Military Obeys Trump and Defies Criminal Biden Regime


As U.K. warships sortied planes and fired cruise missiles at Houthi-controlled sites in Yemen Thursday, American F/A-18s sat pilotless on flight decks, and cruise missiles were dormant in vertical launch tubes—even though Kamala Harris and Deputy Defense Secretary Hicks had ordered the Navy’s 5th Fleet to join in the assault.

With U.K. Storm Shadow cruise missiles streaking toward Houthi targets, the commander of a U.K. guided missile destroyer, the HMS Diamond, radioed his American counterpart aboard the USS Eisenhower and asked why the ship’s aircraft hadn’t catapulted off the deck and U.S. cruise missiles hadn’t left their tubes.

“We’re resolving issues; please stand by,” came the reply.

What ought to have been a coordinated, synchronous strike was anything but orderly, for the commanding officers aboard U.S. aircraft carriers and Arleigh Burke-class destroyers were in the midst of reconciling what can be described only as interminable uncertainty over whether Harris or Hicks had authority to deploy U.S. ordnance on foreign soil.

The breakdown in the chain of command, as previously reported by RRN, began in October when U.S. Navy flag officers, both ashore and on-board carrier strike groups, debated the legitimacy of the criminal Biden regime and whether they would obey a launch order issued by an illegitimate president and election thief. At the time, 5th and 6th Fleet commanders Charles Cooper and Thomas Ishee and four strike group captains denounced Biden’s presidency as fraudulent, saying only President Trump or his delegates had the authority to activate the Armed Forces.

However, not all the ships’ skippers agreed with their appraisal of the situation. The USS Laboon’s commanding officer, Commander Eric Blomberg, said he, his first officer, and the chief of the boat recognized Biden as a legitimate president. He had defiantly told Admiral Cooper that if Biden, Harris, Austin, or anyone in Biden’s presidential line of succession gave the order to fire, he would unflinchingly obey that directive.

“To refuse is mutiny,” he had said.

The tumultuous chaos escalated Thursday as the United Kingdom’s missiles illuminated the sky. A panicky Blomberg was on the horn with the fleet commander, urging him to abide by Harris and the defense secretary’s decision to engage the Houthi, who had been terrorizing merchant vessels. Vice Admiral Cooper reportedly retorted that the U.S. had no defense secretary and that Lloyd Austin, the man claiming to be the defense secretary, had been MIA for almost two weeks.

As an aside, although the Russians say Austin is dead, White Hat sources have expressed ambiguity over Austin’s true fate: “We can’t confirm or deny at this time he was killed in Ukraine.”

From aboard the Laboon, Blomberg told Adm. Cooper he would fire even if the USS Eisenhower refused to launch aircraft. According to a high-ranking source speaking under the promise of anonymity, the admiral cautioned Blomberg to not overstep his rank and said he would have no qualms about “bombing the Houthis to oblivion” if the order came directly from President Trump or General Eric M. Smith.

As Gen. Smith was unavailable, the call went to President Trump, the lawful commander-in-chief. Admiral Cooper hurriedly summarized the situation and wanted to know whether Trump, the actual president, would personally give the order to engage the enemy. Trump said his Mar-a-Lago War Room had been watching the crisis, and he asked the admiral two questions: “Are the Houthis a threat to U.S. assets? Are they a danger to commercial shipping?”

Admiral Cooper replied in the affirmative to both questions, and President Trump instructed him to pummel the Houthi encampments in Yemen using the full force and might of the United States Military.

At once, strikes came from the air, the surface, and the subsurface. Air Force strike fighters originating from a base in the Middle East and Super Hornets from USS Eisenhower roared into the air, armed with precision munitions. The strike was at approximately 2:30 a.m. local time, about 30 minutes after the Houthis launched an anti-ship ballistic missile at shipping lanes in the Gulf of Aden. In all, U.S. forces hit 60 Houthi targets in 16 locations.

This is an evolving story, and we are receiving hourly updates. We will post more on it ASAP.

