Pence Eludes Capture, Military in Hot Pursuit


US military assets operating on Donald Trump’s authority came within inches of apprehending former Vice President Michael Pence at a clandestine safehouse where he had been hiding somewhere in southern Indiana, according to a Trump source familiar with the operation.

As previously reported, Donald Trump branded Pence “a traitor to America and its people” after then-VP Pence sided with Democrats during the Jan 6. Electoral College certification. His unconscionable choice earned Trump’s enmity. Since then, Pence had been jet setting around the world hoping to find a non-extradition country he could call home. But none wanted him. Not even Vladimir Putin.

Trump gave Pence many chances to apologize and name his Deep State co-conspirators, but Pence declined an invitation to admit guilt and ask forgiveness at the February 21-25 CPAC conference in Orlando, FL. Had Pence acquiesced, Trump would have shown leniency and shredded a sealed indictment charging him with crimes against America and its people, our source said.

On Wednesday, March 3, Trump received an intelligence brief saying that Pence had physically distanced himself from his family and was hiding in a rented cabin near the Knobstone Trail in southern Indiana, an area known for its rugged terrain and dense, shadowy forests. It’s unclear whether he rented the building in his own name or an alias.

“This was the first credible evidence Trump had that Pence was isolated on American soil. He has been trying to get a bead on Pence for months, but Pence is a slippery one and has been constantly moving around. Trump talked to military commanders who are still helping him drain the swamp, officers who don’t recognize Biden’s presidency, and enlisted their help to track and capture Pence,” our source said.

Asked which military assets, specifically, took part in the operation, our source said, “I cannot answer that question, but it was a small unit sent to retrieve him.”

He did, however, supply the following details:

In the early morning hours on March 4, the “unit” infiltrated the area on foot and hiked four miles along a winding footpath that ended near a log cabin with wisps of woodsmoke emanating from a stone chimney. No vehicle was present, but what appeared to be fresh ATV tracks crisscrossed the area. Dim light shone through a curtained window. A diesel generator alongside the cabin was still running.

The unit, our source said, breached the door and hurled flashbang grenades into the room, calling out to Pence to surrender. But the cabin was empty, devoid of life. Whoever dwelt within appeared to have made a hasty exit; coffee bubbled in a percolator and a bowl of half-eaten, lukewarm stew was sitting on a small table.

Finding no one home, the military searched the immediate area, following ATV tracks to a clearing a half mile from the cabin. The ATV was there, but its occupant, Michael Pence, was nowhere to be found. Somehow, he had eluded capture.

“It’s like he upped and disappeared,” our source said. “A helicopter couldn’t have got him because the team would have heard it. Someone tipped Pence off, and it looks like he had an escape route planned. Trump wasn’t happy at all. He’s put out an all-points-bulletin for Pence’s capture, and he asked loyal military commanders to stay vigilant and to conduct a more thorough search of the area.”

In closing, our source said Trump has dispatched a forensics team to the cabin to check for prints and fibers and DNA evidence proving that Pence was indeed the cabin’s occupant.

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Michael I really want to believe but I am struggling with it. We are getting stories in conservative media that Trump and Pence still talk and are possibly still running mates for 2024. Then the story that Hildabeast is in gitmo as of the 7th. Her twitter is still spewing as of today. If she’s in gitmo, they are not going to allow her to run her mouth knowing she would incite riots. She’s going to have zero privelages there and internet access surely would not be allowed. I’m seeing conflicting stuff here. It wasn’t long ago people swore the military was taking over in January. I truly hope it’s all true, but it’s getting hard to swallow. So many let downs these past few months is leaving me and many others weary. I pray there is truth to this as I want to believe justice is coming.

Bobs Uncle

I’m not here to leave a snyde comment. I’m here to tell you straight up that you are a liar.


This got my attention because I live near the knob stone trail and this is actually very possible! Pence is from Columbus and this is common for people to ride atv and hike the knobstone trail and camping out.


Just finding this about pence a little hard to believe! Not saying it’s not true…Lord knows in this day & age, anything’s possible!! But if it is true…PLEASE let him be caught soon! We were so deceived by him…I want him found & tried for treason & executed…along with ALL the others guilty of treason too. Time they paid the price! Please keep us updated. For some reason I trust your articles…just not sure about pence being able to evade the military though!! Thank you though for what does feel like honest reporting!

