Marines Arrest Treasonous Air Force Colonel in North Dakota


United States Marines on Monday arrested a Minot Air Force Base colonel of treason after he recommended that service members avoid a downtown rally featuring supporters of President Donald J. Trump. The officer, Daniel Hoadley, Commander of the 5th Bomb Wing, also reportedly told subordinates that “there is no room in the Air Force for patriots or Trump supporters,” a source in Gen. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

On November 16, General Smith’s office learned of a text message Minot AFB leadership sent to approximately 8,500 airmen and dependents. The text read, “Please exercise caution if downtown this weekend…We just got word of an event going on at the fairgrounds, called Dakota Patriot rally. Its guest speaker is from an alt-Right organization called Turning Point Action. Please advise your folks that if they’re going to be downtown this weekend…The crowds may be confrontational to military members. Additionally, remind them that participation with groups such as Turning Point Action could jeopardize their continued service in the US military.”

Our source said the message had contemptuous undertones toward any service member who considered himself a patriot.

“The negative connotations aside, the text itself wasn’t something we’d call actionable, but we were curious who wrote it. Could’ve been PR, could’ve been a senior officer, could’ve been Lloyd Austin. The coward didn’t put his name on it,” our source said.

However, White Hats soon ascertained the author’s identity.

In the hours following the notice, an anonymous caller asked Gen. Smith’s office to check a Discord server frequented by Minot AFB personnel.

“Well, I guess me and my wife aren’t going to the rally. It was just implied I’ll get in trouble if I do. This is all coming down directly from Col. Hoadley,” a poster said.

“Is that all? We were told we could get NJPd if we’re seen there,” a different poster replied.

A third wrote: “I am a retired USAF colonel, and Col. Hoadley is wrong. Off-duty military should be commended for participating in political activity, as long as they’re out of uniform. Hoadley is violating his oath.”

“Col. Hoadley just told 5th Maintenance Squadron Trump rallies should be banned and all ‘patriots’ investigated,” said another.

And finally, “Get this: My GF works at city hall. She said toadly Hoadley asked the city council to stop the event downtown.”

Gen. Smith’s office, our source said, confirmed that Hoadley had asked the Minot City Council to cancel the patriot meeting because “President Biden wouldn’t approve.” The council, which includes Mayor Tom Ross, reproved Hoadley’s veiled threat, saying it would not infringe on the constitutional right to free speech and peaceful assembly. A council member requesting anonymity told the general’s office, “This guy [Hoadley] is off his rocker and has clearly lost his marbles. He told me he was going to investigate me.”

Our source said White Hats were compelled to intervene.

“We got other info evidence of coercion and fraud that will be made known later. We had a responsibility to act.”

A clandestine Marine reconnaissance squad arrived in frigid Minot Monday afternoon; they picked up Hoadley’s trail after he left base and drove south toward the city on Interstate 83. They squeezed his vehicle off the road and approached with weapons drawn. A stunned Hoadley rolled down his window, demanding an explanation, and was informed he was being placed under military arrest for treason, sedition, and conduct unbecoming an officer. At that point, Hoadley told the Marines that “Jarheads” had no authority over a senior Air Force officer.

Our source said the Marines relieved Hoadley of his sidearm and took custody of him.

Asked whether Hoadley had an earlier history of Trump Derangement Syndrome, he added, “This all became known last week. JAG will interview Minot staff. As the dominos fall, these closet cabalists are getting desperate and giving themselves away. Hoadley will be spending Thanksgiving at Gitmo, and I can’t testify to the quality of the turkey they serve.”

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What is the current status of Headly?Just read the morning that Congressman Matt gaetz
is investigating Minot AFB to find out about Headly.


Hang this traitor!!!

James William Cummings

Should He have been arrested for this? He appears to be quite ignorant. as to who the Commander in Chief is and about “President Biden”



Dave Strickland

I quoted this report on The Gateway Pundit and received the reply that it is 50-50 truthful, since I had not mentioned the Military resorting to a court martial for this officer. This raises a question: what role does a court martial play is this case and all the others reported previously by RRN?

Last edited 5 months ago by Dave Strickland

More for the trolls – Headline, November 22, 2023 : Air Force Backtracks From Warning Members to Avoid a Conservative Political Rally

Ellen T

Yeah, there’s several articles about this and now the A.F. is back-tracking on telling them not to attend.


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so you were a fema punching bag for patriots to beat on?


I LOVE that they are giving themselves away! Keep it up Deep State. We can remove all of you this way 😉

Michael R Davis

The israelis killed many of their own civilian citizens on October 7th, not Hamas. Yes, the brood of vipers from the Synagogue of Satan, lie, lie, then lie some more, the masters of lying, as GOD warned us.