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Robert Gregory Boensch

DeSantis Tries to Turn Military Against TrumpReal Raw News
October 26, 2022;
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Monday tried once again to sabotage President Donald J. Trump’s alliance with White Hat commanders in the US military, a source in General David H. Berger’s office told Real Raw News.
DeSantis, a potential 2024 Republican candidate, has not said definitively whether he’ll seek the Oval Office, but his badmouthing Trump clearly suggests his aspirations exceed just another term helming the Sunshine State. On Monday afternoon DeSantis was on the receiving end of a phone call initiated by Gen. Berger, who called not to discuss politics but to ask DeSantis why he had allowed the Federal Emergency Management Agency to run amuck in Southwest Florida following Hurricane Ian. Gen. Berger, our source said, had a tally sheet of the damage FEMA had wrought on displaced Floridians and their properties.
According to General Berger, rogue FEMA agents had plundered or attempted to plunder 125 evacuated homes in and around Naples, Florida. The White Hat partition of the US Military, Gen. Berger told DeSantis, had arrested or otherwise dealt with 47 FEMA desperadoes and retrieved 225 firearms and hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and jewelry the brigands had stolen from waterlogged homes. The general also said FEMA was directly responsible for the deaths of seven residents.
When asked by Gen. Berger to account for his complacency, DeSantis reportedly said, “Sometimes we have to look the other way for the greater good. I’m not happy about it, but our infrastructure isn’t getting rebuilt without federal money,” then tried to segue the conversation toward a “topic of greater importance:” the military’s unflinching support for Donald J. Trump.
DeSantis called Trump “damaged goods” and a “relic,” saying that Trump’s once unbreakable MAGA coalition had devolved into splinter cells—some quite insane—sans unified leadership. He called out people such as Stephen K. Bannon, Gen. Michael Flynn, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and longtime Trump ally Roger Stone as reasons why MAGA had become a meme.
“This clown Stone said he’d endorse a Trump/Kanye West ticket. How absurd is that? Crazy MAGAs might let that fly, but surely you, General, can see Trump’s time is done and he’s only marginally better than Biden. If Trump enters and you support him, you’ll be doing a huge disservice to the nation,” DeSantis said. “And let’s not forget, Trump is the father of Operation Warp Speed.”
That poignant comment, our source said, gave the general a moment of pause.
“No one’s happy about Warp Speed, but I didn’t see you on a pulpit condemning it. And if I remember correctly, you were all in favor of getting needles into the arms of senior citizens right out the gate,” the general snapped back. But here you are trying to shift the discourse rather than just answer a few simple questions.”
Speaking of FEMA, DeSantis said he had to pick which battles to fight and which to put on the back-burner. “Aren’t you, General, choosing your battles carefully, too?”
“Gen. Berger realized this conversation wasn’t going anywhere. DeSantis wasn’t interested in discussing FEMA—just impugning Trump’s character, so he opted to end the call. Prior to that, DeSantis got in a last remark, and told the general that if both he and Trump enter the 2024 primaries, the military would be wise to support him over Trump,” our source said.
Gen. Berger, however, scolded DeSantis, labeling him a “true, career politician.”
Appologize for the sluggishness this last week. Besides web site issues on the backend, have had family issues going on. My table will be clear as of Friday and we’ll be back posting with true lightning speed, as there is much going on. Thank you all for your patience.
DeSantis said he had to pick which battles to fight and which to put on the back-burner.
His Buns need a little Toasting
General Berger
Turn up the Heat
Today We need to travel back in history and see the public opinion on this
And with the Help of Michael Baxter
And Archive.Org
Here it Is in full color

Robert Gregory Boensch

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Robert G Boensch
Robert Gregory Boensch


They say it’s a movie we are watching, I have run out of popcorn multiple times, I’m sick of popcorn. When will the sheeple finally wake the F@$k up???


once the heard is thinned

Ann Augustine

Callous as it is, that’ll most likely be the marker. NPCs many of them we hope


Israel is in total control of the USA, it’s so fkin pathetic. We all deserve the Wrath of God on us all.


and yet your an idiot


In 20years time the US will have terror attacks by Houthi’s. In line with it’s long list of creating it’s own enemies. Remember the 80s when the cia trained the Muhjahedin in Afghanistan to fight the Russians. The taliban and Al Qaida or whatever label they have used was born. When will this bullshit ever end. The US is very good at manifesting it’s own fears by its own actions.


Yep, now we’ll have tens of thousands of Yemeni refugees settling in Podunks all over the USA.


I really don’t see the point of exciting the supposed terrorist invaders who have illegally entered the US. Our ships can have escorts who will handle houti threats. All other shipping are on their own . We have a naval base in Djibouti. Our threat is Washington DC. We need to bring US troops home and not get involved in foreign conflicts ever again as it’s all just cover and moneymaking for our corrupt politicians. Bombing Yemen and letting third world peasants bankrupt us…dumbest shit I ever heard of. Israeli zionists are a pedophile, child trafficking joke. Let them burn. God bless!




One Sarmat a day,
And Israel goes away.


and yet it’s all Gaza’s fault, they started it and then idiots like you show up spouting bullschitt, fvck Gaza, needs to be burned to the ground


heir own . We have a naval base in Djibouti. Our threat is Washington DC. We need to bring US troops home and not get involved in foreign conflicts ever again as it’s all just cover and moneymaking for our corrupt politicians. Bombing Yemen and letting third world peasants bankrupt us…dumbes.


