Trump Warns Biden’s Justice Department: “Let My People Go!”


Paraphrasing Moses’s admonition to Pharaoh in the Book of Exodus, Donald J. Trump on Monday sent a shocking message to Biden’s Department of Justice, telling AG Merrick Garland “let my people go,” a reference to patriots whom, Trump said, the DOJ had unlawfully indicted for their participation in the Jan 6 Capitol riots.

A source in Trump’s orbit told RRN that Trump made an impromptu telephone call to Garland after learning that Biden’s criminal government planned to file sedition charges against four members of the Proud Boys, a peaceful but often maligned group of Trump-loving, law-abiding American citizens.

On Friday, authorities leveled charges of treason and conspiracy against Zach Rahl, 35, of Pennsylvania, Charles Donohoe, 33, of North Carolina, Joseph Biggs, an Army veteran and self-described Proud Boys organizer, and Ethan Nordean, a member of a Proud Boys leadership council. Authorities alleged the Proud Boys had conspired to disrupt the Jan 6 Electoral College certification by kidnapping or assassinating former VP Michael Pence.

The Proud Boys named on the indictment vehemently refuted the Justice Department’s charges, and they claimed they were present that day to exercise their right to peacefully protest the results of a fraudulent election, as stipulated in the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Rahl and Donohoe claimed they never entered the Capitol building, and Nordean said that D.C. police officers granted him permission to enter the building. Dozens of witnesses corroborated those claims, but Biden’s DOJ cared more about making examples of them than it did about following procedural law.

If convicted, the four Proud Boys could spend 20 years in a federal penitentiary.

“When Trump heard the boys might be going up the river for an exceptionally long time—that’s when he called the POS Merrick Garland and gave him a piece of his mind. From what I know, Trump told him the Proud Boys might have acted a little imprudently, but they hadn’t committed any crimes. Trump told Garland it was in his best interest to at once drop charges and release the Proud Boys, but Garland pushed back. I know this because Trump discussed the call,” our source said.

Merrick Garland, our source added, told Trump that he answered only to Joseph Biden, and that the government had collected overwhelming evidence proving the Proud Boys planned not only to kidnap or kill Michael Pence but also hold the Capitol hostage until “all traitors” were purged from Washington, D.C. When Trump asked to review the alleged evidence, Garland said Trump had no authority to make demands while Biden occupied the Oval Office.

“That’s ending soon, and if you don’t set my people free, the next name on an indictment will be yours,” Trump purportedly said, alluding to a voluminous collection of sealed indictments on Deep State operatives which he has promised to unseal upon invalidating the 2020 presidential election and returning to power.

“Trump has evidence that the vast majority of people at the Capitol that day were ANTIFA provocateurs. None of them has spent a day behind bars, but the lawful Trump supporters are being made examples of, even if they were just minding their own business. It’s a witch hunt against patriots,” our source said.

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I think Biden and our PM.Trudeau make a perfect pair that never should have been elected in the first place”


I don’t believe trump said he will be back in power soon unless he means 2024. And Trump should know there 1000s of us that will NEVER waste our time voting for him again.

We gave him the power and he” didn’t fire fauci/birx b/c they had been in DC a long time.” or close enough. He hired and refused to fire TRAITORS because he’s a pussy. After that I don’t believe a word out of his mouth. Too many times he didn’t take care of the MOST important problems facing us and it’s not foreign $$$ issues. It’s the rampant TREASON in every agency of our gov’t.

Which exactly the # of votes and $$$ he’ll get. Go away asshole.

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Ken Johnson

As usual this whole thing is a clusterfuck, and as I am a Canadian, we are involved just as much as if there was no border between our two great countries. We need all our LIBERAL leaches strung up along with all the governmental incompetent, thieving, pricks that are against the people of NORTH AMERICA, the saying” ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL” should ring true and all paedophiles should be PUBLICALLY HANGED.. enough of this beating around the bush..?????


Light Dancing

Who are the two guys in the picture associated with this story? One thing is certain. Neither one of them is Trump or Biden.


