Merrick Garland Military Tribunal, Day I


The United States Navy Judge Advocates General’s Corps on Friday began but did not conclude the tribunal of Attorney General Merrick Garland, whom the Office of Military Commissions has charged with treason for weaponizing the Justice Department against President Donald J. Trump and the innocent protesters who visited the Capitol peacefully on January 6.

As reported previously, U.S. Special Forces arrested Garland on January 28 in Maryland, following his return to the U.S. from Poland, where he had been cowering and remotely directing the DOJ, hoping patriotic justice wouldn’t chase him overseas. As has been the case with myriad Deep Staters, Garland felt an uncontrollable urge to return to the roost, Washington D.C., and dropped his guard just long enough for White Hats to scoop him up. Once captured, the weaselly man who had often stoically insisted his Justice Department was impartial and equitable, devoid of bias, regressed into a heap of sniveling flesh, bewailing his predicament and asking Jesus to “please kill Donald Trump,” an odd request considering Garland is Jewish.

Garland’s lawless rule led to the wrongful incarceration of numerous patriots, but he couldn’t stomach five minutes behind bars. In pretrial confinement at Camp Delta, Garland had proclaimed his innocence, screaming, “Let me out of here,” while insisting he had only ever enforced the letter of the law, crossed every ‘t,’ and dotted every ‘I.”

JAG, however, contended that Garland bent the law to fit the Deep State’s sinister agenda and, when necessary, invented new rules aimed at eroding the Constitution and depriving citizens of their rights and freedoms. Garland had naturally refuted that allegation during an early interview. According to Garland, he had claimed he was simply an appointed official tasked with punishing felons, among them the J6ers and President Trump.

Vice Admiral Darse E. Crandall’s opening statement at Friday’s tribunal painted Garland not as an administration lackey but a puppet master who pulled Biden’s strings. He contended that while a reclusive Biden hid in his basement, Garland, Antony Blinken, Alejandro Mayorkas, and the late Lloyd Austin steered the nation toward destruction.

Garland, who had chosen to represent himself, was handcuffed to the defense table and peering over his eyeglasses as the admiral informed the 3-officer panel that JAG wanted Garland to hang for his crimes against America and its people. JAG had advised detainee Garland to display proper courtroom decorum; unruly outbursts would be met with a swift, harsh rebuke.

His opening remarks were succinct: “I am innocent of all charges. President Joseph R. Biden appointed me as Attorney General of the United States. I dispassionately applied equal justice to all and shall be vindicated.”

Admiral Crandall argued that Biden’s naming of Garland attorney general in March 2021 was merely ceremonial and that corporate entities and foreign dignitaries vetted him for the role as early as January 4, 2021. He called his first witness, President of the European Council and Bilderberg member Charles Michel, to the stand.

Real Raw News learned Monday that JAG arrested Michel on espionage charges on February 5. He had agreed to testify at Garland and other Deep Staters’ tribunals in exchange for a 25-year prison sentence. We have no information on his arrest and situation beyond what is described in the rest of this article.

Michel supplied his backstory and academic and work history and identified the defendant by pointing at him.

“Mr. Michel, you’ve met detainee Garland before today, haven’t you?” the admiral queried.

Michel nodded. “Only once.”

Garland straightened in his seat as if an electric charge had passed through him. “This is a set-up; I swear I’ve never met this man in my entire life.”

“Detainee Garland, we’ve discussed this. You can redress the witness once I’m finished,” the admiral said. “Now, Mr. Michel, how and when did you meet the defendant, and what were the circumstances of the meeting.”

“I met Merrick at his house in Maryland to inform him he would likely be the next Attorney General in the United States,” Michel said.

“I’m an educated man, Mr. Michel, but this confounds me, so correct me if I’m wrong. You’re a Belgian citizen. What in the world would give you authority to promise detainee Garland anything?” Admiral Crandall asked.

“I was more a messenger,” Michel replied.

‘Deliver whose message?” the admiral asked. “Who told you to speak to the defendant?”

“I was told on a video call with a man who looked very much like Barack Obama and Jean-Pierre Lacroix,” Michel replied.

Lacroix, a French national, is the under-secretary-general for Peace Operations for the United Nations.

“At the same time?” said Admiral Crandall.

“If you mean, were we all on the call simultaneously, the answer is yes,” Michel said.

“Why did you qualify your mention of Obama with ‘looked very much like’?” Admiral Crandall probed.

Michel shrugged. “As I understand things now, based on rumor and innuendo, not any real proof I’ve seen, Barack Obama might have been dead long before that call, and the person perhaps pretending to be him was just some man in a mask. I know there’s a man running around pretending to be me, so why not him, Obama, too.”

“And now, in retrospect, do you not have the same concerns about Lacroix?” the admiral continued.

“Him I’d met before, entirely unrelated. It was the real Lacroix,” Michel said.

The admiral reached for a pitcher of water and poured a glass. “Why Garland? Was there an impetus for wanting him to be Attorney General over anyone else?”

“Because he had the credentials and already hated Donald Trump and Trump’s supporters and political allies. He was the perfect choice. Trump and his people represented a disturbance, you see, a schism in the order of things. Merrick was told he’d be appointed prior to our meeting’; my job was seeing him face to face, getting a read on him, and making sure he understood that Trump was to be put in jail, made ineffective, or even killed,” Michel said.

“You tell an illuminating story, Mr. Michel, in which shadowy foreign figures influence presidential appointments and dictate U.S. policy. It’s all cloak-and-dagger. Besides your word, have you any proof to substantiate your claim?” the admiral said.

