Trump Recommends Death Sentence for “Fraudulent Fauci”


Donald J. Trump on Monday leveled his sharpest criticism yet at Deep State Dr. Anthony Fauci, saying in a letter to Republican governors that “fraudulent Fauci” should face the death penalty for “great crimes against the American people and their president,” said a Mar-a-Lago source familiar with Trump’s missions to expose the Deep State cabal and unseat Joseph Biden.

Trump wrote the letter, our source said, in response to Fauci’s most recent appearances on Sunday morning news broadcasts, where he attacked Govs. Greg Abbott (R-TX) and Tate Reeves (R-MS) for rescinding statewide mask mandates. Fauci also took an unprovoked swipe at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, saying “rowdy and unlawful” spring-breakers threatened to spark a fresh surge of Covid-19 infections.

“He [DeSantis] will have to answer for the next super-spreader. Florida should close its beaches until 90% of the state is fully vaccinated,” Fauci told CNN’s Jake Tapper.

Sources familiar with Trump’s efforts to dethrone the illegitimate president and imprison his co-conspirators told RRN that Trump has a sealed indictment on the Deep State doctor, but Fauci’s political prominence has kept Trump from simply scooping him up for a trip to Guantanamo Bay.

“Fauci is staying in the limelight to protect himself. He knows his days are numbered, but right now he’s counting on Biden’s protection. It won’t last forever. Trump has thick skin. He doesn’t care if someone makes nasty comments about him. But go after his friends, those loyal to him, and that’s a different story entirely,” one source said.

Fauci has a troubling history of attacking politicians who disagree with his imaginary science and quackery—a pattern that began shortly after he joined Trump’s Covid-19 Task Force. When Trump asked why heart attack deaths and gunshot fatalities were added to the Covid-19 case fatality rate, Fauci said the virus was a contributing factor, a blatant lie.

“At every opportunity, Fauci used the media to undermine Trump and attack him. Trump put up with Fauci’s nonsense for a long time before putting him in a corner like a misbehaving child. When Trump returns to power and opens the indictment, the full breadth of Fauci’s treachery will be made public,” our source said.

Treason and mass medical malpractice are just two of the charges Fauci must answer for, and Trump holds Fauci personally responsible for the deaths of thousands—hundreds of thousands—of great Americans, he added. Fauci’s see-sawing on the merits of mask wearing and social distancing early in the plandemic caused needless fatalities.

“It would be fitting he get the death penalty himself, but I’ll let a military tribunal decide his fate,” Trump wrote in his letter to loyal Republican governors.

In closing, our source said Trump is counting on the support of Red State governors like DeSantis and Abbott, as well as dependable House Reps. And Congressmen, to rise to the occasion at the appointed hour, when Fauci’s—and many other Deep State operatives—crimes will be laid bare.

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Poornima Wagh

Greg Abbott is a bushite, he’s a globalist. He’s the last thing Trump needs in HIS orbit. The ONLY governor with any real sense at all in the entire country is Ron DeSantis. All other governors R and D are just useless parasites and psychopaths and have folded like cheap suits to the globalists. Even Rand Paul, who’s supposed to be clean has folded like a cheap suit. There is NO ONE in congress that is worth anything, they’re all infected.


Dr. Fraudci Mengele will pay dearly for his evil doings. I hope him and Bill Gates burn in hell along with traitor pedo Pence, China Biden, and all the rest of the corrupt governors and mayors who have destroyed this country. BURN IN HELL DR. FRAUDCI!!!

Tammie B

Yes! Is Bill Gates next?

Mike Rotch Hertz

Is it true that bringing on Fauci was Jarvanka’s idea?
If so, then Trump himself co-signed on the shitty decision.

I swear, one of the worst decisions Trump had ever made in his administration was bringing on Jarvanka. They have helped play a role in some of the worst moves Trump has ever made in his administration. If the military does come take control, I hope they take Jarvanka down with the rest of the crooks. Just because those two brats know when to smile and clap while standing behind daddykins doesn’t mean they’re allies. In fact, that’s the best place to hide. All Fredo Kushner seems to know how to do is spend other people’s money and bungle international deals. If you’ve heard Princess Vanky in interviews, you’d almost think she was a democrat. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if they were found out to be some of the White House leaks as “advisors”.

Whether you love or hate Steve Bannon, he was right about one thing for sure: Jarvanka was a threat to the MAGA platform and Trump had to jettison their stupid asses. Too bad that played a part in Bannon himself getting canned, among other things.

Aurel Carole

Hello to every one from USA . I am from Sweden . We have same problem here with the corruption politic people. Fauci and Gates is 2 most important person who done all happened today in entire world. They should take in jail direkt. I hope Trump will reset the entire world of this parasit people. We in Sweden are we Donald Trump all the way.


