JAG Arrests Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows for Treason


U.S. Navy JAG investigators on Wednesday arrested Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows for usurping constitutional law when she disqualified President Donald J. Trump from her state’s primary ballot last December.

Bellows, a lifelong friend of the Biden family, is the fifth devious Democrat apprehended for treasonously trying to deprive entire constituencies from casting ballots for their candidate of choice. Her capture follows the arrest of four Colorado Supreme Court justices who committed identical crimes and her reversal following the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to restore Trump’s name to the Colorado ballot. The high court ruled that the state lacked the authority to exclude him from running for a national office, especially the presidency.

JAG says the Colorado justices and Bellows didn’t misinterpret constitutional law—they abrogated it purposefully as part of a comprehensive conspiracy aimed at weakening Trump politically and injuring him—and his family—personally.

In December Bellows defended her decision to block Trump on cabal-owned CNN, saying Section 3 of the 14th Amendment of the Constitution required that she “act in response to Donald Trump’s unprecedented and tragic insurrection.”

“The events of January 6 were unprecedented and tragic. They assaulted not only the Capitol and government officials, including the former vice president and members of Congress, but also the rule of law itself. … Mr. Trump engaged in that insurrection and, thereby, is not qualified to be on the ballot,” Bellows said.

But when the U.S. Supreme Court reinstated Trump to the Colorado ballot in March, Bellows must have realized she fumbled the ball and amended her unconstitutional judgment.

“That Bellows changed her mind is irrelevant,” a JAG source told Real Raw News. “She engaged in treason, and she must answer that charge. If a person kills another person in cold blood and says, ‘Oh, I did it, but I promise I won’t do it again,’ do we forgive the killer and forget what he’d done? No, of course not. We had Bellows in our sights all along. We often wait for an opening. She has to pay a price for her crimes.”

The price Bellows paid for those crimes was extracted by JAG yesterday morning when investigators surrounded her as she was taking a leisurely walk along the banks of the Kennebec River in Scenic Augusta, the state’s capitol. Presented with a military arrest warrant signed by Vice Admiral Darse E. Crandall, Bellows gaped in stunned silence and stood motionless while an investigator fitted handcuffs snugly around her wrists.

“These Deep Staters walk tall and talk shit, pardon my language, until we show up, then they’re all suddenly doe-eyed. She’ll have her day in court; until that day comes, she’ll vacation at Camp Delta or Blaz,” our source said.

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Island Coyote

When are these dog shit judges swinging from the rafters?


Now the Maine governor, Janet Mills, partner in crime with Shenna Bellows, said
she will allow the National Popular vote to become law. She opted to give approval to this piece of legislation without her signature. Another great way to bypass the Constitution. Janet Mills said that this legislation in Maine is not irreversible.

I’m sure there is another cell next to Sheena Bellows that is available. Or just throw her in the same cell with her with bunkbeds. Another Fema-Nazi.

Brigid Bardont

That bitch is a great example of why term limits are a mixed bag. Maine had a great 2 term governor before they stuck that thing in office.

Stinky Perfume

W/H seem to know who is deep state. This trial sounds interesting. What else they have on her not said here.

Brigid Bardont

I agree. They must have other shit on that gross bitch than her bullshit interpretations of law.

William R Nicholson

The Republic can vote for anyone meeting the minimum requirements of the office & this dolt whom does not respect the citizens right to choose whom they wish to …… she will have an eternity in a hot firey furnace to contemplate her poor decision between screams of agony …….. Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195

David Mulloy

Why are These Democrat Traitor Bitches so Effing Ugly??
She’s got an “Under-shot Jaw” Like a Beagle with an Overbite!!

Brigid Bardont

IKR?! They’re transsexuals so that can’t help.


They are so stupid and naive. They think they have immunity and that someone is going to save them. And then when reality hits, they cry and think of themselves as victims. They are not victims. They walked willingly and with eyes wide open into the mess they are in now.

Brigid Bardont

My favorite line: “Wait till Barak hears about this!” Ha-HA


OK get her up there. You have many many thousands of demons to go. Let’s get thei show on the road shall we? Hang this bellows demon now.