“The only physical proof I had is what you already have,” Michel responded.

“Then let’s take a look,” said the admiral. On a large screen he broadcast a recording of Michel’s video call with Obama and Lacroix, whose faces appeared side by side. Obama did most of the talking.

“Mr. Michel, Merrick Garland will be expecting your visit. He understands you are our emissary. We expect you to reiterate our message to him: once confirmed by the Senate, he will use the full weight of the Justice Department to hunt down every insurrectionist at the Capitol. And with the FBI at his disposal, he can once and for all deal with Donald Trump and his family,” Obama enunciated each word slowly.

“And, Monsieur Michel, you report back, let us know if he has trepidations,” Lacroix said.

“We do not expect that to be a problem,” Obama said.

“I understand completely,” Michel said in response.

The admiral faced the panel. “Army Cyber Command evaluated the clip. They say they’re 98% certain the voice is Obama’s, but only 76% the face is really his. But whether or not that’s the real Obama and Lacroix is largely irrelevant. What’s important is whether the defendant agreed to this unnatural union of forces determined to weaponize the DOJ for political gain.”

He continued: “Mr. Michel, what did you personally tell detainee Garland, and what was his response.”

“I told him that both Obama and Biden wanted him as long as he pledged to eliminate Trump. And he told me he planned to do that anyway, that getting rid of Trump and his MAGA would be his capstone achievement,” Michel said.

“Was there any concern, Mr. Michel, among you and your associates that he wouldn’t pass muster. I mean, a president appoints, but the Senate confirms.”

Michel waved his hand dismissively. “Confirmation was a formality. The result was never in doubt, Admiral Crandall.” Michel wore a sinister grin.

“No further questions at this time,” the admiral said. “Detainee Garland, you may cross Mr. Michel.”

Garland cleared his throat. “I’d like to approach the witness.”

“Mr. Michel can hear you just fine from where you’re sitting,” the admiral retorted.

Garland said, “You claim we met at my house. You’re a liar. I’ve never seen you before today.”

“The detainee will not badger or antagonize the witness,” the admiral chimed in. “Consider this your first and final warning, detainee Garland.”

“If, as you claim, we had this imaginary meeting. Where in my house did we meet? Can you describe my home’s interior?”

“Merrick. Remember, when we met, you asked me to call you Merrick, not Mr. Garland. I only saw a hallway and your sitting room. I sat on a burgundy sofa facing a bay window overlooking a dead garden. You were at a desk, oak, if I recall correctly. You were proud of it and said it belonged to your father. Behind you was a bookcase that stretched from wall to wall and floor to ceiling. You grinned at hearing you would have unilateral control of all domestic matters of justice,” Michel said.

Garland appeared uneasy, wobbling on his feet.  “Thi..this is entrapment. You rehearsed this. You, Admiral Crandall, or your people must have raided my house and told this man, whom I’ve never met, what was inside. I’d like a recess and access to a law library please.”

“Well, I’ll grant you that request, detainee Garland, and see you get the books delivered to your cell. This tribunal will resume at 0900 on Monday morning.”

The admiral ordered MPs to escort Garland to his cell and instructed the panelists to not discuss the case among themselves or with anyone else without his explicit instructions.

I am expecting to receive notes on Monday’s proceedings this evening.

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Robert Gregory Boensch

We need every one that can – please post on this blog today.
And every Day!
Every pieces of data can fill in our puzzle and save this country.
Each little pixel has value and can give Us a deeper picture of what happened
So I say to all that can To Be Brave and please comment On any thing that you
know that can free this country and the people of this planet from evil.
All data has value even if its off the topic of this blog today
Please Tell.
We come together today as equals nobody has better info than another
For this is One for all and all For one === MAGA ===
Robert G Boensch
Robert Gregory Boensch

Like President Trump Said Many times.
We Love You You Are Very Special Lets Do this And Be Safe.

