Special Forces Rescue Military and Civilian J6ers from Deep State Prison

Illustrative Only

United States Special Forces on April 7 raided a Deep State prison in the Aleutian Islands and freed 27 patriotic political prisoners whose only crime was peacefully visiting the Capitol on January 6, 2021, sources in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

As reported last week, GITMO detainee Matthew Graves, a D.C. district attorney, tended to talk in his sleep, pejoratively slandering President Trump and espousing vitriol toward the MAGA coalition. His nocturnal ramblings included the words “Rura Penthe,” a Klingon penal asteroid, and “Adak,” an Aleutian Island and former military base 1,200 miles from Anchorage. Graves had also said the name “Matthew Bradford,” a Marine Corps captain who disappeared shortly after visiting the Capitol on J6.

Admiral Crandall found meaning in Graves’ hateful twaddle. He suspected that Graves had unknowingly disclosed the name and location of a covert Deep State jail housing J6ers the feds had captured and imprisoned without due process, unlawfully depriving them of liberty, property, and, perhaps, life. He shared his suspicions about Adak Island with the White Hat council.

The former Adak Navy Air Facility (NAF) sits in the center of the Aleutian chain. It was built in 1942 as a forward base to attack then-Japanese-held islands in the Pacific and repurposed in the 1950s as escalating tensions between the U.S. and the Soviet Union plunged much of the world into a Cold War. NAF’s peak activity occurred in the early 80s when 6,000 military personnel and civilian contractors lived on the isolated 79,200-acre base, which occupied three-fifths of Adak Island. In early 1991, as the global tensions de-escalated and the Cold War wound down, the Defense Department’s reduction of forces initiative led to the systematic reassignment of the base’s occupants. The DOD formally shuttered NAF on March 31, 1997, and the once sparsely populated tundra became depopulated again, its only remaining inhabitants 45 hermetic natives and rotating Department of Environmental Conservation survey teams.

Though devoid of a significant population, the fogged-in island has a controlled airport managed by the State of Alaska Department of Transportation. Alaska Airlines flies 737s, mostly cargo and DEC employees, into Adak Airport twice weekly.

General Smith, our source said, pulled strings to have a U.S. surveillance satellite point its high-resolution optics at the airfield and crumbling base replete with prefabricated houses in various stages of decay and earthen bunkers made of steel and stone. The base even had a McDonald’s, its golden arches split in half; Big Macs no longer served. The satellite’s brief orbit over Adak imaged only three bodies standing next to a grass-covered ferrocement bunker. No airplanes were on the runway.

“Three guards were hardly a Deep State army, but the general felt there could’ve been more, including the hostages, in buildings the satellite didn’t penetrate,” our source said.

Our source said the images crystallized in Gen. Smith an urgency to rescue the hostages and hold their jailors accountable.

“If they’ve been moved, someone there will know where they are now,” the general told the White Hat Council.

He coordinated the rescue op with his allies at 1st Special Forces Command. They ruled out a sea-based operation because sending a ship from GITMO to the Bearing Sea would take too long and be too conspicuous. They saw one workable option: landing a plane, neutralizing the opposition, and flying the prisoners to safety—a risky endeavor since only a thousand feet of open ground lay between the runway and NAF’s dilapidated infrastructure,

Their plan seemed simple on paper. A 6,000-foot parachute jump. Secure the airfield and terminate any federal presence. Rescue the hostages. Meanwhile, the plane would loiter above the island until Special Forces requested extraction, when the plane would land to recover all friendlies.

The general said he would arrange the transportation—a C-17 Globemaster would meet the Special Forces team at Elmendorf AFB in Anchorage on April 7.

“One council member opposed, and I’m not at liberty to say who, the plan, but the general said ‘this is a briefing. I am not seeking consent’ and shut him down. The mission was a go,” our source said.

The 1,200-mile flight from Anchorage to Adak Island was uneventful, he added.

Special Forces leaped from the C-17 at 2:00 am into dark skies filled with light drizzle. Upon landing safely, with all team members accounted for, they stowed their chutes and armed themselves before marching to the deserted airport, save for a scattering of civilian vehicles and a dull yellow school bus, its rearview mirrors cracked and tires almost deflated. The tower, too, was unoccupied and black as pitch.

Snipers provided overwatch from the tower while a half dozen soldiers formed a defensive perimeter at either side of the runway, eyes peeled for vehicle and foot traffic. The remaining soldiers humped east in the frigid air toward rows and columns of Cold War bunkers and two-story barracks with gable roofs. A single sentry wearing a black tactical suit betrayed his presence by puffing a cigarette. They spotted the flaring tip, red as a warning light, before the rifle hanging off his shoulder. The man spoke aloud to himself, saying, “I hate this shit.”

“You’re going to hate this even more,” said the Special Forces soldier who ambushed him from behind and started sawing into his neck with a garrote.

He gave the choking man an ultimatum: reveal the disposition of enemy forces and J6er’s whereabouts or die. The man, who had DHS credentials, spluttered that five feds, three currently asleep, were guarding 27 “domestic terrorists.” He told Special Forces he didn’t want to be on Adak Island and that the DHS had forced the assignment on him. Doubting the fed’s sincerity, Special Forces grilled him twice more, but the federal goon stuck to his story. He pointed out the buildings in which the guards were sleeping and the bunkers that housed the hostages.

Satisfied, Special Forces sawed deeper into his neck until he died.

One fed was snoring loudly enough to wake the dead when a soldier placed one hand over his mouth and plunged a knife into his chest with the other. Another had his pants around his ankles and was taking an early morning piddle as two bullets hit the back of his head. And yet another had been deep in slumber before his rude awakening; a soldier was pressing a pillow against his face and starving his brain of oxygen.

The final guard had been patrolling the open ground between three bunkers but stopped moving when a sniper’s bullet hit his forehead. He was still breathing as a soldier tore a keyring from his belt loop.

Special Forces unlocked and pulled open the steel doors.

Inside were 11 civilian males ages 21 to 73, each confined to makeshift cells someone had constructed inside the bunker. The second bunker held four civilian women, one of whom told her rescuers that the guards had raped her repeatedly. The last bunker held Captain Matthew Bradford and 11 other male service members the Deep State had scooped up during its manhunt for J6 “insurrectionists.”

Special Forces radioed the C-17 to land at once.

The plane dove beneath the clouds and swooped in for a landing. Hostages too sick or injured to walk were carried by stretcher onto the plane.

“The unfortunate souls went through hell,” our source said. “I’m not getting into their individual conditions right now but they’re all alive and in our protective custody.”

Asked what Special Forces would have done had there been more hostages than the plane could carry, our source said, “Then they would’ve held the position until the C-17 got them to Anchorage, refueled, and came back.”

As an aside, in a follow-up call this morning, we asked our source to either confirm or deny rumors suggesting the Real Donald Trump is “under the mountain” while a body double sits moodily in court.

“Two Trumps? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. What are you, stupid? President Trump is a courageous leader. He doesn’t scurry away from enemies like a frightened animal. He charges them! He doesn’t hide behind doubles and clones like a cowardly Obama or Biden.”

Free Speech and Alternative Media are under attack by the Deep State. Real Raw News needs reader support to survive and thrive. 

Please do not give your hard-earned money to sites or channels that copy/paste our intellectual property. We spend countless hours vetting, researching, and writing. Thank you. Every dollar helps. Contributions help keep the site active and help support the author (and his medical bills)

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Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Patents 1991-07-30: Vol 1128 Iss 5

Page 2850
5,035,458 anti-ingress panel position but said left-side anti-ingress ANTI-INGRESS SYSTEM FOR A MOTOR VEHICLE panel does interfere with opening said at least one side Robert G. Boensch, 3941 Bessinger Rd., AuGres, Mich. 48703 door of said left side of said motor vehicle and further said Filed Aug. 24, 1989, Ser. No. 398,087 left-side anti-ingress panel prevents ingress into the occuInt. Cl.° B6OR 25/00; B6OJ 1/20 pant compartment through each side window of said at US, Cl. 296—1.1 23 Claims least one side door of said left side of said motor vehicle when said left-side anti-ingress panel is at said second


Clean up this country


To end this the militia or the armed forces control under the 2020 election fraud
To remove and bar SERCO and other Operators, Controllers, Partner’s and Ownership Ship completely from all strategic Businesses and government entities in Michigan from foreign countries.

Do this And You Will See Me File Over 1,000 Patents?


Would you like You mechanical Troubles Go Away

Well Maybe Not All

But I am Sure their Will Be Tens of Thousands Of Less Parts In the Future

Of Your Power Grid.

Robert Gregory Boensch

This Patent Was Issued and It’s A good Idea.
The problem Was I did not take into Account of the Human Failure

This Was engineered To Secure the Inside of Your Truck From A Break In

What Would the Chances of Some One locking A child or any one into such
A secured Devise.

And It would Be very Hard to rescue Them is something happened that would endanger them

So I do Not put Profits before Safety.

And I just Put the Expense Of time and money invested in this.

As A learning experience.