Bobs Uncle

Lmfao!!! This guy can write! It’s all BS, but funny as hell. Qtards.


Michael I am curious. Any insights on the contents of the envelopes at the Bush funeral? I remember Pence also got one.


Wait a second. Under Trump’s authority? He is not commander in chief anymore. I want to see these people taken down but these stories are amazingly far fetched and totally arguable.


Want to find Pence talk to Fox he’s working for them now


How can the military be going after Pence when it seems he out in the open and going to work for Fox news as a reporter? I’m not sure where the truth is anymore or who to believe.

My real name

I think tucker Carlson was friendly with Hunter Biden. Another site had an email from 2014 thanking Hunter for his letter to George Town on behalf of tuckers daughter


Sic ’em President Trump. Pence could have taken one small action that would have made this a legitimate election – instead he stuck his head up his own lower opening and said he did not have the power – YES he did. I hope they get him soon and thanks for getting the news out.

Stacey Gostnell

The speech is supposed to be at the Heritage Foundation according to an anon Pence aid. The Heritage’s website makes no mention of it. however.


I didn’t find Pence’s speech for yesterday in S.C. as itcwas continually being announced hecwascto give. Mike mentioned watch and see it won’t happen or take place. If I’ve overlooked it somehow maybe someone can post the link where the speech scheduled for March 8th can be heard. Thanks


Pence is easy to spot…he will be at an underground gay club getting jerked by 10 year olds…remember the movie “The Jackal”

Bristol Birdie


Bristol Birdie


Mike Hunt

Y’all are literally insane wtf??don’t you have anything better to do than write smut about your racist ex president ??that’s what tumblr is for. Go back to your trailers and search for a job. Take care of your kids, cut your fucking lawn. Anything but this shit lmao


Trying to find a leveling playing field commenting here?

Leslie Smug

Maybe he could get the number if Epstein’s surgeon.?


Pedo Pence is on the run

Wayne They can just catch pence in South Carolina in april


Michael Baxter,

You have lost your credibility on this news report that “Pence is wanted for arrest by the military”. Pence will be at a South Carolina giving a speech. It would not be hard to find Pence by the military.

You sir, Mike, is promoting FAKE NEWS…Just like CNN and other main stream media.
You have lost all credibility with me and probably with other critically thinking viewers. If I check again next time on what news your spouting, I will be doing it for amusement.

I guess it’s very “possible” and easy for news reporters to get attention by givimg fake news. SAD

Remember, Mr.Baxter, lies and fake news have short legs. Your bs stories will be trashed.

Linda Bartling-Church

Michael Baxter
True or not…
I love your style!


I’m certain you’re unable to get a wink of sleep as you try to process your loss of cred with Alfie. *Snort*. I love the reporting…thank you! Continue! I’m here for it!

Ideas Time

National File is reporting that Pence will make public appearance soon on 2024 election bid. Where does this site get the posted information? Be helpful to know.

Ideas Time

We are sincerely hoping your source is correct. It will be a game changer for this site for calling out something no one else could or would touch. Best of luck. We be watching and hopping this traitor goes down.

He might have escaped in on of the many DUMB`S in the area. He I s well known for horrible crimes toward children, look it up!


Yea ok Pence is John Rambo on the loose a one man army taking on our special forces 🙂 LOL


Stock picture. And he’s supposed to speak in 3 weeks. So, who knows what’s true.


Thank God the evil satonist was arrested she need s to be turtured she had so many killed

Judy M Burgio

I totally agree! She is beyond evil, if there is such a thing. I pray she takes her last breath very soon, for all the innocent people/lives she has killed.

C Jaye

Actually, I’m unclear as to Pence crime. Trump can’t just order military to arrest him cause he didnt object to states votes.


There’s a whistle blower transcript Lin Wood posted on his Telegram page that speaks to Pence’s crimes. I don’t know if any of it is true, or even if this is, but it would explain why he’s being arrested.


Thanks for information!!
Keep it coming!


I like your style, Baxter. I don’t know if your stories are true or not, but they’re snappy and entertaining.

This news link would seem to lend some credence to your Pence story.


Dear Michael,

the perculator was still on the stove? Elite forces who lost the track… Truth can be really bizar and as much as i would like to believe it i doubt it hardly. I mean why didnt they took 2 choppers. One in the air with infrared and the other one or an extra with people to do the ground action?! Im no expert but come on…

Next to that the technology these days is so advanced you can zoom in on a gum on the streets and tell you the flavor. If this team went up to this cabin why not let a satelite observe the surroundings?! So many better options this sounds like a b movie.


