Some White Hats Call for Speaker Mike Johnson’s Arrest over Ukraine Funding


Some White Hats went apeshit Saturday morning after the House resoundingly approved yet another foreign aid package for Ukraine, with some JAG and White Hat council members demanding the immediate arrest of Speaker Mike Johnson, multiple sources told Real Raw News.

Saturday’s vote had broad bipartisan support; 112 so-called Republicans voted to fund a criminal government with a history of populating its landscape with bioweapon laboratories and Adrenochrome enrichment facilities, and which harbors and funds child traffickers and pedophiles. Minutes after the vote, Zelenskyy praised Johnson for being on the right side of history, as the House’s MAGA minority, led mainly by Marjorie Taylor Greene, of whom White Hats approve, derided a decision that “supports a business model built on blood and murder and war in foreign countries,” in Greene’s words.

Echoing her sentiment, White Hats at Camp Pendleton, Fort Liberty, and Guantanamo Bay implored Admiral Crandall to indict Johnson for treason and force him to stand trial for aiding and abetting the enemy. At Pendleton, at least one White Hat council member said Johnson should be arrested for defrauding the United States and betraying his constituents. At Liberty, a Special Forces commander said his soldiers were locked and loaded, ready to grab Johnson on a moment’s notice. And at GITMO, two senior prosecutors told Adm. Crandall they’d be delighted to help him author formal charges.

But Admiral Crandall is hesitant to act, a GITMO source told RRN.

“We’re fundamentally guided by the Constitution and Insurrection Act. We’re not nilly-willy arresting people. In almost all cases, the Deep Staters we’ve arrested criminally conspired against the United States in secret. This bill was no. It wasn’t like Yellen, who secretly arranged to send Ukraine our cash—there was no public mention of it. No mention at all, except the evidence we found. Even if Adm. Crandall thinks Johnson’s a traitor, he can’t just have him arrested. Arresting him means arresting every Democrat and every Republican, all 112 of them, who voted for the bill. At this time, it’d be very challenging,” he explained.

He mentioned a second obstacle: “The Trump Factor.”

On April 12, President Trump stood beside Johnson at Mar-a-Lago, saying that Johnson was doing a “very good job” and calling the efforts to oust him “unfortunate.”

“I stand with the speaker. We’re getting along very well,” President Trump said.

Trump is known to speak to audiences cryptically, and embedded within his speeches are hidden messages understood by only MAGA. White Hats, too, are sometimes forced to interpret the ulterior meaning of Trump’s speeches and actions, mainly because he seldom communicates his intent openly when his enemies, such as the MSM, dirty Democrats, and RINOS, are in his presence.

Our source said that Adm. Crandall interpreted Trump’s apparent chumminess with Johnson as a message to not act against the House Speaker at this time.

“Trump’s known to keep his enemies close,” our source said. “He may be trying to expose him the same as he’s doing to the criminals in New York.”

Asked why Admiral Crandall or General Smith hadn’t asked Trump personally whether he wanted Johnson apprehended, our source said, “It’s not always optimal to speak to him in person. Trump is busy waging his war right now, and we’re waging ours. General Smith has eyes on President Trump. He’s put an enormous countervailing force on the ground.”

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P. E. Hunter

Johnson could have been on the right side of history, but he decided to go against the right side of history. I think we all know what Ukraine really is and to keep supporting their activities, trafficking children, and women, laundering money and basically being something like Nazis. Why in the hell are we supporting them? Why? Because they are trying to fool the fools in office in Congress. The Congressmen who know what they are doing are guilty of treason. The Congressmen who were fooled should not hold a position in Congress, but that makes them guilty as well. By that time they should know what America is. We the People and our Country are the Standard Bearers of freedom (the only country with unalienable rights in the world) and we all need to protect this country. Anyone else who doesn’t have betrayed o

Rebecca tracy

Anyone who monitors each others porn (father/son such as speaker & son) raises many concerns, among many concerns. Get rid of him!