Patrick lux

Faut pas la pendre
Elle est juste stupide,un petit séjour en prison devrait reconnecter ses neurones.


I’m glad she has been arrested. She won’t be hanged…she will probably be put in prison for years. Personally the judges and her should all be put to death. We have enough of these creeps on earth already.

Brigid Bardont

They got her on “treason”, which is punishable by death.


When the news hit in our state of Maine,of what she was up to regarding Trump-we all felt the same way,she was another evil one.We all hoped/prayed she would get Treason or something to the equivalent. I felt it in my bones that she would get nailed-it was only a matter of time. I did wonder what happens-when she’s suppose to be home for dinner w/hubby and doesnt show up?? Do you think the spouse knows or do they get the police out there looking for her..? Thats a head scratcher…


The husband used to be executive director of the ACLU, his name is Brandon. How very fitting. And since Sheena was also former director of the ACLU, maybe that is where these 2 love-birds met & married. Like you, I wonder what happened to Brandon. Guess we have to wait to find out.

Brigid Bardont

Look at her. You think he doesn’t wish he/r dead every second of every day she’s alive??


Traitor = Gallows. Thank GOD justice is happening to these parasites.

Mark David

Her chicken-neck should snap very quickly when the ton of sausage that’s holding it up starts to drop.


Nicely put.

Truth Seeker

“Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time or pay the fine.”

Dem., Bellows and the rest of the communist democrats and GOP RINOS’s that claim president Trump is guilty of insurrection should be made to watch the released J6 videos.

The J6 videos prove, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that President Trump and his legitimate supporters are absolutely innocent.

J Will

Yes!! The dems raided the capitol because they wanted to stop the certification of the election for the guy they voted for!!!!

Brigid Bardont

I remember watching a video on youtube that night. It showed a big, 50+ year old dude in uniform, move a metal blockade & genially encourage all those unarmed “insurrectionists” into the Capitol rotunda, or what ever the fuck they call that. What’s Latin for “giant toilet”? Maximus Latrine…? If I saw that, hundreds of thousands, millions saw it too.



Roger Lehet

A dumb one at that

J Will

English isn’t that difficult

Brigid Bardont

Uck fay ou yay.


My guest is she’s English-Irish.

Nukken Futz

But her intellect is kazarian jew……


As a Kennebec County resident: Hoo Rah!!!!!!!! I hope she drags Mills with her to GITMO!!!!!

J Will



Thank you Michael….awesome news…keep it coming.


You can pick up Michigan’s Secretary of State too while you’re at it.


Michigan SOS Benson affirmed her decision to include Trump
on the Feb. 27th ballot. She knows damn well that Whitmer is
deader than a doornail & she is shitting bricks. In May of 2022
she told several mainstream news outlets that President Trump
threatened to arrest & execute her for treason over not calling
the 2020 election in his favor. The liar is worried she will be
next & is keeping a low profile. For now. The lying bitch.

Nukken Futz

When is JAG gonna get Fanny Sweetcheeks….

Truth Seeker

Sun Tzu: Never interfere with your enemy when they are in the process of destroying themselves.

Fani is doing a great job of incriminating herself and her lover boy every time she and he open their big mouths. The same goes for Letisha James and Jack Smith.


She’ll slip up in some way-she’s still evil and she wont be able to help it by doing something bad against the people..

Truth Seeker

Stop by NYS and drag every democrat and GOP RINO politician, D.A.s, A.G.’s out of their offices by their hair.


And Minnesota’s!

Outlandish Outlander

Maine Secretary of State, Shenna Bellows, is not one of a few. She is one of many. Yes, there are many-many more of “them.” (NOTE: hereinafter “them” = “black hats” whether they are knowingly or unknowingly aware that they are a black hat.) I am aware, unfortunately, that some of you do not want to hear that. IF that is your disposition, then actually, you do need to hear that so that you can change your disposition and adjust your focus and intent to properly and correctly aid the White Hats whenever and wherever possible.

