Spetznas Snipe WEF Member in Ukraine


A two-man Spetznas sniper team operating behind enemy lines in Ukraine has assassinated a World Economic Forum (WEF) member who conspired with Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Western governments to destabilize Russia’s economy, according to a translated Ministry of Defense debriefing report shown to Real Raw News by FSB agent Andrei Zakharov.

Per the report, WEF “war criminal” Kiva Allgood, the foundation’s head of Advanced Manufacturing and Supply Chains Office, was shot once in the head Friday afternoon while standing outside the Ministry of Finance building in Kyiv. The single round, fired from a 6S8-1 12.7mm sniper rifle, entered her left eyeball and cratered her skull; the impact flung her body backward.

After the spotter verified that Allgood was permanently horizontal, the team, 1,200 yards away, left their rooftop perch to hunt down a different target, Zakharov told RRN.

Allgood was their forty-seventh confirmed kill and their first WEF target since the start of Russia’s Special Military Operation in Ukraine. Vladimir Putin has declared WEF’s board of directors and 34 ancillary members enemies of the Russian Federation. The sniper’s previous marks included Ukrainian military officers and at least one vice prime minister.

“If we find WEF in Russia or Eastern Europe, we take care of business,” Zakharov said. “If we find out they plot against us, we have the right to be proactive. Maybe now, they think twice before sending more agents to our part of the world.”

He claimed that Allgood’s plan—ostensibly approved by the late Klaus Schwab—involved injecting hundreds of trillions of counterfeit rubles into Russia’s economy, which could have triggered rampant inflation and a potentially irreversible recession.

“Our economy is stable. Goods are cheap. Most people have good lives. Your Western media and intelligence organizations tell lies and say our people suffer. These are untruths. They fantasize and want to make their fantasies a reality. And WEF always hates Russia, more since our Special Military Operation. We cannot allow globalists in our neighborhoods,” Zakharov said.

He added that the SVR, Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service, learned of the plan to cripple the country’s financial prosperity in March after wiretapping key government offices in Kyiv. The SVR earwigged several telephone conversations between Allgood and Ukraine’s finance minister, Sergii Marchenko.

“Marchenko invited her to Kyiv to talk; maybe he became suspicious. The filth Allgood was nervous, but he promised her Kyiv was secure. Not smart. We learned when and where they’d meet, and we acted to defend our country,” Zakharov said.

The lethal shot to Allgood’s cranium happened as she was inhaling on a vape pen minutes before the scheduled meeting.

“One down, many to go,” Zakharov said.

In closing, we asked him if Putin had shared thoughts on Schwab’s death.

“President Putin is very pleased the animal is gone, but he is also sad that your friends and not us got him. He died much too mercifully. At our hands, he would know the true meaning of suffering. His death—it does not end the WEF. It’s not like your American vampire fiction where if boss vampire gets staked, all the people he’d bitten magically get cured of vampirism. There is still much work ahead,” he said.

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William Richard James Nicholson

President Putin is wise beyond his years ! He realizes as I Do that the main manipulators are hidden above the level of simple puppets like Barack , Senator No Name or Darth Vader Klaus ! The mission will not be near completion until hero Warriors in All Honorable & Sovereign Led Nations , Join Together & using their Amassed Power & Authority , given by Chain of Command Through The Eternal Sovereign on Downward through The Chain of Command …….. Wipe Out Permanently ALL the Evil Ones Hidden in the top eschelons of The Pyramid Power Structure ! ! The HUNT Is On & All Honorable Warriors Must Join ………… Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195 , N.A.C. # 1274 , iss 20 Apr 72 Fmr Security 4 Joe Montana’s Place when He Was New QB 4 49er’s NFL Team
Credited by crew of U.S. Navy ship LST-1195 w saving new ship in Biblical Class Storm , early January 1974 in The China Slot also known as The Graveyard , Seal Team , Marines , 20+ Officers , 200+ ships crew & CIA’s top asset aboard ( The Master of Masters ) & everyone safely delivered to Hong Kong harbor . Thank Creator God That He Gave Me Temporary Strength of Hercules & Samson to accomplish this task & give All Aboard the opportunity to know Jesus The Christ as their Saviour ; so they may Enter Heaven via The Narrow Gate !  Take The Narrow Path ! 

