Gen. Smith’s Office Rebuffs Nikki Haley: “Who exactly are you?”


A staffer in General Eric M. Smith’s office angered Nikki Haley on Thursday, asking, “Who exactly are you?” when the presidential hopeful called Camp Pendleton to speak with the general, a source familiar with the incident told Real Raw News.

The general’s staff, of course, knows of Nikki Haley but has standing orders to rebuff any of Trump’s inferior opponents looking to ingratiate themselves with high-ranking officers within the White Hat community.

Haley was one of many political aspirants to seek an audience with General Smith. In August, Vivek Ramaswamy, whom White Hats consider a Deep State plant, emailed the general begging to access the White Hat council, but the general’s office promptly denied the request. In his email, A cocky Ramaswamy had declared himself the Republican Party’s future and implored White Hats to abandon Trump, calling the patriotic president “damaged goods,” “yesterday’s news,” and a “liability.”

Haley, too, expressed an air of arrogant confidence in requesting a tete-a-tete with Gen. Smith. She had opened the call without identifying herself and asked the staffer to “put Gen. Smith on the line immediately,” to which the staffer, cordial at first, replied, “Who should I say is calling?” even though Haley’s name and number populated the caller-ID display.

“It’s Nikki Haley,” she said firmly.

“Nikki who?” the staffer taunted.

“Nikki Haley, your next commander in chief. Put General Smith on,” Haley said.

“Please hold for Gen. Smith,” the staffer said, leaving Haley, flustered and agitated, on hold for 20 minutes before returning to the call and informing her that Gen. Smith was eating lunch and didn’t want nuisance calls disturbing his meal.

“I am Nikki Haley,” Haley reiterated, “and I’ll be reporting your insolence to a commanding officer. I’ll make sure you’re demoted and dishonorably discharged.”

“Pardon me, but who exactly is this again?” the staffer said, prompting Haley to disconnect the call.

General Smith, our source said, was dining at his desk and listening to the call on speakerphone, and later commended the staffer’s creative dismissal of a person White Hats have labeled a dangerous, reckless, Hawkish Neocon whose political aspirations lie not in Making America Great Again but in perpetuating global conflicts that would further bankrupt the U.S. and put U.S. servicemen in harm’s way unnecessarily. They also regard Haley as a Wall Street/Corporate America shill.

Haley’s tie to BlackRock CEO Larry Fink is perceived as a red flag among White Hat leadership. BlackRock is an American multinational investment company with over nine trillion dollars in assets and has a history of leveraging economic power to impose left-wing agendas. Haley has also courted the heads of JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs.

“It’s no coincidence that Haley is falling to her knees in supplication for these Wall Street donors; they are President Trump’s enemies. Wall Street and mega corps hate Trump,” our source said.

Moreover, White Hats have reportedly seen internal campaign documents in which Haley says she will, as President of the United States, indefinitely finance Volodymyr Zelenskyy while developing a proposal to either oust Putin from office or convince him to “abdicate his throne.”

“Haley is an opportunist, not a patriot,” our source said. “How can we take seriously a candidate who uses her skin color to pander to Black and Brown people and then intentionally wears skin-lightening cosmetics or bleaches it when speaking to Caucasian audiences.”

In closing, we asked our source what White Hats would do if Haley outperformed President Trump in the primaries.

“Only in fantasyland could that happen,” he said.