Absolutely! Crimes against humanity – hang all involved in this as well as the pedos.


Fauci is one scary bastard!

Ritchie Smith

I would like to believe most of what’s posted on here, but there is nothing to back any of it up.


Thats not the real “Criminal Quack Job Fauci” in the picture…Probably some actor wearing a mask, CGI or clone …just like with Pedo Criminal Idiot Biden & some Biden’s Corrupt Administration as well as some the other Liberal Filthbag Left Corrupt Criminals, Pedo’s & Murderers…. It’s all a SHOW!!! The Left and the DEEP STATE, CABAL & FILTHBAG DEMONS & DS PIGS have all been crapping themselves…including the Corrupt, Evil, Lying Garbage MSM NEWS… CNN, MSNBC, FOX and the REST!!

Last edited 3 years ago by JEM

OMIGOD this is freaky! Mouse over the photo and it zooms a little bit like he’s coming out of the screen. That face coming at you from the screen is the stuff of nightmares!

Jay Mcr

I doubt people would miss Fauci should he just suddenly disappear.


How about taking in:for treason/ incited violence, selling America, stealing election- all deserves death by firing squad
Pelosi Schumer buyden n son hunter kamala Harris Obama
Squad, scalwell etc all radical demonic demoncrats
Thanks ? for being here in defense for our unique country
God bless your platform to continue to prosper


Thank God for President Tump!??✝️ I hope this is true! His list of campaign promises are all met!


Great if it ever happens but lots of talk like Hillary arrest.

No factual evidance

Jeroen Mus

The man on the picture above is not Anthony Fauci. Is the real one already in custody? I really hope so!


About halfway through this video is Fauci which looks like he is wearing a mask. After reading your article about Hillary, I believe the “left” are using CGI and other methods to make it look like things are normal when hopefully they are not. The only other mention of Hillary being arrested is Simon Parkes postponed a podcast to look into her arrest. I have sent your article to several people like Sarah Carter and John Solomon and no one has been able to confirm. Like people are saying, we don’t know for sure this is true, but we are having fun reading your articles and hoping.

Keep up the good work.


Unfortunately, you will never get anybody else to confirm his story because they don’t know themselves. HOWEVER, I honestly believe that Michael Baxter has no reason to put out bullshit and destroy his reputation, just like attorney Lin Wood. Lin Wood has made extremely bold claims such as Mike Pence and Justice Roberts being pedos. Lin Wood would not lie and destroy his reputation as a defamation lawyer, and Michael Baxter wouldn’t spew bullshit to ruin his reputation as a journalist. And I must say, his writing is amazing and the details he gives are too specific to be made up. Michael Baxter is smart enough to know that false story click bait will only last but for so long before it bites him in the ass. His journalistic integrity would not allow him to make up stories like this because he is in it for the long run, not short term. I believe him because I have done my research and I know that the MSM cannot be trusted and would never report on such stories. The only way the truth will come out to the public is when the military uses the Emergency Alert System to address the people, which hopefully will be soon.


I tend to concur. I’m not an expert here, but those facial contours would not appear consistent in comparing similar images throughout the interwebs. Considering the current “administration” is operating out of a film set with a cast of dubious identities, I’m not surprised.


Why did Trump never fire his dumb, arrogant, corrupt, evil ass?

Terminally deplorable

This is one of the great mysteries of our time. There are a lot more people that should have been fired.


With “friends” like that, Trump do not need enemies…


It seems like the Trump admin could have limited Fauci. He should have been one in a crowd of experts and never been alllowed to speak for everyone. His left wing ties are no secret and he never should have been given so much power. When he kept changing his story like diapers he should have been drop kicked out the door. Much like claiming Sharpton is a man of God, Fauci is a total fraud.

Pauly B

If that is true, then Jared and Ivanka should go to Gitmo along with the corrupt, sawed-off midget Fauci.

Last edited 3 years ago by Pauly B

Most losers like Fauci, dig in deeper and deeper so why not let this evil ass get in deeper and deeper…they cannot help themselves. Kudos to Our DJT!

Antero Valdes Carrera

Esto es una gran esperanza de libertad para la humanidad.Protejan a Donald Trump

Ideas Time

A punishment so richly deserved.


I find this quite dubious. It mentions his dislike of rescinding of mask mandates, but doesn’t mention that his fingerprints are all over the Wuhan lab?


It’s not a matter of what you’ve written about prior. This is a separate incident.


He has money invested in the vaccine. He gave US money to the lab in Wuhan. His fingerprints and toe prints are all over this hoax. Hold on, snowflake, because it’s only going to get rockier for you from here on out.