The story Of My First Patent

Robert G Boensch
Robert Gregory Boensch



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“Two trumps? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard! What are you, stupid?…”

That’s just an indirect way of saying “What a stupid question! Of course he has doubles. He has a lot more important things to do than sit in a courtroom for some sham trial!”


You must have two Trumps. If you ask me, his body double is brave as Hell! He knows if they try to kill or kidnap, his ass is grass.

Robert Gregory Boensch

0 USC 254: Proclamation to disperse
Text contains those laws in effect on April 24, 2024
From Title 10-ARMED FORCES
Subtitle A-General Military Law

§254. Proclamation to disperse Whenever the President considers it necessary to use the militia or the armed forces under this chapter, he shall, by proclamation, immediately order the insurgents to disperse and retire peaceably to their abodes within a limited time.

he shall, by proclamation,

The January 6th Hearings The House Investigates

022-07-21 the insurrection was recognized in congress
the subject for the cause of proclaiming this is the subject that the 2020 presidential election was stolen
the only way they could charge President Trump with a crime is to do a full audit of the 2020 election to prove his Proclamation was not warranted
and the election was not stolen
This is the only subject the hearings can do for a conviction

Remonstrance to file in Your State?

My Michigan Remonstrance

Click on the links

Also down load the Pdfs

The three Day Congress

117th United States Congress January 3, 2021 – January 6, 2021.
President Trump has Given this Country Back to We the People.
Everything after His action on January 6 2021 4:17 Pm
Is controlled By the Military to Protect the United States Constitution .
And on July 21 2022 The United States Congress Though Suspended
Has made this Insurrection Proclamation Public and on the Record.

Jason Wentworth Michigan Speaker of the House; 
 A Remonstrance Being filed and to be acted on for the Common People of Michigan ;
They failed to respond; It’s law Now;
In law, acquiescence 
The doctrine infers a form of “permission” that results from silence or passiveness over an extended period of time.
Estoppel is a judicial device in and when used affirmatively by a plaintiff it is sometimes called a “sword”
MICHIGAN Inc.is a  Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations;
And We the People of Michigan have full control Today;
 Robert Gregory Boensch 2022-09-04;
Sampling as follows: 
From a wrong no contract can arise.
 False in one thing, false in all things. 
It is a fraud to conceal a fraud. 
Fraud and justice never dwell together
Fraud lies hidden in general expressions.
 Fraud is most hateful to law.
 In default of the law, the maxim rules.
 A mandate of an illegal thing is void.
 Remove the foundation, the work falls. 

MICHIGAN Inc.is a  Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations;
And We the People of Michigan have full control Today;
 Robert Gregory Boensch 2022-09-04;
click here to see if it’s Active The War Clock ;

Image of the date they received certified Mail
April 6, 2022 at 11:58 am

To The Michigan House of Representatives
101st Legislature
I Robert Gregory Boensch Am Formerly presenting this Document as a Remonstrance
A Remonstrance Being filed and to be acted on for the Common People of Michigan
Drafted by Robert Gregory Boensch

I am a common man and this document is for all the people of this state. It is for our children who have not fully learned what a State is and how government works they don’t know they have (that operation is by omission and deceit).This information is also for our Elderly and people that are challenged that are unaware of why events happens in this world around us. And its also for all the people that are not interested or too scared to get involved in Governmental affairs. Andfor the ones in power that have usurped power as impersonators abusing their false powers against the common good for the people.
And this remonstrance is to be restricted to our God given Rights and everything that is disclosed and referenced. And not to be expanded upon or altered in any way unless agree upon by the Author and creator Robert Gregory Boensch.
It is with this Knowledge that I present this Document to you today. This Document is drafted my myself today with the interest in the well being of all of the people in this Great State of Michigan.
And with full knowledge and hope that the other State and territories of this Great nation will take note of what is enclosed and alter and adapt any part of the elements that are to be disclose herein for the benefit of their own land.
Remonstrant were used in this state and this is not a new concept but a very hidden oneand now we will go to some history for the founding of this state and how it was created.
You need to down load the PDF and click the links through out this document to see all.
Find the documents on this click here 1835 CONSTITUTION OF MICHIGAN
in 1836 after the constitution a remonstrance was used 5 times as noted in the
1835-1836 Journal of the Senate

Part one Evidence being presented

Part two what redress is being sought.

Page 1of 9
Part one Evidence being presented
President Donald Trump says this Inauguration Day marks the transfer of power back to the People.
Trump: We are transferring power from DC back to people
President Donald Trump says this Inauguration Day marks the transfer of power back to the People
President Trump Proclaims The People of America are Sovereign
Fourteenth AmendmentSection 1All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.
The three Day Congress
117th United States Congress January 3, 2021 – January 6, 2021.
People on January 6 2021 Did President Trump Shut Down The United States Congress before the
Electoral collage votes were certified???
President Trump Speaks to the crowd this.
254. Proclamation to disperse
Whenever the President considers it necessary to use the militia or the armed forces under this chapter, he shall, by proclamation, immediately order the insurgents to disperse and retire peaceably to their abodes within a limited time.
Video Evidence 2021-1-06
Our President of The Unites States of America Proclamation to disperse (while in office).
Donald Trump tells supporters to ‘go home’ after they storm Capitol
Donald Trump tells supporters to ‘go home’ after they storm Capitol Archive backup
page 2 of 9
Written in Law
Office of the Law Revision Counsel United States Code
10 USC 254: Proclamation to disperse
254. Proclamation to disperse.
Whenever the President considers it necessary to use the militia or the armed forces under this chapter,
he shall, by proclamation, immediately order the insurgents to disperse and retire peaceably to their abodes within a limited time.
Article 4 of the Constitution
Ensures a republican form of government (representatives democracy)
The states derives its power from the people
Guarantees that the Federal Government will protect the states against invasion and insurrection.
Page 3 of 9
In January 2021, like in most presidential inauguration years, the United States Marshal’s Service deputized thousands of law enforcement officers and Army National Guardsmen.
A Deputation Story 2021
Written in Law
Department of Defense Law of war Manual 2016
1236 pages
As part of its emergency regulations, a State may establish special
or emergency courts for cases involving unprivileged belligerents or other persons suspected of
committing offenses related to the non-international armed conflict.
Such courts must be regularly constituted and afford all the judicial guarantees that are
recognized as indispensable by civilized peoples.84 Such courts may distinguish based on
nationality.85 The procedures of such courts may deviate from those applicable during ordinary
Proclamation of martial law was the only provision in case of disturbances endangering the security of the state. It would have entailed handing over all powers to the military authority and suspending private and public liberties.
Government and Parliament considered this step too extreme. Hence they devised a new contingency, the so-called ‘state of emergency,’
The government in turn gave authority to regulate movements of persons and goods, assign places of residence, create forbidden zones, order searches, ban meetings, control the press, dissolve associations, collect reparations for willful damage and for aid given to the rebels, suspend or transfer civil servants, deprive elected representatives of their seats, postpone by-elections, and delegate certain civil powers to the military.
(“No country which relies on the law of the land to regulate the lives of its citizens can afford to see that law flouted by its own government, even in an insurgency situation. In other words everything done by a government and its agents in combating insurgency must be legal. But this does not mean that the government must work within exactly the same set of laws during an insurgency as existed beforehand, because it is a function of a government when necessary. It does not mean that the law must be administered in exactly the same way during an uprising as it was in more peaceful times, because once again a government has the power to modify the way in which the law is administered if necessary, for the well being of the people, although the exercise of such power is usually – and rightly – subject to considerable constitutional restraint.”).
Page 4 of 9
Written in Law
Constitution of the United States Fourteenth Amendment Section 3
section 3No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.
Written in Law
Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election Executive Order 13848 of September 12, 2018.
Written in Law
“All Legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.”“The people have a right in an Orderly and peaceable manner, to assemble and consult upon the common good, give instructions to their representatives; and to request of the legislative body, by way of petition or remonstrance, redress of the wrongs done them, and of the grievances they suffer.”
Part two what redress is being sought.
And here by request that this State of Michigan To Review and investigate all of the Above elements presented and other elements of crimes that have be waged upon myself and others That are known publicly or to be brought forward by Robert Gregory Boensch to be included in this Document at a later day.
and use the law as required to do the following and to expand the breath of these requests to include any and all others laws that are applicable to cover all actions that were carried out and include all the party’s involved even those that are not stated in this documents.
I am also demanding to make every Court in Michigan a Common Law Court. And the abolishment of this State’s bar association and demand that no member of said bar or any other states bar to participate in any legal mater in the State of Michigan. And fore the Abandonment of all statutory laws in this state of Michigan for the history and use of many of these laws are to hurt and eat off the substance of the common people of Michigan by those in Power and it has been proven time and time again by my personal experience of the actions that were carried against Me and others that I am a witness To.
Page 5 of 9
please redress and declare that this state will act as a Republic form of Government.
Article IV Section 4, shall be incorporated into our state constitution, For This will benefit all people by placing the power where it belongs -To We the People of the State of Michigan
Question was there Arrest made after the Insurrection act was proclaimed January 6 2021
Per the Article 4 of the Constitution and who was arrested.
I am asking for These Special or Emergency Courts to be created for carrying out justice for the people of Michigan.
As part of its emergency regulations, a State may establish special or emergency courts for cases involving unprivileged belligerents or other persons suspected of committing offenses related to the non-international armed conflict.
Impeach any and all the people in the state of Michigan that took and oath of office to the constitution of the State of Michigan and or The United States of America and remove them from office that committed crimes against any of this states common people and include all others being in state
To Impeach all of the members of the United States Congress that are from my State and
All of the Members of This States Senate and House of Representatives including any one else holding an office in Michigan and remove them and their staff from office!” That were an influencing member and or voting member that participated In any one or more of the following acts
The 2021 election Insurrection
The First impeachment of President Donald John Trump.
And-Or The Second impeachment of President Donald J Trump
And-Or That also voted for the Electoral collage votes to Joe Biden.
And expunge from the record in this state these impeachment records of President Donald John Trump and plea with the United States Congress to do the Same.
And in my State Your are requested to do the following.
Remove all of the electoral collage votes that were pledged for Joe Biden under fraud.
and audit all of my states vote polling places by September 1 2022
To end this the militia or the armed forces control under the 2020 election fraud
To remove and bar SERCO and other Operators, Controllers, Partner’s and Ownership Ship completely from all strategic Businesses and government entities in Michigan from foreign countries.
Page 6 of 9
And I Robert Gregory Boensch Reserve the Right to add any and All
Evidence elements and or Documents that I have or will receive about any and all crimes.
That I have been a witness to or been a victim of For the fact many Witness are at risk today.
And request these crimes be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest of the Law.
Furthermore be it dully noted that the complexity of the crimes that were commented Against
Me personally and my Family and others are So complex and as they become forth.
I am Requesting For these retribution to be address as addendum’s to this Remonstrance.
Questions to Answer
Who are the People and Countries that interfered in our 2020 Election.
Was Congress suspended after President Trump Spoke these Words on Jan 6 2021.
Was one of the above Laws Violated on or around Nov 3 2020 or January 6 to 20 2021.
Was certifying the 2020 Presidential Electoral College a Crime.
Question Did congress to do and illegal Vote on the Electoral College.
Question would this nullifies all of the Electoral collage votes to Joe Biden under fraud etc.
And makes the claim of voter fraud in 2020 open for investigation in each state.
Constitution for the United States Fourteenth Amendment Section 3.
Question Every member of congress that voted to accept the electoral collage votes for Joe
Was a willing Member of this November 3 2020 President election Insurrection
And shall be removed from office By the Military?
Every member of congress that voted for the articles of impeachment of
President Trump.
and Every Member of the Senate that Voted for Impeachment of President Trump.
Did so as an Act of rebellion against the same
And shall be removed from office By the Military?
For any body in The United State congress Or in Each State’s Senate and House of Representatives.” that participated in these crimes. Should they be allowed to vote?
Page 7 of 9
But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.?
I think Not
If you commented a crime in this country in any court of law
can you demand to sit on the jury that is hearing your case
any congress member guilty can not sit in the jury!!!
To Those in My State that accepted the electoral collage votes for Joe Biden
You can not participate in voting for such relief in this remonstrance.
And what kind of Retribution do we need for our injuries and financial losses.
And please address the Harm to the United States Citizens that such action has caused and Give retribution to such Victims in a just way as they seem fit.
This Insurrection
That was carried out against the People of These States on November 3 2020.
This Was declared By President Trump on Jan 6 2021
By proclamation.