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Robert Gregory Boensch

DeSantis Tries to Turn Military Against Trump
Real Raw News
October 26, 2022;
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Monday tried once again to sabotage President Donald J. Trump’s alliance with White Hat commanders in the US military, a source in General David H. Berger’s office told Real Raw News.
DeSantis, a potential 2024 Republican candidate, has not said definitively whether he’ll seek the Oval Office, but his badmouthing Trump clearly suggests his aspirations exceed just another term helming the Sunshine State. On Monday afternoon DeSantis was on the receiving end of a phone call initiated by Gen. Berger, who called not to discuss politics but to ask DeSantis why he had allowed the Federal Emergency Management Agency to run amuck in Southwest Florida following Hurricane Ian. Gen. Berger, our source said, had a tally sheet of the damage FEMA had wrought on displaced Floridians and their properties.
According to General Berger, rogue FEMA agents had plundered or attempted to plunder 125 evacuated homes in and around Naples, Florida. The White Hat partition of the US Military, Gen. Berger told DeSantis, had arrested or otherwise dealt with 47 FEMA desperadoes and retrieved 225 firearms and hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and jewelry the brigands had stolen from waterlogged homes. The general also said FEMA was directly responsible for the deaths of seven residents.
When asked by Gen. Berger to account for his complacency, DeSantis reportedly said, “Sometimes we have to look the other way for the greater good. I’m not happy about it, but our infrastructure isn’t getting rebuilt without federal money,” then tried to segue the conversation toward a “topic of greater importance:” the military’s unflinching support for Donald J. Trump.
DeSantis called Trump “damaged goods” and a “relic,” saying that Trump’s once unbreakable MAGA coalition had devolved into splinter cells—some quite insane—sans unified leadership. He called out people such as Stephen K. Bannon, Gen. Michael Flynn, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and longtime Trump ally Roger Stone as reasons why MAGA had become a meme.
“This clown Stone said he’d endorse a Trump/Kanye West ticket. How absurd is that? Crazy MAGAs might let that fly, but surely you, General, can see Trump’s time is done and he’s only marginally better than Biden. If Trump enters and you support him, you’ll be doing a huge disservice to the nation,” DeSantis said. “And let’s not forget, Trump is the father of Operation Warp Speed.”
That poignant comment, our source said, gave the general a moment of pause.
“No one’s happy about Warp Speed, but I didn’t see you on a pulpit condemning it. And if I remember correctly, you were all in favor of getting needles into the arms of senior citizens right out the gate,” the general snapped back. But here you are trying to shift the discourse rather than just answer a few simple questions.”
Speaking of FEMA, DeSantis said he had to pick which battles to fight and which to put on the back-burner. “Aren’t you, General, choosing your battles carefully, too?”
“Gen. Berger realized this conversation wasn’t going anywhere. DeSantis wasn’t interested in discussing FEMA—just impugning Trump’s character, so he opted to end the call. Prior to that, DeSantis got in a last remark, and told the general that if both he and Trump enter the 2024 primaries, the military would be wise to support him over Trump,” our source said.
Gen. Berger, however, scolded DeSantis, labeling him a “true, career politician.”
Appologize for the sluggishness this last week. Besides web site issues on the backend, have had family issues going on. My table will be clear as of Friday and we’ll be back posting with true lightning speed, as there is much going on. Thank you all for your patience.
DeSantis said he had to pick which battles to fight and which to put on the back-burner.
His Buns need a little Toasting
General Berger
Turn up the Heat
Today We need to travel back in history and see the public opinion on this
And with the Help of Michael Baxter
And Archive.Org
Here it Is in full color


Haley is yet another US government/UN legend, in her own mind. Dangerous globalist to the core. Thank you White Hat staffer who kept asking who she was. Stellar phone call performance.

William Turner

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Donna Miller

I just read some intel info from Q the storm rider and the set up is going that the Dems are going to bring “The Rock” forward to run him, but they have told him he won’t win. The WEF and Dems are wanting to get Nikki Haley in she is being backed by them…. General Smith was very smart to not buy into her…. Q the storm rider post on Telegram, but will post his info on and so far he has been spot on…. The more information we can gather gives us a clearer picture…. They want us to get it out there about their false flag dealing with the possibility the the Black Hats are going to take down one of our Naval Ships and blame it on Iran…. Graham is out there saying we need to wipe Iran off the map…. The White Hats feels if the information about this gets out there in the main stream that they would be forced to not do it…. Looking for any excuse to start WW3….