It is such a great feeling every day to know that the US Admirals, Generals and JAG are truly in charge of the country and peace will eventually prevail. With the current fake joe admin, peace is not allowed into the USA, only millions of invading illegals are, in order to pick cherry tomatoes and get $5000.00 debit cards to get all set up to do just that.

Christopher Hudson

Hail to the TRUE CHIEF
let God arise and His enemies be SCATTERED


The white hats suck ass. They plan on letting them steal 2024 and “teach” us a lesson for four more years until there isn’t a country left to save.

Jonathan Ray Carmona

Nah, they don’t suck. I totally hate it too but they are just stuck fighting a gargantuan enemy that is over 4 centuries old and has global reach into all the secret military industrial complex corners of the world plus a die hard loyal main stream media; thus not something you can kill off with a few missile strikes or even a few pitched battles.

So if you don’t have the patience to wait this war out or the intelligence to understand the need for the long term White Hat operation then that is your problem. You need to shut up and sit down and wait.

You can’t eat an elephant in one sitting nor can any world empire be take down in a day let alone a one year especially if you are trying to do it as subtly as possible so as to stave off as many civilian casualties as possible. We already know what full blown war with a massive enemy is like: see both prior world wars for more details. We don’t need that.

PLUS doing it this was means a ginormous amount of the Deep State’s pawn apparatus doesn’t even realize they are at war or being systematically taken down which makes them all that much easier if targets to annihilate. I like that part allot.


My bro, who had security clearances, once told me that white hats at DARPA created the internet in order to fight the mass media stranglehold that ZOG had over information.

I see that as the turning point in the war against ZOG. However, I think they will not be fully deposed until sometime between 2030 and 2050. It’s a long slow war.

I watched in anguish as ZOG frantically scrambled to take over the internet between 2000 and 2010, and they succeeded quite well in doing so with their limitless counterfeit money.

But the information dam was cracked by the internet, and the crack keeps getting wider and wider as time goes by. As a result, ZOG is now totally discredited and slowly but surely on the way out.





William Turner

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Beautiful. The US armed forces helped control the situation. So glad.


helped escalate the situation. fify


Laboon Co and his officers need to be relieved of duty as they are traitors.




The White Hat Military know whom their CIC is. All that really matters. Good job!

William Turner

I’m making $90 an hour working from home. I never imagined that it was honest to goodness yet my closest companion is earning 16,000 US dollars a month by working on the connection that was truly astounding for me. she prescribed for me to attempt it simply. Everybody must try this job now by just using
this website… W­w­w.M­o­n­e­y­P­a­y­1.c­o­m


Thanks, Michael.


Remember I mentioned Autophagy a few weeks back? I’ll repost the fasting hours. Anyway, I was reading about this doctor finding a cure for cancer and sure enough Autophagy was mentioned.


This man pictured is called Otto Heinrich Warburg.

He was a German Physiologist and Medical Doctor born in 1883 and died in 1970.

Otto discovered a critical biochemical activity in our cells which would be a significant ideology in understanding how cancerous cells survive in our bodies through cellular respiration and metabolism.

This ideology is known as the WARBURG EFFECT and it shows that cancerous cells use a lot of glucose for surviving.

He won a Nobel Prize in 1931 for this discovery.

This study opened up possibilities of curing cancer by restricting glucose intake.

However, Big Pharma soon infiltrated this breakthrough and polluted it with chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

The best cure for cancer is by starving those cancer cells. When they are denied glucose, they undergo something called apoptosis or cell death. The immune cells through autophagy then swallow them and remove them from the system. This is achieved by:

4-8 Hours
• Stomach is empty
• Blood sugars fall & insulin is not produced
12 Hours
• Consumed food has been burnt Off
• Digestive system goes to sleep
• Human Growth Hormone (HGH) begins to increase
14 Hours
• body begins to use stored fat as energy
• HGH ramps up
16-18 Hours
• Fat burning ramps up & HGH skyrockets
24 Hours
• Autophagy begins (cell repair & cleaning)
• Glycogen stored are emptied
• Ketones released to blood stream (ketogenesis)
36-48 Hours
• Autophagy increased 300%
• Immune system resets and regenerates
• Entering deep ketosis
my ketocoach
60-72 Hours
• Autophagy reaches maximum benefit

Dr John

Where I would love to hear/find a cancer solution that works, Autophagy, works in some conditions allowing the cancer to die off and in other conditions it accelerates and exacerbates the caner. Use the treatment with extreme care and understand how it works and when. Do your research.

Here is a good research article that goes in to detail on its potential both positive and negative. it is a source I trust and a research paper that appears to be well researched and documented.

