Russian Claim: Austin Dead In Ukraine


Criminal Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin was allegedly killed in Kyiv on January 3 when Russian cruise missiles peltered a command bunker where Austin and Lieutenant General Valerii Zaluzhnyi, commander in chief of the Ukrainian Army, met secretly to discuss mounting an asymmetrical offensive to “bring Vladimir Putin to his knees,” claims a Russian FSB source known for providing invaluable intelligence and the truth behind Putin’s Special Military Operation in Ukraine.

FSB agent Andrei Zakharov’s tale, however, directly contradicts an administration narrative about Austin clandestinely hospitalizing himself for an unknown ailment at Walter Reed Hospital. Friday evening, a frenzied media went haywire after Politico ran an article about Austin admitting himself to the hospital and staying there an entire week without notifying his criminal in chief, pResident Joseph R. Biden. The report quickly spiraled into undreamt of drama that engulfed all levels of government, with several lawmakers calling for Austin to resign for poor judgment and lack of transparency at once. Austin’s unannounced absence has embarrassed a criminal regime struggling to stay afloat.

Zakharov refutes the hospital story because, he insists, Austin and a bevy of Ukrainian brass were tucked away in what they thought was a secure military command center 20 feet beneath the streets of Pecheskry District in central Kyiv.

Russian intelligence, he added, had marginal luck tracking Austin’s trips into and out of Ukraine since early 2023. Austin had spent so much time in Kyiv he ought to have applied for Ukrainian citizenship, Zakharov joked, adding that the secretive and self-admittedly reclusive Austin had traveled to Ukraine from Poland eight times in 2023.

In early November, a Spetznas “hunter-killer” team entered Kyiv undetected after learning that Austin had arrived in Ukraine to personally deliver fantastic news to Zelenskyy: the U.S. and U.K. had voted to give him even more free money and arms. The Spetznas had eyes on Austin and Zelenskyy and came close to killing them, but the team aborted the mission at the last moment due to unforeseen and unspecified complications.

Vladimir Putin, Zakharov said, had bestowed upon Austin the title of “war criminal.”

Putin, he added, delighted in Austin’s demise.

“We knew Austin was in Ukraine, and we discovered their rendezvous point. We also know the pig Zaluzhnyi, and he is killer of the women and the children, was to meet his lieutenants to learn them about new drone warfare. They were our intended targets. Austin was a bonus.”

Twenty cruise missiles, he said, destroyed surface buildings and collapsed a labyrinth of interconnecting chambers underground. A battle damage assessment revealed the strike had razed the structures and cratered what lay beneath. Only rubble remained.

“Nothing on this earth could survive what we sent. Yes, he is dead. He must be dead,” Zakharov said.

Real Raw News’ American sources in the White Hat community, while stopping short of dismissing Zakharov’s story as wishful thinking, said they want to see irrefutable proof of Austin’s death before scratching his name off their own “most wanted” list. However, they’ve called the official narrative a blatant lie, for if Austin had gone to Walter Reed, their sources would have taken notice and informed General Smith’s office.

“We don’t know if that Russian story is baloney or not. Our sources at Reed are unimpeachable and they say he was never there. And as far as your other question, Mike, we don’t have him. If I learn more and can share, I’ll let you know,” a source in the general’s office said.

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yawn! more BS from MS…..’claim’ 🙂


I pray that fat ugly demon was sent to hell by the russian missiles and that he rots in hell for 100 trillion eternities!

truth is stubborn

Michael, don’t know if you’ll see this, but is this the same guy, or a different one?

htt ps://


Thank you for finding that. I had googled him a few weeks ago but did not find him. Then I thought that if he is a FSB agent, then his personal data would not be online. But the one you found seems to be him, and he’s hiding in plain site as a ‘famous’ TV journalist.

I often check out details of various people, both minor and major, who are mentioned in these articles, and so far every single one has been found and was who the article said they were. Even very minor characters.

Not that I believe the articles, but Hopium is always fun.

Charles Smith

Surrender or Else! Or Else Indeed as you pleed.


For what its worth, there is a rumour that E Smith and L Austin were in cahoots and have been arrested because they were planning a mega disaster.


Trump events:
Sat, 1/13/24 at 3:00 pm EST and 7:00 pm EST (Atlantic & Sioux City, IA)
Sun, 1/14/24 at 1:00 pm EST and 5:00 pm EST (Indianola & Cherokee, IA)
Mon the 15th is the Iowa Caucus.
Times are approximate. covers the events/speeches and usually replays them afterwards.



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Mmmmm, did the Chairman Joint Chiefs know anything about this and kept things to himself? He should have resigned without being told to as soon as he learned if this. This is the Air Forces General President Trump nominated as Air Force Chief of Staff.

Last edited 5 months ago by TrumpWillPrevail2024
1904 SD

Remember when Janet Yellen was hung? She referred to THE UNITED STATES OF UKRAINE & Admiral Crandall called her BatShitCrazy?

I just found this on BitChute……VERY INTERESTING INFORMATION- PROJECT FOR NEW ISRAEL IN SOUTH OF UKRAINECheck it out!! let me know what you think about this guys, way out weird, or is it?

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If clones lack human indicators like genitalia (prostate glands) and back molars are they also lacking pineal glands, the seat of the soul that Hillary found so tasty.

General Smith would know after all those autopsies he’s had performed on them.


General Smith personally checks every dead body the White Hats recover to see if it has a dick 🫡


Well ya never know these days ….


This is sad but I actually believe Russia more than our government.



Susan Banks

Well they are reporting the Truth!! Unlike our C_A operatives


Yesterday on Russian TV it was mentioned that L. Austin was dead in Ukraine.