Maybe he escaped in a tunnel.
I understand you can’t reveal sources. Thanks for providing information to research.
I’ll post it on my telegram channel.


Okay, my turn to be devil’s advocate. Who uses a percolator these days? Can you even buy one anymore?

Regardless, love what I’ve been reading and hope it turns out to be true.



I do haha, yes you can still buy them Temponick.Thanks for your reply Michael but these stories are worthless. Did you ever think about the idea you are played Michael? Govern ment = control mind. These people really believe they are so enlightend they are the ones destined to rule over the rest.Psychopaths are now for being charismatic. Making you feel special for being privileged receiving this high class info….

For a year now there are talks about deepstate actors doubles and people wearing masks etc.. Even saw videos, like fauci with the neck thing. How do we even know Trump is real? How do we know this whole operation saving the kids etc is real, yes i see arrests to but still where do they go and who knows those are legit? New mask/identity after arrest?! My point is people are dying from vaccines as we speak and i dont see it stopping fast. Why wait putting these medbeds in use? I know people are brainwashed but to just rely on these stories of people hiding in the wood and bunkers and we the need to do it slowly….

To me honesty and being a good person are common sense, there is no other way. What is wrong with this bullshit these days?! Why are so many people so weak? Here in the Netherlands we must wear masks, cant shake hands etc and there is a curfew from 21:00 till 4:30. I dont abide to that stuff cause its killing people. The covid rules kill people are you getting it?!?! I dont wear a mask and do whatever i wanna do after 21:00. This covid bullshit is killing people so all these talks about kids being rescued while meanwhile people do die as we speak. Dont forget these people abiding to these rules are the real nazies .Like the nazies said in ww2 we were just doing our job. You choose to follow a cult killing your brothers and sisters so its on you. Everybody abiding because they dont want an argument etc is helping with the killing.


over 150 children were found in Tennessee just a few days ago….save the children….

Nicholette Purich

I have a percolator, makes better coffee. You can buy one at Wal-Mart, Amazon, eBay, petty much anywhere…


Boilt coffee is the best.

Bobs Uncle

It would hold the same amount of true, Michael the Liar.

Regina A McGlashen

Maybe they didnt want jets or satellites . Maybe they just hoped to collect him quietly. Who know what is going on? Remember the seals that were killed in Benghazi?I am sure there were better options there too. But I am certain Pence has many people helping him. They OWE him for not speaking out at the electoral vote. That saved their entire fraudulent election.


ESOPs fairytale had some good ones when I was growing up but these are beautiful if they were only true the world would celebrate

Joe Blogh

Whack him. Whack him then stack him.




He needs to repent


TOOOOOOOOOOOO late for that….damage to republic is done…….



Nancy H

Since Pence is part of the Deep State and having been in the White House and around Trump, I am sure he knows and has learned a trick or two in order to slip away!!


I do remember he was another envelope recipiant at Bush’s funeral. I’m sure he’s looking over his shoulder a lot. I’d sure love to know what was in those envelopes.


From what’s been shown…it was from the Senior Bush telling each one “They know everything. I’m sorry.” On his letterhead & signed by him.


“I’m sorry. They know everything.”
Signed GHW Bush.
Thats what read in thos envelopes, apparently.



Nicole Westerly

Please. I want to see these treasonous creeps behind bars. Until I can see that I could care less.


Patience – it’s coming

Joy Alfiero-Cyc

You won’t believe it then either.


Thank you RRN. Only website I know of that rerpots true Trump news.


Agreed. So much BS on the net today, I’m glad I can come to this website to know what’s really going on.

Nancy Haynes

Epoch times and OANN are good too



I’m pretty sure Pense was given millions or maybe billions to betray Mr. Trump.


We do not know yet if that is so.
Wait and drink your tea!


He definitely showed where his loyalties are with smiling and elbow bumping Pelosi. I still can’t understand how he pulls such strong poll numbers as a possible 2024 candidate after proving he’s a swamp rat by betraying both his party and the people. I’d sooner write in a dead cockroach than vote for him.


I heard this from another source, and although the details varried slightly, the event seems to have happened as described. The hillary one too. Good reporting. I believe it. As the great patriot william cooper once said, if 99% of people don’t believe something, it must be true.

