Clinton Suffers Adrenochrome Withdrawal at GITMO


A disruptive Hillary Clinton was placed in lockdown at GITMO following a series of incidents in which the former Secretary of State spat on guards, defecated on the floor of her cell, assaulted U.S. military personnel, and, in her witch’s cackle, hurled obscenities indefatigably at staff and fellow inmates, said a source familiar with Clinton’s arrest and incarceration at the world’s most infamous detention center.

As reported previously, U.S. Navy SEALs working under Trump’s command raided Clinton’s Chappaqua, NY, estate on March 2, resulting in her arrest. Three days later, she was taken to GITMO’s Camp Delta, former home to Al-Qaeda and ISIS Jihadists.

Citing a March 15 GITMO situation report, our source said Clinton was a model prisoner during her first week in captivity, meaning she kept her mouth shut and didn’t cause a ruckus. But on March 10 her demeanor changed; she underwent what a staff psychiatrist called a behavioral metamorphosis. A once complacent Clinton turned suddenly hostile and uncooperative.

On March 11, Clinton went on a hunger strike, claiming guards had poisoned her food, and threw serving trays at staff. Then she began hurling pithy aphorisms and insults at the men tasked with guarding her: “I’m Hillary Clinton, you can’t do this to me!” “My people will get me out of here.” “You’re violating my constitutional right.” And so on.

“It’s almost comical to hear Clinton complain about her rights being violated. That woman has violated the rights and freedoms of more Americans than any person in history, except for the criminal Barack Hussein Obama. Her witless banter then turned to threats, veiled at first, then obvious,” our source said.

Clinton threatened guards and their families, admitting she had ordered the deaths of countless people who had slighted her. She told GITMO staff that their loved ones “are not beyond my reach” and demanded to be released. When told she had no rights, and shared the same status as Jihadi inmates, Clinton took a turn for the worse. She stopped using the commode and instead shat on her cell floor. She repeatedly spat in guards’ faces, forcing them to bag and gag her when escorting her to and from the cell.

“She even bit a guard on the arm. The guy had to get a tetanus vaccination,” our source said. “Two days later, though, she had another transmogrification. She all of a sudden became laconic and withdrawn. She sat in a corner of her cell with her knees drawn up against her chest and shook uncontrollably, quaking like an animal and frothing at the mouth.”

Guards sedated Clinton and brought her to the infirmary, where the facility’s sole physician made an alarming discovery: the saggy skin on her left forearm was dotted with pinpricks like one might expect to find on a heroin addict.

The physician did a comprehensive metabolic panel and typed her blood, and lab results revealed inexplicable abnormalities. Her blood, which is AB- according to State Department records, had metalloproteins of two other blood types, A- and O+, a medical impossibility suggesting she had received infusions from incompatible donors. The lab also showed atypical concentrations of adrenochrome, a chemical compound produced by the oxidation of adrenaline.

Some circles believe that the most potent and purest forms of adrenochrome are harvested from frightened young children, then injected or administered via infusion into a recipient as a euphoric, recreational drug that allegedly has anti-aging properties. It appeared as if Clinton had been a frequent recipient of the pharmacological cocktail.

“The bitch was going through withdrawal. Who knows how long she was shooting that shit into her veins to prolong her unnatural life? It had to be the adrenochrome. They tested her for every known narcotic under the sun—all negative,” our source said.

In closing, our source said Clinton’s withdrawal, for however long it lasts, will have no bearing on her impending military tribunal, which is tentatively scheduled for April 8.

“The traitor will be held to account,” he said.