But today, Jan. 10, on national TV they said Austin is in hospital.
Something is going on….

Dave Smith

A sex change operation that got Bomb 💣…. lol 😂 😁🙏🫣🫡💚✌️😉🧐😮😎🤔✌️🤫


Yea, it will be a pretty woman!


Or, maybe, he is in the “Russian hospital” and is waiting for his meeting with our REAL president. It would be a New Year gift from Russia to a real and future president D.T.


If it’s our national TV how can you believe that? The fake news has lied to us from day one. Probably getting a clone set to rock and roll.


No, I meant one of the Russian National TV programs.

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Good riddance, with how he did our military that was an easy death.


As We all know by now, Austin’s dead azz is in a body bag !
Putin knows it, We know it and the clone missing his “postate” gland has been programed to tell main stream lying media..BTW even the trolls on RRN know it
It is no big deal
It’s not like the clone really needs a PROSTATE anyway !😉


Ha! SUDDENLY, today, the MSM news is reporting that Austin has “prostate cancer”, and expected to make a “full recovery”. And they’re asking “Why didn’t he tell anyone before now?” Wanna bet on that “full recovery”? Haven’t read others’ comments lately, but I wonder how many have already commented on it. Coincidence? I think not. More validation for Michael Baxter!


Obviously they made a clone of him where just just edited the cancer genes out of his DNA

Susan Banks

Cloning Is over!! Factories are all gone.

Nukken Futz

Maybe they can get a gorilla for a Austin replacement, or maybe even a bigfoot, although they do stink morbidly, but just a thot……..

voice of one in the wilderness

either of those creatures’ would be of a vibration much too high to be compatible with his soul.

Dave Smith

Bigfoot is the world’s best hide and seek Champion…🤫🤔😎😮🧐😉💚🫣🫡😁🇺🇸


Maybe, he is already replaced by the bigfoot?!
That is why nobody can find him.




Not you only. It is so obvious.

William Turner

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🤮 It’s so disgusting! FAUX News (& other Bull Shit News outlets) are trying to figure out WHAT to say about the fact that Austin was blown away by Russians, using cruise missiles to Ukraine! 🤮

Latest story is ‘a staff member got the flu’. What? Are you kidding me?? So that’s why Loyd Austin ‘checked himself into an ICU room at Walter Reed Hosp.? Because someone in his ‘orbit’ got the flu?? Oh, and Loyd himself has no idea why he’s there! Oh, and it’s also suppose to be a secret!! SHH! (according to 2PM fake news)

What’s left of him (MAYBE his teeth) are in the hospital…but most likely the morgue.

So, any DNA confirmation is going to take a long, long time…if ever. In the meantime, we shall carry-on, Until his ‘pretend death’ due to prostrate cancer complications is revealed. Then everyone will say ‘what a great patriot he was’. NOT ‘what a great piece shit he was’. 💩



WWG1WGA – And it’s NOT to hell 🔥


Dang, I was really hoping that Lloyd Austin ( I don’t put a military position in front of his name) he doesn’t deserve it. But I was hoping that he would have been arrested and stood through tribunal and faced the punishment at GITMO he so deserved. But he is gone now and GOD will sort it out.


We provide people like Austin to Creator because we don’t want this on our Earth anymore. It’s Creator’s job to determine what to do

William Turner

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This is the perfect place for these types of ads.


Bla bla bla


I’m going to believe the Russians.



David T

Me too, and much more believable than the prolific troll turd with many names who is on here too much.


I honestly don’t think the Russians have reason to lie.

Three main reasons to lie: impress someone, avoid responsibility for something or disinformation.
Killing Austin by accident or on purpose wouldn’t impress White Hat leadership.
If Austin was where he should not be, no responsibility.
For disinformation? His death is mostly irrelevant as he would be replaced by a clone in any event.

I believe that a clone is growing in Walter Reed to replace Austin.
Hide in plain sight; unlikely the White Hats would assault Walter Reed to take out clones; close proximity to DC (district of clowns); could house many different clones there not just military replacements.


Michael Baxter has reason to lie though, he makes money off of you guys by writing the kinds of stories you desperately want to hear


We’re not giving you cash.


At no point have I ever asked you for any money whatsoever, Tal

1904 SD

I’m sure he isn’t getting rich off the money he gets from here goofball Mr Baxter is a true patriot. I thank him everyday for his input either way he makes life a little more palletable

Susan Banks

That’s exactly right! You will never Ascend thinking about money constantly. Money is your little “g” god!!

David T

Agree with your post.


Found this video at beforeitsnews a message from a Hakann Pleiadian Commander, Representative Of Galactic Confederation … part of the headline to the video reads … Hakann: The gray hats have failed
In the video he talks about the gray hats and how they kept asking them when they plan to liberate us and the gray hats kept telling them “soon”. According to the video they gave the gray hats until the end of 2023 to liberate us. Since they have not Hakann claims the Pleiadian will do it this year or next …
Those of you that are interested in what he said, you can check it out at YT. It’s a 23 min video. Just put in the first part of the link.


He’s right. The human race’s defenses have failed, and I fear we are more vulnerable to an assault from the Anunnaki now than ever before. I can’t believe it has come to this, but the Earth’s only hope may rest on us surface-dwellers forming an alliance with our longtime subterranean adversaries, the Mole People.


Go to hell.




Yep, the have started their invasion. look at the reports of Miami being attacked by 8′ beings on New Year Day, and they had to call out all the police.


Attacked??? They looked like they were taking a leisurely stroll around a shopping mail. And frankly, it could have just been three guys on stilts.

William Turner

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English as a second language, William? Keep practicing!


