JAG Arrests Deep State Georgia Judge


U.S. Navy JAG investigators on Thursday served a military arrest warrant on the criminal Georgia judge who rejected President Trump’s request to discharge the state’s unfounded election interference case against him, JAG sources told Real Raw News.

A Fulton County Superior Court judge, Scott McAfee, ruled Thursday that Trump’s statements on and around J6 endorsed criminal activity and, therefore, are not protected under the First Amendment.

Unbeknownst to McAfee, investigators were incognito outside the courthouse awaiting his decision to dismiss the bogus charges or send the case to a jury. His unconstitutional judgment signaled the latter, meaning a Deep State-stacked jury would decide whether Trump and eight co-defendants, including Rudy Giuliani, committed criminal malfeasance.

“We drafted an indictment and a warrant, anticipating Judge McAfee’s order. It charges him with violating his oath and treason, serious offenses. He had a chance to do the right thing but went the way of evil. When evil impinges on the Constitution, we’re obligated to act. And that’s why our team was ready to apprehend McAfee,” our JAG source said.

Six skilled investigators, anonymous as a glass of water, stationed themselves at the courthouse’s entrances following McAfee’s illicit decree. They knew from earlier surveillance that the judge usually left work through the front doors but sometimes exited the building via a rear door beside his chambers.

“This judge avoided the media whenever possible and liked to slip out the rear to escape a media circus. And that’s what went down Thursday afternoon,” our source said.

At approximately 5:00 p.m., McAfee and his law clerk left the building for the parking lot a few hundred feet away. JAG ambushed them from the rear, rendering the clerk unconscious with a sedative and informing McAfee he was under arrest for treason.

A startled McAfee was already wearing handcuffs when he blurted: “I don’t understand this. What in the name of justice is going on here? I am a judge, and this is illegal. I demand an answer.”

“All you need to know right now is you’re under arrest for treason and, if found guilty, will probably be executed,” a JAG investigator said as he and two teammates shoved a baffled McAfee into the rear of a black van that had screeched to a halt beside them.

“McAfee will get a fair trial, as do all Deep Staters,” our source said.

Asked whether President Trump encouraged JAG to grab McAfee, he added, “We arrested him because he violated the Constitution and is a traitor. Trump didn’t know anything until after the fact.”

When asked how JAG plans to deal with Fanni Willis, the corrupt prosecutor who will prosecute the state’s case against Trump, he added, “Just because Deep Staters are still running around doesn’t mean we’re not investigating them. There are a lot of variables in motion, and I can’t telegraph who’ll be arrested and when, or why we haven’t grabbed person X or Person Y yet. There’s a method to what might seem madness.”

Free Speech and Alternative Media are under attack by the Deep State. Real Raw News needs reader support to survive and thrive. 

Please do not give your hard-earned money to sites or channels that copy/paste our intellectual property. We spend countless hours vetting, researching, and writing. Thank you. Every dollar helps. Contributions help keep the site active and help support the author (and his medical bills)

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Joan P McDonald

Next, Engoron and Merchan hopefully.

Pat Caulfield

To Highly Favored and Mightily Blessed Dr. John:

All I can really say in this space is:

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for helping me think better about many health challenges!!

Father GOD clearly GIFTED YOU!

We are SO blessed to have your help!


Any updates on all of the corrupt judges that have been arrested and are sitting at GITMO? Hang ’em all and make room for the next batch! God Bless our Marine’s, the White Hats, JAG and our fabulous GENERALS, for standing up for AMERICA!!!! What a HUGE undertaking they took on!

William R Nicholson

Congratulations ! The Constitution is The Law of The Land & The Military is Fully Empowered Under The Insurrection Act . C.I.C. Trump is Creator God’s Chosen Leader for this Era . Maintain Course , Protect Everyone in The Legitimate Chain of Command ……. The Eternal Sovereign Rules Through C.I.C. Trump ! I will celebrate upon the full reveal of C.I.C. Trump at his Centerstage Position & Give him Two Scoops of his favorite Ice Cream ! God Bless You All ! Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195


Oh yes, what a LYING WEB they weave…………………. Fulton County AUDIT,
40,0000 items that compares numbers from the 2020 election to the hand recount, the ERROR RATE 60%.

