It’s Prison for Pence!


An enraged Donald J. Trump on Tuesday warned Vice President Pence to reject Democrat electors in key swing states he claimed to have won despite suffering 60 lost court battles. Trump has maintained that Democrats employed dirty tricks—stuffed ballot boxes, 3am ballot dumps, and compromised voting machines—to ensure a Biden victory. Democrats, on the other hand, insist the nation had a free and fair election, with the American populace signaling a poignant shift in the political landscape, and with the nation’s first officer—Pence—now caught between further enraging his boss and facing potential prison time or adhering to, in his words, the articles of the Constitution.

During a brief, tense lunch with the Commander-in-Chief, Pence reportedly said he would argue on the president’s behalf, but emphatically noted he lacked the unilateral authority to overturn the election and keep Trump in the White House for another four years. Trump replied he was appreciative of Pence’s four years of undeniable loyalty but admonished him for kowtowing to political pressure and plainly threatened him with excommunication, a military tribunal, prison time, and even death by firing squad.

A White House source in Trump’s orbit made the following observation: “Fact is Trump believes Pence is compromised, that they got to him. For four years Pence has been Trump’s right-hand man, never questioning his boss. Now the dynamic has changed.  In Trump’s eyes, Pence, even if he argues for the president, is committing treason by affirming Biden’s victory. If that’s the case, past friendships and associations mean nothing to Trump. He will do he what feels is right to protect the Republic against Deep State infiltration. In this case, Pence is the likely victim.”

“I’m counting on you to do what’s right, Mike. If you don’t, the next two weeks might be the most miserable of your life,” Trump purportedly told Pence.

Trump gave Pence a chilling ultimatum: Either invalidate the election or don’t return from your overseas trip.

Pence is scheduled to travel to Bahrain, Israel, and Poland, according to a government document obtained by Real Raw News, and remain abroad through Jan. 11.

“If Pence nullifies the election, Trump will welcome him back with open arms. If he does not—well, Trump forewarned him to not return to the United States while he still occupies the Oval Office and has command of the nation’s military,” our source said.

If he does, our source said, Trump will have Pence arrested and charged with treason and send him to GITMO to face a military tribunal, at which, charged as an enemy combatant, he will be denied the rights and freedoms of the Geneva Convention and the Constitution of the United States. He will either spend life in prison or, worse, face a firing squad. In the unlikely event Biden grants him clemency, Trump intends to sick every MAGA man and woman in the nation on him, so that Pence will always be looking over his shoulder.

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I agree time for Pence to face the Military Tribunal he is a traitor to America I didn’t trust him the way MELANIA did he has always been the swamp even in Indiana

Michelle Finn

These stories are HILARIOUS….who writes these??
Oh, guys.. one quick suggestion. If you really wanna make these look real, dont use screen shots from movies anymore!
Liberals will fall for it, but people with functioning brains wont…..
Good writing and story telling though, I wish some of these were actually true!


All articles on this site, unless otherwise stated, are written by me.
We stand by our sources.
I understand some people find them too fantasticial to be real.
That’s the way it goes.
Whether you find it informative, entertaining, or whatever, thank you for reading.

K. Thompson

Gonna take you back to 2018 GHW Bush‘s funeral in 2018 he died November 30, 2018 at exactly midnight. He was executed for committing high treason and breaking the RICO act. And doing some other heinous crimes. Mike Pence along with others at the funeral of 41, they all got Christmas cards cordially inviting them to their military tribunals because they too had committed high treason. Did you not see the envelopes that were passed out at the funeral Mrs. pets kept theirs covered but they got an envelope. There was 2018 not 2020. Pence has been in hot water for a while this is nothing new. Do not make President Trump look like the heavy or the bad guy because he isn’t. And in the future it’s going to be proved out I guarantee it.