Last edited 22 days ago by William Richard James Nicholson

That was beautiful.


Amen Brother Nicholson,…The return of The Lord, Yeshua HaMashiach is Imminent, and He will rescue His Church Bride, before the Time of Jacobs trouble. Yes, take the Narrow Path and Narrow Gate, and Keep looking up as our redemption draws near.

Shalom Aleichem

Mark David

Happy to hear that our oldest ally, Russia, is pro-active on the future by killing these vermin as soon as they find them. Since the mid-1700’s, the British government turns out to be our worst enemy because they really still owned and controlled and taxed the US, until 2019 when President Trump stopped their treason against us. It was the Russian government that helped us fight against the Brits by blockading them during our War of independence and the War of 1812, among others. Russia has been the United States best friend and ally for more that 200 years. So much for all the dishonest Deep State reports on Russia, as well as the BS reports on NATO, a conglomeration of satanic-run countries..

Last edited 22 days ago by Mark David
Mark David

Nothing quite like a Russian .50 cal round touching your eyeball at a muzzle velocity of 2,800 feet per second. It will get your atte . . . . .

Last edited 22 days ago by Mark David

I think im falling in love with Putin. I just love the cut of his jib!!!

Mark David

I wonder how Dennis Miller is these days. “The cut of his jib”.


Shweet !


Love and appreciation to all those making the world a better place.


Shouldn’t we be hearing some details about the sudden demise of a few key World Health Organization figures ?

Mark David

If you’re waiting for the main stream media to tell you, remember that the MSM is owned by the khazarian mafia, and controlled by the CIA. Nothing truthful coming out of that rat-infested bunch.

Stinky Perfume

“He claimed that Allgood’s plan—ostensibly approved by the late Klaus Schwab—involved injecting hundreds of trillions of counterfeit rubles into Russia’s economy, which could have triggered rampant inflation and a potentially irreversible recession”.

It sounds like these WEF people sit around plotting and scheming how to get businesses in Russia dead from sudden poverty? If they lose money, they raise prices.

How could the WEF plans be accomplished?

George Greenfield

Sounds like what the fed and Bidung are doing to the USA !

Ellen T

Love the nickname for ByeDone! Good one! BiDung is much more fitting!


I agree…and like your creative spelling!

Justis Foreall

no rock to slitter under, snake killen is in full speed

Carol B.

The first 7 post below are those scammers telling you how to make lots of money from home………….there has to be a way to stop this or to make it backfire on the senders………praying for that way to be discovered……asap.


Isn’t it so weird? I mean, there can’t be anyone that actually clicks on those links.
They’re like scam callers, and I get those every friggin day, except the weekend lol


Snipe hunting for the WEF. Love it!

Ellen T

Snake killin’

Huck Finn

Gives new meaning to the term “snipe hunting”. Obviously not a joker. Her first mistake was taking counsel with the ungodly. Psalm;1:1


Why would Michael be in contact with an FSB agent? Come on man!

Huck Finn

More Russian collusion delusion, no doubt. See Roger Stone for clarification.


The report was written by Zakharov. It was given to MB via the WH.

Last edited 24 days ago by CSC
Huck Finn

10-4 Roger that.


That is not what MB wrote. He stated the report was shown to MB by the Russian agent.

Last edited 23 days ago by Sue
Mi ke

You’d think there’d be news on this out there since it was in public. And everything I’ve found on her about WEF only says she’s a member of it. Nothing even slightly nefarious seems to be associated with her.


You’ll get your movie soon enough citizen! Hold the line.

