Clinton Shipped to GITMO, Awaiting Military Tribunal


A shackled Hillary Clinton was removed from a fortified holding cell in south Florida and flown directly to Guantanamo Bay aboard a Marine CH-53 Sea Stallion helicopter, Real Raw News can now report.

The prisoner transfer came only days after Trump and Rear Adm. Hugh W. Howard, commander of Naval Special Warfare Command, greenlit a predawn raid on Clinton’s Chappaqua, NY, estate, resulting in her arrest.

Early Friday morning, a Marine escort brought a bound and gagged Clinton to Rybovich Heliport in West Palm Beach, FL., where the CH-53 sat ready to ferry her to GITMO. The flight lifted off at 4:45 a.m. and landed in Cuba an hour later, according to a Trump source familiar with the incident.

He said Clinton was uncooperative and had to be sedated for the trip.

Asked if Trump personally interrogated her prior to the flight, our source said the following:

“He did not. Trump doesn’t want to be within sight of her. Also, he’s letting the military handle everything. He knows his bias might skew a verdict, and he’s totally confident the evidence is compelling enough to secure a conviction. Whatever scant years Clinton has left will be spent in a dark cell, if she doesn’t face a firing squad.”

Clinton is currently housed in a private cell at GITMO’s Camp Delta and has been assigned the title “detainee 53,” and stripped of American citizenship. Our source was unable to confirm whether 53 referred to the current number of Deep State occupants, or if it was just a random number assignment.

Clinton’s privileges while awaiting a military tribunal will depend on her degree of cooperation. If she behaves, she will get 3 meals a day and be allowed to shower 4 times a week. She will also have access to a recreation yard. If, however, she is disobedient, her privileges will be revoked, and she will be thrown into solitary confinement until her tribunal date.

The military tribunal, our source said, has been tentatively scheduled for April 8, as Trump’s people are still deciding which military authorities will prosecute the case and decide on a proper sentence.

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Barbara Stephens

I remember when the military died at bengahazi she said what difference does it make. So glad she is being brought to justice.

Thor Gaarden

Sure they didn’t take one of her clones?


I’ve been seeing reports that Clinton was already arrested and executed. Which report do we believe? Yours (Michael) or others saying she’s gone?


Hillary was on TV last night on UK. She looked well no orange boiler suite.
Lots of unsupported claims being made. I realy hope she is hung.

But let’s be real


he deserves detainee #45 ??


Thank you. This is the funniest shit I’ve read in a long while.


I’ve heard she died the day she collapsed back a few years ago.

Kathy Null

They all need public firing squad. If not then others will come afterwards to do the same. We need to make sure they know what their punishment will be if any others try in the future.

M. D.

How solid is your source?

Bobs Uncle

Social media users have been sharing articles and posts which claim that Hillary Clinton has been arrested and flown to Guantanamo Bay detention camp where she will face a military tribunal. These claims are untrue. Clinton has not been arrested and has appeared on camera at International Women’s Day events after the day of her alleged arrest and transfer to Guantanamo Bay.


Take a look, this woman who is claimed to be HILLARY looks 10 to 20 yrs younger!? International Women’s Day: Hillary Clinton (

Darlene Smith

I pray this is true.


I have to ask. If she was taken into custody on the 4th, then how is she still running her mouth on twitter? I find it difficult to believe they would give her internet access. Let’s face it, she would incite riots. I’d love to see her hang but I’m struggling on this one.


How is she discussing The royal family misfits, if she is in Gitmo?

Jason carn

I would love to belive all of this its a dream come true but there is so much bull shit out there can someone help me belive


Please confirm this is factual. If it’s not then it’s great fiction! Killary does GITMO. ????????

James R. Johnson

My Father worked for U. S. Senator Alben Barkley, from Kentucky. In 1948, I was just 8 years old and wanted to be a Senate Page. I was too young for Little League and there were no Pee Wee Football teams back then. To make a long story short, I asked my Dad to let me be a Senate page. Fast forward 13 years and my 21st birthday. I was home from school, and finally asked my Dad why he wouldn’t let me be a Senate Page. “What and throw you in amongst all those pedophiles and queers! Not on your life, and if the parents of those children knew what they were being subjected to, they would be horrified”! That was 1948 folks!


If this is truly FACT then it is about time. The Clinton cabal along with the Biden Crime Family need to be gone. Our great Republic deserves that as well as all patriotic Americans.

Momma Baer

Good, I pray this is true, never know truth from fake these days…I think that was how they wanted it


Hillary Clinton slams ‘unsupportive’ royals who let Meghan suffer ‘outrageous cruelty’
Hillary just appeared on The Washington Post yesterday Mar. 08 2021.
Not sure if the RRN got the news from… (I could be wrong )

Dallas Thomas

If they go as far back as when her pathetic husband was in office they will have to rent a u-haul for just the crimes on paper .she definitely has a long stretch ahead. Can’t wait for bill to join her along with Obama biden hunter pelosi schumer too many to waste my time writing down I think she is absolutely a deplorable pathetic scumbag .don’t forget all the money they ripped from haitti .of course all bank accounts will be given back to the people leave all of them broke so not even welfare will except any of them. they are going to have to build quite a few prisons to hold all the guilty .all the players as far as zuckerberg and anyone else msm Andrew quomo newsome mitt romney he has a part and BLM antifa what about george soros and george bush it’s going to sound like a stool pigeon concert . Singing she is going to fold up like a trailer park in a ?️ storm.
As far as most of the nation is concerned trump is still our president


I don’t think civilian prisoners can be transported to or from GITMO using military resources. I hope I’m very wrong.

