White Hats Find FEMA/ATF Camped Near Quake’s Epicenter


One Hundred and fifty FEMA and ATF agents encamped at Hell Mountain Preserve near Tewksbury, NJ, following yesterday morning’s 4.8-magnitude quake, which rattled a swath of the Northeast and sent New Yorkers fleeing skyscrapers for fear of another 9/11. The epicenter of the aberrant rocker was Readington township in Hunterdon County, less than one mile from Tewksbury and seven miles from President Donald J. Trump’s Bedminster Estate. It was also the strongest quake to hit the Tristate area in 140 years.

Conspiracies spawned and propagated on the internet as rapidly as shaking started, with some X users claiming a Deep State weapon akin to what was seen in the James Bond film Goldeneye caused the earthquake, and others, specifically Marjorie Taylor Green, calling on humanity to “repent!” because a wrathful God had caused the tremors.

Although White Hats aren’t attributing yesterday’s rumble to divine intervention, they haven’t ruled out Deep State weaponry and have a vested interest in ascertaining whether it was a naturally occurring or manmade seismic event.

They currently have three reasons to suspect the latter, per a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office.

White Hats have long suspected the existence of a Deep State secret weapons depot somewhere in central New Jersey. Their suspicions were initially based on Deep State telephone conversations intercepted by Army Cyber Command (ARCYBER) in December 2022 and June 2023. According to multiple sources, ARCYBER had eavesdropped on a conversation between Chuck Schumer and Congressman William Keating (D-MA), a member of the House Armed Services Committee, who wanted to know if the “pine box” received a shipment of “pipe.”

The Deep State has its own lexicon, codewords shared among themselves.

Just as “pizza” and “candy” refer to trafficked children and Adrenochrome, respectively, “pine” stands for New Jersey—the Pine State— “box” means Deep Underground Military Base (DUMBs) or any subterranean hidey-hole, and “pipe” is code for weapons of mass destruction (WMDs).

White Hats, our source said, have spent years deciphering and compiling the Deep State’s rudimentary but cryptic vocabulary.

“Almost everything they [the Deep State] says has ulterior meaning. They’ve got an encyclopedia of them, and they’ll change their words around if they know we or the public have interpreted them,” our source said.

He added that White Hats had sent six teams to search for the hidden weapons facility in 2023, but they came away empty-handed.

“When the quake struck, we couldn’t ignore the connection—the code and the quake, and its proximity to the alleged weapons bunker and President Trump’s Bedminster estate. It doesn’t seem coincidental,” he went on, saying, too, that Gen. Smith has two working theories—a catastrophic accident or a Deep State strike with exotic weaponry.

“The absence of elevated radiation in the area ruled out an underground nuclear detonation, but only the Lord knows what else they might have down there,” he said.

No sooner had the quake hit than Gen. Smith was on the line with 75th Ranger Regiment commander Col. J.D. Kiersey, whom he asked to dispatch a Ranger squad to scour the epicenter for signs of Deep State deception—explosive residue, scorched earth, or perhaps a hidden tunnel leading to a subterranean labyrinth.

Rangers arrived in Tewksbury at 6:00 p.m. yesterday and immediately noticed something unusual: several FEMA and ATF vehicles on the roads. Our source said Rangers in civilian cars discreetly tailed them to Hell Mountain Preserve, where a more significant FEMA/ATF force had established a base camp comprised of ATVs, tactical vehicles, and over 150 armed federal goons, none of whom, our source emphasized, wore Nuclear-Biological-Chemical protective gear or carried Geiger counters.

“That pretty much ruled out a nuke,” our source said. “But they’re there for some reason and it ain’t to help anyone.”

Outnumbered and outgunned 18-1, the Rangers contacted headquarters to provide a situation report and to request instructions. They were told to egress the area and await further orders.

“Not saying where they are right now, naturally. But an engagement then and there could’ve been disastrous. We plan to mobilize a larger element,” our source said.

Asked whether sharing the above information might tip off the Deep State, he said, “If it sends them running for cover, good. We’ll have unrestricted access to the area, and if they double down with reinforcements, well, we have those too—and ours know how to fight.”

Lastly, we asked our source if White Hats gave credence to the simplest explanation for the quake; that it was a rare albeit natural event.

“That’s absurd. Things like this don’t happen for no reason,” he said.

Update: General Smith’s office categorically denies White Hats caused the quake. Had it been them, they would have employed discretion and caution and not risked generating an earthquake that could have, potentially, killed innocent people and wrecked the president’s estate.

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William R Nicholson

I am a bit unnerved …… I was not expecting any tremors & possible earthquakes . It was something totally unexpected & the unnerving part is making me feel uneasy. I had to remove a deep well electric waterpump today. I had part of the well pipe break & my stainless steel cable that secured the deep pump was jammed so badly ; I was ready to abandon Recovery steps & just cap the well. I rested a few & then said to My Lord & God , Please Grant Me The Same Strength of Samson & Hercules , so I can recover my pump ! I hadn’t felt any power like that since my time at the top of the mast during The Biblical Storm in The China Slot also known as The Graveyard in early January 1974. The Extra Unexpected Strength made the recovery of the pump quite easy. Miracles still happen , Let’s All Pray To My Lord & Master , Jesus The Christ ! We Will Keep Winning , C.I.C. Trump is Legitimate Sovereign Leader with Authority & Power in The Legal Chain Starting With The Eternal Sovereign ! ! Maintain Course , C.I.C. Trump has The Conn ………. Steady As She Goes …… Nick , NavyBlueSmoke  
Credited by crew of U.S. Navy ship LST-1195 w saving new ship in Biblical Class Storm , early January 1974 in The China Slot also known as The Graveyard , Seal Team , Marines , 20+ Officers , 200+ ships crew & CIA’s top asset aboard ( The Master of Masters ) & safely delivered to Hong Kong harbor . Thank Creator God That He Gave Me Temporary Strength of Hercules & Samson to accomplish this task & give All Aboard the opportunity to know Jesus The Christ as their Saviour ; so they may Enter Heaven via The Narrow Gate !  Take The Narrow Path ! 

Raul Redero

Bienvenidos si van acabar con el estado profundo y salvar el país pero no veo acciones contra ellos que están visibles por donde quiera en el congreso en el senado en la televisión en las redes sociales en las cortes

truth is stubborn

Es una batalla que se libra en las sombras hasta el momento justo.

Pork Wontons

Chuck Schumer that arrogant asshole & dual-citizen NWO agent working for Mossad.

I hope he’s been executed. That rubber-masked being with the stretchy neck at the SOTU certainly wasn’t him.


Another D.U.M.B. destroyed.

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A woman living near the epicenter reported a strange buzzing from underground about an hour before the quake.

voice of one in the wilderness

As soon as I saw that it was only 4.7 km deep, I knew something was up.


I can’t help but wonder WHAT THE WHITE HATS ARE DOING TODAY while all of the idiots are busy focusing on the eclipse? God Bless the White Hats, watch over them all and KEEP THEM SAFE!

Robert Gregory Boensch

Look close at the United States Space Command Logo below. What do you see? There is a cross over the earth that sure does pattern the total solar eclipse of 2024 with that of 2017

 Trey calls this a “Space Force Project”! He points out some very intriguing patterns and one of them is the symbol of the “Seal of Satan”, and how that is also playing out in the eclipse of 2024 in their science depictions.


In this film we examine the April 8th 2024 eclipse and the signs and symbols which surround it from a Biblical perspective. The name “Eclipse: A Space Force project” is derived from a “Space Command” logo which looks striking similar to the crossing path of the 2017 and 2024 US eclipses.

Robert Gregory Boensch

Nukken Futz

The galactics will not allow any nuke to be set off and all nuke weapons are monitored or the warheads have been jellified already, as in the case of the ICBM’s in the silos, but the govt. can still use them for fear weapons, upon the sheeple and normies. The shakers were caused by the galactics blowing up the child trafficking dumbs used by the lizards from Baltimore to south of DC, I read on their website…….

Mi ke

You’re off your fucking rocker. Aliens ARE deception. You can’t say you did research on aliens and not know that Werner Von Braun SPECIFICALLY warned that it’s a deception.


Humans aren’t the only species

Stop denying the truth

Last edited 1 month ago by Talion

We aren’t the only ones, because we have our neighbors which are demonic spirits which are “the aliens”.


You trust a NAZI’S words ???..🤣🤣🤣🤣


You are quite out of your tiny mind. How do you jelly plutonium?


Your narcissistic bully

Pepe Penname

Where’s the “P wave”?

Dollars to donuts this was a D.U.M.B. takedown

Christo dogood

This exactly what the RedHats are talking about. Still treating war with politics as they kill more innocent people.


Deep state are forced to do war because they are blackmailed by fallen angels and demons, which will destroy the planet if they don’t obey. Only angelic beings can liberate us, since the fallen angels are vast in power.

Minute Man

We the people are vast in power if we unite. Everyone needs to grow a big pair and get prepared for what’s to come.

Christo dogood

New Jersey has alot of Pines, but it is called the Garden State.