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Vic Anderson

GRATE Fiction deserving a Pullet $URPRI$E !


i believe everything on the internet

Terminally deplorable

Death becomes her


Michael Baxter, I believe your articles and I don’t think you are lying. However, my question is the following; if you are getting this info from credible inside sources, why is this “source” only giving YOU the info? Is this source giving the same info to mainstream reporters but they refuse to believe it or report on it? My question is what does the mainstream media know about this, if they do. If this inside source is making you privy to this knowledge, it makes me feel that this “whistleblower” does not want the majority of the people to believe this story if he is only giving it to just a few reporters or just you. I am confused as hell. Please explain this. Also, people want to know if Trump invoked the Insurrection Act on Jan.11th which got Parler shut down. All the signs point to “yes”, but nobody has acknowledged this and all the fact checkers have dismissed this. If Trump did NOT invoke the Act, then there is no way in hell we will ever win. There are too many conflicting stories with the military in regards to this wokeness crap and anti Trump sentiment in vetting soldiers to see if they are Trump supporters. Is this true?? Everybody is so confused. I ask of you kindly to please set the record straight on this if you know anything. Thank you.


As of 3/23/21 just news released an interview from Hillary about the border crisis as if her words are of importance. It would appear that she is anything but being in Gitmo. Care to report on this.

Come on, man.

Too bad there’s NO SUCH THING as “adenochrome.” Another QAnon goofball Trump cultist, nuttier than squirrel shit.

Come on, man.

Or is it the screams of kids from Monsters, Inc.? You’re a fake and a phony spewing fake news and horseshit and you know it. Name your sources. Offer proof. You have ZERO. PHONY.


I heard she was executed over a year ago so was this her clone or stand in? Just asking as you hear all kinds of news….thank you


Thank you for standing for truth and service to the one Michael.There’s so much that has happened and is happening in the drama of the illusion The catalyst for our awakening to truth We get to Sep up in answer to the call, a choice to live in truth, in service to the all, to the “one” and this includes humble service to the self of course or do we choose to live in service to the self ? Life and creation, it’s all happening has happened will happen at once in the one eternal moment, as time is a construct. The earth is/ has raised her vibration, evolving/evolved as with her children must also evolve into 4th dimension where all is energy and transparent and where fear cannot exist so our lesson from this drama we see ( as within so without ) brings us each to a personal choice. Service and love of the creator and respect and adherence to the true, never changing natural universal laws and so remember take from the drama your own lesson and go within and see the old ways are fallen away and we have free will and can each individually step up and choose to live in service to the all and go together into 4D with our Mother Earth or some may choose service to self and go elsewhere in the universe to be supported in that dimension.
It’s the end of a cycle in the heavens that allows us to raise our vibration ( as souls ) to graduate to a matching vibrational plane of existence, but only if we choose, the time/window of opportunity is getting short, it
is called “the harvest” and we have many helpers around us at this time.
You are each of great importance, “grand” in the scheme of things
Remember to call on higher energies and ask for help as they cannot help unless they are asked.
Enjoy the show
It’s all for you, consciousness, it is you x


death would be to good for the bitch hope she suffers like all her victims did what a sick bitch i hope they have obama he needs to suffer a terrible death too


Where is the evidence?


Hillary was hung for her crimes…


Anyone ever think that trump is just part of “the show” that everyone likes to call politics, and they’re all friends behind closed doors, and everything we see on tv is fake and a lie?? Or is it just me?


I wish we could see a live feed of her in her prison cell! Wouldn’t that be Epic!!!! Hahaha Rotting Hillary


Hollagram/CGI/BODY DOUBLE IT IS PEOPLE!!! Paying attention to details (minor details) makes it obvious….comparing old photos with recent photos. Old video clips with recent video clips especially when its a body double. When its CGI they get sloppy and minor details can be noticed. Do the same with others such as Biden, Oprah, etc. Its all staring us in the freaking face… conspiracy just something called common since!!!!


While intriguing, this remains all hearsay, and therefore fiction. Although I must say, we haven’t really seen or heard much of her lately. Nevertheless, we the people have a right to know. We deseeve to know if govt officials are being arrested and held in confinement. These trials, if they are truly going on, MUST be in the public eye, or must be disclosed soon. We fund these programs. There must be fair treatment and the ability to hear & try both sides. Otherwise it’s a deceptive system no longer based on our Constitution. We want justice, yes. But not vigilante justice.