Michael and RRN audience: General Berger and General Smith are among other Generals FORCING the genocidal Covid19 jabs upon the Military community. WAKE UP … ORGANIZE, MOBILIZE AGAINST THE ENEMY!
“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” – John Adams
“An Open Letter to the American People from Signatories of this Declaration of Military Accountability”

“In the course of human events it sometimes becomes necessary to admonish the lawless, encourage the fainthearted, and strengthen the weak. We have reached just such a time in our history. The affairs of our nation are now steeped in avaricious corruption and our once stalwart institutions, including the Dept of Defense, are failing to fulfill the moral obligations upon which they were founded. Standing upon our natural and constitutional rights, we hereby apprise the American people that we have exhausted all internal efforts to rectify recent criminal activity within the Armed Forces.
In the Declaration of Independence our founding fathers sought separation. We seek no separation, but through this letter and the efforts we pledge herein, we pursue restoration through accountability. We intend to rebuild trust and restore the rule of law, particularly within the Armed Forces. Ultimately, we strive to once again become a moral people, restoring our nation, and making it again worthy of the great gift of liberty won by the colonial-era American people.
While implementing the COVID-19 vaccine mandate, military leaders broke the law, trampled constitutional rights, denied informed consent, permitted unwilling medical experimentation, and suppressed the free exercise of religion. Service members and families were significantly harmed by these actions. Their suffering continues to be felt financially, emotionally, and physically. Some service members became part of our ever-growing veteran homeless population, some developed debilitating vaccine injuries, and some even lost their lives. In an apparent attempt to avoid accountability, military leaders are continuing to ignore our communications regarding these injuries and the laws that were broken.
For GEN Milley, ADM Grady, GEN McConville, ADM Gilday, ADM Lescher, Gen Brown, Gen Berger, Gen Smith, VADM Kilby, VADM Nowell, VADM Fuller, LTG Martin, Lt Gen Davis, MG Edmonson, GEN Williams, ADM Fagan, VADM Buck, Lt Gen Clark, MG Francis, LTG Dingle, Lt Gen Miller, RADM Gillingham, and numerous others;
These individuals enabled lawlessness and the unwilling experimentation on service members. The moral and physical injuries they helped inflict are significant. They betrayed the trust of service members and the American people. Their actions caused irreparable harm to the Armed Forces and the institutions for which we have fought and bled.
These leaders refused to resign or take any other action to hold themselves accountable, nor have they attempted to repair the harm their policies and actions have caused. Since there has yet to be any accountability, the undersigned give our word to do everything morally permissible and legally possible to hold our own leadership accountable. We intend to rebuild trust by demonstrating that leaders cannot cast aside constitutional rights or the law for political expediency.
The flag and general officers are far from the only ones complicit in recent illegal activities, as a significant number of SES leaders and political appointees contributed. Evidence indicates that other executive agencies are engaging in illegal activity. However, as service members and veterans, we feel particularly responsible for the DoD and, in accordance with our oaths, we will make every effort to demonstrate by example, how an institution can put its own house in order.
We the undersigned, on behalf of hundreds of thousands of service members and the American people, while appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for guidance and purity of intention, mutually pledge to each other that we will do everything in our power, through lawful word and action, to hold accountable military leaders who failed to follow the law when their leadership and moral courage was most desperately needed.
In the coming years, thousands within our network will run for Congress and seek appointments to executive branch offices, while those of us still serving on active duty will continue to put fulfilling our oaths ahead of striving for rank or position. For those who achieve the lawful authority to do so, we pledge to recall from retirement the military leaders who broke the law and will convene courts-martial for the crimes they committed. For those of us who attain legislative offices, we pledge to introduce legislation to remove all retirement income for the military leaders who were criminally complicit, and we will ensure none serve in or retire from the Senior Executive Service.
This endeavor will be a continuous process with a long-term time horizon, but fulfilling our oaths to defend the Constitution requires just such persistent vigilance. Likewise, we are obligated, and so commit, to train those who come after us to fulfill their duty in achieving this accountability and safeguarding against such leadership failures hereafter.
Our nation was once great because it was good. It was built on moral principles founded in natural law and yet, the recent acceleration of moral relativism has us headed towards a precipitous implosion. While all good things come to an end, we refuse to allow our nation to go quietly into the depths of decadence and decay. We promise to exhaust all moral, ethical, and legal means to restore the rule of law and will begin by attempting to hold senior military leaders accountable. The Constitution is the supreme law of our land. We will fight to enforce that law and put an end to the two-tiered justice system. May future generations see our efforts and, God willing, may they also be recipients of the great gift of liberty that we have had the honor of safeguarding.”
 www  Docdroid  com 
/ zwy8Bmx / declaration-of-military-accountability-pdf  



Kate _m52

Firedog, General Smith’s men have been destroying large lots of the covid 19 jabs when they find them. That doesn’t seem to go along with he and General Berger mandating them.


Actually, didn’t Gen. Berger had someone on the team who forced his men to get the jab and got in trouble?

Last edited 5 months ago by Charlene

Go lecture somewhere else blowhard.


You are mistaken. Generals Burger and Smith have defended our military and fought to keep our troops vaccine free.


Thanks for sharing this, I’m sharing with military relatives and friends.

Carol B.

Gen. Berger and Gen. Smith would never want to force the so called vaccines on us………what is wrong with you ???

William Turner

I’m making $90 an hour working from home. I never imagined that it was honest to goodness yet my closest companion is earning 16,000 US dollars a month by working on the connection that was truly astounding for me. she prescribed for me to attempt it simply. Everybody must try this job now by just using
this website…. W­w­w.M­o­n­e­y­P­a­y­1.c­o­m


Nikki is a legend only in her OWN mind. The reality is, she is a UN globalist to the core and a person desperate for control, $$$ and notoriety. Ditto with Austin.