Anne Stallybrass

Q the Storm Rider is one of the best, extraordinary lone individual there deserves all our support.

Nukken Futz

The black hats want to invade Iran, because it has 3 stargate portals that come in handy when one wants to travel interplanetary, without using spaceships. The black hats have some bases outside of earth, but of course the little people are absolutely not to know about this setup and if one goes public with this info, they will get disappeared……


Nasty Nikki! DS hack! Judgement day may be soo er that you think.


She looks like a Chipmunk. Weird


That is her lack of an upper lip and her teeth showing.


You should write scripts for Hollywood. I think you have talent! As always wondering what is true, just like when reading any regular news site these days.

William Turner

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While this woman is still able to hear, I’d like to think she might read this report. I liked it so much I read it twice. A very nice job by all involved.

Nikki Haley has, reportedly, been lavishly praised by TV Judge Judy, who had a very lucrative TV show for 25 years. Birds of a feather? At the very least their bread would appear to be buttered on the same side.

Ultrafart the Brave

Hey, I hate to be so obvious, but why didn’t the staffer ask her – “What are you wearing?”.

Come on, General Smith, admit it – we all know that’s what you wanted to hear.


Please make Nikki go away, can’t stand her or Lyndsey here in SC



William Turner

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Nukken Futz

Where is this brassy brown tart from? She/it or whatever looks like a tranny and must be from Klopstakia, maybe…., a fictious country in a W.C. Fields movie with a population of goats and nuts….

Mark David

A blind man said her underwear smells like the shitter door on a tuna boat.

Carol B.

Mark David

You misspelled ‘slut’. You spelled it ‘shill’.

Last edited 5 months ago by Mark David
William Turner

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I can’t stand this goofy poser- She is deep state!

Carol B.


Nikki has no chance. Trumps got it in the bag.

William Turner

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Last edited 5 months ago by William Turner
Nukken Futz

Wow, that kentucky fried tart has a lot of sand in her speech and queen upon herself, already at a dreamed up elected to the top job that believes her own lies. She should have said, also, “Do you know who I am” BS and then the staff could have directer her to go to a airport where somebody might identify her……

Wannabe Traitor/PEDO killer

I see her as a female Jeb Bush.

David T

Good analogy. Hadn’t thought of that, but I agree.


Hillary clinton wannabe!


“I’m the next commander in chief”? does she look at the polls? Is she so dumb to think she is more popular than Trump. She probably plans on winning thru cheating.


She and Bami are in the wrong country…both of these foreigners want to come to America and rule, but can’t fix their own darn country…


That BEE-OTCH Would RUIN America worse than it already is!!!

I Really would like RRN to do an Indepth Expose on Vivek Ramaswamy and EXPOSE Everything about him. He “sounds good”, like he really IS for America & the MAGA Movement! NOT that I have ANY intention on voting for him! I’m ALL IN for President Trump, of course!

Not previously knowing that he’s a “Deep State” plant/asset, I was thinking that maybe need be a good V.P. for Trump, and then he could have the next 8 yrs after President Trump’s term is over. However, now, obviously, I Don’t really trust him after reading this article! He sure did “Sound” like he had a “MAGA” agenda.

I’m really wondering WHO President Trump has in mind for his V.P.!? I Really Like and intrinsically Trust Kari Lake, but isn’t she running for the Senate now? Even though we All KNOW she won over that POS WITCH Hobbs!

Some say Kristi Nome might be his choice. Again, I don’t know if she’s on the up and up!
I feel like there’s NOT Many worthy of our trust! This Is Scary, because President Trump can’t be President forever!!!

God help us!

Last edited 5 months ago by Cheryl

The White Hats are flat out, we shouldn’t request for them to do everything, people really need to snap out of it and wake up from there slumber. Krist Noem is a legend, I have seen efforts online to discredit her, she is the real deal.