A Declaration By Robert Gregory Boensch
Everything that is in this Document was investigated By Me and Found to be True
to the extent that the elements presented to me are authentic and true.
From a Common Sovereign Man
Robert Gregory Boensch
________________________ ____________
“notice to principal is notice to agent, notice to agent is notice principal”
the requirement for a 30 day notice for response.
To Jason Wentworth Speaker of the House
164 Capitol Building
P.O. Box 30014
Lansing, MI 48909-7514
Phone: (517) 373-8962 Email: 
House Clerk’s Office(517) 373-0135 
House of Representatives
PO Box 30014
Lansing, MI 48909-7514
Secretary of the Senate
Contact the SOS Office
Michigan State Senate |PO Box 30036 |
Lansing, MI 48909-7536
Arenac County Clerks Office Nancy Selle, County Clerk
P O Box 747
120 N Grove Street
Standish, MI 48658

From a Common Sovereign Man
Robert Gregory Boensch
309 N Delano Rd
Au Gres Mi 48703 Ph xxx-xxx-xxxx

Page 9 of 9

I am making a Declaration That I
Robert Gregory Boensch
I am a Witness and also a victim along with many others
of World Human Rights violations along with other Crimes and law Violations
In the State of Michigan and Many other States and Countries Also
The constitution of the United States Government
And am requesting and Investigation and For Protection of all of the victims
And to Bring Charges against any and all of the law breakers and promptly prosecute them under the letter of the LAW
By any and all of the Military Forces That have the power and are required to by Law to do so
Robert Gregory Boensch
Please Contact Me At xxx-xxx-xxxx
Time is of the essence
Thank You For Your service
The President, by using the militia or the armed forces, or both, or by any other means, shall take such measures as he considers necessary to suppress, in a State, any insurrection, domestic violence, unlawful combination, or conspiracy, if it- (1) so hinders the execution of the laws of that State, and of the United States within the State, that any part or class of its people is deprived of a right, privilege, immunity, or protection named in the Constitution and secured by law, and the constituted authorities of that State are unable, fail, or refuse to protect that right, privilege, or immunity, or to give that protection; or (2) opposes or obstructs the execution of the laws of the United States or impedes the course of justice under those laws. In any situation covered by clause (1), the State shall be considered to have denied the equal protection of the laws secured by the Constitution

Would our 2020 Election Qualify under This
I Think So

Call in The Russian Military and start Popping Popcorn


Surly Everything that happen in my World would qualify

I’m Robert G Boensch
Did you have to put up this about the definition of Failing
I’m am Known as the Biggest Fail-er this part of the country
I have failed my whole life in their Eyes that don’t know me
and don’t understand my position
Just do a Google search of Robert Gregory Boensch 1958-08-16
and look at my record
I have been arrested and thrown in jail many times
By Arenac County Michigan Cabal
By John Seebeck and Sims Township and Whitney Township
This started 1993
after the first case there was a sixteen year old boy who drove his car home from
school in Au Gres Mi . He stopped his car and lifted the hood and received a shot
gun blast to the back
the first person on the spot was a nurse that was coming home from work
It was his Mother, And He died. Was he a witness of their action towards me?
This is just the Starting Point
Can you prove to the people of this State of Michigan
That our Government is not Just a
Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations
Government has Two Sources of Income Taxes and Licensees
Stealing ,False arrests ,Murdering For Profit or covering Up their Crimes.
Taking an Oath just for the Power or the Money and The Fame of authoring new Laws And Completely Dis Re guarding
God Laws
and he Sees Everything
The very reason this Country was founded on
Like I wrote in 2014
It will be interesting For What I will see in the after Life if i am taken out
Before I can be a Witness to all of this As i am living Here Today
Can you See if I am dead before you ask me to testify in My fathers remonstrance
My testimony has all been said
Like i Said Before There are many Witnesses I And I am Protecting them with my Life
So Go ahead do Nothing for the lack of action today will be counted and duly noted
and an Interesting Choice
Should we revisit what was written in the Testimonials in Scripture
And watch this repeat Today
Some people have the Power to Do what is Right
Other people are just slaves to the dark

Arenac County Prosecutor Jack Scully, seen here being sworn in as a judge in 1998, never regretted trying TJ Tremble as an adult. Scully passed away in 2010, shortly after a federal judge criticized him and overturned Tremble’s conviction.

I Robert Gregory Boensch freely make this declaration
Jack Scully committed perjury on the stand in
September 11 1997
and was involved in this murder case and possibly set this kid up to take the Fall
He was the leader in an Arenac Cabal Crime Group involved in
Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations
He Set up people to do
crimes which he ordered others to do or assisted them in doing
I have Seen what you may never see

Your Tomorrow is up to you

Robert Gregory Boensch


This Is Why The people of this Country Need To Stand Up.

The Government Only Knows How to TAKE from Us.

And Will Keep Doing It Forever.

Please Remonstrance

Or they Will Keep Doing This Every Day To All that Witness Their Crimes

This started 1993
after the first case there was a sixteen year old boy who drove his car home from
school in Au Gres Mi . He stopped his car and lifted the hood and received a shot
gun blast to the back


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Robert Gregory Boensch



This is not the proper venue for your posts.

Robert Gregory Boensch

The Michigan TRAP

Precedence in law
Precedence in law refers to the principle that a court’s decision in a previous case sets a precedent for future cases with similar facts and laws. This principle is based on the concept of stare decisis, which means “let the decision stand” or “to stand by things decided.” In other words, a court is bound by its own previous decisions and is expected to follow them in similar cases.


The Michigan Attorney General wishes to acknowledge the Michigan Department
of Community Health for its assistance in the publication, duplication, and distribution of

this Bench Book.