“Autophagy plays important roles in cancer metastasis; 4-acetyl-antroquinonol B has been shown to modulate autophagy and prevent the growth of ovarian cancer cells . Clinical studies have revealed higher levels of autophagic flux in distant metastases than in primary tumors; therefore, autophagy has stage-dependent dual roles in cancer which may facilitate the growth and spread of tumors and affect treatment resistance . Conversely, autophagy has been shown to act as a tumor suppressor during the early and late phases of cancer development by mediating the destruction and removal of carcinogens and cancerous cells, thus enabling the growth and development of healthy cells; however, under disturbed or uncontrolled conditions autophagy can promote cancer growth

It is a possible cure for some cancer patients, but can have some dangerous health hazards as well. As always do your research. It is something to look into. It just may not be for your specific condition.


Thanks John, it’s important to research those who are trying to restrict its use.

I do a 24 hour fast every Thursday from dinner one night to dinner the next…..I refrain from omitting my dinner 🙂 I don’t think calorie restriction is good at all, but a cleansing of the cells is a great idea, especially with all the toxins around.

 However, prolonged calorie restriction with excessive autophagy response is harmful and can stimulate a type II autophagic cell death.

Dr John

Moderation in anything including fasting is a good idea. Like a car our body runs on fuel. Restricting fuel on cars can burn cylinder walls and destroy engines. Our brain needs constant fuel and oxygen; other organs and the body’s chemical balance can be thrown off when lacking a sufficient diet. Who is to say were your Homo-status is at the start of a fast?

A better choice might be to look into probiotics, very interesting research that could for 24 hours supplement your normal diet while sustaining a modicum of nutrients.

Here is a wonderful article on probiotics that supports the health of cancer patients by retarding cancer growth.

There are tables to view of research reviews and successes.

Don’t stop there look to all types of probiotics and the health benefits. We make our own yogurt, sauerkraut or buy organic. Kiefer is another source of probiotics. Vinegar is also good for you. There are few natural foods, if any, that are bad for you and each likely plays a major role in our health.

Being industrious and a good neighbor I worked 12 hours straight without breaks digging by hand with a Madox. At 75 I am very strong with plenty of muscles and solid health. I did not drink enough water nor pay proper attention to my electrolytes and ended up with Gullian Barr syndrome.

Basically I threw my body’s chemical balance way off by over doing with out proper nutrition. I lost the most of the nerves from the lower rib cage down leaving me with minimal functionality in my legs and organs. It was very bad and now 15 months later I am walking normal and all of my organs are back to normal. My left leg has lost a lot of strength and muscle definition and may take another year of exercise to rebuild. I am excited that I can now walk a mile unassisted. Before I screwed up I was a well condition 215lb builder almost ready to to to show!

I tell you this so that you know I am not trying to lecture you, or anyone, but trying to present how easy and quick it is to really mess yourself up. I was strong, powerful and healthy and did a man size job helping my friend. If it had got to my lungs I could have died for my negligence. Over the next few weeks, I lost function after function. It was over and done in 2 weeks and the only recourse was months of painful therapy, AFTER my dead nerves grew back. I was on bed rest, wheel chairs, crutches, braces and on and on for 8 months.

One thing I learned is you don’t mess with or IGNORE mother nature. Lack of sufficient sodium, potassium, magnesium and water were my downfall!

All the best


Though I respect you Dr John, I find it hard to believe anything that came from the NIH.

Dr John

Like anything you have to be careful, I read the context and compare what I know and other sources. I agree, sometimes NIH is tricky to accept and must be rejected.




Think you’re going to be waiting quite a while for those, Eddy.



There is some definitive research taking place that now describes ‘cancer’ as a parasitical infestation, which is why ‘horse de-wormer’ & ‘dog de-wormer’ works.


My husband has been taking Fenbendazole for his cancer and his tumor shrunk from 10 cm to 7 cm so far as of his last pet scan. He takes supplements also, vit. C, D, E, curcumin and CBD OIL.


that’s great, I forgot the other drug that goes
with Fenbendazole


Quack Quack Quack


He also won the Nobel prize for his work with ivermectin. Cancers are parasite based so sugar/carbs feed the parasites. Smart man!


Hmmmmm so Trump approves an illegal civilian genocide against Houthis (for Israelis Edomites) and Slow Jo gets the blame. All losers.


It won’t be as easy as Trump thinks. Houthis has been harden by the war crimes the us and sa have been committing against Yemen all these years, they are extremely tough according to Scott Ritter.



William Turner

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Thank you Michael for your loyalty to President Trump, the White Hats, our Patriots and our most beloved Father, God.


Military Obeys Trump and Defies Criminal Biden Regime.

In as much as I would like to believe this I find it hard to. I really wish these RRN reports are not satire.

It was reported a few years ago that gavine newsome was arrested while unconscious and taken to GITMO and woke up learning of his fate, then executed. Today we see him all over the news.