• counts did not match dominion ballot images.
• audit tally sheets did not match Dominion ballot images
• counted duplicate ballots,

In other words,
• first recount fraudulent,
• second recount fraudulent,
• third recount fraudulent,
• fourth recount fraudulent,

and Fani Willis was in fact double counted to the DA’s office while fornicating at taxpayers expense,

and finally, the Secretary of State, Rat Raffensperger REDACTED the EVIDENCE to COVERUP the fraudulent 2020 election,

“Let that sink in.”


Remember, long ago, President Trump said specifically to watch AZ. And, now, the voter fraud is all coming out. So, the voter fraud evidence will bring on the “public overturning of the election”, and make this case in Georgia get thrown out…….. They can still charge the cheaters of Georgia, but this will be great for President Trump! https:/ / x.com/Real_RobN/status/1777361843201454511


I would love to see also proof of the rest of the criminals because being removed from this realm where they can not longer harm us , especially the little ones. Will we ever see disclosures on this 🙏🏻


President Trump just filed a lawsuit against this judge and Willis.. doesn’t the judge have to show up for court for the lawsuit? How does that play out if he went poof? .. Asking for a friend.. 🇺🇲


I can’t help but wonder WHAT THE WHITE HATS ARE DOING TODAY while all of the idiots are busy focusing on the eclipse? God Bless the White Hats, watch over them all and KEEP THEM SAFE!


Now, we aren’t all idiots. It was really quite a spectacular thing to watch. I don’t know if it’s being much discussed but worthy of noting, assuming it is indeed the moon that passes between the earth and sun (which I am highly skeptical of), as I live in the path of totality, and as I looked slightly southward, witnessing the moon creep in-between, its direction of travel was from the west to east. But the sun & moon always traveled east to west. Something that really gives reason to question so many things.

Just thought I’d share that.


Well We are Mirrors for One Another and You just called Spiritual People Idiots which means YOU just called Yourself an Idiot too!!
Those who Know About the Details of the Eclipse in the Spiritual Community are Part of the White Hats and Are Helping to Create A Better World For Us too!
You Opened Your Mouth inserted Your Foot!!!


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Minute Man

Stop this advertisement. JAG be picking your ass up too.


Fulton County Superior Court judge, Scott McAfee, who rejected President Trump’s request to discharge the state’s unfounded election interference case against him, violating his oath and treason, realrawnews. com/2024/04/jag-arrests-deep-state-georgia-judge/;
www. law.com/dailyreportonline/2024/04/04/mcafee-rejects-trumps-first-amendment-challenge-to-fulton-indictment-in-election-case/?slreturn=20240307115019 ;
apnews. com/article/trump-willis-wade-georgia-election-5d76abb5578308317306e7b2e610ac91 ;
apnews. com/article/willis-wade-relationship-allegations-trump-election-indictment-aef1b2b7fca5bb03d4886cee4c5fee3b ;
apnews. com/article/trump-georgia-election-investigation-grand-jury-willis-d39562cedfc60d64948708de1b011ed3 ;
apnews. com/article/fani-willis-trump-georgia-election-indictment-prosecutor-6211c8f3b69c9ae37dee4218b5d8c71d 
(“Merchant also alleges Willis did not get necessary approval from county leaders to hire Wade and that no special prosecutor’s oath had been filed for him.”)
Ms. Merchant is the prosecutor Fani is accusing in open court on live TV of being a liar. This woman needs her fanny whacked.


Well this is gonna be interesting!!


I just heard the greatest RANT ever………. this guy puts it ALL OUT THERE!!!!! It’s what all of us Patriots are feeling! God Bless him! https:// x.com/robertdunlap947/status/1776638502546931889

Church lips

I watched this and agree with your post.




We have 4 judges and 4 Da/prosecutors. Make it a hanging party. Could
supply them with marshmellows for hell


Been long day think I miscounted. Stand by marshmallows




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Sue Rodrigues

Thank you Michael. Great work. Hats off to our white hats and Military 🙌🏻👏♥️🤍💙🇺🇸♥️🤍💙🇺🇸
Keep um coming. Things are about to get busy. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻Paise God.

Bonkie 1

Get ‘em get em!!!!!


G­­o­o­gle­ is paying $100 per hour! Work for few hours and have longer with friends & family! On tuesday I got a great new Land Rover Range Rover from having earned $8752 this last four weeks. Its the most-financialy rewarding I’ve had. It sounds unbelievable but you wont forgive yourself if you don’t check it… 
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>     W­w­w.B­i­z­W­o­r­k­1.c­o­m

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orange julius

Lol. That guy was at Gitmo before he realized what was happening. Wait, am I at Gitmo right now without even knowing it? Seriously, I didn’t know what was going on with him. It makes sense that they would have a DS judge. He had to take Fani’s boyfriend off the case after they were exposed to make the optics right.


