Delta Force Raids Biden Compound in Ukraine


During the predawn hours on New Year’s Day, Delta Force operators infiltrated a Biden-controlled stronghold in southeast Ukraine near the port city of Mariupol, according to an anonymous White House Source who said President Trump greenlit the operation following a series of telephone calls to US military commanders and to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

A Delta detachment, known as 1-SFOD in the Special Operations community, flew from Okinawa Japan to the US Embassy in Kyiv and held position there until Trump cleared the incursion with his Ukrainian counterparts.

Reliable sources said the Trump administration had obtained “credible evidence” that the Biden family, by proxy, owned a 200-acre estate and office building 50km northwest of Mariupol. On paper the property was owned by Paradigm Global Advisors, a hedge fund firm in which the Bidens have controlling interest. In the late summer of 2006 Joe Biden’s son Hunter and Joe’s younger brother, James, bought the firm. On the first day on the job, they showed up with Biden’s other son, Beau, and three large men and fired Paradigm’s president and 95% of staff, according to a Paradigm executive who was present.  After that, much of Paradigm’s overseas ventures went dark but continued to rake in hefty profits despite a conspicuous lack of investors.

In June 2009 Washington Free Beacon writer Thomas Breslin opined the following statement: “Paradigm is hardly a reputable company. The Bidens fired everyone and put their own people in place. The company became nothing less than a slush fund for illicit monies that the Bidens laundered through the place.”

The Trump administration has spent four years ferreting out the truth behind Paradigm Global Advisors, according to our White House informant.

“After years of digging, Trump finally caught a break. A current Paradigm employee—someone the Biden’s fucked over—came forward with enough evidence for Trump to make this move. I don’t know what specific evidence was presented, but it must have been some heavy-hitting stuff for Trump to call on Delta to take care of it.”

At 3am on New Year’s Day, three Blackhawk helicopters, including decoy aircraft, airlifted Delta from Kyiv to the drop zone. The team found the office building empty, devoid of life.  The unit commander described the building as “frigid,” as if it had been vacant and without heat for a long time.

“The windows were covered in a hoarfrost glaze, and the place had a catacomb chill about it,” he was quoted as saying. “Every office had been stripped—no chairs, no desks, no computers, no nothing. No electricity.”

Although the building was long deserted, Delta found evidence of recent activity within the hacienda attached to the compound. In a kitchen were freshly chopped vegetables and a percolator of lukewarm coffee. Outside, fresh tire impressions led away from the compound. It was as if someone had tipped off the occupants.

But in the hacienda Delta hit paydirt. They seized several laptops and 300 million dollars in gold bullion. They also found crates of Chinese-manufactured Type 56 assault rifles and tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition. Even more disturbing, they found beneath the hacienda a maze of chambers and tunnels that ran for miles in every direction. Ankle and wrist shackles, bolted to the walls in various locations, held bits of necrotic flesh, and in an antechamber, they discovered twelve duffel bags filled with black tar heroin.

On Trump’s order, Delta coordinated with Ukraine’s SBU, that nation’s security agency in counterintelligence and combatting terrorism, to confiscate evidence and await the arrival of State Department personnel.

This is a developing story and will be updated as is appropriate.

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Yeah…. No. This is utter fake news. There’s no compound, Delta Force would have to be invited into Ukraine to pull this off. Didn’t happen.

Megan Compton

They should run DNA on the flesh real talk to menny children missing

Megan Compton

Bet hunter was in there

james barner

Will anything ever come of this? We’ve had worse crimes by our own government employees and justice department has gone dead in each case.

Seth Mythrax

Too funny! All that gold & heroin, lol.

Anyone believes this is too far gone to even debate with.

If this happened, you really think trump wouldnt have blurted it out seeing he sent many to the Capitol to commit a crime in his name & he isnt spilling the News on this?

If real, he wouldnt be quiet about it because he cant & always has to win at any cost!……

Jeff Parker

And Biden continues to amaze me…. the Ukraine…. What’s next? Freeing ISIS fighters and giving them free housing, education and health care? Pre/paid debit cards?
Thanks Uncle Joe…..on behalf of every single soldier deployed anywhere in the world

Annie Coleman

Hard to comprehend, isn’t it?
Those who enabled this anti-American regime will cry as hard as those of us they’ve had nothing but contempt for~ once the full picture becomes clear to their sludgy brains. To this point having been fueled purely by TDS…what a shock they’re in for. While the rest of us have been cognizant of the threat to us ALL.Even these mopes.