Robert Gregory Boensch

Robert Gregory Boensch
Who Am I.
And Am I on the Federal Watch List
I am kind of like the Ghostbusters is a 1984 American supernatural comedy film .
But in My case you never have to Call
Deepwater Horizon?
The Day I took control of The United States Government by Robert Gregory Boensch. And You the people Have This power today Watch this video and see the way. What caused the explosion on the Deepwater Horizon? As more details emerge about the events leading up to the explosion and sinking of the Deepwater Horizon, it has become clear that the single-minded drive for profit and a total lack of regulation created the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. In the United States Congress A Bp Official was asked how do you market your oil. He answered they hedge three barrels of oil to one barrel of production. Search this price of oil and look at their contracts, Was there an incentive for them to Shutdown the Gulf of Mexico oil production. Now comes My Involvement in this disaster. The Whitney Township was waging their first war With my Family. And I was defending my Farms from this action. And after 30 days of all the noise about this [disaster]. I took a day to investigate every piece of evidence and videos on the web I could find. The next morning I wrote a two page paper of my findings and sent this to BP, and the Government Agency handling of this. And also one of my Detroit Lawyers, No response From the government. The two of us watched this and talked about it every few days. It was so risky in how they were handling this action. And one day they were scheduling A very dangerous maneuver. I had no choice But to call congress directly. And aid answered the phone I asked him if he was in front of a computer he said Yes. I gave him my Web address and had him open it. Then Asked him if he could see two pages of PDF s, he said yes and wanted to know what this is about. I Asked him if he could print these out he said yes and printed them and I asked can you read them. He said yes a what should he do. I said send them up to who’s in power. At this Moment I took control of the congressional and Federal well control of this accident. They halted all of their action and let the well leak per my order. And built the Well control Cap to my Specification. Why would they do this you ask. Because this was an extinction level Event. If they would have loss the riser package off the well head or any part of this. There would have been such a high volume of material, and at an extremely high pressure, And a high chance of blowing the whole well casing out of the hole. And then this would cause all of the sediment in the gulf to be in Suspension for up to 40,000 years as this was calculated and referenced in an engineer published chart From my knowledge in studying. And then The salt water would flow back into the well and increase the salt level of the oceans and probably turn them to complete ice. They then understood my plan was better? What happened to the township war nothing Good and lost just about everything We had. President Trump says pick your battles wisely. The choice I had was save my Family and take a chance of all of us perishing, Because, the strong possibility Of this being An extinction level Event. Or take Control Of the United States Government, Question Did I make the right Choice? PS, A couple of G men showed up to one of my lawyers friends house in Detroit, after this well was cemented in and questioned him all about oil well control in the gulf. Something he knows nothing about. And the lawyer that I was corresponding with had the paper work Asked Me all of the Question that were relayed to him. I answered them, and Most of the questions were very obscure, child like, with no understanding of the Industry, then I told the G men listing on the phone, Just talk to me direct the next time you can’t handled a disaster? A true Story and there Is two lawyers in Detroit that were involved. In the United States Congress A Bp Official was asked how do you market your oil. He answered they hedge three barrels of oil to one barrel of production. Search this price of oil and look at their contracts, Was there an incentive for them to Shutdown the Gulf of Mexico oil production. This is another point. I watched this congressional testimony. They only had to ask one more question and We would have had a testimony and evidence of Murder of the workers that died. And an intentional world biological event against the world Etc. And What I saw was Just a play with congress and BP. I could see the dollars flowing from BP to congress. All of these congressional members are accessories to this act That had stocks in BP Schlumberger This Company in which I respect. Do they have culpability in this action [Accident] And was never Question that I know Of! On that day when I searched for all the data. It was reported that Schlumberger Told BP to shut the well In Meaning Kill this Well Cement the Whole Well In And the BP on deck refused. Schlumberger operator on the rig turned around went into his office. And called in a Helicopter and Removed their people immediately. and A boat came to the rig and removed All of their instrument’s Which is never done unless the rig is going under. Where did all of this data Go. Any one on an offshore Rig has authority To Shut the Rig Down! From Just Facts and Questions Robert Gregory Boensch
Can you see I am on All Of the Watch Lists
and probably in the top Ten.
Up until this action Everything I did was in the Dark .Undercover And No fear of
being Caught.
So Am I worried about My Life.-They all ready have taken me Down so many Times!
This is all part Of Gods plan for Me!
Every Day is just another day At my office.
Your Commander
Robert Gregory Boensch

And Today All that Gather Here Are the New commanders
TAKE Command of you life your Family and This Country

Robert Gregory Boensch

This is the new Law
And Our starting Point Use the PDF below print it out and its good in all of our States and territories. just change my name and state
Our Restore Point is 1657
1657 Flushing Remonstrance
Wee are bounde by the law to do good unto all men, especially to
those of the household of faith. And
though for the present we seem to be unsensible for the law and the
Law giver, yet when death and the
Law assault us, if wee have our advocate to seeke, who shall plead
for us in this case of conscience
betwixt God and our own souls; the powers of this world can neither
attach us, neither excuse us, for if
God justifye who can condemn and if God condemn there is none can
Before the 2020 election there was a short video on the
internet showing President Trump Being President for the year’s
And this is a true story of how long he will be president of these
united states.
Why you ask
Because he has limited power as the Commander in Chief of this
If he exceeds this power he will become a dictator?
Now why is the people in the Jan 6 still in jail.
The military has no power to intervene in this cause or any cause in
this conflict?
They only step in and do an action to protect our constitution.
Or else their action will be a military coup
So who does have the power.
It’s the people in these States.
The only way to end this insurrection By law is to address your
states congress
by petition or a remonstrance.
Now we all know how corrupt these people are.
Especially Michigan.
And my beautiful relation with them?
And also (I) we have to stay in line with the constitutional
But this is also a disadvantage to end this action the Insurrection.
So in come’s the The Flushing Remonstrance of 1657
The whole base of this is our God given rights.
And it precedes our constitution and the law of war manual.
So I started with a clean Sheet
and the first thing on it was Remonstrance
And then it was built with the needs that we needed address today.
And there is a couple of constitution laws inserted.
And also part of the law of war manual.
In Michigan this was presented and accepted by default of response?
This remonstrance is Reciprocal to the other 49 states and territory
of this country?
Give President Trump back his full power.
And let the Military go be the best they can.
If you would really like to release the Jan 6 prisoners.
You The People of these States Have this Power
and no one else on this planet can help you
rise up and peacefully Speak
to those around You!
And when we End this insurrection
We then can restore our Constitution
And start Building This Constitutional Republic on a clean Base!
We The People of these States Have this Power
and no one else on this planet can help Us
rise up and peacefully Speak
to those around You
Ps this insurrection and also the Remonstrance suspend all elections
until the insurrection is over
and the Remonstrance removes the biden Electoral College votes
and all of the bad actors and their staff.
And For Justice
Expunge The first and second impeachment Of President Trump
suspended elections
This is why President Trumps video
Showed 2020-2024-2028-2032 etc.
it was a clue and a big reveal
Robert G Boensch
Robert Gregory Boensch
Why Wait till 2032
for this to be OVER
2020 election


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Last edited 3 months ago by Kitty

Look at the photo of Garland; it’s easy to see he looks like Geo. Soros. Another family member, just like Madelaine Albright, no doubt. And none of them are Jewish; they all worship satan. Soon he’ll be in hell where he belongs. God is removing the tares (satan’s children) from amongst the wheat (God’s children), just as He told us long ago in Scripture.


