Biden Loses His Mind, Thinks it’s 1986 And Killer Bees Are Invading USA


Joe Biden slipped further into dementia on a ZOOM meeting with Democratic lawmakers on Tuesday. Thirty minutes into the conversation, as liberal firebrand Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez advocated vaccinating “especially small children” arriving in the U.S. from Mexico, Biden shut his eyes and zoned out. Upon opening them, he babbled incoherently and then stammered, “The children coming across aren’t the problem—it’s the killer bees. Four years ago, I asked Reagan to set up Traps. It would’ve cost a million dollars, only a million dollars, but he wouldn’t do it.”

An administration source familiar with the incident told RRN that White House Communications Director Kim Bedingfield, also on the call, ended the livestream after Biden spent two more minutes rambling about the bee invasion and an ineffectual Ronald Reagan.

All ten people on the ZOOM call stared at their screens in stunned silence.

“Jaws dropped. People gaped at him, bewildered. I’m surprised Kim let him speak for as long as he did without shutting down the stream after a few seconds. It was Reagan this, Reagan that, bees this and bees that. His final comment on live was saying that he was going to get Reagan on the phone to talk about it again. Reagan died in 2004,” our source said.

Biden’s recollection of a bee conversation, however, is partly accurate. Killer bees, territorial and known for defending their domain by attacking trespassers in swarms, caused quite a buzz in the 1980s with the threat of an imminent United States invasion. In April 1982, entomologist Dr. Joseph Ghort authored a research paper claiming swarms of Africanized honeybees would travel from Central America to Texas to North Dakota, obliterating everything in their path, livestock, pets, and people. He proposed to destroy the colonies by placing traps along the Mexico-Guatemala border.

Several lawmakers, including then-Congressman Joe Biden, caught wind of Ghort’s plan and brought it to the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, which called the idea unfeasible. So, Biden went to Reagan directly.

“While you’re worrying about Communist bogeymen, we have a real threat coming our way. The bees will leave this country uninhabitable,” Biden told Reagan in June of 1982.

Reagan sided with the Dept. of Agriculture and shot down the idea.

Now, in 2021, Biden seems to have experienced a troublesome time warp, fueling speculation that his mental deterioration is more than a myth.

“Some might think this whole thing silly. But this is the man sitting in the Oval Office. He’s concerned about an imaginary bee invasion from 40 years ago, but he doesn’t care about the real swarm—illegals crossing our borders, rife with disease and ready to sap our economy. There seems to be an allegory in there somewhere,” our source said.

In closing, it seems certain Biden is mentally handicapped. The MSM and his handlers are doing their best to shield Biden from a perceptive public. But it’s only a matter of time before even his most ardent supporters realize the man they call president is mentally incapacitated—or at least we hope they can recognize and admit to the obvious.

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Kathy Petersen

I want to see footage of this

123 456

joe bidet


I think that Biden is senile and the folks that elect him are not very smart ether”


This has to be an April Fools joke


And still people think this crazed lunatic won

Donna Matthewson

Just when you think you have heard it all regarding this sad excuse for a leader.


Where’s the outrage on this episode?
Can you even imagine if President Trump had a moment even close to this bit of craziness????


Yesterday I was in my backyard doing yard work,when a very large swarm of bees flew right next to where I was standing.There were thousands of them. I have never seen a swarm of bees before that in my entire life.Now, I am not by any means a biden supporter,but this article reminded me of that.Maybe biden overheard his handlers talking about their next scheme to help destroy this country and was just repeating what he had heard them talking about.


Biden probably still thinks he’s in the senate. The dems should use this guy as their next front runner. He’s ahead of Joe by miles.


We may believe we are in a movie so unreal it looks like to have Biden as president. Obviously, he does not run the USA. Kamala Harris or Barrack Obama or some other people are behind him, the real power holders. He is a puppet who will soon not even be capable of playing his role.