Linda Foley

Interesting for sure! Biden and his family have a huge world presence do to his years in the capital. Not fit for office. But they ridged the election! Note only battle ground states had the same computers with the ability to change the vote count! And there are so many on the take they banned together. Not for us the people either! The whole capital riot had to have been planned against the president! The doors weren’t even locked. No one else there to stand guard. Come on! How stupid do they think we are. A set up against Trump!


Take a good look at the green photos provided . Dont they look familiar like from the movie about the raid on Osama bin laden .. Just saying before people go blindly believing try reading and doing some research . No compound , no raid .. The story itself was a rehashed story previously about Obama …Due diligence …



Cindi Puncerelli

All so awful! Schumer and pelosi need to go!


What is funny if the military put out broadcasts of what they are doing they would be called OBAMA HAHA SECRET IS A WORLD THE LEFT HAS NO CLUE ON UNLESS ITS ABOUT THEIR DIRTY DEALINGS !!!


This too will be brought to light.


The level of criminality from the so called ruling class families in the USA and elsewhere will be shocking. People will have problems digesting & understanding the crimes, stealing, corruption of the Biden’s, Clinton’s, Rockefeller;s,ruling families. The rabbit hole is deep..enjoy the show, just don’t throw up!! .


and yet nothing is done

Ralph Cramden

Bidens, Drug Dealers.

Steve Trueblue

There is a similar site always reporting Rumours from the Kremlin

Robert Simpson

Sounds good.some trustworthy people yet.

Jack Frost

Unquestionably satire. Look at the other stories: “Trump to indict Zuckerberg, Dorsey” for example.

Marc Rodriguez

It will make a good movie one day! The truth… will be hard to present and/or accept.


Are the photos in this article actually taken on-site?

Rick Montgomery



Why isn’t this hitting the headlines .???


Ukraine allowed foreign special forces to operate on its territory? Bullshit


Now I know what congress was crying about it made no sence untel now but congress was bitching about Trump useing the military today on TV Biden is a Drug lord and slave trafficker.

Daniel White

This is clearly a photoshopped photo. You can tell by the horrid attempt to Trumps right index finger. Unless the president doesnt manicure his nails that is a childish attempt to Photoshop this photo. People ….the media , and. I mean all media sources at this point are pumping us full of fake news stories to keep us all completely confused. Magicians do the same thing to perform a slight of hand. Do not let the real truth be missed due to yourselves looking the wrong way!!!!

Gerald Kunishige

The full conversation between Trump and the Georgia State Attorney General indicates NOTHING wrong with the Presidents request. This article is very biased and does not represent the truth. Also, the objecting referenced is Constitutional and is clearly an appropriate action given the circumstances!


More Qanon bullshit.


what is necrotic flesh? I can’t believe 200companies choose
Biden.I want to know the names of the companies.



Duane Bowen

I am forced to believe that any corruption connected to the Biden Crime Syndicate is valid. How could a man who didn’t campaign, had crowds of less than 100 people win the presidency. Who stayed “Locked-Up” in his basement talking to the American as he read a teleprompter. Then was connected to several illegal relationships that was making the Biden’s millions. The American people “COULDN’T BE STUPID ENOUGH TO VOTE FOR A PRESIDENT WITH DEMENTIA!!!”


I think the dementia is a lie . I bet when he is behind bars his dementia goes out of control and it’s all a lying act. Probably wants a pity party .

Jacqueline grace

And I might add that right before the election Joe Biden said ” I don’t need your vote just your support after I’m elected “. That makes it pretty clear.

Sallianne Zabawa

Now if the shoe was on the other foot, President Trump would be hung from the nearest tree! “ No evidence of voter fraud “! If the shoe was on the other foot, it would be breaking news on every channel!! What a sham!!!


And seventy mil. are with you & me. :/


I wish it were true, but I’m calling bullshit

Sue Ellen


Tom C

From Okinawa to Kiev? Why that very long route. We must have delta Forces closer. The logistics , including refueling, would be Doesn’t make sense.

arowana keeper

unfortunately. without so much as even a picture , this is just another larp . i wish , really wish the POTUS would actually do something . people are screaming at him executive order this executive order that and he seams either incapable or just unwilling to. its time to go
NOW executive order /insurrection act . suspend this charade at a bare minimum because time is about up

P Wallech

Please list at least one credible source for this story. Reader wishes to do own verification.


