog just died, so I’m off to “Re-Pet”, see ya later.


Too many people willing to betray humanity for money.


Then money will betray them because wouldn’t avoid their executions.


Real Humans Can’t Be Bought

Carol B.

Yes, I read in the Bible where ill gotten gain turns into gravel in your hands……


“People” aren’t what they seem. Meaning what you think are “people” are Luciferian entities implanted to undermine God’s Creation. Most human-lookjng “humans” AREN’T human.

“Never Judge a Book By Its Cover”

Badges = Baby~Eaters

Badges = Masons


Mr. Milley reminds me of J. Edgar Hoover. Who would even imagine Milley in high heels, fish-net, and sequined dress…
Eeeew! … No one thought any better about J. Edgar Hoover in lipstick…with a dip-stick IN THE ROARIN’ 50s! 😂

No doubt in my mind… Milley, Anthony BLINKEN, & NOD-KNOB BIDEN, at a OBAMAH-PAJAMAH PARDEE. 😁🤮


Awesome! Good riddens!!! Every time one if these traitors hang, it brings more light to the world.


Can’t wait for the Chilli Milli rope dance conclusion.


I feel like he’s dead already. Seems like it was around 10AM eastern.
Hell is having a reunion party today!

Last edited 6 months ago by geo
Carol B.

Don’t forget— it is not a party, it is weeping and gnashing of teeth…………real people there are tress passers, — it was made for satan and his angels only…

Charlotte Cain

Farewell Milley. Is He a Muslim like Brennan?
What does Gitmo do with bodies after death Michael? Are they buried with markers? Cremated and tossed into the sea? Sent home to families for burial? That would be an interesting topic.


I read that Satanists used to cremate kidnapped children.

That is how blue diamonds have appeared lately in the market


#1 Dispose of Evidence
( Cremation )
#2 Sick Souvenirs
( They made leather red shoes out of sacrificed children to show off their “prizes” ).
Read : M. Culkins account at 12 years old with a lascivious Hollywood male executive trying to rape him ~ and in the seduction this exec pointed at his unusual red leather shoes and told him “This is Heather O’Rourke”. Culkin said he promptly threw up in a freakout on this guy’s shoes ( as he had been friends with the late O’Rourke ).
“Happy Days” Fonzie guy behind her Rape and Murder.


Badges = Baby~Eaters
How do you think they get their hands on both adults and people ??????
( 4x as many adults are abducted than children for Sacrifices ) by your Badge Wearing Government. ( Police have FOUR X the amount of Domestic Violence than the US National Average & THREE X as much Drug Addiction ) ~ and THESE people are in charge of our safety??????

Kid yourself Not.

Bill Gates ranch had adults there in addition to the kids in Wyoming ~ the Sheriff and State Troopers brought people CAPTURED vacationing at Yellowstone and Grand Teton NPs.

You can’t take out a library book without being put on a list but people are just “disappearing” without the government ‘s knowledge.

Yeah, right.

Americans are even more gullible and self-deluded than Nazi Germany’s Germans. And they will suffer a worse fate for that self~imposed IGNORANCE.
They always want to be “comfortable”.

” Ignorance is the Root of All Evil”

Last edited 6 months ago by Teddi

Cremated & tossed in the Sea
This is the Navy
Burial at Sea


The Treasonist, the traitor. Coward as he is, milley betrayed the country, the people, the constitution, the military specifically the US Army.

Today is Friday, 13 October, 2023. Inmate milley’s retirement special day. He will meet the creator and will be judged.

Last edited 6 months ago by TrumpWillPrevail2024

Hell, is having a reunion party, for sure.


Not fast enough, I am ok with “make him sweat!”


Damn time flies I didn’t realize that was today! Bye Milley won’t miss you 😡 traitor🤬

Last edited 6 months ago by Kathy

Amen. He NEVER was a “good officer” for TRUE Good can’t be bought nor changes with the winds.


Friday 13, 13 bloodlines, 13th zodiac is the dragon, there are really 13 months not 12 it was hiding from us. 13 stars at the back of the dollar bill etc….


So put your head on a swivel, report strange activity today & every day…make it a great day! 👏


Go and search , i think you have a brain.


milley was the general of orangemen.


Enjoy your Big Day Milley. Blah, Ha, Ha….