Nukken Futz

You forgot the Pine Barrens, though, where the Jersey Devil haunts the place….


The hockey team? WTF?


Your pathetic


I know that cryptid. Still around. Tons of sightings.


There is a youtube channel DUTCHSINSE that is able to predict earthquakes and knows whether they are real or man made. He could help.

Stinky Perfume

So where did this earthquake in NYC, the 4.8 come from? Even the magnitude matches the date of the eclipse. Dutchsinse will talk forever spinning the globe in your face with too many details. People don’t have time for that. They need open internet and clear and obvious warnings. Warnings didn’t matter in NYC and seems as if details were planned to only let it get so much damage in NYC. That shallow quake could have done a lot more, it was ONLY 2.6 miles down, but something seriously high up seems to have stopped it.

Last edited 1 month ago by Stinky Perfume

I’d counter that the underground location of the (explosion) quake likely didn’t fare so well.


The 2nd US Civil War is now in full swing.


If so, could be a harbinger of very good things to come. Uprising, objections and protests, no more I hope no shoot’em ups. Impetus for military exposing the are in control, if not advising they have been for years, is needed to progress to lock down (in) and the disclosure videos. Lately last three days, of the ten, are being said to have different content, non-terrestrials and such.

Will happen when the time is right. Meanwhile patience is said to be a virtue. Rightly or wrongly, I’m trusting the plan, and meanwhile learning what I can. What a world! Who could ever have anticipated living in such times.

Nukken Futz

Great! Whose gonna play Lincoln and Grant, along with Bobby Lee and Brickwall Jackson…..??

Stuart Walker

150 in a camp. What would Shamgar have done?


capture a few for questioning?

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Robert Gregory Boensch


Robert Gregory Boensch

Who Am I.

And Am I on the Federal List



I am kind of like the Ghostbusters is a 1984 American supernatural comedy film .

But in My case you never have to Call

Deepwater Horizon?

The Day I took control of The United States Government by Robert Gregory Boensch. And You the people Have This power today Watch this video and see the way. What caused the explosion on the Deepwater Horizon? As more details emerge about the events leading up to the explosion and sinking of the Deepwater Horizon, it has become clear that the single-minded drive for profit and a total lack of regulation created the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. In the United States Congress A Bp Official was asked how do you market your oil. He answered they hedge three barrels of oil to one barrel of production. Search this price of oil and look at their contracts, Was there an incentive for them to Shutdown the Gulf of Mexico oil production. Now comes My Involvement in this disaster. The Whitney Township was waging their first war With my Family. And I was defending my Farms from this action. And after 30 days of all the noise about this [disaster]. I took a day to investigate every piece of evidence and videos on the web I could find. The next morning I wrote a two page paper of my findings and sent this to BP, and the Government Agency handling of this. And also one of my Detroit Lawyers, No response From the government. The two of us watched this and talked about it every few days. It was so risky in how they were handling this action. And one day they were scheduling A very dangerous maneuver. I had no choice But to call congress directly. And aid answered the phone I asked him if he was in front of a computer he said Yes. I gave him my Web address and had him open it. Then Asked him if he could see two pages of PDF s, he said yes and wanted to know what this is about. I Asked him if he could print these out he said yes and printed them and I asked can you read them. He said yes a what should he do. I said send them up to who’s in power. At this Moment I took control of the congressional and Federal well control of this accident. They halted all of their action and let the well leak per my order. And built the Well control Cap to my Specification. Why would they do this you ask. Because this was an extinction level Event. If they would have loss the riser package off the well head or any part of this. There would have been such a high volume of material, and at an extremely high pressure, And a high chance of blowing the whole well casing out of the hole. And then this would cause all of the sediment in the gulf to be in Suspension for up to 40,000 years as this was calculated and referenced in an engineer published chart From my knowledge in studying. And then The salt water would flow back into the well and increase the salt level of the oceans and probably turn them to complete ice. They then understood my plan was better? What happened to the township war nothing Good and lost just about everything We had. President Trump says pick your battles wisely. The choice I had was save my Family and take a chance of all of us perishing, Because, the strong possibility Of this being An extinction level Event. Or take Control Of the United States Government, Question Did I make the right Choice? PS, A couple of G men showed up to one of my lawyers friends house in Detroit, after this well was cemented in and questioned him all about oil well control in the gulf. Something he knows nothing about. And the lawyer that I was corresponding with had the paper work Asked Me all of the Question that were relayed to him. I answered them, and Most of the questions were very obscure, child like, with no understanding of the Industry, then I told the G men listing on the phone, Just talk to me direct the next time you can’t handled a disaster? A true Story and there Is two lawyers in Detroit that were involved. In the United States Congress A Bp Official was asked how do you market your oil. He answered they hedge three barrels of oil to one barrel of production. Search this price of oil and look at their contracts, Was there an incentive for them to Shutdown the Gulf of Mexico oil production. This is another point. I watched this congressional testimony. They only had to ask one more question and We would have had a testimony and evidence of Murder of the workers that died. And an intentional world biological event against the world Etc. And What I saw was Just a play with congress and BP. I could see the dollars flowing from BP to congress. All of these congressional members are accessories to this act That had stocks in BP Schlumberger This Company in which I respect. Do they have culpability in this action [Accident] And was never Question that I know Of! On that day when I searched for all the data. It was reported that Schlumberger Told BP to shut the well In Meaning Kill this Well Cement the Whole Well In And the BP on deck refused. Schlumberger operator on the rig turned around went into his office. And called in a Helicopter and Removed their people immediately. and A boat came to the rig and removed All of their instrument’s Which is never done unless the rig is going under. Where did all of this data Go. Any one on an offshore Rig has authority To Shut the Rig Down! From Just Facts and Questions Robert Gregory Boensch

Can you see I am on All Of the Watch Lists

and probably in the top Ten.

Up until this action Everything I did was in the Dark .Undercover And No fear of

being Caught.

So Am I worried about My Life.-They all ready have taken me Down so many Times!

This is all part Of Gods plan for Me!

Every Day is just another day At my office.

Your Commander


Robert Gregory Boensch

And Today All that Gather Here Are the New commanders

TAKE Command of you life your Family and This Country


PS MB I am 10 years older than You

Last edited 1 month ago by Robert Gregory Boensch
Stuart Walker

Thank you for saving the world


I have friends in Michigan working to restore the de jure form of government. What is the best way to connect them with you?

Robert Gregory Boensch


This is the new Law

And Our starting Point Use the PDF below print it out and its good in all of our States and territories. just change my name and state


Our Restore Point is 1657

1657 Flushing Remonstrance
Wee are bounde by the law to do good unto all men, especially to
those of the household of faith. And
though for the present we seem to be unsensible for the law and the
Law giver, yet when death and the
Law assault us, if wee have our advocate to seeke, who shall plead
for us in this case of conscience

betwixt God and our own souls; the powers of this world can neither
attach us, neither excuse us, for if
God justifye who can condemn and if God condemn there is none can


Before the 2020 election there was a short video on the
internet showing President Trump Being President for the year’s
And this is a true story of how long he will be president of these
united states.
Why you ask
Because he has limited power as the Commander in Chief of this
If he exceeds this power he will become a dictator?
Now why is the people in the Jan 6 still in jail.
The military has no power to intervene in this cause or any cause in
this conflict?
They only step in and do an action to protect our constitution.
Or else their action will be a military coup
So who does have the power.
It’s the people in these States.
The only way to end this insurrection By law is to address your
states congress
by petition or a remonstrance.
Now we all know how corrupt these people are.
Especially Michigan.
And my beautiful relation with them?
And also (I) we have to stay in line with the constitutional
But this is also a disadvantage to end this action the Insurrection.
So in come’s the The Flushing Remonstrance of 1657
The whole base of this is our God given rights.
And it precedes our constitution and the law of war manual.
So I started with a clean Sheet
and the first thing on it was Remonstrance
And then it was built with the needs that we needed address today.
And there is a couple of constitution laws inserted.
And also part of the law of war manual.
In Michigan this was presented and accepted by default of response?
This remonstrance is Reciprocal to the other 49 states and territory
of this country?
Give President Trump back his full power.
And let the Military go be the best they can.
If you would really like to release the Jan 6 prisoners.
You The People of these States Have this Power
and no one else on this planet can help you
rise up and peacefully Speak
to those around You!
And when we End this insurrection
We then can restore our Constitution
And start Building This Constitutional Republic on a clean Base!
We The People of these States Have this Power
and no one else on this planet can help Us
rise up and peacefully Speak
to those around You
Ps this insurrection and also the Remonstrance suspend all elections
until the insurrection is over
and the Remonstrance removes the biden Electoral College votes
and all of the bad actors and their staff.
And For Justice
Expunge The first and second impeachment Of President Trump
suspended elections
This is why President Trumps video
Showed 2020-2024-2028-2032 etc.
it was a clue and a big reveal
Robert G Boensch
Robert Gregory Boensch
Why Wait till 2032
for this to be OVER
2020 election


Last edited 1 month ago by Robert Gregory Boensch
Robert Gregory Boensch

Thanks for the Question

Contact info will be publicly posted soon



Thanks. Here in this thread?


the guy’s certifiable. don’t promote it.