This Bench Book does not represent an official legal opinion or position of the
Michigan Attorney General, does not constitute legal advice,

and has not been endorsed

by the Michigan State Court Administrative Office

or the Michigan Judicial Institute.

Check your state

It Also Has this TRAP?

“to stand by things decided.”


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Why anyone would downvote this is unreal. This is important info for Michiganders.
Let the decision stand that our decision will be that the Ag of Michigan will follow Whitmer to the gallows.

Robert Gregory Boensch


Acknowledgements and Disclaimers The Public Health Law Bench Book for Michigan Courts was prepared under the leadership of Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox. The Bench Book was prepared by Assistant Attorney General and Homeland Security Director Robert Ianni, with the assistance of legal interns George Tyler and Nate Knapper. The authors adapted the Bench Book from the “Public Health Law Bench Book for Indiana Courts” written by a team led by the Hon. Linda L. Chezem and Amy Schofield and funded by the Public Health Law Program of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Its contents are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not represent the official views of the CDC. The Michigan Attorney General wishes to acknowledge the Michigan Department of Community Health for its assistance in the publication, duplication, and distribution of this Bench Book

(iv) Right of appeal. A property owner who disagrees with the board’s decision following the remonstrances hearing may appeal the board’s decision to a court of jurisdiction in the county in which the municipality is located. MCL § 41.271a.

Michael Anthony Cox (born December 30, 1961) is an American attorney and politician who served as Michigan’s 52nd Attorney General from 2003 to 2011. He was the first Republican to hold that office since Frank Millard in 1955. Cox took office in 2003 and won re-election in 2006.

We recognize that it would be impracticable to address each and every aspect of the legal system potentially impacted by public health concerns. Bench books are not tomes of law; rather, they are readily accessible legal references for judges to use in the courtroom, providing, for example, procedural frameworks, statutory texts, summaries of relevant case law, and model orders. We have chosen, therefore, to focus this Bench Book on four topical areas in which the intersection of public health and the law is particularly salient: (1) searches, seizures, and other such government actions to ensure the public health; (2) judicial proceedings centered on permissibility of limiting certain individual liberties in order to protect the public health; (3) operation of the courts amid public health threats; and (4) the role of the courts during a state of emergency triggered by public health concerns. As such, this Bench Book will not address in detail the important regulatory functions undertaken by many state and local public health departments (e.g., licensing of health care institutions, Medicaid administration, provision of clinical services, etc.). 

October 2007


The Flushing Remonstrance Of 1657 And This Michigan Remonstrance Was Received On 04 06 2022


Natural Law/Gods Law And Simple Morality

And send Mans Laws To the Ash Heap of History

Robert Gregory Boensch

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 Assistant Attorney General and Homeland Security Director Robert Ianni,

He Aided and Abated In the Crimes that were Commented Against Me.

And other Victims.

And Did this Jointly With Others In Law and Law enforcement and

those in Government .

And Others To be disclosed Later.

And His Lack of Actions assisted In the cover up of Murders

This I Declare as A Witness and a crime victim

Robert Gregory Boensch

Declaration under Penalty of Perjury
A declaration under penalty of perjury is a statement of facts or testimony accompanied by the declaration that the person making the statement will be found guilty of perjury if the facts declared in the statement are shown to be untrue. This means that the person making the statement is swearing to the truthfulness of the statement and will face legal consequences if they are found to have lied.

2024 -04-25

Address To

President Donald J Trump Commander in Chief

USMC General Burger
USMC General Smith


Robert Gregory Boensch

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They all need to be arrested.

Robert Gregory Boensch

American Indian and Alaska Native tribes are sovereign nations that maintain a government-to government relationship with the United States.1 There are currently 567 federally recognized tribes throughout the contiguous United States and Alaska.2 In addition to exercising political sovereignty, tribes exercise cultural sovereignty through traditions and religious practices unique to each tribe’s history and culture.3 Cultural sovereignty “encompasses the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical aspects” of Native people’s lives and is a foundation to tribal exercise of political sovereignty.4 As sovereign nations, tribes have inherent authority to protect the public health and welfare of their citizens.5 Thus, in the context of emergency preparedness, tribes have the authority to engage in preparedness and response activities using methods most appropriate for their communities.6 This issue brief introduces tribal emergency preparedness law. First, it outlines tribal emergency preparedness authorities and gives examples of these authorities across tribal law. Next, it discusses federal Indian law and the principles governing the relationships among tribes, states, and the federal government in the context of emergency preparedness. The brief concludes by discussing cross jurisdictional coordination between tribes and other jurisdictions. 


Mark Albini

Two Trumps. It’s possible. the one in court has different hair and facial expressions. They don’t look the same to me and there is a ton of data suggesting A I, look-alikes, imposters, impersonators and doppelgangers are being used as the military drains the swamp.

Robert Gregory Boensch


Trump : giving power back to the people, military , Q


3 views Apr 20, 2024

7.17 Minutes

Are you a Q follower

The People of Wales Know

Do You?

Space Force The Six Branch

Robert James

Thank heaven those poor people are free. But murdering prisoners is going too far.
And since Satanic son-in-law Jared Kushner is still free, I’m not sure about Trump, either.

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Murdering prisoners? This is war. War for this country.
Ever heard of the Insurrection Act?

Ann Ononomous

Do we know for sure Jared Kushner is Satanic? I didn’t see or hear any proof one way or the other that he’s one of them. Is it possible he’s working undercover with Trump and military to expose? It did appear he was a d/s too but I just have a hard time believing Trump would let his daughter marry and start a family with just any Joe Blow without having him checked out inside and out. If he truly is a bad guy, we’ll find out after. But not until I hear it straight from the horse’s mouth will I believe it.
As far as these 👹 guards that starve, beat and rape totally innocent patriots without a second thought, I think all’s fair in love and war. I certainly wouldn’t shed a tear for them. Would you??

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I not sure about anything anymore.
Id like to believe some of the things I read on RRN but it just seems too off. Everything is spoonfeed. It’s like they are telling way more than they ever would actually tell. And very detailed as if the people reading is so stupid and dumbed down, they must spell it out to us. ( of course, we did believe the moon landing, 911, And pretty much everything that has ever happened … we believed it all. When in reality it was all dealt against us by our own government. Why should this be any different. Just my opinion.

Council Man

From the Google pictures of the base, I noticed some roofs are red, while others are blue. You need to get them, before they get to you.


I sure hope this is true, because I’m really sick of the evil that is harming MAGA or Conservative U.S. Citizens! Thank you, Michael, for a beautiful story. May God bless each and every hostage with all good things!!


Trump event:
Sat, 5/11/24, at 5:00 pm est
Time approximate (he often runs late).
rsbnetwork.com covers the events, replays them afterwards and keeps the videos.


Excellent article. Thank you Michael.

J Will

Comer ending the impeachment process is hilarious




Maybe they should scoop up our abandoned and now held hostage military in Nigeria as well… 💯

Michael R Davis

Is Biden one of ours?
Coincidence? Nah!
Screen Actors Guild member, Oscar winning actor Arthur Roberts, constantly, obediently building on the Joe Biden reputation. A Medal of Freedom for this Patriot when this war to save America is over?

Which is the real Joe Biden? Which is the Resident actor?

https ://www.the-sun.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/6/2021/07/JF-US-JOE-BIDEN-SURGERY-COMP2.jpg?w=1500

“How many times does he (Trump) have to prove we can’t be trusted!?” Biden shouted in Tampa, Florida on Tuesday, April 23, 2024.
Ooops. Error or following a script?

https ://twitter.com/RNCResearch/status/1782850764446081132

building on the Biden reputation
https ://nypost.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2022/06/biden-beach-009.jpg


Tragic Warning: Woman Cares For Vaxx-Injured Father Who Called Her Conspiracy Theorist For Refusing Jab



J Will

oooooh watch out!! lmao

Ann Ononomous

What’s so funny about that? It’s very sad. She’s warning that those who were jabbed are now suffering the repercussions of a terrible decision. And like so many other conspiracy theorists, they want all @ss holes that lied and fear mongered held accountable. My heart goes out to her, her family and all others that will see the same demise. 😢💔

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Dr John

The have reported for years smoking is bad for your health and can kill you. Evidently he did not read the warning label. But now we have clear proof smoking can kill you!


it was sobering to see our congress representives waving ukraine flags on the house/senators floor.


Each individual photo of the traitors holding the ukraine flags in our house of Congress will make great opposition ads for the good patriots running in this election.


They were actually waving their death flag. They will all be tried 4 treason for their off shore tax free bank accounts listed on their laptops. 2/3rds of congre$$ and $enate, stupidly fell for it. A lot of $$$$

John .S

New automobile window writings cometh.

………….For Hire
Boobytrap Consultant.

Protecting Life & Property,
providing PDF material list
and DYI videos at low cost.

[Foot Note Slogan]
“Stifling Home Intruders.”

Anticapate Popo doing a knock and talk. My potential responce: “Free Market Capitalism, in adage: in this day and age”.


Another source confirming MB’s articles are accurate.

BREAKING: In an interview with Alex Jones, Pascal Najadi, the son of the co-founder of the World Economic Forum states Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama and Dr. Fauci were all executed at Guantanamo Bay and replaced with body doubles.