You got it right, they do worship satan. Am very sad that Madeleine Albright, America’s 🇺🇸 first female secretary of state and a Holocaust survivor, told a journalist that it was worth it that many, many kids had to die, despite her power and authority to ensure that would not happen or at least put restrictions in place to protect the innocents. Even if the US was going after a perceived enemy and had ro use force.


Absolutely!!! Thank you Father!!

just looking

Where’s blinkin ?


Terminated by Russia


I think that likely is right. Last time I saw a man I believe was him, who knows now, he was on the right of the screen and looking highly distressed and I do believe that was in Russia. Like Putin said, “We do things differently here.” Did you see the report, here or elsewhere, about him telling some teckie pushers NO 5-G and why?

A man dared to stand and say American allies said not harmful. That man hit the floor as soon as a Putin-ordered bullet hit his forehead. Still the efforts to install 5-G persisted at great risk and did NOT pay off.

Unsure now, what Blinken did, but I believe that he never did again would be correct.


Blinkin was executed by China back in June of 2023.


So much going on…………………… but still anxious to see what happened on DAY TWO of his tribunal……… and hopefully his GUILTY OF TREASON verdict! THanks Michael!


The train is coming 🎉


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Lady Hermann

Great article Mr. Baxter: Wanted to show you a mistake I found in grammar:
“I was told on a video call with a man who looked very much like Barack Obama and Jean-Pierre Lacroix,” Michel replied.

Should “man” not be “men”?

Comet Ping Pong

I always appreciated Mr. Garldand’s efforts in helping to prosecute and ultimately sentence to death (Oklahoma City Bomber) Timothy McVeigh. Some of the posts I see here make me wonder what RRN faithful would think if a terrorist event like that happened again. I see some comments referring to being sick of waiting on the storm and implying that they might take action themselves. It reminds me of something McVeigh would say.

If any of you are plotting something like the OKC bombing, please reconsider. Mcveigh thought he would start a revolution. He was put down like a sick dog and is now remembered only as a baby killer. He did nothing to further his cause.

I’m sure there is probably a whole storyline in this RRN universe that I am not aware of where McVeigh and his like are the White Hats and they were set up as part of a deep-state plot. If you believe that then I don’t know what to say. Just please don’t do anything to hurt anyone because of some imaginary battle between white hats and a baby-eating cabal and/or lizard people.

Watch all WrestleMania you want, but if you run in the ring and join the action, you’re gonna regret it.

I guess my point is that Garland is probably a decent guy and he doesn’t deserve all this stuff made up about him even if it is satire.


McVeigh was set up by the feds.
And Garland is NOT a decent guy.




Okalahoma City Bomber was not working alone. Markings indicating property of the US were seen on unexploded bombs indicating an inside job which was meant to be much larger. Other nefarious doings, were found, at his own expense after he retired, by Ted Gunderson, former head of San Francisco FBI.

Another was the scandal around San Francisco day care. Tunnels children taken through to be trafficked were filled when suspicion arouse. Gunderson, excavating found a childs backpack only just before knowledge of the trafficking. Evidence denied and could not be brought to court. Gunderson met an early demise via cynaide poisoning.

Courts are corrupt to the core, including the Supreme Court three members of which have been outed to some extent. ONE maybe an ethical fellow. A recent attempt was made on his life.

I VERY much doubt Garland was ever upstanding at all, or unlikely he’d have gotten to his position. He’s always struck me as being so very weasel like. Bank accounts and other activities, if produced likely to tell a tale. However, tribunals, being efficient, tend to focus on the sufficient.

Much more to the Timmothy VcVie story. Former military. Enraged. Likely justified. Maybe he came up with the Oklahoma idea or maybe someone else did and his state of mind proved advantageous. I think the latter, and probably the mission was to create an earlier ‘9/11 type’ event.

Nothing as it seems.

Comet Ping Pong

I remember Gunderson and his theories on the bombing. I wasn’t familiar with the San Fransisco stuff. I double-checked just now; he died at age 82 after a long battle with bladder cancer. Are you thinking of someone else who met an early demise? Anyway, if you think McVeigh was in state of mind that led him to be easily manipulated to do the bombing, then I hope you would agree that there alot of potential McVeighs on this website that might be led to action from these stories that are posted here at RRN.


You are simply a FUCKING liar!


Impossible to tell armchair ranters from dangerous dupes. Many sadly damaged, intentionally, I believe.

Gunderson, according to close friend, a doctor, was in good health but had discoloration of fingernails, very indicative of cyanide. Ted bent on mission and did not get detoxed. His house had been broken into. Lived a dangerous life of exposing nefarious deeds. Basically hunted.

Heart attack? Doc didn’t believe it. 82 is about time for a healthy person to die? I think a myth, embedded in consciousness by LIES of greedy profiteers, who thrive by profiting from illness. If one wants health they better seek it for themselves. As for heart attacks, you know there are near undetectable ice darts used to induce these? MAYBE double measures were taken.

He also helped Kathy O’brien and Arizona Wilder MK ultra victims. First case was Dr McDonald? Military doc accused of murdering his wife, pregnant and his child–I think. Gunderson said he’d do it but told him the minute he thought he was guilty he’d quit. Never did. Case against the man EXTREMELY flawed. That doctor was apparently disturbed by soldier’s corpses returning with drug filled cavities. Wanted it stopped. Also dangerous path. No room for integrity in world of dirty tricks.