Go get ’em, fellas! Well done!!!


Hallelujah!!! God is good🙏🏻🎚

Francisco Causing

Tony Falcon X44

Martin Kohler

The only things missing were “I haven’t done anything wrong !!!” and “Obama will straighten this all out !!!”


That’s coming. Just wait and see.


Hang the treasonous bastard.


No. Chop off his hands.

Christopher Hudson

Why can’t people keep an honest heart and make the right decisions? It is a waste that he will NOT be reelected with an honorable heart to the Constitution and God Almighty.

Max Kammerer

Well, let’s hope and pray it’s all true…
People are faded up the wait and see!…
it’s been too long and to many people getting heart.


Michael, we very much appreciate you and those that help you keep this forum online. RRN is one of the few forums that allow Americans to openly educate Americans who were denied Classics curricula since 1919 when the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN communists commandeered the Education “system.”

AMERICAN CONSTITUTIONAL “ATTORNEYS” are licensed whereas BRITISH “LAWYERS” are neither American nor licensed. America’s Constitutional COMMONWEALTH LAWS were replaced by SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN’s 3+ million BRITISH laws during the eras of 1791, 1880, and 1970+. POTUS Trump warned all BRITISH LAWYERS in America that if they continued to practice BRITISH law, they would be arrested for TREASON that carries a DEATH sentence. BRITISH LAWYERS ignore POTUS Trump to continue practicing BRITISH LAW [Americans are guilty as charged unless Americans provide evidence of innocence.]. AMERICAN LAW [Americans are innocent of wrong-doing and arrest unless evidence proves guilt; then Americans are arrested, tried, and sentenced.]. Americans “must” rally against the BRITISH in America to exile / execute them off Americans’ land.

WHO ARE ENGLISH? The lineage begins at NOAH. Noah’s 1st son SHEM’s offspring [White, blood type-A] whose progeny was ISAAC-HEBREW, son JACOB-ISRAEL and eight (8) White sons / tribes Reuben, Levi, Issachar, Judah, Simeon, Zebulon, Benjamin, Joseph. Father God Jesus described ISAAC-HEBREW as “White as cotton with rosy cheeks,” and described JACOB-ISRAEL as “White as milk.” It was JUDAH’s fearsome warrior descendants ZARAH, TROJAN, and BRUTUS who pioneered and founded the island they named BRITAINNIA during the BC era. Therefore, the TRIBE OF JUDAH procreated the CLAN known as ENGLISH.

WHO ARE BRITISH? Father God Jesus said, “I chose the non-White people to “nurture and protect Earth.” They are descendants of Noah’s 2nd son JAPHETH [light Brown/Caucasian, blood type-B], and Noah’s 3rd son HAM [medium and dark Brown, blood type-B, and Black, blood type-O]. Americans know the results of FOREIGN nations corrupting America’s Executive, Legislative, and Judicial powers. Americans know FOREIGNERS’ “culture” upended America’s ENGLISH PROTESTANT social norms of FAMILY, GOVERNMENT, ECONOMY, EDUCATION, and RELIGION that had made America a civilized society. Americans know two-thirds of America’s population comprises “installed” FOREIGNERS by the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN … Rotten Childs, Bilderbergs, Roosevelts and many others. There’s ample evidence that the FOREIGN wretches pooped and peed over every state of America that looks and smells foul. So, it’s up to the Birth-Right Americans, the one-third of America’s population, who are progeny of colonists and Founders (1549 – 1776). Yes, it is the Birth-Right Americans who wield the power to overthrow the BRITISH FOREIGNERS in America, and rebuild her. There is no need of immigration of White people of European nation-states that the SINGULAR Immigration Law requires IF low birth rates, disease, and war reduce the population – that never happened. Therefore, SHUT-DOWN THE FOREIGN INVASION, and rebuild America by prayer and repentance to almighty Father God Jesus for accomplishing the endeavor.