Kay Mitchell

TGIF!! 🥳


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Last edited 6 months ago by barshembar

 🤣 😂 🙃


Oh! No! 🤮🤮. Was that your teleprompter too! So Soweey!


No physical fitness standard for generals? No matter your age you should still be able to run do a 10 mile run without getting short of breath, or be discharged.


He can’t get up, but he can go down when they hang him. 🤣🤣

Grant Wilson

Pity we don’t have those Ghostbuster-style traps for the demon(s) that will fly out of Milley when his Earthly justice is served.


So true. I don’t think this mother effer is a human anyway….he doesnt FEAR death like most of us do. He has to be Reptilian or the tribunal has gotten a clone. Whatever, he needs to be autopsied upon his death to see exactly who and what he is. If he’s not the real Milley, we have more work to do.


Tomorrow Milley hangs ya’ll!

That tranny lovin freak traitor who sold us out to China and our Fed enemies like Biggs and noname will choke on a rope and his last thoughts are going to be, ‘dear God, who am I, and where am I going!?’

His next thoughts will be floating down to hell and feeling the eternal hopelessness of the 30,000 degree fires of torment and demons.

Go read, ’23 Minutes in Hell,’ by Bill Wiese.

In this book, Bill describes hell, in detail. God allowed him to see it, feel it. There were pits dug, millions of them.. 3-5 feet across, with a soul in each one. There were massive, indescribably horrible demons torturing the souls there. Terror, worthlessness, shame and humiliation – dread, was overwhelming, never ceasing. Total hopelessness of eternity without God previaled. It was dark, of course, but it glowed with sulfuric stench and the screams and groans of the damned. He said the odor was every nasty thing you ever smelled, but was so thick it was toxic, and would have killed him, but in hell, you cannot die. It’s eternal death.

Last edited 6 months ago by EdBob

Great job describing HELL Edbob, wouldnt be a place I’d want to go. I still believe it is not eternal…..I think the CREATOR gives them a chance to atone.


The only thing eternal is the results , second death of soul and body.


Bill Wiese and all the others who have claimed to have gone to Heaven or Hell, or had near death experiences have all been proven to be frauds….to make money selling books.

I died twice and the only “light” I saw was on the ceiling of the ambulance when they resuscitated me. I am a believer and read the Bible everyday. Do not be deceived.


Maybe the news will come the next day.


Keep believing that lie of an endless torment.

Felice Demarzo

Guess ole Milley Willy be hanging round Gitmo for a looong time! So long Doooosch!


Some people just need a hug, around the neck, with a rope. 🙂


Yeah and plz don’t drop Milly, Let him down slowly, Or maybe drop him about 2″ at a time,,,


Yes, a constricting hug.  🤣 😂


I’m making $90 an hour working from home. I never imagined that it was honest to goodness yet my closest companion is earning 16 thousand bucks a month by working on the connection, that was truly astounding for me, she prescribed for me to attempt it simply. Everybody must try this job now by just
using this site.. w­w­w.P­a­y­a­t­h­o­m­e­7.c­o­m

Last edited 6 months ago by barshembar
Charles Smith

@Michael Baxter

…don’t forget to write about these Gitmo/Guam Detainees. Many we haven’t seen a update since their Arrest…