Gunderson said he had no idea of the dirty goings on till he was out. Busy people are less inclined to be able to look at what is really. So it is meant to be.

Emotionally damaged vets as result of atrocious deeds being demanded of them, and all others, could potentially benefit by checking out Operation Emotional Freedom, (EFT) video –YT had it today– a study with damaged war vets, some suffering EXTREME distress even decades later. EFT is tapping with fingers and using thoughts. Original work, which I think is better, was by the discoverer, Roger Callahan, psychologist, who called it Thought Field Therapy, TFT.

When video above was brought to insurance agencies, I think, maybe military involved, they were NOT INTERESTED. Says plenty about how things (do not) work.

Very happy to hear Ted Gunderson is still remembered by some. Phenomenal guy. Dogged determination and Incredibly brave to take on what he did. Clearly not just for the money.

Comet Ping Pong

Thanks for the thoughtful response. I just read about the Dr. McDonald case. It’s very interesting and he is still alive in prison. I’m inclined to think he did the murder but I could be convinced otherwise. All I know is what I read on Wikipeda last might.


OOOOH. You struck some nerves. THREE negatives earned. Some are in so deep.

Was a child’s pink back pack Gunderson found in the San Fran tunnel under the rubble. Was tracked and determined to be produced well after the time the tunnel was claimed to have been filled in. Smoking gun disallowed as evidence.

Charges against Trump, now, based on faked evidence and heard by lying judges who are all hanging themselves, some seemingly oblivious, maybe all are, enjoying the attention. Likely last ever time they will feel powerful.

I am reminded now of the book on McDonald I started. Gunderson stated, in a video that he was not guilty of charges. Not a nice man he said but he didn’t do those murderers. Crime scene badly compromised, evidence destroyed, and a girl in a hat, who told Gunderson what happened was a ritual in which she was inducted into satanism, totally ignored by investigators. Said-to-be perpetrator till alive and in prison! Living message to others, perhaps. If Gunderson is right — and surely the method of moving drugs McDonald dared to objected to will be — his case could well be re-visited and he will be pardoned.

Most info on Gunderson was from videos, maybe still in place on YT. Maybe. VERY brave man.

Lives of others are of less than no consequence to these ugly perpetrators.

Big changes badly needed.


I can’t say i’m sorry to be the one to inform you but Timothy McVeigh was set up! just like the lone gunman that killed President JFK A PATSY! and JSUK OKC was blown out from the inside out not from the furtilizer, there were other bombs found that did not explode Tim was not the murderer ur so gov was and Garland knew it,,,


Besides all that i would think thrice before i would identify as comet ping pong!!!

Comet Ping Pong

I did think thrice. I chose it to spark conversations like this. I don’t want any mentally unstable people to read these fictional stories and take action that will get themselves or others hurt. 168 innocent people died because of McVeigh (He was proud of his actions and never claimed to be a patsy). Luckily, Madison Welch gave up when he realized there was no basement at the pizza shop and there were no kids being trafficked there. He nearly ruined his life though and did about four years in prison.


Hey pig pond, You need help, If i were you i would seek counciling! I guess you still think Binny blew down the WTC and men set foot on the moon doncha!!!

Comet Ping Pong

Yes. I think the Earth is a sphere too.


Now i know you need help! Neal Armstrong said they did not go to the moon! And they have lost all the tech so they can’t return! Hellfar man everybody that is somebody knows that earth is flat,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Comet Ping Pong

I took the Pfizer vaccine and a Moderna booster too. And I am currently taking the Mounjaro weight loss shot. It’s a wonder I’m still alive, huh?


I am so sorry to hear that cpp! Now that i know what ur problem is, There was only 4.2% of the vax that was the kill shot u may be one of the lucky ones but if i were you i would get some 7ml Nicotine patch’s & put one on ur side & wear one every day & also go to and do some research!!!


And also go to 9/ You can thank me later,,,

Comet Ping Pong

I tried to check out the Dr. Artis site. It appears to be down. I might agree with you about there being some health benefits to low doses of nicotine. Other than raising BP, it doesn’t seem to have serious adverse effects.


Well JSUK Nicotine is not addictive! Its all the other shhhhhstuff in Tobac.

Comet Ping Pong

Well, I call BS on that. Do you mean it’s not a carcinogen? It’s for sure addictive. I quit tobacco many years ago and started chewing the nicotine gum after I gained a bunch of weight. I get very antsy if I don’t get my fix. Not proud of it, but I decided to quit worrying about it. I keep my BP in check by running four miles per day and taking meds. I figure the benefit of helping me keep the weight off outweighs the adverse health effects that nicotine might have. I hope I don’t regret that someday.

Nice talking with you. I still think your OKC, 9/11, COVID, etc theories are wrong. But some of my best friends believe in weirder stuff than this. Hell, you should see some of the nonsense my wife follows.

I just don’t want to see anyone get hurt or ruin their life.

I see part two of this Garland story has been posted. I’ll see you over there.


Well i tried, You muswt look up and listen to his article about nicotine! Did you hear the part about its the other shit that is addictive??? Be safe God loves ya and i tried,,, lol


Killary Clinton sure knew what was going on in the basement of Comet Ping Pong. Perhaps where Frazzle Drip was done, where her & Huma abducted a young girl, cut the skin off her face & both danced around with the child’s facial skin placed unto their faces? These people are sick!! I believe the basement was filled in with cement after it became known as one of the DC Hangouts 4 Swamp creatures & Pedophiles.