WHO ARE THE BRITISH FOREIGNER JUDGES AND LAWYERS? America’s Great Awakening exposed Ivy League colleges “place” their graduates into Tier 1 employment occupations instead of graduates “competing” in Tiers 1-3 hierarchies. It is no “accident” that employment competition ended in America by the SYNAGAGUE OF SATAN. However, Americans can and should agree to the method of straight-lining the American states’ “education, training, and wages” for UNIFORMITY that will abolish BRITISH law “devices” of Tier-1 employment that empowers wealth, politics, and social conditions to levy “privilege” of “placement” throughout America’s society.

WHO IS THE ARMY OF FATHER GOD JESUS? He said, “I chose My WHITE humans as My ARMY to “eradicate evil on Earth.”… “I chose My WHITE humans because whether by sunlight and moonlight I can look upon Earth and see WHERE my Army is, and WHAT my Army is doing.” … “I spent most of my time training my Army and know them well. I chose my other humans to “nurture and protect Earth,” but I do not know them well because I spent little time with them.” … “I judge my Army’s behaviors on a higher standard than my other humans because I spent most of my time training My Army.”

ARMY OF GOD versus US MILITARY. Most Americans do not know that America has lived under MILITARY MARTIAL LAW since 1863. That would be BRITISH MARTIAL LAW. I doubt an AMERICAN MILITARY EXISTS at present, but BIRTH-RIGHT AMERICANS can and must make it happen immediately following the GREAT EXODUS of humanity that returns to their Fatherlands.

Sorry, folks, for the essay but these facts and events needed to be said to many people out there….

Max Kammerer

WOW—-Thank you………

ET Phone Home

God Bless the New Republic of the United States.


We are running simultaneously, a corrupt & bankrupted, disavowed & dissolved US Corporation, with a Restored Constitutional Republic. 1871 acts have been overturned. The White Hat Military are the true American military, & they are present, highly capable, & on active duty.

1904 SD

I hope so, they need to get the job done faster though, I can’t stand my country anymore !!! I finally loved her for the four wonderful years we had with Trump but honestly, the previous years and these last three and a half are making me physically ill, sick of it and the time it’s taking to fix/repair the damage. Damage, there shouldn’t be any, this B.S. never should have happened in the first place!!! It’s just so embarrassing being an American!!!


Love this!!!

Dr John

Some of you judge my articles as being too long and off topic. I used the word judge here and am talking about judging that that is as close as I get to the current article.

I always wait for the conversation on the current article to slow down before introduce a post on defending our health.

I do so on this site and not in a book or my own WEB site because in doing so I expose my identity. Believe it or not, I have had attempts on my life and thrilling as that sounds it may impact your life span. I have been lucky so far and feel I can defend myself, but that is not the perfect solution. Protecting my identity the best I can is a start.

I hope the information on avoiding doctors and toxins is beneficial and that those finding is so will in general conversation spread the benefits to others.

My goal is to help others avoid that Deep State attacks on our human body through toxic foods drugs and treatments bound to the lies of what is wrong with us. Avoiding toxic drugs that don’t work means I must offer alternatives that do work and are inexpensive, safe and accessible. I believe I am accomplishing this slowly in my 30 years research and present findings as appropriate.

To my being a MEDICAL Doctor. I am not and never claimed to be. I am need educated in any science including those associated with medicine or that of the human body. However I have spent over 30 years reading the books doctors study from and many more. I keep going over these topics not just from one book but multiple authors to get varying points of view.

After four years of study Doctors may never open those books again. I own hundreds of books on various facets of science and medicine and rely heavily on them and on-line credible resources that include profession research papers and journals. I research products sold on the internet that profess their merit only to find them wanting. I research current and ancient medial practices and do in-depth studies on ancient diseases and cures.

I do not want to be a medical doctor with the reputation they now have. It is important to note key differences between me and allopathic doctors

  1. I don’t promote synthetic petroleum based toxic medicines
  2. I don’t tell you/prescribe what you should take
  3. I don’t tell you I am smarter than you
  4. I don;t accept patients for 15 minutes
  5. I don’t use a computer to tell me to tell you what is wrong with you
  6. I don’t charge you anything and don’t expect anything

The reason my articles are so long is I don’t in the fewest words possible tell you what to take. Instead I explain what it is and what it does for the body and how you got to the condition you are in the first place.

If you are tired a doctor will prescribe iron. If he sends your blood to a lab they may say you are low on iron. That may be true so he will prescribe iron!