We are the credible source.

michael zitterman


Well, I am a Taurus from Missouri.



Tarrah Lewis

Where does the information come from????


If you click on the title below “withoutfearofdeath” it’s a credible source because there are other articles which are happening now and are true.

John Holmes

Remember ALL those times the media said “THIS IS IT” and “WE HAVE HIM NOW” when the leftards went after the President and they never did? Well, until I see half of Washington scum in handcuffs, all this is a fantasy we wish would come true!


John you are a lot more hopeful than what my take is which is that the swamp is way more than one/half full. I dial in comprehending Charlotte Iserbyte educated case about the overtake of our education system. I dial in when Senator McCarthy was mas out to be insane, a commy beneath every bush. I dial in when John Beaty the author of “The Iron Curtain Over America” writing with the depth of understanding he gained while preparing the daily brief for the President during WW II, and then the attack he experienced after completing his military period and entering into his teaching experience within a Texas university! Keep in mind the birth of the agencies in the USA happened within the thirties! Today they are wall to wall. As for these demo-com’s shooting of on comment lists like this one, please remember they had their mental capacities pretty well sucked dry by the tender age of six. As for that, I experience a saddness for them, in that they truly do not comprehend what “they” do. Check out what Yuri Bezmenov attempted to warn us about.

Gilbert G Gray

Love this stuff…



Tom Gray

Very nteresting! Very! Could this be the start?

Bernadette Burick

Who is the author of this article? Please cite correctly to be credible.


#MAGA 2020

Deedee Henke

go up and read ” About section” Just because Fake MSM is not putting this out does not mean it did not happen..Like really there has been so much going on behind closed doors that We The People have NO privy too! Why would anyone give their name? Wind up like Seal team 6 or like Naturalist doctors etc


300 million?
There are 90 million patriots in the Us!
So as I see it every patriot gets a mill in gold bullion! Sounds fair right!


that’s only like 3 dollars each. 300 divided by 90.


You dumb ass. 300m divided by 90m is 3.33 MILLION DOLLARS. I’ll take that.

Becoz Math

um… LOL

If 90Million Patriots get $1 each how much is that in total? $90m
If 90Million Patriots get $2 each how much is that in total? $180m
If 90Million Patriots get $3.3 each how much is that in total?
Basically $300m

So how about your dumbass tells us how much in total is it if 90Million Patriots get $3,330,000 each?



yep me too ????

Chuck Woodard

Math sucks ???


Brian 300M divided by 90M is like 3.20 (3 dollars and 20 cents each) LMAO


Maths is hard

Steven Chilson

Kids, math is hard, mmmk…


I will take it. Imagine that that three bucks will be an investment for our children knowing the story behindit


LMAO this is too funny. There will be 0$ for patriots however….through NESARA Act, Trump intends to restore our rights, eliminate most taxes, and more. Combine that with ridding the world of much evil, we will be given more than money could ever buy! We just gotta hold faith and pray a little longer! No problem sirs!! We got this! ????????

Eesha Jayaweera

first get rid of all the assholes lol

Jimmy John James

This would be amazing but it I don’t know. The way they described the building it had a catacomb like chill to it. Doesn’t sound like a real person speaking more like the inner monolog of a book character describing something.


Maybe he is a writer. Or someone who is very well read.


He is an English teacher, writer, and former writer for the New York Post and, a long time ago, the Village Voice.

Robert Cope

A trump supporter sent the link to me, so I would be better informed. Now I know where they get this shit information, not knowing better.


#MAGA 2020


So you don’t believe this article? Bet you don’t believe that the military who also stormed the capital confiscated Piglosi laptop?

Chuck Woodard

They are talking about a Jan 5 walk thru. Wonder if that was spec forces. The dems are asking questions about it. Hmmmm

Jan C

General McIneari (sp?) Said that Special Forces mixed in with Antifa grabbed Nancy’s computer….You cannot get any better information, especially when it’s coming from a 3 Star General..Look up his interview, on YouTube.. Also look up the General’s impressive credentials..There are many high ranking officers on Trumps side..