P. E. Hunter

Yes, I agree with the White Hats. If Speaker Johnson has all the data about Ukraine; the money laundering, trafficking, pedophilia, and all else, then Johnson should not have helped fund one penny more to Ukraine and he should be taken off his position least (MTG is right). I don’t like this Ukraine war from day 1, and they are not even US allies, so the billions that have now gone from the US to Ukraine is the epitome of stupidity and criminality.


Oops. Wrong story.


I like the idea of turning Swab over to the Spetsnaz. Let them do the guarding.


Oh I appreciate this story. It makes me feel better even though many pointed out the stink eye Trump was giving Johnson.


I Quote Above Reproach: Something tells me he has another reason for allowing Mike to do what he did. As it’s very possible that knowing the conduit of the person who has knowledge of the individuals behind the treasonous actions, puts Trump in a position to Drain the Swamp of people who otherwise would be very difficult to find. Remember keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer. Donald is the master of this. He did it in business, and now he’s doing it in politics. Lastly, No person on the face of the planet would allow themselves to be dragged through the mud and besmirched to the extent he has. And not be 1 million percent all in on the destruction of the criminals eating the American people’s lunch. Seriously would you put yourself through what they are doing to him ? And not just walk away flipping the bird. He’s got billions of dollars and is a money making machine. But yet
he’s all in on becoming president again to rite the wrongs. He loves America with his heart and soul. And I love him for it ! Just imagine what America would look like in another 4 years of Democrats in office.
I would rather live at the North Pole eating seals, penguins, and fish.


I still don’t understand why Trump is backing this guy. I know Trump made a valid point that the guy Can’t do whatever he wants with a one person majority in congress but he doesn’t have to vote for everything Democrats want.
I think Trump is loosing his edge with picking the people he wants to work with.
I also think Trump is looking at if they kick him out the majority will be erased completely and the speaker seat will be gone all together.
I do believe that Johnson would be able to work wonders with a super majority in the house and a majority in the senate but so could a fifth grader.
If Trump becomes president again and has a majority in the house and senate anybody else could also be speaker.
If Trump becomes president without majorities in the house and senate he will be impeached immediately. I’m sure he won’t walk away a third time.
People are saying this is a great time to be alive and witness, I agree to disagree on that.

Last edited 1 month ago by snoopy
Ron Peete

I call for the arrest of Mike Johnson for TREASON!!!

Taylor Young

Intentionally Leaked, Military ‘Insider Intel’ has reported that Johnson was forced to sign the bill – Four RINO’s were placed, unwittingly, in a “Sting Operation” and were bribed with a great deal of money to sell out America, by going to Johnson and telling him that if he did not pass that Bill, the four would Resign, virtually handing the House over to the demonic Democrats. I guess you could say that Johnson, (though I don’t like him personally), was stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Council Man

Yes, we’ve heard similar stories, but who ran the sting operation? Name names. Find them. Perhaps it’s time to step up the war.


Well, it is Cabal tactics – more will come out

Jeannie K

America First

Jeannie K

I believe when all is said and done…. Very few from The Senate, as well as from the House will be left in Office. Both parties are very Corrupt, and also very Compromised.
I stand forever SOLID with President Trump. I also Thank 😊 God 🙏 for sending him to us at this time.
Please 🙏 Save our Beautiful Children. They deserve a great life full of Love, and Kindness forever. We all deserve Love and Kindness


Trump event:
Sat, 5/11/24, at 5:00 pm est
Time approximate (he often runs late). covers the events, replays them afterwards and keeps the videos.

orange julius

Off topic rant: Does anyone notice how crazy the Senate is? They “killed” the Mayorkas impeachment and they write bills that are supposed to start in the House. They are making up their own rules weekly.


Johnson is compromised. sad.

Ann Ononomous

Yes, it is. I’m sure there have been plenty going in with intent to stand strong but end up being bought, blackmailed or both. They have failed miserably. As they say – many are called, few are chosen.