What may be wrong is you is you have a bacteria/fungus growing over your stomach lining as mentioned in a recent article that is preventing the stomach lining from excreting needed stomach acid so that food can be properly digested allowing the stomach to pass along vital nutrients like B12 and iron. They should be identifying the root cause of the problem and not supplementing with iron. The iron may make you feel more energetic, but it misses a long standing problem that also impacts B12 absorption that is critical for growing new Red blood cells. You make millions a day if you have enough Red Blood cells.

Now if your lab works comes back that you are anemic, not enough Red Blood cells the Doctor may recommend B12 vitamins, not a bad idea, but again he has not address WHY you were low on B12 which again goes back to a growth in your intestines that block acid flow and inhibits nutrition absorption.

I can also say you may need iron and B12, short and sweet, but that does not really fix you and you have no idea what is really wrong, or how to address it short term and through subtle changes in your diet.

I don’t prescribe, I explain how your body works, how health issue occur and how you can concur them, along with how and why the solutions work. I make you equal to me in your understanding of the problem so that YOU are making the decisions not me. YOU know what is going on and what to do… there is no mystery in the problem, the solution or the goal. That takes time and words to explain.

I do this because I think VERY highly of PATRIOTS. I/WE are fighting the Deep State and your knowledge of how to care for you, your family and neighbors is a way to protect you and them from the Deep State Medical corruption. AND it is a way to take revenue streams away from the DEEP STATE who’s is intent on harming and killing us along with removing our freedom!

They make Billions a year from vaccines, antibiotics, allergy medication and cold and flu medications along with prescribed and over the counter drugs. Billions in each area. If you walk down a cold and flu isle you will not find a single mediation that stops a cold or flu. They inhibit symptoms, but not the underlying problem.

If they told you to take 250 mcg or D3 and 50 mcg of zinc to cure your cold in 6 hours; you would be cured. If they told you it was not a virus, but a seasonal chemical imbalance in the body it would be a fact and not the fake contagious virus scam of the last 100 years.

I cannot and will not simple give you a solution because in this war you need to learn to not just help yourself, but those around you. To do so you need to know why and how. You are learning how to be the new wave of local medical practitioners.

What do you think will happen when they send all of the Covid 19 Clot shot peddlers to the gallows along with the totally cooperative nurses?. What happens when hospitals shut down with a lack of doctors? What if Med beds are real?

Do we go back to the medical dark ages or do we prepare ourselves and take responsibility for our fellow patriots? Do we know how? That is where I am trying to help by teaching you what I have learned from 30 plus yeas of deep, long hours of research.

I charge nothing for what I do, because I am fighting the Deep State in the most meaningful way I know how. Take away their constant sources of revenue and their medical control of people as well as their long standing extermination practices.

As a patriot invested in our future you can, and I hope you will, follow along and digest what I am sharing. Or you can scroll on by… I will never know the difference. I am not here to judge you either way, that is not my role in life. My role is to provide aid and comfort through knowledge; hopefully help us deal current issue with the challenges of the future.

Its long, its me and it explains why I do what I do. I do not offer toxic prescriptions. I offer insightful learning opportunities from which we can all take greater responsibility for our health and treatments through natural processes. We can eliminate the criminal doctors and start anew with honest medical doctors that want to work with us and not lord over us. We need to meet them halfway by becoming more attuned to how our body works and what to do with/for it.

To all my PATRIOT friends I am so happy we have crossed paths. I can’t say I love you because I do not know you that well, but I SURE LIKE YOU A HECK OF A LOT!


What a wonderful post in every way. I just happen to be on the exact journey you describe, and I can’t thank you enough for sharing your research and insights here with us. We sure do like you a heck of a lot too!! God bless.

Church lips

Thank you. In the last 4 years the medical community at large has lost all credibility with their insistence to take the jab. My own personal physician of 30 years was in my face about how “safe” it was. But nope, by doing my own research, taking OTC therapeutics and relying on 99.9% survivability, I didn’t need the jab.
Thanks again for your contribution to my own learning.


Hope you fired your


I had a dream that my sperm can cure diseases.


Not your sperm, yet your urine can.


It wouldn’t hurt to streamline.

Max Kammerer

Thank you for all that you have done and shared.
My whole life I watched people from afar outsider in many ways.
seen and been through many things and so grateful of God and the people
I come across and shared.


FLCCC online has doctors’ healing protocols for ‘vaccine’~injury. At the top of the list now is Natto~Kinase, which dissolves spike proteins. Ivermectin is now FDA approved, & so doctors should rightly be willing to prescribe it.