@GeneralMCNews 4.24.24




Alex Jones! He never airs anything that’s not true!


Alex didn’t say it.. the wef schmuck did.. the liars… Pay attention to words..


Opposed to the MSM who never airs anything true.


Coming from the WEF?… 🤣

J Will

so a russian asset confirmed what a russian asset said about a russian asset blogger soliciting donations for whitewashing putin? sounds about right

Mary Mishoe

The doubles need to be arrested too.



…JFK Jr, VP, USA Republic







The Plan: Philadelphia, Miami, Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles, New York, New Orleans Protective Measures. DON’T CAVE TO THE MOB. If we occupied every state capital what comes NEXT? TRUST THE PLAN. +++ Q… The 17th Letter on Telegram Mon. 22 April 2024.

Mon. 22 April: Breaking news internet cables have been cut from AT&T in multiple states and this is causing AT&T outages and airports to be affected. Flights have been delayed and law enforcement are warning this was a “deliberate” attack on US critical infrastructure. Emergency Alert!! Phone & Fiber cabal cuts intentionally in multiple States! Major outages! Law enforcement warning! Patrick Humphrey News.

Combat Engineer 4 God



old old news




That happened last week. Contractors cut a cable. Already fixed


Bs.. we have thousands of military abandoned and now being held hostage in Nigeria…. 🇺🇲


Oh stop the psycho Judy Byington nonsense!


OFF-SUBJECT — BREAKING: In an interview with Alex Jones, Pascal Najadi, the son of the co-founder of the World Economic Forum states Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama and Dr. Fauci were all executed at Guantanamo Bay and replaced with body doubles. @GeneralMCNews

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Bs.. Alex didn’t say it.. the wef schmuck did.. geesh.. pay attention..


Deep state has something on the speaker, to sell the country out like that, sending money to Ukraine. There are other congressman under similar situations aswell. Treason is in order, no second chance. Dirt has a way of showing it’s ugly face. Somebody get a rope !!

Dave Kelly



I knew Johnson was ‘dirty’ the minute his name came out and I saw his face. The man radiated DECEPTION to me. Our inner hunches are too often right. Like Obama coming out of nowhere and suddenly making it into the public eye, this Johnson character was similar, altho not nearly as ‘popular’ as Obama. Where in the hell did they get this guy was my initial thought as he was chosen as the Speaker

Council Man

The proof was when the democrats didn’t make a big stink about Johnson as speaker. Token resistance.


“they”.. put that “something” on Johnson.. extortion after the fact.. 💯


Gee, wonder if now we will be able to track where this 60 billion actually goes to and to who.

Council Man

I can assure you I don’t get any of it or I wouldn’t be here.


The medical establishment is in bed with the pharmaceutical companies. Over the last 60 – 80 years, they have either raised the bar or they have lowered the bar on acceptable levels on numerous different routine blood tests. You cannot sell medication to somebody whose levels are acceptable. Therefore, and furthermore, the levels have either been lowered or raised to sell billions in medicine to millions of healthy individuals.. It’s unfortunate, but the United States is the most heavily medicated Country in the World. They will tell you the life expectancy has become longer because they have tightened up the index on certain blood contaminants of disease. You’re being lied to.

You’re being lied to.

i’m going to give one specific example. Prior to the 1970s there were no statin drugs for cholesterol. The development of statin drugs came in that era. If you do your research from the 1930s, the 1940s, 1950s the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s and 1990s. And the 2000s. More people are dying from heart attacks even though Lipitor is the highest selling pharmaceutical drug ever produced.

If you don’t question the medical community, you’re a Cunt.

i’m not a doctor, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn express last night 😞

Last edited 1 month ago by PoopyPantsPennsylvaniaAve

Well done.

Not quite in bed with. Pharma RUNS medical training, etc. Representative ingratiate themselves on to boards and such. Docs become pharma pimps.

No one is suffering from lack of medication.

Vegetable oils, too, are very dangerous for health. That is KNOWN. So are many things known and suppressed in the name of profit.

Food industry also a great hazard to health.

Statins? I understand at one time it was suggested little packets of these be distributed, like vinegar, salt and pepper at McDonalds. Location surely a fit as it is a demonic enterprise.

Lifestyle matters and doctors are dangerous, in my opinion. What they are trained to do is not maintain health but to find something wrong with you for which they can prescribe some drug. Even if they mean well, they are well and truly indoctrinated, from time they show interest in medicine. Feted with gifts and perks greed is fostered.

I see no use for them. Eustace Mullins years ago said he’d never had anything to do with doctors and his friends who had were sick, disgusted or dead. Great book available I think for free: Death by Injection. Much ado about vaccinations of late. ALL VACCINES have been ticking time bombs. Known and their use has been encouraged.

Criterion to become a doctor, aka–the hope is — god, is good memory and compliant attitude. Smart? Likely to be winnowed out in the selection process.

For doctors who know better and dare to speak out, there is danger. Danger of being denigrated, stripped of any offices they may hold and their work DENIED, as has happened to a very great many. And, I believe, much about the sleezy practices will become better known in the revelatory videos to be shown during lock down. BRING IT ON!

Hard for someone to understand something when their income depends upon them not understanding it.

Medicine racket in Americas is the ‘love’ child of John D Rockefeller. As all he did it was for the LOVE of money, and power and control, are givens. I understand the last of his bloodline, at least of any significance, was gone with the recent death of Jacob Rockefeller.

Good riddance.



Dr John

Both of you gave EXCELLENT POSTs!!! BRAVO and thank you so much!

I was talking to a “friend” just yesterday. He is diabetic on insulin. His number run between 80 and 110! That is where his doctor wants him to be!

Manufactured insulin is bad for the body long term. And 80 over 110 is STUPID, the old numbers indicate until you were over 210 your were not diabetic. But as you indicate it sells more meds. Just like 125/70 is the standard for blood pressure. Absolute nonsense, but blood pressure meds are selling; especially after hearing all the damage high blood pressure can cause!!

Blood pressure meds cause a lot of male dysfunction and likely females as well.

When you are working hard and don’t consume enough food for energy the liver pulls fat from your body and converts it to triglycerides… a form of sucrose the body can feed on. Too much diet can cause a rise in triglycerides as well.

I am a hard charging guy with lots of energy and lots to do. At 3:00 am my body starts ramping up for the upcoming assualt on my body. That is what my body should do!

People need to read label on food and DRUGS! before consumption as you suggest. But, that is too much work, it is easier to shove it in your mouth and hope for the best.

Heart surgery is completely unnecessary in at least 90% of cases. But Doctors don’t tell you to eat beats to devolve blood clots, the do not tell you eating celary expends arteries due to the natural nitrates. Then you have collagen or eating the fat of beef. Doing so enhances collagen in the body, softens arteries and muscles. The key here is heart values are muscles and as the age the harden someone causing improper closure an leakage. This does not happen if you consume collagen or the fat from beef! If you have value leakage you need more collagen.

BUT waits Doctors tell you FAT is BAD for you. It seems their advice or lack there of is causing health issues!

DOC Disinformation Operations Criminals

Yes I understand there are good a brave doctors, that want the best for us. Sadly that is not the majority. Most are bribed threatened or at the least controlled by Big Pharma and the AMA. Don’t forget the insurance companies; “We will insure your practices as long as you follow strict guidelines. Do what your office computer tells you! Computer programs offered by the Big Pharma companies.

If you think they are not trying to maim and kill you or at the least rape you of what wealth you have; you are in BIG trouble.

If you put poison out for ants, roaches,mice of even rats, maybe even wasps or ground hornets; where do you put the poison… where that feed, where they hang out.. right?

With that in mind, where might the Deep State,the Cabal, the New World Order might poison you? Junk food, Diet food, Fast foods… your on the right track, but it gets worse. Look to the ingredients of most foods in your grocery store, question the big words. Synthetic nitrates in meats are bad for you. Synthetic MSG is bad for you. Synthetic carrageenan bad for you. Synthetic anything does not belong in your body, IT IS BAD FOR YOU

The FDA approves limited amounts of MSG in foods making it potentially safe (not). However if you eat more than one helping or all of the foods you eat have MSG you have exceeded the limits of MSG in a daily dosage… likely every day.

But the FDA does not regulate what you put in your mouth… THAT IS YOUR FAULT. MSG causes MASSIVE headaches because it constricts arteries; not to worry you can take Aspirin! Now that can eat wholes in your intestines, but you have Tums that will cause kidney stones. See they have you covered!

And MSG can cause violent and radical mood swings (thing junk food and your children acting out). It kills brain cells and stimulates the desire for more of what you are eating leading to over weight conditions.

MSG creates chemically induced behavior on your part. YOU ARE BEING CHEMICALLY MANIPULATED to think you like their product so much you have to have more.

Remember McDonald’s program of up sizing to save you money as your waste expanded and your oversized stomach needed more to feel full. It was a scheme to increase sales and revenue using the same market base (customers) YOU!