You might actually be surprised at how many of “them” there are. I will attempt to detail this statement later. For now, let us start with don’t under estimate the forces of darkness and I am not talking about capabilities, but more specifically, numbers. For they have been with mankind a very long-time. Thus, they are well rooted into everything. So, what I am going to say, I do not say lightly. And yes, there are some that will not like what I am about to share with you. And, to be point blank blunt honest. Those that do not like that, I couldn’t care less about what they think, or their problem is. For when you lie to others, I will be there to counter that lie with truth. Liars cannot be helped until they are ready to help themselves starting with their own lies, the lies that they have believed into, which just plain stinks. So be it.

Everyone occupying a public office of trust, no matter if that public office is at the federal level, the state level, or any local/county level, IS, guilty of treason against America the American people, and the Constitution for the united States of America. I am not joking about what I just said. Not even in the slightest bit. And, I do mean ALL of them, no exceptions. And, I will support this claim with two points later. So then, they ALL (NOTE: ALL = the lawyering-class-liars, esquires, politicians, attorney’s, who are trained in the art and science of lying) who have sold their souls to the Devil to become Devil’s Advocates. This is how Lawyers were bequeathed the title of nobility “Esquire” upon passing the BAR EXAM and becoming a despicable unconscionable creature of disrepute and disrespect. For indeed Attorney’s as Politicians are at the central core of all the problems that world currently is facing. Yes, not just the UNITED STATES, but everywhere because, Attorney’s…Esquire’s are everywhere. But, they are mostly behind the scenes pulling and pushing the strings that make things what they are and work the way that they do. It’s why JFK publicly called them out. Pointing out their folly and mischievousness. And, that is why JFK was murdered.

Moreover and more importantly, while “they” are at the core of all the problems, the people, in all the brilliance of their ignorance, do play a supporting role in their mischievous malcontent malarkey, but I am not going to go into details about why that is here and now. That is a deep subject for another time…perhaps. Nevertheless I did just scold the people because, they do bare some responsibility for current conditions on this Earth, in the commercial world, as well. Yes, a lot of you won’t like that statement. The truth is if you are not ready and willing to deal with the truth no matter what the cost is to you personally, then how shall you ever be able to accept your responsibility for your irresponsibility? Then, when happened when someone else does? Doesn’t that failure mean that the resulting ass-kicking you receive for your irresponsibility be totally justified, regardless any claims that you attempt to make to the contrary? Isn’t that what JAG is doing by prosecuting the deep state malicious malcontents? How many of them have been reported to have accepted responsibility for their irresponsibility? Now, that point is going to piss some people off. But, the truth is what is necessary to make one free, is it not? So the question is, “Do you want to be free?” If yes, then take care of your ignorance. If not, then be a loser somewhere else. This post of only for adults and adults are not willfully ignorant people. Capiche?

Now, as for the black hats, especially those who are currently occupying a public office of trust. They are not only in breach of trust, but also willful negligent in their breach of the oath of office that they pledged to serve the American people and the American way of life, before occupying said public office of trust. The Constitution is a Trust, folks! The preamble proves this to be so but, only IF you know and understand what to look for that reveals that fact. The fact that the Constitution is a Trust is precisely why ALL politicians are all guilty of treason regardless of their political party affiliation, or even, a non-political party affiliation. There are no exceptions to this. There is no acceptable excuse for this malfeasant misconduct by anyone occupying a public office of trust. Here is why that is.

How can this be true, you might ask? As I said earlier, two points to prove this. I say this on the grounds of the unlawful passing of an unlawful Presidential Legislative Act on February 21st of 1871, which unlawfully INSTALLED a legislative democracy over the lawfully created ordained and established American Republic; also known as, the, “Union of the several States.” Did you get what I just pointed out? We shall see won’t we. This act was outright treason!

Author Roberts, the fink playing the part of Joseph R. Biden, was also unlawfully INSTALLED as (p)Resident of the dummy corporation UNITED STATES, which was closed and shutdown to any new business by E.O. of the last lawfully seated President of the United States, INC, back in mid-2018. Yes, what Donald-John: TRUMP did cannot be undone, and that is why the legislative democracy is trying to make it look like nothing is wrong and that all things are normal. They are exposed already and, they are failing to make it look like nothing is wrong because their lies are all catching up to them, and that is a universal fact for who this physical creation works, and you just can’t go against the natural order of things. But, some will try to and they have, as we have seen and as history testifies too.