Legalize Freedom

Well they have a finger print to identify someone


The 4.8 man made earthquake?? What’s tomorrow? 4/8??? What are they planning??


Very good detective work on your part! It is not a coincidence, for sure.


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Last edited 1 month ago by jrmamacat

All alphabet agency members need to be arrested for treason and sent to GTMO for their tribunal.


Marjorie Taylor Green (MTG), calling on humanity to “repent!” because a wrathful GOD had caused the tremors. I personally guess that MTG is bang on…GOD did not leave us…but…most of us left our Creator GOD. People, please understand that this earth – including us – is our Lord’s creation and from time to time HE reminds us. Remember Moses and his people wandering 40 years trough the wilderness. Read the B.I.B.L.E. (Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth) and you all might understand what it is all about.

Mark David

You can attribute ANYTHING that happens to the Lord doing this or that, but millions have been killed throughout history because some wishful or hateful Nutjob blames God for being VENGEFUL OR DISPLEASED. Just STFU when you think God is doing this or that, because you don’t know.


Ain’t that the truth?


Enough of Marjorie Taylor Green!


No thanks.

Politics and religion don’t mix.

Last edited 1 month ago by Talion

Funny,,, can’t get to the Geo-site for what depth that Quake was at ? They can cook one up as the technology “they” use is 20yrs. ahead of what we very rarely see. When hasn’t it ever been on a” NEED TO KNOW BASIS.” ? We just get the after effects with the Bill$ which “they” will never really Tell Us the Truth of it. All that $$$$$$$ jus go away.

Whatever it is “they” are going to do,,, ][‘m praying it will BACK – F I R E on them. B I G T I M E .

][ wonder about all the people that work in that industry of munitions even have a soul to work making weapons of destruction ? The one’s working on the Money Printing Presses roll off sheets and sheets of dollar bills of all denominations. The corruption is deep ,,,, very deep. Souless minions ?

,,,and the rest of Us.

p.s. ][‘m praying, ][‘m ready to do whatever ][ have too if it shows up around Me. ][ AM in the path of Totality for Apr.8th. What was hidden, will become known, and the Viel will be lifted.

 We’re W I N N I N G !
Blessing’s be Ye A L L ~



“As much as I greatly appreciate what has been done so far [BY THE WH], I can’t blame them [THE RED HATS FOR ORGANIZING AND TAKING ACTION]. They want things done faster, and most of us want this show to be over. I trust the white hats, but this is taking way too long.

It hurts me to see [THAT] President Trump [NEEDS TO PUT SO MUCH EFFORT INTO WAKING THE SHEEPLE BY HIS GALLANTLY] rallying. [BUT,] What about fixing 2020 and uncovering the whole damn truth?

Will we ever have an EBS? … Will 1/3 of the world continue believing Biden is alive and an astounding [IGNORANT] (!!!) percentage of Americans planning to vote for him? Is that 41% of sleepers that we expect to wake up [IN THE NEXT FEW MONTHS BEFORE THE ELECTION]? 

[HOW LONG] Will the white hats allow part of the world to continue thinking the Pope, Hillary, mother Theresa, [AND] the royals are no worse than everyone else?

Let’s hope this will work to EVERYONE’S benefit. I am not cheering for the Red Hats yet, but I do understand. May ALL freedom fighters be blessed.”


Maybe they will come out of that closet with big Mike and the big screen MSM?
It just takes time I guess lol. I was awake to alot of this crap 20yrs ago. Sandy Hook drove it home for me to start researching.
That and the trouser bomb in Boston.
I think I could get out of that closet a little quicker but some have issues 🤔.

Stuart Walker

The world needs some Shamgars

An Bolynn

It would seem to me the WHs may have under estimated the bad guys. They certainly seem to have toys and weapons to truly “destroy the Earth” just as they promised Trump they would do, if he did not back away from pursuing them. That very thing happened around the 2020 crap. It gave Trump pause because he knew what they had still yet at their disposal.
The WHs are almost clandestine in their business, and I fear these Red Hats will make the carefully planned and executed (pun intended) duties they carry out, against the Satanists and criminals, impaired.
If possible, the RHs need to cooperate with the WHs to respect the rule of law ,for the mutual protection of all involved.
You have seen the good guys run out of patience with the most “deserving” before. They do their jobs the most expediently as possible.

Ann Ononomous

I’ve never heard of New Jersey being the Pine State. To my knowledge, it’s always been the Garden State?


From the morning til the evening the news reports there were the one 4.8 and after about 11 aftershocks of 2.0 or so, the day ended with a 4.0 that was felt and terrified people again. I can appreciate how those folks are feeling.


We were is a 7.8, with aftershocks most of the night being around 5.5. One month later a 7.0. Aftershocks continues for many months. No electricity, cell or electric for 4 months. Lived in our car for 8 days with 2 pets. Could not find a place to live for many months. What was this one? 4.5 please

Did anyone look into at that 7.8. ?

Nukken Futz

I heard that the galactics have been blowing the child trafficking dumbs, from Baltimore to DC…….and the black hats wont even think of challenging them, but it would be biblical to watch if they did, though….


Galactics have found the holy Grail. Apparently it’s still around.

So idk.

I have a feeling the ones causing issues will be dealt with soon.


That is not true! You don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s not even missing. It’s where it should be.

Nukken Futz

The holy grail and the arc of covenants were found at the money pit last year, along with golden shekkles and treasure goodies that the Lagina Bros got to keep and they confiscated the arc by the galactics, because it’s their communication device, but smart enuff to get somebody else to dig it up……


Wait they found them?

Communication device?

Stuart Walker

Yes, the real decisions are being made from the Battlestar Galactica


must be the result of the “Alan Parsons Project”.




Reminds me of the earthquake shaking we experienced 13 years ago here in Texas. It started out as a very loud boom! Then a great shaking shook the building. It was very odd because earthquakes don’t come with loud booms. I know because I lived in Asia many years and earthquakes don’t have loud booms

Nukken Futz

When WA state had the great promised by the MSM sages, a 7.6 shaker in 01, it sounded like a freight train with a noticible kaboom. I looked out across a field and I could see the shock wave ripples coming toward me………,a dandy of a shaker it was……..


Hmmm. Knowing that Maine is the “Pine Tree State,” how long has NJ been the “Pine State?”

Nukken Futz

I thot New Jersey was the ” Pine Barrens Jersey Devil” state…..


G­­o­o­gle­ is paying $100 per hour! Work for few hours and have longer with friends & family! On tuesday I got a great new Land Rover Range Rover from having earned $8752 this last four weeks. Its the most-financialy rewarding I’ve had. It sounds unbelievable but you wont forgive yourself if you don’t check it… 
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Robyn Moyle


Nukken Futz

Your replying to a dumb ass, nuts and bolts machine made of metal…….


sucks to your assmar

Sue Rodrigues

Thanks Micheal keep us posted.
FEMA needs to be wiped off this earth they are the devils henchmen

Stuart Walker

Need to go Shamgar on them


1960’s ,70’s spy sats had amazing resolution back then, one can only imagine what the White Hats could tap into now and hope it is being used in the domestic civil war of sedition and treason we are now in.


I cannot understand why the white hats haven’t started NESARA GESARA and declare Marshal law. It would cripple the deeps states money to switch off the USD to Rainbow currency. Prevent citizens from funding cabal w/more trillions in tax dollars. Free up ppl from debtor slavery and end the all incentification for any border invasion, child trafficking, drug running or shop lifting stores. So many problems could be so solved so much pain and suffering over. I hope and pray they do this soon.

Last edited 1 month ago by Vicky
Susan Banks

There has to be a reason. That is what I keep saying. Situations like this one arise and plans change.

Warren Pease

We are trying to wake up as many people as possible. It is a numbers situation, for a more peaceful transition to goodness, rather than deal with radical resistance from a large portion of idiots who may still be half following the cable media and don’t realize that they are on the losing side now. Once they realize that their side is losing badly, they will switch to the winning team. No one wants to be a loser. Imagine next year when people find out someone voted for Obiden. The Harrisment will be brutal.

Ann Ononomous

Yes, that all sounds well and good but as long as they let MSM (aka 🐂💩 News) keep up their facade, a lot of people will stay asleep. There are still plenty of elderly people who don’t have cable or know how to use the internet or apps where they’ll find conservative news. As it stands, the fake news occupy ALL local channels which is where a good percentage of people get their news and that’s why they’ll be able to keep gaslighting them. I’ve heard people say, “I will believe it when it’s reported on my local channels.” So until there’s a takeover, they will stay asleep.
IMO, at least take over one or two local stations so they’ll at least start questioning their reality, if white hats are truly waiting for everyone to wake up.

Truth Seeker

IMO, There are those that have been so thoroughly indoctrinated, via our leftist controlled education system and the MSM, in addition to being brain washed by the C_A’s MK Ultra mind control goons.

We all know democrat voting people who will never change their minds. I see them as unwilling and incapable of changing. These are people who will end up being victims of the collateral damage.