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Israelis’ and Judaens’ are two completely different sects.. Most people put them in one category✔️

Michael R Davis

The huge motorcades for Trump are not similar to the small motorcades for other former Presidents. That is an Atlanta fire truck in the motorcade. That rolling armory 10th in line should open some doubting eyes. A lot of security in the motorcade.

Fairly certain this is the huge motorcade from 2 months ago when Trump turned himself in at the Atlanta courthouse. A reelected President receiving the security protection he is due.

Right on schedule, Commander-in-Chief Trump keeping his promises.
https ://

Michael R Davis

It seems this war is drawing to a close. Perhaps the EBS (Emergency Broadcast System), shutting down the Boob Tubes, the internet, are very soon. Even the FAKE Newsmedia were commenting on the huge motorcade.

https ://

https ://

Anne Stallybrass

So for the first time, the subject matter reported here was also reported elsewhere – at least on Real America’s Voice, Fox News, BizPac Review, American Military News citing “leadership”, and a threatening message on the ‘Air Force amen/nco/snco’ Facebook page.

Biggs the Troll is proven wrong, he was flat out lying. HB meanly says “so what”.

I sense there may now be an upswing in the amount of reporting here that can be corroborated. It feels like people can speak out more, with lessening fears of reprisals, because defeat is coming closer to the enemy.

Dave Strickland

The Gateway Pundit ran on it also.


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Last edited 5 months ago by barshembar

We are in the midst of the 2nd Civil War in the USA. Our own born and bred, Americans are treasonous enemies among us….. “a Republic if you can keep it.” Ben Franklin. We can no longer keep it, Ben.


But God Almighty is turning things around.

waky wednes

 “Information on this website is for informational and educational and entertainment purposes. This website contains humor, parody, and satire”.


Why do they all look so inbred, these treasonous losers? There must be some connection.


The eyes.

Hal Brown

Cauliflower ears


Satanic generational families.
Intermarriage among “royalty”.
Keep it in the family.

Kate _m52

Welcome back Mill.

Jeremy R Feit

He puts the colon in colonel


News about Minot AFB leadership issuing a message to warn against the Nov. 17, 2023, Dakota Patriot Rally emerged in the MSM today (11/22/2023), triggering a protest by GOP lawmakers. Such news coverage in the MSM indirectly confirms Real Raw News’ report.


I’m making $90 an hour working from home. I never imagined that it was honest to goodness yet my closest companion is earning 16,000 US dollars a month by working on the connection, that was truly astounding for me, she prescribed for me to attempt it simply. Everybody must try this job now by just using
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Last edited 5 months ago by barshembar

yep, his head looks like he was bison


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Of course you have to bend over naked with Eric Hooks and Hoadley look-a-likes wanking to make this paycheck.

Pathetic this is all the deep state has to counter the now legend, RRN.

Last edited 5 months ago by EdBob

The deep state fears MAGA more than they fear death to themselves for their hatred.


it is like an elephant being scared of a mouse

Jose Ramirez

Death penalty. Very simple.

Michael R Davis

Truth is, Trump is the Commander-in-Chief, definitely won the 2020 election with the highest landslide victory in history, verified by the military count. All senior military officers should be well aware of this fact, including Colonel Daniel Hoadley, Commander of 5th Bomb Wing (B-52) at Minot AFB, who was arrested by military JAG courts, charged with treason, sedition, conduct unbecoming, other unnamed crimes. The Colonel will be spending Thanksgiving at Gitmo. No excuse for military officers collaborating with the enemy against their Commander-in-Chief.

https ://

Dave Strickland

I read that this particular AFB is of special importance in the US nuclear wing of the Services.

Stinky Perfume

I think Trump is dead because Kim keeps on pushing it, so it sounds true. She sais anyday she can and will put it on MSM news. rumbleDOTcom/v3x1lwp-kim-goguen-the-full-unn-20-november-2023-situation-report.html


Feed them insects only since thats what t hey want for us


They only want to do that so people will look forward to traveling to Israel every year to have a barbeque with the antichrist. A barbeque with real beef.


Apparently Hoadley was the turkey being served.


Who cares that fat murdering bastard was justly dispatched to his reward? The coup d’etat is constantly fabricating new and more malevolent replacements than he was or simply imports them via the continuing invasion and resettlement of the USA as a third world toilet hangout and pirate harbor.


I think you are referring to the next article.


Well done.



Charlie Kirk just reported this on Real America’s Voice! It’s so great to see the treasonous rats being taken out!
Thank you Michael Baxter and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


It’s also been on Fox News, BizPac Review, American Military News although none of them mentioned names responsible, only “leadership”, which was Hoadley. The threatening message was also apparently posted on ‘Air Force amen/nco/snco’ Facebook page.