1904 SD

We like you a heck of a lot too, the D3 should be combined with K2 too btw just a thought.

Angelica Van Wagoner

Thank you Dr.John; I wish you would live in my area, I am 80 yrs old (no one believes me) I have taken control of my health since they use to called us “health nuts” have been a researcher since I was 17, have been in the business of preventive medicine, Beauty and longevity. Such a pleasure to find Drs like you, I understand very well what you are relating to us and I LIKE YOU A HECK OF A LOT!


G­­o­o­gle­ is paying $100 per hour! Work for few hours and have longer with friends & family! On tuesday I got a great new Land Rover Range Rover from having earned $8752 this last four weeks. Its the most-financialy rewarding I’ve had. It sounds unbelievable but you wont forgive yourself if you don’t check it… 

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>     W­w­w.B­i­z­W­o­r­k­1.c­o­m

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Nabbed almost as fast as his receding hairline.


Our very precious US Special Forces and US White Hats all like Trump very much, what more can we say?


Most the people that ain’t swayed love Trump it’s true love of a man. It’s the kind of love, to give your life, so he can live. The deep state can’t under stand this cause they touched with evil.

1904 SD

Trump is a very smart, brave man, I just keep holding my breath and hoping for the best outcomes!


Great news and also REMINDERS for those who continue to not understand why things are moving in certain ways rather than on their own perceived timeframes. Thanks for clarification and all that you do.

Michael R Davis

Extreme judiciary bias neutralized by JAG courts on April 4, 2024?

“The landmark racketeering case in Atlanta against former President Donald J. Trump and others has been assigned to Scott F. McAfee, a recently appointed Fulton County Superior Court judge who was once supervised by the district attorney overseeing the case.

Judge McAfee, 34, rose quickly in Georgia’s legal world after graduating from law school a decade ago, and one of his first jobs was in the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office. There, he handled early stages of felony cases before being promoted to the complex trial division. The division was led at the time by Fani T. Willis, the prosecutor overseeing the Trump case, according to a former district attorney and another lawyer who worked in the office at the time.

Ms. Willis, who became the district attorney in 2021 after Judge McAfee had left the office, began a wide-ranging investigation of Mr. Trump and his allies regarding the 2020 election that culminated in a Grand Jury indictment on Monday night.

A spokeswoman for Ms. Willis’s office did not return requests for comment about Judge McAfee’s time with the office. A lawyer for Mr. Trump did not immediately return a request for comment on whether the former president might ask the judge, who was randomly assigned to the case, to recuse himself because of his past working relationship with the district attorney.”

Judge McAfee randomly assigned? Anybody believe that?

https ://www.nytimes.com/2023/08/15/us/elections/scott-mcafee-trump-judge.html


Randomly assigned sure NOPE!😂

Outlandish Outlander

Well, McAfee has been “randomly assigned” new temporary quarters at the prestigious Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Just think, 3 squares a day and all the time in the world to think, consider and ponder. Yes! That must be nice. That is IF McAfee has a heart that is obedient to the one new commandment, “Love one another.”

Last edited 1 month ago by Outlandish Outlander
Church lips

Beans, bologna, white bread and water – yummy.

just looking

Yes, mcafee may be GITMO’d , unless he cooperates with JAG investigators and provides some info , they may offer a deal,and give him a life sentence instead..probably only a short time to think and consider his future.. hope he makes the right choice

Church lips

Since the judge was arrested rather quickly after his decision, do you think the deep state had enough time to build a copy of him so fast?

1904 SD

I agree but they have all of our DNA so the answer to your question is obviously almost probably a certain possibility if not a yes. Makes sense, at least it almost does anyway.


Where is your donate button?

Anne Stallybrass

when you come out of this or any RRN page, a black donations request page pops up — with a link to GiveSendGo

Ralph Giese

These evil people really thought they could get away with it. How stupid they were. I won’t rest until I see all the judges in my county hand on the tree in front of the courthouse. Forget GITMO. All judges are in bed with CPS, this means they’re all dead men walking. I let the prosecuting attorney know that him and all his judges will hang. You know what he said? “All I want to do is raise my kids in the country'”


Too late, and too bad!

Truth Seeker

Michael, something tells me that your well articulated and detailed reports have the evil DS actors freaking out and wondering if they’re next.

Since the day in 2015 when then candidate Trump declared his candidacy the arrogant and cocky DS had a pathological obsession with preventing candidate Trump from becoming POTUS in 2016.