So then, you do see why there is no difference between the unlawful installation of Author Roberts and the unlawful Act of 1871? Same tactics, different year. Same malarkey, different methodology. But, still the same result. TREASON! This is why the Black Hats have already lost this unconscionable third world war. For the Black Hats are themselves the purist of losers ever known to mankind. Whoops! Maybe I should say, “Humankind,” for those that lack in intelligence as to the difference of those words and their meaning and especially origin; which by the way, is ginormous.

No public servant, dare I say it that way, public official which, is very communistic, has done one thing to overturn that unlawful action. Plus, there is a second Act too, and you should know what that Act is as it is just as big impact wise because, that Act has helped a great deal to put the world exactly where it is, right now. Plus, that Act violated Article 1, Section 8, Clause 5 of the Constitution. An enumerate power of the legislative branch. Furthermore, in the giving of that enumerated power, no such power and authority was given to the Congress to outsource that enumerated power to a private corporations, or to anything else. Again, need I say it? That was an outright Act of Treason!

Therefore, any and all public servants/officials that have occupied a public office of trust are willfully in breach of trust for having occupied a public office and doing nothing to correct that willful negligent error. Which leads us to the second Act that is irrefutable proof of treason of all public servants (officials). That Act is the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, which was passed at 11:30pm on December 23rd. Really?! Think, for a moment, about the date and time that was done.

Now, watch this because, you are going to need to think to follow this thought. Not even the Federal Reserve Bank/System can have an agreement with a corporation that is out-of-business. The Federal Reserve Act exhausted normally at 99-years. So, in 2012 no new contract was negotiated to replace the original one, and it remained that way until mid 2018 when the United States INC was closed and shutdown by the last lawfully seated President of the United States dummy corporation, Donald-John: TRUMP.

So then, you have to ask, why didn’t the liar Barack Obama negotiate a new contract with the Federal Reserve System and the World Bank? I really don’t know why. Perhaps one of you may have a theory on why he didn’t, because, by not doing that he left the door wide open for Donald-John: TRUMP to what what he did, and what he did was in the best interests of the American people, the American Constitution and the American way of life. You can’t have a contract with a corporation that does not exist. That should actually bring a real-big-belly-laugh to you. It is also why the black hats have already lost world war three.

Yes, there are so many more Acts of Congress and even State Acts that should have never-ever been passed into law as a result of that lie. But, then the UNITED STATES, INC. was invented and put into place unlawfully to displaced the Republic, to allow for that folly, so that every politician (Attorney’s) could bend a knee to that control and power all done for the love of money. Now you know why I say, “How unconscionable.” One very treasonous act and deed, indeed. Now, can you also see why I say, “They are all guilty of Treason, no exceptions?” NO EXCEPTIONS!

On those grounds alone. JAG can arrest any public office holder/occupier and detain them for a hearing before a military tribunal. I don’t care what so-called political party any of them are affiliated with. They are all guilty of treason against the American people, and treason against the Constitution for the united States of America. I wonder how many of you will even notice how I said what I just said. Anyway, that’s more than enough for this post. And, if you don’t get this then I can encourage you to is to work on it. I am not apologizing to you for your lack and/or lack of abilities to get knowledge, understanding, and especially wisdom. You will just have to work out those issues for yourself, and that is a spiritual issue. That should always be your top priority for the each and everyday.


I understand the gist of your post. Its well said. I’m pretty sure most of any thats left think they are in the clear,cause whatever they’ve done-they wont get caught or think it wasnt that bad. They are on numbered days.. and yes,I do feel that we allowed ourselves to fall asleep at the wheel in whatever degree,whether we realize it or not. I hate politics,always fell asleep in school,but since 2017 have learned some things at least finally.

Outlandish Outlander

Thank you denise for the kind words of your reply as they are praise worthy. Indeed, learning never ends. Thankfully, each new day gives everyone an opportunity to unlearn the lies and to learn the truth no matter what the cost is to them, and that cost is nullified when one is made free by the Truth. Is that not a most worthy journey? For that is what the journey to the gate at the end of the strait and narrow path is all about. Overcoming this world and self.