Michael De Armon

I do not know if any of this is true.

  1. The MSM can’t risk touching it, confirm nor deny. They can’t touch it. It would bring too much attention.
  2. I don’t buy into clones. Cloning body parts, yes. Full clones to copy our daily lives, no. Body doubles, actors, yes. Really good prosthetic masks. Yes. Every alphabet agency has their own Hollywood class Movie Theater, maybe even more high tech, including the IRS.

There are no sources other than “Please believe me, I know a guy.” Not to shit on anyone’s parade… but more evidence would mean so much more to us that want to believe that Biden and Harris are not actually in power.

But tangible things are indicating the opposite, such as gas prices. These things I can feel directly.

I dunno.

Poco Gozo

Crucify the bitch! After her conviction, lead her out on a transport truck driven to a desolate location somewhere on Cuba. Once there lay her down on a makeshift cross naked, bind her arms to the lateral cross beams and tie her cankles to the vertical shaft, raise it up, and plug the cross into an already dug out hole upright! Leave her suspended to the hot Caribbean sun and its ever present vultures to finish the job! Maybe in the last days of her life she will remember those innocent children brutally tortured and killed to retrieve that excretion from the adrenaline she so wantonly craved!

Terminally deplorable

The ants will find her first.


Assuming that Michael Baxter’s reports on Hillary Clinton’s arrest and her subsequent transfer to Gitmo are false, then, why don’t the Clinton people seize upon Baxter’s unflattering description of her alleged behaviour in prison as the grounds for a defamation lawsuit against the publisher (Real Raw News)? Why is the publisher (Real Raw News) so bold that it dares to publish such unflattering details of her alleged behaviour in prison without fears of being sued for defamation? Why does the mainstream media remain completely silent about Baxter’s reports on Hillary Clinton’s alleged arrest? Isn’t the fact that someone has released three (3) reports on Hillary Clinton’s arrest, transfer to Gitmo and life in prison within a short period of only two (2) weeks, false or true, not news at all? Or not news that deserves to be categorically refuted or confirmed?


This bitch is absolutely possessed by evil Satanic demons (probably several). Her behavior described in this article makes this pretty obvious to anyone with a discerning eye. First stoic and lethargic, then violent as well as physically and verbally abusive, threats of physical harm and even death threats, then back to stoic and lethargic, even the behavior describing her looking like a caged animal with distemper. This is the behavior of classic Satanic demon possession. Even if she is also exhibiting signs of a drug withdrawal as well, the behavior described here sounds to me to be pure Satanic possession on full display.



What’s your story going to be when Clinton appears in public, clearly having never gone to Gitmo?


Mr. Baxter, thanks for your informative report. How about a report on her husband, Bill? Is he at Gitmo too?


Surely her friends and relatives would by now have spoken out if what we are actually seeing is ”Doubles / CGI / Deep Fake / possible cloning.”

Terminally deplorable

Never assume a conspiracy if simple stupidity could be an explanation.


this guy Baxter is a shill…go back to muckrack and read. he is pushing global vaccines etc. he is a global shill… why… can you trust this guy?


Why does this site give options to SHARE on Russian VKontakte and Odnoklassniki?

Poco Gozo

Who do you work for – CIA? Counterintelligence?

King Fred

How much Hopium does one have to inhale to create the alternate reality you did with these articles?

Jerry B. Dalton

I really, really want this to be true.


Me, too! If it isn’t, it is still a “hoot” to read and imagine her in this situation! Michael is great!


I can believe withdraw. I’ve read stories about the satanist events. One was from someone who witnessed one. They cut a pregnant mother open, unsedated so as not to prevent the adrenaline rush, and the child was also sacrificed. They drink the blood for the rush.