Last edited 5 months ago by Joanna

Anna’s article points out the 3 points of committing Treason….

Treason requires: (1) Public Election of Public Officials or appointment of Commissioned Officers by duly elected Public Officials; (2) liability for the elected Public Offices and Commissions held under oath, bond, and/or public affirmation; (3) betrayal of that elected Public Office or Commission especially in collusion with Foreign Governments for monetary reward or emoluments.

And, Treason implies betrayal of a lawful government, in this case, our lawful government, which presumes the existence of Public Officials capable of committing treason.

We do know the Biden Presidency is one of a defunked US Corporation President……so Treason does not meet the test of a Lawful Government.
The pretending governmental officials are without Oath and without standing, so how could they be guilty of Treason???? Murder yes, Fraud yes, Intention to commit Harm yes….but, not Treason.

I hope this is not to wordy for the ”To Long to Read crowd’ as sometimes the Truth takes extra energy to uncover,

J Bill

where is this report from Anna Linjection?

Last edited 5 months ago by J Bill

Most Important read for all including RRN
A Public Official, or, Merely Pretending to Be?
By Anna Von Reitz
One of the problems I have with believing any of the reports of people being arrested and tried at Gitmo and elsewhere is that certain fundamental premises don’t make sense.
Here is a case in point, following fast upon the heels of our analysis of King John I’s private ability to contract versus public ability to contract.
According to the Narrative, United States Navy personnel, particularly the JAG (Judge Advocate General) Command, have been rounding up various members of the former and present political Administrations and subjecting them to various charges and sentences, up to and including capital punishment for treason.
The stated rationale for this is that these people are “public officials” but a closer inspection reveals that this is not true; they may have occupied vacant Public Offices, but that does not make them legitimate Public Officials — especially not without their contractual acceptances.
As impersonators, does the charge of “treason” even apply?
People engaged in parody and theater productions and even con games seldom rise to the level of capital crimes, and though I appreciate the spirit of the thing, it does rather reek of killing the scapegoats that have been hired to promote the fictional narrative — many of whom may actually believe that they are public officials and have no idea otherwise.
The distinction between being elected in a political election sponsored by a municipal or commercial corporation and being elected in an actual Public Election may be lost on Joe Average or Joe Biden, for that matter, but not on us, the actual Americans who are Foreign Sovereigns, not Sovereign Citizens.
It’s been over 160 years since we had actual Public Elections in this country, 160 years since we sent delegations of Fiduciary Deputies from all the States to our capitol in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
It’s also been that long since our American Federal Subcontractors sent delegations of properly informed Representatives to the Federal Capitol in Washington, DC.
How are these poor vermin supposed to know that they lack any authority? That they are just pawns in a play? That they are occupying foreign corporate offices and foisting them off as Public Offices?
True, they have evinced neither good sense nor conscience in their roles. True, they have created gross public endangerment in the name of their profit seeking. True, they have betrayed the best interests of this country and our people. True, they are scum overall and their performances stink…. but…. are they “Public Officials” or merely imposters playing the role of Public Officials?
Does this play-acting amount to Treason? Where do they incur the liability of Public Office, as they are occupying similarly-named private corporate offices instead?
And as imposters or skilled actors, either one, do they have the liability commensurate with capital punishment?
If JAG is actually arresting and imprisoning and executing all these politicians and bureaucrats, as a Justice, I have to ask — on what grounds are these phonies being tried?
They aren’t “Public Officials” according to any definition of the words I am familiar with.
They don’t have a Public Bond or a Public Oath.
And what “Enemy” are they aiding and abetting or colluding with for profit?
Sure, corporations have “enemies” in the sense of rival corporations, selling different services and products, etc., but is it proper to style such commercial and political rivals as “Enemies” in the sense invoked throughout the War Powers Act, Title 50, of the Federal Code?
It’s more like gunning down a house cat and pretending it’s a tiger.
Slaughtering numerous nobodies and leaving the actual criminals intact doesn’t serve anyone’s best interests. And doesn’t fulfill the duty owed to our government.
Without an actual and properly declared war in evidence, it’s difficult to see how anyone invokes Title 50 with a straight face.
“Wars” against poverty, drugs, and general clueless ignorance are equally absurd, and “treason” based on such “wars” is even more ridiculous.
Come to that, upon what basis in Law or Fact does Title 50 and its claim of “War Powers” rest? No such war powers were ever granted to our Federal Subcontractors by the people of our States, so we naturally wonder upon what basis these undelegated “powers” can be presumed to exist?
Should I stand up and start stamping my feet and claim that a mouse scampering across the toe of my shoe is an “emergency”? And then, should I claim that I have “war powers” against this rodent, when it’s not my rodent, not my house, and not even my shoe (it turns out it was borrowed)?
And then, should I start screaming “Treason!” at the property manager I hired to maintain this vacant property?
A rodent it may be. Scum it may be. A vaudeville comedian escaped from the silver screen maybe, or even an Agent of Darkness, but wherein do any of these characters owe the liability of treason?
I suppose an actor, like John Wilkes Booth, could be charged with Treason if he killed an actual American President; but, what if he killed a man pretending to be our President, a man who was actually committing treason against our country and who was actually working for a foreign power — in this case, British Territorial interests?
Then, it is a Twisted Tale, and murder it may be, but not treason.
History and logic provides that Abraham Lincoln, a Bar Attorney prohibited from holding our Presidential Office, usurped upon it and seemed to occupy our Public Office without actually doing so.
Was he committing Treason?
In what sense could our own British Territorial United States Government contractor be considered a foreign Enemy as contemplated under the War Powers Act? And if so, with whom were they colluding, as in aiding and abetting?
Let’s go back to Benedict Arnold. He was a General in the Continental Army. He betrayed his commission and oath. He held the office and rank and wore the uniform. He betrayed his command and his commander in favor of England, a declared and recognized Enemy that he conspired with in exchange for payola.
That is treason.
But what in the murky swamp of the current day compares with that? We have municipal and commercial corporations and their shareholder elections resulting in their corporation “Presidents” substituting themselves for our actual Public Elections and Public Officials — so how can corporations pretend that their fisticuffs rise to the level of –or even address– the issue of treason?
If there is any treason to be had, it appears that it lies in the pretense that these private corporate elections are Public Elections and that these corporations are our government and that these elected corporation officers are “Public Officials”.
If so, which “public” do they serve? And to whom and to which “public” do the JAG Officers owe their allegiance and service?
Ours or theirs?
They appear to be working on the HMS AMERICA and aiding and abetting incorporated entities that are bent on usurping against our actual government, while whacking and hanging all these petty civil servants who are working for other run amok corporations and accusing them of “treason”.
Treason implies betrayal of a lawful government, in this case, our lawful government, which presumes the existence of Public Officials capable of committing treason.
Not that I am defending or weeping over the end of such “luminaries” as those reported among the dead at Gitmo, it’s more a matter of plain old jurisprudence rearing its head.
Treason requires: (1) Public Election of Public Officials or appointment of Commissioned Officers by duly elected Public Officials; (2) liability for the elected Public Offices and Commissions held under oath, bond, and/or public affirmation; (3) betrayal of that elected Public Office or Commission especially in collusion with Foreign Governments for monetary reward or emoluments.
Henry Kissinger, George H.W. Bush, Colin Powell, and Norman Schwarzkopf being knighted by the late Queen— knighthood from a foreign government is an emolument and payment from that foreign government for their service is monetary reward.
That is treason — if these men ever occupied an American Government Office at all, but the facts indicate that they didn’t; they only pretended to.
There are no Public Offices left in America, except in our State Assemblies and in a few stubborn Counties scattered across the landscape, holding on from days of yore, preventing any claim of exclusive legislative jurisdiction.
God bless them forever. They’ve held on, without even knowing why it was important.
When we examine the Law and the Facts, there are no bonded Public Offices left and no Public Oaths of Office, either, related to our lawful government.
All these jokers, first to last, working for either one or both of the Municipal Corporations located in the District of Columbia, or the various franchises thereof, are operating as Free Agents and the only sort of election they have endured is a private shareholder election sponsored by private political parties.
And that’s the logical limit of their liability, too.
So I hate to throw cold water on those who are hot to trot and convict all these vermin of treason, but it is not possible to convict people of treason when they hold no liability for the crime.
Unlawful conversion is the crime that they are guilty of, and that is a capital crime similar to cattle rustling; however, both the British Territorial United States and the Municipal United States Government are guilty of unlawful conversion against their loyal Employers, the clueless Americans.
And both need forgiveness– amnesty– to survive this.
Otherwise, we will be stuck with the nasty duty of arresting millions of people for pulling a giant Confidence Racket — a Sting that most of them are unaware of– and which in itself is not a capital crime and not treason.
We will also be stuck prosecuting — to the death — a few thousand wiseguy masterminds, mainly old CIA and DIA spooks, like [Opium] Poppy Bush, crooked Generals, and worse Admirals, who thought they were really cute for sucking up to the Order of the Garter.
These people aren’t worth the effort and the blood and the karma; they aren’t worth spitting on.
It’s far more important to nail their organizations to the barn door and foreclose their assets.
Defund them and cut their access to all their money laundering bank partners and subsidiary corporation partners, like the United States Government, Inc. umbrella and all its brand-holder franchises— the Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Bureau of Land Management, et alia, for starters.
Come on, America. Come on home, Mamas. You got some real house cleaning to do.
And it all comes down to you.