“Their” Intention is perfectly clear,
,,, as ][s Our’s.
These soulless ghoul minions do as they are TOLD.
MEN/WOMEN Deal Direct and for The B E S T
S P I R I T is S T R O N G


Maybe the white hats are waiting for a biblical time when all eyes are on the solar eclipse – afterwards take over the EBS with news the deep state doesn’t want us to know. A lot of people would be affected and watching… just a guess.


There are a lot of domino’s to yet fall,
Keep Up A L L Your Good Work’s.

Stuart Walker

Stop paying income tax, and demand gold and silver as money

Last edited 1 month ago by Stuart Walker

Martial law has been declared. NESARA was not to happen during times of war and the US is in the midst of a civil war, let alone the rest of the chaos in the world.
NESARA is a fairy tale at this point.

Dave Waterbury

If Nesara is done while Biden is in charge, , , he will take credit for it.
That must not happen.

Dr John

Already then here are just a few Diseases, that weren’t

Cold and Flu is the body chemically being out of wack. Feed it the hormone D3 along with Zinc to help the D3 absorb into the cells. Resolves in 6 hours. Takes that long for the body to stop the assault and dry up.

Allergies Quercetin with Bromelain, better in 30 seconds no side effects no toxins. The immune system is weak, you can rebuild it with vitamins over a period of about a year.

Polio children got this usually in rural areas or home gardens where DDT was used as a pesticide. It was a chemical poisoning. In later years they incorporated some of it into vaccines to hide that it was DDT. When it stopped sales in the US charts show new incidents rapidly dropping. The Philippines had never had Polio until the started using DDT and when they banned it, it went away.

Small Pox was a sanitation issue, many cities/communities were living in filth and to avoid the VACCINE of the day being forced on people with (no surprise) side effects. They took it on themselves clean up the sewage, waste, quality of fresh meats sold and clean drinking water. Small Pox in those communities that had no vaccination, but cleaned up had no disease. Those that remained in filth with vaccinations still had cases of Small Pox.

The problem of Rickets in children was caused by a steady diet of corn mush. Adding vitamin D to their diet resolved the problem.

Scurvy as we all know was due to a lack of protein on ships at sail. resolved by giving the lemons, eventually treated with vitamin C. What no one pointed out was during the winter hunting was sparse, and meat was just as scarce. Meat being sold could often be spoiled. Seasoning was added to hide the bad meat which caused Botulism. Those that did not eat the meat got Scurvy just like the sailors at sea.

Listeria and Salmanila are sanitation issue due to servers not washing their hands. Before the 1800s washing hands was not a common practice you had a grimy towel/rag to wipe your hands on all day, maybe even all week.

In the Old West Cholera was a plague to worry about; in Europe as well. Homes and even whole towns were burnt to the ground with large signs to not enter the town for fear of death while the last of a sick population had lived there. Tanning processes up stream dump the urine and feces used to tan animal hides. It was a bacteria that got into down stream water like streams and wells. Interestingly hard core alcoholics could survive this problem if they stuck to alcohol basically boiled water. And if people of the time had know they too could have survived if the had know boiling the water would kill the bacteria. Tanning is a old profession and the “disease” source was not known.

The London plague of the late 1500 and early 1600s was due to a sewer pipe cracking and leaching sewage into a community well where drinking water was pulled. Once fixed the problem was solved.

Typically before 1500 and after a war like in France at that time soldiers left the war torn area for a more amicable life. The population in the poor communities swelled with 6 to 10 and even more living in the same room. Sewage in some areas was dump out the street side window where if flowed (hopefully down the streets. With lack of money food was rare and diets were meager, certainly lacking nutrition.

Rome collapsed under a strange condition that left a lot of the population mentally deficient. The water system was sealed with lead! They had an abundance of water for fountains, swimming pools, saunas, and even flowing water in public toilets; including plenty of drinking water all loaded up with traces of lead!

The BLACK PLAGUE of the 1400-1500 period was not contagious! Yet unknowing neighboring communities of a distressed neighborhood blocked all exit and food supplies to their afflicted neighbors. Many did not die of the PLAGUE it self, but of starvation. There are two popular stories to what happened:

  1. the illness was caused by tics or fleas on rats that arrives on cargo ships into the community harbors. Once bitten the plague took hold. At this time you had stray laid on the floors to catch waste from the table, un-diapered children, pets and spilled beer, etc. when straw was available in the fall you would add a fresh layer. Did you pick they did not remove the old layer! The also had thatched roofs made of straw. Both floor and roof were domiciles for rodents like mice and rats. And the floors a sure harbinger for bacteria.
  2. The other story suggest there was a war North of some communities where up stream underground water flowed. Not knowing what lay beneath dead soldiers were buried above the underground water way. As bodies decay bacteria clean up the mess, but bacteria could have fallen into the water and flowed in to community wells.

What we do know about the plague is that most doctors never got ill nor did the men that carried the dead away. The only explanation is it was not a contagion, but either a infected animal/rodent spreading the disease or persistent living in the bacteria of the homes creating greater exposure like using dirty hands to prepare and cook food where dropping from the ceiling/roof fell on the table or into the food or contamination was picked up from the floor and infected the food by mice rummage on in the straw bedding and then on the table or exposed food like bread. Straw was also used for bedding as well.

Going back to the Athenian war you have huge populations swarming small fortresses to shelter from the onslaught of an opposing enemy. Think human and animal waste in close quarters and that waste running in the water system that flows into the wells.

Lack of food, tainted water and extremely close quarters a recipe for disaster. Those of the community that did not harbor in the fortress never got sick!

When you get sick your body causes all the symptoms not a virus, not a bacteria. It is the body trying to excrete or kill the invader. In some cases like measles and chicken pox our body uses are not often used defense that create pimples, blister and boils. The body is doing this not a disease. The infection is throughout the body.

Flesh Eating disease, now that is scary and is deadly! It most often happens to people that are getting radiation and chemo treatment with an over whelming array of antibiotics. Your immune system is SHUT DOWN. They even warn you to stay a way from strangers and not to get cut, etc. When you get an open wound even of the smallest king your body has no defenses. We have more bacteria on and in us the we have cells. But in the right place we need these bacteria to survive.

If an open wound gets infected with no protection those cells can die. As the die they can get Gangrene death of cells due to lack of blood flow. Bacteria will clean up the dangerous/harmful dead cells, but cells are dying at a fast rate due to lack of blood flow so the bacteria continues to eat the dead flesh. These bacteria are what is call a flesh eating bacteria. They will not eat live flesh! But the body having gone septic leaves a trail of dead flesh for the bacteria to clean up. The bacteria is Streptococcus the same bacteria have all over your body and in your mouth keeping you clean!.

Diseases followed marching and encamped enemies, can you think of why this happened with so much waste not properly handled, including the handling of food and pulling water from rivers and streams without boiling it. Wounded soldiers with open and festering wounds that were not properly cleaned and closed along with the near dead and dying.

I think you get the idea. You can’t blame virus because there is no proof it exists, you can’t blame bacteria unless it fell into the wrong place because its job it to clean things up. Example you eat food with Listeria or Salmonella, the bacteria did not attack you, you put it in your mouth leading to your stomach and or your lower intestine. That bacteria landed in the wrong place is not its fault. You might blame worms, pylori parasites venomous bees, spiders and snakes or frogs.

By the way, if you did not know it already Antibiotics are about the worst thing you can do. If kills your bad AND your good bacteria. Good bacteria keeps you alive. While taking the antibiotic have no bacteria to create vital vitamins you need and the aid it provides in digesting food, as well as keep bad bacteria out of the stomach. It is a problem taking the antibiotic and for 3 weeks after. In some cases a doctor may recommend antibiotics for months and in some cases years. It basically shuts down the immune system!

Bacteria in the right place is KING and we are lucky to have it on our body helping us survive! It was given a bad rap because everywhere an infection was seen; there was a bacteria. They did not realize the bacteria was the good guy cleaning up a toxic mess, which could be dying cells from a wound or dirt drug in to the wound.

Mushrooms are fungus, essentially bacteria. What we see above ground as the mushrooms is the fruit. Under ground is a widely ranging root system called Mycelium, that is the plant, if you will. You eat the cap, but throw away the stem, that is part of the Mycellium and can grow a new mushroom if you know how. when growing mushrooms you want a serial environment so that the mushroom has a chance to overwhelm the environment before another bacteria make it a home. You have to grow mushrooms in fresh wood, straw and the like.

The bed it is growing in essentially gives up nutrients to the fungus. Dying treas often have fungus/mushrooms growing on them or their roots. Mushrooms actually communicate under ground between trees. If one is lacking a nutrient it is provided by the fungus from a near by trees or plant that includes that nutrient. A true symbiotic relationship.

As you can see there is a lot to learn about the body, environment and world we live in. It is absolutely amazing and the deeper you dig the more amazing it becomes.

I hope you have a better appreciation for the poor bacteria that has been shamefully made the villain all these years just to sell us on anti-bacterial drugs. Kind of makes you want to take one home as a pet.