Patricia L. Conrad – ARRESTED & AWAITING TRIBUNAL on March 19, 2022

Valerie Jarrett – ARRESTED & AWAITING TRIBUNAL in May 2022

Maria B. Barrett – ARRESTED & AWAITING TRIBUNAL on Aug. 31, 2022

Frodo Baggins – ARRESTED & AWAITING TRIBUNAL on Oct. 5, 2022

Blaine L. Baker – ARRESTED & AWAITING TRIBUNAL on Oct. 5, 2022

Shannon Corless – ARRESTED & AWAITING TRIBUNAL October 20, 2022

Eli Roth – ARRESTED & AWAITING TRIBUNAL on Dec. 4, 2022

James Baker – ARRESTED & AWAITING TRIBUNAL on Dec. 8, 2022

Cloning Scientists – ARRESTED & AWAITING TRIBUNAL on January 6, 2023

Tom Shimabukuro – ARRESTED & AWAITING TRIBUNAL on Feb. 1, 2023

Carol Johnson ARRESTED & AWAITING TRIBUNAL on February 24, 2023

Kumar Jha ARRESTED & AWAITING TRIBUNAL on February 24, 2023

Mark Suzman ARRESTED & AWAITING TRIBUNAL on February 27, 2023

Carolyn Ainslie ARRESTED & AWAITING TRIBUNAL on February 27, 2023


100 Covid Clot Shot Loving Physicians ARRESTED & 5 EXECUTED; 90 Currently AWAITING TRIBUNAL on July 28, 2023

Albert Bulera – ARRESTED & AWAITING TRIBUNAL on Aug. 9, 2023

Erik Hooks – ARRESTED & AWAITING TRIBUNAL on Aug. 22, 2023

Colonial Bryan Kneels ARRESTED & AWAITING TRIBUNAL on Sept. 2, 2023

TRIBUNAL on Sept. 13, 2023

Debra Hourly – ARRESTED & AWAITING TRIBUNAL on Sept. 18, 2023

Penny Pritzker ARRESTED & AWAITING TRIBUNAL on Sept. 22, 2023

Last edited 6 months ago by Charles Smith

So you know? Most of them, if not All of them, are already dead.

Charles Smith

I haven’t seen a story on them. These are the latest I know.


2023 are new ones. Great!!  👍


Wowie, so many who’s names didnt ring a bell. You’ve been tracking these mothers a long time, wonder how I missed them???, I”ve been an avid RRN fan for a couple of years .Milley is he the first BIG FISH, I’m looking forward to more whales

Charles Smith

Yeh. I was told about Real Raw News in April of 2022. A friend told me about people vanishing in 2021, I sent him a list that really wasen’t accurate. Then he told me where he follows it. RRN in April 2022. One day I went back about a year in a half and put them all down in my phone. Check out a book I wrote thats on Amazon. “The Indictment of the Democratic Party.” It’s up to anyone to read it. I would say its mostly for people in their 20s when they get out of indoctinated colleage and High School.

Last edited 6 months ago by Charles Smith
Dave F

Don’t worry Milley. You hanging is all part of Trump’s plan. Since you’re working for him and all.


yes, he played he’s role of being executed.  🤣

truth is stubborn

Michael, technical corrections – believe it’s Thierry Burckhard, and it looks like there might be missing or extra words in Jocelyn Paul’s title, wiki lists him as commander of the Canadian Army and chief of the Army Staff.

The video of Milley with his double sounds interesting, especially if it’s a clone, stuff like that will be useful when people call it just crazy conspiracy stuff.

Admire Crandall’s cool in all this.

Milley really does sound like he had this coming. Makes you wonder how many other DSers are taking a long vacation at Zelensky’s region. Could get livelier if Russia finally did just someday sweep through the rest of the place, the Polish and Romanian areas included :-/

Last edited 6 months ago by truth is stubborn
Di Andy

In this case, Friday the 13th is a lucky day ! !

gregory smith

When Milli Vanilli hangs, let him wear his chestful of gedunk medals.


Stop wasting time, go to milley’s cell, drag him out of the cell, strip him naked, frog-march him outside and put up against a concrete block wall put 15 bullets in his back and shoot him in the face 5 times with a 12 gauge. Throw him in a pit, 900 gallons of Diesel fuel and oil later. He is barbecued until you can’t recognize him anymore. Stop screwing around and put Miley in the dirt. This nazi needs to go into the ground. Alive or dead just Bury him under a million tons of fecal matter


Total waste of perfectly good diesel fuel !!! Very bad idea,,, Besides that all dem dang bullet holes he ain’t gonna be recognized anyway!!!

Nukken Futz

Military clowns prefer the firing squad as a honorable execution, as where hanging is an insult and dishonorable. I say guillotine’em as an extra dishonorable termination method for his smurkyness and greed at let it be known in the history books for his ugly treason….


A traitor doesn’t deserve an honorable execution. Guillotine would be a better idea and throw he’s head ad the deepest part of the sea.


JAG really needs to strip these Deep State Military convicts of all rank and awards including their families to prevent further abuse of the system and fraud. Treason is treason, but history needs to record their military service as null and void. This includes any member of the government. Good job, JAG! Past treasonous Presidents including their “library” of successful histories all need to be reclassified as records of treason, defunded and disgraced. All items they ordered through that power needs to be undone and reversed in payment to those whose lives suffered by their edicts.