Better go see the eye Dr so they can give you the latest jab so when you walk out of there you die suddenly. Then no more shit comments posted after someone else’s comment then life will be good.



Dr John

It is simple you are not describing Marshal law or Military law. Under Marshal which we are due to an ACT of WAR against Terrorists we do fall under military law.

Clear and simple, If you give aid and support our enemies; you can be tried for Treason and/sedition AND you can be executed. PERIOD

All of the BS about contracted and non-contracted, office out of offices means nothing. Where they knowingly giving aid and support to the enemy?

Look up and read Marshal Law, Acts of War and most importantly Military Law. Stop thinking civil law, or courts systems are broken at this point with a bevy of corrupt judges and lawyers.

OUR government has not existed in its entirety for the better part of its history. Outside influence has rained heavy through other countries and the elite belonging to what we call the Deep State, the Cabal, etc.


<If you give aid and support our enemies; you can be tried for Treason and/sedition AND you can be executed>

Ok, who is the enemy? Have we declared war on this invisible enemy?

thomas j cahill

Um, martial.


Interesting.. 🤔

S alan

Yea, this is better than the Sunday comics!


I ain’t reading all that, but I’m happy for you. Or sorry that happened.

David T

No one on here with a functioning cortex is surprised that you won’t read something longer than 3 lines.


There are many problems with your analogy of law and order! The obvious is the colonists and Founding Fathers of America who fled ENGLAND from JEWS-CATHOLICS from 1500 to 1776 to create a nation for themselves, PROTESTANT CHRISTIANS, their offspring, and their PROGENY who consist of one-third of the American population! Everyone on American soil that is not PROGENY is an ALIEN INSTALLED by ROTTEN CHILDS, ROCKY FELLAS, and many more SERPENT SEEDS.