It was long, but I do hope it was not too boring.

I kind of get excited talking about this stuff. I can clear a room at a party in seconds. Probably why I am not invited. Yet if relatives are over staying their welcome I am an invited guest. At least until the unwanted guest are rushing to the door. Those left in my wake as I leave have been asleep for hours.

Enjoy your new appreciation for bacteria and things that go bump in the night. You are becoming fearless. We have natural treatments for out of place bacteria that are absolutely safe and relatively inexpensive that you can buy anywhere. This is not an ad and there is no brand I am selling. You buy what and where you want I make no money and ask for nothing for this information. No membership, not dues, no email, name address or any other personal information.

This is my way of giving back to society and fighting the Deep State villains, I mean doctors and Big pharma along with the toxic food industry. Those are the really places where illness and death are spawned


Flesh eating disease or necrotizing fascitis can happen to anyone if they get cut with a bacteria carrying the toxin. Interestingly. I’ve heard the black plague may actually have been arsenic poisoning given by priests in the little biscuits and other venues in a prior culling by the deep state and not from the purported yersinia pestis… it sounded very plausible.

Dr John

Plausible and if you realize the lost of lives/workers created a demand for automation which seemed to happen smoothly at least from our vantage point. Those selling/leasing the machines would have made a bundle.

Something I can considered as well, but no solid proof associating the automation with the deaths. Looking through enough records a case might be built. If machines were invented and designed or built before the event that could be very telling. Mostly made of wood, rope and iron.


Free Blankets ring any bell’s ?
Residential Schools. ?


God has made our bodies a wonder. All the parts work ing together to heal itself when any part needs help. Thank you for the valuable info.

Sue Rodrigues

Thanks interesting to know


Thanks for the info!


Thanks Dr John.

Carol B.
  • thanks Dr. John for keeping our mind on what is important…….usually on here there is lots of stupid, silly gibberish…..you are throwing out many facts of the ages for us to think about and to see patterns…….comments like yours and Michael Baxter’s is why I come here to read……..You are not boring and neither is Michael Baxter……..we need to think about all these things and pray for us to make right decisions………blessings on you and Michael as well as those who come here to be real and learn something ……..

If they clear the room it’s because that’s not what they were there for. Lol. Of that group it makes you wonder what percentage statistically will make the mistakes you were trying to educate against.

Stuart Walker

Actually, polio started with arsenic being sprayed, not DDT


not the polio vaccine?

Stuart Walker

Much of illness now days is copper deficiency

Dr John

Iron deficiency is caused by copper deficiency. There are other issues when you have copper deficiency, but most illness is cost by a variety of deficiencies.

Just to name a few:

  1. Iodine deficiency plays havoc with the Thyroid.
  2. Lack of B12 if common and can reduce the quantity of Red Blood cells resulting in an overall lack of oxygen.
  3. A lack of water can cause Gout! (not fatty or sweet foods or other cons suggested).
  4. Lack of Salt and other electrolytes are also common problems.
  5. Lack of oxygen can impact the brains functions as well as major organs
  6. Lack of proper stomach acid can create heart burn and allow for the build of of a bacteria coating on the lining of the stomach exacerbating the problem.
  7. Lack of Niacin can leave male problems (Niacin is created in the human tail bone).
  8. Lack of calcium, magnesium and Potassium case weak bones
  9. without sufficient magnesium or potassium you cannot contract or relax your muscles.
  10. With out salt and potassium you cannot transmit message through synaptic nerves
  11. Without sufficient salt you extracellular water can seep into cells causing them to explode

The list of health issue based on deficiencies or over indulgence goes on and on. Most people including doctors don’t know or pay attention to these factors closely enough. As an example under the microscope I can tell you are low on vitamin B12, not because I can see your B12 floating around. A Red blood cell count being low is usually due to a lack of vitamin B12. An Oxcio meter can check your oxygen level, assuming you are breathing normally, it indicates you may have an oxygen deficiency. Litmus tests against urine can give you other indicators.

Knowing stool color, texture, whether it floats and smell also are indicators of health including dark and bright color blood. A trick you can use to see how long it takes food to move through your body is to eat beats and check your stool for that Red/Purple color in your stool. All sorts of simple tests like the color of your urine, if it is dark any other time the when you get up, you are not drinking enough water!

There are so many things we need to balance our body a robust machine that is balanced with great care; leaving us to mess it up.

People continue to join FAD diets where they eliminate basic food groups because some author thinks it is smart. What an idiot!

Every winter season many people fall pry to insufficient vitamin D and the chemical balance leaves them with what Allopathic Doctors call a cold or flu. Take vitamin D3 and Zinc and the cold Flu is gone in 6 hours. It was not a chemical virus (no such thing) it was a lack of the hormone D due to an annual drop in temperature and sun light exposure!

Where copper is important and often ignored you can see from above it is one of many problems we experience from food lacking nutrition and us not eating a wide variety of foods. Copper can be toxic be careful how much you take.


Pine Box also means a coffin, & Pipe is short for pipe~bomb, or any incendiary device. Good job, White Hat Military!!!

Donna Miller

I still think that the RED HATS and the WHITE HATS need to team up and work together on this….. I do not think it is all right to have collateral damage acceptable…. But I do think that together we can get rid of these entities, because they stop being Human with trying to cause pandemics to kill our fellow Americans or anywhere else in the world…. Then they start to be no different then the BLACK HATS that we are fighting right now…. I also think that they need to get President Trump back now and not later….. This is exactly how we have fringe groups to rise up…. We have to be the civilized people for the future generations….. Our Country has been used to fight for the DARK SIDE long enough…. Unite as one to move our WORLD to a TIMELINE where we can PROSPER once again…. PRAY like our lives depend on it, because it does…. Thank you Michael so very much for your insightful reports….


I am sorry but one cannot unite with traitors. Simply, they need to be exposed, and then eliminated.

Dr John

I am not sure who you are implying are traitors, but the Red Hats are American militia which is legal in every state with the right to bare arms and protect our nation with force if necessary.

These as I understand it are not only American citizens, but combat trained and experience veterans. They did an insertion into an enemy site and without injury completed their mission and returned home safely.

Explosions much like earth quakes; that are not very big can carry a long ways depending on the rock formation. You need the power to create the damage to the equipment. Without extensive geological information you cannot estimate the breadth of damage.

It sounds like it was more shaking than actual damage. And some citizens got frightened. They would be a lot more frightened if the Deep State were knocking at the door to haul them off to a prison camp!

This whole Deep State needs to be shut DOWN! and Shut Down now! No more games, no more masks no more play acting and a lot more information on what is going on! Trump needs to take his place in public at least on broadcasts.

The creation of the Red Hats was not yesterday. They are organized and executed an event with style. That the White Hats got their nose bent; where where they on the dangerous site before the explosion. Did they even know it existed? That would have been a real problem for us.

I see no down side and it make get the White Hats the support they claim they need to do their job because it is so big. We have told you for a long time ask for help from qualified combat vets!!!

Last edited 1 month ago by Dr John
Susan Banks

Do you know howany times they have tried to kill him? Quit trying to change their plan that they worked 30 years on. Good grief! They know what they are doing. Not trying to be mean but trust President Trump and God,

Dr John

I like(d) Trump and voted for him, but I am starting to smell a rat. I am aware of many of the reported attacks on him. i have been attacked 7 times in total since this “war started.”

As I understand it the White Hats are controlling the Brandon actor, to what goal? Why are prices so high and food supplies being damaged if we are in control.

Someone appears to be dragging their feet. The White Hats say they don’t have enough men to do the job, yet qualified and combat experienced veterans have volunteered to help. Where is the disconnect!

We have the right to protect our states and the nation. How long do we have to wait as the slowly dole out arrests.

I understand your opinion, but to be honest at this point I am fed up with the gamesmanship. It is not fair to the people of America or other nations that are waiting for us to do something.


Tom Heneghan explosive Intelligence says gore is pres. Anyway whoever it is doesn’t want to own up to it otherwise.
With gold going up there will be people finally looking for leadership. The only leading they will be doing is showing the masses where the soup line is.


I read once that the US had over 500 militias. Good to know.

Stuart Walker

Time for some Shamgars to rise up


What’s a Shamgar?

Charlotte Cain

Since the FEMA looters were there I am guessing the Quake was not big enough for them to rob people leaving homes. Maybe a test drive for Eclipse night?


That’s why they use it to divide everyone further


I really thought it may have been another Deep Underground Military Base tunnel that had been emptied, more children rescued, & that the WH’s had blown it up, so these sickos can never ever use them again.

Last earthquake I felt here, in NY state; where we live5 mins from the Pennsylvania line was in 2011 or early 2012. Very odd to feel a quake when it happens here, bcuz if we get one; it’s typically minor, not much 2 feel really. (ie: a recliner starts rocking on it’s own, or you suddenly feel off balance until the earthquake stops.) My belief is that it wasn’t natural having a 4.8 earthquake here, & since it wasn’t the whitehats who caused it, it was another Traitor(s), who hates America & Americans, & their Allegiance is 2 their god, ($ Moloch/ 👶& 💰). The ❤️ of 💰, over doing what’s Constitutionally & Morally right.