Last edited 1 month ago by Outlandish Outlander

Well said.

Jan D Hunsinger

Wow!…Good job. If she cooperates maybe life? I don’t know. Very few have even attempted to do so….Chelsea’s husband…Bill Gates fake husband. That’s about it.


I am so grateful to be living at such a time as this. These people have been so despicable, & gotten away with it for so long, that they believe they are above the law of the land. They’re shocked to find out otherwise. Way to go JAG!


Im hoping we wont be dead from old age when this is revealed!


In December Bellows defended her decision to block Trump on cabal-owned CNN, saying Section 3 of the 14th Amendment of the Constitution required that she “act in response to Donald Trump’s unprecedented and tragic insurrection.””

Sorry, lady, you do not get to paper over your treason with an apology. This is not a garden party, this is hardcore justice done the military way.

Love it, Michael, keep it rolling in!


…and she should have known the ramifications.

Now I’m learning that many so-called ‘public servants’ from high to low ~ no longer take AN OATH to US. It’s absolutely shocking.

Even ByeDone, the other snakes & lower things …Never took the oath. I think that’s why they say, “I did nothing wrong.”

Snakes lizards & gargoyles are running the government.

Van helsing

I know this person and could never stand her. I really hope this is true.

Jan D Hunsinger


Nukken Futz

She’s also rather ugly too, might even be a tranny, too……….

Sparky Sr

Another one bites the dust..
ba bye
keep up the great work JAG..


Hang the treasonous CUNT.


She is a demon much worse than C.

Jan D Hunsinger

What do her genitals have to do with anything? Do we scream hang the dicks every time a man is arrested? You are filthy.

Mark David

Yes, I always scream at the top of my lungs: “Hang that fckin dick!” when its a male, so as not to offend the whacky, insane homofemales that may be listening.

Last edited 1 month ago by Mark David

Bro, you and Jan got me laughing my ass off ‘ovah heah’


lol, I think the saying actually is ‘hang’em by the balls!’ but I loved your comment.

Dr John

I checked images of Shenna Bellows and in each and EVERY picture her collar bone is hidden; a tell tale sign of a male. It appears her Adams apple may have been shaved and she may be on hormone treatments, but those seem like wide shoulder to me.
We might question: Is she a he? It would follow the nature of Deep State beasts!

Jan D Hunsinger

Interesting point.

Jan D Hunsinger

I looked her up. She has a fairly feminine face.

Dr John

I agree, but some men seem to have boyish faces and with makeup and a little cosmetic surgery you have a fe male. maybe I am wrong, but it is a guess from the hidden collar bone and wide shoulders. A lot of runway models are MALE. I could not believe it until proven to me.

Even some actresses are actors! Plain weird what has been going on in PLAIN sight. It is like they were playing a game to see what they could get away with, pulling the wool/silk over our eyes.

Mark David

Do you know the one thing about the brand: Victoria’s Secret? All of the models were male. That was their secret. To prove it, Dr. J might provide pictures of their credentials.

Last edited 1 month ago by Mark David

She’s a she…. Albeit, a despicable one….


Interesting! I just looked at web images, several where both hands are fully open showing length of fingers… 4th finger on each hand looks to be quite long! Just an observation.

Mark David

What you need to do is get a picture of her dick. That should help answer the question.


Too funny…but, yep! lol


A walk by the river that didn’t end well.


I find that interesting. They just had 15” of snow, several days ago.

Mark David

Weird weather patterns with HAARP, no doubt.


All of these deep state treasonous scum do not have a valid oath of office as laid out by Greg Reese, Todd Calender and others. They are usurpers and are making war against the American people. Our only remedy is war powers and military tribunals followed by swift execution!


and that is where the RED HATS should step in. After all, they are active duty and reserve mil. Got enough deepstaters to go around.


Next is to publicly announce that bitch SOS Griswald from Colorado is officially in GITMO.

ET Phone Home

1000%. What she did to Gold Star mom Tina Peters who caught her covering up the dominion machine steal was so heart wrenching.




