Trump Orders Military Tribunal for Brad Raffensperger


President Donald J. Trump on Saturday declared his intent to let a military tribunal decide the fate of “traitor” Brad Raffensperger, Georgia’s Republican secretary of state, according to a White House source speaking on deep background. Trump’s decision to indict and charge Raffensperger as an “enemy combatant” came minutes after the two—and an army of litigators—concluded a terse, hour-long telephone call, during which the president instructed Raffensperger to “find me 11,780 votes,” the precise number he’d need to overturn Biden’s Georgia victory.

The phone conversation, first obtained by the Washington Post, captured Trump encouraging Raffensperger to reconsider the election result. He insinuated that Raffensperger and his attorney, Ryan Germany, would be held to account unless they altered the outcome.

But Raffensperger wouldn’t yield, insisting Georgia’s election had been by the book. He refuted Trump’s assertion that Republican votes got shredded, that dead people had cast ballots for Biden, and that Dominion Voting Systems was removing machines from Fulton County to obfuscate ballot tallies.

The conversation ended with Trump saying, “this is going nowhere,” and disconnecting the call.

Shortly after, an enraged Trump summoned Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen to the Oval Office. Understanding the threat of Republicans acting against the interest of their party, Trump asked Rosen whether presidential privilege allowed him to arrest Raffensperger for “refusing to correct election fraud the likes of which no one has ever seen.”

“I got rid of Barr because he is a traitor, and weak,” Trump purportedly said to Rosen. “I brought you in. They say you’re a good man, a great man, a man who will tell me what I need to know. Something’s gotta be done about that guy [Raffensperger], can I do what I need to do?”

“You’re the president. You can do whatever you want,” Rosen said without missing a beat.

“Good answer. That’s what I need to hear,” Trump allegedly replied. “You’re much better than that Barr character.”

Trump then ordered Rosen to draft a formal accusation charging Raffensperger with several high crimes and misdemeanors, including seditious behavior, treason, fraud, and malingering in times of national peril. Trump said he was reluctant to indict fellow Republicans, but he had no choice because subversive Republicans in Name Only (RINOs) had infiltrated the party’s core. Trump sees himself as the savior of the Republican party, our source said.

“From what I’ve heard, Trump will act on the indictment only if the certification process favors Biden, which he’ll take as meaning nearly everyone, Democrats and Republicans alike, are complicit. If that’s the case, I don’t expect it’ll stop at Raffensperger. A lot of names might be dropping, and a lot of people might be going down between now and January 19,” our source said.

Charged officials, he added, will be tried as enemy combatants, which means the rights and provisions of the Geneva Convention do not apply to them, nor does the Constitution of the United States. They will not be prosecuted in open court; rather, they will be detained at GITMO to await a military tribunal.

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This column was a bit of a joke if you listen to the whole conversation he told him.any category he chose from involving fraud votes was enough to win the state.pic a category. Just find the 11 thousand votes he needed. All he was asking for .watch the vid.


In case no one noticed, we the people are under so much stress with lies, malice, insurrection, treason and destruction of the corrupt Democratic Party and Rinos. HOW IS THIS HAPPENING? Where is our protection and recourse? We have taken so much BS and have heard of all this stuff being planned to stop it and guess what? Nothing’s happened. You can only take so many kicks in the face. We have had so many it’s ridiculous. Someone needs to STOP THIS NOW. Honestly, this country is at a breaking point and I cry myself to sleep every night. Whoever can help us, PLEASE DO!!!


Almighty God…praying, at least, some of this is true & happens.

Peter Piper

This would be believable except for the word “purportedly.” “I got rid of Barr because he is a traitor, and weak,” Trump purportedly said to Rosen. Can we just get some facts?

The Repairman

So, is this a Trump LARP, or are all batshit crazy?


This is written to make President Trump sound like he was trying to get Raffensperger to help him win by altering the votes. He did no such thing. He wanted truth and fairness. We all do except lefties. They cheat.


The photo of the military people is from a movie; the actress is Kate Mulgrew in the 80’sish move Remo Williams. It is so important to be credible right now. Do you agree?

Jim Lane

Charge every one of them with treason. Surely all the money they’ve paid to alter the election results can be traced to indict them.
God bless the president and the patriots that support him.
God Bless the USA!

Leslie Among


Inquiring minds...

This is total BS! No such conversation EVER occurred! Unless someone had a recording devise and can play a tape, it would be impossible to know those words were used. At best, this site is disinformation. It may not be “satire”, but it sure isn’t truth.


