Trump to Indict Zuckerberg, Dorsey


Donald J. Trump will spend the last days of his presidency mulling whether his Dept. of Justice can charge Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook founder Steve Zuckerberg with sedition and a host of other crimes. Trump’s hatred toward the social media giants soared to new heights Wednesday night after both platforms removed several of his posts and suspended his accounts for twelve hours.

The move came shortly after Trump gently encouraged a mob of alleged pro-Trump insurrectionists to abort their siege on the Capitol. Along with the message, Trump posted a video of supporters—all adorned in Trump regalia—marching on Capitol Hill.

Twitter and Facebook claimed Trump’s video, and his refusal to sternly condemn supporters, would incite rather than prevent future violence.

An administration source speaking on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisal told Real Raw News that Trump made a 3:00am phone call to none other than acting Attorney General Jeff Rosen, demanding the AG, who was at home, asleep in bed with his wife, come to the White House immediately. When Rosen arrived twenty minutes later, Trump accused him of malingering, then let loose a verbal tirade, first against the Deep State, then against social media.

“What took you so long, Jeff? Why are you always so slow? You know who did this to me? The Deep State. This is my chair, my desk, and they’re taking it from me,” Trump said, drumming his sausage-like fingers on the polished oak top of the Resolute desk. “I won this bigtime, the likes of which no one has ever seen. But that’s not why I called you. Did you hear what Twitter and Facebook did? They suspended me, Donald J. Trump, president of the United States. I want to indict them for sedition,” Trump finished.

Rosen explained that sedition meant an overt attempt to subvert the constitution or leading a rebellion in hopes of overthrowing an established government, and said he wasn’t sure how exactly he could indict Dorsey and Zuckerberg for those crimes.

In censoring his First Amendment right to free speech, Trump argued, Twitter and Facebook were hindering his ability to communicate effectively with millions of followers whose every action hinged on his latest tweet. Such action, Trump opined, was tantamount to treason, a crime worthy of a lifelong stay at Guantanamo Bay.

“What would you have me do? Rosen reportedly asked.

“If it were up to me, Jeff, I’d have these guys executed, but I don’t know if we can do that. They’re bad actors. You’re the AG, you figure it out. That’s your job, not mine. I want these guys indicted, and you got twelve days to do it,” Trump replied.

If all information is accurate, the president is using his final days to do precisely what he promised: to drain the swamp. He is not only acting on nearly 250,000 sealed indictments, but also waging a final war against media that, in his opinion, have betrayed America and its people.

Correction: Facebook has suspended Trump’s account until “transition of power has been completed,” according to a Facebook representative.

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If you really are REAL Raw News, why aren’t you digging into the real rioters that breached the Capitol on January 6. I, a lone American citizen, found documentation that this breach was planned months ago and there was already a black ops team (Antifa) inside one of the Capitol rooms prior to the breach.

I am a Trumper! He has done more for this country that cumulative past presidents down to Ronald Reagan. He has been maligned with lies, deceit, fake news, and downright treasonous acts against him during his entire administration. It’s time the record was set straight. Check it out and expose it for yourself!

Bobbie Dennis


William Foster

Who writes this stuff? I wish like hell it was the truth, but this is just not going to happen.


If Trump doesn’t turn this around, welcome to communism. Montreal and Quebec have been ghost towns between 8 pm and 5 am because of mandatory lockdown for 1 month. Police are patrolling the streets and fining people. People feel helpless and are going CRAZY. Among other things they must find shelter for all the street people EVERY night…. no nightlife… WHAT A MESS!!!
Read more

Elisa M.Luna

President Trump,
First Comander in Chief.
America a Nacion under God.
And Only To Him We Lisen and Obey.
We are Victorious. We Win.!!


This is gods battle..and he will win


who is Steve Zuckerberg? lol


Maybe mark is fake name and Steve Zuckerberg is his real name – oh wait his real name is Jacob Greenberg grandson of Rockefeller, and on the very day the department of defense canceled their Facebook program; he supposedly “invented” Facebook in his dorm room -YEAH RIGHT!!!!!
Or this Mark Zuckerberg is the clone of Jacob Greenberg
Quote from jack black on a late night talk show ” you have to do sequels, because they kill you; and clone you!”


they have destroyed the 1st amendment.. they spread lies. the truth is banned.. they have betrayed this nation

Randhir Singh

Am with Trump, from India. He’s had a rough 4 years. He won clean and honest, but they (deep state) wouldn’t let him function from Day 1. Constantly making up stories,–Russia collusion, Impeachment, releasing Covid, Media ridiculing him. He’s been a dynamic President who’s taking decisions for the good of the people. It would really be sad if he goes down. It will be the end of America’s soul.