Check out this story. Lady Gag Me is featured in it

Last edited 3 years ago by david68_00

Everyone, watch “The 6th Day” ..

A clone will believe they are the original source ..

Bad habits transferred and all ..

The scene between Dr. Weir (Duvall) and his wife is most compelling ..

Then watch “The Island” ..

A clone there, recalls Latin from his “source” ..

Whoever is in Gitmo could well still be a clone ..

The original HRC, executed years ago ..

And the Gitmo doctors not knowing, unless they know exactly what to look for ..


You all know that this is probably all BS, right? The NDA prohibits civilian prisoners from being transported on military aircraft.


When you commit treason, you lose your right as a citizen, especially when we are under Marshall Law, which we are.


Martial law yet zero evidence of it to be found. Much like clains Trump is still president yet he’s talking 22 ans 24 while O-Biden is destroying the country from the office of president. It a sounds nice but show me some evidence already.


I don’t believe that applies to persons deemed “enemy combatants” which includes persons involved in treason with a known enemy. Also , if tne Insurection Act is in effect martial law is different than civil laws.

Poco Gozo

What makes you think it was military aircraft? The government has many contracted flights with civilian entities. Many years ago I worked flight lines off loading DOD cargo from many civilian aircraft on military bases all the time. Yes I am aware of the NDAA which prohibits transporting civilian prisoners on military aircraft.


They aren’t Civilians if they are wanted for crimes performed in their official capacity as government agents or officials. Then they can be charged with crimes such as acting under “color of law,” which can carry the death penalty.

I just feel that the people have a right to know. And sooner rather than later.


You are not stripped of your citizenship when you are arrested and charged for goodness sakes! The Constitution is PARAMOUNT when that happens!

Innocent until PROVEN guilty?
5th Amendment Due Process of Law?
No search or seizure without a WARRANT?
Right to a speedy trial?
Right to face your Accusers?
Right to remain silent?

You never lose those rights upon arrest! You demand them as a U.S. Citizen!

Now, if you are a government agent, official, entity, or employee….THAT’S DIFFERENT! Certain of these jobs (like CIA) require you voluntarily relinquish those rights upon Oath.

Israel Smith

I knew it would be a good idea to record everything she does ?


Hillary Clinton says she hopes GOP will ‘find its soul’
Mychael Schnell 3/8/2021

Hillary Clinton criticized the current state of the Republican party on Monday, denouncing the GOP for what she described as cultlike allegiance to former President Trump. “They’ve done a calculation. They’ve concluded Trump is the puppet master who pulls the strings of the hardcore base of the Republican Party,” the former Democratic presidential candidate said in a Washington Post Live interview. “They’re just throwing the towel in.

Tony Choi

Thanks a lot for your info,I believe in every word that you said。

Last edited 3 years ago by Tony Choi
Poco Gozo

The Joe Biden holographic image in front of those reporters was creepy and convincing enough for me that this whole thing is a gigantic hoax to fool a gullible American public.


Me too!


Her twitter certainly has not slowed down


The liberal left / Deep State is still heavily invested in her. They can’t let her die, hence the holograms or whatever, and they can’t admit the real Clinton has been has been captured or killed, as that would be admitting defeat.

Poco Gozo

Anyone from the “deep state” can shoot out twitters in her name! Don’t be so gullible.


The problem here is no evidence of either way. It’s all speculation and claims from an “undisclosed source”. I could claim a source I can’t reveal says you cross dress on weekends. Do that make it undeniable proven? Of course not. This source js supposedly a Trump group leaker. Trump doesn’t deal in leaks. He demands absolute confidentiality until it’s time for the reveal. That alone makes me.think twice about a leaker being the source. The only person I take in blind faith is God. When it comes to man, I want ro see some evidence. It’s fun to discuss and think about, but still unproven theory. Theories are running wild in every direction these days and everyone claims what they believe is true. If you blindly trust man without question, you will be first in line to board the box car. You have to question. The word says to test every spirit. If it isn’t in the word but coming from man, then until the evidence is there it’s only theory. I hope to see the proof of these stories come to light, but until it does I take it as speculation. I can’t accept anything as fact until proven as such.