America was not, is not, “an experiment”! The law plainly states: “NO non-White humans, NO Jews, NO Catholics, NO Muslims because all are known anarchists since antiquity”! We the living PROGENY are witnesses that the IMMIGRATION ACT was 100% FACT, FACT, FACT! Therefore, there is ample argument against your “ideas” of law and order!

The Biblical Book PROVERBS “profiles” the behaviors of SERPENT SEEDS … plainly who, what, when, where, why, and how ALIENS ARE BOUND TO RETURN TO THEIR FATHERLANDS because FATHER GOD JESUS says HE shall cause an EXODUS of ALL ALIENS in America simultaneously for their UNWORTHY INTENTIONS of coming to America, HIS favorite nation … HE promises the EXODUS is nothing ever seen, ever experienced, and ever written in the history since Creation ! YOU SHALL GO HOME TO YOUR FATHERLANDS!


“Proverbs 6:16-19. There are six things that the LORD hates, seven that are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil, a false witness who breathes out lies, and one who sows discord among brothers.” [ESV] Who are “brothers”? Brothers are all righteous humans worldwide that do not “imitate” Satan and his offspring’s seven (7) evil behaviors!

Last edited 5 months ago by FireDog

@J Bill
You’re looking for Judge Anna Von Reitz … you can find Judge Reitz here: anna von reitz com


Happy reading and share Reitz’s publications everywhere … her wisdom, knowledge, and understanding is a blessing from Father God Jesus for the asking … same as the rest of His “beloved offspring humans” worldwide! 🙂



David T

#b0fa has it, which means, you have it.


Okay, but I can argue the lawful government was 45’s administration against whom DS actors executed a fraudulent election and a bloodless coup to steal our government. Remember, we are operating under the Insurrection Act.

Last edited 5 months ago by Storygirldc

You can argue that, but it doesn’t hold water. We haven’t had a Constitutional Election since prior to Lincoln.

Lincoln was an Unconstitutional being a lawyer…the 13th Amendment ,,,The Nobility Clause


So what happens now that the “corporation is insolvent and bankrupt”? Hence, no longer exists.. So, we basically dont have ANY government entity for the people! 🤔


We haven’t has a government for 160 + years. The crooked Federal Reserve and the fake iRS posed as our government. These entities controlled us monetarily and their subcontractors 3 and 4 letter agencies ran the show.


As Anna has begun the process of Reviving our State Assemblies we are every man for themselves.

Once the ppl jn charge accept We the People as the ruling class we have to fight for every inch to get back on top.

Sandy Thomas

No it doesn’t. Bye .


Go away. Pontificate the obvious elsewhere.

William Turner

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John .S

My current automobile window writings stirring hubbub.

Libtarts going nuts at convenience store where Popo frequent [free coffee].

They’re yelping to Popo: “we’re uncomfortable, he’s make us uneasy with his Bud Lite fagdom outspokeness, you must do something – its hate speech”, so I’m told.

When I walk in store, I boisterously ask clerk; “how you’re making out on faggot Bud Lite beer sales? Libtarts in ear shot cringing. Clerk flipps the thumbs-down.



John .S

Sort-a-kinda like Poptarts.
Myself heat them-up, and eat them-up in a different way, in making their frosting drip with anxiety.

Never let an opportunity pass, they’re everywhere, ripe for toasting. In diary industry slogen: “Got Milk”.





David T

Agreed. RJ2 is just one of many fake names for the same troll. Disgusting.




if anything, we owe Russia $$ for 20 x cruise missiles.

Dr John

Selling children right under our nose! EVIDENCE

Looking for a deep dive book on Toxicology and found this title

Comprehensive Toxicology, editor Charlene McQueen (likely a little girl) on the Elsevier WEB site

I went to the WEB site where medical books for college studies are sold and research medical books in general.

I found the book, hard bound and e book, on sale $15,500 NOW $7,500!

On sale may suggest it is becoming more dangerous to buy children on line!

I don’t know what you pay for books, but this is way out of line.

It appears Elsevier is selling children!!!!

Look for yourself and spread the word on social media, make this public and maybe we can shut the sales down.

Here is the site; it is safe to go to it, just don’t order the book or go to the order page.

When every you see extremely high prices for products as above it is a PEDO source for children. Likely there are several “books” to choose from based on a list of titles/names they are given.

Get involved and destroy their secret market place!

This could be your children, your grandchildren or you when you were a child. The buyers are NOT nice people and will do anything and everything to THEIR purchase! After all it is theirs, they OWN IT. IT, a human child thought of as an IT not a human.

If someone knows where to submit this as a crime please submit it.



I am on it, Dr. I just submitted a query asking how they arrive to their $7500.00 valuation. I will dig, Dr. Good day to you always. BTW, have you ever tried pinon nut coffee from NM? It is wonderful especially with turkeytail mushrooms and turmeric added……..



Dr John

Looking deeper, I searched for the title Comprehensive Toxicology and it is offered on Ebay, Amazon, Abe Books and a few others for HIGH prices, way beyond reasonable.

I did find them on at what I believe are customary prices for this book $40 to $140 used per volume of a 13 volume set.

I often by old and rare books and never see prices this HIGH for a modern book of no real prominence. It seems the title and seller regardless of the platform maybe highly suspect.

The book is defined as 63 lbs and 8624 pages!

The 13 volume set sells on for about $550 NEW! which seems more logical. NOT $15,000 or $7,500 on sale.