So your fat and only feel like eating, sleeping or crashing on the couch. Your blood pressure is high as is your bad cholesterol, while your good cholesterol is somewhere in the basement. Diabetic symptoms, joint and muscle pain, trouble breathing… What you need is another injection of FAST FOOD! FAST FOOD helps override your depression from being so overweight for about 10 minutes; the time it takes to gulp it down and flush it with a toxic soft drink!

We I say it is all on you, I am talking about the fat and poor health. You relinquished your responsibility to anyone close at hand.

Its a good thing Pee Resident Client enacted that fast food act so you could not sue the fast food industry for making you (accidentally (sic)) sick and fat.

Yes the Gubberment is behind much of what is going on. It is your politicians working for your best interests: right after their incessant greed for power and MONEY!

The old saying, “If they wanted you dead, they would have killed you!” Well things of the old song “killing me softly” They are bleeding you dry of your assets and they the finish you off with cancer or other serious illnesses. If you miss those opportunities you can always sign of to enroll in the Pre Death homes with enhanced option to accelerate your dying.

When you get old enough or crippled with diseases they caused, you are routinely eliminated though Senior Care Homes. Once your money is gone, it won’t be long until you are gone. Check out the cost for a single room a MONTH. You think they will keep you on after you can’t afford it. NOPE and they are not sending you to another home, who wants a NON profitable guest!


WOW!! Speechless – pretty much. AWESOME. Great specifics.

Human Life Styling, McCamy, recommended to me by a medical doctor who said he could practice as MD anymore. He was denigrated by patients who damned well did not want to hear about lifestyle changes. They wanted prescriptions!, but

Confessions of a Medical Heretic, Mendelsohn, MD. exposed and decried medical practices, structured as a religion for decades. You mentioned insurance. Medical Mafia, Ghislaine Lanctot, for which she lost her medical licence, names three conspirators, pharma, government and insurance. Both available to read at archive.org. McCamy, I have the book, written in 70s, but nary a sign of it since.

Absolutely vested interests in keeping the deceptions going Ending soon, I figure May or June. So much revealed that we’ll be told only 60%. Too much to handle even at that.

Pretty much speechless… oops.

Dr John

To a BOY named Sue. You do realize every time TROLLS latch on to an article, readers rush to the article to see what you are trying to hide. You are some great advertising for us; and draw more attention to our articles

Actors use to say there is no such things as bad, as long as you are in the press. I do believe the same is true for us.

Interesting how your negative role has a positive side to it.


The insurance companies that pay for free medication through Medicare and Medi-Cal are funded by the government and the government mandates that the elderly will be slaughtered so that they don’t have to pay Social Security until they live to be 94 years old. If life expectancy was 94 years and you retired at 65 they would have to print more money and would not be able to pad their own pockets, so the government is in cahoots with the medical community and the pharmaceutical industry.

It’s a ménage à trois.

Last edited 1 month ago by PoopyPantsPennsylvaniaAve
Dr John





While I do realize you have good intentions, the individuals that you are speaking to are not as bright a shining star, as one would think. Call me what you will. It doesn’t matter. I know: just like the politicians “cook the books” and “pad their own pockets” so does the pharmaceutical companies and the medical association who establishes regulating data guidelines of “what are, acceptable ranges?”

They know very well that if they reduce the advisory range of A1c from 12.5 to 5.5 they sell more insulin. Furthermore, the further they cut it back the more insulin they will sell.

Critical minds make critical decisions about themselves and they just don’t worry about other people. Surviving a code blue heart attack was just one moment in my life. I don’t look back. If I don’t take care of myself how in the motherfuck can I help anybody else?

Last edited 1 month ago by PoopyPantsPennsylvaniaAve
Dr John

You said, “Critical minds make critical decisions about themselves and they just don’t worry about other people. Surviving a code blue heart attack was just one moment in my life. I don’t look back. If I don’t take care of myself how in the motherfuck can I help anybody else?”

On your first point
If I may point out I have a critical mind and make critical decisions almost every day relating to my biomedical research that I freely share with others. For myself I have invested thousands of dollars in lab equipment and biomedical related books. I have spent 30 years with long hard days doing medical research… All to help others for FREE!

There are others on this site that have been sharing pieces of information they have uncovered on health from their own research that are constructive as well.

There are more people on this site alone that truly care about others and that is just this WEB site.

That you had a code Blue is something hard to forget and had to be a real shock. Realizing your heart actually stopped beating is just a tad unnerving. Knowing it could happen again can be stressful. But most people are near the same state you were or will be their in a few years. How can we/you warn them of the real life danger and how to change there behavior, if there is a way to avoid such an experience.

You are the expert in being brought back life. What can you/are you willing to share with others?

You can be a big help to others if you are willing by describing what happened that day and what you think brought you to that state as well as how you have changed your life.

Many people believe heart attacks are simply a thing that happens for which you can do nothing to prevent. In most cases that is untrue.

I have been open and honest on this site about issue in health including stupid things that caused the health issue. If others can learn from my mistakes why should I had not share what happened.

Like anyone else life happens and you will get skinned knees along the way or you have not been actively participating in the real meaning of life.

Much like going to war, you survived the experience. That survival is a big deal.

Maybe understanding what happened to you may shift some of my research in to the underlying causes. Of course I could get stumped, but I may have already found a solution or a near solution of which your situation may point to additional paths to look down. I can’t say for sure I will find a solution but to say I can’t is a defeatist attitude.

The body is an amazing machine that performs some real magic. But it is a machine, if you will, and machines have order and if you dig deep enough you begin to understand how and why it works the way it does.

It is a very personal experience you went through. If it is to much to share that story, I completely understand. You do what feels right to you.


Blows my mind that J6ers ended up in Alaska.
I never heard anything about moving prisoners out of DC.

Logic dictates a lot more locations like this.
Everyone involved must be recycled back to the spirit world. No excuses. No exceptions for anyone who knew.

Last edited 1 month ago by geo

None have been moved out of DC or gone missing, the story is just made up like everything else MB writes





Carol B

Wow – you are the one in the dark—- wake up friend before you are next

Last edited 1 month ago by Carol B

They’re still in DC.


Then you didn’t read Baxters post about 3 J6ers being rescued from union City NY.. it was posted months ago..


It was equally fictional

Carol B

No wonder you never heard this….. they work hard to keep us in the dark…. This is their full time job ——same idiots control the fake news and social media


Leticia James is incarcelado en Gitmo antes de su tribunal al mismo tiempo que los quatro jueces de Colorado, y dos otro jueces en los otrso estados.

Island Coyote

Que bueno


I heard a Larp Today

It wasn’t just any normal Larping.

It didn’t get covered by the Media

Because they lie and don’t ever tell the truth

But everyone’s happy now because the Washington Capital insurrection terrorists are now free men.

It’s time for cake 🎂 and ice cream 🍦 cones for everybody..

I read the news today oh’ boy


What about the J6ers? Were they released from custody also?



do I fucking know you Bub?




Sure they did.

Dave Smith

Hi Michael Baxter is there a place we can report Miss January 6ers or other possible political prisoners. Thank you for any help you can give on this.






Ok watchy if I’m wrong then please correct me and specify the place where people can report “Miss January 6ers or other possible political prisoners”

Robert Gregory Boensch


China is also making big military moves. This week over 180 high-level naval representatives from 29 countries, including Australia, Cambodia, Chile, France, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Russia, the US, Pakistan and the UK are gathering in China to coordinate the ongoing international takedown of the Khazarian mafia. Think about it, the Russian, Chinese, UK and US navies etc. are all cooperating against a common enemy.
This is why the attempts to use Iran and Israel to start World War III failed miserably.
Instead, a decapitation operation against the KM is continuing. We have confirmed that Klaus Schwab Rothschild, the head of the World Economic Forum and the UN has been removed as part of this battle. The other people targeted for termination include

Last edited 1 month ago by Robert Gregory Boensch

More like taking out the United States.. not KM

Robert Gregory Boensch

The 1976 movie Capricorn One linked below is almost certainly based on a true story of an astronaut who exposed the fraud of moon travel and led to the end of “manned trips to the moon.”

12,230 views Apr 21, 2024 Studio64 Podcasts | SocialTechTV
Experience the gripping sci-fi thriller “Capricorn One” (1976), where a Mars landing mission becomes the center of a government conspiracy. Follow along as astronauts race against time to uncover the truth and escape danger. Explore the podcast


The main title theme to CAPRICORN ONE (1977) was re-recorded in 1978 along with the rest of the score to the film. That version is SUPERB. The one from the movie sounds awkward and ponderous. Either Jerry Goldsmith (RIP) wanted it to sound that way or there wasn’t time during the original recording sessions to get a ‘good take’.

Two years later, in 1979, he would compose his masterpiece for STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE which would be re-used for STAR TREK V: THE FINAL FRONTIER (1989) and STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION (1987 – 1994, 1996 – 2002).

Heh, his score for SUPERGIRL (1984) is (almost) as good as the one John Williams composed for SUPERMAN (1978).