When big D looks at you like this you are FUCKED!!!


My thoughts exactly. He not a happy camper with Johnson. 👍🏼

joe deralict

trump in fl said by b. fullford to be imposter, the ‘warp speed’ trump; the real trump secured by military white hats.
ben farts many tunes though, one can see as he stares off to his right when he talks BS, that side of brain used to fabricate, while other side is to recall actual events/facts.


I demand he be arrested also.


Has speaker Jonny Mop been informed of the pedo/holocaust practices being financed in Uk by his actions? I bet he has, but’s been Bogarted to pass same.

Linda Hutchison

NO MATTER WHAT!, Congress is SWORN to support the Constitution! They take an OATH to do this when they are sworn in! That means they are NOT to vote to SPEND more money than we HAVE taken in each year (NO DEFICIT SPENDING!) and to maintain the borders and the Republic! The John Birch Society issues a FREEDOM INDEX report each year, reporting how well EACH member of Congress VOTED according to their oath. We have LESS than a total of 400+ Congress members who score even in the 90th percentile! In 2024, VOTE OUT each of them who won’t keep their oath! We did NOT send them over there to play Let’s Make A Deal!

Above Reproach

The HORSE SHIT has got to end ! The b administration has Sold out the American people to the tune of Billions and Billions of dollars ! And for what ? A high heel cross dressing midget comedian TV, Show actor, sexual deviant human trafficking PIG ! Adrenochrome sucking slobs in our own backyard are propitiating the Fake Money Laundering government who have 0 regard for the American people. Russia is definitely not the bad actors in this made to order war. I pray for Russia to put a complete end
to the Ukrainian. Turn the entire Ukrainian into a parking lot.


Maybe Putin think about doing that to our DC capital while he’s at it. He would be doing us a big favor. This whole s*** show needs to end soon.


Actually we’ve sent Ukraine over a trillion dollars.


FINALLY a comment that makes SENSE!! 👍🏼


Remember on Jan 6, most of Congress committed treason on national tv!


And they just showed their treason & alliance again waving Ukrainian flags in OUR Capitol building!!!! They’re all pieces of SH!t!


Stay frosty White Hats!


I should hope that the “challenge” of “arresting every Democrat and Republican” is not what is stopping Adm Crandall from saving America.


Yes he flipped, committed treason should be arrested

Above Reproach

I second the suggestion ! When MTG announced to vacate the seat, you can bet she was 100% correct and has no mental reservation in her mind.
If there’s one person in government who actually fights for the rights of the American people it’s her. The stupidity of the democrats is staggering in that they always show their cards. When someone is directly over the target of their corruption they go mental. Not that it’s a odd thing for them. As they truly are SICK to begin with. Lying is what they do.


Tom Heneghan explosive Intelligence says president Gore has dissolved both parties. I’m thinking that all we are seeing is theater. You might want to check it out.


DJT looking dumber and dumber by the minute off of his choices and decisions.

Above Reproach

Something tells me he has another reason for allowing Mike to do what he did. As it’s very possible that knowing the conduit of the person who has knowledge of the individuals behind the treasonous actions, puts Trump in a position to Drain the Swamp of people who otherwise would be very difficult to find. Remember keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer. Donald is the master of this. He did it in business, and now he’s doing it in politics. Lastly, No person on the face of the planet would allow themselves to be dragged through the mud and besmirched to the extent he has. And not be 1 million percent all in on the destruction of the criminals eating the American people’s lunch. Seriously would you put yourself through what they are doing to him ? And not just walk away flipping the bird. He’s got billions of dollars and is a money making machine. But yet
he’s all in on becoming president again to rite the wrongs. He loves America with his heart and soul. And I love him for it ! Just imagine what America would look like in another 4 years of Democrats in office.
I would rather live at the North Pole eating seals, penguins, and fish.


President Trump is a 5-D Chess Player. Do you really think he doesn’t have something in progress?