David T

Agreed. I live in SD and Kristi Noem is a legend. SD has thrived under her leadership. Have met her in person several times, strong consistent Christian conservative woman who gets things done. Really smart and sharp gal who is attacked online, with 90+% of those attacks coming from people who have never even lived in SD. The following didn’t make the national news but should have: Back when Trump had the 4th of July celebration at Mt Rushmore, a bunch of the TDS haters coordinated a blockade of Hwy 16A, parked a bunch of cars across the roadway, locked them and left them. So she got some equipment operators lined up with payloaders equipped with bale forks, and proceeded to have the blockade cleared, with most of the cars skewered, picked up and deposited into the ditch.


Hahahaha just love this woman. That is hilarious that she cleared out those cars that way. Yes! She is one smart, common-sense lady. Having read her 2024 State of the State address, I appreciate her values even more. Wonder if she will be a contender for Pres. Trump’s VP. She certainly has the brains for it.


Yes, you are all lucky to live up there in her jurisdiction. She means business and seems to do what is BEST for her residents! I don’t know how you all live up there, it’s just WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too cold. But, love Mt. Rushmore and loved that event! God BLess you all!


I will NEVER vote for any of these foreigners in our country posing as citizens of the Republic of the United States…and I mean NEVER…They shouldn’t be here and need to catch the first thing smoking and LEAVE our country…PERIOD!!!

Carol B.


This is the way I understand it. There are to be no 2024 elections, or selections as has been pre-2017. Trump is presently sworn in as president of the republic of the United States, as has his Vice President.

Within 120 days of activation of NESARA – any day now – a new election must be held. Then the system is to be VERY different, and is to have far fewer candidates as 90% now supposedly serving in government, will no longer be–for the good of humanity.

Further I understand there are no TWO parties. Said to be only to give illusion of choice. Pre-Trump one side pushed the agenda the other pretended to oppose it. OBVIOUSLY Trump, dedicated to draining the swamp, has never played that game hence the crazy abuse to which he has been subjected.

Humanity is to owe its newfound freedom to he and those fighting selflessly and loyally to bring down the farce the deep state has created. And I very much thank Michael reporting info he is given privy to, which shows much progress though surely a mere fraction of the whole.

A thundering applause, sure to come, will be hard earned and well deserved.


We were told that General Flynn would be his VP. During this WAR TIME effort, that really makes the most sense……….. And, God knows, obama put General Flynn and his family through the wringer………… He could have just run off and hidden under a rock, but he hasn’t. He holds steadfast for America and President Trump and to RID THE WORLD of the Deep State.


Humph. . . Haley falling on her knees in supplication? That’s what they’re calling it now?

Nukken Futz

Maybe she gives her handlers goodhead and that’s why this dumbshit brassy tart believes her own lies as the next HNIC of corporate US……

Sandy Koufax

I’ll bet Nikki Haley’s labia looks like sliced deli meat.



Mark David

With that jelly stuff hanging down.


Rancid twat.


“I am Nikki Haley,” Haley reiterated, “and I’ll be reporting your insolence to a commanding officer. I’ll make sure you’re demoted and dishonorably discharged.”

Spoken like a true Dictator.

David T

Sounds like she was tutored by the Helldabeast.

Nukken Futz

An the staffer should have asked her; how much she would charge to haunt a house. Her answer would have been epic, had she stayed on the line to listen to her ego fall off a cliff…..

Carol B.

If Haley would support Zelenskyy – she is surely Deep State and dangerous…….she has to know about the trafficking of children and the money grab and steal from the USA……..and she would support that……, she is very dangerous…..


She wants to send more money and weapons to Israel as well.