Were you there? How can you state, unequivocally, that “No such conversation ever occured!”. You make an unknowable (unless you were there) empirical statement like that – with no proof – in your comment complaining about their having no proof? See how illogical that is? Besides, use your brain. In any criminal case, the most solid, incriminating, proof is reserved for the trial. It’s not just publicly disseminated, before hand. It’s reserved for where it can be best put to use – the court. After the trial, then it can possibly be made public. That’s up to the court. So, just because YOU don’t get to see/hear the “hard” evidence, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. You’re not the judge, or jury. Showing it to you, accomplishes nothing, and could adversely affect its effect where it’s needed. So get over yourself.

Last edited 3 years ago by Nukkeldragr
Officer Malloy

This is a spoof site , right? Because none of this EVER happens in “The Land of Lies”

empty can

Georgia has some creepy “guidestones”. Is it a special state for DS? For the good citizens of Georgia and for the good of America. I hope this article is true.

empty can

I uploaded an unrelated image.
It failed. Please ignore it.

Veto Chervase

The night the lights went out in Georgia, PART 2By Mike Huckabee
As you know, Patrick Byrne, founder and former CEO of, acted on a tip last week and documented what he claims is the transport and shredding of ballots from the November 3 election, just hours after the Georgia Senate Subcommittee on Election Fraud unanimously agreed that ballots should be made available to Jovan Pulitzer, inventor and patent holder of the electronic barcode scanner, who says he can quickly detect counterfeit ballots and manufactured counting errors.
The Georgia secretary of state’s office denies that the ballots they shredded were used in the election, saying these were “extras” that were required by law in case they needed more. This makes no difference. What Pulitzer wanted to look at was whether or not any of these ballots, printed for use in different areas of Fulton County, had been made from a different kind of paper, perhaps with a different ink, perhaps with a different bar code or a slightly different alignment than the one required by the machines to read as a vote. Whether or not these particular “in reserve” ballots stored in this particular location were used is beside the point; they should have been preserved for examination.
But that’s how this “debunking” tends to go. Some peripheral, immaterial question is answered, and the main questions are left hanging, like a bunch of chads left on Florida ballots from the year 2000.
If these were just extra ballots left over from the election, and they knew there was going to be a court order that ballots be made available for examination, then why the all-fired hurry to shred them into tiny spitballs? It was 10 o’clock at night, for crying out loud, during the holidays leading into New Year’s. Why not let the ballots remain in the warehouse for just a few more days, until the issue of ballot fraud could be resolved?
But no, they had to get those leftover ballots out of the warehouse and completely destroyed RIGHT AWAY. They sprang into action, used their superpowers and turned their department into a model of efficiency. I wonder if Fulton County officials hop-to this quickly when, say, a citizen has a property tax issue to resolve –- wouldn’t that be great? I’d also like to know exactly when the order was put in to rent those trucks.
These officials were so efficient and thorough, they didn’t just go for the regular shredding that would be acceptable at any landfill I’ve ever heard of. They apparently went above and beyond, as my understanding is that this was a special, military-grade shredding, rendering the ballots totally unretrievable, kind of like pounding Blackberrys with hammers, if you catch my drift.
Well, as intriguing as Patrick Byrne’s original story was, there’s even more to it. He’s not backing off his original claims; instead, he’s presenting some additional findings that might or might not surprise you.
NOTE: this story as reported in NOQ REPORT also provides a link to attorney Lin Wood’s latest claims, for which he has so far provided no evidence and on which I have no comment, at least for now. We’re dealing strictly with Patrick Byrne’s claims here.
First, let’s take “Narrative #2”: According to Byrne, the rental trucks were on their way from a warehouse in Fulton County, Georgia, to a shredding facility in nearby Cobb County. On New Year’s Eve (I gather this was in the early hours of Thursday, December 31), the facility was given “roughly 3,000 pounds” of paper –- hundreds of thousands of ballots –- to turn into subatomic particles.
“Authorities have come into the possession of those materials,” Byrne reports.
Apparently, they were able to retrieve a handful of papers that had stuck to the side of a shredding bin. According to Byrne, these included some non-shredded ballots that “two federally certified forensic examiners” have determined do not match the official ballots.
Byrne tells us that another piece of paper also escaped the shredder: a receipt from the Chinese firm that apparently printed the ballots. The tip-off: this receipt was printed IN CHINESE.
(Note: the NOQ page crashed over and over as we were retrieving this information, suggesting that this story might be getting at least some of the attention it deserves.)
J. D. Rucker at NOQ says he hears that the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security have been told to “stand down” –- no word on who might have issued such an order –- while President Trump himself has had to contact agents and personally ask them to continue investigating.
As if this weren’t enough, let’s take a quick look at “Narrative #1,” which has to do with a story we revisited yesterday, about a trucker who drove a load of ballots from Bethpage, New York, to a drop-off in Pennsylvania, where the truck he’d been driving literally disappeared. (He testified to this in a sworn affidavit.)
To possibly explain this, Byrne claims he now has this narrative completely documented (“texts, statements, affidavits, everything”): A Michigan print shop prints ballots for Delaware and Lancaster Counties in Pennsylvania; so far, nothing wrong. But along with those ballots, it prints hundreds of thousands more that get diverted to Bethpage, New York. (Since these came from the same print shop as the others, they would pass forensic muster.) In Bethpage, people working in a “boiler room” fill in the “Biden” circle, often not filling in any other circles. These ballots get trucked into Pennsylvania and mailed. Again, Byrne claims he has the goods on every stage of this.
Byrne also notes that this same printing company, and others in its same “family” of print shops, printed for Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona and Georgia.
Finally, analysts for the Data Integrity Group have reportedly revealed incontrovertible proof that over 400,000 Trump votes in Pennsylvania were “disappeared” during the counting. THE EPOCH TIMES originally reported this in a subscription-only piece, but the NOQ REPORT has summarized it.
Recall that Jovan Pulitzer said that during a vote tally, a candidate’s count should NOT “decrement” (go down). According to data analysts, “time-series” election data show Trump’s votes “decrementing in various counties at numerous time points instead of increasing as would be expected under normal circumstances.” At least 432,116 votes –- 213,707 election-day votes and 218,409 absentee votes –- were removed from Trump’s vote count as the count was going on.
We hope this information from Georgia and Pennsylvania will be presented to the House and Senate on Wednesday during the vote challenges. Democrats (and some Republicans) should be ashamed of themselves for allowing the electoral vote to go forward towards final certification without these issues resolved. If they succeed in that, the damage will be incalculable.