All this corruption has been going on for decades, right under our nose, and people are just seeing it now.

It had to be this way for the masses to finally wake up.


A brilliant research paper (self funded, without collaborators).
She describes in great detail what graphene/graphene oxide nano particles are doing in the bodies of the jabbed. It’s a 6 page PDF worth the read. I’ll post the conclusion along with the acronyms of the formulations.

Notice CORONA and Machine Learning (AI) in the below list.

All words I learned for my Computer Business as we evolved into setting up Local Area Networks.
III. CONCLUSIONSSo there are still many question marks, such as thepremature demise that will happen to some vaccinated, butwill allow the eternal survival of consciousness for others.Certain aspects, behaviors (eg: race to the vaccine and hatredfor the unvaccinated) probably, are part of evolution and assuch have an explanation of instinctive matrix, unless it isnot already in place an unknown form of mental control andinduction to act to achieve a goal unconsciously.It is clear, then, how this is an obligatory step for hu-manity, beginning in these years to lay the foundations forintracorporal nanoreality and concluding, in my estimation,within a century.There are links on the web to godeeper, but if you look forinformation on graphene material, nanotechnology related tobiology and the Internet of NanoThings, a new world willopen up, where academics already know and take for grantedand normal everything I have described in this research.IV. LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS
BAN: Body Area Network
BLE: Bluetooth Low Energy
CNT: Carbon Nanotubes
CORONA: Coordinate Routing System for Nanonetworks
EM:Electromagnetic Microwaves GO:Graphene Oxide
rGO:Reduced Graphene Oxide
GQD: Graphene Quantum Dots
He: Hertz
IEEE: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IoT:Internet of Things
IoMT: Internet of Medical Things
Iont: Internet of NanoThings
LoRaLAN: Low Power Wide Area Network
MAC:Media Access Control
ML:Machine Learning
MRI:Magnetic Resonance Imaging
QCA:Quantum Cellular Automata
SDM: Software Defined Metamaterial
TDMA:Time-Division multiple access
TEM: Transmission Electron Microscopy
THz: Terahertz
TS-OOK: Time-Spread On-Off Keying
WNSN:Wireless Nanosensors Network


Dr Kira Smith from Italy is the researcher

Don’t know why the lack of spaces on words, but this took me over 30 minutes to get right to post….PDF’s can be very particular

Truth Seeker

Right after the DS unleashed their “Agenda 2030” covid mass depopulation scam onto the world we were told that it could take up to four plus years before the jabbed began to suffer the negative cause and affects of Big Pharma’s clot shots.

We’re in year four and folks are suffering all sorts of negative side affects that are directly related to the clot shots.

As expected, the traitorous leftist media refused to report on the rising number of people, world wide, that were and are still dying and becoming physically incapacitated due to getting jabbed.

The two words that best describe what the W.E.F., C.D.C., W.H.O., F.D.A. and the U.N. used to force us into complying are, Blackmail and Bribery.


I recall this French virologist who died early 2022 (I believe murdered) saying everyone would be dead in 2/3 years.

In 2017, Montagnier was criticised by other academics for using his Nobel prize status to “spread dangerous health messages outside of his field of knowledge”.[6] During the COVID-19 pandemic, Montagnier promoted[clarification needed] the conspiracy theory that SARS-CoV-2, the causative virus, was deliberately created and escaped from a laboratory.[7] Such a claim has been rejected by other virologists.

Another Conspiracy Tin Foil hatter who told the Truth. Albeit, he was 89 years old.

A Nobel Prize winner couldn’t even be listened to, as he was spreading misinformation… one listened to me either to this day. But, I learned that God is proficient in confounding and I subsequently gave up explaining.

I see they posted this comment a day later….I was able to repost it, so you will see two more failed attempts and one other good one…and no I’m not losing it 🙂


AH! my error, I posted this comment to the wrong article…no wonder no comments from trolls…smart they are 🙂


Oh yeah, people… Jim Jordan has fallen into the RINO ranks. Smooth talker, zero action. He voted ‘yes’ for this SH!t too!


