Biden Pushing U.S. to Brink of War


Although he has been sitting in the White House for less then two months, and spends most of his time asleep, Joe Biden is already antagonizing foreign leaders and pushing the U.S. closer to major conflict than any president has in the last four decades.  In an interview with ABC that aired Wednesday, Biden said Russian President Vladimir Putin “will pay a high price” for his meddling in the 2020 presidential election, and he told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that Putin was “a killer.”

Biden’s comments came after an American intelligence assessment—edited by Kamala Harris—accused the Russian government of interfering with the election to denigrate Biden’s candidacy.

The Kremlin quickly condemned Biden’s comments, with its spokesperson, Dimitry Peskov, telling TASS state media that “there hasn’t been anything like this in history.” Peskov said Biden’s slanderous comments served only to further damage an already fractured U.S.-Russia relationship.

On Thursday Putin weighed in, challenging Biden to a live, online debate.

“I would like to offer President Biden [the opportunity] to continue our discussion, but on condition that we’ll do so what is called live, online. Without anything pre-recorded, in an open and direct discussion. It seems to me, it would be interesting for both Russian people and for the U.S. people, as well as for many other countries. He calls me a killer, but it takes one to know one,” Putin said.

An administration source speaking under promise of anonymity said, “No debate will ever happen. Biden knows Putin will tear him apart. Biden’s asleep at the wheel. He’s a puppet. And the puppeteers working his strings would love nothing more than war with Russia. The whole intelligence report is a blatant fabrication. Biden’s intelligence people, believe it or not, want war.”

One person eager for war is Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines, whose résumé includes four years of intelligence work under the criminal Barack Hussein Obama. Between 2013-2015, Haines served as Deputy Director of the CIA, and from 2015-2017, U.S. Deputy National Security Advisor. In the Obama White House, she oversaw drone-strike operations that caused thousands of civilian fatalities, which she labeled “acceptable, collateral damage” in an interview with Moreover, she advocated war with Syria and Iran, and in April 2015 asked Obama to “drop the bomb” on Russia. She is uniquely unqualified for intelligence work—she sold used cars for a living before signing on with Obama—but for reasons unknown holds one of the most important positions in the intelligence community. Her faulty analysis of Russian interference in the 2020 election was partly responsible for Biden’s decision to rile Vladimir Putin.

Another advocate for war with Russia is Linda Thomas-Greenfield, who, like Haines, is a veteran of the Obama administration. In January, Biden appointed her 31st United States Ambassador to the United Nations, and she has spent the last two months petitioning U.N. diplomats to take a tougher stance against what she has called “Russian encroachment on Western society.” She also claimed without evidence that Donald Trump was “a Russian asset.”

The worst of the lot is the diabolical, despicable creature known as Susan Rice, who, along with the now incarcerated Hillary Clinton, was responsible for the deaths of four CIA contractors in the Benghazi massacre. As Obama’s national security advisor, Rice argued for U.S.-enforced regime change in a half dozen Middle East nations, not to mention fabricating tales of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad gassing civilian women and children. She and Clinton, Obama’s principal warhawks, loathed Russia and Vladimir Putin.

Now the beast is the director of Biden’s Domestic Policy Council, a position that ought to, by definition, limit her duties to administrative decisions that are directly related to activity within the United States. But her job title is a facade, and Rice is still a powerful force driving foreign policy choices. While her enemies have changed, having swapped out al-Assad for Vladimir Putin, her tactics remain static—bomb anyone refusing to cooperate.

Rice, Thomas-Greenfield, and Haines co-authored the so-called intelligence report accusing Putin of insinuating himself into the 2020 election. Kamala Harris signed off on it, and the document, as if by magic, became irrefutably accurate within the Executive Branch.

“There is momentum for a confrontation with Russia. In the report, Rice recommended military action as a measured response to alleged Russian election interference, for which there really is not evidence. There wasn’t any in 2016, and there wasn’t any in 2020. It’s all smoke and mirrors. We should all hope Trump regains power soon, before Biden throws the nation into a nuclear Armageddon,” our source said.

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Why does this site give options to SHARE on Russian VKontakte and Odnoklassniki?


CGI-Biden is operating out of a film set and the military already told him to go pound sand.