If you accept the (proven but derided/ridiculed) fact that outer space doesn’t exist, then CAPRICORN ONE is the ONLY ‘science non-fiction’ movie about ‘space travel’ in existence because that move ACTUALLY shows you how the fraud was done (as documented decades later by truther Bart Sibrel here:

[Buried/scrubbed by Bitchute]
https ://rumble.com/vtxelk-bombshell-military-eyewitness-deathbed-confession-they-faked-it-bart-sibrel.html

Simple, 4-minute proof of the hoax (buried by ‘GooTube’)
https ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMcpKJ18nmo

). To a lesser extent, the same could be said for THE RIGHT STUFF (1983) as that movie showed how NASA spent taxpayer money on the illusion of space travel. Even probably back then, a fraction of the money was spent on that and the rest funneled away in graft and to ‘black projects’ that couldn’t be funded otherwise.

Related links

[Skip to 1:06 money shot at 7:20 – 7:37 ]
Space is Fake! – Conspiracy Music Guru (buried by ‘GooTube’ and can’t be easily found)

https ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcqKUhU0WDc

Wernher Von Braun’s gravestone

https ://imgb.ifunny.co/images/586c901645260c949dac58cb8eaa7ebd12bc17b1b267f0e563ccfc4e55000254_1.jpg

Disney Presents NASA on Thin Ice
https ://www.bitchute.com/video/Q5mYebtU1ixZ/

[Deliberately hidden by ‘GooTube’ — effectively shadowbanned]

Flat Earth Clues – Directors Cut – Mark Sargent – Under the Dome – They are hiding GOD

https ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4SlRsbQ3nfM

Rob Skiba (RIP) The Genesis Revelation – How the Bible absolutely describes an enclosed world cosmology

https ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jdBiz_vwe0


The movie was scrubbed off YouTube by the uploader as of this post (2024-04-25)

Mirror copy now here

https ://www.bitchute.com/video/qlGs3jUwQdw/

Several mirror copies here:

https ://www.bitchute.com/search/?query=capricorn%20one&kind=video&sort=new

and (downloadable from the ‘…’ pop-up menu) here:

https ://odysee.com/$/search?q=capricorn%20one
[ The shorter ones are in PAL format and likely not in English. ]

Excellent 11-minute review/summary.
https ://odysee.com/@TheDaveCullenShow:7/capricorn-one-review:7
[I hope the above URL works due to the use of hyphens in the URL. RRN has(/still?) remaps consecutive hyphens to Unicode and ruins the URL. ]

“The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it”
— https ://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Gilmore_(activist)

Robert Gregory Boensch

Thank You


American Living in Canada

For all Canadians on this site… CHP is getting traction.. We’ve all been wanting a real big change/correction up here… Get on board…

1 – ‘Your’ MP is not really accountable to the electorate.
Really? The Government of Canada claims that MPs represent those who elected them. So, to whom do they really answer?
The party leader! If an MP hopes to be nominated again, he or she must have the approval of the party leader.
For example, if you are pro-life, you absolutely cannot be a Liberal candidate. Neither can you be a candidate for the NDP or the Greens. If you are a Conservative candidate, you can privately be pro-life—but shut up about your opinions! If you want to be a Bloc MP candidate, you absolutely must be in favour of breaking up the country that has worked so hard to preserve your culture.
2 – The five parties already represented in the House of Commons split $30 million a year of taxpayers’ money among themselves—access to public money that is denied to any and all other political opinions. Your taxes provide this money whether or not you voted for those parties.”

American Living in Canada

Would be a good start after the EBS.. eh.


Yeah totally man that will happen right after the EBS that never comes


National EBS isn’t really national. It can be, but it’s always been used regionally.
So if you don’t get an EBS, it probably means you live in a safe zone.
After all, why do I need to stop what I’m doing in BFE, for some heavy ops going down 1000’s of miles away?






This is how I know all of God’s favored are alive today.
Not one single dead politician. Any other time in history, frontier justice would have claimed more lives than stars in the sky.
My own grandfather fought in WW2. No fucking way he’d let a man dressed in drag get within 100 yards of me.
You had to die for that shit! Child predators would be piled up at the end of his driveway. AND he would expect the city to come out there and pick that shit up.

Last edited 1 month ago by geo
Marta Limberg

What is happening with the J6ers is an atrocity at the highest level. It is a war against the patriots of this country. There has been a judgement against the demons of the deep state. So sorry innocents have had to pay a steep price. I am hoping WWlll ends shortly. A note: my sister informed me of DEW attacks on Prince William island in Alaska. About 9 vehicles were toasted with none of the surrounding vegetation touched. The area is Nachiti.


There is no prince william island in alaska


Seems like the more over the target we are, the more the enemy objects. Squawk loud, losers!

Dr John

ON TARGET! It is there role to destroy any truth we bring forth and the fact that we gain information from this site. It is their role to spread propaganda and lie about us.

It is their role to be traitors of the nation and despite thier protest to the contrary, they are heading for GITMO!

Combat Engineer 4 God


Combat Engineer 4 God

Correction, God doesn’t have issues with EVIL & CRIME like man does- he hates sin- apologies for interpretational TYPO?! TWINKS -GOOD DAY ALL


Hey y’all, E. Grogu here is claiming he has proof that RRN is real because “Military officer’s names are NOT allowed to be used in media without Navy’s permission” and “If any names of military officers are used in media without military’s permission, that news agency can be sued into oblivion.”
So let’s put that theory to the test, shall we?

I am hereby reporting that Donald Trump sucks the dicks of Admiral Darse E. Crandall and General Eric M. Smith twice a week. Sometimes 3 times a week if his schedule allows it.

The Navy did not give me permission to write that so let’s see if they sue me into oblivion. If they don’t sue me then that means what I just wrote is true, right? Grogu says that’s how it works!


Chill Jimbo.


you must be new here…


Nope, I’ve been posting on RRN longer than just about everyone else here 🙂


I was here before you were assigned to be an asshole on this site.

David T

Excellent post!!


No one assigned me to be here doofus, but notice I said “just about everyone”. There are a few people still hanging around who were here back when I started posting on RRN, like Sue Grantham and sejmon. Maybe you’ve been around that long too watchy, but can’t say I care enough to check.






How many names have you posted under total, must be at least 69? Imagining you hold the record. You should definitely get an award or promotion for that.


I have honestly lost count but I’d estimate the total number is somewhere in the 15-20 range. Some were very short-lived because there was a time like a couple years ago when MB was a lot more trigger-happy with the banhammer.

69 is a good guess though 😏


Yet another PIMPING WHORE speaks to the masses for fortune and glory, but no brass ring on the carnival carousel ride for YOU, KID, until your mouth is scrubbed with Naphtha soap! 



Comet Ping Pong

I’d like to offer my help in translating, as you know I speak a little wackadoodle, but I’m at a loss here.

I believe Mr. Dog is expressing his assessment that you will say anything for money (implying that you are paid by a deep-state operative to wreak havoc on the message board of truth with your funny one-liners). In his view, you have failed and shouldn’t be rewarded. In fact, he believes you should be punished for the foul things you say. His poetic use of the naphtha soap metaphor implies that you are like a child who has said a naughty word and needs to be corrected by a wiser but stern disciplinarian.

Uh-Oh! I gotta go. I just got myself all excited thinking about a stern disciplinarian. Comet’s been a bad boy.


Oh my


Military officer’s names are NOT allowed to be used in media without Navy’s permission”  You’re wrong there. I asked a former Military officer, and his exact words were “We don’t give fuck what MSM says about us. We have more important things to do than worry about anything they have to say.


Stupid motherfucker


Mad that I’m right, huh man


No I am not mad I am wondering how human beings can be so stupid


I also wonder that every time I engage with someone who believes RRN is actually real


If you don’t believe in something especially RRN then what the hell are you doing here don’t give me any bullshit answer  


I’m here because it’s amusing and fascinating to me how profoundly delusional you guys are that you really believe all this absolute fucking nonsense that Michael Baxter writes. The dude is such an obvious con artist but you want so so soooo badly for all this murder porn fan-fic to be real that you’ll happily swallow absolutely anything he tells you.

This is not a bullshit answer btw, I am genuinely fascinated by this.


It’s alluring.

P. S. it’s always best to be honest with OWD. He’s sees what is hidden by defect bull-shit..














Cigarettes can kill you.


Big of true


Maybe not. It’s always the dose, never the substance.


What can’t?


The opposing council~member sounds like your suspected mole, maybe?
‘Friendlies’ were a certain small golden butterfly when we were growing up. The only other use of the term is Military.
Cracked Micky-D’s golden arches, & you see what they’ve done right in front of our eyes.
Magnificent news, to find J-6-ers!!!! Well done!!!


Hope we can rescue the innocent J6ers at the DC Gulag, too, asap! Also, the others in Ohio & other states, as well, asap! 🙏✝️🇺🇲

E. Grogan

I know for a fact that one is out. I got a message from his wife he was released yesterday and is OK. He’s now at home with his beloved wife and 2 teenage sons. He was in prison for over 3 yrs. He is a military veteran. I’m still praying for the others.


What is his name, rank and serial number including state of residence?


none of your business.


I’m a journalist


No. You are a Jerk. !


Been called worse. But thanks.

Rent Free Is Fine…




What’s your name, phone number, social security number and address?