Nukken Futz

She probably is a child trafficker and adrenchrome junky. Is she a hispanic or an arab woman, tranny or a lesbo…..?


https :/ /x .com/ AMK_ PhD /status /1744538791161782494?s=20


www .breitbart .com /the-media /2024 /01 /08 /media-outlets-bury-revelation-that-epstein-accuser-retracted-trump-allegations /


nikki is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. she is a RINO.

Mike Hawk

“She” has some of the largest facial pores I have seen on a “female”, add to this “her” deeply set eyes and gender may be in question. Also, has anyone ever seen photos of Nicky as a child or teenager? Just asking.


Haley looks like a real-life WITCH.
She IS a WITCH and very EVIL.

Ramascummy must be a plant, he came out of nowhere and spouts all the right lines.
And gets endless TV airtime on all channels.
If HE is the “future”, I am glad my days are getting short, but mourn for our kids and grandkids.

Be well,


He is another Obozo!

William Turner

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Donna Miller

These people who think they can just have a sit down with our MILITARY. Sounds like she is BOUGHT AND PAID FOR as well…. Our Military thru our CONSTITUTION a CONTRACT with WE THE PEOPLE…. I for one am really tired of those that have used them for their PERSONAL AGENDA, as so many have…. Her connection to Larry Fink says it all…. Apparently they can’t help themselves to show us what they are all about…. Thank the Lord that the VEIL of DECEIT is coming DOWN….. Bring on the EBS so the SHEEPLE can finally see what has been going on for decades right under their noses….



voice of one in the wilderness

I’m liking RFK Jr. He and Trump would make a great team IMHO.

David T

Up until recently, RFK, Jr. was a democrat. If he’s been able to swallow their platform for all these recent years tells me all I need to know about him. Reagan used to be a D, but changed to R back in the 1950’s. He couldn’t take the D platform clear back then, and look how much more radical it is now. RFK, Jr? No F ing way.


he has been and could still be getting support from soros. As soon as I read that I knew he could not be trusted.


RFK Jr should have plenty of $$ so that he wouldn’t need Soros support, shouldn’t he? I read most of his Fauci book and liked his thorough review of the Covid/Vaxx hoax.

Nukken Futz

He is trustable and not an opportunist, either He serves “we the people” and not the money…..


Thank you ! That’s it!! He’s acting like evil and egocentric BO! I couldn’t figure it out because what he was saying was what one would want to hear, but I sensed something different about him that kept me from supporting him at all. THANK YOU for your post!!



William Turner

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William Turner

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Most Important read for all including RRN