Burn! In! Hell! You piece of shit millie!!!


Hell is this place , i would say the bottomless pit where the demons are.


it’s amazing that MB is only given a rough idea of what happened but yet has so many quotes lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


The adenochrome blood junkie eye sacked (like G. $orrow$ also bares) “fake and phoney and non-vaxxed” general will hang by the neck on Friday the 13th.


u need some bro?


Friday 13, 13 bloodlines, 13th zodiac is the dragon, there are really 13 months not 12 it was hiding from us. 13 stars at the back of the dollar bill etc….


Friday the 13th.

Kay Mitchell

We’re having a neighborhood backyard barbecue celebration of Millie’s neck-stretch.

A BIG send-off to his Express Highway to HELL!

🇺🇲 🥂🍗 🥩🧀🥐🍺🍹‼️


Honestly, this entire narrative of Miley’s arrest & tribunal is hard to take seriously. If DJT’s recorded comments were specifically for this tribunal (and not for public release), he wouldn’t refer to Arthur Roberts or whoever it is now as “Biden”. It would’ve been direct and forthright. This little detail alone tells me that either:
1) This alleged tribunal is all a post-action narrative to wrap-up Miley’s prior removal, or
2) It’s a modified account of what actually transpired, that Space Force had loads of incriminating comms btwn Milley and other DS actors.

For CiC Trump to include comments about the fake admin persons (Biden, Austin, Garland) in such a way as to pretend these people actually hold positions of power is proof positive that this was a PSA for normies. The actual truth would be too much too soon for the tards among us. I can’t see a better explanation.

truth is stubborn

It’s the same as MB’s practice, and I think he even explained this usage once in an article or comment. The DS parades the actor around as Biden and the MSM all do the same, but the aware still know what’s going on. I do the same myself occasionally, and I have friends who have too. Doesn’t mean we don’t know the story.

You can make big incorrect inferences from small mistakes.


Yes, I thought about that…the occasional absurdities in MB’s stories (if taken literally) can force a person to read between the lines and see what was really meant. In this case, Trump and Adm Crandall and Fatboy all making comments about “Biden” and other DS actors are so crazy that it makes it impossible to jump on the Rah-Rah wagon. Of course, anyone with half a brain and paying attention knows JB was strung up in late 2016.

mary pascucci




William Turner

Michael Baxter, we are still waiting to find out who #4 is – as well as #1, #2, #3, etc.
Taking down Milley is a huge win for Patriots, thank you for reporting this news.


Praise God the Military got Milley! Now Lloyd Austin?🙏🙏🙏


Yes, Milley truly deserves this fate, and probably worse, but hanging will do.


I hope so!


I’m making $90 an hour working from home. I never imagined that it was honest to goodness yet my closest companion is earning 16 thousand bucks a month by working on the connection, that was truly astounding for me, she prescribed for me to attempt it simply. Everybody must try this job now by just
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Last edited 6 months ago by barshembar



I am glad they did not let him wear a uniform in the tribunal room. There has been lots of chatter that some/most? of his decorations and promotions were unearned. Based on my observation, most awards and medals, military or civilian are rewards for being ‘in the club’ even to the point where some unpopular people are given awards to give them more cred. Our local corrupt librarian, for instance, and Obum with his un-nobel prize, all the people Obum gave awards to, and spooks/criminals/corrupt who are elevated by awards and ‘honorary’ [equals fake and unearned] degrees.

Good riddance Milley.


Found on the web:

SGT Report: THE KILLING FIELDS — Scott Schara

Scott’s story of his handicapped daughter scrubbed by ‘Big Medical’ during the Plandemic for the ‘(ventilator) bounty money’ in a hospital and his fight in the legal arena to obtain justice for her in her memory.

https ://www. bitchute. com/video/uH1zXg8CKTtB/

The Dead Internet Theory – Complete Edition

Filled with lots of unsettling evidence of how the internet now (2023) became choked with ‘walled gardens’, ads, bots, and helpers pushing agendas for their paymasters.

https ://www. bitchute. com/video/hP4OhJjgAJm9/


The AI Revolution is Rotten to the Core

The dark tale about how AI became a ‘buzzword’, ‘the next big thing’, a ‘plagiarist’, a cause of unemployment, and a ‘moneyspinner’.

https ://www. youtube. com/watch?v=-MUEXGaxFDA

Kathleen Ann

Thank you Michael, and kudos to Admiral JAG Crandall and our brave Marines for their awesome service of removing this shameless, insidious swamp monster…

orange julius

What a jackass!! I wish they could hang some of these people twice. How bad do you have to be for Trump to make a personal video about you?