Hang her


the eyes of these people….total nut jobs….all of them !


Welcome to the treason club Ms Bellows.


“What do you have for us, Mr. Franklin?”
“A Republic, if you can keep it!”

What makes OUR Republic so unique in all the world, we were graced by God that our wise delegates established a PUBLIC TRUST by DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE by the WILL OF THE PEOPLE!

Only about 5% of the people participated in this war for independence.

These EXTREMELY IMPORTANT teachings about the very nature of our government, was removed from civics classes at large in high schools over the decades by deep state operatives, we may assume, a faction of the NWO Freemasons.

Our imperfect Constitution replaced an imperfect human king.

It was regarded as an experiment…but since then millions of American soldiers spilled their blood for this PUBLIC TRUST. They believed in it. And why not? All the states were brought into the union of states on EQUAL FOOTING UNDER THE CONSTITUTION WITH THE BLESSINGS OF GOD!

Our U.S.A. was infiltrated by NWO operatives to dismantle it from within and we aren’t out of the woods yet, but as we can see OUR VALIANT GUARDIANS OF THIS UNIQUE REPUBLIC are dismantling the DEEP STATE one by one!

In our AMERICAN PUBLIC TRUST called, United States of America, people are to take turns governing holding office of Trust with limited powers and authority never to be abused. If abused, its A BREACH OF TRUST, THEREFORE TREASON AGAINST ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ (the presumed GRANTORS/BENEFICIARIES of the PUBLIC TRUST!

Our American government is a PUBLIC TRUST established in a COURT OF CHANCERY as a REMEDY against an abusive King and his court.

We NEVER should have been saddled with 20 million Livres debt owed to the very abuser we fought against. King George declared himself, “…arch-treasurer and prince elector of the Holy Roman Empire etc., and of the United States of America…” – as per ‘The Paris Peace Treaty of September 30, 1783.’

Yes, we had legitimate debts owed to Holland, France and Spain, but then King George purchased these debts and used it as a weapon to control the Trust.

This was UNJUST and we are now in the thrall of dismantling this corruption.

This can only be executed by what is known as ORIGINAL JURISDICTION. Original jurisdiction IS THE COURT OF EQUITY IN CHANCERY. What was the very first jurisdiction that got established?

OUR MILITARY IS FIRST JURISDICTION. They who put their life on the lines. Who was then presumed chief magistrate? George Washington. He PROSECUTED the war against the British Crown.



A complete purge of all traitors. Hang ’em!

Consent Revoked

Countless more traitors are loose,
prowling and lurking about,
looking for criminal “opportunity”
to betray us.

Committing felony and capital crimes.

It may be a while before
“Operation Clean Slate”,
(borrowed from friend 30 years ago)
(military trials) dealing
with all those criminals,
is done and complete.

Thank you MB, others, for this website.
Thank you JAG, military, for dealing with
“too big for civilian courts” criminals.


Good job. Justice indeed will prevail, and if she thinks she can defend her actions by the Jan6 bullshit narrative- contrived by the real criminals who stole our elections, she’ll hang for sure. Sorry, not sorry.

Island Coyote

We need to get Liz Cheney


We did according to RRN


If you are following RRN as it seems you are do a search on her name at the top of the page and you will see they have already taken care of her.

Island Coyote

Done thanks


Liz was picked up a long time ago…


Already did. Do the name search here on rrn.


She’s dead.

Jan D Hunsinger

She was gotten long ago! They have a parade of clones/doubles ready to go.

Nukken Futz

She got hung last year at gitmo…


Thank you JAG! I pray for you and your family’s safety daily. God bless you for your bravery.


“JAG says the Colorado justices and Bellows … abrogated … constitutional law … purposefully as part of a comprehensive conspiracy” to take down Trump. That’s exactly what it is. And as a lifelong friend of the top criminal in this regime, she damn well knew it. So as far as I’m concerned … “Let justice be done though the heavens fall.”


Shenna Bellows – Maine Secretary of State third in succession of (zero) Lieutenant Governor and Governor of Maine – Janet Trafton Mills was sworn in as the 75th Governor of Maine on January 2, 2019.