A Public Official, or, Merely Pretending to Be?
By Anna Von Reitz
One of the problems I have with believing any of the reports of people being arrested and tried at Gitmo and elsewhere is that certain fundamental premises don’t make sense.
Here is a case in point, following fast upon the heels of our analysis of King John I’s private ability to contract versus public ability to contract.
According to the Narrative, United States Navy personnel, particularly the JAG (Judge Advocate General) Command, have been rounding up various members of the former and present political Administrations and subjecting them to various charges and sentences, up to and including capital punishment for treason.
The stated rationale for this is that these people are “public officials” but a closer inspection reveals that this is not true; they may have occupied vacant Public Offices, but that does not make them legitimate Public Officials — especially not without their contractual acceptances.
As impersonators, does the charge of “treason” even apply?
People engaged in parody and theater productions and even con games seldom rise to the level of capital crimes, and though I appreciate the spirit of the thing, it does rather reek of killing the scapegoats that have been hired to promote the fictional narrative — many of whom may actually believe that they are public officials and have no idea otherwise.
The distinction between being elected in a political election sponsored by a municipal or commercial corporation and being elected in an actual Public Election may be lost on Joe Average or Joe Biden, for that matter, but not on us, the actual Americans who are Foreign Sovereigns, not Sovereign Citizens.
It’s been over 160 years since we had actual Public Elections in this country, 160 years since we sent delegations of Fiduciary Deputies from all the States to our capitol in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
It’s also been that long since our American Federal Subcontractors sent delegations of properly informed Representatives to the Federal Capitol in Washington, DC.
How are these poor vermin supposed to know that they lack any authority? That they are just pawns in a play? That they are occupying foreign corporate offices and foisting them off as Public Offices?
True, they have evinced neither good sense nor conscience in their roles. True, they have created gross public endangerment in the name of their profit seeking. True, they have betrayed the best interests of this country and our people. True, they are scum overall and their performances stink…. but…. are they “Public Officials” or merely imposters playing the role of Public Officials?
Does this play-acting amount to Treason? Where do they incur the liability of Public Office, as they are occupying similarly-named private corporate offices instead?
And as imposters or skilled actors, either one, do they have the liability commensurate with capital punishment?
If JAG is actually arresting and imprisoning and executing all these politicians and bureaucrats, as a Justice, I have to ask — on what grounds are these phonies being tried?
They aren’t “Public Officials” according to any definition of the words I am familiar with.
They don’t have a Public Bond or a Public Oath.
And what “Enemy” are they aiding and abetting or colluding with for profit?
Sure, corporations have “enemies” in the sense of rival corporations, selling different services and products, etc., but is it proper to style such commercial and political rivals as “Enemies” in the sense invoked throughout the War Powers Act, Title 50, of the Federal Code?
It’s more like gunning down a house cat and pretending it’s a tiger.
Slaughtering numerous nobodies and leaving the actual criminals intact doesn’t serve anyone’s best interests. And doesn’t fulfill the duty owed to our government.
Without an actual and properly declared war in evidence, it’s difficult to see how anyone invokes Title 50 with a straight face.
“Wars” against poverty, drugs, and general clueless ignorance are equally absurd, and “treason” based on such “wars” is even more ridiculous.
Come to that, upon what basis in Law or Fact does Title 50 and its claim of “War Powers” rest? No such war powers were ever granted to our Federal Subcontractors by the people of our States, so we naturally wonder upon what basis these undelegated “powers” can be presumed to exist?
Should I stand up and start stamping my feet and claim that a mouse scampering across the toe of my shoe is an “emergency”? And then, should I claim that I have “war powers” against this rodent, when it’s not my rodent, not my house, and not even my shoe (it turns out it was borrowed)?
And then, should I start screaming “Treason!” at the property manager I hired to maintain this vacant property?
A rodent it may be. Scum it may be. A vaudeville comedian escaped from the silver screen maybe, or even an Agent of Darkness, but wherein do any of these characters owe the liability of treason?
I suppose an actor, like John Wilkes Booth, could be charged with Treason if he killed an actual American President; but, what if he killed a man pretending to be our President, a man who was actually committing treason against our country and who was actually working for a foreign power — in this case, British Territorial interests?
Then, it is a Twisted Tale, and murder it may be, but not treason.