You are simply full of shit! OKC bombing was a Clinton job to destroy medical records of a lot of soldiers who were injured on the vaxxxines! Now get the phuck out of here motherfucker!


Think 9/11, nothing is as it sems. Type George Bush’s name in the search bar.


Why all the theatrics, hang that fucker high for fucking treason against the American people…. There’s no doubt this fucker is guilty

Sue Rodrigues

Get on with it. We know he has no legs to stand on


When all this is said and done, it will be ME, who will be THE chief scholar on MB’s work as I memorize the full body of his work! ( tongue in cheek ) 😃


What happed to Eliza Wood?


I have no idea.


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Loo Seee

Merrick is obviously a compartmentalized soul with the heart of a worm.
I truly hope that this “witness” is useful only as long as God deems necessary and then stops breathing.

Loo Seee

let me qualify that “witness” statement. …as long as God deems it necessary to keep him alive as a human squeal bag.


I’m really surprised to hear that Charles Michel was arrested. He was prime minister of Belgium until a few years ago, so is quite well-known in the EU. I always thought he was a scumbag.


God has raised evil all around the world to show His children how serious He is about them maintaining authority under Christ from generation to generation! It is important to avoid fraudulent men, such as CR21! He is a self proclaimed devil!

Anne Stallybrass

That’s not the God I know

Last edited 3 months ago by Anne Stallybrass

Looks to me like, you think you’re saying all the things this blog will find acceptable. I think you are a fraud.— Anne Stallybrass.

Next time don’t be such a chicken shit and leave your original remarks up, asshole!

CONservative DEMocrat

I can understand why Garland couldn’t be 100% certain of the authenticity of Bathhouse Barry. It’s patently apparent that the majority of the interaction between the two were probably done with Garland on his knees. I bet he could vouch for the authenticity of Obama’s nether region.


Who wants to bet that Garland gets the chair by this Friday? I do not think Crandall is going with the rope considering the gravity of his crimes. I think the chair is appropriate.


And slowly turn up the juice so he dies PAINFULLY SLOW!!!


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Anthony Gregory

🍻I’m celebrating 🍾 already 🥳


The law books were obviously given to him to make him more quiet and calm.

Like you give candy to a baby.

clark 1930

most excellent!

Gregg Nickens

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Leonard Kerns

Anybody pick up on the fact, Congress is controlled by other countries? Congress is treason, hang all the crooks.


You do know/realize that a congress is actually a group of baboons! I it is my opinion that is not by accident/coincidence!!!


Warehousing Psychopaths is Cruller and Unusual punishment for guards and administrators of the prison.

Punishment is a Satanic practice.

clark 1930



u sound like a fuckn closet SATANIST BITCH


But Justice isn’t.


Wohoo! This story is massive Mr. Baxter! All glory to our most high God! May blessings rain down on our white hats! All of them! Yourself definitely included!

Smell the Coffee

I don’t understand why Garland was given law books since military tribunals trump regular law fare?


To show him true equity! He is toast!


To sut his yap.


Since MB retconned it


Can’t help but wonder if anyone laughed when Mr Michel said, “It was the real Lacroix”!

Great reporting as usual, thanks again, Mr Baxter.


Thanks Michael, for all your diligence, laser beam focus, hard work, and sleepless nights. So many of us across the nation are waiting patiently for Mayorkas, Blinken, Garland and Obrador too, to be arrested. Looks like the US White Hats feel the same.


Wait, isn’t Obrador the Mexican president


Obrador is the Mexican President and is asking for 20 Billion from Biden to stop the influx of illegal migration. If not paid, Mexico will do nothing to stop it.

https ://

Dawn Swank

As always, enjoy your posts and your dedication to your work and sharing this information with the world. God bless and protect you.



David T

With the info from this first round of Garland’s tribunal, the key players continue to be identified: Garland, Mayorkas, Blinken and Austin. And like a strategic but covert civil war, these traitors continue to be rounded up and exterminated. It’s especially gratifying to learn that Bilderberg member Charles Michel was nabbed over a month ago, and we’re just learning of it now. Certainly lends credence to the beliefs that many other DS’rs have been nabbed and either are awaiting tribunals or have already been dealt with. Lots of good news this week, with the BS “bond” dropping by 2/3, extended 10 days, launch of Truth Social doubling Trump’s net worth, etc. DS has to be just crapping their pants.


thats just what is gonna save humanity… the orange obese vax daddy having more money. maybe he wont have to grift efts and tennis shoes any longer? saving grace.

clark 1930

fuk off and die you worthless pos


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Sue Grantham

Michael- I felt like I was in the room of the tribunal! Your ability to author in such great detail is amazing!!! I look every single day for your articles. Thank you so very much.


i think MB got a *groupie* now …(big strong writing hands?)


I feel exactly like Sue does-really like his articles..


Same here! Always great reporting by MB.

Hans Kammler

Michael thanks for the update. I wonder if you could clarify why some defendants are hung and others get the firing squad? President Trump has described Joe Biden as “ his head is shot missing half his brain” If it is possible could you ask JAG why some are hung and others get the firing squad?


All this has been explained in earlier posts. Only hanging now. No firing squad.


They n÷d to bring firing squad back

Anne Stallybrass

What I recall is that the firing squad got seriously traumatised, one took his own life and another I forget what happened, but was also traumatised. I think OO may be correct that hanging is the cleanest, safest and most painless way to despatch the traitor.

I hope this is all surrounded by prayer at GITMO, and sensitivity as to when exorcism may be called for.