Sparky Sr

Dominoes falling all around…..
WEF hunting season…
WHO hunting season…
DS hunting season…
CDC hunting season…
FEMA hunting season…
ATF hunting season…
Demoncrat Judges hunting season…
etc… etc…

John .S

Liberal Season, torment to your hearts content, they’re in abundance, rip for picking.


Ohhh boi, wef members hunting season in Russia.
We’ve got a few trying to infiltrate the government by running for high offices here.

Rebecca tracy

Love it. Another one bites the dust. I know this sounds awful to sone, but these WEF people are crazy, greedy, power hungry, and think so highly of themselves that they have a right to kill us off! So Kill them all; then start on the United Nations!

MB, just love your writing and all those details. I happily look up your huge vocabulary words I don’t know. Very interesting‼️

As Clint Eastwood says, “Make my day.” 🙏❤️🇺🇸

Nukken Futz

They shot the WEF tart with Barrett style gun using a .50 cal bullet firing at 3700 ft/Sec which took her head off at impact and let perps clean up the spattered crainial mess. I wonder if the white hats will go after Klaus’s two dotters, which were just as looney as their daddy. His whole nutty family are satanic fuckhead looney tunes……….

Rebecca tracy

And his man-wife! He/she was part of the WEF Operation all along.

Sparky Sr

Click of the trigger, count 1 & done… Ain’t it great!!!


Love your writing NF! You just say it like it is! 😂


I wonder if the Russians make sure they did not kill a clone or body double of Allgood.

Ellen T

I’m sure they check things out.


She inhaled and then lost her mind! ~Nak~

Dave Strickland

Too true that killing Schwab does not emasculate the rest of the WEF. I cannot imagine the homosexual atheist Yuval Harari, the intellectual inspiration for WEF members, is any less disempowered now his boss has gone. I’m sure he is firmly at the top of Russia’s hit list.


Dont worry. He’s at the top of God’s hitlist, too:

Date Word Received: January 12, 2023

Yuval Noah Harari, you are about to take a fall you didn’t see coming. Truth will destroy your narrative, and truth will destroy any power you thought you had. You are finished, Yuval, saith the Lord.

-Julie Green ministries


Julie Green is another phony. She puts out “prophecies” and when the dates pass and they don’t come true she goes back and eliminates her original posting. Then she will post a new prophecy with a new date.

Last edited 24 days ago by Sue

Not so, she has not ever given dates. Furthermore, the prophecies are scary accurate to the point that there is a channel on Telegram called Prophecies Fulfilled, in which all kinds of her prophecies are fulfilled, some as I write.

Last edited 24 days ago by Lhanso
Stinky Perfume

“saith the Lord” sounds insulting to me. Who speaks for the lord? Himself is all I think. For my angel, I’m told what I need to know and she never quotes the lord. Sorry but I’m going to credit the hard work of the militaries.

Nukken Futz

What kind of lord are you talking about; a landlord or a shipslord or maybe even a hauslord, perhaps….


He speaks through her. Like a speaker phone. God uses her vocal chords to resonate the words He is saying. So it is God that is saying ‘saith the Lord’.

Nukken Futz

Then she must be a “Nostradamus” freak then….

Rebecca tracy

We can only hope. He is a blooming idiot!

Dave Strickland

Idiot is not the word I’d use. I profile him as deliberately dangerous in what he injects into people’s minds, using intellectual arguments to appear persuasive and give a surface veneer to his assertions. And he argues Jesus Christ and the Bible are myths, not based in reality. “The fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God’.”

Rebecca tracy

Amen 🙏❤️🇺🇸


Well, remembering that nature abhors a vacuum we should be vigilant as to the struggles to assume his recently vacated position.


May we have the list of the WEF folks that have already been taken out by SPETZNAS?