The phrase, “They never thought she, (Hillary) would lose” underscores the incredible lengths the evil Obama administration and their cohorts went to to insure the 2016 election would put Hillary’s in the White House.

When we elected president Trump the left was incensed and in shock. They couldn’t wrap their bee bee sized brains around the fact that after all that they had done to rig the election in the vile hag’s favor they still lost.

The left’s extreme arrogance caused them to assume the fix was in and therefore, they never bothered to cover their tracks. They were so confident that they had the election in the bag that they left a paper trail of incriminating evidence.


Praise the Lord, He prevented HRC from winning, with assist from the White Hats.

Karen B

Praise the Lord and how!!!💓💓💓


I just read the comments and the trolls have been called in by the deep state which must be scared. They’re shocked their bought judge could be picked up leaving work and so quickly!

They’re thinking “I could be next.” You’re damned right. You may be next! Panic is setting in. They are fighting amongst themselves.

Truth Seeker

👍 As I have said already the panicked DS scoundrels are hyper aware that their cohorts are being arrested by JAG and sent to GITMO to undergo a military tribunal and their subsequent executions for their treasonous crimes against America.

I’m a bit surprised to see that JAG absconded with corrupt judge, Scott McAfee while the highly publicized Fani Willis case is still ongoing.

I assume that they have either a body double or a clone to take the place of McAfee.

Combat Engineer 4 God

OH- You Caught that Too- Time to EXPEDITE THIS GOD DAMM DEFACTO- POS!!

Combat Engineer 4 God

Sorry Lord God, I forgot to add Verse Revelation 18:4, this Will Definately “Expedite” the situation, guess I did need a second cup of JOE- LOL! now is he talking about coffee or the president- hmm


PLEASE S.T.F.U. dipshit


Agree with you except for using God’s name in vain.

Combat Engineer 4 God



Shouldn’t be a surprise. They just announced his unlawful ruling against 47. Opportunity presented itself, it was time to pick up the trash. Fani is part of an ongoing public spectacle whereas i had to google him. What a dirty corrupt evil mofo. And young! Looks like a pansy. No doubt interrupted him rubbing his hands together in anticipation of a life of corruption, lechery and child rape.


OR, is Fani the double/clone??


I would say, much has happened behind the scenes already. This is the public reveal.


I can just imagine the Shockwaves of fear and panic running through these deepstate traitors when they realize justice for them is becoming so instantaneous now.


I’m glad to see things speeding up.
As always I love all the hard work that you put into all your articles.

Bless you!
Mr. Baxter


Patiently waiting for engoron and letitia shames turn.


Maybe I’m the only one, but for some reason I feel sorry for the Judge. He is only thirty four years old with two small children. I think he’s more scared of the deep state than evil, and hypothetically tried to split the baby down the middle and ended up pleasing neither the left nor the right. I hope Jag gives him a chance to make it right, like they did Pence, except that Pence still turned traitor.


pence is the worst of the worst and a fagget.

Watch him do a 180 (he’s a hypocrite) when (not if) President Trump is back in the Whitehouse in January 2025.

November is fast approaching and they are in a super panic mode. There will be a mass exodus of the left fleeing the country to third world countries.

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Angelica Van Wagoner

Yes me too, from the beginning I said I do not want to be in her shoes……


Arrests everywhere, folks!

ECUADOR, South America.
Jorge Glas, communist ex vicepresident of Ecuador arrested by ECUADOR MILITARY on April 5th, 2024.
The Alliance at work.👏

Nukken Futz

Good to know……WWGAWG!…….!

Truth Seeker






Hang the Traitor !🤔


Wahoooo! MICHAEL👊🤠

I wonder what the NEWS will say about this one🥴

Nukken Futz

They will probably say that he stepped on a tack and it went septic and his foot will have to be cutoff and that’s the end of him, until they can find a body double……….,or maybe not at all, because he’s not that big of a deep state hotshot, Geogia fried shit ass………..,innyway……

Truth Seeker

McAfee may not be a big fish, but he is/was presiding over a highly publicized case that is still ongoing.

I’m assuming that the W.H.s had already had a body double to take McAfee’s place.


LOL!! That’s it in a nutshell! Never to be heard of again until they come up with some kind of replacement, if at all. Anyone hear from Austin lately?? 🤣

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just looking

been a pretty good year , so far.. oprah gone… austin gone..garland gone.. now where’s blinkin ?