Wayfair was doing the same things using children’s names to identify their products with obscene prices. I told a pastor friend about this because he was doing a documentary on child sex trafficking; he didn’t want to discuss the Wayfair situation because he said it might be wrong information and. Told me I was sharing wrong information? Okay. Keep shaming me, buddy. I was so mad because I was doing my own research at the same time that he was. And I was sharing because I wanted to help save the kids… we all have to do nour part and I was doing my part. These kids need our help.

Dr John

Your right Wayfair was buried in that mess and now if you look on line the DEEP State Liars are saying it was all a miss understanding.

Remember, some church leaders are not all they are supposed to be. Him offering you misdirection may be a telling moment. Catholic Poop and Cardinals along with some Bishops and priests were involved in pedo activity, hiding it as well as protecting those playing with those kids in very nasty ways.

“Those you trust the most” may not be what they seem. Much of our leadership in every field of society was corrupted.

I believe in Trump and the White Hats along with a few others, but I am being cautious about who I trust.


Concidentally. And maybe a sign that these terrible pedo stories are just beginning to slowly and gently trickle out, to test the public reaction – today in Houston, there was just now a news story on TV about someone bringing children into store dressing rooms and sexually assaulting them. And filming it. And posting them. Numerous times. There was a “warning” before the story.

Could this indicate a soft start to introducing even bigger disclosures, and more disturbing truths, after guaging public tolerance for similarly disturbing true stories? Little by little?

I believe I have sensed a very very slight shift in our news stories very recently, for a few more right-leaning truths being presented on MSM. I almost did a double-take. I couldn’t believe it. That never happens normally.

Dr John

I suspect part of the “thrill” of harming these children is in knowing “KNOWING” it is WRONG and the thrill/joy of not getting caught. Thus the dressing room is a public place where they do the dirty did and almost get caught. Another high for these perverts.

It is not so much sex, but POWER over someone else. To defile a hostage so badly and they can do nothing to stop it! Sex is simply the ultimate violation along with beatings and killing.



Trump is a cave dwelling piece of shit jew.


Horrific! It seems too terrifying to be real. I understand there may be similar ads on online Walmart sites? Selling “shoes” and such, at insanely high prices. Waaay more prevalent than most of us could ever fathom. Sick ba@%&ds!!! If anything warrants a death penalty, that does. Poor babies.

Church lips

“Fall of the Cabal” series had a similar piece on Wayfair and explains why their prices are so outrageously high.

William Turner

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Last edited 5 months ago by William Turner
John .S

Nikki Haley Cancels Iowa Event; Video Shows Empty Room.

breitbart com/politics/2024/01/08/nikki-haley-cancels-iowa-event-video-shows-empty-room/


Haley is a WEF deep state shill like Vivek….. All talk and no substance when you get underneath the veneer.




Good news!! Beware, Haley is NOT “no substance.” She is already declaring rabid NWO policies, such as funding Ukraine till the U.S. goes bankrupt, and I believe would go so far as to switch parties to win. She is a vicious “Bushie.” From what I hear re. the NH primary, she could make a decent showing there on 1/23 because Sununu has TDS.


That’s why they didn’t let Biden campaign but kept him in his basement. I saw one time when he actually gave a speech in a park. There were all of 7 people there! His handlers had to enlist some of the media to sit in the audience which brought it up to a grand total of 12 attendees. Contrast that to the 35,000 persons who attend Pres Trump’s rallies!

Just Me

Thank you Russia, One of Satan’s spawn just woke up in Hell for his evil deeds against humanity.




Our prayers are with You and Your Lived Ones.
Semper Fi,




The Mexican Cartels have been fully running the Mexican Government & Military. Along with the CIA, they have controlled International Drug Trade and Human (Child Sex) Trafficking through Mexican shipping ports.

Mexico was getting ready for a massive collapse of the country after White Hat exposure of the Cartel Operations that were supported with funding and direction of the CIA, UN, DAVOS Group and BlackRock subsidiary companies.

The Biden Justice Dept./FBI was Hiding Hard Drives/Tapes Shot by Jeffrey Epstein and the Intel Agencies Chronicling their Abuse of Children. It’s clear that the FBI is complicit in PROTECTING HIGH PROFILE PEDOPHILES by not releasing the footage. Much like the Mainstream Media protected, and ran cover for Epstein’s entire blackmail operation for many years.


“They”(msm) said Kissenger died, BS, out of sight – out of Mind, ][ think not.
The most valuable s\/\akes go into hiding to quick..
There is nowhere to hide
tic,,, tic,,, ti





call 9/11 youre having a q retard stroke.

S alan

Same situation as Epstein….hiding in a white hats prison.


Mon. 8 Jan. UK, China Lockdown: Lockdown starting in Singapore, UK as well.

Incoming: The White Hats have planned a Summer full Exposure of the Planned 2021 Pandemic, Death Vaccines and corruption linking Military Intelligence Agencies, Banks and World Leaders to International Pedophil
Extortion & Money Laundering Rings.

Presently Trump was exposing the weaponized and controlled deep State U.S. Judicial System.



David T


David T

Awwww, I go downvoted, did I hurt widdle #B0faSuxCirusLiesLikeBiden’s feelings? Tsk Tsk Tsk.


Some of the Epstein Lists came out, but theres others too, even unseen Video’s that are starting to come out now, so everybody needs to pay attention because they are going to be very subtle until widespread.
Nobody Can Stop What Is Coming, Nobody.

HollyWood doesn’t take this seriously, little do they know. We offered them a choice, a chance and reconciliation if they would only turn in their Masters – they balked at the idea. Bad move!


who the f is we? do you have a vax pimp in your pocket ? you havnt left the recliner in 27 years.




As of this time (9/1/24, 8.07) there is no lockdown in UK….yet?