Veto Chervase

Now that Jovan Pulizer has been given the authorization to inspect Georgia’s physical ballots, there was a rush on December 31, 2020, to shred thousands of unused ballots that were allegedly extras in case they were needed. Among the shredded ballots, was found some ballots that were missed and a receipt with Chinese writing on it. Somebody ordered a cover-up. I want to know who had the power to make this happen.

southern proud

I sincerely hope this is not fake news. it is time for the fools to pay for their crimes against the American people. I hope that good will prevail, and that all who perpetrated these acts will be arrested and sent to prison for a very long time. it is time for all good patriots to stand up and be counted……Trump is our duly elected president, not the demented old robber bastard. and consummate liar.

Howard Pletcher

If this isn’t fake news it’s about time these frauds pay for their actions!

JuanE. GonzalezP.

No hay que darle respiro a estos traidores del mundo…

Khris Arnold

I am so happy that all these crazy people are being arrested. I couldn’t figure out for the life of me what was going on. Now I see it all clearly President Trump you are a genius. I am a Gemini as well and I knew that something was going on it’s just been a big game of Chess so good job. ???????????????????????FLGIRL????????????

The Repairman

No one’s being arrested. You’re the crazy one. This might get very painful for you. It’s not going to be ok when you realize the following:

  1. Any money I donated went to a scam
  2. I’ve made an idiot of myself to friends and family
  3. My insane assertions are going to follow me for years.

Good luck.
(not really)

Decon Bob

It’s about time for globalist satanist to receive justice. It’s the only way they have a chance to repent and receive God’s mercy.

Cheryl Samberg

First of all your article misrepresented the phone call . Trump was giving Raffensberger a chance to come clean because we ALL have seen the blatant cheating and fraud of all manners possible. I hope this Secretary of State of GA IS arrested for treason because that is exactly what he and Governor deserve along with many more . If a Military Tribunal is needed – so be it . The alternative is Communism of Biden gets in .


Exactly ! They made their treasonous beds now they can lay in them to speak


I agree with you the article did misrepresent what Trump said on the phone call, he is giving them all a chance to uphold the constitution which Is their job if not they are committing Treason

The Repairman

Start reading Marx dipshits

James Hatfield

Socialists are dipshits, I agree!

Bob Thompson

“Charged officials, he added, will be tried as enemy combatants, which means the rights and provisions of the Geneva Convention do not apply to them, nor does the Constitution of the United States. They will not be prosecuted in open court; rather, they will be detained at GITMO to await a military tribunal.”

This is good and necessary.

Swamp draining enters a new phase.


God protect all the patriots involved and our President Trump. This election was a total fraud and can’t be allowed to stand or we will never have a fair election again. There is enough evidence to arrest thousands, including Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Swalwell, Feinstein, Waters, Cortez, Omar and many others. It must be done yo save America. We know the virus was developed with money from Gates, Fauci, Obama, Pelosi and others to take down our country and President. It is so evil what people will do for power and money. Soros and the NWO are alsp heavily involved. Soros should be in prison now.

Greg Stewart

Absolutely stick them in Gitmo and give them a vaccine everyday


@ Greg Stewart Calm down on vaccine. ?

afr malatesta


afr malatesta

Yes!! Do unto others. America will return to them all they have given us. What fun?