Kiva Allgood, WEF’s head of Advanced Manufacturing and Supply Chains Office, who conspired with Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Western governments to destabilize Russia’s economy, realrawnews. com/2024/04/spetznas-snipe-wef-member-in-ukraine/
450 COVID-19 criminals the Russian Army had captured and imprisoned per Putin’s March 2023 edict banning clot shots and vaccine research on Russian soil., realrawnews .com/2024/04/putin-mass-executes-covid-19-criminals/
Russian military destruction of a Ukrainian television antenna his mortal enemy, the criminal Volodymyr Zelenskyy, had been using as a medium to broadcast child pornography to affluent child sex traffickers living in Kharkiv and nearby towns, including capture and interrogation of child sex trafficker Anton Doroshenko, whom the FSB had linked to a spate of kidnappings,  realrawnews .com/2024/04/putin-destroys-ukrainian-pedophile-communication-network/
Russian military missile strike on a Ukrainian pedophile compound in the country’s historic city of Chernigiv, killing child sex traffickers linked to the disappearance of Russian children realrawnews .com/2024/04/putin-strikes-pedophile-compound-in-ukraine/

Criminal Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Lieutenant General Valerii Zaluzhnyi in a secure military command center 20 feet beneath the streets of Pecheskry District in central Kyiv, realrawnews. Com /2024 /01 /russian-claim-austin-dead-in-ukraine /;  White Hats confirm Lloyd Austin and Valerii Zaluzhnyi were killed in Kiev,  realrawnews .com/ 2024 /01/ white-hats-confirm-lloyd-austin-killed-in-ukraine /


Do you give half to MB for advertising on RRN?

Dave Strickland

Why are you not ignoring these bots and trolls? Your attention to them only breeds more bot infestation.

Last edited 24 days ago by Dave Strickland

Indeed! Just don’t understand why “people” don’t get it!

David T

12.7mm is 50 caliber. Excellent weapon of choice. 1,200 yards and a cloud of pink mist.


nice work SPETZNAS hoooray!!!!!

Above Reproach

1,200 yards might as well have been point blank. For a competent shooter 1200 is practically a dun deal unless the wind is blowing 30 miles per hour in the rain from a boat bobbing around in the water. These guys practice at
3,000 yards all day.


“done” deal

Dave Strickland

Always remember the report of a US sniper downing a Muslim terrorist in the Middle East haranguing his followers in a 5000+ yard kill shot, in a cross wind. The sniper said he’d have missed if he hadn’t adjusted his angle of fire to account for the wind factor.


Thank you, President Putin!!!


Taking care of business!


Never play FAFO with Spetznas.

Dave Strickland

It is Spetsnaz, not Spetsnas. Just helping.


Or Navy Seals or White Hat Marines


Do they all have a eating disorder?


Probably so. I imagine they’re not very good at self-deprivation, wielding all that influence and control, with hugely inflated egos.

Above Reproach

It’s called munchies, Adrenochrome increases all aspects of the human body, so if you’re a fat pig with a eating disorder, you’ll be a very big fat pig after you begin taking it. As a example see the picture above. LOL


Need to start this in America. If whites hats don’t step up, many veterans will. We have had enough. Time to end this.


I somewhat agree, but if WH’s just went around and sniped the enemy, I guarantee Trump would be blamed and put on trial. That’s the difference between us & Russia. They can do that, we can’t.


Do you mean that Trump is not in a Kangaroo court already?


These DS traitors will blame Trump just for paying the milkman, there is nothing they will not prosecute him for. To hell with them!!

Protein 101


Protein 101


Martin Boyd

Why waste good ammo?


I like the Russian approach! Drop these clowns where they stand and let their buddies clean up the mess! I think it kind of speeds things along, and keeps the Pedo’s in a state of panick.
Look at Schwab’s arrest, that was a mess. We lost a Patriot to bring a vegetable to a hanging party. I guess maybe they didn’t know until they got there, but still. We were told awhile back that the White Hat Alliance across the globe had declared open season on the KZ mafia. Shoot on site was the order. It looks like Russia is the only Country holding up that end of the agreement.
Appreciate the article MB.