Rebecca Tracy

Here is more about Col 🙏❤️🇺🇸


Rebecca Tracy

Called the Col. Toadly Hoadly 😂🇺🇸


No room for patriots in the Air Force? Who then? Nazis.

nHe should be served a turkey neck for his last Thanksgiving @ GITMO…’cause that’s how we’ll remember him…with a broken neck.




As Joe Walsh once remarked, “So what?”

Steve J

Eff Joe Walsh! What a cuck. He can s**k it!

William R Nicholson

Give this traitor a cupcake made up as a minature turkey and a glass of egg nog ! That’ll be his turkey supper and he’ll have fonder memories for that baloney sandwich at noon ! If he asks where’s the turkey ? Just say , look in the mirror ! Officers are supposed to be an example of The Republics best. It is a shock that he has held any position of authority since he’s so unattached to The Constitution & probably doesn’t realize The Eternal Sovereign made us great & wants us to be even greater under Commander Trump …….. I’d like expedited trial of this Traitor so we can possibly have him visit the gallows previous to Thanksgiving Day ! Let’s dispose of this matter so we can take another swig of Nick’s fine sipping whiskey & celebrate a job well done …… Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195

Nukken Futz

I say, let the two martyr guards that gave the FEMA goon a thumping deluxe, cane this bartard with 3 slappings and the pain alone, will make this dildo colonel experience pain on another level, while waiting in his suite, between trial. Gitmo needs to hire some caners from Singapore and their 14′ rattan cane wip as a go-between from detention to the gallows. The stinging pain will cause a perp to pass out, plus the sting can lass for days.


based on personal experiences?

Nukken Futz

I read about some democrat rich guy’s young dumb ass son, who was spraying grafiti on a wall in Singapore. That crime is a total absolute no no in Singapore and they do not want their city full of bottom of the barrel hooligans. They do not have correctional facilties or jails, but dish out caneings to misdimeanor crimes from 1-4 lashes. If caught smuggling drugs, hanging is the penalty. There is little crime there. The pain is beyond all consciousional thought from a split bamboo 14′ rattan swatter that breaks the skin, causes horrible stinging pain beyond normal pain. A detainee experiences a stinging fanny beyond belief of pain and agonizing discomfort for 3-5 days and can barely standup and can’t sit down. These filthy treasonous vermin deep fried state wokeycrat corksukkers would be great candidates for this exercise, a week before their big day with Darcy, for their raging libby stupidity, before their tribunal dates.
The new protocal after capture as bonus treat:
Capture and new digs at gitmo.
Caneing after one week. Depending on trump derangement syndrome level,1 to 4 lashes.
Two weeks to keep hoping the pain will go down and be able to walk, or be dragged to trial with their favorite hangin’ judge, Ad. Darcy with his delectious grinny smile.
One swat before interrogations, might even make a great attention getter to make them talk, or will send them back if they don’t fess up……fast enuff….


Yes. Unless JAG inserts something like your caning concept, the guards will continue to ensure proper justice is served to these wicked ones.

The message must be sent that treason and blind Obama obedience will be met with something so dreadful on this side of death that their unbelief in the certain hell that awaits will be counterbalanced by a dread on THIS side of death.

We are now beyond the point whereby a soft hemp rope and an emotional outburst stage show where the condemned gets to preach to the world about their nigger king Obama is appropriate.


well said!

Loo Seee

If I were in charge of Gitmo prisoner’s menu: sliced turkey sandwich, jellied cranberries, french fries, and water for Thanksgiving.


They gave A L L that up, it’s part of ALL that We S T A N D for.


Let them eat bugs

Linda Hutchison

I think it was okay for him to TACTFULLY remind those under his command that there MIGHT be violence at the patriot rally. Then he should state whatever the military regulations about political activities for those in military service and proper decorum. No threats of any kind. Didn’t anyone SHARE the Intel with this Commander that Brandon DIDN’T WIN the election? If they DID and that doesn’t matter to him, he needs to be removed from command.


Every “military commander” should immediately be interrogated attached to a lie detector and every one who fails should be executed at once.

William R Nicholson

Lie detectors are only as good as the operator ! Most operators are steeped in liberal university until their two remaining brain cells , no longer speak to each other ! How many radical libs and freaky leftists do you think will be let go ? How many Conservative Patriots supporting MAGA , will be executed under Your policy ?; Real evidence is the only way . You may as well use chicken entrails , tea leaves etc ….. if you really knew the true history of lie detectors and how valid they really are . Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195


Lie Detector’s can be beaten.
Their own word’s will convict them.