Last edited 5 months ago by TrumpWillPrevail2024

The Gavin Newsom you have been seeing on tv is an actor. Just like the Biden you see is an actor.


Yeah, but it is business as usual so what difference does it make if it is the real person or an actor?

Anne Stallybrass

yes the actor is deep state too, but though it seems like biz as usual it lacks the degree of horrible punch of the original. That’s how you can tell the replacements, they are DS-trained but lack the degree of vileness of punch of the original.

It took quite a long time to replace and train N ewsome. That was another clue, reported here way back. But Calif is so DS (think Hollyweird) that they would be sure to push some punch through imho.


It doesn’t “seem” like business as usual IT IS BUSINESS AS USUAL. There is MORE of a punch than original. Ask the folks in CA.


Doubles or CGI

Eve Bright

TrumpWillPrevail2024, me too. I’m a Californian and want the crook & tyrant Gov. Oldsom gone. How I wish this is not a satire reporting. It so bad having him as he our governor. California is beautiful all year round. We can change politicians but we cannot change the California‘s nature has to offer. I am praying for better days. 🙏🏼 Yes, thru prayers….Trump will prevail! Trump for 2024! “Make America Great Again!”


I join you in praying for our beautiful state, beloved by us. California is our lovely state. We declare her free from all tyrants, foreign and domestic, human or demonic, bad and fake actors, CGI, clones or artificial intelligence.

We join together in faith and ask our Almighty God to come to our deliverance and expose all the crimes, schemes, lies, murders, thefts, witchcraft, sacrifices, curses, bribes, voo doo, lawfare, stagecraft, injustices in our courts, cover-ups and fraud that has been done against the people of California. We call You, JAHOVAH Nissi, our Victory to rescue us today in the mighty name of Jesus!

Thank you, Father for Your deliverance from ALL Your enemies. We love You! Amen.


Agreeing with you, Victoria. California is a beautiful state.

Eve Bright

𝗔𝗺𝗲𝗻! 🙏🏼




Put up wall 🧱 or you will be another TJ


Like others, Gavin has several doubles.
Put current photos of him side by side, and just like Bidiot, you will see differences.

Dawn Swank



And because of Trumps orders matters are worst … yeah go Donny. Don’t thinks so … just out the unbiased analysis of Alexander Mercouris …  Col Douglas Macgregor and Scott Ritter.

Definitely the wrong move.

Julielovesrocks Facebook

Trust the plan..Q

Julielovesrocks Facebook

Yeah carful not to jump to conclusions It’s a 🎥 the truth will be told soon there is Evil Nasty parts Israel were still in battle with! It all has to be flushed out! Then Our Beautiful Israel will shine and the Children will be free from torture Amen! Remember it’s all about saving the children! It’s all about God wins the Devil is a loser! Everyone should be praying for all this start today 🙏🙏🙏🙏

William Turner

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true patriot

Hey Baxter baby, can we get daily tribunal reports?

John .S

Thats a stretch, you’re asking for much. Better off asking for a RRN coffee mug.


Order one online. There are mug companies that will print whatever you like. This cheap-ass site doesn’t have a logo so it won’t cost much

Robert Gregory Boensch

President Trump is a nail sticking up. Like me and many of you, a lot of us are also sticking up. But they want to hammer us back down, subjugating and destroying every individual dissenter as their method to keep the world’s people under their thumb.
Now, we don’t have to be ridiculous with how we go about it, and certainly don’t need to act like assholes. But if you’re not taking a stand, being outspoken, and clearly making your views understood within your family and community, now is that moment to stand and be counted. If you don’t, down the road you’re going to wish you had because this revolution is well underway and will continue. These next few years are going to set the world on fire. You need to be part of bringing that change.
the purpose of which is to con us into perpetual servitude, manufacturing and wielding swords instead of the productive plow sheers we could be putting to work to help people; not fighting with and killing them. In this way, they dominate and control the world according to their globalist ideologies; not a classic and correct American ideology and mindset. Using perversions of true American views, we are manipulated to do their bidding. In the projection of ourselves out to the world, the American way is not one of being our brother’s keeper. Instead, it’s to be our brother’s brother; reaching out to help other nations, as opposed to the constant thirst for domination that those colonizing and centralizing crown families like to put people under. They manufacture enemies’

Because they see you as so dumb you won’t figure it out, they feed on who you are and what you desire to be.

The Trolls
But they want to hammer us back down, subjugating and destroying every individual dissenter as their method to keep the world’s people under their thumb.

A troll is a supernatural creature who is either very big or very small, ugly, and not very nice. You’re most likely to read about a troll in a fairytale — perhaps trying to trick a beautiful princess into marrying him!