Karen B

Did anyone notice in the photo provided, our vaping vampire has a slit left eye pupil? Those who know, know. Man, there are so many hybrids! May they all vanish like the wind of GOD: taken out like his wind: invisible and you don’t know where it is going or where it came from.🔽
~ John 3:8 ~ “The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear it’s sound, but you can’t tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is everyone born of the Spirit.”

Great kill, Spetznas.
I honor your desire and focus on our earth’s enemies.🤗
Perhaps she has tortured and harmed children?🤔
Thank you Michael for a fine report.🤗💓


No. Could not tell.
But Najadi saying ‘they are not human’ tells me there are more than we know.
All hybrids must go.

Karen B


Nukken Futz

The Rothies have elongated skulls and are from Niburu planet, orignally. They are all inbreds, though, but have bred with some outside of their tribe humans and they have a lot of retardation throughout their clan, so they are not that smart……..,buy sneaky and clever at what they do, but fail quite often and have been causing trouble throughout Eurpope for 1200 years and the Gallactic Federation says it’s time to remove them from earth and send them to some shithole planet where they cannot do any more harm…..

Karen B

Did you also hear Pascal Najadi say Greta Thumberg was Soros’s “grandson”?: ‘it’s a boy’!
AND, he said,: “she’s reptilian”.



S alan

Where do humans come from? Statues of half human and half lizard found in Africa.

Bill Meadows

This is silly nonsense that does nothing but distract from the real issues facing our country.

Karen B

If you don’t know that these hybrids are the ‘real issues’ on our planet, then I can’t help you.
They are behind every single evilness and vileness us human species are experiencing and have had experienced. They are the harborers of destruction of GOD’S creation: All of it.


They are the “Synagogue of Satan” that Jesus condemned and spoke about.
Revelations says
“they are Jews that say they are Judahites, but are Not, but are of the Synagogue of Satan.”

Remember. There were 12 tribes of Jacob(renamed Israel by God).
So… all tribes were considered Israelites but were further described by their immediate bloodlines ie. Levites (of the tribe of Levi)
Judahites (of the tribe of Judah)
(Ephraimites) Tribe of Ephraim,
Also the tribes of Manasseh, Issachar and Zebulu etc.

All were considered Israelites.
(None were considered Israelis)!!!
Think about every tribe (or bloodline).
From the tribe of Levi… Levites
From the tribe of Benjamin, Benjaminites.
From the tribe of Judah…Judahites.
This applies to All 12 tribes/bloodlines of Jacob/Israel.

It also applies to the bloodlines of Satan. Ie. Cain and his bloodline of Cainanites.

Probably also the Moabites, Ammorites, Hittites and other tribes/bloodlines that God demanded the Israelites exterminate/”get rid of” without mercy…

Karen B

I enjoyed your understanding of the 12 tribes of Israel. I, myself, do not know if they are the Synagoge of Satan. Interesting, your take.😊
I would think some of those tribes are, though, bc Jesus condemned them to their faces and they were the Sannheidrin & Pharisees.


Ik huh? It’s way worse than what we are told. In fact I think nobody including our military knew how bad the cloning, body doubles, hybridization had gotten. If you go down the extraterrestrial rabbit hole it’s even more alarming! Genetic modification, vaccines, cloning, the whole 9 yards, going back thousands of years. With one primary purpose, to enslave and harvest humanity.


100% We’ll be able to see them shape shift during their tribunals. I heard Stallone is an interesting one.


Heard he was born again, so give him a chance.