The Tirghrathoir

You are correct.


My prayers would’ve been answered if this proves true… and help us hold on while this whole mess plays out.


I wish this were true. Where is any tiny bit of proof? Please any crumb would suffice to hold out hope. ???


Please God Be True


Qoomers actually believe this HAHAHAHAH

Jeff taylor

Praise god, thank you president Donald J Trump, and the Navy Seals team, its been along time coming to take that sorry excuse of a human being. Skank can live the way she deserves now.

Thomas James Short

Breaking News! WTO Linn Barlow,is and has been President Trump’s greatest advocate and steadfast supporter. Unshaken and believes mass arrest are imminent.


Cant fine that person, do you have a source?

Mike w

She spoke today, is not in gitmo.


Brooklyn? I’ll buy it. Make it 2.

Mike w

Prove to me it wasn’t .

Mike w

She spoke today on national woman’s day, she isn’t in gitmo! What do you get out of lying about these things? I mean I want it as much as the next guy, but this is getting ridiculous.

Mike w

Send me some info to change my mind …..

Diana Cutrell

Have you learned nothing over the last 5 years of Trumps campaign and Presidency?? The lying MSM doesn’t report anything that goes against anyone or anything they believe in, theyll omit, theyll lie, theyll twist the facts of the story to make it sound opposite of what it really is, anyone who still counts on any of the mainstream news for actual truth is a Doubting Thomas!!! Do your own research, pay attention to False Flags like bombings, shootings, major events, anything to take the focus off what’s really happening at the time!!! So many ppl are awake now and Dems are shaking in their boots, they know its coming, they just don’t know from where and they dont know when!!! We may be in the dark too but we will be shown all when it goes down and not one fence or barbed wire will stop it from happening!!! Dems, shiver me timbers!!!! ?????????????


Even though Hillary currently appears to be represented by an actor, let’s assume this story is true. Unless the MSM covers such an event, another clone or double merely will be waiting in the wings to take “her” place, so the point is moot.

Mike w

Why wouldn’t conservative media outlets cover this story if it was true? Like I said I want to see justice as much as the next guy but my skepticism is getting the best of me.


Clone / Body Double / CGI. That is not the real Hillary Clinton.


Definetely not her. I’ve heard the dems have like 50 clones/body doubles of her to protect her. That isn’t her, and maybe it’s possible Trump’s people grabbed one of the clones instead of the real hillary, too


Maybe someone should look deep in HRC emails to find any connection with the death of Justice Scalia!!!


Why has newsmax not reported of this if it is true


newsmax is literally funded by the clinton foundation


Is that a fact or assumption?



Alexander Boyd

What a scoop! We all would love this to be so, but a photo of Gitmo & a good story are not enough. Loved your stuff on Putin vs Anunnaki . . .

Antonette Novello

Hopefully Biden and Obama is next

William R Cabe

I’ll dance a jig if this is the truth

john shepherd

brennan got life. both obamas gone

john shepherd

bill clinton went last year


I agree!!
Thank you so much Michael for real reporting!
I also, cannot wait for Obama, Brennan, Comey,Schiff, etc. with their biased hatred for our people to pay for all the wrong they have done to us!
Then the CEOs of MSM need to be held accountable for their spreading the lies to a naive US country and trying to change our beloved American love of patriotism & others!!


Can anyone posted at GTMO confirm or deny this?


Yeah that would be top secret need to know information that only a very select few individuals would know and they absolutely would not be able to discuss no matter what or they would be locked up right beside her. Assuming it is even true which I am not currently convinced.


Photos of Killary in shackes or it didn’t happen…

Israel Smith

Make sure to tell them to record everything she says and does 24/7 and she’s got to be monitored by multiple high rank at all times IMO… although it is GITMO after all. Im glad her days of free crime have ended but she and her allies will go to any lengths to escape justice. Thank you Michael.

Last edited 3 years ago by Israel Smith
Old Geezer

Time will tell if true or not. Where’s Bubba Billy Jeff? He’s just as treasonous etc. Sounds too good to be true!


We can only pray that the report is accurate and more are to follow. Unfortunately I can’t help but be a little skeptical. Why has nothing been reported on any other media, even FOX? You would think that there would at least be a report that she is in seclusion.


the military doesn’t have to report till trial time..


If they really got her a d this true.. I am LMAO ?? Especially that they gagged her… I’m sure they couldn’t stand her potty mouth and screaming voice. I would have loved to see that!!!

Sifu J

I think the helo might be disinformation to protect the good guys.

EGS243 — LJ45 (Learjet twin engine)


It says they took her on a helicopter. That link is a Lear45 jet. Maybe some of her other friends got to go too!

A Gorilla

This seems too good to be true. Not a lot of evidence in this article…

Vic Anderson

Sounds more like trial on 1 April ! AFFIRM ?

robert bizek

Its About time