Dr Lex Winter

I have some land in Florida to sell you.


keep it oh swamp dweller

Leslie Smug

That’s swamp land the Everglades. Snakes are free ,?


If Hildabeast is in custody then how is she still spewing her bull on twitter? They are not going to let her have access knowing she would likely incite riots.

Bobs Uncle

You’re kidding right? You actually believe this crap? Wow. Another QTard folks


Let’s say for a minute that this is real. Why would a small unit hike on a footpath instead of approaching in a way most people would not expect?


Trump’s a nice guy but he has his limits when it comes to loyalty?

Leslie Smug

And you have this intimate knowledge how?


maybe the terrain warranted that approach..wasn’t there and neither were you


It seems like they could have gone in with atv’s or snowmobiles or something. If he escaped on a vehicle then they could have gone in with them. Just surround the place with enough people that he doesn’t have a chance.


Such as?


I love your shtick Mr. Baxter….keep’em coming. I once had an old Veteran tell me he had knee implants placed while on active duty that allowed him to run 40mph for up to 30 kilometers and another boast of retinal implants that allowed him to see great distances with amazing accuracy and even ET’s. Maybe Pence took advantage of these resources before he left office? Can your source confirm?

Last edited 3 years ago by EmmJay
Leslie Smug



So Pence is the new six million dollar man? ? Maybe next, Moochelle will be the bionic shemale.

Red dragon

So pence is like pretty boy Floyd now? VP’ s dont get secret service protection? Hes physically hiding in some remote cabin? LMAO.

Red dragon

I want to believe, truly. But this is crazy. Even if true think about it. Trump according to this story had him and then released him. He disappears into the woods like a 62 year old ninja. Then pence eludes a highly trained military squad. Its ridiculous.


Where are you getting your info from Michael is it legit ?

Bobs Uncle

LIAR!!! All you paint is garbage and you know it.

Charles St. Pierre

Lol “tell us your sources! Who are your sources!”

Why don’t you people understand that whistle-blowers and high up on the ladder military Intel ONLY gets leaked to people who can be trusted to keep their mouths shut.


OR….Military Intel ONLY gets leaked to people who can be trusted to OPEN their mouths and report what is told to them; exactly…word-for-word. Sources? Right.


that is undeniably true – especially when comes to govt

btw – is a new story breaking at w e: “Pence to give first speech since leaving office” by Carly Roman, Associate News Editor | March 08, 2021 02:05 PM”

Last edited 3 years ago by name

Remember, Pence has Democrats, as well many from the FBI, CIA and others, who for sure are helping him to stay away from handcuffs.


all his blood thirsty baby-eating friends…


Why aren’t you on TELEGRAM?


He doesn’t need to be…& might not want to be until things straighten out with Telegram…


he is still apparently trumps vp choice in 2024..according to trumps team

cynthia m aikins

is it really true Hillary Clinton got arrested?


Chris Christie would have been a colossal, giant mistake, as well. Pence had some political experience , was a Midwest magnet, but turned out to be a traitor..


Chris Christie showed he didn’t have any loyalties to anyone but himself, he’s a hanger-on to whoever is popular at the moment.


Chris Christie would be a horrible choice


You have your sh*t together! Nice and refreshing journalism!! Maybe with guys like you the profession will make a comeback. Thank you!

Bobs Uncle

Another clueless moron strikes again

Poornima Wagh

Chris Christie is equally bad as Pence, just fatter and more slovenly. Trump seriously needs to give up on hiring more of the same “SWAMP”.




That’s not true Trump is already looking at other people.


NOT…..A 30 PENCE….

Bobs Uncle

Yes you do. You sit right there in your chair and try to tell everybody that your information is accurate. But you are a lair. A grifter. You take advantage of obviously mentally challenged individuals by pedaling this trash. Trump lost! HRC isn’t going to jail! Bill Clinton I’d going to jail. He should if the rape allegations are true.


Wake up! There are some snippets on MSM (FOX even) hinting that “unusual” and “odd” things are happening. Remember the Iraq Dictator Hussein? He had all the $$$$ in the world and they dug him out of a hole in the ground WITHOUT soldiers protecting him. Open your eyes!


I saw that article about unusual things happening.

I Janice Stine

where is that article please?


He had help and fled prior to Trump’s military arriving. And he was hiding in a cabin in the woods. Trump’s lucky he still has loyal friends in the military AFTER stepping-down from office.


He Never Conceded!