This is interesting information, which i hope is true. On there is a guy named Dave? Zublick that claims alot of what has been said here only hes got conflicting information. He claim HILL AND BILL were both executed. Lots of conflicting stuff floating around so who knows what is truth. All I know is our country is being DESTROYED BY THE PAEDO CRIMINALS IN DC. PLEASE TELL ME THERE IS SOME REAL HOPE AND A PLAN TO STOP THEM.


Bravo! Mr. President Trump!

Donna Christen

If justice is not applied equally to all people then there NO justice at all in this country. How long will this injustice and bias last? One day this balloon will have to burst and justice will have to be honored again. This is America NOT China why don’t you wake up all of you who do not follow the truth and are blinded by the fake MSM and the fake justice system. You will all reap what you are sowing. Wake up!


DOJ didn’t listen to him while he was POTUS. Why would DOJ listen to him when he is no longer POTUS? Why didn’t he pardon them after January 6th?


They weren’t charged yet.

Explorer Once again Trump’s “advisors” fucked him.

Gary L Thompson

Which hasn’t made any difference in the past, but it certainly should. All those suggestions that Trump should protect his people from future charges by pardoning them before he left office were ignoring the terrible potential that the Democrats would have in wreaking mischief with using the pardon in such a way. Basically, the Constitution states the President has the power to pardon crimes. How can a person be a criminal if he hasn’t been charged with a crime yet? I know the judicial precedent goes back to the aftermath of the Civil War, but it’s a demented one. The pardon of Richard Nixon, and the pardon of Vietnam draft dodgers who had never been actually charged, set the course of American law in a dangerous direction. The logical end of that road, in which a president can clear his people of any legal repercussions from any actions broadly and nebulously defined, would inevitably result in the president’s agents carrying pardons in their pockets just like Milady carried on her person a letter from Cardinal Richelieu (for those familiar with the Three Musketeers only from cartoons and movies, read the actual book and you’ll get my point). The Three Musketeers book hadn’t been written back then, but the Founders were very familiar with the ancien regime in France as well as Europe, and the abuses of power that occurred under monarchies, and I would hardly believe that they ever intended to give the president carte blanche to exercise unlimited power to pardon irrespective of whether a person had been tried and convicted or not.

Israel Smith

Because they may have no choice. What you say is true. They haven’t done their job. They’re going to have to explain to the world why that is.

Mike jones

“Our source, the source” every article the same bs Donald dump fan fiction ?


Kidnappers and killers do not go in unarmed, even our overrated FBI can figure that out. I once heard that most of the FBI are accountants since their primary focus is financial crimes. That would explain their poor law enforcement actions. CPAs with badges and guns.


Again, what the hell is going on? I really thought that the military was in charge since January and the arrests of these treasonous traitors had already happened but media refuses to report on it. I am so sick of this confusion. Why the fuck didn’t Trump invoke the insurrection act and arrest these motherfuckers. WHo gives a shit about optics. This corruption must be purged and these commie traitors need to be strung up for the public to see. We need some public executions of these traitors. Why did Trump make all these changes to to certain positions like Espers and other departments just weeks before he left office. Didn’t Trump bring back the firing squad before he “left” office? Why? WHo the fuck is in charge of this country. I want answers dammit!

Mike jones

You’re just brainwashed asfuck and believe everything on the internet ??


You along with many others of us must have patience a little while longer. President Trump IS our legitimate President & he will return soon. It’s not on our time frame…it’s God’s & President Trump’s. President Trump has to let people see what obiden is doing. If he doesn’t do that there will be a war in our country & Trump does not want that. And…pelosi & all those like her would would accuse him of trying to overthrow the government…a coup. And that’s not what President Trump is doing…it’s what THEY have done ?. I believe President Trump will return soon. Just hang on a little longer. I haven’t given up on our President although like you…I damn sure wish he’d do something quick. Keep praying…God’s not going to let our country be destroyed & neither will President Trump ?


More is happening behind the scenes than can be revealed at the moment.
Find the latest Juan O Savin interview online, and it will provide hope.The house of cards is starting to fall.
Tune out m/s media. Don’t give up!