Poco Gozo

I am not sure whether that interview with Hillary is real or not especially since the CGI hologram image of Joe Biden appeared on Bloomberg news feed the other day. What if Hillary who walks around DC and Chappaqua is just a body double or something. It has happen before you know on that day when they threw her limped body into that limousine, and just hours later appeared bright and lit up on her daughters doorstep as if nothing had happened!


I watched that over & over again in slow motion and I think that woman they said was her doctor injected something in her.

Hillary looked scared when she saw her, then the doctor had a pen or something in her hand and touched Hillary with it.

Right after that exchange, Hillary went down.

There was a NYPD guy there wearing a hat. Looked like a Men (& women) in Black moment. Was that her arrest?

No one seemed surprised at all. The people around her all looked rehearsed, in fact. Just my humble opinion as a curious onlooker.


but there’s no video to back this up- just typed out words- I can type words and says someone said this. Where’s the video showing Hillary alive and well?


Trump is a sellout. Why is he urging Americans, including his supportrs, get the vaccine? He is deep state part of the big pharma.


It concerns me too.


Abul, You’re forgetting that Trump has referred to hydroxychloriquine as vaccine – not the kind you put in your arm or rear end, but a vaccine taken by mouth.

Poco Gozo

Then why doesn’t he come out and clarify this statement, its confusing a lot of Trump supporters!


Good question!


I am concerned of Trump saying taking vaccines, has the real Trump been compromised?

Paul D Smith

When considering Trump saying to take the “beautiful” vaccine, Look at the highest factor in this; The left with their ultimate scare to the world with this virus, wants fear to rule you. Trump alleviates the fear factor with HCQ. The left poo pooed that and closed all doors to use it. Then the narrative became, “Until there is a vaccine we will have to stay inside”. Well there is a vaccine now (Be it good or bad). This ends the left’s narrative. Boom. I consider it Trump code words to me to mean not to take the vaccine, but let people make up their own mind. Trump is not God, but Jesus said He would not leave us or forsake us. Trump has a plan that is playing out now. God is guiding this. Trust the plan.

Rebecca I Swaney

Trump stated that getting the vaccine was a personal choice. If you fear this virus and feel it the vaccine will help take the vaccine it is your choice. Trump also stated that his family would not be taking it.


I completely agree with you, he said we have a choice. Now everybody pull up your big boy pants and get over it.
Think for yourselves.

Poco Gozo

I do agree to part of your statement that we are allowed to “make up our own minds” since we have that freedom to do so. He did recommend his supporters to take the vaccine, but allowed for the freedom to bow out. I can live with that. What I cannot understand, does Trump read reports from around the world that the vaccines are indeed dangerous and have no therapeutic benefit in reality?


Do your own research on the vaccines. I bet you won’t take it after you educate yourself. Why do you need Trump to tell you to take or not take an experimental drug that has Not been tested. Bill Gates is involved with the vaccines. That’s all I need to know. I’m not going to be one of Gate’s lab rats. Especially for a Fake Flu pandemic with a 99.9 % recovery rate. What more information do you need people? Wake the fuck up!!


Yes, and we can also see Trump’s pattern in handling the Plandemic:
The Left purposefully worked as hard as they could to make handling Covid19 as impossible as possible.

Trump effectively proved to the world that no matter how much you appease them, NOTHING WILL EVER BE ENOUGH!

Trump is simply proving the LEFT will NEVER be happy! Their M.O. is to keep moving the goalposts & get rid of Trump.

It started with a demanding a swift response & shutting down international travel (still wasn’t good enough).