Those are only TV props, aren’t they? Every totalitarian government cooks up ways to acquire fake confessions. Torture, lie detectors; same thing. It definitely behooves us bigly to be skeptical.


Probably has dual citizenship and like the rest of these bad actors, no real credentials to be an officer.
Tom Heneghan explosive Intelligence says gore is pres. Just saying.

Nukken Futz

Al Gore was offered 100 million to concede the election to Cheney, Rummy, Gen Powell and W. Mush crime families. For that much doe, I’d concede too…..

Sparky Sr

Un-Freak’n-believable… This moron is a US Soldier which = patriot…
Something is totally radically wrong with this guy. TDS – understatement…..
Non-Judicial Punishment for upholding your Constitutional Rights…
I’m glad they got more evidence of coercion and fraud on him as well.
JAG is going to need more USA grade hemp.

William R Nicholson

I think they’re using synthetic rope of the type to hold small marine craft to their pier. I’d trust the synthetic more than hemp. If they ever get behind schedule, I’d love to operate a couple new Guillotine’s….. I’d have my assistant whistling while we worked ! Unfortunately, I cannot whistle. Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195

Sparky Sr

I prefer hemp for hangings. It doesn’t stretch like syn/nylon rope does, but hemp has a rough texture, some cuts/bleeding may/will accure.
Navy – Nimitz/SSBN/SSN -classified….


I don’t understand they don’t know what the hell is happening they don’t know what’s going on maybe they still think Biden is in charge how they not know these things I just don’t understand how stupid you can be


,,,stupid should hurt, and it’s also for Life.
\/\o fixing stupid, it improves all by itself.


‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’
That made me laugh.
But I guess it is a mental illness:)


My favorite line was about the quality of turkey at Gitmo, lol.


Thank You Michael, this is great. I hope they get every last single home grown terrorist. And thanks to the whistleblowers, you will be thought of as hero’s.


Maybe we will find out if he is pushing service members to follow him to the treasonous side. Time to fish them out of the non service they do to this country we love.


“Toadly Hoadly”! 😁😃😀😄😆🤣


𝗥𝗲𝗺𝗲𝗺𝗯𝗲𝗿 𝗧𝗵𝗶𝘀 𝗡𝗼𝘃𝗲𝗺𝗯𝗲𝗿 𝗗𝗮𝘆

Dutch central bank admits it has prepared for a new gold standard.

Mainstream finally admits Ukraine has lost the war against Russia.

Putin will participate in an emergency BRICS summit.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has sued Pfizer.

X data confirms Media Matters manipulated the algorithm using inauthentic accounts to produce false ad results.

Elon Musk finally comments on a pizzagate related post.

X (Twitter) officially files lawsuit against Media Matters.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton launches investigation into Media Matters for potential fraudulent activity against X (Twitter).

Truth Social just filed an unprecedented defamation lawsuit incorporating twenty media companies.

Elon Musk’s lawsuit against Media Matters will be heard by a judge who was appointed by President Trump. The same judge, Mark T. Pittman, ordered the FDA to release the Pfizer files.

House Speaker Mike Johnson met tonight with President Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago.

Join Ezra A. Cohen


Thank you, B T! You never fail us! Sharing your notes, like usual. 😉


BT doesn’t take notes, he just copy/pastes bullshit from telegram truther accounts


don’t you copy/paste bs from your X account? lol

Kate _m52

Thank you, BT for sharing the truth. Some of us can’t get into Telegram, Truth Social, etc. Being Canadian doesn’t open some doors. I am a patriot though, and love to follow the news. I really appreciate you bring us a lot of it.

Bonkie 1

Wow what a small world. My ex was stationed there years ago. I don’t know this Colonel though. To tell the truth I don’t remember anyone there. For some reason I’m not surprised at this story.

Beth Appling

Excellent! Thank you for sharing that news with us… nice to know the closet Cabalists are coming out & getting caught, getting the JUSTICE that WE deserve, while THEY get the “rewards” for treason that they deserve. God Bless Us All.
Happy Thanksgiving to you, Michael, and to all Patriots, worldwide Alliance, digital Warriors, loyal Military, Citizen Journalists, Q, the CIC DJTrump and all his family & staff. We are ON THE ROAD to FREEDOM, ACCOUNTABILITY, EXPOSURE of the evil ones & RETURN OF FAITH in our God/Source.

Mark David

COL Turdley looks like he had his head up Austins ass too long. Disgusting maggots.


Yes, and his head looks like he was a victim of zika mosquito bite and missing half of his brain.


🙂 lol


Thank you Michael.