Oliver Wendell Douglass
P O Box 8675309
Hootersville, Ukraine 91666

E. Grogan

Why would I have all that information? Why would I give it to you?


Because you get your rocks off ( wet sticky white cream ) larping Bull-Shit you cannot prove.

Hearsay and conjecture does not hold up. But thank you for answering me. Get a Kleenex you’re going to need it.


So glad to hear that. ❤️🇺🇲 My heart has been grieving for these patriotic souls that have been so falsely accused & wrongly treated. I’ve been praying for them & giving when I can, as am sure so many others have been, too. It is just evil what the corrupt deep state has been doing to Godly, freedom-loving Americans. Am hoping for their release asap, or that President Trump will pardon them on his first day back in the Oval office. 🙏✝️🇺🇲❤️


Why would POTUS Trump “pardon” “freedom-loving Americans” who are innocent of all wrong-doing?

If POTUS Trump pardons anyone, it would be the SERPENT SEEDS who have repented to Father Jesus and turned away from their EVIL BEHAVIORS of worshipping the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN (Baal, Lucifer, Moloch)! The very criminals who’ve been hanged, shot, drown, and decapitated for the TREASON they committed!


They broke the law. They will never be released. Waiting for nesara and gesara might occur first?



Robert Gregory Boensch

Second time Around

Adak. Westernmost city of US. Calm, Dramatic, Ambient Music
He pointed out the buildings in which the guards were sleeping and the bunkers that housed the hostages.
see the buildings in video??

2,814 views Oct 22, 2023 ADAK ISLAND
Adak is the westernmost city in the United States. Construction of the city began with military activity in 1942 and after Naval Air Facility of Adak was closed in 1997, the population of Adak declined from about 6000 to 100 people.

Puzzle Time

People look At The Date.

And Guess where these people were imprison At.–

Which Building Or Underground rooms the only ones that had the doors Closed

And Do you think they were saved months ago years ago or just recently.

Think About It all of these pictures put on You tube Oct 22, 2023.

Before they were Saved. [2021 to 2024 ] How many Guard rotations were their.

Look At the vehicles and where are they parked and what kind were they.

What housing was being occupied by the guards .

And can you find a ship in the back ground?



Adak, Alaska 1991-1993
12,703 views Jun 2, 2012
A short travel through time where I live for 2 years on a cold rock in the middle of no where, but where I grew up.

Last edited 1 month ago by Robert Gregory Boensch
Combat Engineer 4 God



Almost like something straight out of a Tom Clancy Book.

J Will

That’s Mr Bater’s goal (plus the donations)


How wild that these totally real stories sound just like fictional action stories, huh man






I’m expecting Jack Ryan and Ding Chavez to show up in a story any day now



Gill Ford

Lmao Blackhat got sent to GITMO. The evil fuck.


please send the post!!!

Gill Ford

His sister is my ex


The 56 year old guy with a 13 year old girl. Its all the news.
GITMO is a good place for him.


what’s about ..Kai ??????


Word in the street is that Kai is doing just fine, sej. Some say… he might even still be among us


Troll that changed names, again!


For all of you that are falling for the “ACTORS”, give this a good look. It will show you how HOLLYWOOD has made this ALL WORK! THeir creations are masterpieces of detail!!! https:// twitter. com/NiclasQSwede/status/1782746690501353544/photo/1 Take the space out after twitter.

J Will

Oh a qtard has thoughts and posted them on twitter? Must be true!!!


Your purpose on RRN is…. Say it again?


To enjoy your florid delusions and entertaining paranoia



J Will

’tis the truth though. sluuuuuurp some more


So now, after 3 years, THEY are finally INVENTING A LAW to charge the Jan6ers with a 20 year incarceration??????????? All of DC needs to be hung……. they lie, cheat and steal………………… having held so many CAPTIVE ALREADY, for 3 years, completely obliterates the policy of due process: Due process is a requirement that legal matters be resolved according to established rules and principles and that individuals be treated fairly. Due process applies to both civil and criminal matters. Meanwhile, the traitors in the house have now put together YET ANOTHER FUNDING BILL for 90 BILLION dollars? W T F ?????????? Here’s my answer to that, if you think we have that much money to SPEND, then we are being taxed to death.


This is their satanic goal. Live to work. Torture.

J Will

cry more!


The DS doesn’t care about you or any other joe public!
Whatever keeps them in power is only what they think about.
They can even make up an insurrection, egg on true God fearing TRUMP MAGA, law abiding Patriot citizens of the true US of A, and, all the while, to blame the true Patriots for the death and destruction that was caused by their evil hand’s!
I sure hope and pray to God every day, that this movie / nightmare ends soon, as I don’t think our country will last until November.
Any normies that are left, will just have to cry and get over it at this point!!!


There are no normies … all opposed to righteousness are serpent seeds bound to the jaws of carnivores.


What exactly are serpent seeds? You are obsessed with them. Serpents hatch from eggs. They are not plants

Combat Engineer 4 God

These sick Basturds make Shawshank Prison look like a Resort cakewalk- Payback is going to hurt you EVIL VILE PILES OF ….SHH, RESIPROCITY PLUS HIDES ROP’EM HIGH UP!


Stop paying taxes to force spending to end.

Meanwhile, Americans must FEED EVIL BEINGS TO CARNIVORES as Father Jesus instructed.

Combat Engineer 4 God

These people (J6ers) would still be in the TORTURE chamber RIGHT NOW if 1 guard didn’t “play” catch a THEIF – $250K PER YEAR FOR LIFE = NICE- (GODLY) RANSOME, END OF FUCKING DISCUSSION SUNDAY CHRISTIAN!!


stfu puta bitch


Awesome job!


Killary is out on the champagne trail for obiden.. sure looks old and saggy as usual. Don’t think a clone (of which is impossible to create) could be acting in her same manner.. 👀


If she were around, she’d be running herself.

Gill Ford

Yes, an obvious double


Yes, because she’s alive and fine. When Trump loses the election again I wonder how many of you guys will actually realize that MB has just been feeding you fictionsl bullshit for 4 years

Last edited 1 month ago by Saxton
David T

No one on here with a functioning brain gives 2 shits what a deranged FBI fed troll with 30 names wonders or entertains itself with.

J Will

the snowflake is crying again


DavidT is a passionate man.

Don’t give Rose Marie Abbott a hard time. She’s my dear friend, and I am asking the shills for a pass. Allow her to obtain and maintain her own love and peace ☮️



J Will

in other words: she donates regularly so please don’t stop that cash flow?


Incorrect. No further comment necessary.


No patriot is crying about anything. we are looking forward to the end of all this as it will be your end as well. You play on the wrong side of this war. All of renegades promises are nothing but lies. He no longer has any power. you and the rest of your buds are going to receive your well earned end. Traitors hang. that is the law of the land. you will be the one crying on your judgement day. it is coming
day by day it gets closer and closer. it will be a good day for everyone except you.


You’ll give 2 shits when Trump loses again, David 🙂


You are Satan’s morning toilet dump shot from his rectum straight into hell. Enjoy your “wanna-be.” future of being sodomized daily for an eternity … punk.


You sound mad that Trump’s gonna lose bro. It’ll be ok man, you’ll get through it just like you got through the past 4 years.


foolish saxton, he still believes what his superior tell him. he thinks victory is theirs. tough luck little minion, you are being lied to. the deep state is disintergrating day by day. soon nothing will be left of them leaving you alone to face the demons of your choices. Trump has already won and you have no idea, remaining clueless as always.


I don’t have “superiors” ya dipshit






What is it that you love best about obama and his minion, or despise about the constitution. Give us your thoughts on that.


Trump has already won. Obviously you have not heard the news. You are a loser, one whose time is nearing completion.Enjoy your well deserved end. No traitor will escape his coming wrath. It is going to be a glorious day, one you will not escape.


He lost 2020 and he’ll lose 2024 too, and you’ll cry so fucking hard about it buddy


Why do you think that he will lose in 2024?

Mary Mishoe

But his poor double will be in jail I guess. He will lose that case.


Umm no.


Ummm yes

Bill Meadows

Why would anyone give a shit about what anyone says here?


That is never gonna happen. you and your buds inch closer to being snatched and locked up, day by day. this is not going to end well for you traitors. you are still living in a dream sold to you by renegade. you are the one that believes the articles are not true but you are so misinformed, or are you just pretending.You know nothing about the truth. you are living in a dream world where renegade still rules. that is the biggest lie you have been sold. Trump is never going to lose the next election. do you actually believe there will be a next election ? they won’t be one. before that happens your world will be utterly destroyed and your judgement will be swift ending as all traitors end. each day you get closer to learning the truth, not your truth, the factual truth. keep posting your misinformed lies. your superiors are not telling you the truth, if you in fact believe the venom you spew. they pat you on the head , saying good job, but never give you the factual truth. if they did you would be running for your life. Your judgment date is coming. enjoy what is left of your useless life.


You larp sooooo fucking hard dude. No one is going to arrest me. The White Hats don’t exist and posting on your dipshit website to tell you that you’re a dipshit is not a crime, watchy. You live in a bubble of total delusion.


LIAR….another case of transferrence from the useful stooge