Then, like terrorists do, came a long list of never-ending demands until they have full power:

Medical Workers
Toilet paper
Hand sanitizer
Food & water
First Aid Supplies
PCR machines
Hospital beds
Social Distancing
Mask Police
Shut down the border
Business Response
Closed businesses
Closed govt agencies
Closed schools
Closed Places of Worship
Health Dept Threats
Double masks
Triple masks
Forced vaccines
Media Control
Vaccine Passports to shop or travel

WHAT WILL THEY DEMAND NEXT????? Our freedom? Our children? Our bodies? Our very BREATH? Our very souls?

Last edited 3 years ago by Iceberg
Rita Misero

Yes, trust God. He knows what needs to happen.!


AMEN!!! Well and appropriately stated…there’s far more sheep than Christians.

al pohl

“Trump code words to me to mean not to take the vaccine”
i agree, i believe that everyone that knows this is a hoax, know not to take the vaccines.


Folks should remember that President Trump isn’t the kind of man who would turn his back on the USA, particularly since he was mercilessly harassed in every way possible for four years and has some unfinished business to do.. HE NEVER FORGETS……


Big Pharma will kill anyone in positions of power who speak against the vaccine. They have certainly done so already. Trump is not immune to the Big Pharma mafia. He is only one person. He realizes he MUST say the vaccines are great or he will be murdered.

Big Pharm is making a killing killing us. If you object to that, Big Pharma objects to you — to the point of taking you out. They have already murdered numerous doctors, researchers, and heads of state.

Poco Gozo

Trump has said many times on his campaign swings across the country that “Big Pharma” is no friend of Donald Trump nor he with them. Doesn’t surprise me that they have made veiled threats against his life. Also heard that Pfizer deliberately delayed the production of this vaccine to spite the President and hurt his chance for re-election.


I heard Pfizer has been sued for billions for false promotion and bribing companies to push it’s drugs. Look up Pfizers criminal history on Learn something. Interesting.

Jay Mcr

Trump may be America First but given the information over the last 4 years it would seem his biggest Priority is Israel First. Guess we’ll see which one he supports when the Noahide Laws come into effect on all Americans.


Jay, just like here, there are 2 main factions in Israel. You realize Israel is under forced vaccination right now? They are Big Pharma guinea pigs and many are up in arms about it, but the oppression to silence them is even harsher than here.

How does that square with an “Israel: BAD” perspective?

Obviously there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes politically.

Please look into who Trump sees when he visits Israel. It’s not the Liberal Leftist politicians- they can’t stand him.

Last edited 3 years ago by Iceberg
Poco Gozo

The spouse and I had that same discussion, and now I am having my doubts about this so called gung-ho American. I think the American people have been played badly.


I think Trump is only mounting evidence to prove that nothing he does will ever satisfy the Left.


Listen to the last two online interviews with Juan O Savin regarding the state of our USA, and perhaps you will feel more optimistic about those who we are praying will have the strength to complete the mission at hand….


That and started wearing the mask & thanking others for wearing. That shocked & disappointed me. If Switzerland & other nations are all waiting for America to come save them, how misguided is that when we all do the same here, eagerly awaiting our own savior. I say to Switzerland: Your people are your real savior and you can start right now! Then I turn that mirror onto this nation. WE are our best and fastest savior! Start NOW!

Last edited 3 years ago by Iceberg
who cares

anyone named “abdul” should sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up. don’t you have a tower you need to implode???


Well Michael, all your readers can do is hope you are correct. Nothing would make us happier. Rush Limbaugh ask a question of his audience a year, or so ago: How many of you people know someone, or have a friend who knows someone who was murdered? I know a lot of people, and I sure don’t, he said. But look at the Clintons! At least fifty of their known associates have been killed, over the years. Not a coincidence, me thinks.

Poco Gozo

To this day, there is still no reasonable explanation why all of Bill Clinton’s personal state trooper body guards including most of their wives are all dead when he was governor of Arkansas. Hillary presumably had a kill fest prior to his nomination as POTUS.