I’m sure we’re all truly looking forward to when we all know the children are all safe & under loving ❤️ care; receiving all the needed Medical & Mental Healthcare they may need. We’ll really be full of peace, once all these demons are all off the earth. What an Absolutely Gorgeous sight it will be!! As we’re starting to have some peace, the corrupt one’s left will be wishing the mountains ⛰️ ⛰️ would fall on them & crush them; not because they fear God, but because of all the public humiliation they’ll receive, once the masses are shown the true evil history of ‘The Swamp Creatures Who Ran DC Military Industrial Complex & Financially Enslaved Us, While Enriching Themselves.’ They stole our children, trafficked, torchered, Abducted, & Put them in a major state of fear; (all so the elite & their puppets could obtain their drug of choice, Adrenochrome.)

Im thankful for the ‘PRESENT’ Commander In Chief, DJT, the many Heroes who’ve been involved in helping President DJT to bring America back, & to their families.’ I’m also thankful for keyboard warriors, who keep us informed, such as Mike Baxter & so many other’s.

Knowing that the children are being rescued & cared for, & knowing that all those involved are all being held accountable, makes the birthing pains we’ve been feeling easier to deal with. Wow, what an Amazing time to be alive!!! We’re watching/feeling our nation being restored!!!

Mike Baxter, Great article, as always!
Good thing it’s only satire huh 😉?




It was a weaponized earthquake. Tewksbury, NJ is 11.9 miles from Round Valley Reservoir that holds over 55 billion gallons of water. They need to send out civil engineers to check out the site for any fault lines.

Fema was their for the pending doomsday scenario flood disaster.

Susan Banks

That’s so much water!!! I lived upstate NY and the Ashokan Reservoir went all the way to NJ. It is a huge mound where pipes are, for miles and miles.


Ashokan Reservoir (holds 122.6 billion gallons of water) is approximately 126 north of the epicenter to Tewksbury, NJ.

The weaponized earthquake was felt three hundred miles from the epicenter itself.

The Round Valley Reservoir was only 11 miles from the epiccenter. A greater chance of having fault lines created in the reservoir structure.

Earthquake Fissure – The fissure is up to 10 feet wide and 60 feet deep.


is it at 40.61185, -74.84436 ?


I see a blue roof at 40°41’21.0″N 74°46’04.8″W


Yes that is correct. Where Round Valley Reservoir.

Warren Pease

If they have control of a HAARP station, they could direct beam the atmosphere above the target with high intensity frequencies, rising the atmosphere then cut it off abruptly, causing intense atmospheric pressure to hit the area below and cause an earthquake.


I read that HAARP is an old tech initial test platform, that newer tech is more advanced. Specifically, I read they’ve weaponized cell towers to operate collectively for weather manipulation given their high power microwave capabilities. I design buildings, was field surveying a fire house a couple years ago we were designing renovations to, there’s a cell tower on site with 4 separate phone companies present. There were techs installing special hardware that day, a brief conversation told me the hardware was a bit mysterious even to them, they said it was part of a “5g upgrade project”. That could mean anything.


Better check your “source’s” information. An average of 55 earthquakes are recorded around the world EVERY DAY. But never let the facts get in the way of a good story


Stop getting offended by this.


Stop exploiting everything Putin


pls leave lil talion alone!!! :<<


False. Earthquakes do not happen for no reason, Roger. Some anonymous White Hat dude said so, that’s proof!!



Warren Pease

But what you fail to add is that they are generally in the same locations each day of known fault lines and active volcanoes.

Karen B

We are learning through the hardship of FEMA discovery, that anytime they are present, evil ensues.😡 It is like the constant appearance of “Hillary”, Obamanation, etc., everywhere you turn they are there, which brings immediate anger to me and I’m sure others. Just hearing of these decrepit demons: the federal emergency bullshite occultists, brings natural resistence from the hearts of our nation’s good people. We will never rest until these dark forces are swooped upon, arrested and tried, with punishments. They have unleashed wickedness on our country too many times. I pray our soldier fighters will end their reign on the innocent at their most vulnerable times in a disaster.
I am confident General Smith will make right decisions in these moments moving forward and I am praying for you, dear General. I am praying for the Rangers and whomever other Military join forces to annihilate and arrest, if warranted, these demons. GOD speed to you valiant men of honor and extreme purpose. 🛐🗡🛡🇺🇸🙌💜
Thank you, Michael, for bringing the real news that matters. I hope you have a lovely weekend.🤗💞


Check ✅ out my stop it series of videos on Tiktok yesterdays video on earth quakes

Sparky Sr

Fault Lines in the North East…
The basin sits between two “belts” of fault lines that surround New York. The first belt runs along the Hudson Highlands and includes the Ramapo Fault. The second encompasses parts of Connecticut, Westchester County, and Long Island, down through New York City and into central New Jersey.


EBS – Sunday or Monday

Michael Tiner

Why wouldn’t you want your readers here to be aware of HAARP? Why are you not allowing my post on the subject to go through?



Michael Tiner

try adding a link to a site that explains HAARP. I posted two posts with links to sites explaining HAARP. Neither post was allowed on.

Dave Kelly

yes , propagated EMF frequencies are used to cause earthquakes , tidal waves and other phenomenon , EMF waves caused and focused by HAARP and NEXRAD TECHNOLOGYS. THE SOURCE OF THESE TECHNOLOGIES CAN BE LOCATED VIA SATELLITE IS MY UNDERSTANDING. BUT I AM JUST PUTTING , STUFF OUT THERE, SO MUCH MORE ……?


That last paragraph came out of the blue……the update.

Has the DS resorted to finger pointing? I felt my entire home shake, I thought the roof was going to fly off. We are 30 miles from the epicenter. Just a couple of days prior a huge tree fell in the woods and once again shook the house violently. Can’t wait for the eclipse on the 8th, should prove interesting.

Last edited 1 month ago by Anonymous
Dave Kelly



then 40 days to repent or judgment. The sign of Jonah is like a word from God and faith comes by hearing His word to our heart. He must give a person spiritual eyes to see and spiritual ears to hear. And God must give a person repentance. Salvation is all His work and all His glory. Rom 10:17 “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”
Rom 10:18 “But I say, Have they not heard? Yes verily, their sound went into all the earth, and their words unto the ends of the world.” Gen 1:14 “And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs…


 On June the 15th in the year 763 is known as The Assyrian solar eclipse. It was the first of Elu on the Hebrew calendar. 40 days after the first of Elu is the day of Atonement which is Judgment day. Elu is also the month of Repentance.
God must even give a person repentance.
2Ti 2:25 “In meekness instructing those that oppose themselves; if God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth;”
Salvation is all His work and all his glory. Ultimately your sin is against Him. Our king of repentance we work up is, “I am sorry I got caught.”


Good post…funny most important incidents are “after 40 days”



Stinky Perfume

Why did the tree fall?


HARPP in full mode 3” rain over 2 days along with heavy winds.

So I bought a Stihl MS 250 and will become a lumberjack.

Free wood for everyone, except everyone has a gas fireplace.

CONservative DEMocrat

My first thought, the second I heard it so close to Bedminster; “[DS] bullshit”

Dave Kelly


Robert Gregory Boensch

Fracking 101Hydraulic fracturing has upended the global energy landscape and made fossil fuels big business in the United States. Mounting evidence shows that it poses serious threats to our health, environment, and climate future. Here’s a look at the fracking boom and its increasing risks.

It took some time for hydraulic fracturing—or “fracking”—to become as widespread as it is today. Although American entrepreneurs have known for more than a century how to crack open rocks deep below the earth’s surface to access trapped fossil fuel deposits, fracking gained a serious foothold in the nation’s energy market only in the past two decades. During this time, a fracking boom has helped the United States become the global leader in natural gas and crude oil production. But the extraction of dirty fossil fuels by any means comes at a cost, and the risks associated with fracking to the environment, our health, and the earth’s climate are serious. Here’s a look at the fracking boom and the perils it presents.

History of frackingThe idea for fracking—or “shooting the well,” as the practice was once referred to—dates back to 1862 and has been credited to a Colonel Edward A. L. Roberts. In the midst of fighting during the Civil War’s Battle of Fredericksburg, Roberts noted the impact that artillery had on narrow, water-filled channels. A few years later, he applied his battlefield observations to the design of an “exploding torpedo” that could be lowered into an oil well and detonated, shattering surrounding rock. When water was then pumped into the well, oil flows increased—in some cases by as much as 1,200 percent—and fracking was established as a way to increase a well’s productive potential.

In the 1940s, explosives were replaced with high-pressure blasts of liquids, and so “hydraulic” fracking became the standard in the oil and gas industry. It wasn’t until the beginning of the 21st century, however, that two key changes helped spark fracking’s current boom. One was the use of a certain type of fracturing fluid: slickwater, a mix of water, sand, and chemicals to make the fluid less viscous. The other innovation was the pairing of fracking with horizontal drilling, a technique that increases the productive potential of each well because it can reach more of the rock formation that contains the oil and gas. These advances, combined with an influx of investment amid high global fossil fuel prices, sent fracking into overdrive. Indeed, of the approximately one million U.S. wells that were fractured between 1940 and 2014, about one-third of those were fractured after 2000.