Karen B

Good elaboration…and I believe some people will be so frightened when the Declas happens that I don’t know if they’ll make it.😥

Stinky Perfume

Yeah and as the military finds out about clones and let’s info out 2 years ago, they aren’t giving details anymore. On RRN we’re back to surface dweller battle issues, a lot more insane crashes, and tornado wipeouts, and haven’t been explained to understand the underground other than red hat article claims to have involved in an underground CERN wipeout 4/08/24 NJ eclipse day.

Yeah it goes back with the spaceships more than thousands of years, maybe dozens of thousands or millions of years, but we’ll never wrap our minds around that as far as I can tell unless whoever some are wants us to know.

Some seem to want us to know some sketch detail. IDK how they switch densities to hang in, like 3rd, 4th, 5th….Some promise to tell all after the war is over what it was all about from the war and before wars. Basically, bad elements in the galaxy were able to usurp from the 3rd density humans for a very long time and some 3rd density humans moving up to higher densities, some aren’t is what they are saying.

Who? What’s my chances? Nothing they want to say other than “you’ll find out when you die”

Phantom Phlyer

I didn’t notice until I saw your post and looked for myself. Both of her eyes have a vertical iris. Nice catch.

Karen B

😁 Since I have been reading this board, everytime Michael releases a name I’m not familiar with, I look for pictures of them…i do that from videos,too. You’d be shocked at how many there are with snake eyes. Look at ‘Images’, enlarge the pictures, and…it is frightening and sickening.
We have been infiltrated.


GOD bless these soldiers and all fighting the cabal.


Kiva Allgone.


AKA Miss Piggy!


Miss Piggy’s a girl scout compared to her!!


The expeditious way of dealing with the devils minions.


You can’t miss that Big of a Target. No matter how far away. LMAO


Handled, & done. Get ’em, Putinize ’em.

Elisa Orozco

GREAT!!! Now go get the rest of them, Spetznas!!


Message to the evil members of WEF, WHO, UN: Woe be unto you. The sword of God is raised. Thou art in its path. Ye shall perish.


Yeah, kill them all! God will sort them out!

Citizen Joe

If god is sitting on his hands, how is holding a raised sword? God has done nothing to stop any of this destruction of humanity, the pain and suffering and loss! The majority of the planet is jabbed and will die before their time. Unless wiping out humanity was God’s plan, he’s failed utterly to stop anything. God has done nothing to stop the abduction, torture, and murder of children. Hundreds of thousands every year for decades!! Look at history, where was god in any of the genocides? All the platitudes sound nice but are completely empty and utterly meaningless! You might as well pray to the tooth fairy or as George Carlin prays to Joe Peche, “at least he gets things done.” Your beliefs; Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Zoroastrian, Confucius, etc. are based on geography, where you were born and it’s local belief system, and nothing more! You believe whatever nonsense is the local tradition. I would have thought that by the 21st century we would have evolved past belief in superstition to something more credible!


Relax Francis. God Wins


Free will. Pure and simple.


Dear People
The bot advertising its $200 hour job – stay clear. It gets paid for ANY response

Karen B

Thank you for verifying that.😉


So, it appears “they” all know that they are doing wrong………. They all know that they are being watched for any trip up. They all know that if they are caught, that’s it’s OVER…………….. yet, they continue to slink around pushing their agenda…… Hummmmmm, pitiful.


Allgood wasn’t all that great.


Sort of an opposites thing… Allbright wasn’t even half bright.


She’s all good, now.


Two down. Excellent. Keep going at it.




And Engeron! (Or however you spell his pathetic name)


Putin will LOVE dealing with him.


Why is Kerry Benthall still posting here Mr Baxter?

Jan D Hunsinger

Good story.

Billy Bob

Surprised they snatched Putin’s prize on his domain. Oh well, a few WHO grade D faggots left, but they already know to keep their mouths shut. Berezovsky was a gem.

Bonkie 1

“It’s not like your American vampire fiction where if boss vampire gets staked, all the people he’d bitten magically get cured of vampirism. There is still much work ahead,”

Who read that in Russian accent 😅 Love it!!!!!!