I am just amazed no media ever talks about this story. We call the military the big mute. So yes, they have to keep this story secret, but for how long ? If Hillary Clinton is in GITMO, then she must have her double who imitates the real HC with very good talent. Future will tell. I just do hope that all those criminals will be punished and Donald Trump will get back to power asap, as he is the legitimate president of the US and the 2020 election was stolen from him : that is unfair not only for President Trump but also for the American people.

Last edited 3 years ago by Vincent
Pamela Hickey

Even more importantly, with these ‘creatures’ out of the way, the children are saved. Now I know what Christ’s comment of “Suffer the little children come unto me” means.


A few people supposedly arrested from the top doesnt stop the rife paedophilia accross the world!!

Rita Misero

AMEN!! Our children need to be saved! Saved from our school system,too.


Man, I hope this is true. This is a lot detailed information for sure so it’s hard to believe this would all be fake news. Been waiting years for justice and I hope it’s coming!

Susane Tagayev

Hello , I don’t know who your sources are but I have heard so many different versions . I heard she was arrested in 2016 already and at Gitmo was tried and convicted of her crimes and executed ? This has been on telegram . Then you say she’s at Gitmo now and trial date April 8 ? So there is false info circling ! Please back up your source. By the way telegram would not let me post your article ?

Last edited 3 years ago by Susane Tagayev

Keep the info coming, thanks Michael!


Nice to see you stand behind your work, and this is certainly good reading, but in a fake news world, before long we all need to see real evidence. No offense.


You’re so full of crap.

Susane Tagayev

Michael, thank you for getting back. It’s just so confusing because what you have published seems legit , but this other source and sources on line claim to say that yes under Trump administration many were arrested and are at Gitmo and have had Military Tribunals already and many are no longer on this earth. A lot of what we are seeing is CGI . I just wish President Trump would clarify all this! There have been list you can find on line with names and many well known Governemt officials and Stars are gone because of the involvement with the Cabal and crimes against humanity

Poco Gozo

The fake hologram image of Joe Biden ( a Bloomberg News feed) the other day greeting reporters on the supposedly WH lawn should be a huge eye opener for most Americans. The whole Biden regime is just an elaborate movie. Know one really knows who is in charge of this charade.


If Biden’s not running the show, then who’s letting the border crisis blow up?


Spread the word! The Libs are all in denial. People need some hope, so you can help!


I think this goes beyond CGI and into cloning. If people saw the evidence I’ve seen of cloning, their heads wouldn’t be able to handle it.


We don’t give a rat’s ass what you SAY you have seen and who your sources are. I can say I have sources and your sources are full of shit. Hear me? If people are believing your BS they need a straight jacket and a cell themselves!

Deborah Yenubari

Yes, Telegram doesn’t allow complete links and even so-called Q sites prohibit ‘realrawnews’

Last edited 3 years ago by Deborah Yenubari
Patti Blont

i heard different stories too about her dieing on 2016 911 in new york and taken to chelsea apt where medical was set up and when she was told she was arrested she collapsed in black van that day and lost a shoe but received andrenochrome there and bought back to life. a double alot thinner came out of apart that day after a few hours and said im ok no security or anything.
The whole world that satan rules now lies and hells going to be full of tormented eternally bodies and they do feel it.God hates liars.

Patriotic Truth

GhostEzra isn’t really Ezra Cohen lol


The world expects to see videos, pictures and audio recordings related to this story that unequivocally demonstrate this is factual, true and will hold up in a court of law. Employ watermarking, stock market ticker prices with date and time match, chain of custody, source IP, geo location. The Left will claim “deep fake” – be prepared.

Poco Gozo

No worry, her doppleganger is already moving about in DC and in Chappaqua. They will never know.


Hope that bitch gets what she deserves


-I hope they put her on a pole like vladimir did…and keep her alive for ten or more yrs slowly rotting