Ohhhh nooooooo😲hear that he was awhile ago but it went away & never heard of it again until now. Ugh! OH


There’s gonna be an upheaval!! Speaker Johnson better have ALOT of security around him, even while he sleeps! And he better wear a bulletproof helmet cuz somebody’s gonna take a head shot for this.
This is insanely crazy and disturbing.


How dare he just hand over power to the Dems🤬 That’s why there is something called a vote and We the People didn’t vote for Hakeem Jeffries to just step up and take over. No wonder congress members are stepping down on both sides. Sickening how the uniparty stands together to screw us over.


Very likely he is being played by a very important person. Open minds people, open minds;))

Above Reproach

You get the Star on your paper. Never let your enemies out of sight.

Truth Seeker

There is no doubt in my mind that the leftist DS used the NSA’s data mining capabilities to compromise Mike Johnson, just like Obama did with Chief Supreme Court Justice, John Roberts.


Anyone know? Were the members of Congress arrested? At the inauguration, I recall seeing clips of Nany Pelosi being told not to talk by what appeared to be a female US Marshall. I have seen other sources claim that 93 will be tried for treason. What’s up? Blumenthal and Chris Murphy are on that list but the scumbags are still in CT


Yes.. the fictitious “white hats” have to keep it a secret from the people paying the bill and from whom they are robbing. But, I digress concerning the “plan” as the ONLY PLAN IS THE SAME ONE FOR BOTH SIDES! Surprise! Ever get that feeling you’ve been the victim of a scam… YOU HAVE! Arm up, practice, gather resources as you WILL BE FIGHTING! There is no way to avoid… even if the mythical “NESARA” happens… will not. One power taking out another power for the sane control sand resources! Pretty simple!


Amazing how this congress keeps feeding Ukraine tax payers money. Someone is getting kick back under the table in congress, that’s treason and money laundering, death by hanging. They care nothing about Americans. This country swimming in migrants, crime everywhere, these idiots sending money to Ukraine. I expect that out of dems but not Republicans, surely not the speaker. God help this country filled with foolish leaders.


I have a copy of a Ukrainian official’s list of US Govt officials kickbacks from the Ukraine War: Brandon $92M, Mitch McConnell $89M, Lindsey Graham $82M, Mitt Romney $71M, John Coryn $41M, Dan Crenshaw $20M, Kevin McCarthy $42M, Mike Pence $61M, Greg Pence $17M, Rick Scott $63M Those are the Repub. that were on the list. I’m sure there are more. My list also lists 8 Dems…with Pelosi the highest $89M


Arrest, seize all assets, return all assets to the American 🇺🇸 people across the land.


Don’t forget – 10% goes to the “Big Guy.”

Max Kammerer

Military—We have become weak and powerless and double thinking our end game.
One must take a deep breath stand back and look from the 40K foot site, we already done our homework, time has come and go for generations. NOW
Then make your move let it be fast and Swift with the sward with no Mercie for the evil that has rotted our Nation and the world. May GOD guide you with his hand. Many Prayers the people will have your back.

Last edited 1 month ago by Max Kammerer
Michael Tiner

According to Benjamine Fulford and multiple alternative news sources, there are TWO Donald Trumps. The real one hidden somewhere under Cheyene Mountain, and the fake imposter who has been indicted, prosecuted, running around the country, making news statements, and holding election campaigns. All of this while an illegitimate terrorist regime occupies and controls the highest office in the land. The entire two-house system of government is compromised, and the passage of these bills financing the Luciferian deep-state worldwide agenda proves it. This popcorn show should have been over right after the election was stolen. Within days or weeks, not months and years. Buying more time, to expose more traitors, is appearing more and more like an enemy stall tactic! Sadly, the white hats are not demonstrating a true dedication to this Republic and its citizens. They appear weak & helpless, always having their hands tied, and unable to thoroughly overturn the hostile takeover and destruction of this great nation by a rouge illegitimate government that has been infiltrated by enemy combatants waging daily war on its citizens. There hasn’t been any real proof that traitors are being captured & executed. They have body doubles occupying their positions publicly. There is always an excuse as to why we just need to set back and allow deep state entitles to continue their war on this nation and its people. The people have had enough! That is why groups like the “red hats” are stepping up and getting involved. The people do not see any real dedication to confronting and defeating the deep state enemy once and for all. It almost appears that both black & white hats are doing everything possible to ignite a civil war. Thank God that God is still in control, and he will sort everyone out. I’m betting he does it this year before the November elections. He doesn’t mess around.