Try Driving your old car with bias ply tires with the tread has broken loose from its


How Stupid are we doing the same thing with our earths crust.

President Donald J Trump our respected CIC.

I say On fracking you Are dead Wrong.

We have all of the energy We need in our hands today.

End SERCO from all things on this planet and let Us take Ownership.

Of our intellectual property

And Protect this With the Military When needed.

And This Country and each an every Country On this Planet.

Will prosper and Live free just Like our God Planed.

From the Commander

Robert Gregory Boensch

I challenge you To A Presidential Debate

On This One

President Donald J Trump

You Know Where To Find Me


Ps On a spelling Bee or use of proper language skills I concede to You.

On energy or Nuclear Freedom You Don’t stand a Chance With Me.

Under Military strategy it would be A draw?

Lets Debate


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Quite a challenge, Robert David Steele, one of most accomplished folks EVER, now said to be dead, but I believe is in protection, claims not to have heard from him despite his best efforts.

I think you’d do a good job but doubtful it’s gonna happen. Think DJT is kinda busy just now.

Good things coming and by then you are likely to be preoccupied trying to figure out what just happened. Should be phenomenal.

Fracking, some years ago, maps of interior of US coloured red, and prediction was massive collapse due to instability due to the mad notion of lakes worth of water forced under the crust. Seems an insane move to me. No need is worth destroying the earth, others may think differently judging by things they do.

Seems massive effort to desert-ify earth and depopulation, agenda? Goes without saying it’s been tried. The reverse should be pending. Exciting times.


Thanks for the response

Good things coming and by then you are likely to be preoccupied trying to figure out what just happened. Should be phenomenal.

trying to figure out what just happened

It will be interesting learning about things I don’t all ready Know?

Just Saying

Thanks Again


Robert Gregory Boensch


Appreciate you. “don’t already know?”

Till quite recently I thought I’d not be shocked as I am likely more aware than many, but now, I’m bracing to get through what I might least expect.

Trump said, ”no matter how bad you think it is, it’s much worse.” I’ve seen hints and though anxious for the reveal, I’m becoming more concerned. Levels of horrors unknown seem to be increasing. Annoying to be an optimist at times but think that mind-set will help get through, and I have off buttons to use if it becomes too grim.

Set up and ready, but for WHAT? We just can’t know till we do.

All the best to you. Thanks for reply. Search mention is on my list.

Robert Gregory Boensch

Stay on course

We are one and have full support for each other.

And yes step back when things get over whelming..

I started my ops when I was 5 or 6 years old.

And My Dad warned Me

  1. Simple past tense and past participle of warn.

Me that One Day I would Be Dead Right.

So it’s not like the chance of this is something New to Me.

Robert G Boensch
Robert Gregory Boensch

The reason I put my name here like this is for search engines

around the world Are linking My posts and all of RRN postings
That Have My name this way and countries are translating
Our Posts to their language.

Do you see MB and all that Gather Here

Are giving Hope to all of the People of this Planet

Stay the Course We Are Wining this battel

And All of the people on this vessel Will soon Be Free



I can’t place a date, or age on the beginning of my ‘enlightenment’ but my parents were wondrous wise amazing people. FAR beyond their time and very aware of much that had been done.

My dad often criticized for being different, meaning daring to think for himself, ”When folks start thinking I am normal, THEN I’ll be worried.” To that I say ditto.

Often told I am weird to which I appreciate. One eavesdropper “checked” on her phone what I had been saying. Said, “No nothing there.” My response? “Of course not on what is called news.” For that I got a most disdainful, “OH! You are one of THOSE!” Ah, recognition. I most certainly AM and proud of it. Those who have no clue and have been conned into wrongful beliefs are those that concern me.

I doubt there will be anyone who won’t learn yet more in the videos of disclosure. Will check to see if you are still posting after the “dust” settles. No idea what is to be left of the internet.

Looking very much forward to it and do hope for somethings yet more clarifying. I’m just rather faint about gruesome and abusive. Surely lots of that. I couldn’t run a news stand so find machinations mind boggling. Current strategies of world alliance, led by Trump, so very far ranging, strategic, complicated and bound to be successful are well beyond my comprehension how such plans can be conceived, let alone be stealthily and successfully carried out. Astounding.

I care about people and well-being of all, so can’t figure those who simply do NOT. Till after…

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Robert Gregory Boensch

When I was young 10-17 years of age I hardly ever seen the TV
And out in the fields working I never had a radio.
I in 1975 I started school in the eleventh Grade and only went 4 days
In the Spring of 1976 I graduated from high school as an honor student.

What’s interesting is in 10 grade and 12 grade Every Day That I could work on Our Farms I would skip School.
And on senior Skip Day I was the only one in school
And My teachers weren’t Impressed.
My Excuse Was It was raining And I could not Plant Corn.

Have you ever heard of one needing and excuse to be In school.

And Farming and Buying My first Farm.
I was Asked three Times By the USDA to go and work for them
Before I agreed to go to a training Class.

I could do this because I had access To this federal Building 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

One Day My director call me And an Different agency want to hire me to go to work for them .

I meet with them and They offered Me So Much
And So Did The USDA Director.

And Let me think of This for a day and wanted me to get back with them.

Such a Huge offer My integrity Had Flags just a waving
That This was A bad Situation and said not interested..

Soon my Farming was Over and The Feds Helped in this Happing.

Years latter I found A man about My Age on the Internet and He told of the Same Story But He Went and Worked For Them
What was His last Job offered by them Was The

The Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building was a United States federal government complex located at 200 N.W. 5th Street in downtown Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. On April 19, 1995, at 9:02 a.m. the building was the target of the Oklahoma City bombing by Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, 

And He declined in doing This

Remember I used the same explosives Prior to them asking Me to work for them

I happened to be by a tv shortly after this happened.
And New that A truck Bomb could never do this on its own.

And years Before this bomb went off I was targeted By The state of Michigan Cabal.

They Were so Stupid they started murdering people
trying to cover up their crimes they committed against Me.

And Even Today Their war is still Active Against Me and My Family.

They took me to court so many times and through me in jail

many Times And shut Down Many Business That I Started…

Why Because the most respected lawyer and the county prosecutor Decided He could steel one of My Farms
And nobody would ever catch him.

And their is a Trail of Blood From A 16 year old Boy to A sheriff Employ to the Michigan Attorneys Office Top Assent Attorney’s Death
So you can now see a better picture of a little of my life’s journey.

And in 2017 D J T in office I thought they would Quit coming

But you know they kept on coming.

So On Jan 6 2021 Was starting My War Plan

They Taught Me Well And It’s My turn To Take

Out the State Of Michigan

My Dream Job

Ps Along this Journey I was able to Put this Lawyer then Judge in the Ground .

And Another Judge lost His Robe.

And A Senior Judge That I volunteered to Work For Him.

Only could say at the End of this Job That He was taught wrong.

And went into his closest and handed Me One of His Judicial Robes And A big thank You.

I have two more judges to GO.

Robert G Boensch
Robert Gregory Boensch


This is The Place To see The Plan
And President Trump Working At his Best


The Deep state was over the moment President Trump

Stepped on his Trump escalator 2015



In the last 10 or 20 years, since I have become aware of FRACKING, I have heard of ground water supplies being seriously contaminated by fracking.
I also have heard that they pump SEWAGE and other contaminating liquids into the deep pure underground water supply.

Robert Gregory Boensch

One of my OPs

Was to work at a super fund clean up operation in OHIO.

I was operating A 100 ton Cable crane with a 150 ft Boom.

the site had injection Wells On it.

Mans Biggest Sin waged on Mother earth

Robert Gregory Boensch

I also after this short 12 week ? assignment.


Starting Going to Military Basses in three states

And having Hundreds of contracts with them and also

Brought Home Over 1,000Tones of equipment From them

Everything From industrial equipment Aircraft Parts Medical

Military Trucks Parts Weight from 60,000 Lbs machines

to things as small sewing needles.


The United States Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM), and its subordinate Life Cycle Management Command (LCMC), headquartered at the Detroit Arsenal in Warren, Michigan, is part of the United States Army Materiel Command (AMC). The entire complex that houses TACOM’s headquarters …

Was always rewarding and There was an Army Colonel

That would find Me And Ask for help.

So My toy Box Has everything one would ever want And the best way

To learn Is To Buy A Machine or A book on something that you never seen or heard of Before.

When the SAC Base closed By Me I even Purchased Most Of its Library collection And more books were from other basses

I just love swimming in Books and steel etc.