But on Real Raw News
the purpose of A Troll is to con us into perpetual servitude,
instead of being the productive plow sheers we could be putting to work to help people;

 The saboteurs and infiltrators are continuously being identified and eliminatedor extracted,

Robert Gregory Boensch

Robert Gregory Boensch


This is what a troll sees in the mirror

Rene Labre

The details we receive on this are very sketchy, Incomplete.It is understandable why that is.These are not civilian matters.Not at high levels like that.


“At the time, 5th and 6th Fleet commanders Charles Cooper and Thomas Ishee and four strike group captains denounced Biden’s presidency as fraudulent, saying only President Trump or his delegates had the authority to activate the Armed Forces.”

Thank you for your courageous stand against the illegitimate Biden regime! You honor and inspire all patriots, including God & country with the stand you’ve taken. Bless you with safety & success in all your work & missions! Thank you for defending & protecting our Republic & our Constitution!!!


Um, didn’t Trump say to ALSO bomb the same Houthi?! What’s the freakin difference?! You’re ALL on the SAME FREEMASON NWO plate. It just makes “Biden” look bad, instead of Trump. Oh, yeah, Trump will step in and “save America”, right?! Wrong. Oh, yeah, I’ve seen the Freemason handshakes of Trump, Juan, (I mean, Wayne Willie), and all the wicked trying to fool us. “You can fool all people some of the time and some people all the time. But you can never fool all people all of the time”-Abraham Lincoln, who was killed for not becoming a FREEMASON because he believed in God, not Lucifer.

PS Thanks for killing my cats.

By the way, Where’s all the homeless people? Streets are completely void of them and their tents/belongings. Funny how they disappeared during the blackout….(perhaps in a bus going past my house up to the reservoir during the blackout?) 🤔

Last edited 5 months ago by Notfooled

All I have to say to you is that your screen name should be FooledBytheMSM. Whether you like it or not the military, the majority of it and they got rid of a lot of dissenters, sees DJ Trump as their CIC. I also have heard that a long time ago on another channel by a retired Marine who gets intel from a buddy on the back line. He doesn’t say anything to anyone about what’s going on until it’s done because he doesn’t want to give out military secrets to the enemy, same as Michael. You should really learn to read between the lines to see what’s REALLY going on here, to educate yourself before YOU are blindsided by what’s coming…because nothing is going to stop it.
And as far as DJ Trump goes, he IS the legal and lawful president, like it or not. Biden and Harris are insurrectionists. Remember the Insurrection Act that Trump signed? He knew this was coming. He knew what they would do and everything he told us they would do, they did. Because he’s got their playbook. They do the same thing over and over again, and never try anything new. They don’t create, only destroy. Yeah, you’re about as dead wrong about President Trump as anyone can be.


If the cabal have been reduced to using the homeless for their adrenochrome & organ harvesting operations, as a previous MB Baxter article intimated, then there would be your answer. Funny how Fentanyl is used to preserve organs for transplant.


Sorry to hear about your cats.


It is being reported by Conservative and Main Stream Media that Biden authorized a strike of innocent Yemen civilians without Congress’ approval which is a violation and he is even being accused by the demon-rats!


I watched Alexander Mercouris analysis of the US/UK strike … it looks like it is backfiring on them. No surprises there. According to Alexander the Houthis are defiant and plan to do more strikes against US and UK warships as well as other strikes.

Also the owners of the shipping company which Alexander stated was very predictable have deem it to dangerous to travel in what is now a war zone. So they have given orders for their ships not to travel through the Red Sea. Just the opposite of what the US/UK wanted.

I would imagine Scott Ritter will have something similar to what Mercouris reported. It will be interesting in what he has to say.


The Houthis are begging for the full might of the military to go in and destroy them individually, on the ground. That will happen, even if we don’t hear about it yet.You don’t know how one branch of the Marines/Space Force operates.


I don’t but Scott Ritter and Col Macgregor does and they say it’s a bad move.

You seem to not get that Houthis has been harded by the us an the saudis, with the war crimes they have been committing against Yemen for all these years, they have kept both at bay, even with the so called full might of the military even that you have not heard about it.


Fuck the Houthis. Send them to hell


They have been trying to do that to Houthis for several years now who have been protecting Yemen from the war crimes the us and saudi have been committing.

William Turner

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Trump event:
Sat, 1/13/24 at 3:00 pm EST and 7:00 pm EST (Atlantic & Sioux City, IA)


Many thanks for posting these!

Rose Mary Abbott

Why are they even going to the directed location if they are not going to do what they were there to do? I am glad they are rebelling against Biden. But just what did they go there to do? Why even go?


It’s where all the action is. At first it was like a drive-in show for big military ships. “Let’s hang out and see if someone wants bombs, missiles, or other interesting situations we might get to mess with.” Then it’s “bomb them Houthy’s”. Are they a threat “yes they are a threat”. “Ok go give them something to remember!”