Mike, you gotta quit saying things like ,anyone has embarrassed the current criminal regime. I laughed so hard, I almost, never mind. Nobody can embarrass the Criminal Regime like pResident himself.😂🤣😂


Here’s his latest.

God said he will twist their tongues when they speak.


Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming.



truth is stubborn

Michael, the Kyiv region appears to be spelled Pechersky.

Name may derive from caves, which I speculate could even be why it lent itself to subterranean areas.

A dead Zaluzhniy could complicate things for them.

I would love to know if there’s any Russian-language counterpart to RRN where they discuss this stuff. I have to assume there must be something, in which case privyet druzya 🙂

Last edited 5 months ago by truth is stubborn

The collapse of the Federal Reserve System, the fall of Bitcoin and acceleration of cyber attacks are interconnected events that paint a picture of a world on the brink of a new world order.



David T



Take it up with Bofa then

David T

I did. Got a rise out of him too 🙂


New W O R L D Yes,,, order /\/0 !

Last edited 5 months ago by RG.SPIRITS ARBITUS

more copy paste bs that hasnt happened


Your just jealous you can’t post this kind of Information. Or your just a know it all kind of guy in that case just leave.

Last edited 5 months ago by Strike17
Angela James

Michael Baxter- 90% of these comments have nothing to do with your article. It is non-stop bantering back and forth with juvenile name calling. I know you believe in free speech and even those that disagree with you. But please get rid of those that are totally ruining this site. (Calling each other faggots, sex with your mom, all of the other sex talk, etc) They will go back and forth with each other like pre-teens 20 times in a row. It is really getting old to see this crap page after page every single time. Thanks.


MB doesn’t care Angela, he doesn’t bother to read or moderate this shit. He just writes an article every few days and sits back counting your donation money.

truth is stubborn

On the contrary, he does care, so would you if it was your site.

BUT the poor guy can’t spend day and night moderating every possible thing, let alone executing suspensions except in egregious cases. Like oh, I dunno, excessive trollery, right Cy?

People’s expectations of MB are as excessive as their demands on the white hats to arrest every single name that pops into their heads.


Lol stubbs there is a huuuuge middle ground between “spending night and day moderating every possible thing” and what MB does, which is basically zero moderation whatsoever.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he doesn’t moderate this place. That would would put a damper on the entertainment I get here. Alls I’m saying is, when people like Angela here post these pleas to MB to actually spend his time moderating, they should be aware that he’s not going to, and there’s like a 99.8% chance he won’t even bother to see their comment.


This site is for INFORMATION, not entertainment.


Yes I know officially to get around algorhythms, …….




information can be fact checked and proven through numerous sources. Whether the stories here are 100 truth or 100 percent fiction im not sure. I can say for an absolute fact that this isnt information its entertainment. If the vax pimping white hats wanted to inform the public they would be on rsbn 16 hours a day updating the public to the actual truth. Instead they do this.

Last edited 5 months ago by noname

Ignore them. They think their childish, lunatic BS and lies will make us go away. But we will never go away. Their day is over, they just don’t know it yet. We’re just about ready to wipe them out with the truth. #TRUMP2024


We come here because there is no censorship. If MB started censoring people the accusations from the trolls would be far worse than it is now. If you want freedom from tyranny you’ve got to stop asking for tyranny – which always starts with getting someone else to make your decisions by creating & enforcing rules that shut the bad people up.

You just gave your decision making power to some rule maker so that you won’t have to avoid reading posts that annoy you. You’re at the wrong website – we come here because we are tired of the likes you coming along & trying to dictate who posts, what they post, & why?

I hate the spam but what I hate worse is not being able to post my thoughts because some thought police like you want stop mean people from speaking publicly when you’re around.

Could you be more narcissistic? This site is about hanging people that want what you want – to control people you have trouble with – instead of learning to ignore them and allowing them to exist. Go back to the Democrat party because that’s who believes the way you do.


Trump knew.

He knew the Clintons, Obamas, certain members of Congress and their Global Elite politicians and friends were loyal only to Satan and practiced Pedophilia, Organ and Adrenochrome Harvesting and Child Sex Trafficking Ring run out of the Vatican.

He knew the UN, UK Royalty, Vatican, Khazarian Mafia Deep State Cabal and their Rothschild, Rockefeller Central Banker’s privately owned Federal Reserve and IRS were intentionally destroying America from within.

He knew he was up against EVIL.

And, he also always knew that God gave him a mission to do something about it.

So, he did.


And that’s why he spends 12 hours a day posting on Truth Social whining about how he’s so badly mistreated, right


If you think President Trump runs his social media personally, you are wrong. He has a team- a small army running his day to day-




correct. he has to have time to pimp vaccines and whine about the media.


God gave ALL of US the Knowledge and & Truth of Humanity
______” Do No Harm ! ______


Increasingly, pod casters are reporting POTUS Trump died of recurrent prostate cancer in 2021 … time will tell.



cathy ness


Dave Kelly

REPORTEDLY Lloyd will be on the Colbert Show later this week. as soon as they work out the problem with Lloyd’s ears , REPORTEDLY

Debate Judge

Criminal Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin was allegedly killed in Kyiv on January 3 when Russian cruise missiles peltered a command bunker where Austin and Lieutenant General Valerii Zaluzhnyi, commander in chief of the Ukrainian Army, met.

Won’t this be more fuel for some to want to go to War with Russia?

Biden and Lindsey Graham probably will not accept from RUSSIA that Austin was not the intended target.


Well, L.A. was at the wrong time in the wrong place.
It is not his war. It is not his country. So, it is his fault.


RU killing our SOD is pretty big


No, because it didn’t happen

David T