Last edited 3 years ago by jimbo

And you say this based upon what evidence? All I am hearing here is blind conspiracy theories. No proof and secret sources. It wasn’t long ago we heard martial law starting in Jan. I’m still waiting…..

I want this situation to be overturned too, but I’m sick of the false hopes. Time for people to provide proof. Poop it up or get off the pot.

Roger Holmes

do the research and see for yourself Jimbo is correct!


What research? All I see is blind conspiracy theiries wirh no proof to be found. This page belongs in the checkout lane at rhe supermarket.


Deep State is going to make their puppet Biden attack Germany. They hate them for their leader Merkel so much. Merkel has seized all ADRENOCHROME on world market via secret arrangements with Gen. Flynn 18 months ago.


Have faith in God that HE will intervene and save us from destruction. This is a battle of good vs. evil. President Trump is still working 18 hour days behind the scenes. When the time is right, he will be restored as our legitimate President and all will be well again. Thank you Michael for each and every insightful article.


President Trump is still working 18 hour days behind the scenes.

Sorry–And you know this how?


I see.

I’ll tell y’all something. A reasonable and honest person should not be condemning ANY honest and reasonable person who is distrustful at this time.
There is so much disinformation flying around that it is really difficult to know whom or what to trust. I absolutely believe that the bad actors are throwing out deliberate misinformation to confuse us and to keep us sitting on our hands when they’re not trying to instigate a false flag like ANTIFA and BLM did on January 6.

ALSO we know that people like Simon Parkes and Charlie Ward are now outed as just opportunists and complete frauds.

At the same time, I also absolutely believe that the “good guys” (“the patriots” and/or the military), if they are working behind the scenes to some covert plan, would ALSO throw out deliberate misinformation to confuse the traitors as in Operation Bodyguard.

ALSO absolutely believe it is exceedingly UNLIKELY that some highly placed insider is going to leak cryptic hints about “”The Plan” that the traitors are just as likely to correctly interpret, or maybe more so, than the patriots who are NOT in on the plan.

I know the MSM is going to be the last to report when / if stories like this actually happen, but I need to see more than just one page like this reporting these fantastic stories. Where is the proof that you’re not just another deep state misinformation campaign or opportunist?

I for one am going to be especially distrustful of anyone calling me names or giving me negative marks on a page like this just because I ask for proof of the claims made in this story. I don’t know the author from Adam and I don’t know any of you people, so don’t expect me to blindly trust you.

So with that backdrop, I believe any negative marks on this comment are coming only from traitors to the constitution and the republic.

God bless America.


I agree. Too much unproven theory running around and I see folks on the right being just as fast to blindly cling to theories as liberals are to cling to disproven narratives.

It wasn’t long ago we heard Trump would be sworn in on Jan 20. The day got close and it was back pedaled to “well, Joe has to be sworn in first” followed by the military take over, massive federal level arrests, a military held new election, and Trump worn in March 4 as the 19th president of the restored republic. Now people say it’s happening in April. What will they say next month?

Yeah, enough of the false hopes already. Show me the money.


Exactly! Where’s the proof?

Israel Smith

Kuz that what he do


Reading Revelation, I have scant hope things will get better, and indeed will get a lot lot worse until Christ returns.


Maybe title should read:
“Someone Pushing U.S. to Brink of War- We’d Like to Know Who’s Behind That Curtain.”

Steve Jones

I thought Trump was “still in power”, Michael? Could it be that you’re a fucking mongoloid faggot who makes all this shit up?


Trump won’t regain power because he has no real friends in government. Say hello to potato Joe and Camelah until 2028.


I doubt Biteme will last another six months, let alone 8 years. Even if they can prop him up for some time yet, they won’t keep him in the WH a day past the date that Camela can ASSume the Presidency and then run for two additional terms.

I take that back. These fracking criminals have shown in abundance that they have no regard for the constitution or the rule of law. I bet they will just install Camela when Biteme becomes too much of an embarrassment and then run her as many times as they wish. We’ve already seen there is no government institution that will hold them accountable if they violate the constitution or break the law.

Lisa Lynn

What a stupid thing to say

Danny Sjurson

Don’t bet on it Trump has we the people


It’s not about what friends Trump has. In an honest election it all comes down to support, and he has the support of the people. The problem is Dominion and dem control over the elections.