Chuck Woodard

Did you dig in at all for yourself or did you immediately disregard it as ridiculous. The Biden’s certainly have illegal ties to Ukraine hence the arrest warrant. And the video. And the money trail. And the emails and the text messages. Also same pattern with China. These are proven facts. Where there is smoke there is fire. Your friend is just trying to get you some facts. We need to stick together not divide like they want us to. We all love our kids jobs and homes just the same. That’s all we want


Hey look at you you must be in your safe space with your fuzzy animal


Sounds like pizza gate


Human life was taken in the tunnels below. Flesh was found in the cuffs hanging from walls. Evil leaves a horrifying aftermath of itself in the air. This is writer hoping to impress upon us a sickening reality


If you look up the “Fall of the Cabal” on, you will see that they are in to Satanic worshiping and sacrificing children’s lives. They are pedophiles. Since the island where Epstein took children and these pedophiles is gone they need some where else to go to their Satanic rituals. Be prepared on who all are linked to it. You would be surprised to know that Tom Hanks, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, and more were linked to this crazy shit. Remember the meat outfit that Lady Gag wore. Just think about it. There is a pizza place in CA that you can get more than pizza there. Also, the man from CNN Anderson Cooper. This is why they hate Trump. He would not conform to what they wanted, that is why they started the impeachment proceedings one day after he was elected. These shackles were for children. On Weiner’s laptop, there is a video of Hilary Clinton and her cronies dancing around a 10 year old child that was chained to a tree with pentagrams around her. They cut off her face and Hilary was dancing around this girl with her face on her face, the girl was begging for them to just kill her. The next thing they did, was cut open her stomach and pulled her intestines out and wrapped them around their necks and continued to dance around. Next, they shoved something up her nose cavity and killed her. How sick are these Satanic Worshipers. People who saw this threw up and ended up dead to cover it up. Thank God, someone else has it and will try Hilary for her crimes. I hope it happens soon before anymore children end up dead. Oh and the kids at the border, were not parentless, they were taking by sex traffickers (Coyotes),and Melania Trump found this out. Watch the Fall of Cabal, and you will see everything that was criticized by the media was just a cover up of the truth.

Jacqueline grace

Yep it’s the baby raping baby eaters club. It must be stopped.


Where are the assholes that to get rid of all of Congress 80% of the senate


Lol. Math is hard.??

michael zitterman


I love math; new or old.


Chip Smith

Ha! ?

michael zitterman

Are you Brian Williams??


michael zitterman


? Hell Yeah


would this gold by any chance be gaddafis??

dennis ward

More proof of how corrupt the Biden crime family is?
Way to go POTUS, good job DELTA force! Thanks for all you do!

michael zitterman

THE Dennis Ward?

Sorry but this reads like a treatment for a film for Stallone and Arnold S.

michael zitterman

Rose Prescott

WELL. Steven T. Mnuchin (Secretary of the Treasury) IS into making movies…lots of them.. would love to find out if this really happened though…would make a great movie


Oh just WAIT!


If it were, it might actually be profitable.

Marc Rodriguez

They have the Gold bullion to do it with… if they found that Gold bullion!!

Linda Johnson

I totally agree!!!

Marc Rodriguez

The real question is, Does the movie come first or that actual story? Impossible to tell these days!


That’s why us here Ukrainians don’t like Biden . But in Ukraine Ukrainians don’t know anything about Biden corruption because they only watch 1 Chanel , news cnn. Thousands of American-Ukrainians agains Biden .


I hope the Bidens are put away for a long time for all the money they have taken from the Ukrainian peoople.

I see the light

You believe the crap that is coming out of potus’s mouth. His lies the whole time he has been office have been proven. He is afraid what will happen when he is a regular citizen. Trying to get something on Biden so he doesn’t go to jail. Just more lies like he won the election. He lost. Like a big baby he crying to anyone that will listen . He is committing treason and has broken numerous laws as pres. That is why Barr walked away from him. If you seek the truth it will come out soon


All this is BS. As for all the laws Trump has broken bring it forward.
As for lies from the left
1. False impeachment, no Russia collusion
2. False Dossier
3. Lies about Ukraine phone call.
4. False naritive by Schiff on phone call
5. Schiff stating Trump would sell Alaska to Russia.

Jim obrian

It must be rough having to listen to all his shit. Like we did for four year. Cry babies on. The left.


whats sad they dont know the truth from the fiction of the despicable leftist MSM owned by the Globalists.


This article proves China Joe won’t be president for long.


Once Commie Joe is in office you won’t be able to speak your mind or you’ll be put in detention camps like NY has.