History and logic provides that Abraham Lincoln, a Bar Attorney prohibited from holding our Presidential Office, usurped upon it and seemed to occupy our Public Office without actually doing so.
Was he committing Treason?
In what sense could our own British Territorial United States Government contractor be considered a foreign Enemy as contemplated under the War Powers Act? And if so, with whom were they colluding, as in aiding and abetting?
Let’s go back to Benedict Arnold. He was a General in the Continental Army. He betrayed his commission and oath. He held the office and rank and wore the uniform. He betrayed his command and his commander in favor of England, a declared and recognized Enemy that he conspired with in exchange for payola.
That is treason.
But what in the murky swamp of the current day compares with that? We have municipal and commercial corporations and their shareholder elections resulting in their corporation “Presidents” substituting themselves for our actual Public Elections and Public Officials — so how can corporations pretend that their fisticuffs rise to the level of –or even address– the issue of treason?
If there is any treason to be had, it appears that it lies in the pretense that these private corporate elections are Public Elections and that these corporations are our government and that these elected corporation officers are “Public Officials”.
If so, which “public” do they serve? And to whom and to which “public” do the JAG Officers owe their allegiance and service?
Ours or theirs?
They appear to be working on the HMS AMERICA and aiding and abetting incorporated entities that are bent on usurping against our actual government, while whacking and hanging all these petty civil servants who are working for other run amok corporations and accusing them of “treason”.
Treason implies betrayal of a lawful government, in this case, our lawful government, which presumes the existence of Public Officials capable of committing treason.
Not that I am defending or weeping over the end of such “luminaries” as those reported among the dead at Gitmo, it’s more a matter of plain old jurisprudence rearing its head.
Treason requires: (1) Public Election of Public Officials or appointment of Commissioned Officers by duly elected Public Officials; (2) liability for the elected Public Offices and Commissions held under oath, bond, and/or public affirmation; (3) betrayal of that elected Public Office or Commission especially in collusion with Foreign Governments for monetary reward or emoluments.
Henry Kissinger, George H.W. Bush, Colin Powell, and Norman Schwarzkopf being knighted by the late Queen— knighthood from a foreign government is an emolument and payment from that foreign government for their service is monetary reward.
That is treason — if these men ever occupied an American Government Office at all, but the facts indicate that they didn’t; they only pretended to.
There are no Public Offices left in America, except in our State Assemblies and in a few stubborn Counties scattered across the landscape, holding on from days of yore, preventing any claim of exclusive legislative jurisdiction.
God bless them forever. They’ve held on, without even knowing why it was important.
When we examine the Law and the Facts, there are no bonded Public Offices left and no Public Oaths of Office, either, related to our lawful government.
All these jokers, first to last, working for either one or both of the Municipal Corporations located in the District of Columbia, or the various franchises thereof, are operating as Free Agents and the only sort of election they have endured is a private shareholder election sponsored by private political parties.
And that’s the logical limit of their liability, too.
So I hate to throw cold water on those who are hot to trot and convict all these vermin of treason, but it is not possible to convict people of treason when they hold no liability for the crime.
Unlawful conversion is the crime that they are guilty of, and that is a capital crime similar to cattle rustling; however, both the British Territorial United States and the Municipal United States Government are guilty of unlawful conversion against their loyal Employers, the clueless Americans.
And both need forgiveness– amnesty– to survive this.
Otherwise, we will be stuck with the nasty duty of arresting millions of people for pulling a giant Confidence Racket — a Sting that most of them are unaware of– and which in itself is not a capital crime and not treason.
We will also be stuck prosecuting — to the death — a few thousand wiseguy masterminds, mainly old CIA and DIA spooks, like [Opium] Poppy Bush, crooked Generals, and worse Admirals, who thought they were really cute for sucking up to the Order of the Garter.
These people aren’t worth the effort and the blood and the karma; they aren’t worth spitting on.
It’s far more important to nail their organizations to the barn door and foreclose their assets.
Defund them and cut their access to all their money laundering bank partners and subsidiary corporation partners, like the United States Government, Inc. umbrella and all its brand-holder franchises— the Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Bureau of Land Management, et alia, for starters.
Come on, America. Come on home, Mamas. You got some real house cleaning to do.
And it all comes down to you.