Janet Trafton Mills is 76 years old, don’t they have a retirement age for politicians? It’s seems like Sheena Bellows worked together with Janet Mills in removing Trump from the Maine primary ballot.

Bellows’ disqualification of Trump, along with those of two other states, was overturned by the *** United States Supreme Court in a unanimous ruling in Trump v. Anderson on March 4, 2024.

Bellows rescinded her disqualification of Trump from ballot access the same day.
It did not matter she rescinded her disqualification of Trump – she still committed treason.


You can bet that Mills will know her SoS co-conspirator and buddy-in-crime is “gone.”


I hope and pray that Mills is fudging her undies, right now…. She’s needs GONE, sooooo bad…


I wonder if Mills will have a memorial for Bellows, at Capitol Park, on the Kennebec River?

Jan D Hunsinger

Nope. Kings ruled until death….And remember T is 77. Each individual must be evaluated on his/her own merit.


Past time to PAY THE PRICE!
Thank you White Hats ❤️👍‼️ Keep up the GREAT work! Bless you all.

Death to All Deep Staters

No mercy for any traitor. Hang them all. DEATH! NOTHING LESS!!!

Bust A Nut

Yup another traitor gonna get a permanent dirt nap! Yippee Kia Yah bitch oh and thanks for all your cash and assets were planning on a picnic for your execution and you’ll be the events speaker.

Jan D Hunsinger

As I understand it, ALL humans ultimately get a dirt nap. Your attitude is not exactly Godly.

Martin Kohler

Her scrawny neck !!! No problem for the rope.

orange julius

OMG! Does she not read RRN? The idea of these buffoons being surprised when the hammer drops is cray cray. Someone should have told her that life is like a box of chocolates, and sometimes you bite into one and find an arrest warrant. I hope there is a whole channel with bodycam footage of these arrests.


Most probably, RRN’s numerous reports on U.S. military arrests, tribunals and executions did not come to Shenna Bellows’ notice, because the MSM deliberately ignores such reports. As a serious reader, I tend to ask myself, “Is it possible that all such reports released by RRN over the past three & half years are false?” Assuming they are, why do MSM outlets stay silent? Why don’t they issue loud rebukes and denials, plus effective evidence that such reports are false? Since when has silence become a strategy for the left-leaning mainstream media (MSM)? Amid its silence and a lack of effective denials, all sorts of rumors and reports will likely continue to surface and circulate. No prudent person would say that they are all true, or they are all false. There must be some truth and some falsehood, or a mixture of both.


I am definitely leaning more toward all true. Perhaps a little disinformation here & there, as military may require for their own safety. However, all of your other points are entirely spot on. Someone would have called ’em out here… & not a peep. I think they’re all busy watching MSNBC & CNN.

Jan D Hunsinger

Because ignoring something and pretending it doesn’t exist is more powerful than fighting it head on.

Jan D Hunsinger

Why would JAG put out false stuff? I disagree with you.


I’m afraid that I have caused misunderstanding. I did not mean that JAG puts out false information. I was referring to the info out there in the alternative media. I think that we can agree that the so-called alternative media is highly inclusive, so highly inclusive that it may include “false stuff” as you put it. As far as I know, Real Raw News is the only alternative media outlet that gives a clear and unambiguous indication of its source of information, such as JAG, the Office of Military Commissions, General Smith’s office. Once such an indication is given, RRN as the publisher of the information bears a big responsibility to JAG, the Office of Military Commissions and General Smith’s office. Who would dare to spread false information in the name of such powerful entities? Who would dare to put words in the mouth of JAG prosecutors? Who would dare to invite trouble in such a reckless manner?


Would have made a beautiful victim of Mr Sutcliffe (deceased)!!

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God Bless you Michael Baxter


Thank YOu JAG 🙂


Michael–I love these articles and thank you for your diligence in bringing them to us.

May I suggest another possibility?

On a day when you don’t have breaking news of a cabal arrest or execution, may I suggest a brief explanation of what actually happens to these people after they’re handcuffed and taken away. If they go to Gitmo or Delta, what is the procedure once they arrive? How are they processed, and how long does it take? What kind of housing are they in (a prison cell, yes, but more specifics would help, including cell furniture); what kind of schedule are they on, what kind of food do they get? How much exercise time? How many meetings with their attorneys, if any?