It’s one of those simple logic things. Suppose you’re in the Atlantic somewhere near Cuba & an illegitimate regime has a war on over there & there’s nothing happening around Cuba but hurricanes & hurricane threats. This is a chance to go to the Mediterranean where the weather’s great in winter, the food is plentiful, the ocean is beautiful there; should I go on?

Human nature & orders that they agreed with – that were not a serious violation of the constitution. So they went. But blowing up stuff & killing people is more serious & those other black hats supporting the biden regime could still be hung for it. There’s no statute of limitations on constitutional violations.

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Do not attack President Trump He is a Christian, a warrior and a patriot, He is not a satanist Jesuit. You sound exactly like Ruth on this board, who called him a “member of the Black Sun” multiple times, which is an occultic secret society and he is not a part of that, either,. Watch your mouth and apologize.




The Trump and Biden show? Tom Heneghan explosive Intelligence says gore is pres. Just saying 🙂


He is correct. Long live President Gore 🫡


Y’all are idiots. The military knows the truth and Gore never ran.


All hail the Gore-mungus

orange julius

Time for Biden and Harris to walk the plank.

Rose Mary Abbott

Time for the whole Democratic Party to walk the plank with their little friends the RINOS!


Mutiny is a form of treason, giving aid and comfort to the enemy.


Yes, so do you obey the REAL president or the one sitting in office who stole the election and SAYS he’s the president? I’d rather take orders from the REAL president. That’s not mutiny or treason. Taking orders from the fake Biden regime IS treason!


Bad news about the “real “ president. Trump is out of office by his own admission. He LOST and no one has yet proven to a legal certainty that the election was stolen

Angela James

If the military is unsure if Austin is alive, can they not go to Walter Reed and expose the lie if he is not there? Can Walter Reed be prosecuted for allowing this lie, along with the media?


If you recall in MB’s report, military assigned to WR have told WHs that Austin was never there. Whether he was at WR isn’t the issue for WHs. The question is was he blown up at that strategy meeting in Ukraine or not?


I think he is dead as they, the black hats, were suddenly so befuddled and scrambling to come with some answer for his absence that they were willing to make him like being AWOL!! Which is a crime in the military!!!!
And they CAN’T TELL THE TRUTH as they would have to say WHY he was in Ukraine in the first place.


Clones aplenty


Something called “HIPPA”?


If you can be prosecuted for a lie, why aren’t the whole Biden regime, all the NIH, all the CDC, and all the WHO, along with a whole lot of other 3-letter organizations of the U.S. government not being prosecuted. Sure, some of them are, but it’s the tip of the iceberg because not enough Americans are making their voices heard and drowning out the ones who are screaming about doomsday scenarios involving ‘killer pandemics’, ‘climate change’, and half a dozen scenarios they dream up about alien invasions and the planet being obliterated by a random object from space…or our own star, the sun.
Trust the truth. NOTHING is going to destroy us, least of all the ones who are being exposed and taken down now.

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Deep State owns all politicians. Libtard military
..minorities. rainbows. Close borders. Narco state is here…

William Turner

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This is interesting. I suspect that Trump realizes that the so-called “Houthis” are yet another big fat zionist / Jewish psyop – a low key semi-phony war designed to provoke a BIG, REAL war, Russia vs. The West, that the zionists have been lusting for… for a long time.

Yemen can be thought of as the Jew-district of the Arabian Peninsula……. like Ukraine is Jewish-Russia.

When Trump asked Admiral Cooper, “Is this real? Are the “Houthis” REALLY sinking commercial vessels?”, he realizes we’re all dealing with so much fake, contrived information as to be almost impossible to see reality through the zionist fog.

Yep, Trump is onto the game alright. It will be fascinating (understatment!) to see how this plays out. Ian Fleming or Tom Clacy can’t write stuff anywhere near this intriguing !

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And Russia is smart enough not to bite. They know it’s a bait.


Found on the web:


https ://

Expanded, detail-packed version of his 15 minute whiteboard presentation shown in part in the clip above here:

Dr.SHIVA(TM): SHATTER THE SWARM. How The Few Control the Many.

https ://

AyushOjha-93: “When the interests converge, you don’t need a formal conspiracy” — George Carlin

Related link buried by GooTube and only found via a website Dr. Shiva has online shown in the Rumble clip above

Get Educated, or Be Enslaved(TM)- Join the Movement for Truth Freedom Health(R)

https ://

An actual, last known example of this is
https ://
https ://

Organic, grass-roots movement against ‘the moneyed elite’ that got eventually infiltrated, co-opted, and squashed by paid agents of those same elites–the protesters, defeated, eventually disappeared and it was back to ‘business as usual.’