Outlandish Outlander

IF I may, Hans Kammler, but not to answer for Michael Baxter. I love liberty and, liberty says, let Michael answer for Michael; so be it. All I want to say is, hanging is much cleaner than cleaning up after a gun shot wound, especially by a firing squad. (Multiple gun shot wounds) Plus, when the hanging goes correctly, it’s over with quickly and the accused is dead and gone in under 30-seconds and without pain as the snapping of the neck takes away the ability to feel the physical body and pain; thus, the traumatic result of the hanging. So, to be hung to death is indeed merciful just as drowning is. It’s clean.

Also, in my opinion, hanging is a whole better than what these pious-puking arrogant egotistical deceivers deserve. But, we must stay in honor and not cause any unjustified and/or undue pain. Just putting to death the unrighteous wicked lunatics is enough to exact a correct punishment and serve justice.


I would still like to see Garland get the chair! If only, to see his big joo-joo eye ballz pop out of his sockets!


The explanation I remember was that wasting bullets is more expensive than hanging. Also, only one soldier is pushing the button when hanging, while the firing squad needs a few soldiers. So, they calculated and decided to minimize expenditures for executions.


These miscreants don’t even deserve the hanging. They deserve far worse than what they have done to us. If the J6erss have been tortured, starved, suffered and died, ramp it up 10x for the traitors.


Screw mercy. These filthy dogs of the deep state need to suffer 100x more pain than we have suffered because of them. We lost family, friends, jobs, schools, freedom on every side. They really deserve the pipe cutter and keelhaul treatment with merthiolate ad a chaser.

Last edited 3 months ago by Xena

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2% of the population, but so many Jews seem to be in the “traitor biz”. Bolsheviks.


Read or listen to Benjamin Thomas’ book, Revelation Riddle, as well as Blast of Fire. Answers the “Who” THEY are.


team drump retard loves the jews. 164 years into the plan and hasnt spoken one bad word about them.

im sure youre mistaken.

1904 SD

What I would like to know is who exactly these individuals are who are using various methodologies to portray these various government officials in charge of destroying our country? As of today do we have a pretty good idea exactly who these individuals are? And if we do then why haven’t we taken them into custody or if this isn’t possible why not just take them out the same way we do in combat situations, via drone or assassin? I assume that these players are members of the WEF, WHO, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Builderberg Group, Bohemian Grove Members, Rothchilds, Rockefellers, Blackrock, and others I may not have mentioned or am not aware of at this time. Why must we sit here and witness firsthand our country being totally over run and destroyed when we should very well know who these players are and just take these players out whenever and where ever we can at the first possible moment they avail themselves as a viable target and if they gather together in a large group so much the better, the more the merrier, why the waiting game it is excruciating and just so agonizing to have to go thru this nonsense. Enough already, and why did we need to endure the entire death shot situation? The Chem Trails, GMO’s, Flouridated water, Nano Domestic Quell, Silent Weapons for Silent Wars ( Iron Mtn Report – NASA where they refer to us as worthless eaters etc, expendable fodder. This Maui thing, Paradise Ca., Chile, etc. C’mon already, how many more children must we lose? Bio Weapons, Nuclear? These invaders illegal aliens being allowed to purchase guns freely in our country? Gifted 10k, free lodging, airline tickets, food, etc. This fiasco is getting old, and so am I waiting for this to end. Or is it our Karma for what we did to the original inhabitants here the American Indians? The thought has crossed my mind. Just sayin.
Thank you Mr Baxter for this long awaited report, it was a long time in coming to be sure. Much appreciated, anticipating a follow up report very soon our dear Merrit must be feeling the pain right about now, an obvious crook he never even bothered to hid his animosity, vitrial, and dislike for our beloved MAGA Patriots. WWG1WGA- MAGA!!!!




It has to be this way so it is by the book- War manual. History will not be able back in 50 yrs and say it was done wrong.

True patriot



Cowardice of the evil ones hiding in other countries to avoid capture.

Karen B

👏👏and don’t forget the Counsil on Foreign Relations; pure evil. Thank you for being frank and open; very enjoyable read.🤗💖


asking Jesus to “please kill Donald Trump,” an odd request considering Garland is Jewish.

They all know the truth………they all know!

thomas j cahill

Almost an admission by the demon.

Gregg Nickens

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This decrepit creature’s soul has been overtaken by evil. His own mouth convicts him of the most heinous crimes and intentions. He knows nothing of truth or justice—he’s simply a crazed reprobate who became an official assassin for the DS. Hanging him is far too lenient, but I’ll settle for whatever sends him to hell the fastest. Still, he’s just a pawn. What I want to hear now is that all the evil, maniacal BHOs walking around (real and fake) are being hunted down and removed from the face of the earth, starting yesterday.

Last edited 3 months ago by Storygirldc

According to the book of Enoch MANY are not human. It helps me understand their behavior.

Anne Stallybrass

and not just according to the book of Enoch. Many witnesses report this too; many photographs exist as evidence. Princess Diana said “They are not human” but few were in a position then to begin to imagine what she was saying.


Draw and quarter him.


It’s amazing to me when ppl can lie and cheat think they can lie and cheat to get out of the lies and cheating once again .. the thing about lies is you have to tell another lie when another was found out because a lie changes but the truth remains the same, never wavering.

cathy ness



That’s how I feel about Engoron. Hopefully his tribunal will be soon as well.


Engoron’s days of peace and obscurity are over. He put himself at the top of the hit list and that won’t change until he’s six feet under. I can’t wait.