What do they do when they’re not on a programmed schedule? Are they allowed TV or reading material? Internet access? If they’re scheduled for execution, are they allowed last phone calls or Zoom meetings with loved ones to say goodbye?

How are their bodies disposed of?

Just a thought–but I bet many of us here would like to know.



Scared Rabbit

Why in the world would you want to know all that?


Morbid curiosity, I don’t need to know, but I agree, it would make for an interesting piece.


Why in the WORLD would you want to know this? They are PRISONERS & when you’re charged with treason, you get NO privileges. They get no books to read, no internet time, NO NOTHING & they most likely do NOT have roommates either. And NO…I do not care what they get or don’t get & I bet many have the same feelings.


Exactly! Why in the world would you even be concerned about what goes on? These traitors are finally in a jail cell and deserve NOTHING! They actually should be fed bread and water, nothing more! And, be on a very limited life cycle once there. Sure, let them talk to their family to tell them of their guilt and doom. But, no exercise, no books, no pleasure of any kind! Let them sit and THINK OF WHAT THEY HAVE DONE!


I agree will be interesting


If he did that, then “the Karens” would come out of the woodwork with their “inhumane” crap…the prisoners get what they get.

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My thought was “life is too short” to report all that. Mb wants to spend some time with his family. His mom is not well. Mb needs some down time too, Time to decompress.


MB did at least once mention that their bodies are kept on ice. For future reference, as needed.


I would be supremely happy to watch videos of the hangings.

Mi ke

Is it possible however that this dimwit just doesn’t really know the constitution? There are a lot of government workers in positions like hers that don’t know. Either because of plain ignorance or they just don’t want to.


They took an oath to the constitution. They at least pretended to know the constitution but regardless their oath was enough to bind them to the constitution whether they read it or not matters not.

Their oath bound them to knowing it. If they failed to read what they made an oath to uphold – that in itself is a crime – to take an oath to uphold something whose contents you know little to nothing about.

Taking the oath at all – implies that, wether you’ve read it or not, you’re legally obligated to consult it before making decisions. Ignorance of the law cannot possibly be defense for any of these people who took oaths. Such a decision would unilaterally strip justice from our courts.

People who carelessly take oaths to our entire nation of over 350 million people should receive the maximum penalty every time for violating such a weighty oath. If they, the judiciary, stops enforcing those oaths & let’s the power of the oath be diluted – all those complicit should be executed for so doing as such an act shreds the constitution as vigorously as Nancy Pelosi’s shredding Trumps SOTU address.

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I read where they skipped the oath process. I don’t think they no anything about our great Constitution.


Unfortunately, these government officials never took an oath. Read up on what is happening in Maricopa county in Arizona. They were served recently by a gal named Miki Klan. She served them for not taking an oath of office. Then Gave them 24 hrs to abandon their chair, threatening them w/a visit from Marines/special forces for a tribunal at GITMO… and it worked, they all left.
We the ppl can get involved all over the country. Miki had a team backing her so that helped. But if you’re in NY/SanFran/Seattle/Chicago/I would highly recommend educating and organizing a team to address corrupt public officials who never took an oath to serve USA but Globalist. It would end sanctuary cities, voter fraud overnight. All orchestrated by the CCP/Globalist. Special forces is going down the list of who never took an oath before taking office, but we could serve this officials too. We the ppl have so much more power in this than we have any idea. This country would be cleaned up so fast if we were better educated and got more involved. It would end the reign of the cabal in all blue cities, I hope you’ll read up on Miki Klan.

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Excellent way to get rid of them. Will use this info. Thank you.

Jan D Hunsinger

I’ve heard no one in today’s gov’t takes that oath now.


I dont care what they know. Send them to Gitmo or Guam.

Burn in hell bitch.


Common, blaming the actions of corrupt officials on stupidity is dangerous because it removes accountability. They know what they’re doing, and they don’t care.

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God bless the US Navy JAG for carrying out God’s judgment, and you, Michael, for your excellent reports!