Covid-19 Task Force Whistleblower Drops a Bombshell


There is a monumental disparity between how Donald J. Trump handled Covid-19 briefings and Joe Biden’s team handles theirs. Trump believed in transparency, and his Covid-19 updates—once he sidelined Fauci—laid bare the facts, proven by scientific, empirical data. His task force then courageously admitted masking was more about subjugation than controlling spread of the disease, and that the virus, in most cases, was no more virulent than a nasty case of the flu.

Biden’s Task Force’s approach has been wholeheartedly different. Rather than disseminate facts, the current Covid-19 Task Force shares lies tailored to fit an immoral agenda: cripple the economy, keep the population locked down in dire fear, and profit massively from vaccine sales. Their clandestine meetings are held thrice weekly, twice via videoconference and once, curiously, in a board room at the Capitol Hilton Hotel. Biden has not attended a meeting of either type since taking office.

An administration whistleblower who attended an in-person task force meeting gave RRN shocking testimony as to how Biden’s people are callously undermining the rights and freedoms Americans hold dear.

“It’s true Biden doesn’t attend meetings. I once heard him say ‘I don’t know anything about the virus, so why should I say anything. That’s your guys deal, not mine.’ Fauci is always there, as is CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, Dr. Marcella Nunez-Smith and a dozen other obscure physicians whose names you’ve never heard of. Make no mistake, Fauci is the shot caller.”

Fauci forbids discussion of vaccine side effects, or talk of, God forbid, persons the vaccines have reportedly killed. If anyone speaks negatively about the vaccines, Fauci quickly silences them. At the briefing our source attended, White House Communications Director Kim Bedingfield was alarmed that Tiffany Dover’s name was still aswirl in alternative media. A young, fit and healthy nurse from Alabama, Dover mysteriously vanished from public view after her vaccination was broadcast nationally.

“We don’t talk about that here. That’s not what we’re here for,” Fauci reportedly said.

Fauci focused on only two metrics—what percentage of the population had received a vaccination, and what percentage was actively resisting vaccinations.

“Fauci said too many people, and he specifically mentioned Trump supporters, were hampering vaccination efforts. He told everyone in attendance they needed to do a better job to convince the public to register for vaccinations. That’s when I witnessed a real bombshell,” our source said.

The goofy face of Pfizer CFO Frank D’Amelio joined the meeting via videocall, and the topic immediately turned to vaccine profits.

“We’ve given you sufficient product, you guys need to improve logistics and administer it faster. More vaccinations mean more revenue. You certainly understand this,” D’Amelio told the task force.

Fauci blamed Trump for impeding vaccine rollout and nurturing anti-vax sentiment among his supporters, but he said vaccination confidence was increasing steadily under Biden’s leadership. He cited a March 16 CDC report saying that ethnic minorities and senior citizens had “great confidence” in the vaccines, and the percentage of Caucasians between 50-64 years old craving a vaccination had increased 30% since February.

“D’Amelio told Fauci to keep people believing Covid would kill them; the more people believed covid would kill them, the greater the sales. Without directly saying so, he encouraged Fauci to manufacture more and more Covid-19 cases.”

“I think it’s time Michigan, California, and Washington get a Covid spike,” Fauci said. “We know Whitmer, Newsome, and Inslee are onboard.”

The implication was clear and tangible: the task force would command Deep State governors to inflate infection rates once again artificially.

They even have tactics for handling uncooperative Republican governors, our source said.

“They’re sidestepping the governors and going directly to Democratic strongholds in Republican States. In Dallas, for example, the task force contacted Mayor Eric Johnson and County Judge Clay Jenkins, both hardcore Democrats, and said they were disappointed in the number of Dallas residents getting vaccinated. The next day Dallas County Department of Health and Human Services said Covid-19 cases were up 20% and that Covid is now the leading cause of death in the county. All fabricated at the request of Fauci & Co. and Big Pharma,” our source said.

In closing, our source asked to remain temporarily anonymous as he considers his options. He expressed concern for the safety of his family and said he might resign his position in light of what he has learned.

“Oh, and at the briefing I was at, Fauci was not wearing a mask. No one was,” he said.

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There are two books I highly recommend about the EVIL Fauci and the virus: Pandemic Blunders… Hirschhorn and Faucian Bargain by Erzen. Through these books we are able to learn the depth of Fauci’s evil.


Thank you very much…I will look for them. I know about his demonic stealing & hiding true info about HIV for years. And his involvement in creating it. As well as he and gates funded Wuhan lab to manipulate animal viruses w human blood to make it virulent and eliminate humans….they were hoping for 90% death rate and and are pissed that its really just a flu! its not even classified as a virus in any medical literature or document. Its purely fabricated by the Davos oligarchy! We must fight them with our spirit & everything we have! They are worse than Hitler or Mussolini maybe even Stalin or Marx!


Vitamin C, D, Zinc…. that’s all you need…and basic excercise


POTUS Trump has been pushing the vaccines right along and that is where I diverge. Not getting any Fauci crap in my veins. Never had a flu shot. My immune system is quite deadly to foreign invaders and has done a fantastic job for over 50 years.


I totally agree with you about every point you’ve made. Thank you, and I’m curious about what made Trump push the vaccine so mightily and then encourage getting the shots?! If he’s that easily persuaded I’m out ! He jumped ship!


Do research through alternative sources. Disconnect from M/S media, make your own decision re. this experimental drug. Learn all that you can and spread the word!


The only people I know in my circle of family and friends who are taking the vaccination are the uninformed and the ones still scared to death and wearing masks.


Same toni. This shit is incredible. An absolute farce.

Cathryn Potvin

I’ve never used the word “stupid” so much in my life. The Golden State should be the stupid state. People who just watch the mainstream news are the ones who are so fearful of this pandemic. My fear of the virus is a zero; my fear of the experimental gene therapy aka vaccine is a 10. My physician’s asst. asked me if I’m getting the vaccine to which I said “no, because I’ve done my research on it, and I know some people who have been injured by this vaccine; one is a 20 yr old best friend of my niece. Two minutes after the shot she was paralyzed for 3 days; she vomited so much and had diarrhea – lost 30lb in 1 wk. She had to quit college. OK that’s just one example. When this PA told me I could get very sick from the virus, I told her “it’s all about the immune system, and I have a healthy immune system.” She wasn’t happy with me – remember we’re not supposed to have critical thinking with the Joe Camel team, called socialism.


Thumbs up for Joe Camel by itself. Completely agree with all the rest stated.


Same here