Way too much talk, way too much.


Disagree with you wholeheartedly! If you commit an act against your country that is unlawful knowingly, treason is the name. Treason was been long going on but never called by that term, it’s time we Mamas protect our sons/daughters that are put in harms way for profit of a few.


Read Anna’s article…….they are part of the British Municipal Gov’t not our US of A.

Go to Anna’s website and start reading….it’s confusing at first then it hits you like a boulder..

Nukken Futz

I was reading some her stuff on Rumormill and she states that Ramass-mammy was really a working with Trump and with the white hats, which did not sound right. The black hats think the people are still stupid, even after the scamdemic and they are planning a sequil; Covid III in june, thinking it will fly and the dumbed downs will lap it up……


Well it doesn’t surprise me from just the ppl here. They refuse to take that extra step to learn about our country’s past and get out there and join the State Assemblies and turn this ship around.

Reading my posts are too long to read tells me we are in for a very tough ride.

I had a friend who was on her death bed with 3 days of Remdesivir, so 6 days away from death. She went into a coma, in which, Jesus said to her: do you want to stay or go back? She said go back, he responded, it’s going to be hard.

She has survived over two years now, albeit still on oxygen….

I personally do not see this ship turning around without some kind of near death experience. And frankly I’ve been doing my best, but it’s not moving the needle…..maybe a little, yesterday my best friend asked me what Bible I use….prayer does work.

David T

Ignorance of the law has NEVER been a valid defense. NEVER.


They took an Oath – that is their contract, along with a signed contract, to protect the Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic.


No oaths were taken….

Nukken Futz

This makes a dandy term paper preamble…..


Anna Maria Von Reitz


We also know why Pope Francis is no Pope and not the Bishop of Rome and not acting in any Christian Office or capacity at all. 


Nikki personifies the communist deep state egos. She is a very scary, my way or the highway, control freak, kind of global communist. She is aiming to be the first lady president of the USA.

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Ellen T

Is she related to the old CDC director? 😉


Nikki comes from the UN, she worked for them. In my book that makes her a criminal. And Vivek’s schooling was paid for by Soros, need i say more?


Have never liked nor trusted her – she needs to be gone.

Karen B

And thank GOD for That truth at the end! Between her and Vivek, and Desanctamonious wanting to invade Gitmo, we have American traitors boldly illuminated for us all to see their true intentions. They are like candles in the darkness. You can’t mistake them.They don’t even know who they are dealing with and what holy mighty power they are foolishly coming against. But they will loose terribly. Imo. Thank you for this amazing update.


I’m with you on this and THANKS for reminding people that DeSantis was prohibited from landing at Gitmo.

Karen B


Carol B.

yes, I had my mind on DeSantia also…….I remember him acting this very same way as if he is entitled …….

Truth Seeker

Nikki Haley is a two faced opportunist that won’t hesitate to go down on the heads of the Wall Street big wigs.


Nikki Haley

Carol B.

thanks for sharing this link……she definitely does not qualify to run for president or vice president in the USA…….her dad was not an American when she was born………wow, so SHE WOULD NOT QUALIFY, JUST LIKE OBAMA

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Listened to a Wamy interview last night: a whole lot of nothing. They can’t boast about anything because President Trump has already done it.

Ellen T

Wamy!! LOL! Good one!


keep your enemies close, post to UN is only that, ron con nothing more and RamaSwampy nothing less, all now failing before Jan 15th

for Iowa these are ‘October Surprise’ days

blowing up and out the RINOS has been a key intent of these years, partial reason for apparent long hard course for all true Patriots who have long known well too well, yet drawing out and destroying RINOS, absolutely vital, is small part of whole, much bigger objectives will come clear for all… well before November 2024

breaking news birdbrain PAC took quarter M from Hoffman, DAMN EVIL DEM, which fully supports calling birdbrain nothing but RINO EVIL, GITMO WORTHY, Billionaire Hoffman also funds Carroll, NYC, lamebrain bimbo that cannot, will not, name date, not day, not month, not year of her nasty lie against Trump… Carroll strives to project truth about Hilly, her real character, totally corrupt, onto Trump, attempting to fool MAGA… Hoffman is named among Epstein’s 175, Hoffman is ugly beast, horrific child molester, seeking to buy protection from birdbrain, against Trump, and hoping Carrol can ambush Trump’s march to truth

Carroll is American version of Hilly’s Russia, Russia, Russia pee-tapes, both putting the HOAX on America… Hoffman, and his puppets, are just another stupid Steele, or Fauci fool, GITMO PRIZES all

fool me once, yea maybe
but always your fool…
not me