Robert Gregory Boensch

This is Just My heavenly Father journey he chose me to Do

And I Deeply Thank Him



Why don’t you actually ask someone who works in oil fields? What you are told is lies. Fracking is usually high pressure ( highly regulated by Railroad commission} water with liquid detergent (layman term) & sand ,pumped down into the rocks. These rocks are often shale, which is like a large sponge that the tiny holes are plugged up, so the water with soap is easily able to move the sand along to open up the tiny avenues plugged in the shale. You have 3 layers of pipe/concrete / liners to block any of the fracking sanding with detergent, to touch the drinking water supply. Oil is from a natural rock source and definitely not running out. The earth continually makes oil, gas etc. It’s full of minerals. For those who complain about oil, then you should know many of your RX has a base of petroleum, many dozens of products in your home, car and office is made from a petroleum product. And the only product oil company put back down the hole is what is coming up from below…salt water. Some companies do use a “chemical “ to keep lines flowing, but again this is mostly a detergent. It helps to know a honest person in that field.


Also most water around west Texas is under 2000 lft but the oil is at least 6000 lft. So do you see how difficult it would be to contaminate drinking water under 2000 ft when the oil is much , much deeper. And the railroad commission keeps a close eye on all these wells. A fine can’t wipe out a small oil company. And there are many small and medium sized oil companies. They usually take really good care of the land owners with most reasonable requests.

Robert Gregory Boensch


Well casing failures

all it takes is one and you can wipe out a states clean drinking water

OHIO LIQUID DISPOSAL VICKERY DIVISIONStreet:3956 STATE ROUTE 412City / State / ZIP:VICKERY, OH 43464NPL Status:Not on the NPLNon-NPL Status:Referred to Removal – NFRAPEPA ID:OHD020273819EPA Region:05County:SANDUSKYLatitude:+41.383333Longitude:-082.936667Federal Facility Flag:Not a Federal FacilityIncident Category:N

Hazardous liquids from East Palestine being hauled to Vickery siteMore than 94,000 gallons of contaminated liquid from East Palestine derailment is being hauled to Vickery Environmental Inc. in Sandusky County

One of my OPs
Was to work at a super fund class clean up operation in OHIO.
I was operating A 100 ton Cable crane with a 150 ft Boom.
the site had injection Wells On it.
Mans Biggest Sin waged on Mother earth
Robert Gregory Boensch
I also after this short 12 week ? assignment.

Just searched this and this is what I found

The Vickery site, which is in Townsend Township in Sandusky County, operates four Class I hazardous underground injection wells that are around 2,900 feet deep, according to a report by the Ohio EPA. Three other injection wells at the site have been plugged and abandoned.

The well casing were leaking? Get It


As I sat in this 100 ton crane this is what I saw

There is no such thing as  hazardous waste

 hazardous waste is just A cheep way of making some product

And not taking the time to research how to finish the reaction and process the tare in to a inert by product

This is the total cost of producing a product.

not letting it be some one else problem after we Dump It

Robert Gregory Boensch

Cradle to Grave cost of doing Business.

and no Dumping

President Trump

What Say You



Thank you, that is reassuring.


I’ve not delved so deeply as you have. Horrible knows no limits. I once believed governments and agencies worked for good and even tried to aid so-called third world countries raise standards, not aided in efforts to promote suffering and death. Rather Americans were slated for destruction and aid dollars sent were meant to go to despotic leaders to encourage suffering.

I have seen a video about water and damage done. A faucet was turned on, a flame lit and something in the water ignited. The flow was on fire. NOT drinkable. It may have been in Blue Oil: World Water Wars, and maybe that travesty was in Flint, Michigan. So many videos about water theft, means by which is it has been made unavailable, buying water rights, drilling horizontally to suck it out from surrounding properties, even shipping in bags the size of freighters to fill China’s aquifers–so said by a woman once in some way involved or aware who now ‘hides’ in Paraguay or similar place.

Largest aquifers were OWNED by Pickens and Bush family in US and Argentina. VERY wealthy power-addicted bastards who could never have enough money or power and what they hoarded was meant to be withheld and sold. Pickens, told people would not pay, disagreed. To these sorts all but the innner circle are but trash.

Destruction of earth? To them? IRRELEVANT.

Robert Gregory Boensch

Well casing failures
all it takes is one and you can wipe out a states clean drinking water

Thanks just look at the post above

Please stay the course


And all the underground tunnels where huge earth movers were/are used to clear enough space for trains to operate??!! The beloved Democrat president (FDR) traveled on an underground train from New York City to Washington D.C. Just think of the rock-splitting that was done for that purpose. An online article: “What lies beneath DC? A lot more tunnels than you might think!” and other online sources tell us how extensive the tunnel system is in the United States. Again, much rock-splitting was done.
Oh, and how about all the mining operations throughout the country . . . example: the vast iron ore mines in Minnesota? Lots of rock-splitting going on there; however, don’t forget, those mines facilitated war efforts, especially WW2.

One cannot have tunnel vision (no pun intended) regarding all kinds of earth-moving, rock-splitting operations for centuries vs. the leftists’ political motives to end fracking [to keep us dependent on foreign oil – we now see the results with high costs for gasoline and Biden depleting our Emergency Oil Reserve].

Robert Gregory Boensch

I Owned And operated Rock Drills and Blasted ,10,000 Tons of lime stone in one shot
And in 1983-4 ?year went to the CON AG show at McCormack Place

McCormick Place is the largest convention center in North America. It consists of four interconnected buildings and one indoor arena sited on and near the shore of Lake Michigan, about 2 mi (3.2 km) south of downtown Chicago, Illinois, United States. McCormick Place hosts numerous trade shows .

And An Dynamite Vender gave me one of their Passes So I could Go to Hear President Reagan speech that he did at this event.

It’s Just to Bad I could not keep a steady Job PUN PUN.

I started farming when i was 10 years old and then it went south 12-13 years

latter so I did everything Once and Fun stuff twice

First under Ground mine and how to use dynamite safely 10 years old in a iron Mine?

Been in mines all over this country

And on deep oil well drilling rigs and only got chases off a rig Once!

and Received in the mail A request for my presence to go to a meeting

Where a Nuclear Reactor was scrammed for a Part failed.

Interesting 150 -175 scientist and engineers from around the world were their.

Why is it I was the only one who identified Why the part failed .

All I can say is it was Great that I only went 4 days in 11 Grade in School

And never graduated Collage.

See Most people have a job work 2000 hrs a year have a family do sports etc.

I just had the world as a play ground and a huge hunger for knowledge

I Have just went on trips in the Books and traveling and read the earth also.

and Then after I was 40 I settled down And Learned about growing =

Well Lets just Say Developing and raising My children .

What is so interesting They were Born with my library of Knowledge

all ready imprinted in their DNA What A Blessing.

A Nuclear Physics At one year old== Well may be at Twelve Years old

The Teacher Mention Nuclear energy and my soon took over the class and went on for fifteen minutes explaining the theory And then the teach said thanks
and said she wasn’t going into that much detail

This is just what happens with Some people.

We all have the Power to Be Proficient in something.

And some of us just wander trying to make thing better for our children and the elderly..

Anticipation is one of our biggest traps and that can catch us.

This is why Its best to ask Questions

I thank every one here for being Here and spending your time To help save this Vessel we live on and all of its living blessing that dwell on it

Robert Gregory Boensch

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Susan Banks

God Bless you! Your knowledge is like no other. Thank you for writing such a beautiful comment.


Likely you know and just didn’t mention, that tunnels were created for FDR were created (I think specially for him) to accommodate the vehicle he was transporting him to hide the fact that he was disabled and unable to walk. Nothing they won’t do to create deceptions.

Donna Miller

Oil is as available as water, the FOSSIL was done so the ROCKEFELLER’S could METER it, why because they couldn’t make money unless it was deemed Scariest of a element, so the FOSSIL was added so they could make MONEY….. A gentleman in 1974 developed a water ran truck and they quickly got rid of him….

Robert Gregory Boensch

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is an agency in the U.S. Department of Commerce that serves as the national patent office and trademark registration authority for the United States. The USPTO’s headquarters are in Alexandria, Virginia, after a 2005 move from the Crystal City where I was trained

And have a US Patent

Could not do any more for security issues.

So I gave away 100 if not 1,000 of ideas mostly Through SAE


You Ask Why would some one do this

It is more importin To change the world of bad ideas

Than to fight over making money from our great ideas

for the change that we make might be the ones that will save your family in a car accident

We have to Pay it Forward Or We Might just Die from being a failure to share knowledge

Your are so right

And SERCO took over Patent classification

And all those that allow it need a trip to GITMO

Robert Gregory Boensch



Dave Kelly


Dave Kelly


Susan Banks

It’s all over now. It’s hard reading your comments in a caps, but Trump has all new people in place. We are at the end here you know. Everyone is in place ready to go.



Eve Bright

Well, Chuck Schumer and Congressman William Keating both need to be cornered. Reptilians in disguised. Many of them both Democrats & Republicans. You can tell who are the true human beings in our government in these seasons by just their demeanors.” They say conspiracies but be observant. But whatever the circumstances may be, I thank 𝐆𝐎𝐃 that we have a 𝐆𝐎𝐃 that look after us 𝐛e𝐥i𝐞v𝐞r𝐬.

Dave Kelly