In dec they said Trumo would be sworn in on inauguration day. When it got clise they said Biden had to be sworn in then the military takes over. Then it became Trump sworn in March 4. Now they say April. Next month they’ll say May. Etc. Etc, etc…….

How long do we keep buying into blind conspiracy theory? Noone is doing a damn thing.


You’re right, I think things will get done much more slowly than people expect. The election reform in Georgia is probably the beginning of a big process. We can expect the same thing in 10 to 20 states within 1 year, a bit like when Trump made the peace process between Israel and an Arab countries, 3 more Arab countries followed.
Then, we’ll see in 2022 if Republicans managed to come back to power. If yes, it will be without the RINOs, so if Trump or his son or his daughter or his son-in-law is elected, then reform could be more easily done than during his first term.

A.l. Marvin

You too are not listening.

Ronald W. W Weiss

Let’s just say Trump DID invoke the Insurrection Act. Think of what had to happen next. Somebody has to prepare lists with contact info for all the good guys and the bad ones; plans for arrests; maps, maps and more maps; photos, photos, and more photos; scheduling and assignments. Transportation, housing, meals. Then let’s talk training. Nobody in the military has ever done anything like this. They need SOPs (they’re the military). Then the actual training has to be conducted somewhere. Also think of how busy the lawyers are drafting charging papers for all these people. And the clerical staff!!! It must be massive. This is a massive operation. I am being patient. It’s hard though. I hear you.

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Judith Anne Andrews

This comment section was much better before you and your obscene language arrived. Grow up. Speak like a civil adult.

Donna Christen

I feel the same way but I like to be more polite even though these traitors have NO respect for us, nor for this country. Since Trump took office I have waited every day for justice to come but I am still waiting how long do we have to put up with this evil and these lies from the MSM and the “crimes of humanity”; we pray every night and I do believe God will intervene soon.


By reading this, we may guess the return to power of Donald Trump is imminent. I hope Donald Trump will make his return to power impossible to undo by his enemies, so to speak. If he misses his attempt of making justice to the American people, it will be a catastrophe for the patriot movement. Especially, I hope he has enough support in the American military before returning to power, support which will be faithful to him once in power, which will not listen to the manipulations and lies of the ms medias. In the case his return to power is not possible, the most prudent thing would be to wait until 2022 or 2024. But, how can an illegitimate president stay in power that long ? As Sidney Powell thinks, we should solve the electoral frauds way before 2022 : we should solve it as soon as possible. What the Supreme Court did does not erase the reality of the massive electoral fraud ! Let’s just hope everything will happen as planned.

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2022, when all of America has been force-vaxxed?

Nonetheless, excellent post for an AI bot!

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Donna Christen

Thank you Vincent for writing the truth, It is a sad time for this country that the evil has been winning over the good but it is time the tables are turned, it is imperative and needs to happen NOW not later. Time is short and God is coming soon. We need to stand up for truth and not hide our heads in the sand or we won’t have a country at all. God bless you for your post Vincent.

Son of Ethan Allen

We will have honest elections, come hell or high water. Zero tolerance for tyranny. 
Those who do not fight tyranny, are complicit with it. Pharmakia of Revelation 18:23 Pls like & link this video thank you.


It won’t be long now.


I don’t see how, and unfortunately the president will be Kamala “la mala” (the bad)


SMH, I’ve been hearing that for a long time now. I’m starting to believe that nothing will be done, and that this entire site is full of bull

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What the fuck is funny?


The Boy Who Cried Wolf was written for a purpose.

Israel Smith

2 Peter 3

3 Above all, you must understand that in the last days mockers[e] will multiply, chasing after their evil desires. 4 They will say, “So what about this promise of his coming?[f] Our ancestors are dead and buried, yet everything is still the same as it was since from the beginning of time until now.”


No, everything is not the same. If it were, you and I would not be here.

A.l. Marvin

You are not listening. Things have been done.

Ideas Time

How can a bankrupt defunct corporation have standing to go after anyone?