Last edited 1 month ago by Michael Tiner
Max Kammerer

Military–We have become weak and powerless and double thinking our end game.
One must take a deep breath stand back and look from the 40K foot site, we already done our homework, time has come and go for generations. NOW
Then make your move let it be fast and Swift with the sward with no Mercie for the evil that has rotted our Nation and the world. May GOD guide you with his hand. Many Prayers the people will have your back.

Last edited 1 month ago by Max Kammerer

Yep… My people suffer for lack of knowledge!!






From the beginning when Mike Johnson was first proposed to become Speaker, there was one glaring anomaly to the whole thing that seemed to cast doubt onto the whole dream of keeping a Republican majority and Speaker of the House and how this could get We the People a fair shake from Congress, that I could never reconcile: The Dems didn’t hate and oppose him and actually supported him. Now we know why – he’s just another Dem in RINO clothing. God help us.




Maybe you should stop the money going more child trafficking and all of that money going to more of this crap.


I hate Trumps zionist leanings. Im hopeing that is just for political optics until he gets reelected.
A friend of Israel can be no friend of God. God says so in Luke 19:27.


This is the REAL meaning behind Luke 19:27:
Faithfulness results in kingdom reward; unfaithfulness results in lack and loss of reward (19:26). But worst of all are the consequences that await those who make themselves God’s enemies (19:27; see 19:14). These will experience eternal judgment.
Not particularly sure what you stated coincides with that verse. I believe you got that a little backwards because God states that He will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel. Gen. 12:3


Israel is us.. the people of faith who are true believers of Christ; Not some Zionist state! The temple was destroyed as they denied Christ and were destroyed /cursed! It’s pretty simple! You cannot deny Christ and be saved…period! They are not the chosen… hogwash!


Real Jews don’t want or need to be “saved”.
Not one word about “salvation” in the OLD TESTAMENT.
Ya’ll made that bullshit up to make yourselves feel good.


Wrong. Stop citing scriptures you don’t understand.




Go watch Simon Woods and look for his feature on the Trumps.


Idk,…I am so tired of this shiz, the broken leg snail pace everything…so tired :-(, let the Red Hats do what they do best, this country needs saving.


The following posts are made by many types of posters: 1) those paid to troll and sow seeds of doubt: also by posting absolute lies. 2) those that have taken the time to glean information about the ongoing operations in an effort to inform the uninformed. 3) those that are uninformed & choose to remain uninformed. these posters prefer to rant about their perceived ineffectiveness of the White Hats
and offer advice on how things need to be done. they too choose to remain uninformed with actual facts. 4) posters that have repeatedly posted informational facts, including web site addresses, for others to use to become more informed. 5) posters that do not understand why so many choose not to use the information provided for learning rather than remaining clueless.

Comet Ping Pong

6) Posters that are truly dumbfounded at the number of people whose mental state allows them to take this obvious comic book fiction as gospel.



orange julius

This is exposing all the Nazi sympathizers in Congress. Also showing the public that we really have a one-party system. The greed and corruption party. If they want to catch Zelensky, just wait at Abercrombie and Fitch until he shows up to buy a new green uni.

Ellie Fournier

What does your statement, “This bill was no” mean?
Suggestion: Proofread before Publishing.