Carol B

Amen – he was very bad and proud of it

Sandy Koufax

Disgusting fat body, Mark Milley Vanilli probably exceeds the weight capacity of the gallows.

Robert Dziok

Rumor has it they’re going to bring in a crane.



mary pascucci


Sandy Koufax

Bill Gates’ clone went off script today.

“There’s a lot of climate exaggeration,” said Gates at a recent event. “The climate is not the end of the planet. So the planet is going to be fine.”
“Misguided climate science has metastasized into massive shock-journalistic pseudoscience. In turn, the pseudoscience has become a scapegoat for a wide variety of other unrelated ills,” it added. “It has been promoted and extended by similarly misguided business marketing agents, politicians, journalists, government agencies, and environmentalists. In my opinion, there is no real climate crisis.”


Wow! I hadn’t heard this before. Amazing.

Rose Mary Abbott

Well, since we know that the real Bill Gates is dead this could be a sign that his “look-a-like” is working for the White Hats.

truth is stubborn

That could be optimistic. I think Sandy’s argument that clones can go off script and be unpredictable seems more likely. But it makes you wonder if any of them are self-aware about their role rather than really believing they are their originals. The Clinton one in AK seemed to believe that, but the Milley one described in this article probably didn’t, standing alongside the original.


How’s your little friend. Ursula von der Leyen, Bill?

William Turner

Global warming is code for man-made Geo-Engineering and weather manipulation.
It’s completely obvious that the majority of environment destruction is deliberately caused by the military, and no doubt Major Milley was directly involved. I hope Milley rots in hell.

Dave Strickland

Gotta be a clone malfunction. Time to retire it before it comes out with any more dangerous utterances.

Sandy Koufax

Once again, Mark Milley Vanilli blames it on the rain.

William R Nicholson

Looks like Milley did not seriously take my advice and help C.I.C. Trump in any way he was capable of doing. He may have been spared the gallows had he considered the cost of not turning 180 degrees around ! I hope Milley will enjoy his Friday the Thirteenth & do a little dance at the end of a rope. Milley had one last chance to support the legitimate C.I.C. Trump & the Patriots in service …… he chose instead to remain a traitor ….. and nevermore remembered by any moral being ……. Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195


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I hope bh aren’t planning an Attack to free him.


Thank you Michael, this is very good news. Being a child of God & a born again Christian, I don’t love the death penalty but I’m not against it, either. There are some that are so perverse that they cannot see the truth. They’ll likely never see the truth. God bless their evil souls.

You know, we all have the chance for eternity, up until the moment of death. All we have to do is ask Jesus into our heart. Even these seemingly evil, un-redeeming souls can ask Jesus into their hearts & enter the Kingdom of God. The only way I can deal with the executions is praying that some of them will ask for forgiveness & gain eternity with Jesus. If they don’t, they will suffer in eternal fire & brimstone.

If you’re reading this & have not asked Jesus into your heart, please, please do so right now. He is alive. He will save you, not from this evil world, but from the depths of Hell, which only include pain, misery & FIRE. As for this sinful world…He gives us guidance and helps us overcome hardships. He calms my soul & helps me see life with new eyes, a clear head & an open heart. He helps me love my enemy. He fills my heart with happiness & makes me want to do the right thing, when the wrong thing would be easier. There’s nothing like this life we get gifted with. Nothing!

please look up, read & memorize John 3:16. It’s the best verse in the Holy Bible. The 2nd best is Isaiah 53:5 – “By His stripes we are healed” which is referring to The marks left on Gods body as He was beaten on his way to the cross. I believe I’m healed by His stripes. Please consider my invitation. You can message me if you would like a prayer. Amen. 🙏🏻


You can’t do this to me; I’m a general,” Milley protested.
“Not anymore,” replied the admiral. Classic! I love Admin. Crandall 🤣🥷🏻

Dave Strickland

Milley was divested of his military status the moment he became Detainee Milley.