F@$k Liberals

Shut up fuck hole liberal liar. Covering up ur crimes is a fuckin past time for Obama and Biden


Your ignorance is astounding!!!

In case you didn’t know. Barr made Durham into a Special Counsel just before he left. Durham can now prosecute in all states and investigate just about anywhere he needs to. Trump is about to take these scumbags out of the white house.

Chuck Woodard

He has unlimited powers right now.


So, you’re a Commie from (formerly USA) now part of mainland China? Glad you Commies are coming out in the open so real patriots will know when evil and satanism is around them.


Yes, it will. Sorry you feel the way you do. However…
Nothing can stop what is coming! Nothing…..

Free The World

You are the one who is lost. You hate Trump because you’re told to! He’s fighting for our freedom. Turn off the mainstream garbage and do some research!


Time for you to wake up, Biden is a corrupt pedofile pervert, and he already had an affair with Jill who was also married then when Bidens wife got her accident, in which their little daughter also died, just search for pp who know what really happened.
Did you see the laptop pictures of Hunter with little girls dressed like little prostitutes, so distgusting, Hunter and his dad even abused the nieces and daughter of Hunter.


Where can you see Hunter pictures of little girls dress up like prostitutes. I have seen some of Hunter’s pictures; he like to take pictures of himself nude and with nude women, one man that is naked while Hunter is naked sitting on man low back, pictures of his crack while weighing it on scale and one of him holding crack pipe while driving in DC. One of the young black girl that shows her naked from behind looked like Obama’s oldest girl and there was a picture of Hunter with Obama and same day naked pictures of what may be Obama’s oldest girl; she is a party machine to. where can I see the pictures.


what lies are you referring to exactly?


The one you watch on CNN, MSNBC and other communist fake news that is a propaganda outlet.

Jacqueline grace

So you don’t believe that the Biden’s have committed crimes in Ukraine or China . And you call yourself I See the Light?


Haha nailed it . The light of satan

John Clague

What a dumb ass, Biden openly admitted on the MSM news that he extorted the Ukraine into firing their special prosecutor, now call that a lie you idiot, I have millions of witnesses! Trump has done great things for this country and is the only president who has kept the campaign promises he was elected on. Biden is a corrupt pedophile and had no business holding any kind of office let alone the Presidency, you morons have been brainwashed by the left wing controlled media, time to open your eyes and start thinking for yourself. The MSM suppressed all of the evidence against Hunter and Joe, now the election has been rigged and stoled they finally release the laptop, the media facilitated this fraud and should all have their licenses revoked and they should be taken off the air. Barr never walked away from him, he was not doing his damned job, he should have prosecuted Comey and half the FBI who were part of the Clinton cover up, Barr was a disgrace, he sat on evidence that would have completely changed the result of the election. Trump accepted his resignation, in other words he knew he was going to be fired, he didn’t walk away what a chump, you really are brainwashed.


Please state some lies out of the soooo many he’s told while in office. 5 will do since you day there are millions. You sound 12 by the way… ??

Next, please state the laws he’s broken while he’s been in office, nitwit child. At least 3 since you whine there’s been “numerous”….

Your pedo boyfriend Joey is the one committing treason as well as taking the Americans for a thieving ride just like he took Ukraine!

Barr walked away cuz he thought that would save his fat ass…

K, get back with the numerous lies & laws ASAP, like within 24 hours or you’ll be even more cancelled here than you are now, imbecile!

Thanks! Good luck leading a productive life, loser! ??


Four years of investigating Trump, have PROVED he WASN’T BRIBED BY RUSSIA. Still people claiming he was lying.

Last edited 3 years ago by Chuck
Brad Baxter

Really? Smh. You can’t name one thing the POTUS did wrong without making shit up. You’re just an MSM trained liberal.

Nicole Wubben

Is this satire??




Que ignorante, al que estan dejando mal parado es a biden, que idiotas son ciertas gentes…


wow………….you got a little ahead of the game, not yet with the spanish, Lie-den and kameltoe haven’t been sworn it, we still speak English

Eric Rodriguez

Calm down, they are friends


Mara. con todo respeto, NO ENTIENDES NI HABLAS el idioma. No digas estupideces. Quedas muy mal.


Seems so ?. Don’t know what to think anymore. Reality seems stranger than fiction these days but I haven’t seen this one anywhere else …

equipmentgeneral milani

I saw it 2 days ago on .

Evil Harry Dread

Charlie is hardly a reliable source.