I thought he was killed in China?????


Yup 👍 he was


The WH military has NOT confirmed that, as RRN reported.

Dave Strickland

‘A’ Blinken figure was shot in China: replicant, clone, actor, double… maybe the original.

Truth Seeker

Blinkin and Mayorkas


Left with Nod I think

Stuart Walker

If these stories were true we’d see them in the National Enquirer and other news papers at the check out stand.


These nut jobs take it seriously.

Truth Seeker

It says a lot about you naive and gullible leftist buffoons that you think these corporate owned news outlets are not engaging in censorship?


blakhat age 47, needs to think about moving out moms Satanic basement


You have to be” blind and out of your mind” if you chime with today’s news media.

Nukken Futz

Plus be a vaxxed to the max normie, too….Now the sagging in the poles deep staters are inventing another scamdemic called HN1N avian flu, hyped up to be ten times more powerful than the sputtering Covid 19, because they don’t have any more gags to pull and they are out of munny too. They think they can pull another scam on the normies with their MSM spinning fear armies……

Usual Suspect

Where are they going to get all the money they need to bribe all the Drs and hospitals with for this new scam? That should be looked into!


There’s the fake Alien Invasion still left to use on the masses. Brought to us by Project BlueBeam.

Death to All Deep Staters

But…..they ARE true. Of all those who have been said , on this platform, to have been arrested, prosecuted, and executed, don’t you think at least one of them would have come forward to say it is false and then file a lawsuit against RRN and Mr. Baxter? Why is it that this hasn’t occurred even once? It’s because these stories ARE true.


Very well said ☝️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Nukken Futz

Look at the sites verbiage stating the forrum is satire,………that’s how RRN’s keeps the news going, without the libel jew lawyers litigating the site…..


Think mirror. (True Lies?)…

A “satire” site that reports real news? YES. That verbiage offers RRN plausible deniability.

The legacy media claim to report news, when they actually disseminate propaganda. That’s why they call it “programming.”


Very True. They could’ve already filed character defamation law suits but none have. These clones have no emotions, no feelings, no minds. They’re like those in the wax museum.

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just looking

I have been watching for that also…There is no one coming out and claiming these stories to be false ( except for some trolls and some fake news media ) , which I disregard, for the most part..and also lawsuits , have’nt seen those either

Truth Seeker

On the contrary, if these stories were not true Michael would have been sued to the max by now.


Or worse, “unalived” in RRN’s lingo.


He’s protected by the First Amendment, as you all have been told many times. Satire and humor are protected by law. Besides, what would be the use of suing a guy with virtually no assets who has to beg for money to cover his day-to-day bills?


The total absence of any proof that these things happened is considered confirmation by the people here. The less proof the better because, in their world, there is a giant, multi-national leakproof system of people and institutions concealing these strange and illogical activities. The fact that they have chosen an obscure WordPress blog hosted by some guy in Texas with no journalism credentials or military experience beyond boot camp to reveal the “truth” is of no concern because he confirms and amplifies their darkest impulses. It really is a study of madness.


keep it rolling. eventually, these dumb a$$es will figure it out. or maybe they won’t. build more holding pens in Gitmo. run the gallows 24/7.


“run the gallows 24/7.” Yes Mr FBI, this nut job right here.



Dave Smith

Hi I was just wondering if you grant birthday wishes my birthday is April 6th I would really like to hear a story about the Governor of Illinois having a permanent reunion with his sister. Thank-you. Where we go one we go all .God Bless all 💚😎🇺🇲🫡Amen. thank you all for Being the change for the better world and universe Amen. 🙏🏼✌️💜💚💚💚💚💚💚💚🐷🐖🐽ster.😎😉🤫🤔🧐😎🇺🇲🫡🙏🏼🎉⚰️🪦


Happy Birthday 🎈🎂:😀🙏




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Excellent, now get Fani too and hang them both!


A toofer, I like it!!!


Don’t forget Wade! That makes 3!


Yes, I agree, get Fani’s fanny with the rest of them, to Gitmo!

Shirley Anne

“There’s a method to their madness.”
The White Hats are methodically arresting treasonous deep staters. Any way you wish to do it is fine. Keep on rounding them up.
Love these reports. Thank you Michael. 👍🇺🇸


Yes, cowboys in AZ, (Real cowboys) can round them up and rope them to drag them to slaughter!!!