👍 Thank you Michael B and thank you Jag




Yes! I hope instead of a hanging, Admiral Crandall slits his throat and watches him bleed out right there on the witness stand!

Michael R Davis

Within the laws of the Constitution and UCMJ, that is not allowed, so Admiral Crandall will not be doing that. These monsters will be paying the ultimate penalty when they stand before JESUS and are judged by Him. The JAG court will arrange the meeting.


It should be allowed for what he did to the J6ers and the parents sticking up for their kids. Not to mention following orders to murder Trump.

Comet Ping Pong

Maybe I’m being biased because of your avatar, but you look like a sweet lady. Would you be proud to show your kids or grandkids this post?
Look what your infatuation has turned you into. You’ve let make-believe stories get you so emotional. This stuff is about as real as pro wrestling. Did you get this worked up over Hulk Hogan vs the Iron Sheik?


I’m with Camelotgirl. Yes I would show my grandson,thanks for the reminder. I dont do pro wrestling either And I think your on satans side so you should leave…

Comet Ping Pong

Thanks for the advice. I think I’ll hang around a bit. Please don’t infect your grandson with your irrational blood lust.



Karen B

that’s very satanic ritualistic, don’t you think?

1904 SD

He needs to stew and feel the pain of his predicament and having to go thru the legal process is a part of this right away is to easy to swift and to final. He needs to suffer the pain he deserves and we all know that rushing his fate would be a welcome situation rather than dealing with just how pitifully and painfully slow the minutes tick by when your on death row and the hanging date has been set. I can only imagine how that evil louse must be feeling now he knows its over for him and we all know he wont be given a double standard court ruling like if he was in our own judicial court system, He will meet justice I just hope that this guy is the real thing not some actor wearing a mask or clone which is still difficult for me to wrap my head around. answer me this, are these clones connected to the underground bases in the way that Donald Marshall describes them? Do they go to sleep and awaken once REM hits into those deep dark places we unknowingly spent our hard earned tax dollars on? And then again what was the initial reason for all the lies and the monumental theft that took place and why didn’t we the people put a stop to it when Rumsfield mentioned the $ trillions that couldn’t be accounted for at the Pentagon just for starters ( the day prior to 911 WTC disaster? this is where Bidens Tax collectors and auditors need to start all these government agencies in charge of our money, I look at our roads and infrastructure and wince, what an ugly country we have become not much more until we really do hit a third world country status level event. I just can’t imagine ever repairing all this B.S. can anybody tell me how this is going to be achieved? Curious.


Stop voting Democrats into any semblance of public office ever again, that would be a very good and very easy start for the country.


The mouth of a fool is his ruin, and his lips are a trap for his soul.
Proverbs 18

Do not speak to fools, for they will despise the Wisdom of your Words.
Proverbs 23

Judgments are prepared for scorners, and lashes for the backs of fools.
Proverbs 19

The Fools=Trolls/demo-rats
They could be Legally Accused, for:
-Malice and
-Imminent Contempt

Karen B

Thank you for your Scripture references: I appreciate reading them. 💘


For those interested in better understanding the cabal, here is a link that discusses a recent book of interest:

https : // /2018/03/06/prolonging-the-agony-2-the-full-hidden-history-exposed/

(remove the spaces)

This was a huge eye-opener for me, and you see the same game plan played over and over and over….

David T

I read the intro info on that site, and it is fascinating to say the least. It is also despicable to read how even back then, the shadowing money figures schemed and plotted to create inhumane situations that they could profit from. You see the same lines of BS happening today. Thank you for this link.


His execution would be easy. He would be paralyzed with a neurtoxin from the neck down. He deserves to be Poisoned, shot, hung, stretched, disemboweled, drawn & quartered.
Save the noose for somebody else.
Certain people like this AG MERRICK,Garland like Joe Biden clone, cum-dumpster harris-clone– every member of his administration, should be poisoned. Shot, hung, stretched, disembowed, drawn & quartered,
…to finsh him off, his body will be cooked @ 5000° degrees.
Let his dead rotting corpse soak in gasoline for 48 hours, embalm him with gasoline..
Set his ass on fire. Let him burn, burn, burn, Heat that corpse up to 1000° with multiple flame throwers Until there’s absolutely nothing left but a pile of ash.


Seek help dude


Jesus, you again with your sick mind


a bit overkill, but works for me


Very mid evil but I like it! It will strike THE fear of God into every form of godlessness on the planet!


Karma is relentless. If you wish it upon others, it will more than certainly happen to you!


Donald Rumsfeld death pilled himself at Gitmo, right? I thought I heard Benjamin Fulford say Dick Cheney killed him.


You weirdos larp so hard


Welcome to LARP-LAND where the poster gets so wound up they become part of the story.


BREAKING: Prince Harry name appears in one of a number of civil lawsuits involving Sean “Diddy” Combs, the rapper facing accusations of sex-trafficking.

“Mr. Combs was known for throwing the “best” parties. Affiliation with, and or sponsorship of Mr. Combs sex-trafficking parties garnered legitimacy and access to celebrities such as famous athletes, political figures, artist, musicians, and international dignitaries like British Royal, Prince Harry..”



It is rather an illusion that Harry is Royal by blood, though he was raised & educated as such.




Your proof, your source?


kent dunn always claimed harry was a skin stretcher bot


Harry is still alive, as he escaped to California and now has two children.

Last edited 3 months ago by Joanna
Karen B

Seems that Pee-diddly is in a bit of scalding hot water….a looooong time coming. tick tock tick tock.


No indictments or arrest arrants were served on Harry