And here we are today (2024-01-13) in the midst of a planned genocide by way of the bioweapon-fueled ‘Plandemic’ (2020 – ) of most of the world’s population that (thankfully) backfired and a (hopefully) ongoing counterattack by the (White Hat) military forces around the world against this unprecedented evil. If that is not actually the case in the end, may The Almighty help us all….

Last edited 5 months ago by IsThisFairUse2

Be careful with ANYTHING on Wikipedia. They are controlled by the Deep State, are right-leaning in anything political. When they start saying something is a ‘conspiracy theory’ 9/10ths of the time it’s the truth.

Last edited 5 months ago by Rhaazyk64

I know, found out in the past Wikipedia co-founder

https ://

is a WEFfer

https ://

and just recently found out

https ://

is involved with it (as owner behind-the-scenes?).

According to some truthers, George is gone and his son

https ://

is calling the shots now.

I use Wikipedia links as they are convenient, ubiquitous and ‘authoritative’ as links to it are used by YouTube in ‘infoboxes’ to (proven) ‘conspiracy theory’ videos to mislead clip viewers to (likely) half-truths and obfuscation at select Wikipedia articles selected for this dastardly purpose by the DS. When I see these ‘infoboxes’ on YouTube clips I KNOW the clips are ‘legit’ and have worthwhile truthtelling content in them that YouTube ‘pooh-pooes’ with their ‘infoboxes’ and want viewers of these clips to disregard them as ‘conspiracy theory’, a term weaponized by the DS intelligence agencies (the

https ://

I think).

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” — William J. Casey, CIA Director

Now however, Wikipedia is 100% truthful when the content CANNOT be spun to fit a DS narrative such as this Wikipedia article I ALWAYS use for this purpose:

https ://

Tell me, how can you ‘spin’ the mathematics that made this world famous data encryption/decryption algorithm? It was used for a time in web browsers to secure confidential data transferred over the internet when it was replaced with the current, more complicated, government approved algorithm

https ://

I am reminded of these quotes:

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”
— Albert Einstein

“Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”
— Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Real life example, classic

https ://

https ://

Classic mousetraps only have 3 parts: a wooden platform, a spring-loaded ‘kill bar’, and a 2-part latching mechanism that keeps the trap in the armed position ready for a mouse to trip the latch and quite likely get killed when the ‘kill bar’ slams down on them in a fraction of a second.

Take away any one of the 3 parts and you have a non-functioning mousetrap. Where I stay at, I have a hole a pipe goes through that mice can come inside from the outside which they have done in the past but so far, no more (for now). I closed off things with bits of plexiglass and corral them to a line of 5 ‘jaw style’ plastic snap traps that is blocked on one end. Assuming a (generous?) 50% chance of triggering any one trap, a mouse has a 96.875% chance of getting trapped — basically 100%. The one end is blocked so they have to turn back to go back down said ‘pipe hole’. This increases the chance of getting trapped either way to 99.90234375% — again, basically 100%.

Son of Ethan allen

Once the entire us military gets on
Board with Trump, Biden is finished.


The military is not exactly known for “independent thinking” but uniformity. Do you actually believe the young kids who go in are going to turn?


You are saying two oppositional statements.




It looks that way.


So who goes to the World Court.
Trump or Biden both or none for war crimes ?


Both, it’ll be like a sitcom with both of them squeezed in a little witness stand at the same time, bickering about who REALLY gave the order


Not Trump. he is the REAL Commander-in-Chief.


Neither. But, God will judge. Some day.


Yes. U love Israel. Liked party. U love Trump. Drumph…..zionism

Sparky Sr

hmmmm very interesting…. it looks like Trump is cutting off the source.
He who controls the sea controls the lanes…
He who controls the lanes controls the supplies…


You can say that again. Because of Trumps brilliant strike the ship organization have lost confident in the US/UK and have deem the area a war zone and have ordered their ships not to travel in the Red Sea … what kind of impact do you think that will have?


Off topic…sorry…but…I just learned the NWO are meeting in Davos again soon. Can anyone get in touch with Putti Pute and get him to drop a MOAB on their dam heads???? Save the world with one grand BOOM!!!!

Rose Mary Abbott

Every year in the month of June all of the Cabal elites will go to a not so secret secret meeting place and set up their plans to further control us. Drop a bomb on that meeting and it’s all over! It’s supposed to be illegal to attend it. The Bilderberg meeting is what it is called.


Tempting. Oh so tempting it must be. But reducing ourselves to their level of crime is not the way forward. The cost of freedom is infinite & the sacrifices to keep it in the face of a planet of thieves coming after everything you’ve got is challenging. But yes who would not love to nuke that group if it wasn’t such a bad idea?


Not one country on planet Earth can beat, overtake, destroy, or obliterate, the USA today, militarily. The dems however, can and do destroy the country, every other way though.




Last time I looked, RUSSIA was on this earth realm