Last edited 1 month ago by Ellie Fournier
Combat Engineer 4 God

Fred wears crash helmet to Bed- Somebody(mother) convinced him he’s getting paid for the “Support Staff” each month! You just can’t make up, no wonder the illegals are storming in?!

Combat Engineer 4 God




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Lady Hermann

A Reset is the only option. We have been destined for financial failure since the Bretton woods Agreement and the only way to fix it is flat line it and go back on precious metals.


not true.

you dont have to destroy a civilization and nature to rebuild.


buy silver immediately now thk me later



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Lady Hermann

I suspect there will be protests and or riots when people get homeless and hungry and there are no government programs to apply for.


Ok White Hats, let’s just send $1B a day each to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan and see how long it takes for those foreign wars to descend on our own country. Thanks to the White Hats, the Black Hats now have unlimited funding to fight forever-wars.

We are all goddamned sick of this shit.

true patriot

could not of said it better. lets turn the red has against the white hats
and get this thing overwith !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Honestly.. the fictional “white hats” SUCK AT WHAT THEY DO EVEN THOUGH WE HAVE SEEN NOTHING to even validate they exist! Funny thing, it’s just as complicated for the fictional black hats as they are in this fake battle for our entertainment too.. just so much superior at it… best good cop/ bad cop act I’ve ever seen to fool so many millions! The reason I say fictional for both “sides” is they are ONE AND THE SAME! Prove me wrong… I want someone to do so as I have for the past 4 years… longer than WW2!! Now, I’ve got to make the donuts for another 4 years or until they reveal what they have really done to us!! Surprise, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!! Signed… Both Hats!

Victor T.

Please, please, please leave SpeakerJohnson alone and “PICK UP MAYORKAS, ASAP”.. Our Nation will be much gratefully to take care of the Scum & Traitor Mayorkas, first!


Apparently, Yellin was in China last week, there was a video of her getting off a plane with a hot Chinese chick guiding her like a seeing eye dog.


she is dead. it is/was a masked actor. when will you guys remember that actors and masks DO EXIST and are being widely used? Good grief.


Masks only work from a distance. They are realistic only in “Mission Impossible” re-runs.

“Clones”? Don’t be so naive! Our “science” has not caught up with science-fiction.

Dolly, the only animal to survive cloning was sterile and could never reproduce.

Let’s stick to provable facts and leave clonibg to science fiction.

Comet Ping Pong

Welcome, you must be new here. The RRN crowd loves their clones, masks, and CGI effects. You will not convince them otherwise.

However, point of order, Dolly did have offspring. But, Dolly and her offspring had to start out as ewes/lambs (baby sheep?). They didn’t come out of the lab as adults with all the age and experience of their original.


Stfu, yuz lying Schmoo! Cloning is real as you are most likely a D33P state operative!


“Cloning is real”


Isthis Gunny’s clone?


uhh ohh…another deepstate skank ho…


We have had 6 years of the “it’s a mask” excuse and every one of those that were supposed to be arrested and HANGED are STILL AROUND.
This is all BULLSHIT for dummies.

J Will

pics of this “hot Chinese chick” or gtfo


your gross.

Rondelle Cagwin

I agree Mike Johnson should be arrested for his being behind the funding of the Ukraine package. I bet he’s another one of those sold out politicians that never took an oath of office.! let’s get rid of them all!!!!!


Maybe it was a Trap.
Considering how many (rats) were busted last time a trap was set.
The Name Of The Game – “is exposure”, and by exposing “them” it makes them vulnerable, they will Never Ever be able to walk the streets or go out into the Public’s eye and will always be subjected to ridicule & shame. Only the most crooked and guilty need to hide their shame & disgusting persona.


What’s up, is down, and what’s down is up!
All of us here on this site have lived through all this crap that’s been going on, for far too long.
Worse than the Twilight Zone! And yes, family members who are not around anymore because of the clot shots!!!
Is there no appreciation for what God is doing through DJT to save US!
And the question is, would any of you trade places with him right now?